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Trinity Bay North District

Volume 64
Page 61 - 91


Church of England
1817 - 1830

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels
Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place GROOM'S NAME/ BRIDE'S NAME Age Sta Occupation Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 001                
Age, occupation and other missing items were not recorded on the original pages.
PAGE 061                
01/14/1817 Trinity MOORES, Philip       J. Clinch Charles Answorth
  SPENCER, Mary       Trinity   William Spencer
02/05/1817 Trinity LOCKYER, James   B   Christ Church, Hants J. Clinch Moreph Host
  SABBIN, Joan   W   Trinity   E. J. Clinch
06/05/1817 Trinity PILGRIM, Thomas   B   Christ Church, Hants J. Clinch John Kelland
  FIFIELD, Hannah   S   Trinity   Ann Fifield
07/22/1817 Trinity LANDER, John     Captain Poole J. Clinch Richard Ash
  TAVERNER, Susannah       Trinity   J. P. Garland
10/29/1817 Trinity CLARK, Joseph       Crocker's Cove J. Clinch John Miller
  MILLER, Grace       Kerley's Harbour   George Miller
11/06/1817 Trinity TETT, John   B   Hazelbury, Somerset J. Clinch Joseph Pittman
  WELDEN, Ann   S   Bonavista   John Groves
11/11/1817 Trinity FOWLOE, Joseph       Trinity J. Clinch Thomas Cook
  COOK, Mary       Trinity   William Allen
11/18/1817 Trinity JONES, Jonah     Planter Trinity J. Clinch William Read
    PECKHAM, Mary       Trinity   William Peckham
PAGE 062                
12/18/1817 Trinity EARLEY, William   W   Kingston, Hants J. Clinch Thomas Green
  DWYER, Catherine   W   Trinity   Charles White
12/22/1817 Trinity TIBBS, James       Trinity J. Clinch James Hurdle
  MURONEY, Ann       Kilkinny, Ireland   Susannah Wooldridge
01/29/1818 Trinity JOHNSON, John   B   Bornholm, Denmark J. Clinch Richard Anderson
  BARNS, Hannah   S   Trinity   William Verge
03/23/1818 Trinity STONE, John     Plamter Trinity J. Clinch William Gillingham
  PARDY, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   James P. Garland
04/04/1818 Trinity BUTLER, Charles   B   Corf-Mullins, Dorset J. Clinch Samuel Short
  VERGE, Patience   W   Bonaventura   J. Newell
05/11/1818 Trinity JONES, Robert Newell     Captain Poole J. Clinch A. Gent
  PITTMAN, Elizabeth       New Perlican   William Pittman
08/25/1818 Trinity BURKE, John       Dungarvan, Ireland J. Clinch John Channon
  BRINE, Sarah       Trinity   E. J. Clinch
10/02/1818 Trinity MILLER, Thomas       New Bonaventura J. Clinch Samuel Miller
    CATON?, Margaret       New Born, Ireland   Robert Wade
PAGE 063                
10/09/1818 Trinity MILLER, William   B   J. Clinch Robert Frampton
  BAYLY, Patience   S   Bonavista   E. J. Clinch
10/20/1818 Trinity BARRETT, Jacob       Kerley's Harbour J. Clinch E. J. Clinch
  SMITH, Olive       Cubit's Conception Bay   Mary Clinch
10/21/1818 Trinity HEFFORD, William       New Perlican J. Clinch James Hefford
  HISCOCK, Hannah   W   Heart's Content   Sarah Burk
10/22/1818 Trinity MORRICE, Samuel       Cuckold's Cove J. Clinch John Way
  HURDLE, Mary       Cuckold's Cove   John Morrice
10/29/1819 Trinity SPURRELL, John       Trinity J. Clinch Charles Answorth
  BAILEY, Elizabeth       Trinity   Elizabeth Pittman
11/30/1819 Trinity RANDALL, William   W   Ship Cove J. Clinch George Skitton
  COOK, Honor   W   Ship Cove   E. J. Clinch
12/15/1819 Trinity BAIRNES, Joseph       English Harbour J. Clinch George Skitton
  BUGDEN, Mary       English Harbour   E. J. Clinch
12/31/1819 Trinity WOOLRIDGE, Richard   B   Trinity J. Clinch Jonathan Miller
    MILLER, Mary   S   Careless Harbour   E. J. Clinch
PAGE 064                
04/08/1820 Trinity ETHERIDGE, John   B Planter Salmon Cove J. Clinch George Sketton
  ASH, Patience   W Hant's Harbour   E. J. Clinch
04/17/1820 Trinity CURTIS, George     Planter Newton, Dorset J. Clinch George Sketton
  BAILEY, Honour     Bonaventure   E. J. Clinch
11/07/1820 Trinity BANTON, Gideon     Planter Yeovil, Somerset J. Clinch Thomas Powell
  GREEN, Elizabeth     Silly Cove   E. J. Clinch
11/12/1820 Trinity Finch, John Thomas   B Planter Trinity J. Clinch William Collings
    DIDDEM, Ann   S   Trinity   E. J. Clinch
PAGE 065                
Oct. 13,1821 Trinity GUPPY, John       Chard, Somersit Shine I.B. Garland Joseph Ballat
  RICKS, Mary       Ship Cove   John Peckham
Oct. 31,1821 Trinity HOOKEY, John       Bonaventure George Skelton Edw. J. Clinch
  HODDER, Mary       Ireland's Eye   Elizabeth Fin….
