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Pre-1891 Registration
Vol. 30
Pages 88 - 123

St. Thomas
Church of England

1830 - 1870

NB: this volume contains marriages for many people from a number of different places in Newfoundland besides St Johns.
Marriage Date Marriage Place Groom'sName / Bride's Name Surname Age Bachelor/Spinster Widow/Widower Occupation Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses Remarks/Notes by Transcriber
PAGE 88                    
Jan 28 1883 St. Johns Albert LANGDON 22 bach farmer St Johns Hy Dunfield Richard Clements  
    Anastasia THORNE 21 spinster   St Johns   Emma Jane Tricko  
PAGE 89                    
Feb 5 1883 St. Johns Theodore Frederick THOMPSON 21 bach trader St Johns A C F Wood George T. Thompson  
    Eleanor Ann OAKLEY 42 widow   St Johns   Lavinia Blandford  
Apr 28 1883 St. Johns James John TAYLOR 23 bach stonecutter St Johns Hy Dunfield Elias Cadwell  
    Catherine CADWELL 23 spinster   St Johns   Sarah Cadwell  
May 3 1883 St. Johns George Joseph WRIGHT 32 bach seaman St Johns A C F Wood C.H. Edwards  
    Mahala DAY 23 spinster   St Johns   C.E. Young  
May 15 1883 St. Johns Thomas ROBERTS 21 bach mariner St Johns   Wm Bradbrook  
    Mary Margaret SKAINS 19 spinster   St Johns   Sarah Ann Bradbrook  
May 18 1883 St. Johns Robert Walter DOWNS 25 bach mariner St Johns   Henry Baird  
    Mary BAIRD 26 spinster   St Johns   Mary Baird  
May 26 1883 St. Johns Edmund SEWARD 27 bach planter Random Sound TB Wm Pilot W. Whiteway  
    Maria BENSON 22 spinster   Random Sound TB   Elizabeth Seward  
May 26 1883 St. Johns William Thomas BENSON 26 bach planter Random Sound TB   W. Whiteway  
    Mary Susanna FROST 21 spinster   Random Sound TB   Eli Frost  
June 2 1883 St. Johns Charles Spence PINSENT 44 bach bank accountant St Johns A C F Wood Robert J. Pinsent  
    Blanche BROWN 32 spinster   St Johns   Jean McNab  
PAGE 90                    
June 2 1883 St. Johns Alfred Joseph HARVEY 27 bach physician St Johns A C F Wood W.C. Simms  
    Ann Elizabeth SIMMS 22 spinster   St Johns   Moses Harvey  
June 28 1883 St. Johns Wm James SNOW 22 bach planter St Johns   Edward Snow  
    Alice Frances KELLY 23 spinster   Sydney, Cape Breton   Annie Giles  
July 31 1883 St. Johns Richard HISCOCK 29 bach trader St Johns A C F Wood Kelson (?) Pittman  
    Emma PITTMAN 24 spinster   St Johns   Ada M. Mews  
Aug 13 1883 St. Johns Henry TAPPER 22 bach clerk St Johns Ambrose Heygate Grace Dimond  
    Emma DAWE 21 spinster   St Johns   Jesse Whiteway  
Aug 15 1883 St. Johns John WHELAN 23 bach seaman St Johns Henry Dunfield Elizabeth Reid  
    Ann REID 20 spinster   (not given)   Mary W. Churchill  
Sep 6 1883 St. Johns John SUMMERTON (SOMERTON) 33 widowerfisherman Portugal Cove   Robert Summerton  
    Margaret MILLER 21 spinster   Portugal Cove   Fanny Gruchy  
Sep 14 1883 St. Johns Wm John STEES? 23 bach accountant St Johns A C F Wood F.W. Kilpatrick  
    Emma Beatrice KILPATRICK 17 spinster   St Johns   Wm G. Hammond  
Sep 29 1883 St. Johns Robert Davy (?) TUCKER 25 bach tanner St Johns   Amos? Knight  
    Mary Jane MAJOR? 22 spinster   St Johns   Philip Wheeler  
PAGE 91                    
Oct 8 1883 St. Johns Thomas REES 25 bachfisherman St Johns A C F Wood Richard Mc (not given)  
    Elizabeth WATERMAN 18 spinster   Fogo   James A Hiscock  
Oct 10 1883 St. Johns Marmaduke George WINTER 26 bach merchant St Johns   H.T.B. Wood Marmaduke G Winter was b 1857 Lamaline - d 1936, the son of James WINTER & Harriet PITMAN. He later md (2) Florence Hayward. He was the brother of James Spearman Winter
    Alice Augusta LILLY 25 spinster   St Johns   J.S. Winter  
Oct 19 1883 St. Johns Joseph CLARKE 24 bachfisherman Kerleys Hr TB Hy Dunfield Nathaniel Cook  
    Mary Elizabeth FIFIELD 21 spinster   North Side TB   Delphina Andrews  
Oct 26 1883 St. Johns William BRIGHT 24 bach printer St Johns A C F Wood George Hammond  
    Isabella THISTLE 19 spinster   St Johns   Geo Bright  
Oct 27 1883 St. Johns Francis Cyrus BERTEAU 27 bach HM Customs St Johns   J.S. Winter  
    Margaret Alice Irvin COEN 21 spinster   St Johns   Fanny C. Coen  
Oct 28 1883 St. Johns Joseph BUTLER 24 bachfisherman Robin Hood near Trinity Walter R. Smith Wm G Hammond  
    Lucretia JESTICAN 24 spinster   Robin Hood near Trinity   Thos Randell  
Oct 30 1883 St. Johns James GREELEY 32 bach fish Portugal Cove Hy Dunfield Esau Greeley  
    Ellen PIPPY 34 widow   Hr Grace   Ricahrd Summerton  
Oct 31 1883 St. Johns Joseph GAREN?/ GAVEN? 26 bach fish Trinity W.   Jacob Morris  
    Mary Catherine DECKHAM? 25 spinster   St Johns   Alice Churchill  
PAGE 92                    
Nov 5 1883 St. Johns Alfred ROBBINS 27 bachfisherman Catalina Hy Dunfield John Saturley  
    Elizabeth Jane DUFFETT 24 spinster   Catalina   Sarah Duffett  
Nov 6 1883 St. Johns Geo Higham PEARCE 30 widower merchant Leading Tickles   James D. Lockyer George H Pearce was bap 30 Nov 1852 Fogo, the son of Andrew & Ann Pearce. He was first md 1877 Herring Neck to Emily Squires.
