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Trinity Bay North District

Volume 64
Page 1 - 30


Church of England
1757 - 1797

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels
Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place GROOM'S NAME/ BRIDE'S NAME Age Sta Occupation Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 001                
Age and occupation and other missing items were not recorded on the original pages.
PAGE 001                
04/11/1757 Trinity YOUNG, Dennis       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
    MULKACHY, Joan   W   Trinity Bay    
01/07/1758 Trinity HARTS, Joseph       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
    BESSTONE, Mary       Trinity Bay    
01/21/1758 Trinity LONG, Francis       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  IVYMY, Mary       Trinity Bay    
03/27/1758 Trinity TILLER, George       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  CROUCHER, Sarah       Trinity Bay    
05/20/1758 Trinity CHAFF, William       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  MORELY, Grace       Trinity Bay    
02/27/1759 Trinity EMRAY, Moses       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  GILLET, Ann       Trinity Bay    
05/14/1759 Trinity LAMBERT, James       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  JEANS, Elizabeth       Trinity Bay    
06/08?/1759 Trinity BAILEY, David       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
    WATERMAN, Patience       Trinity Bay    
PAGE 002                
Contains a note from Minister to Register re information not given on these pages.
(?)s old register of missing - ??ormation given is very ??ty In most cases all we get is the date of marriage, the names of the contracting parties married "in this place" presumably at Trinity - and residents of this Bay - presumably Trinity Bay. The names of the witnesses are not given. the end of the year the Minster officiating signed his name. Signed by (?).S. Sheppard
PAGE 003                
06/02/1760 Trinity LOCKYER, Richard       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  POTTLE, Mary       Trinity Bay    
06/05/1760 Trinity WHITE, William       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  ARCHER, Honora       Trinity Bay    
10/03,1760 Trinity MILLER, Richard       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  YOUNG, Grace       Trinity Bay    
10/04/1760 Trinity PENSON, James       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  SULY, Elizabeth       Trinity Bay    
10/06/1760 Trinity WORNAIL, Edward       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  ULRIDGE, Mary       Trinity Bay    
10/18/1760 Trinity FRAMPTON, Joseph       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  HADDOW, Jean       Trinity Bay    
10/23/1760 Trinity WARREN, William       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  POTTLE, Susannah       Trinity Bay    
10/24/1760 Trinity ABBOT, Matthew       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
    GILLET, Grace       Trinity Bay    
PAGE 004                
10/24/1760 Trinity LEGG, Joseph   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
  IVAMY, Mary   S   Trinity Bay    
12/27/1760 Trinity PARROT, Thomas   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
  BAILY, Eleanor   S   Trinity Bay    
02/24/1761 Trinity JESSUP, Matthew   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
  KEEL, Elizabeth   S   Trinity Bay    
10/20/1761 Trinity DUCEY, Patrick   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
BLACKMORE, Mary   S   Trinity Bay    
02/16/1762 Trinity SWEET, William   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
    BESSTONE Sr., Martha   S   Trinity Bay    
02/16/1762 Trinity HENCOCK, Thomas   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
    POTTLE, Ann   W   Trinity Bay    
03/12/1762 Trinity WATERMAN, Richard   B   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