Nov. 08,1821 Trinity MEAGHER, Dennis       Trinity George Skelton B. W. Coleman
  LEONARD, Mary       Trinity   E. J. Clinch
Nov. 15,1821 Trinity JANES, George       Trinity George Skelton E. J. Clinch
  BUGDEN, Rose       Trinity    
Jan. 18,1822 Trinity BREMNER, Alexander       Trinity George Skelton Thomas Bowell
  LANDER or(WHITE),Ann       Trinity   James Collis
Oct. 14,1822 Trinity HOBBS, James       New Bonaventure Wm. Bullock Mary McGrath
  PHILLIPS,Patience       New Bonaventure   Sam. Miller
Oct. 15.1822 Trinity MILLAR, John       New Bonaventure Wm. Bullock Sam. Millar
WELLS, Hannah       English Harbour   Wm. Millar
Oct. 15.1822 Trinity WALTERS, John       English Harbour Wm. Bullock Joseph Wells
    WELLS, Sar(ah)??       English Harbour   Sarah Wells
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PAGE 067                
Jan. 03,1821 Trinity BARNES, Francis       English Harbour Aubrey Spencer  
  BARTON, Anne       English Harbour    
Feb. 02,1821 Trinity GRANT, Robert   W   Trinity Aubrey Spencer  
  DIDDEN, Elizabeth   W   Trinity    
May 04,1821 Carbonear NEWHOOK, Charles       New Harbour I.Bingley Garland Elizabeth Ash
  PENNY, Martha       New Harbour   Thomas L. Pillgrim
May 29,1821 Trinity GARLAND, Samuel       Trinity I.Bingley Garland James Collis
  STILL, Mary       Trinity   Robert Crawford
Sept 08,1821 Trinity MALLET, Laurent       Trinity George Skelton Wm. Kelson
  BURRAGE, Elizabeth       Trinity   Anne Kelson
Sept 22,1821 Trinity COLLIS, James       Trinity George Skelton Rich'd Ash
  JENKINS, Mary       Trinity   Susana Landen
Sept 23,1821 Trinity MILLER, Thomas       New Bonaventure I.B. Garland Josiah Moores
  MOORES, Elizabeth       Trinity   W.C. Nolan
Sept 27,1821 Trinity MAHER, William       Bonaventure I.B. Garland Edward J. C…Page torn
    JEANS, Flora       Spaniards Bay   Thomas Tam…Page torn
Page 068                
Oct. 22,1822 Trinity STONE, Thomas       Old Bonaventure Wm. Bullock Maud McGratt
  BAYLEY, Elizabeth       Trinity   John McGratt
Nov. 11,1822 Trinity MORRIS, Benjamin       Trinity Wm. Bullock Thomas Bowell
GOVER, Margaret       Trinity   Elizabeth Ash
Nov. 12,1822 Trinity MOORES, Josiah       Trinity Wm. Bullock William Moores
WOOLRIDGE, Susan       Trinity   Ann Coleman
Nov. 12,1822 Trinity COURTNEY, Thomas       English Harbour Wm. Bullock James Penny
  PENNY, Ann       English Harbour   Mary Shepperd
Dec. 28,1822 Trinity IVAMY, James       New Bonaventure Wm. Bullock Thomas Miller
  BARNES, Sarah       English Harbour   Ann Miller
Mar. 21,1823 Trinity THORN, John       New Harbour Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
  CLIFFORD, Agnes       Trinity   Hannah Johnson
Apr. 01,1823 Trinity BALL, George       Dorset, England Wm. Bullock George Skelton
  AUSTIN, Elizabeth       Bonavista   Thomas Fry
Apr. 07,1823 Trinity MORRIS, Samuel 74 Yrs.     St. Edmund, England Wm. Bullock Robert Clark
    TAYLOR, Ann       Bonavista   E.J. Clinch
PAGE 069                
Apr. 21,1823 Trinity SEVIER, Richard       Ryder's Harbour Wm. Bullock Henry Hiscock
  DELANCY, Elenor       Hearts Ease   Sarah Stone
Not Given Trinity WELSHMAN, John       Trinity Wm. Bullock Joseph Janes
  MOORE, Hannah       Trinity   Mary Walden
Oct. 11,1823 Trinity SKELTON, John       Wikly Wm. Bullock Sam'l A. Gent
  PITTMAN, Elizabeth       Not Given   George Skelton
Oct. 23,1823 Trinity BULLOCK, William   B   Hants, England Wm. Bullock John Clinch
BLINCH*, Mary Elizabeth   S   Trinity   Elizabeth Mary Ash
    *Note, BLINCH should read CLINCH, dated Dec. 19,1966         Wm. Bullock  
Oct. 22,1823 Trinity HOBBS, Samuel   B   Somerset Shine, Eng.   E.J. Clinch
BURNS, Sarah   S   English Hr. Wm. Bullock William Barnes
Oct. 23,1823 Trinity HIND, John   B   Dorset, Eng.   Charles Hurdle
  SHEPPARD, Mary Ann   S   English Hr. Wm. Bullock George Sheppard
Nov. 05,1823 Trinity CHRISTOPHER, Patrick   B   County of Kilkenny   E.J. Clinch
  RYAN, Ann   S   Trinity Wm. Bullock Mary
Nov. 08,1823 Trinity HODDER, Charles   B   Ireland's Eye   John Hookey
    VERGE, Sarah   S   Ireland's Eye Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
PAGE 070                
Nov. 08,1823 Trinity FREEMAN, George   B   Doon. Hants, Eng. Wm. Bullock Edward Spragge
  RIX, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   John Freeman
Nov. 13,1823 Trinity CURTIS, Robert   B   Childoeford Wm. Bullock George Cooke
  WATERS, Jane   S   Trinity   E.J. Clinch
