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Newfoundland Vital Statistics
Volume 91 (Partial)
Methodist Marriages

Twillingate District


Dec 17 1867  LBI     William Rowsell, wid, f, LBI & Rosanna Roberts, s, LBI.
                     W: Esau Picot.
Oct 20 1868 Wards Hr Rob LeDrew, b, f, Wards Hr & Fanny Rowsell, s, Wards Hr.
                     W: Samuel Rowsell.
Nov 10 1872 NH       Eliakiam Spenser (Spencer), wid, NH, f & Kezia Langdown,
                     wid, NH. W: Th. Batstone, Mary Ann Batstone.
Sep 17 1872 Shoe C   James Robins, wid, SC, f, & Agnes ?Perry, s, SC
                     W: Richard Foster, Jane Adams.
Mar 10 1873 NWA      Frederick Martin, b, merchant, NWA & Mary Ann Martin, s,
                     NWA. W: James Higgins, William Pike
Mar 24 1873 Shoe C   Charles Wilbenton (Wimbleton), wid, f, SC & Hannah Tilley,
                     s, SC. W: Henry Ebsary, Dinah Rideout.
Mar 26 1873 Shoe C   Isaac Chip (Chipp), wid, f, SC & Elizabeth Rose, s, SC.
                     W: Sol. Adams, Fanny Newbury
Oct 8 1873  NH       William Andrews, b, f, NH & Virtue Randles (Randell),s,
                     NH. W: John King, Thomas King.
Nov 22 1873 TC       John Smart, b, f, TC & Mary Ann Bowers, s, TC.
                     W: Henry Ebsary, Maria Macky
Dec 4 1873  JC       George Robert Taylor, wid, f, JC & Jane Eliza Bartlett,  
                     wid, JC. W: Samuel Snowden, James   Batstone. 
                     They were united in marriage by James Batstone in
                     the absence of a minister, in April 1873.
Nov 13 1873 HH       James Dorey, wid, f, HH & Ellen White, s, HH.
                     W: James White, Margaret White.
Nov 20 1873 Shoe C   John Budgell, b, f, SC & Jane Wilburton (Wimbleton), s,
                     SC. W: George Pearce, Jane Adams
Nov 20 1873 Shoe C   Elias Thomas, wid, f, SC & Jane Pelly, wid, SC.
                     W: John Clance, Elizabeth Newbury
Aug 27 1874 LBI      Abraham Marshall, b, f, LBI & Barbara Ann "Siavas", s, 
                     LBI. W: Andrew Hynes, George Pippy
                     (her surname was TRAVERSE; writing poor in
                     records: from Queen Marshall Milley)
Nov 17 1874 LBI      Samuel Knight, b, ?, LBI & Fanny Mursell, s, LBI.
                     W: James Strong, Mary Grimes.
Nov 5 1875 WardsHr   Samuel Antony (Anthony), b, f, Wards Hr & Mary Ann Rideout,
                     s, Wards Hr. W: George Paddick, Caroline  Hewlett.
May 18 1876  TA      John J Manuel, b, miner, TA & Lavinia Sharon (Shearing),
                     s, TA. W: William Upwards, Elizabeth Sharon (Shearing).
Nov 24 1879  LBI     George Mitchell, 21, b, f, LBI & Dorcas Budgell, 18, S,
                     Shoe Cove. W: John Grimes, Peter Campbell.
Nov 23 1880 Sunday Cv I  Darius Normore, 28, wid, Sunday Cove I & Isabella 
                     Mills, 23, s, Sunday Cove I. W: Francis Pippin, Lucy Mills.
Nov 26 1880  LBI     Joseph Batstone, 24, b, f, Wards Hr & Phoebe Roberts, 
                     19, s, LBI. W: Samuel Short, Robert White. METH
Jan 21 1881 SundayCvI James George Thomas, 23, b, serv, LBI & Rachel Richmond, 
                     23, s, LBI. W: Ernest Tuffin, Miriam Budgell.
Nov 8 1881 WardsHr   John Heath, 23, b, f, Wards Hr & Elizabeth Croucher, 
                     18, s, Wards Hr. W: Jasper Rowsell,  George Heath. METH
Nov 29 1882 HallsBay Charles G Newbury, 28, b, mill hand, Green Island & 
                     Druscilla Inder, 22, s, Halls Bay. W: Lydia Whitten, John Curtis. METH.
Oct 5 1883   LB      Henry Gillard, 38, wid, f, LB & Lucy Maria Burt, 19, s, 
                     LB. W: David Roberts, Maria Huxter.METH
June 12/17? 1884 JC  Edward Tuffin, 23, b, f, LBI & Mary Knight, 21, s, JC. 
                     W: Adam Tucker, Hannah Oxford. METH.
Jun 11 1884 JC       Henry Adam Langdown, 29, b, f, JC & Sarah Taylor, 25,