    GILLET, Sarah   S   Trinity Bay    
09/23/1762 Trinity STONE, Robert   W   Trinity Bay Rev. Benjamin Lindsay  
    HADDOW, Mary   S   Trinity Bay    
PAGE 005                
10/05/1762 Trinity FALKNER, Jesse       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
    GUY, Mary       Trinity Bay    
10/15/1762 Trinity BYRON, Michael       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  BYRON, Mary       Trinity Bay    
11/28/1762 Trinity RHINES, Thomas       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  GEAR, Frances       Trinity Bay    
01/01/1763 Trinity COOK, Richard       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  TAVERNER, Mary       Trinity Bay    
09/07/1763 Bonaventura WHITEWOOD, Capt. William       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  TAVERNER, Elizabeth       Trinity Bay    
10/19/1763 Trinity MOORSE, John       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  SULY, Catharine       Trinity Bay    
10/21/1763 Trinity FOSTER, Joseph       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  HISCOCK, Sarah       Trinity Bay    
10/25/1763 Trinity BETTIS, Richard       Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
    SMITH, Sarah       Trinity Bay    
PAGE 006                
12/31/1763 Trinity WHITTEN, John     Fisherman Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  WISEMAN, Hannah       Trinity Bay    
05/30/1764 Trinity WELCH, Joseph     Planter Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  JEANS, Dusabella       Trinity Bay    
06/03/1764 Trinity SULY, Richard       Trinity Bay B. Lindsay  
  BARRET, Mary       Trinity Bay    
10/10/1764 Trinity WELLS,Wills?, John   B Fisherman Trinity Bay James Balfour  
  CARTER, Rose   S   Trinity Bay    
10/14/1764 Trinity VINNING, William   B   Trinity Bay James Balfour  
  MASSY, Elizabeth   S   Trinity Bay    
10/15/1764 Trinity DORRING, William   W Seaman Trinity Bay James Balfour  
  REDMAN, Patience   W Servant Trinity Bay    
10/24/1764 Trinity MATTHEW, John   B Sailor Trinity Bay James Balfour  
  BARRET, Elizabeth   S   Trinity Bay    
10/27/1764 Trinity TILLER, Robert   W Fisherman Trinity Bay James Balfour  
    HUSSEY, Mary   S   Trinity Bay    
PAGE 007                
11/10/1764 Trinity GESTICAN, Thomas   B Fisherman Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  GUBYS, Elizabeth   S   Trinity Bay    
12/17/1764 Trinity CLIFFORD, Thomas   B Fisherman Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  GREEN, Agnes   W   Trinity Bay    
12/27/1764 Trinity CLOTHIER, John       Yeovil,Dorset J. Balfour  
  HURDELL, Mary       Trinity Bay    
07/18/1765 Trinity LANE, John   B Surgeon Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  COLEMAN, Eleanor   S   Trinity Bay    
08/22/1765 Trinity HIGDEN, Benjamin     Fisherman Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  POTTLE, Catharine       Trinity Bay    
09/29/1765 Trinity POWER, Maurice   B   Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  BURK, Mary   S   Trinity Bay    
10/03/1765 Trinity REID, David     Sailor Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
  VIRGE, Honora       Trinity Bay    
10/12/1765 Trinity DOLLY?, John   W   Trinity Bay J. Balfour  
    GAYTEN, Mary   W   Trinity Bay    
PAGE 008                
10/24/1765 Trinity FLING, John         J. Balfour  
  JEANS, Mary            
01/25/1766 Trinity MOORSE, Philip         J. Balfour  
  GORMAN, Mary            
05/10/1766 Trinity YOUNG, Thomas         J. Balfour  
  BAIRNS, Mary            
06/08/1766 Trinity RICHMOND, John         J. Balfour  
  POTTLE, Susannah       English Harbour    
06/22/1766 Trinity GALTON, John         J. Balfour  
  IVYMY, Sarah            
10/05/1766 Trinity WATERMAN, Richard         J. Balfour  
  ARCHER, Sarah            
10/10/1766 Trinity PINEHORN, Joseph         J. Balfour  
  BESSTONE, Martha       English Harbour    
10/13/1766 Trinity BALFOUR, Rev. James   B Missionary Trinity J. Balfour(?)  
    EMBRAY, Mrs. Ann   S?        
