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Trinity Bay North District

Volume 64
Page 31 - 60


Church of England
1797 - 1816

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels
Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place GROOM'S NAME/ BRIDE'S NAME Age Sta Occupation Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 001                
Age and occupation and other missing items were not recorded on the original pages.
PAGE 031                
10/31/1797 Trinity DEAMONT, Nellum       Copenhagen,Denmark J. Clinch  
  WALTERS, Marther(?)       Trinity    
11/15/1797 Trinity STEVENSON, Matthew       Poole J. Clinch  
  WATERMAN, Mary       Trinity    
01/01/1798 Trinity IVAMY, Joseph         J. Clinch  
  WELLS, Mary       English Harbour    
05/01/1798 Trinity DEWLAND, Thomas       Crokehorn,Somerset J. Clinch  
  SOOLEY, Mary       Trinity    
05/15/1798 Trinity PARSONS, Philip       West Tower,Somerset J. Clinch  
  POWER, Flower       Trinity    
05/23/1798 Trinity DUNFEY, William       Onan, Ireland J. Clinch  
  HEALEY, Ann       Bonavista    
10/19/1798 Trinity SPRAGG, Richard         J. Clinch  
  WELLS, Catherine       English Harbour    
05/24/1799 Trinity THORN, Richard       New Harbour J. Clinch  
    QUARRY, Ann       New Harbour    
PAGE 032                
05/24/1799 Trinity THORNE, William       New Harbour J. Clinch  
  BURRAGE, Ann       New Harbour    
08/21/1799 Trinity ASH, Richard     Captain   J. Clinch  
  TAVERNER, Catherine   W   Trinity    
08/16/1799 Trinity BISHOP, William       Codstock, Dorset J. Clinch  
  HILLIER, Mary       New Harbour    
10/21/1799 Trinity FOWLOE, Joseph         J. Clinch  
  BAYLEY, Hannah       Bonaventura    
10/25/1799 Trinity VERGE, Thomas       Trinity J. Clinch  
  HOOKEY, Patience       Bonaventura    
10/26/1799 Trinity HOOKEY, Stephen       J. Clinch  
  STIVY, Mary       Salmon Cove    
11/09/1799 Trinity SHORT, Samuel       Trinity J. Clinch  
  HOGARTH, Joice       Trinity    
01/11/1799 Trinity PIERCEY, Jasper       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
    HURST, Sarah       Trinity    
PAGE 033                
01/25/1800 Trinity HIGDEN, Benjamin       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  PICK, Judith       Old Perlican    
05/20/1800 Trinity BURRAGE, William       Thorncomb, Devon J. Clinch  
  SHAMBLER, Elizabeth   W   Trinity  
10/27/1800 Trinity VALLIS, James       Ledford, Somerset J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Jane   W   Bonaventurea    
10/27/1800 Trinity ROBERTS, John       Tingleton, Dorset J. Clinch  
  SEVIER, Amelia       Rider's Harbour    
11/11/1800 Trinity WALTERS, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  POWELL, Elizabeth       Trinity    
01/29/1801 Trinity KEELS, Charles   B   Gillingham, Dorset J. Clinch  
  PEARCE, Mary   S      
02/07/1801 Trinity PECKHAM, Martin       Trinity J. Clinch  
  WALTER, Sarah       Trinity    
04/10/1801 Trinity WELLS, William         J. Clinch  
    IVAMY, Mary       English Harbour    
PAGE 034              
04/11/1801 Trinity ROGERS, Joseph   B Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  WELLS, Elizabeth   S   English Harbour    
04/18/1801 Trinity ENNIS, William       Dublin J. Clinch  
  HONE, Mary   W   Salmon Cove    
04/18/1801 Trinity KIRBY, John       Younghall, Ireland J. Clinch  
  GREEN, Ann       Trinity    
05/12/1801 Trinity NICHOLS, Thomas 21 B Captain Dartmouth, Devon J. Clinch  
  PHAIN, Elizabeth 21 S      
05/26/1801 Trinity AUSTIN, William       Tallow, Ireland J. Clinch  
  BROMLEY, Elizabeth       Bonavista    
05/13/1801 Trinity LATE, George       Axminister, Devon J. Clinch  
  DEWEY, Mary       Trinity    