    Amelia Johanna LOCKYER 24 spinster   Greenspond   Jessie Lockyer  
Nov 11 1883 St. Johns Richard James WILLAR 25 bach sailmaker St Johns Hy Dunfield Joshua Cliftman  
    Elizabeth GOODLAND 22 spinster   St Johns   Jane Goodland  
Nov 11 1883 St. Johns Joseph HENNEBURY 26 bach farmer Quidi Vidi A C F Wood Engbert Amonsson  
    Elizabeth WATERMAN 22 spinster   St Johns   Mary Jane Mitchell  
Nov 13 1883 St. Johns John Robert ROBERTSON 21 bach draper St Johns   F.N.(?) Kilpatrick  
    Lucy Maria KILPATRICK 18 spinster   St Johns   S.O. Steele  
Nov 27 1883 St. Johns Stuart PIPPY 27 bach cooper St Johns Hy Dunfield James Wiseman  
    Susan KING 23 spinster   Brigus   Bertha Wiseman  
Nov 29 1883 St. Johns James IVANY 27 bachfisherman St Johns A C F Wood Edward Knight  
    Maria Jane REID 22 spinster   St Johns   John Thomas Ivany  
Nov 17 1883 St. Johns Jacob CHURCHILL 33 bachfisherman Portugal Cove   John Cook  
    Jane PRESCOTT 32 spinster   Portugal Cove   Ellen Cooke  
PAGE 93                    
Jan 3 1884 St. Johns Adolph George WARREN 29 bach accountant St Johns A C F Wood E.R. Bowring  
    Frances Clarissa COEN 26 spinster   St Johns   Ethel Bowring  
Jan 9 1884 St. Johns Henry Cook SQUIRES 26 bachfisherman Broad Cove   Wm Harris  
    Julia Ann SQUIRES 19 spinster   Broad Cove   Catherine Harris  
Jan 10 1884 St. Johns William Thomas COOK 22 bach cooper St Johns   Charles Cook  
    Fanny Louisa COLLINS 22 spinster   St Johns   Louisa Wiseman  
Jan 11 1884 St. Johns Robert WEIR 22 bachfisherman St Johns   Wm Antle  
    Mary Jane WHITTEN 19 spinster   Petty Hr   Carrie Antle  
Jan 20 1884 St. Johns Robert ASH 28 bach seaman St Johns Hy Dunfield John Moore  
    Sarah DOHERTY 25 spinster   St Johns   Ellen Rowe  
Jan 25 1884 St. Johns John Thomas WILCOX 23 bach mariner St Johns A C F Wood George Shepherd  
    Bridget MERLES? / MARLES 20 spinster   St Johns   Jane Shepherd  
Jan 29 1884 St. Johns Samuel PICCOT 23 bachfisherman Portugal Cove   Matthew Piccot  
    Eliza Ann MILLER 20 spinster   St Johns   John Miller  
Feb 10 1884 St. Johns John SHEPHERD 27 bach mariner St Johns   John Martin  
    Annie SULLIVAN 25 spinster   St Johns   George Hibbs  
PAGE 94                    
May 5 1884 St. Johns Robert TUCKER 28 bachfisherman Broad Cove A C F Wood Jonas Tucker  
    Charlotte SQUIRES 21 spinster   St Johns   Mary Ann Tucker  
May 13 1884 St. Johns Thomas COLLINS 22 bach laborer St Johns Hy Dubfield Jacob Morris  
    Susannah CLARK 22 spinster   St Johns   Susanna Butt  
May 15 1884 St. Johns William Henry KING 24 bachfisherman Broad Cove A C F Wood Elizabeth Tucker  
    Annie Rebecca TUCKER 23 spinster   Broad Cove   Wm G Hammond  
May 15 1884 St. Johns Henry John WHITTEN 35 widowerfisherman St Johns   Eli Granter  
    Louisa WISEMAN 23 spinster   St Johns   Susan Wiseman  
May 23 1884 St. Johns Henry HALL 34 bachfisherman Aquaforte   John Squires  
    Esther SQUIRES 22 spinster   Broad Cove   Mary Payne  
May 31 1884 St. Johns Benjamin KEEPING 24 bach Messenger, House of Assembly St Johns   Wm F. Chafe  
    Louisa CHAFE 22 spinster   St Johns   E. Cunningham  
June 4 1884 St. Johns George DOWNTON 26 bach carpenter St Johns   Frederick Downton Believed to be the George Downton bap Dec 7 1858 Exploits, Burnt Island, son of Aram DOWNTON & Julia MILLS.
    Sarah Ann HUNTER 25 spinster   St Johns   Elizabeth Downton  
June 18 1884 St. Johns George LeMESSURIER 25 bach barrister at law St Johns   W.(?) C. Simms  
    Emma Maud HAYWARD 25 spinster   St Johns   H.R. Hayward  
PAGE 95                    
June 26 1884 St. Johns James TRIBBLE 24 bachfisherman St Johns A C F Wood Levi Caines  
    Ellen KEHOE 23 spinster   St Johns   Alice Richardson  
June 30 1884 St. Johns Edwin William LYON 38 bach photographer St Johns   W.U. Wills  
    Mary Elizabeth BODEN 32 widow   St Johns   H.G. Mott (?) Likely nee Mary Elizabeth PEACH: md 1869 to Jonas Augustus Boden of Sweden.
July 23 1884 St. Johns Martin EVOY 21 bach seaman St Johns Hy Dunfield Wm Undrey  
    Hannah IVY 20 spinster   St Johns   Elizabeth Undrey  
Aug 26 1884 St. Johns David MELVILLE 23 bach engine room artificer HMS TENDOS St Johns A C F Wood John Andrews  
    Maria Patience ANDREWS 21 spinster   St Johns   Delphine Andrews Maria Patience Andrews was b Feb 19 1863 Ship Cove, Port de Grave, the dau of Charles ANDREWS & Ann DAWE.
Aug 28 1884 St. Johns Wm Henry STANSBURY 34 bach laborer St Johns   Richard Hammond  
    Louisa Ann MARTIN 39 spinster   St Johns   Louisa Brooks  
Oct 7 1884 St. Johns Stephen NOSEWORTHY 24 bach police constable St Johns   Philip Lacey  
    Rosanna HENNEBURY 29 spinster   St Johns   Julia Hennebury  
Oct 14 1884 St. Johns Abel OLSON 27 bach seaman St Johns   Henry Garratt (?)  
