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Vital Statistics, Volume 33
Harbour Main District


Church of England

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels

Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place Groom'sName /
Bride's Name
Age Sta Occupation Residence at
Time of Marriage
By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 1                
May 17, 1880 Topsail George SQUIRES None B None Chamberlains Edward Colley Lionel Squires
    Harriett DOWDEN Given S Given Chamberlains   Mary Jane Squires
May 22, 1880 Topsail Robert HINDS (HYNES/HANES)   B   Middle Bight Edward Colley Alfred Butler
    Selina DAW   S   Killigrews   Eliza Jane Butler
June 23, 1880 Topsail Alexander John HARVEY   B   St. John's Edward Colley Robert J. Pinsent
    Amy Constance BUNTING   S   St. John's   Marguerite Bunting
---  ---, 1880 Topsail Cyrus Lawlor WARREN   B   St. John's Edward Colley Emmanuel Taylor
    Jemima Facey BOWDEN   S   St. John's   Louisa Bowden
Dec 14, 1880 Topsail William Henry CHURCHILL   B   Topsail Edward Colley James A. Hiscock
    Susanna HISCOCK   S   Lance Cove Bell Isle   Louisa Hiscock
Jan 6, 1882 Topsail Abraham TUCKER   B   Broad Cove Edward Colley Joseph Tucker
    Emma Leah SQUIRES   S   Bay of Islands   Mary Ann Butler
Jan 18, 1882 Topsail Samuel SQUIRES   B   Topsail Edward Colley William James Squires
    Elizabeth SQUIRES   S   Chamberlains   Elizabeth Squires
Feb 21, 1882 Topsail Benjamin DAW   ---   Lower Gully Edward Colley Richard Taylor
    Elizabeth FARREL   ---   Killigrews   Susanna Porter
PAGE 2                
Feb 28, 1882 Topsail Joseph KENNEDY --- ---   Long Pond Edward Colley John Perren
    Rachel PERREN PERRIN) --- ---   Long Pond   Mary Ann Butler
April 4, 1882 Topsail Moses  DOWDEN --- S   Chamberlains Edward Colley Reuben Fowler
    Emma PETTEN --- W   Foxtrap   Susanna Porter
May 9, 1882 Topsail William ANDREWS --- B   Upper Gully Edward Colley Job Coates
    Susanna WELSH --- S   Lance Cove   Eliza Coates
Oct 10, 1882 Topsail Charles MORGAN --- W   Hopewell Edward Colley Abraham Dawe
    Selina DAW --- S   Kelligrews   Susan Coates
May 10, 1883 Topsail Samuel DAW 25 B   Long Pond Edward Colley William Bailey
    Jessie BALDWIN 20 S   Pouch Cove   Mary Ann Petten
May 23, 1883 Topsail Charles BUTLER 26 B Fisherman Seal Cove Edward Colley Charles Andrews
    Catherine ALLCOCK (ALCOCK) 22 S   Harbour Grace   Patience Morgan
May 28, 1883 Topsail Samuel FRANCIS 46 W   South St. John's Edward Colley John Hollands
    Mary Ann NOSEWORTH (sic) 49 W   Long Pond   Mary Slade
July 16, 1883 Topsail George Mark WILLS 31 B   St. John's Edward Colley John Parnell
    Clara Frances MILLER 20 S   Portsmouth, England   Alice Churchill
PAGE 3                
Sept 26, 1883 Topsail Walter Muerhead KIRKENDALL (?) full age   Mariner Hamilton Ontario Edward Botwood R.D. Urias Stephens
    Mary Ann STEPHENS full age     St. John's   Theresa Stephens
Nov 5, 1883 Topsail James BEER 49 W   Long Pond Edward Colley William Beer
    Elizabeth MORGAN 43 S   -----   Jacob Kennedy
Nov 15, 1883 Topsail Tobias MERCER --- B   Chamberlains Edward Colley Thomas Dowden
    Martha FOWLER --- W   Chamberlains   Elizabeth J, Parmiter
Dec 1, 1883 Topsail Thomas HANN 25 B   Harbour Buffett, Placentia Bay Edward Colley James Kates
    Charlotte CLARK 19 S   St. John's   Thomas Martin
Nov 6, 1883 Topsail George FOWLER 28 B   Chamberlains Edward Colley Matthew Greenslade
    Mary Ann GREENSLADE 21 S   Long Pond   Joseph Fowler
