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Marriages for White Bay area
1864 to 1891 (Partial)

Church of England

Year Month & Day Place Groom Bride Witnesses Transcriber's Comments
1864 July 17 Bear Cove Stephen LANGFORD Jane GALE Thomas Blanchard, George Rice & John Jacobs  
1864 July 17 Bear Cove Thomas JACOBS Hannah RICE Thomas Blanchard & George Rice  
1864 July 17 Bear Cove Stephen HURLEY Keziah D ? (name unreadable) Thomas Blanchard, Jane Blanchard & John Rice 
1864 Aug 1st Bear Cove James BURTON Susan LANGFORD John Langford, Joseph Langford & Elizabeth Langford 
1864 Sept 4th Grandvache Joseph RANDELL Selina SQUIRES Elias Randell, Virtue Randell & Jeremiah Squires 
1865 Jan 25th Big Island William BRETT Charity RICKETTS James Ricketts & Lucy Ricketts  
1865 Apr 16th Englee John GILLARD Louisa HANCOCK Charles Hopkins & Henry Gillard  
1865 Aug 29th Englee George CLOTHIER Maria CANNING Aaron Read, Andrew Cannings & Susannah Dunn Marie believed to be the dau of William and Mary Ann "Cannon" born 1843 on the French Shore, Bpt St John's 1843
1865 Sept 5th Englee Levi ANDREWS Susanna CANNING Jms Dunn, Andrew Canning & Priscella Read Susanna was dau of Wm & Mary Ann Canning
1865 Sept 10th Hooping Hr Samuel COMPTON Anna SMART Henry Hancock, Mary Ann Hancock & George Read both of Hooping Hr
1865 Sept 17th Grandvache Job PITTMAN Susan RANDELL Elias Pittman, Virtue Randell & Samuel Randell both of Grandvache
1865 Nov 12th River Head Basil OSMOND Fanny GALE James Ricketts, Jane Blanchard & John Osmond 
1865 Nov 24th Big Island John RICKETTS Elizabeth LANGFORD John Langford, Jane Langford & Joseph Ricketts 
1865 Dec 5th Jackson's Arm Charles RALPH Jr. Sarah WIX William Head, Hezekiah Brett & Mary Combdon 
1865 Dec 12th Grandvache George NEWMAN Virtue RANDELL Elias Pittman, Jeremiah Squires & Selina Wall both of Grandvache; George died 1928 and Virtue died 1931, both buried Little Harbour Deep
1866 28 Sept Grandvache Jeremiah SQUIRES Selina WALL George Newman & Thomas Vatcher This couple may have raised John Critch Jr. Selina is believed to be the dau of Samuel and Mary Wall, born Moreton's Hr Jul 1850
1866 8 Nov Grandvache James CROUCHER Ann RANDELL George Newman & Selina Squires both single, of Grandvache
1867 15 Sept Ireland Bight Charles ANDREWS Mary COLBOURNE Thomas Langdon & William Reid both single
1867 15 Sept Ireland Bight Job BOWNDES Dorcas CULL Thomas Langdon & Joseph Cull both single
1867 15 Sept Ireland Bight James John ANDREWS Jane CULL Thomas Langdon & Joseph Cull both single
1867 16 Sept Ireland Bight John CULL Phoebe PITTMAN Joseph Cull & Jane Andrews both single
1868 10 Oct Grandvache Thomas RANDELL Priscilla SHORT Elias Pittman & Charlotte Squires both single, Priscilla was born Triton 1853
1870 20 Sept Hr Deep Israel NICHOLAS Julia POLLARD Uriah Pollard & Mary Cassell  
1871 Sept 26 Hooping Hr. George COMPTON Mary Jane GALE Isaac Tucker & Ann Compton 
1872 16 July Grandvache Isaac GILHAM Susan PITMAN Thomas Randell & Olivia Randell 
1872 12 Oct Little Coney Arm Henry HAINES Jane SACREY Joseph Haines & Charles Haines Henry Wm was son of Joseph & Anne Hynes
1872 12 Oct Little Coney Arm Rueben RALPH Charlotte POLLARD Samuel Record & Sarah Ralph 
1872 12 Oct Little Coney Arm Samuel POLLARD Emily RALPH Samuel Record & Samuel Youngs 
1872 17 Oct Grandvache Adam RANDELL Elizabeth GILHAM Elias Pitman & Eli Newman 
1872 Oct 18th Grandvache Eli NEWMAN Lydia RANDELL George Newman & John Read both of Grandvache
