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at St Johns.

Transcribed by JILL MARSHALL June 2003. Maiden names added by Jill Marshall unless otherwise indicated. ENL means information taken from the Encyclopedia of Nfld & Labrador.
NOTE 1: Per SEARY (Family Names of the Island of Nfld), VOL 22 VITAL STATISTICS (MARRIAGES) included Cochrane Street Methodist Church Marriages 1890-1891; and George Street Methodist Church Marriages 1882-1891. However, per a number of newspaper references to the same marriages, and some of the original parish register entries, some of the marriages listed under George Street Methodist Church actually took place at Gower Street Meth Church, or at the Methodist Parsonage. The parish is described as being of ST JOHNS WEST. The actual Vital Statistics volume pages are not clearly labelled most of the time. Therefore keep in mind that GEORGE STREET METH will include marriages at the Parsonage and at Gower Street, and you would be advised to consult the original parish records to see if there is further information as to place.
NOTE 2: The original records from which these Vital Statistics were copied contained the names of the fathers of the bride and groom in most cases, however the transcribing minister did not include this information in the Vital Statistics version.
June 26 1890 Military Road Parsonage TAYLOR, William widower, cooper, St Johns HOPKINS, Mary widow, St Johns William Simmonds, Elvina Mugford  
July 11 1890 Cochrane Street Church HUSSEY, Samuel bach, shopkeeper, Trinity STONEMAN, Tryphenia Catherine spin, n/g Thomas Christian, Mary Stoneman  
July 15 1890 At house of bride's father JOYCE, Obadiah Gilbert bach, sea captain, Carbonear GILES, Annie Major spin, St Johns William T. Giles, Jennie Giles  
July 24 1890 Military Road Parsonage SPARKS, Stephen 23, bach, sailor, St Johns PHILPOTT, Mary 24, widow, n/g Charles Howell, Annie Cox  
Aug 5 1890 At house of bride's father LINDSAY, George Rupert bach, draper, St Johns FACEY, Sarah spin, n/g Arthur Diamond, Susie Facey  
Aug 9 1890 Cochrane Street Church PUTNAM, Edward Sumner bach, Montreal COFFIN, Ruth Frances spin, St Johns H.P. Cowperthwaite, W.H. Parsons  
Sep 30 1890 Military Road Parsonage LUSCOMBE, Andrew bach, cooper, St Johns MAUNDER, Emma spin, St Johns Elizabeth Maunder, George Luscombe  
Oct 17 1890 Military Road Parsonage BICKFORD, Herbert bach, sailor, Salcombe, Devon BRIGHT, Elvira Theresa spin, St Johns William Bright, Isabell Bright  
Oct 18 1890 Military Road Parsonage HOWELL, William C. 43, widower, carpenter, St Johns LANGMEAD, Eliza 29, widow, St Johns George Mercer, Sarah Mercer  
Oct 21 1890 At house of bride's father MOTT, Henry Yeomans bach, St Johns BOWDEN, Alice Maud Reid spin, n/g F.W. Bowden, Eliza Bowden At least 2 children baptized ANGLICAN
Dec 3 1890 Military Road Parsonage TIPPETT, Isaac 25, bach, fish, St Johns DELAHAN, Susan 31, widow, St Johns Benjamin Driscoll, Maggie Taylor  
Dec 24 1890 Military Road Parsonage BUGDEN, William Fletcher widower, fish, Burin LESHANE, Olivia spin, Lower Island Cove Benjamin Bugden, Fanny Cummins Candidate for bride is Olivia LeShane b May 9 1863 Lower Island Cove, dau of Simeon LeSHANE & Harriet GARLAND.
Jan 5 1891 Military Road Parsonage FIELD, Richard 21, bach, watchmaker, St Johns ANDERSON, Rebecca 25, spin, St Johns Leonard Janes, Louisa Marshall  
Apr 23 1891 Military Road Parsonage BRADLEY, George bach, shopkeeper, St Johns MITCHELL, Mary Jane spin, St Johns W. Bradley, Jane Bradley  
May 27 1891 At house of bride's father MARSHALL, William James 20, bach, carpenter, St Johns CARTER, Marion Edith 25, spin, n/g William Carter, Emily Carter  
Aug 28 1891 Military Road Parsonage OLSEN, Martin bach, seaman, Slavander, Norway HEWITT, Deborah spin, Trinity John Bussey, Adam Black  
Oct 27 1891 Military Road Parsonage THISTLE, William 33, widower, sailor, St Johns SKEFFINGTON, Fanny 25, spin, St Johns William Johnson, Clara Thistle  
Nov 5 1891 At St Johns BUTT, Ebenezer 24, bach, fish, Hickmans Harbour MARTIN, Rosanna 28, spin, Little Hearts Ease Joanna Martin, Joseph Lambert  
Nov 7 1891 Military Road Parsonage MITCHELL, Henry Thomas 26, bach, St Johns BRADLEY, Jane 25, spin, St Johns John Mitchell, G. Butterworth  
Nov 10 1891 At Casey Street WINSOR, Japhet 28, bach, Wesleyville VINCENT, Lydia 23, spin, Cape Freels Alfred Vincent, Emma Vincent  
Nov 26 1891 At house of Mrs. S. Whelan SPRACKLIN, Wilson 26, bach, station master, Whitbourne WHELAN, Annie 25, spin, St Johns W.C. Hutchings, George G. Crosbie  
Dec 17 1891 Military Road Parsonage BROWN, Abraham John 28, bach, fish, Lance Cove BRYANT, Bertha 20, spin, St Johns Stephen March, Mary Ann Austin  
Dec 19 1891 Military Road Parsonage HOPE, Richard bach, police constable, St Johns PHILPOTT, Anne spin, St Johns William Butt, Wesley Philpott  

George Street Wesleyan - Methodist Church / Circuit MARRIAGES
Parish of St. Johns WEST

June 16 1882 St. Johns COOPER, George Lower Island Cove (CB) JOHNSON, Mary Ann Lower Island Cove (CB) Eliza R. Louis, J.N. Louis George COOPER was b Sept 13 1840 Lower Island Cove & died Jan 8 1923 Lower Island Cove, the son of William COOPER & Jane BURSEY. Mary Ann JOHNSON was b Sep 26 1859 Lower Island Cove & died Sep 20 1909 Lower Island Cove, the daughter of Joseph JOHNSON & Ann FAGNER.
