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Newfoundland Vital Statistics
Volume 89-A
Methodist Marriages

Twillingate District

b = bachelor, s = spinster; f = fisherman; TC = Tilt Cove; NH = Nippers Hr;
PH = Purcells Harbour; MH = Moretons Hr; IBP = Indian Burying Place; TA = Three Arms/Three Arms Island; KP = Kings Point;
RB = Rattling Brook; LB = Little Bay; LBI = Little Bay Islands; LBM = Little Bay Mine(s); JC = Jacksons Cove;
HH = Harrys Harbour; SWA = South West Arm; NWA = North West Arm; TW = Twillingate; "?" = unsure of writing;


Oct 29 1867 Twill  James Burt, 22, b, f, Little Hr & Sarah ?Brian/Vivian?, 
                   23, s, Twill.  WIT: Frederick Foyle, Jonathan Burt
Nov 19 1868 Twill  Stephen Jenkins, 28, b, PH & Hannah Burt, 22, s, PH
                   WIT: John Clarke, Frederick Milley
Dec 10 1868 Twill  Jonathan Burt, 24, b, f, PH, & Thirza Pardy, 19, s, 
                   Little Hr. WIT: Henry Burt, Chas. Young
Oct 9 1868  Twill. Solomon Guy, 25, Back Hr & Rachel Gibbs, 20, North 
                   Side Twill. WIT: James Fifield, James Tizzard
Oct 20 1869 Twill. Sarah Jane White & Charles Canning, both of Western Hd
                   WIT: Abel Chaulk, Joseph Brinton
Oct 25 1869 Twill. Jane White & George Parsons both of Traiton Isl.
                   WIT: Abraham Roberts, Martin Philips
Feb 10 1869 Twill  Silas Burt, 23, b, f, PH & Harriet Kendle, 24, s, PH
                   WIT: Stephen Jenkins, Thomas BURT
Sep 6 1869  Twill  Charles Gillard, b, miner, Tilt Cove & Lavinia Gleeson, s,
                   Gillards Cv. WIT: Thomas White, Margaret Fulton
Sep 25 1869 Twill  Robert Porter, planter, b, EX Bay & Julia Crabbe, s, 
                   MH. WIT: George Young, William Crabbe.
Oct 25 1869 Twill  George Parsons, b, planter, Traiton Isld & Jane White, 
                   s, Traiton Isld. WIT: Abraham Roberts, Martin Philips
Jan 13 1870 Twill. John Chant,wid,miner & Louisa Kendle, spinster, both of 
                   Tizzards Hr. WIT: Thos Whellor, Hayward Taylor
Oct 22 1871 Twill. Alfred May, bach, fish, & Phillis Greenham, spin, both of 
                   Twill.  WIT: John & Leah Clarke
Sep 18 1871 Burtons Pt  Mary White, Burtons Pd GB & Alfred Osmond, Burtons Pd 
                   GB. WIT: V J Boone, Tamar Tuffin
Oct 27 1872 Twill  Thomas Burt, b, PH & Annie Anstey, s, of ?
                   WIT: Silas BURT, Lucy Ansty
Nov 11 1873 Twill  Elias Burt, b, f, Fridays Bay & Ann Thorn, s, Fogo
                   WIT: Charles Goss, Sarah Hicks
Dec 27 1873 Twill  William Rice, b, f, Little Hr & Mary Eliza Windsor, s, 
                   Triton Isld. WIT: John Roberts, Priscilla Rice
Oct 20 1874 Twill  Abraham LeDrew, b, f, CI & Deborah Bridger, s, Twill.
                   WIT: Samuel Squires, Jane Bath
Oct 31 1874 Twill  Eli Langdown, b, f, Little Hr & Priscilla Rice, s, Little Hr. 
                   WIT: Stephen Langdown, Elizabeth Pardy
Oct 31 1874 Twill  Archalaus Rice, b, f, Little Hr & Mary Langdown, s, 
                 Little Hr. WIT: John Rice, Jane Card
Dec 18 1874 Twill  Jonathan Burt, widower, f, PH & Dinah Sibley, widow, PH. 
                   WIT: James Fudge, Edith Pardy
Jan 5 1878  Twill. Charlotte Guy, spin, Twill & Charles Lambert, bach, fish, 
                   Twill. WIT: Andrew Lambert, Emily Anstey
Nov 14 1878 Twill. Phoebe White, 21 & John Froude 22, both of Twill.
                   WIT: John Adey, Lucy Young
Dec 4 1880  Twill. George Guy, bach, fish, 30 & Rosanna Penny, sping, 29 
                   both of Twill.  WIT: Thomas Mitchard, Mary E. Phillips
Dec 18 1880 Twill. Louisa White, 19 & Robt James Moores,23 both of Back Hr.
            WIT: Kezia Moors, Josiah Roberts
Deb 6 1881  Twill  John Rogers, 25, b, f, Twill & Isabella Burt, 21, s, 
                   Fridays Bay. WIT: William Forward, Susan Rogers
Jan 5 1882  Twill. John White, 23 Ragged Pt & Eliz Mitchard, 26,Twill.
                   WIT: Wm Mitchard, Eliz White
Jan 6 1883  Twill  George Boone, f, Little Hr & Maria Ann Smith, Twill.
                   WIT: Ambrose Hollett, Elizabeth Ann Keefe
Nov 15 1884 Twill. Benjamin Bowers, Twill & Lydia Boyd, LeadTick.
                   WIT: Wm King, Harriett Harman
Nov 7 1885  Twill  William King, b, f, Leading Tickles & Grace Haggett, s, 
                   Leading Tickles. WIT: ?J ?G ?William, Mary Newman
Oct 21 1886 Twill  Archibald Rowsell, b, f, Leading Tickles & Harriet 
                   Annam (Hannam), Leading Tickles. WIT: Henry Newman, S H Thompson
Dec 13 1886        Jonathan Young bach, fish, Wild B & Julia Ann Locke, spin,
                   Wild Bight.  At Wild Bight, METH. 
                   W: Robert Young, John Colbourne.
Nov 29 1887 Twill  David Haggett, b, f, Leading Tickles & Alvina Jennings, s, 
                   KELLIGREWS. WIT: G G Williams, Mary Yates
Nov 17 1887 Twill  Robert Roberts, b, f, "Loo" Bay & Charlotte Burt, s, Tizz. 
                   WIT: Edwin Roberts, Kate Roberts
Nov 22 1888 Twill  Benjamin Harvey, bach, fish, Tizzards Hr & 
                   Lavinia Burt, spin, Tizzards Hr. At Twill, METH. 
                   WIT: John White, Rosanna Mitchard
Jan 16 1890 Twill  Alex. ?W. Nicholson Burt, b, constable, Twill & 
                   Amelia Roberts, s, Wild Cove. WIT: R S Roberts, Hy. Whitman. 
                   At Twill, METH.
May 24 1890 Twill  James Butcher, wid, f, Fridays Bay & Elizabeth Burt, s, 
                   Fridays Bay. WIT: Lucy Randell, Rosanna Haggett.
                   At Twill, METH.
Dec 29 1890 Twill  Augustus Burt, b, f, Fridays Bay & Mary Ann Sansome, s, 
                   Black Island. WIT: Caleb Sansome, Sarah Sansome.
                   At Twill, METH.
Jul 28 1891  Theophilus Winsor, Tilt Cove & Amelia Jane Bailey (Fogo)
                   At Tilt Cove, METH.

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Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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