06/16/1801 Trinity SMART, William   B Fisherman Foxton, Leicester J. Clinch  
  FLYNN, Mary   S   Trinity    
06/25/1801 Trinity LUCAS, Thomas       Dorchester, Dorset J. Clinch  
    HISCOCK, Mary       Trinity    
PAGE 035                
10/09/1801 Trinity IVAMY, William       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  WELLS, Ann       English Harbour    
10/19/1801 Trinity SWEET, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  GOOBY, Mary       Old Perlican    
10/22/1801 Trinity BATEMAN, Joseph       East Croker, Somerset J. Clinch  
  DE GRISHM, Ann       Trinity    
10/26/1801 Trinity DEA, George       Lemington, Hants J. Clinch  
  ANDREWS, Hannah       Silly Cove    
10/27/1801 Trinity IVAMY, John       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  BARNS, Mary       English Harbour    
10/27/1801 Trinity GRANT, William       Clanmore County J. Clinch  
  BASTON, Martha       English Harbour    
10/29/1801 Trinity KEATS, Shadrach       Trinity J. Clinch  
  GOLDWORTHY, Mary       Trinity    
11/02/1801 Trinity DEA, Thomas       Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
    STIVEY, Joan       Salmon Cove    
PAGE 036              
11/07/1801 Trinity FARNHAM, John       Crookhorn,(Crewkerne?) Somerset J. Clinch  
  BASTON, Sarah       English Harbour    
11/19/1801 Trinity COOK, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  POTTLE, Elizabeth       English Harbour    
12/19/1801 Trinity ROWE, Edward       Heart's Content J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Martha       Trinity    
06/14/1802 Trinity FRAMPTON, Robert       J. Clinch  
  BUGDEN, Mary       Trinity    
06/21/1802 Trinity BRIDDY, James     Captain Poole J. Clinch  
  ROWE, Mary       Trinity    
07/21/1802 Trinity HURSLY, Thomas       J. Clinch  
  HUNT, Mary       Trinity    
10/12/1802 Trinity BARNS, George       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  POTTLE, Sarah       English Harbour    
10/16/1802 Trinity HIGDEN, George         J. Clinch  
    WELLS, Hannah            
PAGE 037                
10/22/1802 Trinity JUSTICAN, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Elizabeth       Trinity    
10/28/1802 Trinity HISCOCK, Henry       Fox Island J. Clinch  
  HUNT, Elizabeth       Trinity    
11/02/1802 Trinity STIVEY, Richard       Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
  DEA, Ann   S   Salmon Cove    
11/09/1802 Trinity BRITT, Thomas       Youghall J. Clinch  
  FOSTER, Mary       Rider's Harbour    
11/06/1802 Trinity FACEY, John   B   Culliton J. Clinch  
  SAVORY, Rachael   S   Old Perlican    
11/17/1802 Trinity IVAMY, John       New Bonaventure J. Clinch  
  HART, Mary   W   English Harbour    
12/28/1802 Trinity ABBOT, Stephen       Bonavista J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Martha       English Harbour    
01/01/1803 Trinity RYAN, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
    QUIRK, Sarah       Trinity    
PAGE 038                
02/02/1803 Trinity MILLER, John       Bonaventura J. Clinch  
  HISCOCK, Sarah       Trinity    
04/27/1803 Trinity HISCOCK, Edward       Fox Island J. Clinch  
  HOGARTH, Elizabeth       Trinity    
08/02/1803 Trinity GREEN, William       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
  GOLDWORTHY, Joan       Salmon Cove    
08/23/1803 Trinity WARR, William       Sterminster,Dorset J. Clinch  
  SAVORY, Sarah       Old Perlican    
08/25/1803 Trinity HILLIER, Giles       New Harbour J. Clinch  
  GEORGE, Mary       New Harbour    
10/06/1803 Trinity WELLS, John       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Sarah   W   English Harbour    
10/07/1803 Trinity DURDLE, Joseph         J. Clinch  
  WAY, Elizabeth            
10/17/1803 Trinity IVAMY, Martin         J. Clinch  