                     wid, HH. W: William Strong, Fanny Langdown.
Dec 8 1884  Boot Hr  Joseph Tilley, 28, b, Indian Arm, BB & Caroline Taylor, 
                     18, s, Boot Hr. W: Andrew Morris, Ada Barnes.
Sep 11 1885 NH       Henry Middleton, 22, b, captain, Norton, England &
                     Mary Bowers, 18, s, NH. W: John Chant, Jesse Batstone
Sep 14 1886 LushesBt Richard LeDrew, 23, b, Lushes Bight & Phebe Dove, 22, s, 
                     Lushes Bight. W: Richard Rideout, Elizabeth Morgan.
Jan 10 1888 Wards Hr Temple W Short, b, f, Wards Hr & Leah Knight, s, Wards Hr. 
                     W: M.A. Knight, Samuel Short.
June 10 1890 LBI     Temple William Knight, b, f, JC & Priscilla Smith, s, SWA.
                     W: George Mitchell, Mary Tuffin.
                     At LBI, METH.
Sep __ 1890  LBI     Samuel Burton, 22, b, f, Wards Hr & Grinelda Knight, 22, 
                     s, Nipp H.  W: Temple Short, Julia  Burton.
Nov 10 1884          Charles William Batstone, b, f, JC & Cordelia Jane
                     Knight, s, JC. W: Temple Knight, M. Mary Tuffin
                     At Jacksons Cove, METH.
Dec 3 1884           John Webber, b, f, Southern Arm & Annie Shearing, s, TA. 
                     W: Robert Webber, Henry Shearing. At Three Arms,METH.
May 21 1885          Charles Bartlett, b, f, Nicks Nose Cove & Rachel Batstone,
                     s, Jacksons Cove. At Nicks Nose Cove, METH.
                     W: Ebenezer Batstone, Fanny Batstone.
Nov 19 1885  TA      Henry Shearing, b, f, TA & Martha Wells, s, TA.
                     W: Job Wells, Henry Wells. METH.
Oct 28 1886 BeaverC  William Marshall, b, f, Beaver C & Mary Noble, s,
                     Woodfords C. W: John Marshall, Lavinia Gyn.
Sep 14 1886  LB      James Squires, b, f, LB & Susannah James, s, LB.
                     W: William Tilley, Mary Ann James.
Oct 26 1887  LBI     Isaac Moores, b, f, LBI & Mary Ann Mitchell, s, LB.
                     W: Joseph Oxford, "Javis" Moores. At LBI, METH.
Nov 14 1887  LB      John Robert Bartlett, b, f, JC & Janet Moores, s, 
                     Jacksons Cove. At Little Bay, METH.
                     W: John Moores, Grace Wheeler.
Jan 13 1888  LB      William Foran, wid, miner, LB & Annie L Rideout, s, LB. 
                     At Little Bay, METH. W: Henry Rideout, Phoebe Wiseman.
Feb 25 1888  LB      John Thomas Noble, b, miner, LB & Esther Goudie, wid,  
                     LB. W: J B Abraham, Fannie Quinby. METH.
June 30 1888 LB      William Grant, b, miner, LB & Mary Roff (aka Rolf{e}), 
                     spin, LB. W: Thomas E Wells, Bessie Roff.
                     METH, at Little Bay.
June 9 1889  LB      Charles Thomas, b, miner, LB & Margaret Cooper, s, LB. 
                     At Little Bay, METH.
                     W: Robert Thomas, Robert Clarke.
Sep 5 1889   LB      William Richards, b, f, LB & Louisa Spencer, s, 
                     Nippers Hr. At Little Bay, METH.
                     W: Levi Spencer, Lizzie Dowell.
Oct 5 1889   LBM     Eli Birt (Burt), b, miner, LB & Rebecca Yates, s,
                     Wild Bight. W: Rob Haggett, Julia Hackett. METH.
Nov 9 1889   HH      Elisha Wesley Luff, b, f, HH & Jissie Noseworthy, s, 
                     HH. W: Temple Pelley, Dora Pelley. At Harrys
                     Hr, METH.
Nov 5 1890 Boot Hr   George Haggett (aka Hackett), wid, LB Mines &
                     Ada Barnes, s, Boot Hr.  W: Julia(n) Hackett, Simeon
Feb 14 1891  LBM     Robert Bartlett, b, ?, Otter Island, LBM &
                     Miriam Simms, s, Otter Island, LBM.  W: James Janes
                     & Elijah Simms.
Dec 6 1891   LB      Albert Mitchell, b, Wards Hr & Mary Jane Brown, s,
                     Wards Hr. W: Joseph Saunders, Caroline Mercer.
                     At Little Bay, METH.

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