June 28 1882 St. Johns MAUNDER, George St. Johns ROBERTS, Susanna St. Johns William Codner, Susanna J. Tucker  
Aug 2 1882 St. Johns JONES, William Merionethshire, N. Wales CHAFE, Elizabeth Ann St. Johns Thomas Rigby, Rachel Rigby  
Aug 7 1882 St. Johns BUTT, Josiah Broad Cove CB CHATER, Hannah Greenspond (BB) Henry Tapper, Joseph Angell  
Aug 11 1882 St. Johns WHITTEN, Edward St. Johns PIKE, Annie Elizabeth Carbonear Jonathan Noseworthy, Maria Noseworthy At least 4 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Aug 31 1882 St. Johns WILSON, James Edinborough (Edinburgh), Scotland BARTLETT, Sarah Jane St. Johns John Maunder, Christiana Mary Bartlett  
Sep 6 1882 St. Johns GILL, Charles St. Johns LUSCOMBE, Amelia A. St. Johns Leah Luscombe, W.R. Pratt  
Sep 8 1882 St. Johns CAMERON, Hugh D. Nova Scotia WINSOR, Olivia St. Johns A. Dance, E. Lang  
Sep 16 1882 St. Johns GEORGE, Henry Edgar London, England WEEKS, Emily J. St. Johns Elizabeth Weeks, William H. Ash At least 2 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Oct 6 1882 St. Johns NOSEWORTHY, Jacob Spaniards Bay (CB) HEWLETT, Sarah Jane Twillingate Susan A. Pack, Albert John Pack  
Oct 7 1882 St. Johns HOSKINS, Robert Plymouth, England JANES, Susanna Broad Cove, N. Shore George Janes, Ada Stowe  
Oct 9 1882 St. Johns PARTRIDGE, William Newton England ROBBINS, Amelia Trinity Frederick Frost, Adelaide King  
Sep 19 1882 St. Johns SNELGROVE, Abraham John Lower Island Cove (CB) HOLLOWAY, Emiline Musgravetown James Oldford, Jacob Snelgrove Abraham John SNELGROVE was b June 20 1859 Lower Island Cove & died 12 Nov 1918, the son of Jacob SNELGROVE & Susannah LOUIS. Emeline Holloway was bc 1855 & died Aug 21 1937 Lower Island Cove age 52 yrs (her headstone says died Aug 17).
Oct 23 1882 St. Johns SQUIRES, Andrew Bonavista Bay PILLEY, Mary Ellen Hants Harbour TB Leander Howell, George Barratt (Barrett)  
Oct 25 1882 St. Johns ROWE, John St. Johns REED, Charlotte M.C. St. Johns William White, Sarah White  
Oct 26 1882 St. Johns MATTHEWS, David Bonavista Bay STANLEY, Mary Hants Harbour TB Josiah Percy, Solomon Reid  
Oct 31 1882 St. Johns BUTLER, Jabez St. Johns SMART, Annie St. Johns Thomas Smart, Velina Martin NOTE: A Jabez BUTLER was buried May 25 1889 St Johns, age 40 yrs, buried General Protestant Cemetery.
Nov 3 1882 St. Johns KENNEDY, William Western Bay KANNEL*, Mary Jane Western Bay Moses Pearcey, Susanna Bishop *Her surname is likely KENDALL, a common Western Bay name.
Nov 4 1882 St. Johns CANE, John St. Johns COOPER, Sarah Jane St. Johns John Cooper, Louisa Jane Cane  
Nov 4 1882 St. Johns EASTMAN, William St. Johns HERDER, Sarah Jane St. Johns Charles Ainsworth, Elizabeth Herder  
Nov 5 1882 St. Johns THISTLE, William St. Johns HARDING, Sarah Jane St. Johns Charles Butler, Elizabeth Newell  
Nov 14 1882 St. Johns CHAFE, Albert Petty Harbour AVERY, Eliza Ann Grates Cove John Stoyles, Flora Cafe (?Chafe)  
Nov 15 1882 St. Johns HUSSON, Alfred Hants Harbour (TB) POOLE, Charlotte Hants Harbour (TB) Reuben Price, Emily Thomas  
Nov 22 1882 St. Johns MOORES, Edward New Harbour TB LAMB, Mary Ann St. Johns Levi Curtis, Robert Cranford  
Dec 5 1882 St. Johns ROBERTSON, Alexander St. Johns COLE, Sarah Jane St. Johns Catherine Cole, Allan Stark  
Dec 12 1882 St. Johns PICCOTT, Thomas E. St. Johns SMITH, Charlotte Jessie St. Johns N.G. Smith, Harriet Mercer  
Dec 15 1882 St. Johns JANES, George Trinity PYNN, Julia Harbour Grace Hugh Dwyer, Ada Stowe  
Jan 1 1883 St. Johns TAYLOR, Horatio St. Johns STANLEY, Annie St. Johns Benjamin Boyles, Janet Taylor  
Feb 21 1883 St. Johns GODDEN, Thomas Harbour Grace PARSONS, Frederica Harbour Grace Albert W. Parsons, Annie J. Parsons  
May 14 1883 St. Johns WISEMAN, George NDB (Notre Dame Bay) TAYLOR, Elizabeth NDB (Notre Dame Bay) William John Taylor, Dorcas Wiseman George WISEMAN was born circa Dec 1855 Little Bay Islands, the son of Philip WISEMAN & Catherine CURTIS. He is believed to have been married 4 times; 1st to Ann Hibbs, this marriage 2nd, 3rd to widow Joanna (Anstey) Marsh and 4th to Deborah Unknown

George Wiseman's 4th wife Deborah Vivian was the daughter of Henry Vivian and Martha Oldford, she was first married to Kenneth Abbott in 1882 but he drowned July 08, 1908 while fishing in Labrador.

Information for Deborah Unknown provided by Ed Barbour  (
May 24 1883 St. Johns MORRIS, Jabez St. Johns ROBERTS, Jessie Brigus Moses Roberts, Bessie Campbell Jabez Morris may have been the son of John MORRIS & Sarah LOUIS of Lower Island Cove (baptism is missing).
June 14 1883 St. Johns MAYO, James J. St. Johns COTTER, Mary Ann St. Johns John G. Munn, Levi Curtis  
July 29 1883 St. Johns GEORGE, Samuel B. 60, widower, soapboiler, St Johns FACEY, Rachel S. 37, spin, St Johns Charles Whitten, Adelaide King.  