Nov. 14,1823 Trinity WHITE, Charles   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Joseph Tavenor
  CLARK, Ellen   S   Trinity   E. Ash
Dec. 05,1823 Trinity MORRIS, John   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Sam Millar
  RYALS, Sarah   S   Trinity   E.J. Clinch
Dec. 11,1823 Trinity PECKHAM, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock John Peckham
FOWLOW, Mary   S   Trinity   Wm. Gillard
Dec. 18,1823 Trinity PERCHARD, Charles   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Thos. Pitt
  TAVENOR, Ann   S   Trinity   Mary Bullock
Jan. 02,1824 Trinity MILLAR, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock William Bestone
  WELLS, Martha   S   Trinity   William Ivamy
Feb. 03,1824 Trinity FRY, Thomas   B   Dorset, Eng. Wm. Bullock Thomas Pitt
    COLINGHAM, Charlotte   S   Trinity   G. M. Whitford
PAGE 071                
Feb. 18,1824 Trinity KING, Thomas   B   Poole, Dorset Eng. William Bullock John Brine
  BURKE, Sarah   S   Trinity   Ann Brine
May 08,1824 Trinity RIX, George   B   Trinity William Bullock John Leonard
  SOWMAN?, Elenor   S   Trinity   E.J. Clinch
Oct. 15,1824 Trinity BANISTER, William   B   Trinity William Bullock Charlotte Fry
GOLDSWORTHY, Mary   S   Trinity   E.J. Clinch
Oct. 15,1824 Trinity RANDALL, George   B   Trinity William Bullock E.J. Clinch
COOK, Mary   S   Trinity   Richard Cook
Oct. 25,1824 Trinity IVAMY, George   B   Trinity William Bullock E.J. Clinch
COOK, Susannah   S   Trinity   Richard Cook
Oct. 29,1824 Trinity CLARK, Robert   W   Trinity William Bullock E.J. Clinch
  BARTLETT, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   Thomas Clark
Nov. 11,1824 Trinity FIFIELD, William   B   Trinity William Bullock E.J. Clinch
FORSTER, Elenor   S   Trinity   John Peckham
Nov. 12,1824 Trinity DOLE, Isaac   B   County of Wilts, Eng. William Bullock E.J. Clinch
    PEARCY, Sarah   S   Trinity   James Pardy
PAGE 072                
Nov. 16,1824 Trinity Not Given, Andrew   B   Halifax, N.S. John Brine  
    BRINE, Sarah   S   Trinity Ann Brine  
Nov. 25,1824 Trinity THOMPSON, Ben.   W   Pool, Dorset, Eng.    
    PARDY, Mary   W   Bonavista George Buchanan  
Dec. 15,1824 Trinity WILLIAMS, Edward   B   Dorset, England E.J. Clinch  
JESTICAN, Susan   S   Trinity Charles Answorth  
Dec. 21,1824 Trinity MOORES, John   B   Trinity Rich'd Ash  
PINHORN, Mary   S   Trinity George Morris  
Dec. 21,1824 Trinity BUCHANAN, George   B   Stabcrofs, Scotland Mary Kelson  
  BRINE, Ann   S   Trinity Rich'd Ash  
Apr. 28,1825 Silly Cove HUFSON?, John   B   Devon, now Hant's Hr. Richard Peckford  
  PILLY, Mary   W   Trinity Sarah Serge  
Sept 25,1825 Trinity CLARK, John   B   Trinity William Clark  
LEONARD, Elenor   S   Trinity Thomas Clark  
Sept 26,1825 Trinity JANES, William   B   Trinity E.J. Clinch  
    WELDON, Mary Ann   S   Bonavista Josiah Frampton  
PAGE 073                
Oct. 11,1825 Trinity IVAMY, Jonathan   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock William Spencer
  MOORES, Amy   S   Trinity   Samuel Miller
Nov. 07,1825 Trinity BROWN, George   B   Hampshire, Eng'ld Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
SEXTON, Mary   S   Trinity   Samuel Edwards
Nov. 09,1825 Trinity PARKER, Charles   B   Hants, Eng. Wm. Bullock Samuel Hobbs
SPRAGGE, Jane   S   Trinity   Grace Ivamy
Nov. 18,1825 Trinity MILLER, Samuel   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Joseph Millar
  MOORES, Mary   S   Trinity   George Moores
Dec. 01,1825 Trinity BANISTER, John   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
NO ENTRY, Mary   S   Trinity   Edward Spragge
Dec. 27,1825 Trinity TOBIN, John   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
GOLDSWORTHY, Sarah   S   Trinity   Jane Goldsworthy
Dec. 29,1825 Trinity MILLAR, Samuel   B   Clivedon, Somerset Shire Wm. Bullock E.J. Clinch
  TOBIN, Mary   S   Trinity   William Wilshire
Apr. 21,1826 Trinity ABBOTT, Joseph   B   Bonavista Wm. Bullock Richard Ivamy
    IVAMY, Amy   S   Trinity   William Abbott
PAGE 074                
June 19,1826 Trinity RICKETTS, Robert       Coombe,Dorsetshire Wm. Bullock Rich'd Ash
    FOWLOW, Rachel     Trinity   John Peckham
Oct. 25,1826 Bonavista QUINTON, John   B   Red Cliff Island George Coster Joseph Mifflin
  SHORT, Grace   S   Bonavista   John Donely
Feb. 10,1825 Bonavista CHALK, John   B   Bird Island Cove, Bon. George Coster Thomas Chalk