    BARNS, Martha       English Harbour    
PAGE 039                
10/25/1803 Trinity LONG, Francis       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  HIGDEN, Ann       English Harbour    
10/29/1803 Trinity MATTHEWS, James       New Perlican J. Clinch  
  HISCOCK, Sarah       Fox Island    
10/28/1803 Trinity TOBIN, Matthew       Ireland J. Clinch  
  TIBBS, Susannah       Trinity    
11/02/1803 Trinity CROCKER, John       Withorn, Somerset J. Clinch  
  WISEMAN, Mary       Trinity    
11/30/1803 Trinity WALTER, James       Trinity J. Clinch  
  STONE, Jane       Trinity    
01/17/1804 Trinity NEWHOOK, Charles       J. Clinch  
  NEWELL, Catherine       Trinity    
01/20/1804 Trinity PENNY, John       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  HIGDEN, Mary       English Harbour    
02/11/1804 Trinity LENNARD, Thomas       Tallow, Ireland J. Clinch  
    BANNISTER, Sarah       Trinity    
PAGE 040                
02/12/1804 Trinity BASTON, Barnard       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  MILLER, Elizabeth       Bonaventura    
04/15/1804 Trinity SULIVAN, James       Youghall,Ireland J. Clinch  
  QUINN, Eleanor     Boat Keeper(?) Rider's Harbour    
04/23/1804 Trinity CONNEL, James   W   Bonavistia J. Clinch  
  FOSTER, Celia   S      
04/24/1804 Trinity COOK, Richard       Trinity J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Grace       Bonaventura    
10/11/1804 Trinity PENEY, William       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Margaret       English Harbour    
10/27/1804 Trinity RAWLES, George   B Sailor Bier, Dorset J. Clinch  
  KEATS, Sarah   S   Trinity    
10/29/1804 Trinity HISCOCK, Richard       Dorset, G. Britain J. Clinch  
  WOOLLDRIDGE, Sarah       Trinity    
11/01/1804 Trinity BEST, Thomas     Planter Exeter, Devon J. Clinch  
    GOLDWORTHY, Jane   W        
PAGE 041                
11/08/1804 Trinity CHILD, Samuel       Isle of Portland, G. Britain J. Clinch  
  BROWN, Ann       Trinity    
11/16/1804 Trinity CARBERRY, Richard       Turk Cove, Trinity J. Clinch  
  HOGARTH, Ann       Trinity    
11/23/1804 Trinity KING, John       Old Perlican J. Clinch  
  BROWN, Mary       Bonaventura    
11/27/1804 Trinity PHILLIPS, Isaac       Bonaventura J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Patience       Bonaventura    
01/01/1805 Trinity BARNS, William       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  POTTLE, Sweet       English Harbour    
03/22/1805 Trinity RYAL, Richard       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  ROGERS, Elizabeth   W   English Harbour    
06/19/1805 Trinity BRINE, James       Trinity J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Sarah       Trinity    
07/27/1805 Trinity HISCOCK, James       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
    LANGHER, Hannah     Boat Keeper(?) Heart's Content    
PAGE 042              
08/08/1805 Trinity CRAM, James   B Planter Hants, G. Britain J. Church  
  MOORES, Sarah   S      
08/24/1805 Trinity LEWIS, John       Hants, G. Britain J. Church  
  LOCKYER, Tamar       Bay D Verds    
10/21/1805 Trinity STICKLEY, William       Bay D Verds J. Church  
  HOOKEY, Mary   W   Salmon Cove    
11/02/1805 Trinity SABBIN, John     Captain Xchurch, Hants J. Church  
  MALONE, Joannah       Trinity    
10/28/1805 Trinity LANDER, William     Captain Poole, G. Britain J. Church  
  MOORS, Elizabeth       Trinity    
11/02/1805 Trinity SIXSEY, James       Trinity J. Church  
  HISCOCK, Martha       Trinity    
11/08/1805 Trinity PINHORN, Joseph   B   Trinity J. Church  
  HOPKINS, Eleanor   S   Heart's Content    
11/28/1805 Trinity MILLER, Dennis         J. Church  
    BRUNNICK, Mary       Bonaventura    