Aug 1 1883 St. Johns GORMAN, Patrick 24, bach, carman, St Johns HOLLETT, Amelia 23, spin, St Johns George W. Marshall, Asneth Davies  
Aug 4 1883 St. Johns ROWE, Frederick bach, cooper, St Johns REED, Jane spin, St Johns George Vater, Cecilia Morris  
Sep 18 1883 St. Johns RICH, Isaac 25, bach, fishing, Labrador APSEY, Jane 25, n/g, St Johns Mrs. Harriet Bursell, Ellen English  
Sep 19 1883 St. Johns McDOUGALL, Alexander bach, merchant, St Johns AYRE, Mary Hannah spin, St Johns Charles P. Ayre, Robert C. Ayre  
Sep 22 1883 St. Johns SPARKES, George 21, bach, ironworker, St Johns ENGLISH, Maria 20, spin, St Johns Josiah Biggs, Sarah A. Garland NOTES: from original parish register, he was the son of George Sparkes, and she was the daughter of Thomas English.
Oct 9 1883 St. Johns READER, William bach, fishing, Bonavista STRATHIE, Jessie spin, Bonavista Jessie Soper, J. M. Congdon  
Oct 11 1883 St. Johns NICHOLS, Thomas H?. widower, joiner, St Johns BOND, Susanna spin, St Johns James Bond, Martha Hines At least one child baptized Congregational.
Oct 18 1883 St. Johns MARTIN, Eliel widower, seaman, St Johns SMITH, Julia widow, Conception Bay J.G. Newman, Emma Roper  
Oct 22 1883 St. Johns KING, Henry 23, bach, fishing, Broad Cove CB THISTLE, Elizabeth 22, spin, Broad Cove CB Solomon King, Jannet Rumsey  
Oct 23 1883 St. Johns HOLLOWAY, Samuel bach, fishing, Random, S.W. Arm SMITH, Ann Maria spin, Random, S.W. Arm none given  
Oct 31 1883 St. Johns BARNES, William bach, cooper, St Johns QUICK, Annie spin, St Johns William Quick, Jemima Churchill  
Nov 7 1883 St. Johns HUDSON, John bach, fishing, Adams Cove (CB) BUTT, Flora spin, Conception Bay Joseph Evans, Jane Crummey  
Nov 13 1883 St. Johns TUNE, John widower, master mariner, ?Poole, England * SHEPHERD, Mary Ann spin, Fort Amherst Benjamin Earle, Georgina Williams His place of origin looked like ''Goole''.
Nov 19 1883 St. Johns OSMOND, Joseph bach, fishing, Moretons Harbour ROBERTS, Jane spin, St Johns John Webber, Avalina Ridout Joseph William Osmond was b May 23 1852 Moretons Hr, the son of Joseph & Ann. Joseph & Jane had at least 3 children baptized (Meth) at Moretons Hr.
Nov 22 1883 St. Johns CARNELL, George A. bach, St Johns MOYES, Sarah C. spin, Topsail F.A. Gear, Martha Hamdon Candidate for husband is George Albert Carnell b Aug 29 1860 St Johns, the son of Thomas CARNELL & Sarah GREELEY.
Nov 24 1883 St. Johns PIKE, Joseph widower, fishing, St Johns PRIMER (aka PRIMMER), Louisa spin, Twillingate Eliza Tucker, Edmund Taylor  
Dec 4 1883 St. Johns DUNN, William bach, engineer, St Johns SQUIRES, Catherine spin, St Johns Henry Hiscock, Elizabeth Hiscock  
Dec 10 1883 St. Johns WILLIAMS, William bach, mariner, Liverpool, England GARLAND, Clara spin, St Johns R.H. Parsons, Bennett Garland NOTES: Per original parish register, he was the son of William Williams, and she was the daughter of Benjamin Garland.
Dec 22 1883 St. Johns BROOKING, William bach, coachman, St Johns MASON, Mary spin, St Johns Plemon J. Hulley, Hester J.W. Hulley  
Dec 31 1883 St. Johns PIKE, Reuben bach, mariner, St Johns GARLAND, Bennett spin, St Johns Richard Garland, Grace Dymond NOTES: Per original parish register he was the son of John Pike and she the daughter of Henry Garland. Bennett Ann Garland was bc 1866, baptized Sep 19 1868 Russells Cove age 2 yrs (now New Melbourne TB), the daughter of Henry GARLAND (originally of Lower Island Cove) & Charlotte JANE OATES.
Jan 1 1884 St. Johns SCAPLEN, William bach, clerk, St Johns JACKMAN, Mary A. spin, St Johns Alfred Pike Jr, George f. Bowden Per baptisms of children, his full name was WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, and he is named as Augustus in one bapt record.
Jan 3 1884 St. Johns WHITE, William bach, cooper, St Johns CROCKER, Nellie spin, St Johns William Pippy, Phoebe Crocker  
Jan 7 1884 St. Johns HARRIS, Francis 23, bach, cooper, St Johns ESCOTT, Julia 23 1/2, spin, St Johns William T? Brown, Elizabeth English At least 1 child baptized ANGLICAN.
Jan 10 1884 St. Johns PIPPY, Thomas A. bach, engineer, St Johns MARTIN, Ellen Jane spin, St Johns Arthur W. Martin, Isabel Martin  
Jan 14 1884 St. Johns FLETCHER, James widower, clerk, St Johns DUDER, Kate Stuart spin, St Johns Charles R. Duder, Ernest A. Mutch  
Jan 18 1884 St. Johns PACK, Albert John bach, mariner, St Johns HAILEY, Elizabeth F. spin, Bonavista Pleymon Taylor, Zillah Pack At least 4 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Jan 31 1884 St. Johns THISTLE, James bach, seaman, St Johns ALLEN, Clara spin, Topsail Thomas Williams, Fanny Gibbs  
Feb 5 1884 St. Johns RADFORD, William C. bach, hardware business, St Johns DICKS, Eliza F. spin, St Johns James J. Milley, Bessie Dicks At least 1 child baptized Congregational.
Apr 23 1884 St. Johns BUTT, Charles bach, fishing, St Johns HOWELL, Lavinia spin, St Johns Leander Howell, Sarah J. Thistle  
May 6 1884 St. Johns FORSEY, Thomas bach, constable, St Johns BARTLETT, Jane spin, St Johns Thomas P. Forsey, George Williams  
May 14 1884 St. Johns GOUDIE, W.H. (William Henry) bach, baker, St Johns GUSCOTT, Jane spin, St Johns Emma Guscott, M. Wellman Several children baptized Anglican. William Henry GOUDIE was b Nov 21 1858 & died Sep 19 1923 St Johns, the son of George GOUDIE of Lower Island Cove & Elizabeth SNOW of Quidi Vidi. Jane Guscott was bc 1851 and died Apr 20 1933 age 82 yrs (or Apr 21st), buried Forest Road Anglican Cemetery.