Dec 18, 1883 Topsail Charles DAHL --- B   Hammerfest, Norway Edward Colley Charley Rudolph
    Eliza TUCKER --- W   South Side St. Joohn's   Joseph Tilley
Dec 22, 1883 Topsail George TILLEY 26 B   Kelligrews Edward Colley Robert Mercer
    Emily MERCER 23 S   Chamberlains   Ruth Jane Tilley
Jan 4, 1884 Topsail James Alfred HISCOCK 34 B   Lance Cove, Bell Isle Edward Colley George Hiscock
    Catherine Frances SKEHAN 20 S   Bell Isle   Anne Normore
PAGE 4                
Jan 24, 1884 Topsail John Johnson TUCKER 27 B   Broad Cove Edward Colley John Squires
    Sarah Jane SQUIRES 22 S   Broad Cove   Martha Squires
Mar 29, 1884 Topsail Nathaniel TUCKER 26 B   Broad Cove Edward Colley George Hiscock
    Helen HISCOCK 22 S   Chamberlains   Providence Hiscock
April 28, 1884 Topsail Samuel PORTER   W   Fox Trap Edward Colley Edward Fowler
    Eliza PETTEN   W   Middle Bight   William Porter
Nov 11, 1884 Topsail John Francis CLARK   B   Broad Cove Edward Colley Peter Squires
    Clara SHARP   S   Island Cove   Annie Clark
Nov 17, 1884 Topsail William DAW   W   Long Pond Edward Colley James Kennedy
    Amma ANDREWS   W   Upper Gully   Mary A. Daw
Jan 16, 1885 Topsail Thomas ALLEN   B   Topsail Edward Colley William Rees
    Jemima Susanna REES   S   Lance Cove Bell Isle   Caroline Rees
Jan 20, 1885 Topsail Nathaniel MILLER   B   Topsail Edward Colley William Smith
    Selina ANDERSON   S   Burgeo   Janet Smith
Feb 7, 1885 Topsail George St. Clare THOMAS   B   Digby Co N S Edward Colley Samuel Churchill
    Alice CHURCHILL   S   Topsail   Eliz Thomas
PAGE 5                
Sept 16, 1885 Lance Cove B. I. John Henry LEY   B   St. John's Edward Colley William Rees
    Caroline Frances REES   S   Lance Cove Bell Isle   Sarah Jane Ree
April 15, 1885 Topsail Willaim BARNES   B   Topsail Edward Colley Charles Barnes
    Emma Jane Batten   S   Bareneed   Elizabeth Morgan
Aug 5, 1885 Topsail Walter Bowditch WEST   B   England Edward Colley Henry H. Stabb
    Ella Selina Agnes STABB   ---   St. John's   Jno W. West
Aug 29, 1885 Topsail Harold Alexander HODDER   B   St. John's Edward Colley Thomas H. Nichols
    Hagar NICHOL   S   St. John's   Mary G. Snow
Oct 28, 1885 Topsail Joseph FOWLER   B   Chamberlains Edward Colley William Westcott
    Annie WESTCOTT   ---   St. John's   Susanna Fowler
Nov 11, 1885 Topsail Thomas PICOT (PICCO)   B   Portugal Cove Edward Colley James John Dawe
    Providence DAWE   S   Lower Gully   Mary Mugford
Nov 11, 1885 Topsail Jacob MERCER   B   Chamberlains Edward Colley Edward Hiscock
    Anna Mary PAYNE   S   Aquaforte   Eliza C T Payne
Nov 26, 1885 Topsail William John HENNESY (HENNESSEY)   B   Killegrews Edward Colley Charles Haines
    Eliza HAINES   S   Middle Bight   Elizabeth LeDrew
PAGE 6                
Dec 12, 1885 Topsail Frederick ATKINS   B   Long Pond Edward Colley William Noseworthy
    Sarah Jane DROVER   S   Random   Christiana Noseworthy
Dec 22, 1885 Topsail Joseph GREENSLADE --- B   Long Pond Edward Colley William LeDrew
    Elizabeth LeDREW 21 S   Kelligrews   Eliza C. LeDrew
Dec 29, 1885 Bell Isle George REES 30 B Fisherman Lance Cove Bell Isle Edward Colley Wm Swansborough
    Catherine BENNETT 25 S   Lance Cove Bell Isle   Elizabeth Tucker
Dec 23, 1885 Topsail Abraham LeDREW 42 W   Kelligrews Edward Colley George Morgan
    Elizabeth MORGAN 21 S   Port de Grave   Patience Butler
Dec 26, 1885 Topsail William James PICCO 31 B   Portugal Cove Edward Colley Samuel Tilley
    Mary Charlotte MUGFORD 23 S   Port de Grave   Lydia Mercer
