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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Charles Letty Bryant


Will of Charles Letty Bryant
from Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 499-500 probate year 1908

In re
      Charles L. Bryant          deceased.

      This is my last will and testament of me Carles Letty Bryant of Hickmans Harbour Quarryman.
(1) I desire that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses shall be first payed out of my estate
(2) I appoint my two sons Hannul Steven & Herman Arthur Bryant to be my sole executor of this my will.
(3) I bequeath to my daughter Emly Sarah my deulling house & all other erections & furniture on said property ocupied by me
(4) that my wife Sarah Bryant is to have the right to have the right to live on the estate as long she lives but not to bring other partys on the property
)5( I also bqueth to my daughter Emly Sarah & my wife Sarah Bryant out of my mony left by me in government Bank as folows one thousand Dolars to my daughter Emly Sarah five Hundred Dolars to my wife Sarah Bryant alsow I bequeath five Hundred dolars to my blind Brother Henry Studley in England
)6( I bequeath the remainder of my money left in the Bank to be eaquly divided amongst my sons & daughters
)7( but should my daughter Emly die without leaving issue it is my wish and desire and I hereby will and direct that the said land with dewling Hous & others erections thereon Shall be the property of such of my children as shall be living at the death of my said daughter Emly Sarah in equal shares as tenents in common & if such a child be surving it shall become the property of such a child
)8( I desire that all my clothing shall be equly shared amongst my four sons Hannul Stephen (2) Herbert William 3) Heman Arthur )4( Malcom Charles
(9) I give dvise & bequeth & bequeth piece of land to my daughter Emly Sarah marked by me on grant 4453
(10) I give devise & bequeath all the rest & residue & remainder of my lands & known as the Somerset Slate Quary & the Coney Island Quarry & to my four sons namely )1( Herbert William )2( Hanul Stephen )3( Herman Arthur )4 Malcom Charles and my 4 daughters namely 1) Bertha (2) Hariet 3) Amy 4 Emily Sarah in eaquil shars a tenement in common for ever
(11) should any of my sons or daughters to disute any of the provision of this my will I desire that he or she therefrom forfit all claim to any part of my estate (sgd) Charles Letty Bryant

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Dec 10/08
Dec. 11/08
granted to
S. Bryant
Herman A.
sworn at



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