PAGE 009                
10/20/1766 Trinity HAYWOOD, John         J. Balfour  
  BARRET, Ann            
01/13/1767 Trinity SHOURAH, Henry (Frenchman)         J. Balfour  
  MACARTY, Elizabeth          
07/30/1767 Trinity BARNES, Martin     Captain   J. Balfour  
  DIXON, Elizabeth       Ireland  
09/04/1767 Trinity WILTSHIRE, William       English Harbour J. Balfour  
  FALCONER, Mary          
09/15/1767 Trinity COLLIER, Richard         J. Balfour  
  LONG, Mary          
10/02/1767 Trinity KENE, Richard       Ireland J. Balfour  
  MEGRA, Hannah          
10/12/1767 Trinity DYET, Christopher         J. Balfour  
  BESSTONE, Elizabeth       English Harbour  
10/15/1767 Trinity JONES, John         J. Balfour  
    GUY, Flower          
PAGE 010                
01/12/1768 Trinity POTTLE, William         J. Balfour  
  BESSTONE, Honora       English Harbour    
05/05/1768 Trinity CODD, Patrick       Ireland J. Balfour  
  BARRET, Hannah            
06/03/1768 Trinity WELLS, Thomas         J. Balfour  
  JONES, Sarah       English Harbour    
10/24/1768 Trinity MILLS, John       Bermingstone,Dorset J. Balfour  
  SPRAGG, Elizabeth       Fox Island    
01/05/1769 Trinity ROYAL, John       Somerset J. Balfour  
  IVYMY, Mary       English Harbour    
09/11/1769 Old Perlican ALLEN, John       Ireland J. Balfour  
  POWER, Mary       Ireland    
05/07/1770 A Church Hants BUGDEN, John         J. Balfour  
  BESSTON, Sarah       English Harbour    
06/01/1770 Trinity PINHORN, John         J. Balfour  
    BARNES, Mary       Trinity S.W. Arm    
PAGE 011                
06/08/1770 Trinity SIEVIER, William       Ringwood (Hants) J. Balfour  
  HADDOW, Rachel       Riders Harbour    
09/19/1770 Trinity HALFORD, William         J. Balfour  
  GREEK, Ann          
10/10/1770 Trinity HARVEY, John         J. Balfour  
  HOPKINES, Catharine       Hearts Content  
10/10/1770 Trinity WOLFREY, George         J. Balfour  
  BARNES, Honora       Trinity    
01/12/1771 Trinity DURDLE, Joseph     Boat's Master   J. Balfour  
  GREEN, Dusabella          
01/14/1771 Trinity KEMBER, Matthew         J. Balfour  
  DYET, Elizabeth          
04/28/1771 Trinity DEWY, John       Tinkletown, Dorset J. Balfour  
  BOWEN, Ann       Bonaventure  
09/26/1771 Trinity FROUCK, Joseph       Howners, Hants J. Balfour  
    De GRISH, Elizabeth            
PAGE 012                
11/07/1771 Trinity YOUNGS, Thomas         J. Balfour  
  SULY, Mary          
12/07/1771 Trinity KELLAND, John         J. Balfour  
  CREW, Elizabeth       Silly Cove  
12/20/1771 Trinity CANFOR, John Granvile       Dungarvan, Ireland J. Balfour  
  IVYMY, Hannah          
01/01/1772 Trinity DWYER, John         J. Balfour  
  WATERMAN, Hannah          
09/17?/1772 Trinity WADMAN, Richard         J. Balfour  
  WATERS, Elizabeth          
10/04/1772 Trinity STURMY, John       Poole, Dorset J. Balfour  
  VIERGE, Susannah       Trinity  
10/05/1772 Trinity BESSTONE, William         J. Balfour  
  WALTER, Sarah       Trinity  
01/04/1773 Trinity SWEET, William     Planter Trinity J. Balfour  
    TAVERNER, Sarah       Trinity  
PAGE 013                
04/22/1773 Trinity MALLONEY, Andrew     Planter North Side Trinity J. Balfour  
    STACY, Mary       Weyford    