  CARPENTER, Catherine   S   Bird Island Cove, Bon.   David Tremlett
Oct. 29,1825 Bonavista MARTIN, Joseph   B   Bird Island Cove, Bon. George Coster Henry Rowe
MILLAR*, Lucy   S   Bird Island Cove, Bon.   Cornelus Burt
Oct. 29,1825 Bonavista BURT, Cornelus   B   Bird Island Cove, Bon. George Coster Henry Rowe
  TUCKER, Mary   S   Bird Island Cove, Bon.   Henry Lornow
Dec. 14,1825 Bonavista SKIFFINGTON, John   B   Bonavista George Coster Malcolm Campbel
  BEAUMOND, Marth(?)   S   Bonavista   James Skiffington
Dec. 21,1825 Bonavista BRIGHT, Charles   B   Bonavista George Coster John Donnally
  HEBBARD(?), Mary   S   Bonavista   Andrew Evans
Jan. 06,1826 Bonavista DOMONY, John   B   Bonavista George Coster Mathew Rider
    APGOOD, Mary   S   Bonavista   John Squires
Note from Register: Millar* Lucy "Correct Surname is MILES. See original entry in Bonavista. Register N.C. Crewe 21/Sept/1964
PAGE 075                
Nov. 09,1826 Bonavista TRASK, Samuel   B   Bird Island Cove George Coster William Hobbs
  HILL, Ann   S   Bird Island Cove   Philip Way
Nov. 14,1826 Kings Cove BROWN, Thomas   B   King's Cove George Coster Joseph Saunders
  SAUNDERS, Elizabeth   S   King's Cove   William Hancock
Nov. 23,1826 Bonavista MINCHINEER, Thomas   B   Bird Island Cove George Coster James Folett
    DAVIS, Sarah   S   Bonavista   Robert Hobbs
Dec. 06,l826 Bonavista DONG, Philip   B   Bonavista George Coster Charles Airs
  KEEL, Anne   S   Keels   Mark Keal
Dec. 04,l826 Keels TURNER, William   B   Keels George Coster Joseph Mesh Sr.
  WARREN, Sarah   S   Open Hole   Joseph Mesh Jr.
Oct. 04,1826 Keels MESH JR., Joseph   B   Keels George Coster Joseph Mesh
PHILPOT, Nancy   S   Keels   William Turner
Oct. 07,1826 Keels WHEELER, Henry   B   Keels George Coster James Simmonds
SIMMONDS, Mary   S   Keels   Thomas Hobbs
Oct. 07,1826 Keels HOBBS, Thomas   B   Keels George Coster James Simmonds
    LONG, Martha   S   Keels   Henry Wheeler
PAGE 076                
Jan. 15,1826 Bonavista SOPER, Thomas   B   Bonavista George Coster William Cuff
  EYNES, Jane   S   Bonavista   William Dyke
Apr. 13,1826 Bonavista RUPEL, Thomas   B   Gietle(?) Cove, Bon. George Coster No Witness
  GOSLING, Mary   S   Bonavista   No Witness
May 03,1826 Bonavista TAYLOR*, Thomas   B   Bonavista George Coster Samuel Mifflin
  NEWHOOK, Hannah   S   New Harbour   Hannah Newhook
Sept 13,1826 Greenspond BELLOWS, Robert   B   Greenspond George Coster Thomas Smith
    SMITH, Ryme   S   Greenspond    
Sept 25,1826 Trinity McGRATH, John   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Robert Frampton
  STONE, Mary   S   Trinity   James Grant
Nov. 06,1826 Trinity BEASTONE, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock James Penny
  SPRAGGE, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   James Sweetland
Nov. 13,1826 Trinity STONE, Ambrose   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock John Verge
FRAMPTON, Jane   S   Trinity   Joseph Short
Nov. 21,1826 Trinity HONE, James   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock James Mooney
    GOLDSWORTHY, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   Edward Spragg
Note from Register,*Taylor, " Groom's name in original entry in the Register at Bonavista is Thomas FAYLOR Jr. signed N.C. Crewe 21/Sept/1966
PAGE 077                
Nov. 23,1826 Trinity MOODY, James   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Absolom Randall
  SLIVEY, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   Richard Nurse
Nov. 27?,1826 Trinity HUXTER, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock William Earley
  JONES(?)JANES, Maria   S   Trinity   Francis Collins
Dec. 09,1826 Trinity ANDERSON, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Richard Penny
  BEASTONE, Elizabeth   W   Trinity   James Penny
May 05,1827 Trinity TIBBS, James   W   Trinity Wm. Bullock James Brown
  HISCOCK, Martha   S   Trinity   E.J. Clinch
May 10,1827 Trinity SHORT, Samuel   B   Hant's Harbour Wm. Bullock Margaret Warr
  DEAN, Mary Ann   S   Bonavista   Susannah Facey
Oct. 12,1827 Trinity CLARK, Thomas   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock William Fleet
  FLEET, Harriet   S   Trinity   George Fleet
Oct. 09,1827 Trinity IVANY, Mathew   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock William Sweet
  LEDROW, Patience   S   Trinity   Elizabeth Millar
Oct. 11,1827 Trinity PENNY, James   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock John Befsten(?)