Mar 20, 1886 Topsail Jonathan PORTER 25 B   Long Pond Edward Colley Jacob Porter
    Sarah Ann PORTER 23 S   -----   Susanna Porter
Oct 16, 1886 Topsail Garland ANDREWS 23 B   Upper Gully Edward Colley William Anthony
    Selina ANTHONY 22 S   Lower Gully   Emma FAgan
Nov 11, 1886 Topsail Nathaniel SQUIRES 27 B   Topsail Edward Colley Richard Taylor
    Mary Ann WHITE 25 S   -----   Mary Ann Taylor
PAGE 7                
Dec 11, 1886 Topsail Edward NOEL 26 B Captain St. John's Edward Colley Clement Alcock
    Katie ALCOCK 19 S   Griquet   Maggie Carnell
Dec 11, 1886 Topsail John BISHOP 29 B Fisherman Fox Trap Edward Colley Jacob Fagan
    Jemima TAYLOR 29 S   Middle Bight   Mary Fagan
Sept 15. 1887 Topsail Edwin DAVIS 36 B Clerk in Holy Orders Halifax, England Ll Newfoundland Edward Colley
    Gertrude Martha Dallow COLLEY 22 S   Topsail   Bessie Weedon
Sept 28, 1887 Topsail Robert William BARNES 29 B Merchant Gower St. St. John's Edward Colley James H. Monroe
    Marion DICKSON 24 S   Le Marchant Rd, St. John's   Albert E. Carter
Nov 1, 1887 Topsail William HIBBS 32 B Carpenter Topsail Edward Colley Wm Swansborough
    Julia E. SWANSBOROUGH 34 S   Topsail   Lillie Reader
Nov 7, 1887 Topsail Edward DOWDEN 32 B Farmer Topsail Francis W. Colley Edward Colley
    Mary TAYLOR 25 S   -----   V A Swansborough
Nov 10, 1887 Topsail James HENNESSY 22 B Fisherman Kellegrew Francis W. Colley William Hennessey
    Eliza SMITH 21 S   Long Pond   Eliza Hennessey
Nov 16, 1887 Topsail Thomas KENNEDY 28 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley Abraham LeDrew
    Julia Ann LeDREW 18 S   Kelligrews   Selina Andrews
PAGE 8                
Dec 26, 1887 Topsail Cabel SQUIRES --- B Fisherman Broad Cove Edward Colley Joseph Greenslade
    Jane GREENSLADE --- S   Long Pond   Elizabeth Greenslade
Dec 28, 1887 Topsail George SQUIRES 35 W Fisherman Chamberlains Edward Colley Thomas Metcalf
    Elizabeth Jane SMITH 25 S   Manuels   Mary Jane Squires
Jan 12, 1888 Topsail William J. TILLEY 28 B Miner Kelligrews Edward Colley Henry Andrews
    Selina ANDREWS 23 S   Upper Gully   Caroline LeDrew
May 3, 1888 Topsail Albert BAIRD 24 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley William Baird
    Fanny MORGAN 18 S   Port de Grave   Fanny Porter
July 4, 1888 Topsail John E. FURNEAUX 34 B Proprietor St. John's Edward Colley Joseph Daymond
    Amelia DAYMOND 25 S   St. John's   Emma Daymond
Dec 19, 1888 Topsail Thomas SQUIRES --- B Fisherman Chamberlains Edward Colley Lionel Squires
    Selkina BOONE --- S   Seldom Come By   Martha Haines
April 22, 1889 Topsail Edward TILLEY 26 B Fisherman Kelligrews Edward Colley Thomas Kennedy
    Mary Jane BISHOP 19 S   Kelligrews   Caroline LeDrew
June 1, 1889 Topsail James DELANEY 40 W Fisherman Fox Trap Edward Colley Esau Greeley
    Grace GREELY 28 S   Greelytown   Mary Jane Greeley
PAGE 9                
June 21, 1889 Topsail Isaac EASON 24 B   Manuels Edward Colley Joseph Porter
    Phoebe PORTER 18 S   Manuels   Emma Webber
June 27, 1889 Topsail Alfred A. MARTIN 26 B Engineer St. John's Edward Colley John B. Martin
    Jessie EVERATT (sic) 17 S   -----   Laura Cornick
Oct 24, 1889 Topsail James John HIBBS 28 B Miner Middle Bight Edward Colley John Haines
    Harriett HAINES 22 S   -----   Martha Haines
Nov 2, 1889 Topsail Richard KENNEDY 24 B Fisherman Foxtrap Edward Colley John Petten
    Sarah Jane PORTER 21 S   -----   Mary Ann Kennedy
Nov 17, 1889 Topsail Abraham DAWE 58 W Fisherman Kelligrews Edward Colley Samuel Haines