    Mary Ann GIBBONS 20 spinster   St Johns   Sarah Norman  
Oct 18 1884 St. Johns Wm Henry GOUGH 23 bach plumber St Johns A C F Wood Henry Crawford  
    Annie Maria ACHLAND (?) 23 spinster   St Johns   Annie Williams Ann Maria Achland was b Apr 2 1858 St Johns, the dau of Charles ACHLAND & Emma MARSHALL
PAGE 96                    
Oct 25 1884 St. Johns Joseph CRANIFORD 21 bach cooper St Johns Hy Dunfield Henry Craniford  
    Jane KATER 20 spinster   St Johns   Richard Kater  
Oct 26 1884 St. Johns Jacob BELLOWS 33 widower fish Trinity East   Geo Gover  
    Roxanne GOVER 40 spinster   Trinity East   Sarah Lawrence  
Oct 30 1884 St. Johns James TAYLOR 50 bach master mariner St Johns   Mary Ann Down  
    Susanna LINDBURG? 45 widow   St Johns   Joan Wilson  
Oct 31 1884 St. Johns Caleb REID 25 bach mariner St Johns A C F Wood Wm Miller  
    Selina MILLER 23 spinster   Portugal Cove   Rebecca Churchill  
Nov 18 1884 St. Johns Albert Charles CUTLER 25 bach mariner St Johns   Charles Kane (?)  
    Theodosia Ann MAYBEE 28 spinster   St Johns   George Morris  
Nov 19 1884 St. Johns Thomas Richard VOISEY 19 bach carman St Johns Hy Dunfield Wm Simmons Thomas Richard Voisey was b Feb 16 1866 St Johns, the son of John VOISEY & Margaret MARTIN.
    Eunice SNELGROVE 23 spinster   St Johns   Elizabeth Simmons  
Nov 29 1884 St. Johns John Joseph HARRIS 23 bach mariner St Johns A C F Wood Wm Eli Hannes (?)  
    Emily Ann THORNE 19 spinster   Portugal Cove   Susie Craniford  
Nov 29 1884 St. Johns Ishmael WILTSHIRE 37 widower carpenter St Johns Hy Dunfield W.H. Goudie Ishmael Wiltshire was b May 24 1846 Lower Island Cove, the son of William WILTSHIRE & Elizabeth BURSEY; he was 1st md to Elizabeth Searle in 1871. Jane Goudie was b Jul 29 1856 St Johns, the dau of George GOUDIE & Elizabeth SNOW.
    Jane GOUDIE 27 spinster   St Johns   Fanny H. Goudie  
PAGE 96                    
Dec 8 1884 St. Johns Abraham MOULTON 23 bach clerk St Johns Hy Dunfield James Gould  
    Caroline GOULD 23 spinster   St Johns   Emily Gould  
Dec 8 1884 St. Johns John SULLIVAN 30 bach seaman St Johns   Richard Buckley  
    Charlotte SPARKES 28 spinster   St Johns   Sarah "Mouland" (?)  
Dec 11 1884 St. Johns John BRAZIL 31 bachfisherman St Johns A C F Wood Wm Philpott  
    Sarah COLLINS 25 spinster   St Johns   George Hennebury  
Jan 20 1885 St. Johns David CHAFE 28 bachfisherman St Johns   James Chafe  
    Louisa COOK 34 spinster   St Johns   Eunice Martin  
Jan 29 1885 St. Johns John Charles COOK 31 bach farmer Virginia   Joseph Cummins  
    Olivia CUMMINS 23 spinster   St Johns   Charlotte Ann Cook Olivia Cummins was b May __ 1860 Lower Island Cove CB, the dau of Joseph CUMMINS & Lavinia LOUIS, & granddau of Philip & Elizabeth LOUIS.
Feb 14 1885 St. Johns Frederick Wm RENNIE 29 bach accountant St Johns   K.E. Rennie  
    Jessie EMERSON 19 spinster   St Johns   May/Mary (?) Emerson  
Feb 14 1885 St. Johns Alfred MITCHELL 21 bach cabinet maker St Johns   Joseph Price  
    Mary Jane PRICE 23 spinster   St Johns   John Price  
May 16 1885 St. Johns Esau GREELEY 34 widowerfisherman Portugal Cove   James Greeley  
    Sarah WRIGHT 36 spinster   Portugal Cove   Fanny May Greeley  
PAGE 97                    
May 16 1885 St. Johns Levi CAINES 28 widower laborer St Johns   Alfred Buckley  
    Frances Jessie GREEN 19 spinster   St Johns   George F. Bell  
May 22 1885 St. Johns William John MORGAN 23 bachfisherman Port de Grave   Wm Morgan  
    Deborah MORGAN 24 spinster   St Johns   Eliza Peckham  
May 23 1885 St. Johns Jonathan BRETT 34 widowerfisherman Fogo   Wm Pilot  
    Mary Ann HUMPHRIES 33 spinster   St Johns   Eliza A. Meek  
May 23 1885 St. Johns Abraham FOWLOW 27 bachfisherman Trinity East   Robert Fowlow  
    Mary Frances MALONE 23 spinster   St Johns   Margaret Dicks  
May 30 1885 St. Johns Alfred BURTONSHAW 22 bach coachman St Johns   Wm Morris  
    Andrea WULFF 25 spinster   St Johns   Antoinette Brown  
June 6 1885 St. Johns Thomas M. PERCIVAL 35 widower solicitor St Johns   F.H. Balfour  
    Margaret Georgina McLeod* BALFOUR 23 spinster   Virginia   F.B.T. Carter *There was a Margaret Georgina McLean BALFOUR born Nov 29 1861 St Johns, dau of James Bower Balfour & Martha Maria Emerson.