    BARNES, Jane   S   Trinity   John Bugden
PAGE 078                
Oct. 07,1827 Bonavista PEARCY, William   B   Keels George Coster James Simmonds
HOBBS, Sarah   S   Keels   Thomas Hobbs
Oct. 07,1827 Bonavista OLDFORD, Thomas   B   Salvage George Coster James Oldford
HUNTER, Maria   S   Salvage   John Hunter
Oct. 10,1827 Bonavista LANE, George   B   Open Hole George Coster Charles Murphy
  BATT, Elizabeth   S   Open Hole   Charles Cool
Oct. 30,1827 King's Cove HANCOCK, Henry   B   Kings Cove George Coster Stephen Gatehouse
  QUINTEN, Nancy   S   Kings Cove   Henry Pardy
Nov. 14,1827 Bonavista RANDALL, William   B   Bonavista George Coster Francis Bishop
WISEMAN, Jane   S   Bonavista   Joseph Hicks
Nov. 15,1827 Bonavista ROWLES, Walter   B   Bonavista George Coster James Ayles
AYLES, Mary   S   Bonavista   Robert Rufsel
Nov. 18,1827 Bonavista ABBOTT, Samuel   B   Bonavista George Coster John Chafey
PARDY, Mary   S   Bonavista   Mark Abbott
Nov. 29,1827 Bonavista LINTHORN, George   B   Bonavista George Coster William Wade
    WADE, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   Elizabeth Hicks
PAGE 079                
Dec. 06,1827 Bonavista WISEMAN, William   B   Bonavista George Coster Philip Collins
COLLINS, Anne   S   Bonavista   Thomas Elliott
Dec. 06,1827 Bonavista HUNT, William   B   Bonavista George Coster John Moulan
MOWLARN(?), Catherine   S   Bonavista   Barnard Abbott
Dec. 13,1827 Bonavista MIFFLIN, Edward   B   Bonavista George Coster Thomas Rich'd Mifflin
BROWN, Mary   S   King's Cove   Joseph Saunders
Dec. 20,1827 Bonavista MIFFLIN, Thomas   B   Bonavista George Coster Thomas Gaylor
    LANDER, Mary   S   Bonavista   Archibald
Nov. 03,1827 Gooseberry Island AKERMAN, Stephen   B   Bridport Thomas Walley (Licen(?) William Picket
PICKET, Mary   S   Vere Island Harbour   James Oxford
Nov. 26,1827 Greenspond GRIFFIN, John   B   Greenspond Thomas Walley (Licen(?) Wm. Wicks
BLAKE, Susannah   S   Greenspond   Benjamin Wicks
Nov. 27,1827 Greenspond WICKS, William   B   Greenspond Thomas Walley (Licen(?) Henry Hancock
FELTHAM, Sarah   S   Greenspond   Samuel Hutchings
Dec. 13,1827 Gooseberry Island HANCOCK, Henry   B   Greenspond Thomas Walley (Licen(?) Thomas Carter
    BUNG(?), Mary   W   Greenspond   Robert Green
PAGE 080                
Oct. 18,1827 Trinity HISCOCK, Robert   B   Trinity Richard Cook  
  GOLDWORTHY, Jane   S   Trinity William Woolridge  
Oct. 22,1827 Trinity EVERLY, James   B   Trinity Aaron Fifield  
SHEPPARD, Susan   S   Trinity Elizabeth Fowlow  
Oct. 24,1827 Trinity RYAN, Edward   B   Trinity William Anderson  
LONG, Mary   S   Trinity Mark Baston  
Oct. 24,1827 Trinity ANDERSON, Joseph   B   Trinity Robt. Bale  
HIGDEN, Judiah   W   Trinity J. Bale  
Oct. 25,1827 Trinity BROWN, William   B   Trinity Samuel Garland  
  TAIT or LAIT, Ann   S   Trinity William Gileard  
Nov. 01,1827 Trinity IVAMY, Joseph   B   Trinity William Bastow  
PENNY, Maria   S   Trinity William Ivamy  
Nov. 01,1827 Trinity COLLINS, Francis   B   Trinity John Hurdle  
HURDLE, Susan   S   Trinity Phobe Fleet  
Nov. 06,1827 Heart's Content COOMBE, John   B   Christ Church, Dover, Eng. A. Scott  
    McCARTHY, Ann   S   Carrign, Ireland Mary Way  
PAGE 081                
Nov. 12,1827 Heart's Content SPRIGGS, William   B     Wm. Bullock Edward Williams
JESTICAN, Elizabeth   S   Trinity   Charles Randall
Nov. 17,1827 Heart's Content BROWN, James   B   Bonavista Otto Weeks Wm. Bullock
    HURDLE, Mary   S   Trinity   Maria Weeks
Dec. 03 ,1827 Trinity MYEAS(?), Robert   B   Dorset, Eng. Wm. Bullock Elenor Hunt
HUNT, Elenor   W   Trinity   John Myers
Dec. 13 ,1827 Trinity FOWLOW, Patrick   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Elizabeth Fowlow
PECKHAM, Sarah   S   Trinity   Amy Peckham
Dec. 19,1827 Trinity WAY, John   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Francis Collins
KIMHALEY, Bridget   S   Trinity   Anne Morris
Dec. 20,1827 Trinity MOORES, William   B   Trinity Wm. Bullock Josiah Moores
  JESTICAN, Mary   S   Trinity   Sarah Jestican
