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Miscellaneous Civil Registrations
Newfoundlanders in the USA

WWI Registrations of Canadians in the USA

? = mine
rel. = relative lives there
Campbell, Samuel12 Mar 1878 rel. Notre Dame Bay Nfld. Ruby, [state?]
Campbell, John Robert21 Dec 1873 rel. Notre Dame Bay Nfld. Ruby, [ state?]
Green, Henry Joseph2 Sep 1891 born Placentia Newfoundland Nenana, [state?]
Bugden, Edward15 Sep 1888born Patania NewfoundlandKetchikan, Alaska
Bolger, David8 Oct 1889 born St. John's Newfoundland Iditarod, Alaska
Murphy, John18 Oct 1887 born Placentia Newfoundland  
Morgan, William1880citizen of NewfoundlandKetchikan, Alaska
Shain, John12 Aug 1896 rel. Conception Bay Nfld. Saint Michael Alaska
Scott, Michael Bernard14 Sep 1884 rel. Bay Bulls Nfld. Ketchikan, Alaska
Skain, John12 Aug 1896 rel. Conception Bay Nfld. Saint Michael, Alaska
Sinclair, Charles7 Oct 1892 born Monroe Newfoundland Juneau, Alaska
Sheppard, Bert14 Nov 1890 born Spaniard's Bay Nfld. Ketchikan, Alaska
Monks, Walter1 Sep 1893 born King's Cove Nfld. Ketchikan, Alaska
Hill, Ezekiel J29 Oct 1881 re. Elliston Nfld. Ketchikan, Alaska
Cain, Thomas17 Jan 1878bro. lives Cortanor Nfld.Shoshone Idaho

Contributed by Ann (MacDonald) Batten (2003)

Other Civil Registrations

Ca = California; Fl = Florida; Id = Idaho; De = Delaware; Co = Colorado; rel = relative
Patrick, Richard Arthur 22 Feb 1890 St. John's Newfoundland Nevada CA
Bragg, Harry 18 Jun 1884 citizen of Newfoundland Grand CO
Osmond, Patrick 2 Jan 1892 Little Bay Newfoundland Gunnison CO
Hogan, Thomas 28 Mar 1886 rel. in St.Johns Newfoundland  
Tapper, David 25 Oct 1892 Tao Bay Newfoundland Nassau FL
Seniar, Wilson 27 Jul 1889 Flat Iron Newfoundland? Orange FL
Norman, James Percy 9 Feb 1893 Catalina Newfoundland Jacksonville FL
Clark, William 15 Jul 1886 citizen of Newfoundland Escambia FL
Dooley, Henry 11 Dec 1872 citizen of Newfoundland Escambia FL
Ryan, James 5 Apr 1877 citizen of Newfoundland Franklin FL
Denty, George Thomas 9 Jun 1895 Port ____ Newfoundland Lake FL
Cody, Martin Joseph 6 Jun 1881 rel. in Brybullo Newfoundland Nassau FL
Ridout, George Gordon Partor 24 Dec 1883 citizen of Newfoundland Volusia FL
Woodbine, Richard 23 Feb 1888 Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Yeo, John 5 May 1894 Torebly Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Cronin, Edward Christopher 21 Jun 1890 Little Bay Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Cronin, Thomas James 3 Apr 1889 St. John's Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Dunphy, John Thomas 9 Dec 1888 Littlebay Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Dunphy, Ronald Thomas 14 May 1899 citizen of Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Finley, Michael Joseph 2 Feb 1888 St. John's Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Flynn, Joseph 24 Oct 1894 Woodford Sta. Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Keefe, Philip Joseph 1 Jan 1888 Pouch Cove Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Kelly, Patrick 31 Aug 1894 Middle Cove Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Tapper, Mouge 8 Jan 1887 St. John's Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Thorne, Robert 26 Feb 1893 Torr Bay Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Cummings, Sebastian 6 Feb 1889 North River Newfoundland Bannock ID
Neil, James Henry 6 May 1881 citizen of Newfoundland Benewah ID
Donahoe, Jeremiah 1 Nov 1889 Littlebay Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Gregory, John Bernard 12 Sep 1895 Filtcove Newfoundland Shoshone ID
Head, Peter 16 Nov 1886 Little Bay Newfoundland Shoshone ID

Contributed by Ann (MacDonald) Batten (2003)

NOTE (per NGB):- A number of the above place names are probably spelled incorrectly.

Tao Bay, Torebly, and Torr Bay should be Torbay

Brybullo should be Bay Bulls

Filtcove should be Tilt Cove

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (November 16, 2015)

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