June 10 1885 St. Johns John EDGAR 35 widower master mariner St Johns   Joseph House  
    Hannah Elizabeth GOULDING 22 spinster   St Johns   Jessie Lockyer  
June 15 1885 St. Johns Joseph CHURCHILL 29 bach mariner St Johns   Wm Down  
    Rosetta CHURCHILL 25 spinster   Portugal Cove   Jessie Churchill  
PAGE 98                    
June 27 1885 St. Johns Wm Henry RYALL 33 widower carpenter St Johns A C F Wood John Wiseman  
    Mary JACKMAN n/g spinster   St Johns   William Pippy  
July 16 1885 St. Johns Arthur HODGKINS 38 bach mariner St Johns   A. McCauley  
    Mary Jane BRAITHWAITE 35 widow   St Johns   Elizabeth McCauley  
July 23 1885 St. Johns Thomas KITCHEN 30 bach mason St Johns   Nathanael Stevenson  
    Dinah BENSON 20 spinster   St Johns   Jessica Driscoll  
July 25 1885 St. Johns John Thomas DOHERTY 23 bach mariner St Johns   George Hiscock  
    Sophia BUGDEN 22 spinster   St Johns   Mary Johnston  
July 28 1885 St. Johns Wallace Kyle PENNIGER 30 bach draper St Johns   John McKenzie  
    Mary OKE 21 spinster   St Johns   Minnie Oke (possibly dau of William Robert Oke & Mary Jane Harris Carnell)
July 19 1885 St. Johns Aaron PUTT 30 bach seaman St Johns Hy Dunfield Thomas Kitchen  
    Olivia DRISCOLL 23 spinster   St Johns   Esther Gordon Olivia Driscoll was b Apr 1 1862 Lower Island Cove CB, dau of Benjamin & Catherine Driscoll; per newspaper acct of marriage Aaron Putt was actually from England
July 20 1885 St. Johns Samuel PARMITER 25 bach carpenter Topsail A C F Wood James Moyes  
    Mary HIBBS 24 spinster   St Johns   Charles Barnes  
Sep 11 1885 St. Johns Wm Henry GULLIVER (?) 26 bach drayman Quidi Vidi A C F Wood William Horwood  
    Diana TUCKER 23 spinster   Broad Cove   Rebecca Tucker  
PAGE 99                    
Sep 29 1885 St. Johns John Beaumont CURRAN 32 bach commission merchant St Johns Hy Dunfield Mary Tessier  
    Dinah BOX 30 spinster   Plymouth, Eng   H. MacPherson  
Oct 15 1885 St. Johns Frederick FIFIELD 28 bachfisherman St Johns A C F Wood Isaac Newell  
    Catherine SKAINES 24 spinster   St Johns   Martin Ivany  
Oct 28 1885 St. Johns Josiah BARTON 21 bach trader Harbour Buffett   Susan Stevens  
    Edith Emmeline BUTLER 18 spinster   Harbour Buffett   Thomas Hunt  
PAGE 100                    
Oct 31 1885 St. Johns Alfred George KING 28 bach carpenter Hoylestown {St Johns} A C F Wood John Martin  
    Mary Ann WILCOX 19 spinster   Dammerils Lane   Richard King  
Nov 3 1885 St. Johns William Frederick PYNN 25 bach mariner St Johns   Selina Stansbury William Frederick Pynn was b Apr 13 1860 St Johns, the son of Levi & Mary Pynn
    Catherine RAINS 27 widow   Kings Bridge Rd   Robert Stansbury .
Nov 5 1885 St. Johns Frederick COOPER 24 bach mariner Malvern, Eng   Alfred Rose  
    Abigail SNOW 20 spinster   Forest Rd   Thomas Voisey  
Nov 7 1885 St. Johns John HARDY 30 bachfisherman Pokeham Path {now Hamilton Avenue}   George M. Power  
    Catherine Frances NEILL 24 spinster   Gower Street   Catherine Bishop  
Nov 7 1885 St. Johns George Frederick BELL 26 bach coachman South West St   Levi Kane  
    Martha CLARK 26 spinster   South West St   Frances Kane  
Nov 12 1885 St. Johns George MORRIS 28 bach mariner Trinity   Fanny Ivany  
    Selina Mary WOOLRIDGE? / WOOLIDGE? 27 spinster   Gower St.   Eli Adams  
Nov 13 1885 St. Johns James GOSSE 30 widowerfisherman Salmon Cove TB Hy Dunfield Arthur Denny  
    Amy Ann BUTLER 23 widow   Salmon Cove TB   Alice Stone  
Nov 19 1885 St. Johns Carl Oxton ANDERSSEN 24 bach mariner Christiana, Norway A C F Wood Levi Spurrell  
    Providence VERGE 21 spinster   Rennies Mill Rd   Charlotte Reine (?)  
PAGE 101                    
Nov 25 1885 St. Johns Charles ADAMS 48 bach laborer Rennies Mills Rd A C F Wood William Hewardine  
    Mary Ann ETSELL 30 spinster   Bonavista   Elizabeth Hewardine  
Nov 29 1885 St. Johns Richard FRAMPTON 25 bachfisherman Smith Sound TB Hy Dunfield Frances Stephenson  
    Mary Alice STONE 21 (?) spinster   College Lane   Jas. Morgan  
Dec 4 1885 St. Johns Edward HARDING 32 bachfisherman South West St A C F Wood James Harding  
    Belinda HIBBS 26 spinster   Cochrane St   Mary Churchill  
Dec 15 1885 St. Johns Alfred HUSSON 24 widowerfisherman Hunts Hr
(?Hants Harbour)
A C F Wood Henry Dawe  
    Jessie PORTER 21 spinster   Belle Straits   Eliza Peckham  
Jan 4 1886 St. Johns Colin CAMERON 25 bach seaman Lime Kiln Hill Hy Dunfield Stephen Reid  
    Rebekah Maria CHURCHILL 24 spinster   Lime Kiln Hill   Mary Churchill  
Jan 10 1886 St. Johns George Allen RAIN 27 bach mariner South Shields (?) A C F Wood Jacob Cox  
    Annie Selina COX 21 spinster   British Square   Wm Booth  
Jan 13 1886 St. Johns Edward Charles HILL 25 bach mariner Isle of Wight A C F Wood Henry Craniford  
    Susan REED 24 spinster   South Side   Frederick Gough  
Jan 14 1886 St. Johns John LANGMEAD 36 widower mariner St Johns Hy Dunfield Agnes E.W. Pilot  
    Elizabeth MERCER 39 widow   St Johns   Edward Langmead  
PAGE 102                    
Jan 23 1886 St. Johns John Frederick NOEL 37 widower master mariner Harbour Grace A C F Wood Thomas Noble  
    Emily SPARKES 24 spinster   Harbour Grace   Jessie Noble  
May 1 1886 St. Johns George James HUDSON 20 bach tinsmith George St A C F Wood John Hudson  
    Mary Elizabeth SWATRIDGE 21 spinster   Maxse St   Elizabeth Dowden  
May 5 1886 St. Johns John ABBOTT 35 widower mariner Longs Hill A C F Wood J.W. Nichols  
    Lucy BARNES 25 spinster   LeMarchant Rd   Thomas Dimond  
May 5 1886 St. Johns Charles John Lee LeHOOKEY (?)