1872 Oct 18th Grandvache Edward RANDELL Elizabeth LANGFORD Adam Randell & Elizabeth Randell both of Grandvache
1872 Nov 14th Englie Jorse? KENDON Mary Ann SHELLEY   both of Englie
1872 Nov 18th Englie George READ Elizabeth HOPKINS   both of Englie
1873 Apr 2nd Trevis Montagnes Thomas ROSE Ellen GILLINGHAM   both of Trevis Montagnes
1873 Apr 3rd St Anthony Roberts SIMMS Martha CRITCH   both of St Anthony, Robert was the son of James & Ann Simms, widower of Keziah Patey; Martha was the widow of John Critch
1873 Apr 6th St Anthony Thomas KAVANAGH Jane PATEY   both of St Anthony
1873 Apr 6th St Anthony James CURTIS(?) Rachel DECKER   both of St Anthony
1873 24-Jun Brown's Cv Joseph LANGFORD Sarah Ann BISHOP John Langford & Thomas Osmond 
1873 4 Oct Coney Arm Wm ROBINSON Selina RANDELL Samuel Record & Edward Randell William (1844-1902) and Selina (1847-1926) both buried Duggans Cv
1873 4 Oct Coney Arm William POLLARD Emma CULL Elizabeth Randell & Samuel Pollard 
1873 7 May Lock's Cv, Hare Bay George BOWNDES Mary Jane PITMAN Wm Read & Wm Elliott 
1875 21 Oct Duggan's Cv Eli RANDELL Mary ANDREWS Thomas Dinny & Joseph Dinny 
1876 27-Jun Coney Arm Charles HAINES Margaret PITMAN Henry Haines & Samuel Record Charles is the son of Joseph & Anne Hynes
1879 28-Aug Grandvache John CASSELL Eliza RANDELL Adam Randell & Abraham Cassell 
1880 6 Dec Grandvache Samuel RANDELL Rosanna CASSELL Edward Randell & Phoebe Ann Pitman Rosanna is dau of William Cassell
1880 6 Dec Grandvache William RANDELL Susan CASSELL Albert Randell & Lucy Randell Susan is dau of Joseph Cassell
1880 6 Dec Grandvache Adam RANDELL Sarah Jane CANNING Wm Brinston & Phoebe Ann Pitman Sarah Jane was nee Clothier, wid of Samuel Canning of Englee
1881 23-Sep S.W. Hr, Hr Deep Levi LODER (age 24, fisherman) Jane POLLARD (age 17) Elijah Cassell & Elizabeth Jane Cassell 
1881 Jany? 4 Back Cv Jacob SPARKES (age 37, widower) Elizabeth RICE (age 40, widow)   both of Back Cove
1882 July 10 Wild Cv John SMALL (age 26) Annie RICE (age 23)   both of Wild Cove
1882 July 26 Lobster Hr Isaac PARDY (age 24) Caroline COOPER (age 22)   both of Lobster Hr
1882 July 26 Lobster Hr James REGLER (age 22) Melina Jane COOPER (age 22)   both of Lobster Hr
1882 Aug-23 Harbour Deep S.W. Wm CLEMENTS (age 33) Elizabeth FYNAM (age 27 widow) Joseph Shea & Sarah Cassell both of Hr Deep. The "S.W." likely indicates South West Cove. Unsure of Elizabeth's surname
1882 Aug-24 Grandvache James PITMAN (age 20) Virtue PITMAN (age 15)   both of Grandvache; James believed to be the son of Elias & Charlotte Pittman bpt Grandvache. Virtue believed to be the dau of Job & Susan (Randell) Pittman
1882 Aug-24 Hr Deep Abraham CASSELL (age 24) Phoebe Ann PITMAN (age 18) Elijah Cassell, Maria Breen both of Hr Deep; Abraham believed to be the son of William & Priscilla (Squires) Cassell born Herring Neck; Phoebe Ann believed to be the dau of Elias & Charlotte Pittman born Grandvache
1882 Aug-24 Hr Deep Wm RICKETTS (age 28) Mary Jane CASSELL (age 18) Edward Randell & Rachel Cassell both of Hr Deep
1882 Aug-25 Hr Deep George CASSELL (age 24) Charlotte SQUIRES (age 28) Elijah Cassell & Mary Breene both of Harbour Deep; George believed to be the son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Gillett) Cassell; Charlotte the dau of John Squires.
1882 Aug-26 Hr Deep William CASSELL (widower, age 47) Charlotte PITMAN (widow, age 41) Abraham & Phoebe Ann Cassell both of Hr Deep; William believed to be the son of George Cassell of Herring Neck; Charlotte believed to be the widow of Elias Pittman.