June 4 1884 St. Johns LeMESSURIER, Charles James bach, accountant, St Johns DUDER, Mary Anne spin, St Johns George LeMessurier, Annie LeMessurier At least 2 children baptized ANGLICAN.
June 4 1884 St. Johns ROBERTS, Moses P. bach, fishing, Brigus FALLE, Amelia Jane spin, La Poile James Roberts, Jabez Morris  
June 14 1884 St. Johns SNELGROVE, William widower, fishing, Lower Island Cove SNELGROVE, Eliza n/g, St Johns Agnes J. Parsons, Mary C. Parsons. William Snelgrove is believed to be the son of John SNELGROVE & Sarah SPARKS of Lower Island Cove.
July 25 1884 St. Johns PEARCEY, Isaac bach, mariner, St Johns MUGFORD, Caroline spin, St Johns Thomas Seymour, Reuben Courage  
Aug 5 1884 St. Johns MORRIS, Isaac B.C.* bach, sailmaker, St Johns SHAW, Fanny F. spin, St Johns Robert Shaw, Robert Payne Original parish register names him as son of Benjamin Morris, and she as daughter of Robert Shaw. The Harbour Grace STANDARD stated this marriage took place at GOWER Street Church. Full names were: Isaac Benjamin Chesley MORRIS & Fanny Frances Elizabeth SHAW. She died Sep 22 1895 St Johns age 34 yrs. Isaac remarried 1899 to Rachel CULL of Fogo. He was b June 11 1857 St Johns & died June 5 1937 St Johns, sailmaker, businssman, municipal commissioner, writer, public speaker and prominent layperson of Gower Street Church (ENL).
Aug 4 1884 St. Johns PILLAGE, W.F.J.T.E. (Frank*) bach, carman, Torquay, England MAYBN, Mary Jane spin, St Johns Levi G. Chafe, Sarah Norman He went by FRANK per baptism of their child.
Aug 9 1884 St. Johns DUFFETT, Thomas bach, shoemaker, St Johns DYSART, Maria widow, St Johns William Martin, Mary Jane Pillage  
Aug 20 1884 St. Johns HODDER, Henry age n/g, bach, seaman, St Johns GOOBY, Jessie 23, widow, St Johns Robert Percey, Emily Gooby  
Sep 22 1884 St. Johns WEEKS, James bach, carpenter, St Johns MAUNDER, Christiana spin, St Johns George Maunder, Mary Ann Skeanes  
Oct 6 1884 St. Johns FRANCIS, James bach, cooper, St Johns COLLINS, Mary Jane spin, St Johns Albert Edgecombe, Susanna Bartlett At least 3 children baptized ANGLICAN. His full name was James Martin Francis.
Oct 25 1884 St. Johns MEYER, Alwin bach, laborer, St Johns MOORES, Julia spin, St Johns Nicholas Moores, Sarah Moores He also went by John per baptisms of children, assuming same couple.
Nov 3 1884 St. Johns SNELGROVE, Benjamin bach, fishing, Lower Island Cove JACKMAN, Annie spin, Lower Island Cove Charles Snelgrove, Emmeline Snelgrove Benjamin Snelgrove was b June 18 1862 Lower Island Cove, the son of James & Caroline, and died Aug 29 1920 Lower Island Cove. Annie Jackman (daughter of Thomas per original parish register) died Aug 1 1949 Lower Island Cove age 80 yrs. They had at least 7 children baptized (METH) at Lower Island Cove.
Nov 6 1884 St. Johns MANUEL, Henry widower, fishing, St Johns* MOORES, Martha J. widow*, St Johns* G.W. Payne, Sarah Payne *The Harbour Grace STANDARD & Conception Bay ADVERTIZER noted that he was from Exploits, she from Port de Grave, that the marriage took place at the Methodist Parsonage, and gave her marital status as ''Miss''. Henry Manuel was likely b Dec 24 1847 Exploits, the son of Samuel Manuel & Ann (?nee Pearce), and was first married 1880 Exploits to Louisa Power of Shoe Cove NDB.
Nov 14 1884 St. Johns PARSONS, George bach, fishing, St Johns TUCKER, Selina spin, St Johns John Parsons, Ellen Squires At least 4 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Dec 3 1884 St. Johns KENNEDY, Augustus G. 30, bach, hairdresser, St Johns FIELD, Mary 21, spin, St Johns Mary G. Boyd, Sarah Morgan  
Dec 5 1884 St. Johns PARSONS, Samuel bach, fishing, Smiths Sound HUSSEY, Susanna spin, St Johns Melina Vokey, Elizabeth Earle  
Dec 6 1884 St. Johns SIMMONS, Levi bach, blacksmith, St Johns PARSONS, Mary spin, St Johns Elizabeth Earle, Sarah Morgan  
Dec 17 1884 St. Johns MARTIN, Arthur W. bach, tailor, St Johns COULTAS, Minnie C. spin, St Johns Franklin Hamlin, Isabel Martin  
Dec 18 1884 St. Johns BROWN, Alexander D. bach, engineer, St Johns ANGEL, Margaret spin, St Johns Jas. Angel, Marie Dickson  
Dec 23 1884 St. Johns EDGECOMBE, Thomas bach, carpenter, St Johns WALSH, Mary spin, St Johns Joseph Miller, Mary J. Miller  
Dec 24 1884 St. Johns HENNEBURY, William bach, harness maker, St Johns ZIMMERMAN, Elizabeth spin, St Johns Eliza Zimmerman, Mary G. Boyd At least 1 child baptized ANGLICAN.
Dec 29 1884 St. Johns PEARCEY, Robert bach, sailor, St Johns COOPER, Susanna spin, St Johns William G. Garland, Emily Garland Original parish register named him as son of Simon Pearcey, and she as daughter of Reuben Cooper. Her father Reuben Cooper was likely b 1831 Grates Cove, the son of Thomas & Magdelene Cooper, and married Mary Ann UNKNOWN.
Apr 12 1885 St. Johns KNEE, William bach, fishing, Pools Island (BB) MOORES, Sarah spin, St Johns Nicholas Moores, Mary A. Moores The Harbour Grace STANDARD noted that the marriage took place at GOWER Street Church, and that she was the 2nd daughter of Nicholas Moores of St Johns. William Knee is believed to have been baptized May 23 1857 Pools Island, the son of Philip KNEE & Mary Anne Jane MITCHELL.