26 bach mason Circular Rd A C F Wood James Ivamy  
    Martha IVAMY 23 spinster   Circular Rd   Harriet Greene  
May 15 1886 St. Johns Thomas STEVENS 23 bach blacksmith Prescott St A C F Wood Robert Churchill  
    Johanna Frances SNOW 23 spinster   Fogo   Barbara Caldwell  
May 20 1886 St. Johns Stephen RODGERS 37 widowerfisherman Fair Island, Bonavista Bay A C F Wood Moses Rodgers Stephen Rodgers was bap Jul 1 1849 Fair Island BB, the son of Robert & Ann; he md (1) 1871 to Sarah Hunt and md (2) 1877 to Honour Dyke. He was the grandson of Richard & Jane Rodgers. He died Oct 27 1918 age 71 yrs.
    Mary Ann FIRMAGE 24 widow   Fair Island, Bonavista Bay   Elizabeth Jane Rodgers  
June 9 1886 St. Johns Edward CUNNINGHAM 28 bach carpenter Cochrane St A C F Wood Frederick Lewis  
    Eliza FURNISS (?) 22 spinster   Livingstone St   Jas. Cunningham  
June 14 1886 St. Johns William Thomas PENNEY 22 bach carpenter Kings Rd A C F Wood Wm James Hodder  
    Helena Augusta HODDER 28 spinster   Gower St   Alfred Hodder  
PAGE 103                    
June 15 1886 St. Johns Henry DUNFIELD 36 widower Clerk in Holy Orders Military Rd Ambrose Heygate R.S. Bremner  
    Helen Maria Isobel BREMNER 25 spinster   Cathedral St   Marian Bremner  
June 15 1886 St. Johns George HAMMOND 26 bach carpenter Duckworth St A C F Wood George Rex Cook  
    Charlotte Ann COOK 22 spinster   Outer Cove Rd   Jessie Ann Hammond  
June 17 1886 St. Johns William Henry WILLAR 21 bach sailmaker Cavel (?) Lane A C F Wood Edmund Snow  
    Elizabeth Ann SNOW 20 spinster   Quidi Vidi   Walter S. Poutt (?)  
July 3 1886 St. Johns William REDMAN 68 widower laborer Gower St A C F Wood John Marshall  
    Ann HISCOCK 46 spinster   Military Rd   Agnes Squires  
Aug 11 1886 St. Johns Levi KING 28 bach machinist Prescott St Hy Dunfield Benjamin Bailey  
    Harriet Elizabeth COOPER 26 spinster   Irelands Eye T.Bay   Dora King  
Aug 21 1886 St. Johns James BARRETT 52 widower watchman Prospect Hr, Maine USA   Drusilla Luscomb  
    Mary Hannah SINCLAIR 26 spinster   Monks Town Road   James Sinclair  
Aug 24 1886 St. Johns William SQUIRES 24 bach shipwright Duckworth St   William Vett  
    Rebecca Jane VETT 22 spinster   St Johns   Bessie Dorey Rebecca Jane Vett was b Dec 24 1863 St Johns, the dau of William VETT of Rodby, Denmark and Elizabeth Webber.
Aug 28 1886 St. Johns Charles Robert DUDER 24 bach accountant Portugal Cove Rd   H.D. Carter  
    Ida Marion CARTER 28 spinster   Kings Bridge Rd   C. Crowdy  
PAGE 104                    
Oct 1 1886 St. Johns James GARDNER 28 bach cabinet maker North Street Hy Dunfield Charles England  
    Esther Mary ENGLAND 22 spinster   James Street   Martha Pynn  
Oct 20 1886 St. Johns Robert Sweetland BREMNER 25 bach merchant Trinity   C.H. Emerson  
    May EMERSON 24 spinster   Brook Lodge   Marion Bremner  
Oct 20 1886 St. Johns Archibald BLANDFORD 28 bachfisherman Herring Neck A C F Wood Richard Peters Archibald Blandford was bap June 22 1856 Clarkes Cove, Herring Neck & died Sep 24 1927 St Johns, the son of Esau BLANDFORD and Selina BENNETT.
    Sarah Mary LOCKYER 22 spinster   Prescott Street   John Lockyer  
Oct 22 1886 St. Johns John Alexander KENDELL (?) 24 bach mariner Channel   R. Lawrence  
    Elizabeth Jane CHALKER 23 spinster   Kickhams Lane   Susanna Mythson (?)  
Oct 23 1886 St. Johns Charles KNIGHT 23 bach shipwright Hunts Lane   Amy Knight  
    Pheobe MASTERS 23 spinster   Water Street   John Taylor  
Nov 6 1886 St. Johns George F. HARDY 30 bachfisherman LeMarchant Road   John Taylor  
    Elizabeth REID 27 spinster   Hoyles Town   Mary Garrett  
Nov 10 1886 St. Johns John YOUNG 23 bach baker Water Street   Mary LeMessurier  
    Patience BATTEN 22 spinster   Cochrane Street   C. Lilly  
Nov 16 1886 St. Johns Eli ADAMS 28 bach seaman George Town {St Johns} Hy Dunfield J.G. Ivany  
    Amy Hannah IVANY 23 spinster   Longs Hill   Mary Stone  
PAGE 105                    
Nov 17 1886 St. Johns George Charles SNOW 28 bach cabinet maker Southeast Street A C F Wood E.J. Snow  
    Martha READER 24 spinster   Kings Bridge Road   Lizzie Reader  
Nov 18 1886 St. Johns William RUXTON 38 widower engineer Flower Hill Hy Dunfield Samuel Blandford  
    Ellen Amelia BLANDFORD 37 spinster   Circular Road   Lavinia Blandford  
Nov 20 1886 St. Johns Joseph GORMAN 25 bach mariner Gower Street A C F Wood Nathaniel Bradbury  
    Sarah Ann BRADBURY 20 spinster   Portugal Cove Road   Charles Sevier  
Nov 21 1886 St. Johns John Charles SNOW 23 bach cabman Quidi Vidi   Thomas Voisey  
    Catherine VOISEY 27 spinster   Q V Road   Eunice Voisey  
Nov 23 1886 St. Johns Benjamin BURFITT 26 bach fisherman Burin Hy Dunfield R. Smeardon  
    Mary Jane SMEARDON 23 spinster   Hutchings Street   Margaret Smeardon  
Dec 8 1886 St. Johns John Jonas COAKER 23 bach carpenter South Side A C F Wood Wm Coaker John Jonas Coaker was b June 11 1863 St Johns & d Mar 22 1930 St Johns, the son of William COAKER & Elizabeth Eliza Ebsary FORD.