06/04/1773 Old Perlican GOOBY, James         J. Balfour  
    PIKE, Mary          
10/15/1773 Trinity ROGERS, Joseph       Rider's Harbour J. Balfour  
  SPURRAL, Elizabeth       Rider's Harbour  
11/16/1773 Trinity FOSTER, Thomas       Fox Island J. Balfour  
  HISCOCK, Cicilia       Fox Island  
01/12/1774 Trinity GILLET, John       J. Balfour  
  SPRAGG, Mary       Fox Island  
05/14/1774 Trinity DOLMAN, John       Lytchett,Dorset J. Balfour  
  BARRET, Sarah       Trinity  
06/01/1774 Trinity WISEMAN, John         J. Balfour  
  SPURDLE, Mary          
07/25/1774 Trinity JANES, William     Planter Trinity J. Balfour  
    BARNES, Sarah          
Minister's note for *MALLONEY Andrew & STACY Mary, {"This marriage legally ratified today. They were privatily married May 2,1770."}
PAGE 014                
09/04/1774 Trinity TALBOT, James       J. Balfour  
  ETHRIDGE, Mary   W      
09/08/1774 Trinity CONNORS, Maurice     Ireland Ireland J. Balfour  
  WELSH, Elizabeth     Ireland Ireland    
09/24/1774 Old Perlican WILLIAMS, John       J. Balfour  
    BALNEY, Ann          
10/12/1774 Trinity HALYER, James     Netherbury, Dorset Netherbury, Dorset J. Balfour  
  THORN, Mary     New Harbour New Harbour    
10/14/1774 Trinity HOOKY, Stephen     Christ Church,Hants Christ Church, Hants J. Balfour  
  IVYMY, Sarah     Bonaventure Bonaventure    
12/03/1774 Trinity MOORS, Joseph       J. Balfour  
  BARNES, Elizabeth     Trinity    
12/09/1774 Trinity MOORES, William       J. Balfour  
  TAVERNER, Patience     Trinity    
12/11/1774 Trinity WELSH, Joseph     J. Balfour  
    BARNES, Hannah     Trinity      
PAGE 015                
12/25/1774 Trinity ANDERSON, Richard         J. Balfour  
  BARNES, Mary   W   Trinity    
03/20/1775 Trinity WOODS, Joseph     Planter Cheshire J. Balfour  
  HUSSEY, Susannah       Salmon Cove    
05/07/1775 Trinity KEEFE, Gerald       Barnet Tree Parish, Waterford J. Balfour  
  CAVENOT, Mary       Queen's County,Ireland    
05/16/1775 Trinity HOGARTH, Isaac       Hants J. Balfour  
  BLANCHARD, Dorothy       North Side Trinity    
09/26/1775 Trinity GREEN, John   B Blacksmith   J. Balfour  
  DEWEY, Mary   S   Bonavista    
11/15/1775 Trinity CLIFFORD, William         J. Balfour  
  TIBBS, Ann       Salmon Cove    
12/28/1775 Trinity GOOLDWITHEY, Henerry     Planter   J. Balfour  
  JONES, Jean       English Harbour    
02/01/1776 Trinity BROOMFIELD, Henary   B     J. Balfour  
    GOLDWORTHY, Sarah   S   Salmon Cove    
PAGE 016                
06/19/1776 Trinity BAKAR, John         J. Balfour  
  ROGERS, Elizabeth          
07/08/1776 Trinity ROE, Thomas         J. Balfour  
  HURDLE, Elizabeth     Trinity  
09/09/1776 Trinity RICHARD, Richard         J. Balfour  
  EYIMY, Susannah          
10/02/1776 Trinity PENNY, William         J. Balfour  
  JONES, Ann     English Harbour  
10/16/1776 Trinity SNOOK, William     New Perlican J. Balfour  
  ETHRAGE, Ekizabeth       Trinity  
10/17/1776 Trinity BUGDUN, William     Planter   J. Balfour  
  VIRGE, Mary          
11/16/1776 Trinity SEXTONE, Robert         J. Balfour  
  JONES, Mary       Trinity  
11/18/1778 Trinity HITCHCOCK, Henry       Devon J. Balfour  
    TAVERNER, Susannah       Trinity  
PAGE 017                
Duplicate of Page 016.                