PAGE 043                
01/05/1806 Trinity KING, Robert       Old Perlican J. Clinch  
  FRENCH, Ann       Barrow Hr. Bonavista    
01/30/1806 Trinity HOGARTH, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  HOOKEY, Sarah       Bonaventura    
04/08/1806 Trinity STIVEY, Thomas       Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
  HISCOCK, Martha       Salmon Cove    
04/19/1806 Trinity BASTON, William       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  WELLS, Jane       English Harbour    
04/28/1806 Trinity BABSTOCK, Thomas       Oborn, Dorset J. Clinch  
  STOCKLEY, Sarah       Barrow Hr. Bonavista    
10/23/1804 Trinity PITCHER, William         Mr. Thomas  
  THOMAS, Jane            
05/27/1805 Trinity HARNUM, Joseph         Mr. Thomas  
  KELLAND, Catherine          
09/02/1805 Trinity NEWHOOK, George         Mr. Thomas  
    PIERCEY, Dorothy            
PAGE 044                
11/01/1805   MARTIN, James         Mr. Thomas  
    SNOOK, Elizabeth          
06/10/1806   ALLEN, Robert     Captain Poole, G. Britain Mr. Thomas  
    PINHORN, Priscilla       Trinity  
08/03/1806   COLLIS, James     Captain Poole, G. Britain Mr. Thomas  
    WARREN, Jane       New Perlican  
10/13/1806   PENNEY, Samuel       English Harbour Mr. Thomas  
    MILLER, Elizabeth       English Harbour  
10/20/1806   COOK, Thomas       Trinity Mr. Thomas  
    MOORES, Patience       Trinity  
10/22/1806   SEVIER, Moses     Planter Rider's Harbour Mr. Thomas  
    PINHORNE, Sweet       Silly Cove  
10/23/1806   HIGDEN, William       English Harbour Mr. Thomas  
    NEWHOOK, Mary        
10/25/1806   FOSTER, William       Rider's Harbour Mr. Thomas  
    HISCOCK, Charity            
PAGE 045                
10/29/1806 Trinity DWYER, John       Trinity J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Catherine       Trinity    
10/31/1806 Trinity PENNEY, James       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Ann       English Harbour    
11/10/1806 Trinity PENNEY, Charles       English Harbour J. Clinch  
  SWEETLAND, Mary       English Harbour    
11/17/1806 Trinity SPRAGG, Edward       Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
  RIX, Ann       Ship Cove    
11/17/1806 Trinity DWYER, James       Trinity J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Patience       Trinity    
11/19/1806 Trinity D GREESH, Thomas       Trinity J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Mary       Trinity    
12/02/1806 Trinity DOWNEY, Michael       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
  MORICE, Sarah       Cuckold's Cove    
12/11/1806 Trinity GOVER, Joseph       Weymouth, Dorset J. Clinch  
    WATERMAN, Grace            
PAGE 046                
10/26/1807 Trinity RONAGNE, Patrick       Talmor, Ireland J. Clinch  
  FLINN, Mary   W   Trinity    
10/26/1807 Trinity MORICEY, Joseph       Cuckold's Cove J. Clinch  
  WISEMAN, Elizabeth       Trinity    
11/08/1806 Trinity LENARD, Edward       New Perlican J. Clinch  
  WARN(WARREN?), Mary       New Perlican    
10/27/1807 Trinity HENNING, Charles       Ringwood, G. Britain J. Clinch  
  STONE, Silence       Trinity    
10/27/1807 Trinity FOSTER*, John       Rider's Harbour J. Clinch  
  BAKER, Sarah       Hearts Ease    
11/05/1807 Trinity TUCKER, Robert*   W   Marlick, Somerset J. Clinch  
  CLOTHIER, Ann   S   Trinity    
10/22/1802 Trinity LOCKYER, John       Bay D Verds J. Clinch  
Privately Married PAUL, Catherine       Bay D Verds Legally ratified Nov. 6, 1807  
11/12/1807 Trinity GENT, Samuel Augustus       Sherborn, Dorset J. Clinch  
    PITTMAN, Pittman       Trinity    
On original page a line is drawn between *Foster John & Tucker* Robert indicating the Place where lived should be switched.