    Susannah COOK 22 spinster   South Side   Elizabeth Coaker  
Nov 27 1886 St. Johns Stephen BROOKS 20 bach shoemaker James Street   N. Drower (?)  
    Mary Jane CHARD 22 spinster   Prescott Street   Ann Brooks  
Dec 23 1886 St. Johns Isaac BUTLER 24 bachfisherman Long Pond CB   William Dowden  
    Abigail DAWE 21 spinster   Georges Town   Elizabeth Dowden  
PAGE 106                    
Feb 7 1887 St. Johns John Charles MOORE 26 bach shoemaker Waldegrave Street A C F Wood George Cook  
    Euphemia L. SMITH 25 spinster   Waldegrave Street   Edward L. Oke  
Mar 14 1887 St. Johns William Henry ANTLE 24 bach cooper Patrick Street   John Hennebury  
    Elizabeth Ann HARDING 24 spinster   Water Street   John Charles Whitten  
Apr 20 1887 St. Johns John George MUNN 25 bach draper Water Street   J.P. Parsons  
    Mary Edina SCOTT 23 spinster   Military Road   Fenwick Crane  
Apr 30 1887 St. Johns John Carnell OKE 29 bach carriage builder Quidi Vidi Road Hy Dunfield John Jeans John Carnell Oke was b Jul 19 1857 St Johns, the son of William Robert OKE & Mary Jane Harris CARNELL, & grandson of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris.
    Florence Jane JEANS 24 spinster   Cochrane Street   Robert Oke  
Apr 30 1887 St. Johns Charles Henry THOMAS 25 bach blacksmith Freshwater Road A C F Wood G.F. Bell  
    Isabel PRETTY 25 spinster   Duckworth Street   Jane Rose  
Feb 21 1887 St. Johns Wm George BRADSHAW 42 bach HM Customs Gt. Placentia   Henry Windsor  
    Sarah Jane WINDSOR 27 spinster   Aquaforte   Mary Windsor Sarah Jane Windsor was the dau of Peter Winsor & Anna Jennings Winsor, the g-dau of Peter Winsor Sr & Sarah Payne, and the g-dau of Jacob Winsor & Anna Jennings.
Apr 30 1887 St. Johns George HALL 25 bach coachman Barnes Road   James Hutchings  
    Mary Ann HUTCHINGS 24 spinster   Rennies Mill Road   Harriet Allen  
May 7 1887 St. Johns Charles Allyn GAULTON 27 bach mason Hoyles Town Hy Dunfield John Burry  
    Charlotte BUSSEY 26 spinster   South West Street   Mary Garrett  
PAGE 107                    
May 10 1887 St. Johns Henry YETMAN 43 widower builder Selby Cove BB A C F Wood Thomas Yetman  
    Jane MARSH 42 widow   Keels BB   James Prince  
May 12 1887 St. Johns Thomas TUCKER 36 widowerfisherman Longs Hill Hy Dunfield John Mayo  
    Elizabeth TUCKER 35 spinster   St Johns Hospital   Elizabeth Morgan  
June 8 1887 St. Johns Eugene PARSONS 28 bach draper Duckworth Street   Wm Carnell  
    Bella CARNELL 25 spinster   Quidi Vidi Road   Hannah Carnell Bella Carnell was b Apr 2 1861 St Johns, the dau of William CARNELL & Hannah Maria BARTER, & g-dau of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris.
June 17 1887 St. Johns John HOOKEY 48 widower laborer Lime Kiln Hill A C F Wood E.W. Pilot  
    Maria MERCER 39 widow domestic servant Ordnance House   Bessie Pilot  
July 4 1887 St. Johns Robert George RENDELL 26 bach merchant Cathedral Hill Hy Dunfield A.M. Mackey  
    Helen Williamson MACKEY 25 spinster   Gower Street   T. Rendell  
July 20 1887 St. Johns William BARNES 26 bach carpenter Gower Street   N. Snow  
    Mary Grace SNOW 23 spinster   Balsam Street   Emily Goodwin  
July 21 1887 St. Johns James EDWARDS 27 bach blacksmith Kings Road   Wm Dowden James Edwards was b Jul 29 1858 - d Feb 4 1933 (headstone); Elizabeth Ann Dowden was b Aug 1 1861 St Johns, the dau of William Dowden & Susanna Allen & g-dau of William Dowden Sr & Anne Sceviour; she died July 18 1946 St Johns (buried Forest Road Ang Cem).
    Elizabeth Ann DOWDEN 25 spinster   James Street   Mary Ann Phillips  
Aug 2 1887 St. Johns James Lyons NOONAN 23 bach clerk Plymouth Road   Robert Oke  
    Minnie OKE 20 spinster   Forest Road   Mary Pinnigar
(aka Penniger, nee Oke)
(possibly dau of William Robert Oke & Mary Jane Harris Carnell)
PAGE 108                    
Aug 4 1887 St. Johns George Augustus LILLY 43 widower carpenter South West Street Hy Dunfield John Newhook  
    Harriet NEWHOOK 42 spinster   North Street   Ceclia Ann Lilly  
Aug 15 1887 St. Johns William Joseph COLLINS 37 bach tinsmith Trinity   Colin Stewart  
    Emma Sarah STEWART 26 spinster   Trinity   Elizabeth Stewart  
Aug 15 1887 St. Johns John LUSCOMBE 37 bach baker Gower Street   Clara Payne John Marshall Luscombe was b Dec 15 1847 St Johns - d Aug 21 1920 St Johns, the son of Philip LUSCOMBE & Maria MARSHALL, g-son of John Marshall & Lydia Partridge, & g-gson of David & Amy Marshall. Elizabeth Peters Luscombe died Apr 24 1938 age 79 yrs.