PAGE 018                
03/27/1779 Trinity HILL, William         J. Balfour  
  FLEMAN, Elizabeth          
10/07/1779 Trinity WATERMAN, James         J. Balfour  
  WOODS, Charity          
11/08/1779 Trinity PARRATT, Samuall         J. Balfour  
  WHITE, Elizabeth     Trinity    
04/30/1780 Trinity LAMBERT, George       Obourn, Worsetshire J. Balfour  
  GIVNEY, Catharine       English Harbour    
10/18/1780 Trinity SPURDLE, John         J. Balfour  
  VIRGE, Sarah       Trinity    
12/08/1880 Trinity CONARS, Morrice         J. Balfour  
  HENCOCK, Ann          
06/03/1782 Trinity LAWLESS, William         J. Balfour  
  ROW, Elizabeth          
06/24/1782 Trinity MORRISS, Samual   B     J. Balfour  
    PINHORN, Mary   S        
PAGE 019                
07/08/1782 Trinity CRAMB, Thomas   B   J. Clinch  
  MOORES, Patiance   S        
09/22/1782 Trinity BENNET, Steven   B   J. Clinch  
  BARNES, Hannah   W Trinity    
10/09/1782 Trinity MILLAR, William   B J. Clinch  
  ABBOT, Mary   S Trinity    
12/25/1782 Trinity WOOLDRIGE, Richard   W   J. Clinch  
  HITCHCOCK, Mary   W Fox Island    
05/18/1783 Trinity HUNT, John   B   J. Clinch  
  CLARK, Mary   S Trinity    
10/02/1783 Trinity BOND, Robbert     Dorset J. Clinch  
  KEATS, Honerra     Trinity    
10/16/1783 Trinity IVMEY, James     Bonaventure J. Clinch  
  ABBOTT, Jean     Trinity    
01/10/1784 Trinity HART, Robert   W English Harbour J. Clinch  
    IVAMY, Sarah     English Harbour    
PAGE 020                
03/12/1784 Trinity PINHORN, Joseph       Trinity J. Clinch  
  COOK, Mary   W   Trinity    
04/19/1784 Trinity TAVERNER, Joseph         J. Clinch  
  FRAMPTON, JANE       English Harbour    
06/17/1784 Trinity CLINCH, John       Trinity J. Clinch  
  HART, Hannah       English Harbour    
09/21/1784 Trinity MOORS, Joseph       Poole J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Elizabeth       Trinity    
11/08/1784 Trinity JENKINS, Capt. John       Fox Island J. Clinch  
  POWELL, Mary       Trinity    
07/27/1784 Trinity HISCOCK, Thomas       Fox Island J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Honor       Trinity    
03/17/1785 Trinity HISCOCK, William       Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
  DEA, Mary       Salmon Cove    
05/18/1785 Trinity ANDERSON, Samuel       Somerset J. Clinch  
    KEATES, Mary       Trinity    
PAGE 021                
09/23/1785 Trinity POWLETT, William       New Harbour J. Clinch  
  HEFFORD, Priscilla       New Perlican    
10/14/1785 Trinity BARRY, Patrick       Cork, Ireland J. Clinch  
  ETHERIDGE, Mary       Trinity    
12/31/1785 Trinity CUTLER, George       Fordingbridge, G. Britain J. Clinch  
  WORNEL, Sarah       Trinity    
05/06/1786 Trinity ROBINSON, John       Great Britain J. Clinch  
  FOSTER, Celia   W   Salmon Cove    
08/27/1786 Trinity CASSIN, Matthew       Waterford, Ireland J. Clinch  
  ETHERIDGE, Ann   W   Trinity    
10/09/1786 Trinity QUINN, Darby       Ross, Ireland J. Clinch  
  FOSTER, Sarah   W   Rider's Harbour    
11/24/1786 Trinity WOODS, John       Old Perlican J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Catharine       Trinity    
01/01/1787 Trinity SINNOX, James       Dorsett Thomas Clifford  
    STONE, Silence            
PAGE 022                
06/13/1787 Trinity ETHERIDGE, James   B Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Amy   W   Trinity    
08/26/1787 Trinity IVAMY, Joseph       J. Clinch  
  MORLEY, Elizabeth       Trinity    
09/20/1787 Trinity PHAIN, Robert   B Surgeon Bloomfield, Ireland J. Clinch  
  HART, Elizabeth   S   English Harbour    
