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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Henry Blair


Will of Henry Blair
from Newfoundland will books volume 13 pages 412-413 probate year 1926

In re
      Henry Blair.    DECEASED.

This is the last will and testament of me, HENRY BLAIR, of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, Merchant, made at saint John’s, in the Island of Newfoundland, this first day of February March, A.D. 1918.

  1. I hereby revoke all former wills by me at any time made and declare this to be my last will and testament.
  2. I nominate and appoint my son, Kenmure M. Blair, and his friend, Robert Arthur Templeton, of Saint John’s, Merchant, to be the executors of this my will.
  3. I bequeath to my wife, if she survive me, all my household furniture, goods, chattels and effects, except those items specially hereinafter bequeathed to my said son Kenmure M. Blair.
  4. I bequeath to my said son Kenmure M. Blair my library, consisting of books presented to me with the compliments of their authors and other presentations made to me which I treat as part of my library; also my watch and chain. I also request my wife to give to my said son Kenmure out of the bequest left her in paragraph (3) hereof such of my personal effects as my said son Kenmure may desire to retain for his own personal use and benefit.
  5. I bequeath to my wife one-third of the capital standing to my credit in my firm’s books, less such total sum as may at the date of my death be standing in my wife’s name in my firm’s books. (so that this bequest may be perfectly clear I would illustrate the way I desire it to work out. If the total amount to my credit on capital account were $30,000 and there were nothing to my wife’s credit on capital account she would receive under this bequest a $10,000 interest in the business. If, however, there were the sum of $5.000 to my wife’s credit on capital account, that $5,000 would be treated as part of her one-third and she would hold the $5,000 interest which is to her own credit together with the further and addition interest of $5,000 out of my capital account credit, making a total to her of a $10,000 interest in the business) This bequest to my wife is not to be withdrawn by my wife from the firm’s business but is to be left by her in the business and to be withdrawn by her, should she so desire, at such time and in such instalments as may be agreeable to my executors, having regard to the standing to the business.
  6. I bequeath to my daughters, Isabella Blair, Frances Blair (now Mrs. J. G. Hunt), and Edna Blair, the sum of $1.000 each to be paid to them at the rate of $100.00 per year for the period of ten years out of the profits of the business.
  7. I bequeath to my sisters in Scotland, Hannah Blair, and Frances Blair, the sum of £ 20 each to be paid to them at the rate of £ 5 per year for a period of four years out of the profits of the business.
  8. All my remaining capital in the said business, all my interest in the said business, its stock-in-trade, book debts, profits, and all other assets connected therewith, all my lands, tenements and hereditaments, and all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, goods, chattels and effects of whatsoever nature and kind and wheresoever situate I give, devise and bequeath to my said son Kenmure M. Blair absolutely.
    I desire in this my last will to express my wish that my said son Kenmure M. Blair should continue the business of the firm and should do everything in his power to develop the said business and make it a profitable undertaking, not merely in his own interest, but also for the protection of his mother, who after my death will be dependent upon the business and upon him for her livelihood, and for the protection of the bequests to my daughters and sisters, who receive their bequests annually out of the profits of the business.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand at St. John’s aforesaid the year and day first above written.


Signed by the said testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who, in the presence of the said testator and at his request and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:

Louise Saunders, of St. John’s, Clerk to Squires & Winter.
Richard Anderson Squires of St. John’s, Solicitor.

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat August
Horwood C. J.
Probate granted
to Kenmure
M. Blair.
August 16/26
Estate sworn
at $20,162.45



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