    Elizabeth PETERS 29 spinster   Harbour Grace   David Luscombe  
Oct 13 1887 St. Johns Robert Josiah GREEN 26 bach engineer LeMarchant Road   John Green  
    Susan Emma EAST 23 spinster   Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Eng A C F Wood Sarah Hippisley  
Oct 15 1887 St. Johns Francis PICKETT 29 bach bombadier R.M? Artillery HMS EMERALD?   Wm Squires  
    Maria SQUIRES 25 spinster   Signal Hill Road   Hugh Carter  
Oct 24 1887 St. Johns Cornelius MAJOR 24 bach drayman Freshwater Road   Wm Bell  
    Caroline AUKINLECK (aka AUCHINLECK) 22 spinster   Freshwater Road   Elizabeth Bell  
Nov 3 1887 St. Johns Joseph DAYMOND 30 bach cabinet maker Duckworth Street   Henry Hennebury  
    Annie HENNEBURY 25 spinster   Water Street   Emma Daymond  
Nov 23 1887 St. Johns George Perrelt HUTCHINGS 34 widower draper Scott Street Hy Dunfield George Williams  
    Olivia Elizabeth WILLIAMS 23 spinster   William Street   Louisa Williams  
PAGE 109                    
Dec 1 1887 St. Johns James WHEELER 27 bachfisherman James Cove, Goose Bay A C F Wood John Cane  
    Louisa CANE 26 spinster   Longs Hill   George Cane  
Dec 8 1887 St. Johns Moses Bartlett WELLMAN 27 bach painter Gower Street   James M. Lawrence  
    Emily GOODLAND 26 spinster   Gower Street   Pheobe Noseworthy  
Dec 11 1887 St. Johns Ambrose FRAMPTON 24 bachfisherman Smith Sound TB   Nathan Bursey  
    Rosanna NOFTAL 21 spinster   Kings Road   Levi Caines  
Jan 12 1888 St. Johns William FIELD 28 bach farmer Old Cove Road   Wm Field  
    Mary KING 23 spinster   Balline (?Bauline)   Elizabeth King  
Jan 26 1888 St. Johns Thomas Peter WITHYCOMBE 56 widower Inspector South Side Wm Pilot Wm Campbell  
    Sophia GARLAND 40 spinster   Torbay   Harriet Carmichael  
Feb 11 1888 St. Johns William McKINNON 38 bach physician Bay Bulls A C F Wood D. Curran  
    Mary Jane STEER 49 spinster   Rennies Mill Road   B. Horwood  
Apr 8 1888 St. Johns George GOULD 34 widower fisherman Pouch Cove   J. Lyle  
    Charlotte LANGMEAD 43 widow   Pouch Cove   Reuben Ryan  
Apr 10 1888 St. Johns Moses HORWOOD 32 bachfisherman Quidi Vidi   Henry Thomas Snow  
    Ellen PURCELL 30 widow   Quidi Vidi   Emma Horwood  
PAGE 110                    
June 11 1888 St. Johns James CALVERT 42 widower clothier Queens Road Hy Dunfield Ach'd? G. Gibbs  
    Frances Ruth NOONAN 25 spinster   Henry Street   Lucy Noonan  
Aug 11 1888 St. Johns Samuel SQUIRES 28 bach constable Fort Townsend A C F Wood Thos Goodland  
    Catherine Frances EAGAN 21 spinster   Military Road   Nathan Andrews  
Aug 16 1888 St. Johns William Joseph COLLINS 35 widower seaman HMS EMERALD   Mark Chaplin  
    Anne Jane CHAPLIN 30 spinster   Knight Street   Emily Chaplin  
Aug 20 1888 St. Johns John Withens LAWRENCE 26 bach tinsmith Bonavista   J.M. Lawrence  
    Jessie Ann GENT 20 spinster   Hoyles Town   Hannah Gent  
Oct 27 1888 St. Johns John MILLEY 50 widower seaman Trinity North Hy Dunfield John Lawrence  
    Hannah BELLOWS 38 widow   Trinity North   Lizzie Eveley  
Oct 30 1888 St. Johns William STONEMAN 27 bach plumber Kings Road A C F Wood S. Stone  
    Sophia Louisa WINSOR 26 spinster   Aquaforte   Mary Lester  
Nov 8 1888 St. Johns William Thomas LONG 25 bach constable Knight Street Hy Dunfield Thos Goodland  
    Jessie Elizabeth CROCKER 25 spinster   Duckworth Street   Catherine Parrott  
Aug 27 1888 St. Johns Joseph PEARCEY 30 bach draper North Street A C F Wood John Lockyer  
    Jessie LOCKYER 25 spinster   James Street   Lucy Lockyer  
PAGE 111                    
Nov 19 1888 St. Johns James RENDELL 29 widowerfisherman Ship Cove, T. East A C F Wood William Butler  
    Alice BUTLER 29 spinster   Ship Cove, T. East   Martha Bannister  
Nov 25 1888 St. Johns John COOK 22 bachfisherman Ship Cove, T. East Hy Dunfield Peter Rendell  
    Jane DODGE 21 spinster   Ship Cove, T. East   Elizabeth Cook  
Nov 29 1888 St. Johns Thomas Robert PAYNE 28 bach mariner Aquaforte A C F Wood Eliza Payne  
    Eva Matilda WINSOR 31 spinster   Aquaforte   Jacob Winsor  
Nov 30 1888 St. Johns John CRITCH 30 bach   St Johns   E.J. Morgan  
    Selina ANDREWS 27 spinster   Hoyles Town   W. Hammond Believed to be the dau of Henry Andrews & Elizabeth Dawe, originally of Port de Grave.
Dec 2 1888 St. Johns Joseph VERGE 28 bach farmer Ross's Farm   Mary Shaw  
    Rachel Ann SHAW 20 spinster   Kings Bridge (Rd)   W. Hammond  
Dec 12 1888 St. Johns William Thomas GODBY (?) 42 widower seaman William Street Hy Dunfield Charles Rendell  
    Selina RENDELL 31 spinster   Hearts Content   Maud Bartlett  
Dec 16 1888 St. Johns John SNOW 59 widowerfisherman Quidi Vidi A C F Wood W.R. Shiting (??)  