PAGE 047                
01/07/1808 Trinity BASTON, James   B Planter English Harbour J. Clinch  
  HIGDEN, Elizabeth   S   English Harbour    
01/27/1808 Trinity DEWLAND, Thomas       Crokehorn, Somerset J. Clinch  
  SHELLEY, Mary       Trinity    
01/28/1808 Trinity EVELY, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  WOOLDRIDGE, Martha       Trinity    
04/28/1808 Trinity MILLER, Joseph     Planter New Bonaventure J. Clinch  
  WALTERS, Mary   S Planter Old Bonaventure    
05/04/1808 Trinity BAILEY, Richard     Planter Old Bonaventure J. Clinch  
  MILLER, Frances     Planter New Bonaventure    
05/04/1808 Trinity SPURRELL, Thomas     Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  SEVIER, Jane       Rider's Harbour    
05/28/1808 Trinity FOOT, John   W   Brockness, Hants J. Clinch  
  RYAN, Ann   W   Trinity    
05/31/1808 Trinity HISCOCK, Richard       Catalina J. Clinch  
    BRYAN, Catharine            
PAGE 048                
06/17/1808   SIXSEY, Robert       Trinity J. Clinch  
    CUTLER, Mary Ann       Trinity    
10/26/1808   MILLER, Samuel       J. Clinch  
    POTTLE, Ann       English Harbour    
10/29/1808   PENNY, John       Evercritch, Somerset J. Clinch  
    SNOOK, (Not Given)       New Perlican    
12/11/1807 Silly Cove BUGDEN, Joseph       Trinity Mr. Thomas  
    PINHORN, Mary       Silly Cove    
10/21/1808 Silly Cove GREEN, Joseph       Silly Cove Mr. Thomas  
    PINHORN, Sarah       Silly Cove    
07/31/1808 Bay D Verds STEPHENS, Henry       Bay D Verds John Clinch  
  LOCKYER, Mary       Bay D Verds    
07/31/1808 Bay D Verds GOULD, William       Ringwood, Hants John Clinch  
  EMBERLEY, Clarinda       Bay D Verds    
07/31/1808 Bay D Verds EMBERLEY, Stephen       Bay D Verds John Clinch  
    ADEY, Christian       Bay D Verds    
PAGE 049                
07/31/1808 Bay D Verds CRITCH, Nathaniel         John Clinch  
    SPRY, Clara          
10/31/1808 Trinity NEWHOOK, William       Trinity John Clinch  
  MCGRATH, Mary       Trinity    
11/01/1808 Trinity LANDER, Thomas Wise       Poole John Clinch  
  TAVERNER, Sarah Way       Trinity    
11/15/1808 Trinity HISCOCK, Jasper       Trinity John Clinch  
  WHITE, Mary       Trinity    
11/30/1808 Trinity WISEMAN, James       Trinity John Clinch  
  BARNS, Mary       Trinity    
12/17/1808 Trinity CHRISTIAN, Jacob       Arundell, Norway John Clinch  
  MURPHY, Mary       Trinity    
12/20/1808 Trinity ABBOT, Richard       Bonavista John Clinch  
  IVAMY, Elizabeth       English Harbour    
12/21/1808 Trinity KELLAND, John       Silly Cove John Clinch  
    FIFIELD, Lydia     Boat Keeper(?) Trinity    
PAGE 050                
01/23/1809 Trinity HART, John         J. Clinch  
  FIFIELD, Sarah       Trinity  
06/24/1809 Trinity DAMPIER, Thomas     Boat Keeper Sherborn, Dorset J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Elizabeth       Silly Cove  
10/23/1809 Trinity BELLOWS, Thomas       Wareham, Dorset J. Clinch  
  TAVERNER, Elizabeth       Trinity  
10/24/1809 Trinity PIERCEY, Henry       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Sarah       Silly Cove  
10/26/1809 Trinity BUTLER, James       Iford, Hants J. Clinch  
  BANNISTER, Mary       Trinity    