10/16/1787 Trinity PURSET, John     Sailor Ireland J. Clinch  
  SEVIER, Mary       Rider's Harbour    
10/22/1787 Trinity WHITE, Thomas   W   Somerset J. Clinch  
  BARNS, Catherine   W   Trinity    
11/07/1787 Trinity DAMPIER, Thomas       Sherbourne, Dorset J. Clinch  
  SWEET, Ann       Trinity    
11/09/1787 Trinity BURRAGE, William   B Planter Somerset J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Beatrix   S   Heart's Content    
06/14/1788 Trinity WHITTLE, Joseph       Lichell, Dorset J. Clinch  
    WATERMAN, Sarah Hannah       Trinity    
PAGE 23                
09/06/1788 Trinity JONES, Robert       Liverpool J. Clinch  
  NEWELL, Mary       Trinity    
10/03/1788 Trinity MILLER, Thomas       Bonaventura J. Clinch  
  DEAN, Mary       Crocker's Cove    
10/06,1788 Trinity CRAM, William       Old Perlican J. Clinch  
  BARNES, Dorothy       Trinity    
10/19/1788 Trinity ROGERS, James       J. Clinch  
  HAYT, Margaret          
10/26/1788 Trinity MORRISEY, John       Kilmorden, Ireland J. Clinch  
  POWER, Mary       Kerley's Harbour    
10/27/1788 Trinity MEAGHAR, Edward       Tipperary, Ireland J. Clinch  
  BAILEY, Patience       Bonaventura    
11/08/1788 Trinity MCGRATH, Phillip       Trinity J. Clinch  
  SOOLEY, Catherine       Trinity    
11/18/1788 Trinity COOMBES, Jonathan       Buckingham, Somerset J. Clinch  
    DE GRISH, Ann   S   Trinity    
PAGE 024                
01/12/1789 Trinity HOSIER, Giles   B   Poole J. Clinch  
  NEWELL, Grace   S   Trinity  
02/04/1789 Trinity COATES, Philip       Devon J. Clinch  
  TAVERNER, Sarah       Trinity  
04/14/1789 Trinity BARNS, John       Great Britain J. Clinch  
  CODD, Hannah   W      
04/18/1789 Trinity BAILEY, John       Trinity J. Clinch  
  PINSON, Jane       Trinity  
05/25/1789 Trinity MALONEY, Cornelius       Waterford, Ireland J. Clinch  
  PINSON, Mary       Trinity  
08/15/1789 Trinity JEFFRIES, Samuel       Forten Bridge,Hants J. Clinch  
  WOODS, Christian   W   Old Perlican    
09/12/1789 Trinity SERJEANT, Joseph       Great Britain J. Clinch  
  TIBBS, Ann   W   Trinity    
10/08/1789 Trinity KINGMAN, Robert       Axminister, Devon J. Clinch  
    RYAL, Mary   W        
PAGE 025                
10/12/1789 Trinity PILE, Capt. John       Sidmouth, Devon J. Clinch  
  WATERMAN, Elizabeth       Trinity    
10/26/1789 Trinity DAILEY, Thomas   B   Enniscorthy,Ireland J. Clinch  
  HARDING, Sarah   S   Trinity    
10/31/1789 Trinity WELSHMAN, George       Dorset J. Clinch  
  KEATES, Elizabeth       Trinity    
11/24/1789 Trinity LAMBERT, Thomas       Moncton, Dorset J. Clinch  
  CODD, Elizabeth       Trinity    
05/10/1790 Trinity PECKHAM, John   W   Trinity J. Clinch  
  COOK, Susannah   S   Trinity    
10/27/1790 Trinity MILLER, George         J. Clinch  
  BASTON, Sarah   W   English Harbour    
11/02/1790 Trinity CASHMAN, John         J. Clinch  
  JUSTICAN, Susannah       Trinity    
12/15/1790 Trinity BARNES, Stephen       Trinity J. Clinch  
    GOLDWORTHY, Ann       Salmon Cove    
PAGE 026                
01/01/1791 Trinity FOWLOE, Thomas   B   Trinity J. Clinch  
  DEWY, Elizabeth   S   Trinity    
01/01/1791 Trinity PINKETT, James       Petherton,Somerset J. Clinch  
  TIBBS, Judith       Trinity    
10/31/1791 Trinity RICKS, John       Long Ham, Hants J. Clinch  
  BAILEY, Elizabeth   S   Bonaventura    
11/03/1791 Trinity CLARKE, Robert       Trinity J. Clinch  
  PARROT, Elenor       Trinity    
11/07/1791 Trinity BAILEY, William       Milbourne, Somerset J. Clinch  
  WATERMAN, Sarah   W   Trinity    
09/01/1792 Trinity STREET, Peter       Poole J. Clinch  
  WHITTLE, Hester       Trinity    
