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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Revd John T. Ashley


Will of Revd John T. Ashley Parish Priest
from Newfoundland will books volume 13 pages 560-562 probate year 1927

In re
      JOHN T. ASHLEY.          DECEASED.

Torbay. N.F.L.D.

August 22nd. 1923.

This is my last will and Testament by which all former wills that may be found are revoked and cancelled. As to the disposal of my remains my body is to be buried in Torbay, amongst my people, amongst whom I have erected sufficient monuments to obtain a few prayers for my soul. As to the distribution of my personal assets; ----- These are included under three heads – -
I Property in town.
II Debts and Personal Property in Torbay;
III Insurance Policies.

As to the First. The property in town, comprising two houses and free-hold Land on Patrick Street, near Holy Cross Schools; becomes mine on the death of my mother, according to the will of my late Father. Owing to my payments of large sums for repairs, Insurance, water rates and city taxes for many years, I am entitled to a large share of same, as my Brothers have never paid one cent towards the upkeep of same, however in the event of my predeceasing them, I leave one house to my Brother Joseph’s children and one to my Brother Willie’s children and the Fathers shall not have power to sell. Moreover this Property is left, provided the Fathers of said children, shall agree to pay equally any mortgage that may be outstanding on said Property at the time of my death. To avoid any dispute amongst the above mentioned children, the eldest alive shall always have prior claim.

2nd Head. The R. C. Corporation, is conscientiously responsible for all monies advanced as a loan to the Church Building Fund, as can be seen by receipts in book. If they refuse to pay mortgage the C. Brothers can claim them on same conditions, J. A.

The Parish owes me three thousand dollars, spent from my personal income ($3000.00) and I want this paid into my estate, as well as ($452.00) four hundred and fifty two dollars 30/00 advanced to me in cash by my mother as a loan, as also ($1238.00) twelve hundred and thirty eight dollars advanced as a loan by my Teacher Miss Forward towards Labor Bill on House and Church. The latter item, is to be paid back to Miss Forward, either directly, or after having been deposited to my estate (by the St. John’s R. C. Episcopal Corporation.
Also as per Edward Cantwells will, as amongst my papers, the amount left young Cantwell and interest from date is to be paid him, as this sum was deducted drawn from bank to pay for Church Paint, and he was credited, as the others, who advanced loans to the Church.

Besides the monies, due my by the Corporation, My personal property further consists of Insurance Policies -
one in the Imperial Life for $5000.00, five thousand dollars;
one in the Manufacturers Life for ($2000.00) two thousand dollars;
one in the Confederation Life for $1000.00. one thousand dollars;
one in the Knights of Columbus for ($1000.00) one thousand dollars,
Also I hold $1000.00 one thousand dollars in the United Towns Electric Co, and the same amount in the Avalon Telephone Co; in all eleven thousand dollars ($11.000). Furthermore there is my Motor Car, my Side Board and Piano, principally, as well as all the Household Furniture every bit of which is my personal property, much of which was bought from and paid into the estate of the late Monsignor St John. From these amounts my funeral expenses are to be deducted and a monument is to be erected over my grave. One thousand dollars are to be spent by my Executor to Mount Melleray for masses for my soul and to fulfill any unsatisfied intentions on my part.

All debts are to be paid, especially wages, due to all parties in the Household. With the consent of the Archbishop, would wish a slab like that of Father Troy erected to my memory in the Church, which would secure me an occasional Prayer.

Three thousand dollars are to go to Miss Nellie Forward for the excellent work performed in her schools for the past twenty three years, and also in reward of her generous efforts during that time, in working under great difficulties at times, to get monies to help on the Church work in Portugal Cove, Argentia and Torbay.
I also leave ($1500.00) fifteen hundred dollars to my HouseKeeper, Miss Fitzpatrick, for faithful discharge of work. The remainder My household furniture is to be disposed of to the Highest Bidder or Privately if a sufficient and reasonable amount is realised. After the above bequests are made, my executor will see, that my mother, if still living, is decently provided for till her death, If dead at the time of my death, or when she dies, two thirds of what remains shall go towards the education of my Brother Willie’s children and the remainder towards the education of Joe’s child Daniel Joseph.

I hereby appoint as Executor the Right. Rev. J. M. McDermott, and in the event of his death, Mr. W. J. Higgins K.C. If I have forgotten anything necessary, my executor can have it done.

Signed at Torbay this 22nd of August 1923.


May the Lord in His mercy have compassion on my soul and may my friends remember me in their Prayers.



Nov 4th. 1924

As a Codicil to my will already made I want ($1000.00) one thousand dollars left to my Housekeeper out of the proceeds of my estate, said amount being due her from time to time as wages. This amount must take precedence of any family claim.


W.B. The 2000 dollars, shares and debenture of Avalon Electric Co are given to Can. Bank of Commerce as security for $1200. on Parish Note
N.B. These are my private funds and must be returned by Epis Corporation in the event of my death before redeeming them personally.


William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat March
19th. 1927.
Kent J.
Probate granted
to Rt. Rev
March 21/27.
Estate sworn
at $11,830.20



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