10/28/1809 Trinity VERGE, Thomas     Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  PITCHER, Elizabeth       Heart's Ease    
10/14/1809 Trinity CARBERRY, John       Turk's Cove Mr. Thomas  
  VERNEEN, Hannah            
10/21/1809 Trinity SEWARD, John       New Perlican Mr. Thomas  
    PINHORN, Charity       Silly Cove    
PAGE 051                
11/09/1809 Trinity DOWNEY, William       Silly Cove J. Clinch  
  JONES, Sarah       Trinity    
11/11/1809 Trinity FIFIELD, James       Trinity J. Clinch  
  MOORS, Susannah       Trinity    
01/15/1810 Trinity COLES, Humphry       Ringwood, Hants J. Clinch  
  MEAGHER, Honora       Trinity    
02/10/1810 Trinity HOGARTH, James       J. Clinch  
  EVELY, Martha   W   Trinity    
05/19/1810 Trinity MAIBY, John       Poole J. Clinch  
  BUGDEN, Dinah       Trinity    
06/04/1810 Trinity KETCH, Joseph       Great Tollard, Dorset J. Clinch  
  SPURRELL, Honora       Trinity    
08/18/1810 Trinity STICKAND, Joseph       East Stoke, Dorset J. Clinch William Foster
  CASHMAN, Sarah       Trinity Ann Tibbs
09/22/1810 Trinity WARREN, Amos       New Perlican Mr. Thomas  
    DOWNEY, Sarah   W   Silly Cove    
PAGE 052                
10/11/1810 Trinity TOOP, James       East Sulworth, Dorset J. Clinch Joseph Marsh
  HODDER, Grace   W   Ireland's Eye   E.J. Clinch
10/29/1810 Trinity HART, George       English Harbour J. Clinch James Ivany
  MILLER, Ann       English Harbour   Only One witness given
10/30/1810 Trinity BUGDEN, William       Trinity J. Clinch William Piddle
  BAILEY, Mary       Trinity   Joseph Gover
11/01/1810 Trinity GROVES, John       Hardington, Dorset J. Clinch William Burrage
  WHITE, Elizabeth       Trinity   John Hodder
04/17/1811 Trinity ASH, Henry       Old Perlican J. Clinch William Cook
  RIX, Patience       Ship Cove   Thomas Fowlow
10/07/1811 Trinity HOOKEY, John       Bonaventura J. Clinch Robert King
  BURT, Frances       Old Perlican   Samuel Hookey
10/17/1811 Trinity WHITE, Robert       Trinity J. Clinch John Hurdle
  HALL, Margaret       Trinity   John White
10/23/1811 Trinity PEARCEY, Frances(i?)       Silly Cove J. Clinch John Warren
    HEALEY, Sarah       Bonavista   Samuel Mithum?
PAGE 053                
10/31/1811 Trinity COLLINGHAM, Robert       Sutton on Trent,Nottingham J. Clinch James Matthews
  WAY, Charlotte       Trinity   N. Bannister
11/08/1811 Trinity WISEMAN, John       Trinity J. Clinch Thomas Wiseman
  CLARK, Elizabeth       Trinity   William Verge
01/04/1812 Trinity SMITH, Giles       Budport, Dorset J. Clinch Thomas Clifford
  WHITE, Honor   W   Trinity   John Etheridge
01/11/1812 Trinity ANSWORTH, Charles       Southhampton, Hants J. Clinch Joseph Taverner
  SPURRELL, Elizabeth       Trinity   George W. Pittman
10/30/1810 Trinity GREEN, Nicholas       Silly Cove Mr. Thomas  
  TERRENCE, Mary       Silly Cove    
10/31/1810 Trinity COTTER, Garnet       Mr. Thomas  
Ne SNOOK, Susannah       New Perlican    
12/28/1811 Trinity NEWHOOK, James       Mr. Thomas  
  GREEN, Elizabeth       New Perlican    
06/16/1812 Trinity BUGDEN, Thomas           William Peddle
    BAILEY, Rose           George Evely
Hants is an abbreviation for Hampsire County England.
