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Newfoundland Vital Statistics
Volume 87 (Selected Entries)
Anglican Marriages

Moreton's Harbour, Twillingate District
and surrounding areas
Church of England

The order is as the entries appear in my notes
November 17, 1887 Robert Bishop, 38 (widower) Maria Langdon, 34 (of Pilleys Island) Nippers Harbour
October 18, 1891 Daniel Austin, 21 (miner, of Pilleys Island) Mary Ann Murcell, 20 (of Pilleys Island) Little Bay
October 23, 1891 Joseph Frederick Janes, 34 (widower) Elfreda Richards (both of South West Arm) Little Bay
October 18, 1872 Joseph Bussey (of Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay) Eliza Payne (of Twillingate) Round Harbour
July 28, 1873 Alfred Colbourne (of Twillingate) Emily Adelaide Hoskins (of Tilt Cove) Tilt Cove
June 27, 1874 Aaron Fifield (of Badger Bay) Mary Roberts (of Seal Bay) Leading Tickles
May 4, 1876 Charles Fudge, Jr. (of Round Harbour) Elizabeth Fifield (of Twillingate) Round Harbour
June 1, 1876 Robert Lush ber (miner, of Tilt Cove) Fanny Augustus Wells (of Three Arms) Tilt Cove
November 22, 1876 Thomas Mercer (of Kelligrews) Lydia Stoodley (of Indian Burying Place) Indian Burying Place
November 22, 1877 Robert Britt Roff/Rolfe, 22 (miner, of Tilt Cove) Harriet Torraville, 21 (of Fogo) Tilt Cove
August 8, 1844 Charles Langdon Martha Knight, witnesses John Knight, William Knight Nippers Harbour
August 18, 1844 Thomas Langdon Tamar Manuel Exploits, Burnt Islands
September 4, 1846 Charles Martin Fudge Ann Winsor Round Harbour
November 10, 1848 Thomas Knight Elija (Eliza?) Mills Moreton's Harbour
November 22, 1849 John Gibbons, Jr. Jane Menchenton Exploits, Burnt Islands
June 16, 1851 Joseph Stoodley Elizabeth Prole Indian Burying Place
November 23, 1852 Josiah Knight Mary Langdown Nippers Harbour
November 7, 1854 Francis Barnes Rebecca Fudge Moreton's Harbour
May 15, 1855 Joseph Liscombe Sarah Burgess Moreton's Harbour
November 7, 1856 Abram Mills Rebecca Janes Moreton's Harbour
September 9, 1857 Thomas Stoodley Eliza May Indian Burying Place
September 9, 1857 George Bowers Rachel Stoodley Indian Burying Place
September 30, 1857 Frances Barnes Mary Philpott (widow) Moreton's Harbour
May 31, 1858 Manuel Caravan (of Bay Roberts) Lavina Raines (of Ward's Harbour) Donier Harbour
September 9, 1858 Absalom Stoodley Amelia Prole Indian Burying Place
September 12, 1858 William Starks Jane Langdown (both of Nippers Harbour) Nippers Harbour
January 29, 1859 George Newman (of Twillingate) Elizabeth Fudge (of Herring Neck) Nippers Harbour
July 24, 1860 Robert Batstone (of St. John's) Sarah Ann Noble (of Nippers Harbour) Nippers Harbour
November 22, 1860 Ambrose Mills Ann Woolfrey Moreton's Harbour
November 22, 1860 Josiah Woolfrey Pience Osmond Moreton's Harbour
November 29, 1860 George Rideout Elizabeth Woolfrey Moreton's Harbour
October 28, 1861 Israel Fudge Tamar Burt Moreton's Harbour
June 7, 1862 Charles Martin Fudge Mary Ann White Indian Burying Place
June 20, 1861 Henry Bicksman (of Hampshire, England) Jane Wells (of Three Arms) Three Arms
August 27, 1862 Solomon Winsor (of Tilt Cove) Rachel Pollard (of Herring Neck) Tilt Cove
September 3, 1862 Samuel Holland Phoebe Knight (both of Nippers Harbour) Nippers Harbour
October 10, 1862 Andrew Pearce, Jr. Anne Wells (both of Exploits, Burnt Islands) Exploits, Burnt Islands
February 21, 1863 Abram Rideout Mary Jane Fudge (both of Western Head) Moreton's Harbour
September 6, 1863 Richard Langdown (of Nippers Harbour) Miriam Rowsell (of Hall's Bay) Nippers Harbour
September 7, 1863 Joseiah Knight (widower) Phoebe Noble (both of Nippers Harbour) Stocking Harbour
June 12, 1864 Daniel Rendall (of Herring Neck) Eliza Rendall (of Nippers Harbour) Nippers Harbour
June 20, 1864 Henry Stoodley (of Indian Burying Place) Alice Pollard (of Bear Cove) Indian Burying Place
August 23, 1864 Henry Hewlett (of Shoe Cove) Elizabeth Coombs (of Round Harbour) Round Harbour
November 1, 1864 Joseph Cannings Hannah Fudge (both of Western Head) Moreton's Harbour
July 1, 1865 Eli Tilley (of Kelligrews) Mary Fudge (of Round Harbour) Shoe Cove
vJuly 2, 1865 Nicholas Hewlett Miriam Grey (both of Shoe Cove) Shoe Cove
November 11, 1868 Alfred Purchase Emma Manuel (both of Exploits) Exploits
July 1, 1876 Henry Langdon Elizabeth Ann Evans (both of Exploits) Exploits
June 24, 1880 Henry Frampton, 25 Jane Langdown, 18 (both of Exploits) Exploits
November 22, 1875 Simon Luffmann, 22 Sarah Fudge, 19 (both of Leading Tickles) Leading Tickles
October 3, 1877 William John Hooper, 28 Mary Ann Purchase, 38 Dominion's Point
July 2, 1878 Isaac Ford Winsor, 21 (engineer) Annie Payne, 25 (of Bareneed) Dominion's Point
July 2, 1878 George William Payne, 28 (engineer) Cecilia Jane Purchase, 18 Dominion's Point

Page Transcribed by Amalie Lewis Tuffin from notes taken in August, 1998

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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