May 13 1885 St. Johns GRIMBLE, Alfred bach, seaman, St Johns HUDSON, Rebecca spin, St Johns Samuel Bowell, Mary Hudson  
May 24 1885 St. Johns SPARKES, George n/g, fishing, Lower Island Cove TURNER, Alice M. spin, St Johns Edwin Turner, Sarah Cook The Harbour Grace STANDARD noted the marriage took place at the residence of the brides sister, that he was the son of Thomas Sparks, and she the daughter of William Turner. George SPARKES was b Mar 19 1832 Lower Island Cove & died Mar 1 1914, the son of Thomas SPARKES & Mary NORMORE. He first md 1857 Lower Island Cove to Mary Ann MOORES of Northern Bay who died 1884 age 47. Alice May/Mary TURNER was bap Mar 26 1838 Lower Island Cove & died Nov 6 1918 of dropsy, age 80, the daughter of William TURNER (aka Simpson at marriage) & Jane JOHNSON.
July 2 1885 St. Johns JAMES, William bach, grocer, St Johns FILMORE, Jessie Elizabeth spin, St Johns Sarah Bramfitt, Milly Hurrell  
July 13 1885 St. Johns STEER, Charles R. bach, St Johns DUDER, Janet spin, St Johns A.T. Steer, May E. Duder  
Aug 13 1885 St. Johns MILLETT, John bach, age n/g, seaman, Portsmouth, England WEBBER, Jessie 22, spin, St Johns John Webber, Robert Taylor  
Sep 19 1885 St. Johns HOLLETT, William 22, bach, fishing, St Johns KING, Jessie 20, spin, St Johns Benjamin J. French, Susanna King  
Oct 10 1885 St. Johns GREEN, William Henry bach, sailor, St Johns DAWE, Caroline spin, St Johns Henry Tapper, Amy Tapper  
Oct 25 1885 St. Johns KING, Charles bach, seaman, St Johns GREELEY, Annie spin, St Johns Alfred King, Solomon King  
Nov 5 1885 St. Johns GIBBS, Arthur bach, fishing, Catalina RUMSEY, Janet spin, St Johns Alfred King, Uriah Russell  
Nov 11 1885 St. Johns STYLES, Jardine widower, fishing, Southern Bight SANDFORD, Jane spin, Grates Cove Alexander Churchill, Sarah Stoyles  
Nov 11 1885 St. Johns HOWSE, Albert widower, fishing, Gooseberry Island COOPER, Priscilla widow, Southern Bight Charles Howse, Mary C. Bowell  
Nov 13 1885 St. Johns SIMMONS, James bach, fishing, Goose Bay NOSEWORTHY, Jessie spin, St Johns Samson Hiscock, James N. Bowell  
Nov 19 1885 St. Johns DAWE, John bach, fishing, Topsail STICKLAND, Dorcas spin, Western Arm GB Henry Tilley, Priscilla Dawe  
Nov 29 1885 St. Johns MOTTY, William Hy. bach, sailmaker, St Johns DOWN, Selina T. spin, St Johns Roger Down, John N. Motty Her middle name Tucker from baptisms of children. At least 4 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Dec 9 1885 St. Johns BRADLEY, Charles bach, merchant, Burin PARSONS, Elizabeth spin, teacher, Burin William Bradley, Jane Bradley  
Dec 15 1885 St. Johns ATWILL, John bach, St Johns STIDSTONE, Julia spin, St Johns John Stidstone, John Motty  
Jan 16 1886 St. Johns RICE, John bach, fishing, Twillingate SNOW, Rosanna spin, Twillingate Joseph Pike, Susanna Bartlett At least 3 children baptized at Durrells Arm, Twillingate (ANGLICAN).
Jan 30 1886 St. Johns DYER, Henry bach, plumber, St Johns BROWN, Hannah spin, St Johns George M. Andrews, Sarah A. Andrews  
Apr 29 1886 St. Johns RUMSON, John bach, Carbonear SOPER, Jessie spin, St Johns John Angel, Mary A. Soper  
May 1 1886 St. Johns SWANSON, Charles F. bach, seaman, St Johns WHITTEN, Emma J. spin, St Johns William Whitten, NathanielWhitten Emma Jane Whitten was born May -- 1865 St Johns, the daughter of William James WHITTEN & Sarah HENNESSEY, baptized at St Marys ANG.
May 5 1886 St. Johns KIRKLAND, George W. bach, engineer, St Johns VEY, Bertha J. spin, St Johns Robert Vey, Annie Kirkland  
May 10 1886 St. Johns COOK, James Rex bach, farmer, St Johns PIERCEY, Elizabeth spin, St Johns Samuel Bowell, Sarah Morgan  
May 19 1886 St. Johns PARSONS, John T. bach, fireman, Harbour Grace ANTLE, Louise spin, St Johns Herbert Dowden, Alice Antle  
May 21 1886 St. Johns ''NEWELL or NOEL'', Peter bach, fishing, Grates Cove MARTIN, Rebecca J. spin, Grates Cove William Henry Meadus, Amelia Jane Noel  
June 8 1886 St. Johns PRINCE, Samuel 23, bach, fishing, Seal Cove BB CLOW, Henrietta 23, spin, schoolteacher, Ferryland Henry E. Clow, Eliza Johnston  
June 21 1886 St. Johns RHODES, Richard Allan bach, St Johns STARES, Bertha Florence spin, St Johns William J. Stares, Richard H. Collins  
July 29 1886 St. Johns ELLISON, Mark bach, carpenter, St Johns TAYLOR, Harriet spin, St Johns Edmund Taylor, Bell Baird  
Nov 9 1886 St. Johns CROWLEY, William widower, fishing, St Johns COWARD, Miriam spin, St Johns Ebenezer Butt, Mary G. Boyd  
Nov 10 1886 St. Johns KING, William George 22, bach, fishing, St. Jonas, Random BURSEY, Emily 20, spin, Old Perlican (TB) Bartholomew King, Maria Stanford Per the Harbour Grace STANDARD, this marriage took place at the Methodist Parsonage. Emily Bursey was b Oct 27 1865 Old Perlican, the daughter of Isaac & Rachel Bursey.