June 03,1828 Trinity HEWITT, Joseph   B   Dorset, Eng. Wm. Bullock James Lavender
  WELSHMAN, Honor   S   Trinity   George Welshman
Mar. 26,1828 Trinity GRANGER, Charles   B   Somerset, Eng. Wm. Bullock Will'm Clark
    GREEN, Jane   S   Trinity   Mary Hiscock
PAGE 082                
Dec. 20,1827 Gooseberry Island LUSH, Silvester   B   Somerset Eng. Thomas Wally (Licened?) Henry Brown
    GREEN, Susannah   S   Greenspond   Robert Green
July 10,1828 Ireland's Eye IVAMY, Joseph   W   Ship Cove Wm. Bullock James Toop
    DAY, Johanna   S   Ireland's Eye Ann Cooper
Sept 20,1828 Bonavista EDMUNDS, Richard   B   Bonavista Wm. Bullock J. Edmunds
  HOUSE, Mary   S   Bonavista   Robert Rupsel
June 10,1828 Bonavista ABBOTT, Charles   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor (Licened) James Hicks
  HICKS, Jane   S   Bonavista   Mark Abbott
Apr. 21,1828 Keels LONG, Richard   B   Keels Thomas Gaylor (Licened) Wm. Martin
  PEARCY, Charlotte   S   Bonavista   Silvester Doyle
June 22,1828 Bonavista TEMPLEMAN, James   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor (Licened) James
  POOR, Mary   S   Bonavista   John
July 20,1828 Bonavista SHELLY, Josiah   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor (Licened) Charley Shelly
  BIDDLECOMBE, Jane   S   Bonavista   Wm. Healy
Sept 07,1828 Keels CHAPMAN, Stephen   B   Keels Thomas Gaylor (Licened) Patrick Karney
    PENNY, Hannah   S   Keels   Thomas Bloomfield
PAGE 082                
Nov. 11,1828 Trinity PEARCY, William   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock George Hutton
GEFFORD, Anne   S   Trinity Parish   James Pearcy
Nov. 11,1828 Trinity BALLART, Joseph   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock James Morris
RYAN, Mary   S   Trinity Parish   Mary Rowan
Nov. 12,1828 Trinity WOOLRIDGE, William   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Josiah Moores
HOUSE, Mary   S   Catalina   Mary Clouter
Nov. Blank,1828 Trinity SPURRELL, William   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Richard Clarke
CLARKE, Sarah   S   Trinity Parish   Elizabeth Wheeler
Nov. 22,1828 Trinity TAVENOR, Joseph   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock William Curtis
KING, Susan   S     James Tavenor
Nov. 25,1828 Trinity DAY, John   B   New Harbour Wm. Bullock Thomas Thorn
THORN, Anne   S   New Harbour   James Thorn
Dec. 05,1828 Trinity HURDLE, John   B     Wm. Bullock Sarah Dole
  HISCOCK, Mary   S       Munn Brown
Dec. 14,1828 Trinity WILSHIRE, William   B   Bonavista Wm. Bullock John Crocker
    CROCKER, Mary   S       Stephen Crocker
PAGE 084                
Oct. 21,1828 Trinity WELLS, Joseph   B   Trinity Parish John Penny  
PENNY, Sarah   S   Trinity Parish William Beasone  
Oct. 21,1828 Trinity GOLDSWORTHY, Henry   B   Trinity Parish Edward Spragge  
BEASTONE, Mary   S   Trinity Parish Mark Grant  
Oct. 30,1828 Trinity MILLAR, Joseph   B   Bonavista James Hograth  
  HOGARTH, Dorothy   S   Ship Cove Mary Hogarth  
Oct. 30,1828 Trinity BUTLER, Isaac   B   Christ-Church, Dorset Absolom Randall  
  COOK, Mary   S   Ship Cove James Bannister  
Nov. 02,1828 Trinity MILLAR, John   B   Thomas Dowden  
BURRAGE, Susannah   S   Poole, Dorset, Eng. Lawrant Mullins  
Nov. 04,1828 Trinity BAILY, Joseph   B   Absolom Randall  
e PHILLIPS, Mary   S   Thos. Baily  
Nov. 05,1828 Trinity FRAMPTON, Josiah   B   Trinity Parish Thomas Green  
  KIRBY, Ellen   S   Trinity Parish William Frampton  
Nov. 28,1828 Trinity SPURRELL, Moses   B   Trinity Parish Phillip Moores  
    SEXTON, Honor   S   Trinity Parish    
PAGE 085                
Aug. 18,1828 Trinity BAILY, Robert   B     Wm. Bullock William Kelson
  KELSON, Mary   S       Ann Kelson
Sept 09,1828 Trinity HOGERS, David   B     Otto Weeks Susan Facey
  LOWDER, Mary   S       Chrisistian Facey
Sept 22,1828 Trinity VIVIAN, Richard   B     Wm. Bullock Isaac Short
  BAILY, Hannah   S     William Stone
Oct. 25,1828 Trinity JANES, Stephen   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Ellen Manuel
  STICKLY, Elizabeth   S   Trinity Parish Anne Noone(?)