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06/25/1812 Trinity PARDY, James   B   Bonavista J. Clinch Robert Crawford
  WISEMAN, Sarah   S   Trinity   Thomas Scott
10/11/1812 Trinity CUNNINGHAM, John       Old Perlican J. Clinch John Hemis
  DONAVAN, Mary       Wexford   Pat. Donavan
10/22/1812 Trinity HAYNES, Charles       Spelsbury, Dorset J. Clinch Edward Hiscock
  BANNISTER, Elizabeth   W   Trinity   Robert Bannnister
11/29/1812 Trinity WHITE, James       Trinity J. Clinch Giles Smith
  SHORT, Elizabeth       New Perlican   John Etheridge
11/03/1812 Trinity COOPER, Edward       Simington J. Clinch Richard Anderson
  EMMERY, Ann       St. John's   Joseph Janes
11/03/1812 Trinity PITCHER, Charles       Heart's Ease J. Clinch William Piddle
  BAKER, Mary   W   Heart's Ease   Patrick Dougherty
11/05/1812 Trinity FROUD, John       Old Perlican J. Clinch William Piddle
  MOORS, Grace       Trinity   William Moors
11/14/1812 Trinity FROST, William       Melborn, Somerset J. Clinch John Childs
    FOOT, Ann   W   Trinity    
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11/19/1812 Trinity WALTERS, William       Trinity J. Clinch William Ivamy
  HIGDEN, Hannah   W   English Harbour   Francis Barns
12/04/1812 Trinity BARNS, Richard       English Harbour J. Clinch William Ivamy
  MOORS, Sarah       Trinity   Thomas Ivamy
01/29/1813 Trinity KELSON, William       Harewood, G. Britain J. Clinch Ann Hipditch
  HIPDITCH, Ann       Trinity   Charles Answorth
07/28/1813 Trinity ALEXANDER, William       Campbel, N. Britain J. Clinch P. Skelton
  NEWELL, Elizabeth       Trinity   James P. Garland
10/02/1813 Trinity BLOOMFIELD, James       Salmon Cove J. Clinch William Cook
  RIX, Elizabeth   W   Ship Cove   James King
10/05/1813 Trinity MILLER, George       New Bonaventure J. Clinch William Spencer
  HISCOCK, Mary       Trinity   Barnard Hiscock
10/14/1813 Trinity HISCOCK, James       Heart's Ease J. Clinch B. Hackett
  BRUNNICK, Julian       Bonaventure   William Virge
11/13/1813 Trinity LONDON, Jack         J. Clinch Elizabeth Pittman
    WARREN, Jane   W   New Perlican   William Hefford
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11/29/1813 Trinity MILLER, Matthew       New Bonaventure J. Clinch Thomas Powell
  IVAMY, Mary       English Harbour Barnet Besstone
12/08/1813 Trinity JONES, James       Trinity J. Clinch Mary Lucas
  HISCOCK, Sarah       Trinity John Channons
12/30/1813 Trinity HODDER, Charles       Trinity J. Clinch Jasper Hiscock
  WELSHMAN, Elizabeth       Trinity Thomas Green
12/31/1813 Trinity FORD, Gerrard       Bonavista J. Clinch William Ivamy
  IVAMY, Honora       English Harbour Mark James Skeppington
01/06/1814 Trinity HUNT, Edmund       Dorchester J. Clinch John Hurdle
  MURPHY, Eleanor       Trinity Stephen Roberts
01/12/1814 Trinity BARTLETT, James       Higher Litchet, Dorset J. Clinch William Burrage
  WELSHMAN, Mary       Trinity Matthew Evely
01/19/1814 Trinity STIVEY, Benjamin       Salmon Cove J. Clinch Edward Goldworthy
  HISCOCK, Mary       Trinity William Hiscock
02/21/1814 Trinity HANNAM, Robert       Holbrodge, Dorset J. Clinch John Hart
    HARNHAM, Catherine       Silly Cove   E. J. Clinch
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05/13/1814 Trinity ARCHIBALD, John   B Rider's Harbour Rider's Harbour J. Clinch Alex Bremner
  BRUNNICK, Bridget   S White Point White Point   David Bailey
09/13/1814 Trinity BUGDEN, John   B Trinity Trinity J. Clinch Thomas Dampier
  VALLIS, Jane   S Bonaventura Bonaventura   George Curtis
09/30/1814 Trinity FOWLOE, John   W Trinity Trinity J. Clinch George Curtis
  MILLER, Amy   S Kerley's Harbour Kerley's Harbour   John Miller
10/13/1814 Trinity BARRON, Thomas   B Waterford Waterford J. Clinch Richard Ash
  POWER, Mary   S Kilmaiden, Waterford Kilmaiden, Waterford   Peter Kennedy