Nov 16 1886 St. Johns PENSON (PINSENT), Jacob bach, fishing, St Johns BUTT, Joanna spin, St Johns Joseph Cox, Fanny E. Belbin  
Nov 22 1886 St. Johns COLLINS, William bach, captain, Flat Islands GILES, Amelia spin, Burin Louise Smeardon, Frederick Brushett  
Dec 1 1886 St. Johns BURDEN, Kenneth bach, businessman, Salvage BB PITTMAN, Amelia spin, St Johns Corbett Pittman, Amelia Mews  
Dec 3 1886 St. Johns BARTLETT, John 23, bach, shoemaker, St Johns FARRELL, Julia 24, spin, St Johns Henry Long, Sarah Long At least 3 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Dec 23 1886 St. Johns KENDRICK, John widower, captain, St Johns SS (South Side) EBSARY, Esther spin, St Johns SS (South Side) Newman Ebsary, Sarah Ebsary  
Jan 1 1887 St. Johns HINDS, Richard T. bach, joiner, St Johns SMITH, Sarah E. spin, St Johns Samuel Whitten, Mary Smith  
Jan 19 1887 St. Johns PIKE, Mark Seager bach, sailmaker, Carbonear SOPER, Mary Ann spin, Carbonear S.T. Chancey, W.H. Whiteway  
Jan 19 1887 St. Johns READER, George bach, draper, St Johns BURT, Emma Louisa spin, St Johns William Burt, Robt. Evans  
Feb 26 1887 St. Johns MOORIS (MOORES), Silas bach, laborer, Blackhead CB KING, Susanna spin, St Johns John Pike, Jessie Hollett Name spelt as given MOORIS, but their child baptized as MOORES.
Mar 2 1887 St. Johns HUDSON, George T. bach, clerk, St Johns EVANS, Elizabeth spin, St Johns J. Evans, M. Hudson  
Mar 18 1887 St. Johns IVY, William bach, fishing, St Johns JOHNSTON, Eliza spin, St Johns Joseph Gorman, Adelaide Clow  
Apr 7 1887 St. Johns COX, Joseph widower, sailor, St Johns BELBIN, Fanny E. spin, St Johns Joseph Snow, Elizabeth Maunder  
May 16 1887 St. Johns PIKE, Richard bach, engineer, St Johns PAUL, Emily L. spin, St Johns Em.? L. Paul, Amelia F. Collins  
May 19 1887 St. Johns TUCKER, Stephen J. bach, clerk, St Johns DWYER, Lucy M. spin, St Johns G.S. Taylor, Adela Tucker  
May 29 1887 St. Johns CURTIS, James widower, engineer, Harbour Grace WILLIAMS, Elizabeth A. widow, St Johns Georgina Williams, Arthur Ebsary  
June 15 1887 St. Johns BROWN, G. Robert bach, clerk, St Johns GREEN, Isabella spin, St Johns John Green, Mary Rose Green  
June 15 1887 St. Johns CHRISTIAN, Archibald H. bach, clerk, St Johns MEWS, Amelia F. spin, St Johns J.C. Mews, Edwin Mews Per Harbour Grace STANDARD, the marriage took place at the residence of the bride's father: Archibald Humphrey CHRISTINA was the youngest son of William Christian of Old Perlican (formerly of Trinity), and Amelia Facey Mews was the eldest daughter of James L. Mews of St Johns.
June 22 1887 St. Johns HUSSEY, John bach, fishing, Salmon Cove MUGFORD, Mary spin, Clarkes Beach (CB) Joseph Pearcey, Caroline Pearcey  
July 2 1887 St. Johns WILSON, James widower, clergyman, Random North CHURCHILL, Lenora P. spin, Random North Alf. Parsons, George Apsey  
July 6 1887 St. Johns ABRAHAM, Henry bach, clergyman, Little Bay, Twillingate MILLIGAN, Julia B. spin, St Johns Charles P. Ayre, Maud Marshall Married by Rev George Boyd and Rev. George S. MILLIGAN (? her father)
July 9 1887 St. Johns ROMSEY, James bach, fishing, St Johns BUTT, Jane spin, St Johns Noal (sic) Morris, Emma Romsey  
___ __ 1887 St. Johns DUNN, Walter T.D. n/g, clergyman, ''residence'' SCOTT, Louisa not given L.D. Scott, A.H. Milligan Only year of marriage given.
Sep 24 1887 St. Johns LONG, Henry bach, cooper, St Johns NOSEWORTHY, Mary Ann spin, St Johns W. Noseworthy, John Smith His middle name ''Nichols''. At least 3 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Nov 2 1887 St. Johns PIDDLE, Thomas widower, St Johns HISCOCK, Sarah spin, St Johns Albert Strong, Anne Bursey  
Nov 3 1887 St. Johns BENSON, Eleazer bach, fishing, Random TB JANES, Susanna spin, Grates Cove Alice Antle, William Thorne  
Nov 12 1887 St. Johns ROSE, John bach, fishing, Western Bay PARSONS, Lavinia spin, Western Bay John English, Sarah Jane English  
Dec 24 1887 St. Johns MERCER, Isaac bach, fishing, Bay Roberts EARLE, Elizabeth spin, St Johns Sarah French, Lot T. Earle  
Dec 30 1887 St. Johns SOPER, Silas Bendle bach, fishing, Carbonear CARTER, Sophia Catherine O. spin, Greenspond I? Withycombe, Harriet E. Carmichael  
Dec 31 1887 St. Johns McNIVEN, Frederick bach, shoemaker, St Johns BRYAN, Rosanna spin, St Johns James Hardy, Elizabeth Bartlett  
Feb 9 1888 St. Johns GUEST, William Thomas bach, planter, St Johns COOK, Mary Grace C. spin, St Johns Joseph Cook, Edward Udle Son Richard was baptized on the same day as their wedding day. Mary Grace Cummins COOK was b Sep 24 1864 St Johns, the dau of Joseph COOK & Mary Jane COAKER. William Thomas GUEST was b Nov 6 1862 St Johns, the son of Robert E. GUEST & Elizabeth KINGSTON. William & Mary had at least one child baptized ANGLICAN.
Feb 14 1888 St. Johns EDWARDS, William H.C. widower, insurance agent, Boston Mass. DAY, Susan M. spin, St Johns P.J. Henry, G.M.M. Dalton  
Mar 27 1888 St. Johns EVERETT, Peter bach, St Johns LONG, Sarah Jane spin, St Johns Elizabeth Snow, Henry Long  
Apr 6 1888 St. Johns BIGGS, Josiah Turner 24, bach, St Johns CLARKE, Annie Jane 22, spin, St Johns Henry Long, M. Long  
Apr 11 1888 St. Johns CHIPMAN, Henry Samuel 20, bach, carpenter, St Johns BOWELL, Mary Catherine 19, spin, St Johns Sergt. R.M.E.C. Bifles (?Rifles), George Hudson  
Apr 22 1888 St. Johns STUMBLES, James bach, seaman, St Johns HEPDITCH, Esther spin, St Johns Elizabeth Dwyer, Maggie Hiscock  
May 1 1888 St. Johns MAHANEY, George 21, bach, clerk, St Johns SNOW, Elizabeth Jane 19, spin, St Johns Emily Jane Noftal, G. Snow  
May 12 1888 St. Johns WILLIAMS, William 22, seaman, bach, Penzance WHITE, Theresa 21, spin, St Johns John Balam, Ellen Stamp  
May 27 1888 St. Johns GARLAND, William Pierce 38, widower, laborer, St Johns WILTSHIRE, Victoria 38, spin, St Johns Albert Wiltshire, Maggie Wiltshire Original parish register gave his father as John Garland, and her as William Wiltshire (which was incorrect). Victoria WILTSHIRE was b Sep 2 1851 Lower Island Cove CB & died Oct 19 1919 St Johns, the dau of Joseph Bursey WILTSHIRE & Susanna GOUDIE & grand-daughter of William WILTSHIRE & Elizabeth BURSEY. William Pearce GARLAND was b Sep 5 1850 Lower Island Cove & died Jan 7 1942 St Johns, the son of John GARLAND & Sarah SNELGROVE.
