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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Bartholomew Dunphy


Will of Bartholomew Dunphy
from Newfoundland will books volume 9 pages 388-392 probate year 1912

In re
      Bartholomew Dunphy         deceased.

      In the name of God Amen I Bartholomew Dunphy of Holyrood Farmer being weake in body but sound in mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, and as touching such wordly estate where with it has pleased God to bless me with in this life.

Firstly give and bequeat to my son Bartholomew Dunphy the North east part of my outside land bounded as follows on the north by the sea cost on the south by the country wood path on the north east by Feury’s and Bennetts Land and on the south west by Thomas dunphys Land I also bequit to Barth. dunphy one half my Ice house and one half my Ice pond that is situated on the aforesaid land bequaited to Barth dunphy I also bequeath to my son Barth Dunphy the portion or plot of Land on the Whitles bay line that is to say bounded on the north east by the Broad Brook on the south west by the ungranted land on the N. West by the Whitless bay line and on the south east by the ungranted land I also bequit to my son Barth Dunphy my heafer calf and two Breeding Sheep I also beqasite to my son Barth Dunphy my Rocking chair my round Table my large looking glass and my sacred heart Picture, and also If my son Barth Dunphy or his heirs come to live on this aforesaid Land he is to have a portionable shair of the stable for their use untill such time as he will have a stable build for him self.
I also bequait to my nevin Bart, son of Bart Dunphy aforesaid my Feather Bed Bed frame and Bedding.

Secondly I also bequit to my daughter Margareth Veitch a Plot of land in the afore said Plot bequated to my son Barth Dunphy from the river running through the land to Fenney’s fence and from the main road to the Ice pond that is to say If she have to come hear to live on but in anny other way she have no claim and I also bequait to my daughter Margareth Veitch a second Plot of land on the aforesaid Barth. Dunphys land that is to say 35 yards N east from Barth Dunphys south west fence from the Local Road to the Railway Track and if she do not come to live upon it she have no claim to sell make over or mortgage and if the aforesaid land bequaited to my son Barth. Dunphy iff he do not come to live upon he cannot sell, the land have to go to his Family or to MC Dunphy or to his family not to be sold make over, or mortgaged from their families.

Thirdly I bequat to my son Michael Dunphy the Plot or parcel of land bounded as follows on the north west by the sea coaste on the south East by the ungranted land on the N. East by Thomas dunphys land and south west by Ryans Land the seas -
bequait to MC Dunphy my stables stores and outh Houses their on with the Exception of my Dwelling house I also bequait to my son MC Dunphy that Plot or Parcell of land on the Whittlass bay line from the Broad Brook the north east to the ungranted land and from the whittless bay line to the south east to the ungranted land.
Iff my daughter Margareth come to live on the aforesaid Land mentioned in Barth Dunphys land she is to have a plot of land on the north of the road leading through the Farm, that is to say from the farm stable to the north East fence and if she do not come to live on the aforesaid land she is not to sell make over, or mortgage from MC Dunphy. The Farm stable atached to the land for MC Dunphy I also bequeath to my son Mc Dunphy my caplin sein skiff bark pot cart wheels and sleigh my Bull and my cow, when my cow will be sold the money realised for the cow to be presented to my granddaughter Mary Dunphy of MC Dunphy I also bequate to my granddaughter Mary Dunphy my Feather Bed Bed Frame and Bedding. The Remaining Furniture that i do posess at present in the House i bequest to my son MC Dunphy, what i have bequaited to my son MC Dunphy he can sell when it will answer him, but not sell the land My son MC Dunphy is to have the use of my Dwelling house untill he have a House built for him self, and at that time the House is for my son Barth. Dunphy if he come hear to build and if Bart. Dunphy do not come hear to build the House is Mc Dunphys and when MC Dunphy takes down the Dwelling house he have to give Eight Dollars to the Prieste to have Masses for my Father and Mother, and my watch is for my son MC Dunphy. I give and bequait to my grand Daughter Carl Dunphy of Barth. Dunphy the statuia of St. Anne and If Barth Dunphy want to make use or uses of my dwelling house MC Dunphy is not to start or remove anny Door window, or Board from the house.
There is Five Hundred and Eighty Dollars in the bank of Novia Scotia belonging to me of which have to be distributed as Follows.

  • I give and bequath to the Prieste one Hundred Dollars to have three High Masses and the remainder in Low Masses, for my self
  • I bequate to my Daughter Mary Anne Dunphy, Forty Dollars.
  • I hereby give, devise and bequaeth unto St. Joseph’s Home Jersey City N.J. the sum of Forty Dollars
  • as Follows - Bartholomew Dunphy Sr. Anne Dunphy Sr. my Father Bartholomew Dunphy and my mother Margareth Dunphy Ten Dollars each.
  • After my death and Burial’s Expences are paid the remainder of my money in the Bank shall be divided Equal between my son MC Dunphy and my grand son Bart Dunphy of Barth. Dunphy.

And i also bequesth to my son Thomas Dunphy one Plot of land that is to say on the north corner of the land bequesthed to Barth Dunphy. Fifty feet from the fence on the south of the main road and Fifty feet From James Bennett’s Boundary I will give Barth. and MC Dunphy authority to sell land to my son Thomas Dunphy If he come hear to live and he want land for his own use, but no authority to sell out from the name of the dunphys. I also bequeath to my son John Dunphy the sum of Five Dollars. And i also do apoint William Maher to be my Executor of my last will and Testament. In witness whereof i have set my hand and seal this 18th day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand nine Hundred and eleven    Signed sealed, and delivered by the said Bartholimew Dunphy as his last will and Testament in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Follows. Bartholimew his x mark Dunphy (LS) Aaron Maher    William Maher

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Dec. 30/11
C. J.
Jan 3/12
Estate sworn
at $1653.00



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