1882 Aug-30 Grandvache Edward RANDELL (widower, age 29) Mary LEWIS (age 22)   both of Grandvache, Edward's first wife believed to be Elizabeth
1882 Aug-30 Grandvache William BRINTON (age 21) Lucy RANDELL (age 20)   both of Grandvache; Lucy believed to be the dau of Elias and Mary (Jeffers) Randell born Grandvache
1883 June 18 Bach Cove Abraham BLANCHARD (age 30) Amy GALE (age 24)   both of Back Cove
1883 June 19 Bach Cove William BLANCHARD (age 32) Anne PITMAN (age 22)   both of Back Cove
1883 Aug-23 Hr Deep Wm SOMERS (age 37) Mary CASSELL (widow, age 36) John & Elijah Cassell both of Hr Deep; Mary believed to be nee Gillett, widow of Levi Cassell
1883 Aug-23 Hr Deep Levi CASSELL (age 22) Susannah LISCOMBE (22)   both of Hr Deep; Levi is believed to be the son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Gillett) Cassell;
1883 Aug-03 Hr Deep Israel NICHOLAS (age 36, wid) Susan POLLARD (age 45, wid) Wm Cassell & Arthur Pitman Israel was widower of Julia Pollard, Susan believed to be nee Tuffin, widow of John Pollard
1886 22 May Duggan's Cv John PARSONS Martha RANDELL (age 15) Wm Andrews & George Randell 
1886 15 May Coney Arm Charles HINES (age 33, wid) Rachel REEKS Mary J Raisin & Joseph Hines Charles believed to be son of Joseph & Anne Hynes, and widower of Margaret Pitman
1886 21-Sep Grandvache Stephen FOSSE (wid) Maria C CANNING Eli Newman & Louisa Purchase Maria believed to be dau of Samuel and Sarah Jane (Clothier) Canning
1888 5-Nov Duggan's Cv Wm ANDERSON (age 24) Mahala ROBINSON (age 15) Louisa Purchase & Thomas Randell Wm believed to be son of Charles & Mary (Colbourne) Andrews
1888 5-Nov Duggan's Cv George RANDELL (age 24) Susan CASSELL (age 16) Lousia Purchase & Thomas Randell Susan (Susannah) was the dau of Levi and Mary (Gillet) Cassell
1888 6-Nov Hr Deep John ELGAR (age 27) Mahala NICHOLAS (age 16) Joseph Clemens & Israel Nicholas John was born St. John's 1861, Mahala was the dau of Israel & Julia (Pollard) Nicholas
1889 Sep-21 Hr Deep Elias CASSELL (age 25, fisherman) Lucy POLLARD (age 20) John J Clemens & John Elgar Elias was the son of George Cassell, Lucy the dau of John Pollard
1889 Sep-21 Duggan's Cv John PITTMAN (age 19, fisherman) Mary CRITCH (age 25) Peter Randell & Hyiah? King John believed to be the son of John Pitman, Mary is Mary Jane (1861-1912), dau of John and Martha Critch
1889 Sep-21 Duggan's Cv George RANDELL (age 22) Rosanna RANDELL (age 20)   both of Duggan's Cove; Rosanna believed to be dau of Elias and Mary (Jeffers) Randell born 1869 Grandvache
1889 Sep-23 Hr Deep George CASSELL (age 26) of Hr Deep Abigail CANNING (age 20) of Grandvache Albert Randell & Abram Cassell George believed to be son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Liscombe) Cassell; Abigail believed to be dau of Samuel and Sarah Jane (Clothier) Canning
1889 Sep-23 Hr Deep Albert RANDELL (age 25) Louisa CASSELL (age 19) Abram & Albert Cassell both of Hr Deep; Louisa is believed to be the dau of William and Priscilla (Squires) Cassell; Albert is believed to be the son of Elias & Mary Randell born Grandvache
1889 Oct 30 Seal Cv Joseph RICKETTS (age 23) Eva Jane GILLAM (age 17) James Ricketts & James Gillam Joseph & Eva both of Middle Arm.
1889 Nov 15 Jackson's Arm Zehelie (? Zebedee) FORD (age 26) Phoebe HEAD (age 19)   both of Jackson's Arm
1889 Nov 16 Sop's Is William PITTMAN (age 55, widower) Mary GALE (age 54, widow)   both of Sop's Is
1889 Nov-25 Bear Cv George STUCKLESS (age 27) of Pombley Cv Mary KAVANAGH (age 19) of Stuckless Cv   
1889 Dec 5 Bach Cv James TWYNE (age 38) Susannah BLANCHARD (age 32)   buried Back Cv James 1923, 71 yrs & wife Susanna 1898, 41 yrs
1890 8-Nov Hr Deep Thomas POLLARD (age 23) Martha CASSELL (age 18) H.W.M.King & John Cassell Thomas believed to be John Thomas, son of John and Susanna (Tuffin) Pollard born 1867. Martha believed to be the dau of Wm and Priscilla (Squires) Cassell, bpt 1872
1890 8-Nov Hr Deep William RICKETTS (age 40, wid) Mary Ann CASSELL (age 21) H.W.M.King & Samuel Randell William believed to be the son of James and Lucy (Ford) Rickets of Smart's Is, Bonavista North bpt Nov 1846
1891 30-Sep Hr Deep Edward PITTMAN (age 20) Martha Ann CASSELL (age 18) Arthur Waghorn & George Cassell Edward believed to be Edward Wm, the son of Elias & Charlotte Pitman bpt 1872 at Grandvache

Contributed and Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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