June 12 1888 St. Johns SPURDENS, Samuel 22, bach, seaman, Brixham, England NOSEWORTHY, Mary Ann 21, spin, St Johns William Williams, Teresa White Williams Full names Samuel John & Mary Frances. At least two children baptized ANGLICAN.
July 19 1888 St. Johns JANES, George Pittman bach, draper, St Johns CLARKE, Miriam spin, St Johns George Rupert Lindsay, Edwin Mews  
July 31 1888 St. Johns HODDER, Alfred Davy bach, painter, St Johns W. SOPER, Adeline spin, St Johns W. William Thomas Perry, Eliza Soper  
Aug 25 1888 St. Johns YOUDEN, Edward bach, seaman, St Johns PORTER, Julia Ann spin, St Johns Henry N. Long, Samuel Youden  
Oct 24 1888 St. Johns BOONE, Joseph 21, bach, shipwright, St Johns WHITTEN, Elizabeth 21, spin, St Johns Mary Ann Percey, Samuel Whitten His full name Joseph Spencer Boone. At least 3 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Nov 15 1888 St. Johns SAUNDERS, Frederick 24, bach, fishing, Gooseberry Island (BB) WHITE, Sarah 21, spin, Greenspond (BB) Eliza Stockney, Robert White  
Nov 22 1888 St. Johns PENNY, James 24, bach, fishing Western Bay KILLAN?, Maria 22, spin, Western Bay Harriet White, Isaac John Sellars Surname of bride should be KELLAND, per Frank Skinner.
Nov 26 1888 St. Johns SELLARS, Samuel 27, bach, fishing, Western Bay WILCOX, Maria 26, spin, Western Bay Mary Penney, Stephen Sellars  
Dec 14 1888 St. Johns BELLMAN, Thomas 25, bach, fishing, St Johns SHEPPARD, Bridget 22, spin, St Johns John Diamond, Emily Cooper At least 1 child baptized ANGLICAN.
Dec 21 1888 St. Johns TREEM?, Job widower, carpenter, St Johns RICH, Belinda widow, St Johns L.A. Bond, Jane Coole  
Jan 1 1889 St. Johns MARTIN, Ernest George bach, joiner, St Johns HOLMES, Jessie R. spin, Cann Islands Annie E. Martin, Alfred A. Martin  
Feb 11 1889 St. Johns THOMPSON, William* bach, seaman, St Johns (of GERMANY) TAYLOR, Janet Elizabeth spin, St Johns Eliza Dhal, Peter O'Brien His full name Martin William Thompson.
Feb 23 1889 St. Johns TAYLOR, George Alfred bach, St Johns West DAY, Leah spin, Fogo Leonard J. Taylor, Joseph Roper  
Apr 10 1889 St. Johns ANDREWS, Robert John M. bach, servant, St Johns RUMSEY, Margaret spin, n/g William Ash, James Evans Robert John Maddock ANDREWS was bapt Sep 21 1852 St Johns, the son of John Rossiter ANDREWS & Elizabeth MADDOCK: he is believed to be the grandson of Robert ANDREWS of Port de Grave & Jemima ROSSITER of Devon. At least 1 child baptized ANGLICAN.
May 25 1889 St. Johns BARRETT, Archibald bach, fishing, Bay Roberts EARLE, Rebecca spin, Bay Roberts Jacob Earle, Emma Earle  
June 22 1889 St. Johns MARSHALL, David Francis bach, printer, St Johns FIELD, Sarah Elizabeth spin, St Johns Mary Marshall, H. Nicol. Original parish register noted he was the son of Philip Marshall and she the daughter of George Field, and that they were married at George Street Manse. David F Marshall was b May 8 1859 St Johns & died Nov 3 (or 5) 1931 St Johns, the son of Philip MARSHALL & Hannah PILLEY.
Aug 22 1889 St. Johns WHITE, Hugh bach, shopkeeper, St Johns E. WILKINSON, Eliza Angel spin, St Johns W. John Angel, Kenneth White  
Oct 1 1889 St. Johns WORSLEY, Nicholas bach, St Johns COOKE, Ella Agnes spin, St Johns James Down, Elizabeth Down Ella Agnes Cooke was bapt Feb 7 1869 Water Street, the dau of William COOKE & Anna Sophia EBSARY. Nicholas & Ella had at least 2 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Oct 2 1889 St. Johns BURCHELL, Charles Muggah (sic) bach, master mariner, Sydney NS BLETHEN, Clara Blake spin, Yarmouth NS Ellen B. Burchell, G.G. Burchell  
Dec 10 1889 St. Johns SIMMONDS, James bach, seaman, St Johns LEGROW, Vertue (Virtue) spin, teacher, Bauline Thomas Moorhouse, Dorcas Pippy  
Dec 20 1889 St. Johns ROBERTS, William Thomas bach, fishing, Burin NOFTALL, Lucinda spin, Blackhead Ernest Brushett, Herbert H. Walker  
Dec 26 1889 St. Johns BROOKS, John Gibbs bach, ships steward, Ilfracombe, Devon EVELEY, Elizabeth spin, Trinity A. Cairns, John Baird  
Dec 26 1889 St. Johns SPARKES, William John bach, Bay Roberts SPARKES, Mary Jane spin, Bay Roberts Elizabeth French, Stephen Sparkes  
Dec 26 1889 St. Johns SNELGROVE, George bach, fishing, Lower Island Cove GARLAND, Sarah spin, Lower Island Cove Elisha Garland, Frederick Garland Original parish register noted him as the son of John SNELGROVE, and she as the dau of Jabez GARLAND.
