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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Mary (Roach) Browne


Will of Mary (Roach) Browne
from Newfoundland will books volume 19 page 163 probate year 1944

Last Will and Testament
Mary (Roach) Browne
(2nd wife of W.J. Browne Q.C.)

I hereby bequeath all my property real and personal to my husband in trust for my son Edward Patrick Browne. Any money in the Banks and the house on Carpasian Road I hold as Trustee for Edward Patrick (are to be held) by my husband as trustee. I desire that the sum of $50.00 be paid to Fr. Collins for Masses for my soul and the soul of Bride Flannery. $50.00 for Mass Intentions for my husband.

My black fur coat is for Marjorie - Platinum broach for Madeleine as well as any other clothing that may fit her. Diamond ring for Marjorie. Sunburst Broach & earrings to Gertie O'Reilly. Clothes for Margaret Hogan and Anne Wade.

Written by hand and signed:

Mary F. Browne
Feb 5th/43

Handwritten (another hand) Note at top of Page 1: This is the Will or paperwriting referred to in the annexed affidavit. Date the 9th day of November 1944. Initialled M. J(K)B.

Inventory and Valuation of Property Document attached indicates a value of $1339.88, a document referred to in the petition by William J. Browne for Adm. C.T.A. (Cum testamento Annexo). The typed valuation was changed by hand to $1416.11, dated Nov. 9/44, R. Alsop, Clerk.

There is an Administrative Bond with Will Annexed in the names of William J. Browne of St. John's in the Island of Newfoundland, Judge of the Central District Court, Administrator Cum testamento Annexo of the Estate of Mary F. Browne late of St. John's aforesaid married woman deceased, and Pierce Jardine of St John's, Civil Servant - James McGrath of the same place, Civil Servant jointly and severally bound in the sum of two thousand eight hundred and ninety two dollars 22 cents, to be paid to Our Sovereign Lord the King, His Heirs and Successors, for which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of us for the whole and each of our Executors, and Administrators, firmly by these present, Sealed with Seals.

Dated the 14th day of November in the year of Our Lord 1944.

The Condition of this obligation is such that the named William J. Browne, Administrator CTA of all the Estates and Effects of Mary F, Browne, late of St. John's, District of St. John's East deceased (who died on or about the 16th of October A.D. 1944 do….make…a true and perfect inventory…of Estate and Effects which shall come into his hands …. and well and truly administer according to law , that is to say, do pay the debts which the aforesaid deceased did owe…and then the Legacies contained in the said Will annexed to the said Letters of Administration … and make a full, true and just account of his administration within twelve months or sooner if thereto required and all the rest and residue of said estate and effects shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons as shall by law be entitled thereto, etc., etc.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered
In the Presence of
Robert Alsop, Clerk

Signed: W.J. Browne
Administrator CTA of the
Estate of Mary F. Browne

Signed Pierce Jardine       James McGrath

Jardine and McGrath signed sureties on behalf of the Intended Administrator that they were each worth one thousand three hundred and thirty nine dollar 88 cents and were sworn at St. John's 14th November A.D. 1944 before Clerk Robert Alsop. Again both men signed this document.

Finally, there is an Oath of Administrator (Will attached). Judge Browne swears he will faithfully administer the estate and effects. This document states that the value of estate and effects was one thousand four hundred forty six dollars 11 cents. Sworn before Robert Alsop, Clerk at St. John's, 9th November, 1944. Signed W.J. Browne and Robert Alsop.

The Oath of the Administrator was finally granted by the Court 15th November 1944 with Surities by Pierce Jardine and James McGrath.



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