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Vital Statistics Vol. 109
Marriages 1868 - 1890 (partial)
Greenspond Circuit
Bonavista Bay District

These records are from Parish Record #109, Greenspond, Methodist Parish maintained by the Provincial Archives in St. John's, Newfoundland.

I am the typist, the real research was done by Ernest and Helen Reid of Burlington, Ontario (Origins in Heart's Content) in 1981

They spent a number of years travelling across Canada visiting their extended family members and spreading their genealogical information (like Johnny Appleseed in the old Disney cartoon). It was a copy of one of their papers, left with my Aunt in Vancouver, that inspired me to look up my family in Newfoundland in 1997. The wealth of information that followed has still not stopped. I felt sure that getting these records out to the widest possible distribution would be a way of carrying on their legacy. It is also a very small way of giving something back after receiving so much from so many wonderful people. I hope that Ernest and Helen would be pleased that I spread their seeds a little further.

Richard Taylor

LOCATION Year Month Day Given name Surname Age Home Given name Surname Age Home      
Greenspond 1868 5 14 John Stagg   Cape Freels Jane Stokes   Cape Freels Malachi Medes Robert Whitemarsh  
Cape Freels 1868 8 23 George Humphrey   Cape Freels Sarah Hall   Pinchard's Island Sophia Hann Virtue Hann  
Middle Bill Cove 1871 10 24 George Hann   Middle Bill Cove Louisa Stokes   Middle Bill Cove Jacob Ridout John Hann  
Middle Bill Cove 1871 10 24 Bishop Humphrey   Middle Bill Cove Hannah Roberts   Cape Island Jacob Ridout John Hann  
Greenspond 1871 12 ? Cornelius Vincent   Cobbler's Island Mary Hayward   Happy Adventure Elijah Bursey Charles Whitemarsh  
Middle Bill Cove 1871 12 10 Peter Blackwood   Middle Bill Cove Julia Hann   Middle Bill Cove John Hann George Hann  
Middle Bill Cove 1871 7 12 Edward Vincent   Cape Island Emma Hann   Middle Bill Cove     Edward's occupation was teacher
Greenspond 1872 11 16 Henry Morris   Trinity Mary J. Hann   Cape Cove George Hann Mary Cains  
Greenspond 1872 12 3 Job Howse   Gooseberry Islands Harriett Burton   Greenspond George Burton Emily Burry  
Middle Bill Cove 1872 5 13 John Humphries   Middle Bill Cove Ellen Stokes   Middle Bill Cove John Hann George Hann  
Musgrave Harbour 1873 11 2 Mark Goodyear   Musgrave Harbour Elizabeth Steel   Musgrave Harbour John Wheeler George Steel  
Middle Bill Cove 1873 4 10 Edward Hillier   Middle Bill Cove Sarah Humphrey   Middle Bill Cove John Hann Louisa Hann  
Musgrave Harbour 1873 7 12 Simeon Guy   Musgrave Harbour Leah Goodyear   Ladle Cove John Wheeler Abraham Miller  
Greenspond 1874 11 14 George Wells   Gooseberry Islands Mary (wid) Winter   Swaine's Island Joshua Foot Ellen Tiller  
Cape Freels 1875 12 1 Frederick Stokes   Cape Freels Adelaide Sturge   Flowers Island William Brown George Blackwood  
Greenspond 1876 11 21 Joseph (wid) Norman 30 Greenspond Hannah Denty 23 Gooseberry Islands Charles Rogers Sarah Bishop  
Greenspond 1877 1 13 William Burton   Greenspond Jane Wells   Greenspond Arthur Vivian Cater Burton  
Cat Harbour 1877 10 29 Richard Goodyear   Cat Harbour Louise Stratton   Cat Harbour Peter Goodyear Emily Goodyear  
Cat Harbour 1877 10 30 Benjamin Goodyear   Cat Harbour Elizabeth Bishop   Cat Harbour George Whealen Martin Gibbons  
Gooseberry Islands 1877 10 5 Thomas Hayward   Gooseberry Islands Mary Dyke   Gooseberry Islands Robert Wells Susanna Hayward  
Greenspond 1877 11 14 William Barber 23 Inner Island Eliza Hann   Cape Freels Joseph Barber Virtue Hann  
Greenspond 1877 4 30 Ruben (wid) Gaulton 31 Cape Cove Catherine Stokes 21 Cape Cove Charles Whitemarsh Elizabeth Green  
Greenspond 1877 5 26 Peter Goodyear   Cat Harbour Emily Burry   Cat Harbour Charles Stratton Bishop Stratton  
Cat Harbour 1878 11 10 Robert Goodyear   Cat Harbour Elizabeth Whelan   Ladle Cove William Whelan Louisa Whelan  
Greenspond 1878 11 22 Abraham Woodland 23 Greenspond Kezia Stokes 19 Cape Freels Isabella Woodland Caroline Woodland  
Shambler's Cove 1880 11 16 John Ford   Shambler's Cove Harriett Goodyear   Shambler's Cove Thomas Ford George Vivian  
Inner Island 1880 5 28 Jacob Blackmore 24 Inner Island Dorcas Hann 19 Swaine's Island James Parsons Eliza Barber  
Cape Cove 1881 10 14 Job William Humphrey   Cape Cove Dinah Jane Ridout   Cape Cove William Hann Ellen Humphrey  
Cat Harbour 1881 11 30 Jeremiah Goodyear   Cat Harbour Jane Whelan   Cat Harbour Richard Goodyear Tobias Goodyear  
Greenspond 1881 11 9 John C. (wid) Goodyear   Cat Harbour Hannah Gover   Greenspond Charles Targett Emma Pond  
Greenspond 1881 5 30 John Payne 28 Gooseberry Islands Mary Jane Osmond 26 Gooseberry Islands George Allen James Paine  
Cape Cove 1882 6 4 Jacob Stokes   Cape Cove Susan Hann   Cape Cove Esau Stokes William Hann  
Greenspond 1884 11 29 William Sweetapple 24 Gooseberry Islands Lydia White 23 Greenspond Edmund Meadus Ann Ash  
Greenspond 1884 12 25 Cater B. Burton 22 Greenspond Ellen Wells 21 Gooseberry Islands George Burton Elizabeth Burton  
Greenspond 1886 ? ? John House   Greenspond Sarah T. Hoddinott   Greenspond James Burry Harriett Osmond  
Greenspond 1887 12 8 David Hann   Bloody Bay Eliza Arnold   Bloody Bay James Dewy William Winsor  
Greenspond 1890 12 3 Frederick House 22 Greenspond Elizabeth Way 20 Greenspond John House Henrietta Hoddinott  

Transcribed by:
Richard Taylor (December 2001)

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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