    Sarah BUTLER 53 W   ----   Maria Haines
Dec 5, 1889 Topsail Robert KENNEDY 24 B   Long Pond Edward Colley Isaac Butler
    Sarah Frances DAWE 19 S   -----   Emily Mugford
Dec 9, 1889 Topsail Richard MORGAN 35 W Fisherman Long Pond E K H Caldwell Samuel George Morgan
    Mary Ann PERRIN 27 S   -----   Julia Perrin
Dec 10, 1889 Topsail William Henry WHITTEN 21 B Fisherman St. John's Edward Colley Joseph Dawe
    Mary PORTER 20 S   Long Pond   Eliza Whitten
PAGE 10                
Dec 11, 1889 Topsail Jacob PORTER 25 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley Joseph Fagan
    Maria GALE 24 S   Middle Bight   Susanna Porter
Feb 6, 1890 Topsail Robert SQUIRES 30 B Fisherman Chamberlains Edward Colley William Andrews
    Caroline WALSH 22 S   Kelligrews   Mary Squires
Mar 16, 1890 Topsail Joseph DAWE 25 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley Reuben Butler
    Esther KENNEDY 34 W   Long Pond   Matilda Carter
May 25, 1890 Topsail James S. RENNIE 36 W Clerk St. John's E K H Caldwell John C. Strange
    Mary EASTERBROOK 32 W   St. John's   Elizabeth Strange
July 7, 1890 Topsail John CHRISTOPHER --- B Fisherman Port de Grave Edward Colley Thomas Batten
    Elizabeth MORGAN 37 W   Long Pond   Mary A. Kennedy
July 26, 1890 Topsail William MORGAN 42 W Fisherman Indian Pond Edward Colley Ananiasm Anthony
    Bridget ANTHONY 47 W   Seal Cove   Emma Webber
Aug 4, 1890 Topsail Henry John CORNICK 22 B Carpenter St. John's Edward Colley Edward Feild McBay
    Euphemia Phoebe McBAY 24 S   St. John's   Jane Cornick
Oct 2, 1890 Topsail Edwin C HOARE (?) 40 W Cooper St. John's Edward Colley Roger Down
    Hettie BURSELL 38 W   -----   Ella Bursell
PAGE 11                
Oct 4, 1890 Topsail William BUTLER 33 B Fisherman Fox Trap Edward Colley George Fagan
    Mary Ann PEACH 23 S   Fos Trap   Virtue Batten
Dec 24, 1890 Topsail Albert RIDEOUT 25 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley James Rideout
    Esther PORTER 21 S   Port de Grave   Emily Fagan
Dec 29, 1890 Topsail Robert Hennessey 25 B ----- Kelligrews Edward Colley Thomas Mercer
    Martha Haines 23 S   Middle Bight   Mary J. Haines
April 23, 1891 Topsail Henry ELRINGTON 30 B Clerk in Holy Orders Random Llewellyn Newfoundland Edward Colley
    Jane Elizabeth COLLEY 36 S   Topsail   Gertrude S. Weedon
May 28, 1891 Topsail William Charles ROBERTS 32 B Fisherman St. John's Edward Colley Joseph Fowler
    Susanna BINMORE --- S   St. John's   Janet Fowler
May 30, 1891 Topsail George BISHOP 25 B Fisherman Upper Gully Edward Colley Philip Dawe
    Elizabeth Emma ???? 19 S   Upper Gully   Emeleta Dawe
NOTE: From other sources : Elizabeth Emma Scott. (Transcriber)
July 12, 1891 Topsail Alexander MOORE 23 B Printer St. John's Edward Colley James Bugden
    Janet BUGDEN 20 S   St. John's   George Blackler
Aug 17, 1891 Topsail Arthur EBSARY 24 B Draper St. John's Edward Colley John W. Ebsary
    Georgina WILLIAMS 24 S   St. John's   Lizzie Piccot
PAGE 12                
Sept 5,1891 Topsail Herbert MERCER 22 B Clerk St. John's Edward Colley W. Swansborough
    Adelaide KNEE 24 S ----- St. John's   Eliz Swansborough
Oct 3, 1891 Topsail Nathaniel BISHOP 44 W Fisherman ----- Edward Colley Frederic Atkins
    Mary ATKINS 27 S Servant -----   Mary A. Greenslade
Dec 22, 1891 Topsail Charles SAUNDERS 30 B Fisherman Long Pond Edward Colley James Rideout
    Christianna Rideout 30 S ----- Long Pond   Rachel Kennedy

Transcribed by Jill Marshall (2001)

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