Jan 8 1890 St. Johns SOPER, John Wesley bach, St Johns SMEARDON, Louisa Tilson spin, St Johns Melinda M. Smeardon, William Soper  
Mar 25 1890 St. Johns DEWLING, Henry bach, St Johns BARTER, Margaret Isabella spin, St Johns John Taylor, Katie Barter  
Mar 25 1890 St. Johns SPARKES, Reuben bach, Brigus REID, Fanny spin, St Johns Sarah Pilley, Stephen Sparkes  
Mar 29 1890 St. Johns SMITH, William bach, baker, n/g UNDRY, Julia spin, n/g William Holland, Susanna Holland Full names William Thomas & Julia Ann. At least 2 children baptized ANGLICAN.
Apr 1 1890 St. Johns COYELL, Egbert bach, St Johns JEANS, Winifred spin, St Johns James Barter, Leah Coyell  
Apr 7 1890 St. Johns TAYLOR, John bach, St Johns BARTER, Catherine spin, St Johns M. Dewling, Henry Dewling  
Apr 19 1890 St. Johns TURNER, Albert Hamilton * 21, bach, painter, St Johns MULLINS, Annie age n/g, spin, St Johns James Cook, Arthur Mullins Original parish register noted he was the son of William Turner and she the dau of William Mullins.
Apr 26 1890 St. Johns TAYLOR, George Pynn bach, seaman, St Johns TAYLOR, Mary Louise spin, Carbonear Minnie Fogwill, H.A. Thompson  
May 21 1890 St. Johns SPARROW, Philo James bach, seaman, Portland, Maine GILES, Adelaide widow, St Johns Karl? A. Anderson, Mary Churchill  
Aug 11 1890 St. Johns READ, Joseph widower, carpenter, St Johns NOSEWORTHY, Sarah widow, St Johns Amelia Robins, Emily P. Morton  
Aug 15 1890 St. Johns HOLLETT, George Robert 23, bach, laborer, St Johns BAILEY, Sarah Jane 27, spin, St Johns Kate Mercer, Daniel Harris  
Aug 19 1890 St. Johns TRUSCOTT, William bach, seaman, Plymouth, England ROBERTS, Margaret widow, St Johns Richard R. Truscott, Maria Skeanes  
Sep 18 1890 St. Johns COOKSLEY, William S. 32, widower, dockmaster, St Johns HIBBS, Selena* 35, widow, St Johns William Quick, Fanny Quick* Bride believed to be nee Selina CHURCHILL who md 1876 St Marys to James HIBBS; the witness Fanny Quick was likely her sister or close relative, Fanny CHURCHILL who md William QUICK: Fanny was the dau of Edward & Catherine Churchill.
Sep 20 1890 St. Johns CONNORS, Bernard 26, bach, blacksmith, St Johns COLE, Eliza 24, spin, St Johns Charles Cummins, Mary Ann Rose  
Sep 24 1890 St. Johns JANES, Alexander 23, bach, tinsmith, St Johns CAMPBELL, Bertha 21, spin, St Johns John Squires, Bessie Murray  
Oct 11 1890 St. Johns COULTAS, Joseph bach, ropemaker, St Johns BURSELL, Ella Reid spin, St Johns Roger Down, Archibald Down  
Oct 11 1890 St. Johns BELLAM, Josiah bach, seaman, Carbonear NILDER (?NELDER), Louise spin, St Johns Francis Baxter, Mary A. Baxter  
Oct 18 1890 St. Johns BRADLEY, Thomas 23, bach, boilermaker, St Johns MITCHELL, Annie 23, spin, St Johns David McGrory?, Jane Bradley  
Nov 1 1890 St. Johns GUSCOTT, George bach, farmer, St Johns GARLAND, Sarah spin, St Johns Ralph G. Strathie, Jeanie C. Henderson Original parish register noted he was the son of Samuel Guscott and she the dau of Josiah Garland. Sarah Garland was b July 15 1863 Lower Island Cove & died Mar 6 1915 Toronto, the dau of Joseph GARLAND & Maria LOUIS. George Guscott was b Nov 11 1868 St Johns and died Oct 20 1937 Toronto ON. They are buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto. They had at least 7 children born at Toronto between 1891 and 1901.
Nov 18 1890 St. Johns BUTLER, William J. widower, farmer, Brigus HOLMES, Lavinia D. spin, Seldom-Come-By John B. Martin, Louise Butler  
Nov 19 1890 St. Johns BRINTHWAITE, George bach, seaman, St Johns BUTLER, Elizabeth spin, St Johns G. Kirkland, Delphina Butler  
Nov 22 1890 St. Johns AVERY, Archibald bach, St Johns COOPER, Emily spin, Lower Island Cove Thomas Martin, Elizabeth Avery. Original parish registed noted he was the son of Adam Avery, and she the daughter of John Cooper.
Dec 2 1890 St. Johns WALTERS, George 23, bach, fishing, St Johns LINTHORNE, Annie 24, spin, Brigus Robert W. Stowe, Susie Garland  
Dec 6 1890 St. Johns MULLINS, John R. 23, bach, mason, St Johns DILLON, Mary 23, spin, St Johns Albert H. Cooke, Bertha Mullins  
Dec 9 1890 St. Johns BRUSHETT, Parmenas 25, bach, fishing, Burin BUTT, Mary Elizabeth 24, spin, Western Bay Robert R. Payne, Bessie Murray  
Dec 24 1890 St. Johns PARSONS, George 29, bach, St Johns BROWN, Jane 30, spin, St Johns Jacob Penson (Pinsent), Ann Rossiter  
Dec 27 1890 St. Johns NICHOLL, Joseph Samson widower, tailor, St Johns DUDER, Sarah* widow, St Johns Nicholas Nicholl, Marianne Lamb * possibly nee Sarah HODSON who md 1882 to George W. DUDER (Congregational)
Jan 12 1891 St. Johns FRANCIS, Henry 23, bach, steward, London GB (Great Britain) CAN, Margaret 22, spin, St Johns Joseph D. Cave, Jane Cave  
Jan 27 1891 St. Johns HAYWARD, George M. 21, bach, accountant, St Johns DUDER, Mary Emma 26, spin, St Johns William S. Hayward, Althea H.C. Duder  
Mar 21 1891 St. Johns ROPER, Joseph 27, bach, watchmaker, St Johns TAYLOR, Isabella J. 30, spin, St Johns James Gushue, Annie Roper  
Apr 23 1891 St. Johns ROONEY, Alexander 22, bach, accountant, St Johns STIDSTONE, Bertha Jane 23, spin, St Johns James Rooney, Fannie Stidstone Bertha Jane STIDSTONE was b Feb 15 1867 Dicks Square, St Johns, the dau of John STIDSTONE & Jane MOORE.

Transcribed by Jill Marshall June 2003

Page Revised: May 2003 (Don Tate)

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