09/18/1792 Trinity GOLDSWORTH, Edward   B   Salmon Cove J. Clinch  
  HEALEY, Elizabeth   S   Bonavista    
10/14/1792 Trinity MILLER, Samuel       Bonaventura J. Clinch  
    IVAMY, Martha       Bonaventura    
PAGE 027                
11/06/1792 Trinity RYAN, Richard     Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  BAILY, Flora       Salmon Cove    
11/08/1792 Trinity ISAACS, John   W   Dorset, G. Britain J. Clinch  
  PERROT, Elizabeth   W      
04/08/1793 Trinity HARDIN, John   W   Trinity J. Clinch  
  BOUND, Elizabeth   W        
07/21/1793 Trinity KNIGHT, Stephen       Shaftesbury, Dorset J. Clinch  
  MARCH, Ann     Sailor? Old Perlican    
08/31/1793 Trinity BASTON, John   B   Ashcombe, Devon J. Clinch  
  HIGDEN, Joan   S   English Harbour    
10/21/1793 Trinity CURIN, Patrick       Tallow, Ireland J. Clinch  
  LAMBERT, Mary       Trinity    
02/21/1794 Trinity PECKHAM, Martin       Trinity J. Clinch  
  COOK, Ann       Trinity    
03/01/1794 Trinity PICK, George   B Planter Hants, G. Britain J. Clinch  
    ANDERSON, Mary   W        
PAGE 028                
08/18/1794 Trinity BRINE, John   B Boat Keeper Trinity J. Clinch  
  HISCOCK, Elizabeth   S   Silly Cove    
08/30/1794 Trinity COOK, George       Trinity J. Clinch  
  VIRGE, Ann       Trinity    
10/01/1794 Trinity STONE, Henry       Pinhoe, Devon J. Clinch  
  HOGARTH, Mary       Trinity    
10/18/1794 Trinity SPENCER, William   B Planter Trinity J. Clinch  
  IVAMY, Mary   S   English Harbour    
10/19/1794 Trinity IVAMY, John         J. Clinch  
  MILLER, Amy       Bonaventura    
10/25/1794 Trinity GREEN, Daniel       Trinity J. Clinch  
  BAILEY, Jane       Salmon Cove    
12/01/1794 Trinity READ, Thomas   B Fisherman Greens Pond J. Clinch  
  MOORS, Ann   S      
12/01/1794 Trinity BENGER, Josiah       S.Cadbury, Somerset J. Clinch  
    WOODS, Susannah       Trinity    
PAGE 029                
10/01/1795 Trinity ABBOT, Matthew       Trinity J. Clinch  
  FOWLOE, Ann       Trinity  
10/05/1795 Trinity BAILEY, John       Bonaventura J. Clinch  
  WHITE, Mary       Heart's Content  
10/07/1795 Trinity VATCHER, John       Xt. Church, Hants J. Clinch  
  COD, Hannah       Trinity  
10/28/1795 Trinity RANDALL, John       Simons-Bury, Dorset J. Clinch  
  PHILLIPS, Patience       Trinity  
10/29/1795 Trinity MARSHALSEA, William       White Church, Dorset J. Clinch  
  MILLER, Mary       Trinity  
11/02/1795 Trinity DIDHAM, Samuel       Bickley, Devon J. Clinch  
  BUSSEY, Elizabeth          
11/11/1795 Trinity EAGAN, Dennis       Youghall, Ireland J. Clinch  
  DOUGER, Winefred            
04/16/1796 Trinity FINCH, Samuel Thomas       Dartmouth J. Clinch  
    PIERCY, Elizabeth       Old Perlican    
PAGE 030                
06/11/1796 Trinity TOUCHWOOD, Henry       Steath, Somerset J. Clinch  
  STOCKLEY, Elizabeth       Bonavista    
08/16/1796 Trinity TULLY?, Edward       Younghall J. Clinch  
  MOORS, Elizabeth          
09/03/1796 Trinity FURNELL, Thomas   B Captain Poole J. Clinch  
WHITTLE, Mary   S   Trinity  
09/03/1796 Trinity STONE, Robert       Trinity J. Clinch  
  KEEL, Elizabeth       Trinity    
10/06/1796 Trinity BURRAGE, Joseph   B Captain Thorncombe, Devon J. Clinch  
  ROWE, Susannah   S   Trinity    
10/22/1796 Trinity HANCOCK, James       Trinity J. Clinch  
  PINHORN, Elizabeth       Trinity    
09/01/1796 Trinity TAVERNER, William       Trinity J. Clinch  
  FRAMPTON, Rachel       Trinity    
10/06/1797 Trinity BAILEY, David   B Planter Bonaventura J. Clinch  
    BUGDEN, Elizabeth   S   Trinity    

Transcribed by BETTY CUMBY (2014)

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