10/14/1814 Trinity PERROT, Stephen     Trinity Trinity J. Clinch Robert Frampton
  HOOKEY, Catherine     Bonaventura Bonaventura   John Gardner
10/18/1814 Trinity IVAMY, James     Bonaventura Bonaventura J. Clinch Thomas Dampier
  DEAN, Elizabeth     Bonavista Bonavista   George Curtis
10/22/1814 Trinity HISCOCK, William   B Trinity Trinity J. Clinch John Watten
  BRINE, Rebecca   S Trinity Trinity   Susana Taverner
10/24/1814 Trinity HULL, William     Heart's Content Heart's Content J. Clinch John Hurdle
    BAKER, Mary     Heart's Ease Heart's Ease   Joanah Kelland
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10/26/1814 Trinity EVELY, George   B   Trinity J. Clinch Robert White
  BROWN, Hannah   S   Twillingate   Patrick Dougherty
10/27/1814 Trinity MILCHELMORE, James     Sailor Newton, Devon J. Clinch George Skelton
  MAGRATH, Sarah       Trinity   Charles Pittman
11/17/1814 Trinity SEVIER, William       Rider's Harbour J. Clinch James Wiseman
  WISEMAN, Hannah       Trinity   Michael Keishan
11/23/1814 Trinity GARDNER, John   W   Ashbury, Somerset J. Clinch Richard Bailey
  STONE, Grace       Old Bonaventura   Matthew Ivany
12/06/1814 Trinity VATCHER, Josiah     Planter Milton Abbey, Dorset J. Clinch Richard Woolridge
  HOGARTH, Sarah       Filthy Harbour   Matthew Evely
12/08/1814 Trinity ETHERIDGE, John       Salmon Cove J. Clinch Thomas Stivey
  HONE(Alias STIVEY), Ann       Salmon Cove   William Hiscock
12/17/1815(?) Trinity RANDELL, Charles       E. Croaker County, Somerset J. Clinch Thomas Dampier
  GILLET, Mary     Blacksmith   Charles Stone
01/12/1815 Trinity TRIGGS, William       Wenfort County, Dorset J. Clinch John Rallons
    BURRAGE, Sarah       Trinity   Thomas Dampier
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05/17/1815 Trinity KING, James   B   Old Perlican J. Clinch Thomas Miller
  MILLER, Sarah   S   Bonaventura   Elizabeth Pittman
07/07/1815 Trinity JANES, Joseph       Trinity J. Clinch Thomas Green
  BROMLEY, Mary       Bonavista   Richard Anderson
10/14/1815 Trinity SIMPSON, William       London J. Clinch Thomas Green
  NICHOLS, Elizabeth   W   Trinity   William Justican
03/16/1815 Trinity BARBER, John       Chard, Somerset J. Clinch John Killand
  FIFIELD, Susannah   W   Trinity   Jonah Jones
03/19/1815 Trinity PLOUGHMAN, John       Hinton St. Mary, Dorset J. Clinch John Hart
  FOSTER, Charity   W   Trinity   Thomas Vilborne
11/02/1815 Trinity IVAMY, James       English Harbour Abraham Akerman  
  SKIFFINGTON, Sarah       Bonavista    
11/02/1815 Trinity GEORGE, Robert       Heart's Content J. Clinch William Verge
  COOK, Ann       Trinity   Thomas Verge
11/07/1815 Trinity FIFIELD, Aaron       Trinity J. Clinch John Kelland
    HOSIER, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista   J.P. Garland
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11/07/1815   HART, Joseph       English Harbour J. Clinch George Cutler
    CUTLER, Hannah       Trinity William Moors
11/22/1815   EVELY, Matthew       Trinity J. Clinch William Allen
    WOOLRIDGE, Mary       Trinity Henry Hiscock
11/23/1815   COLLINS, William       Coffin's Well, Devon J. Clinch Thomas Dampier
    HALL, Eleanor       Trinity Thomas Meaher
12/12/1815   LANIGAN, James       Liverpool J. Clinch Richard Ash
    VERGE, Susannah       Trinity Thomas Bill
12/25/1816   CLARK, Robert       Cuckold's Cove J. Clinch Richard Ryal
    ROGERS, Ruth       Cuckold's Cove Robert Cundling
11/05/1816   IVAMY, George       J. Clinch William Jones
    SPRAGG, Sarah       English Harbour William Ivamy
11/12/1815   MOORES, Richard       Trinity J. Clinch William Spencer
    KETCH, Honor       Trinity Philip Moores
11/19/1815   SCULLY, Michael       Waterford, Ireland J. Clinch Michael Welsh
    CAHAL, Ann       Wexford, Ireland   Patrick Morney

Transcribed by BETTY CUMBY (2014)

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