Sept 26,1828 Trinity MARTIN, Stephen   B   Wm. Bullock Edward Hiscock
  HISCOCK, Cecetia   S   Trinity Parish   Mary Clouter
Blank,9,1828 Trinity SHORT, Joseph   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock James Pitcher
  BAILY, Mary   S   Trinity Parish   Joseph Millar
Oct. 20,1828 Trinity HOOKEY, Samuel   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Ambrose Stone
  McGRAGH, Maria   S   Trinity Parish   William Newhook
Oct. 14,1828 Trinity BEASTONE, Mark   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock John Penny
    PENNY, Susannah   S   Trinity Parish   William Penny
PAGE 086                
Oct. 01,1828 Bonavista AUSTIN, James   B   Bird Island Cove Wm. Bullock Benjamin Hegwood
  WILTSHIRE, Elizabeth   S   Bird Island Cove   John Chant
Jan. 01,1828 Bonavista CUFF, William   B   Bonavista George Coster Richard Dyke
DYKE, Hannah   S   Bonavista   Joseph Shelly
Jan. 15,1828 Bonavista SKIFFINGTON, James   B   Bonavista George Coster Roger Abbott
    ABBOTT, Honor   S   Bonavista   Wm. Abbott
May 12,1828 King's Cove COOK, John   B   King's Cove George Coster Joseph Sanders
    HANCOCK, Lydia   S   King's Cove   James Hancock
May 15,1828 Tickle Cove LANE, Samuel   B   Open Hole George Coster Thomas Gaylor?
FITZGERALD, Hannah   S   Open Hole   Elizabeth Good
May 15,1828 Tickle Cove QUINTEN, Henry   B   Redcliffe Island George Coster Thomas Gaylor?
    LANE, Mary   W   Open Hole   George Lane
July 29,1829 Greenspond MANSTON, Henry   B   Greenspond Wm. Bullock James Cram
    CRAM, Eliza   S   Greenspond   Sarah Cram
Dec. 04,1828 Hants Hr. SMITH, Thomas   B   Silly Cove John Smithier (Wesleyan Minster [Licened]) Joseph Stickling
    PITTY, Martha   S   Hants Hr.   John Leywood
PAGE 087                
Dec. 05,1828 Hants Hr. LEYHOOD, John   B   Hants Hr. John Smithier Tho's Smith
  PITTY, Catherine   S   Hants Hr.   Mark Pitty
Oct. 29,1828 Hants Hr. BALSOM, John   B   Silly Cove John Smithier John Hudson
  GREEN, Pricilla   S   Silly Cove   Wm. Hopkins
Oct. 13,1829 Bonavista FIFIELD, John   B   Bonavista James Robertson Edward Robins
  WOOD, Mary   S   Bonavista   John Squire
Nov. 06,1828 Bonavista ROLLES, Rich'd   B   Bonavista Thomad Gaylor (licened) Thomas Robin
  LITTLE, Sarah   S   Bonavista   John Domaney
Nov. 13,1828 Bonavista TEMPLEMAN, John   B   Bonavista Thomad Gaylor (licened) John Squire
  HICKS, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   Stephen Poor
Nov. 20,1828 Bonavista HOBBS, William   B   Bonavista Thomad Gaylor (licened) Philip Way
  ROLLES, Rebecca   S   Bonavista   Tho's Hobbs
Oct. 09,1828 Bonavista OLDFORD, William   B   Greenspond Thomad Gaylor (licened) Hugh Abbott
  BROWN, Anne   S   Bonavista   Wm. Durdle
Oct. 23,1828 Bonavista ABBOTT, Mark   B   Bonavista Thomad Gaylor (licened) James Bishop
    PLUDWELL, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   John Fisher
PAGE 088                
Dec. 18,1828 Trinity RANDALL, Absolom   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock George Randall
  BUTLER, Mary   A   Trinity Parish   Thomas Randall
Dec. 23,1828 Trinity CLARKE, Richard   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock William Clarke
WHEELER, Elizabeth   S   St. John's   John Clarke
Dec. 23,1828 Trinity ROWE, Edward   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Joseph Pinhorn
ASH, Sarah   S   Hants Harbour   William Rowe
Dec. 25,1828 Trinity CROFS, William Davis   B   Wm. Bullock Alexander Bremner
  LANDER, Sarah   W   Trinity Parish   S. A. Gent
Jan. 06,1829 Trinity FLEET, William   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Samuel Morris
  RYALL, Mary   S   Trinity Parish   Anne Morris
May 23,1829 Trinity BAKER, Henry   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock John Foster
  MARTIN, Hannah   S   Trinity Parish   William Fifield
June 05,1829 Trinity WEBBER, George   B   St. John's Wm. Bullock James Winter
  GRANT, Mary   S   Trinity Parish   Charles Newhook
Oct. 14,1829 Trinity NEWTON, Thomas   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock James Butler
    WELSH, Ellen   S   Portlow, Waterford   Elizabeth Butler
PAGE 089                
Oct. 16,1829 Trinity BAILEY, Thomas   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock George Everly
LAIT, Mary   S   Trinity Parish   George Lait
Oct. 21,1829 Trinity PENNY, Richard   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock James Penny
LONG, Jane   S   Trinity Parish   John Befsten
Oct. 23,1829 Trinity HAYTER, John   B   Wm. Bullock William Spencer
  HISCOCK, Priscilla   S   Trinity Parish   Richard Maidment
Nov. 14,1829 Trinity DIDNAM, Samuel   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Jasper Hiscock
CLIFFORD, Joanna   S   Trinity Parish   James Clifford
Nov. 19,1829 Trinity ROWE, William   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Anne Rowe
FLEET, Phobe   S     John Morrisey
Nov. 26,1829 Trinity BARNES, John   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock Matthew Kember Bugden
  BUGDEN, Harriet   S   Trinity Parish   Joseph Barnes
Dec. 17,1829 Trinity BROWN, John   B   Stotbridge?, Dorset Wm. Bullock Francis Collins
  MAYBEY, Dinah   W   Trinity Parish   Will'm Brown
Dec. 21,1829 Trinity GRANT, Robert   B   Trinity Parish Wm. Bullock James Hobbs
    CURTIS, Honor   S   Broadmain, Dorset   Phiphin
PAGE 090                
July 05,1829 Bonavista SAXON, Robert   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor (Licened) John Robins
  CUFF, Hannah   S   Bonavista   Tho's Robins
May 03,1829 Bonavista BROWN, Francis   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor Tho's Robins
  CHIFFEY, Elizabeth   W   Bonavista   Joseph Cuff
Jan. 22,1829 Bonavista FORD, William   B   Bonavista Thomas Gaylor John Robins
  WOODS, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   Tho's Robins
June 04,1829 Greenspond STOKES, Malachi   B   Greenspond Thos. Whally (Licened) Rich'd Lockyer
  YOUNGS, Sarah   S   Greenspond   John Young
Sept 23,1829 Salvage HUNTER, James   B   Salvage Thos. Whally James Oldford
KING, Mary   S   Salvage   Wm. Manuel
Sept 25,1829 Salvage GARRETT, William   B   Dorset, Eng. Thos. Whally Rich'd Dyke
  DENTY, Dinah   S   Salvage   John Denty
Oct. 15,1829 Salvage WELLS, Francis   B   Gooseberry Island Thos. Whally Charles Saint
SAINT, Elizabeth   S   Gooseberry Island   Joseph Sampson
Oct. 24,1829 Greenspond CARTER, Samuel   B   Greenspond N.A. Coster  
    SPURRELL, Elizabeth   S   Pools Island    
PAGE 091                
Nov. 24,1829 Bonavista ROGERS, William   B   Bonavista James Robertson Wm. Pearce
  PAUL, Hannah   S   Bonavista   Ebernezar Kiel
Nov. 12,1829 Bonavista BUTT, James   B   Bonavista George Coster John Coffin
  ABBOTT, Martha   S   Bonavista   James Bishop
Dec. 17,1829 Bonavista DIKE, Richard   B   Bonavista James Robertson Charles Shelly
  ABBOTT, Susan   S   Bonavista   Wm. Halley
Nov. 13,1829 Bonavista FALKENDER, John   B   Bonavista James Robertson James Abbott
  ABBOTT, Harriet   S   Bonavista   John Fisher
Dec. 10,1829 Bonavista HICKS, Joseph   B   Bonavista James Robertson Joseph Abbott
  WISEMAN, Mary   S   Bonavista   Jane Ailes
Nov. 25,1829 Bonavista KEALE, Samuel   B   Bonavista George Coster James Abbott
  CARPENTER, Lucy   S   Keels   George Carpenter
Nov. 26,1829 Bonavista FISHER, Jn's   B   Bonavista George Coster James Templeman
  TEMPLEMAN, Margaret   S   Bonavista   Stephen Poor
Jan. 01,1830 Greenspond HEFFERTON, James   W   Greenspond N. A. Coster  
    POND, Isabel   S   Greenspond    

Transcribed by BETTY CUMBY (2014)

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