    Frances FRENCH 39 widow   Quidi Vidi   Sarah Horwood  
Jan 1 1889 St. Johns Wm Henry MARTIN 22 bach clerk Forest Road   Wm Horwood  
    Mary Elizabeth DAVIS 17 spinster   Forest Road   Annie Brooks  
PAGE 112                    
Jan 9 1889 St. Johns Stephen RUSSELL 24 bach seaman Bay Roberts Hy Dunfield William Bartlett  
    Selina DAWE 25 spinster   Burnt Head   Annie Newell  
Jan 9 1889 St. Johns William O'BRIEN 23 bach seaman 13 East Street   Robert Stansbury  
    Margaret Ann STANSBURY 25 spinster   13 East Street   Patience Young  
Mar 5 1889 St. Johns George Thomas PHILLIPS 25 bach lobster packer Hoyles Town A C F Wood George Anthony  
    Sarah Ann ANTHONY 24 spinster   Duckworth Street   Elizabeth Anthony  
Apr 21 1889 St. Johns Elias VOISEY 28 bach tailor North Street   John Voisey  
    Sarah Ann FIELD 25 spinster   British Square   Wm Voisey  
Apr 28 1889 St. Johns George Frederic BALLAM 26 bach seaman Brigus Robert Holland Taylor George Pittman  
    Emma Harriet PITTMAN 20 spinster   New Perlican   Ella Coughlan  
Apr 29 1889 St. Johns Edward Frederick JOHNSTON 28 bach blacksmith Hoyles Town A C F Wood Wm Godden  
    Charlotte BRADBURY 23 spinster   British Square   C. Johnson  
May 10 1889 St. Johns James Edward WHITTEN 26 bachfisherman South Side   Robert Davis  
    Sarah Agnes BAIRD 22 spinster   South Side   Sarah Whitten  
June 11 1889 St. Johns William WILLIAMS 36 bach coachman Patrick Street   George Carter  
    Susanna Jane TORRAVILLE 27 spinster   Military Road   John Williams  
PAGE 113                    
Jul 24 1889 St. Johns Sidney COX 22 bach seaman Bideford,  N. Devon, Eng Hy Dunfield David Tulk  
    Annie TULK 20 spinster   Hoyles Town   Hettie Budden  
Aug 13 1889 St. Johns Robert JOHNSON 28 bach tailor Water Street A C F Wood George Williams  
    Annie McDonald WILLIAMS 21 spinster   William Street   John Williams Annie McDonald Williams was b Feb 9 1868 St Johns, the dau of George & Annie Williams.
Aug 18 1889 St. Johns Robert PEARCEY 34 widower blacksmith North Street   W. Hammond  
    Mary Jane SEIVIER (SCEVIOUR) 24 spinster   North Street   Hannah Seivier  
Oct 9 1889 St. Johns Moses MARTIN 25 bach farmer White Hills   Edward Martin  
    Jane COOK 21 spinster   Outer Cove Road   Tasker Cook  
Oct 15 1889 St. Johns Frederick Jackson GLASGOW 27 bach engine driver Branscombe Street   M. Morison  
    Julia REID 18 spinster   Forest Road   Thos Pollock  
Nov 2 1889 St. Johns John Charles GENT 28 bach laborer Hoyles Town   John Scott  
    Lydia SCOTT 26 spinster   Buchannan Street   Hannah Gent  
Nov 5 1889 St. Johns John ENGLAND 25 bach shoemaker Prescott Street   Geo Bulley  
    Diana BULLEY 27 spinster   Gower Street   Wm England  
Nov 5 1889 St. Johns Wm Henry CLERK 25   farmer Torbay Road   Joseph Hewardine  
    Phoebe BIDDLECOME 20 spinster   Rennies Mill Road   Annie Hewardine  
PAGE 114                    
Dec 5 1889 St. Johns Stephen Aaron BRIGHT 22 bach tinsmith Prescott Street Hy Dunfield Thomas Gosse  
    Barbara Ethel CALDWELL 21 spinster   Prescott Street   Jessie Gosse  
Dec 19 1889 St. Johns James Archibald DROVER 23 bach founder Lazy Bank Road* A C F Wood Stephen Brooks *Lazy Bank Road is the old name for Pleasant Street.
    Eliza STRICKLEY 23 spinster   LeMarchant Road   Bertha Perfect  
Jan 11 1890 St. Johns George Alfred SIMMS 27 bach railway agent Salmon Cove Station   H. Pennock  
    Lizzie READER 23 spinster   Long Pond CB   Wm Simms  
Apr 22 1890 St. Johns Arthur HEFFERMAN 26 bach carpenter Barters Hill   Henry Bradbury  
    Emma BRADBURY 25 spinster   Monks Town Road   Leonard Hefferman  
Apr 22 1890 St. Johns John Franis LINDBERG 21 bach student at law Signal Hill Road   Geo Knowling  
    Annie Hutchings KNOWLING 23 spinster   Water Street   E. Knowling  
June 1 1890 St. Johns Wm Bond HEWARDINE 24 bach shoemaker Military Road   A. Moulton  
    Jessie Elizabeth BUTT 22 spinster   Torbay Road   Annie Hewardine  
June 3 1890 St. Johns Peter Frederick MORRY 30 bach farmer Caplin Bay   Wm Hammond  
    Bridget May COADY 21 spinster   Cape Broyle   Elizabeth Hammond  
June 24 1890 St. Johns John James GREEN 27 bach blacksmith Trinity West Hy Dunfield Charles Francis Webber  
    Mary Ann FOWLOW 25 spinster   Trinity East   Elizabeth Field  
PAGE 115                    
June 24 1890 St. Johns John Luke O'DWYER 29 bach merchant Gower Street Hy Dunfield W. Munden Allan  
    Edith Livingstone CARTER 25 spinster   Kings Bridge Road   Ida Edith Prowse  
July 15 1890 St. Johns William Bursell WADLAND 23 bach carpenter Duckworth Street   J.B. Wadland  
    Eliza Matthews BARKER 22? spinster   Queens Road   Lavinia Walsh  
July 25 1890 St. Johns Mark DAY 23 bach mariner Salmon Cove TB A C F Wood James Strickley  
    Mary RYAN 21 spinster   Salmon Cove TB   Mary Day  
Aug 28 1890 St. Johns William James YATES 27 bach harness maker South West Street   Peter Power  
    Anetta HIERLIHY 27 spinster   Holdsworth Street   Eliza Power  
Sep 4 1890 St. Johns John TIBBO 26 bachfisherman St Jacques, F. Bay Hy Dunfield Azariah Parsons  
    Mathilda JENKINS 20 spinster   Darling Street   Lavinia Learning  
Oct 8 1890 St. Johns Henry FORD 28 bach seaman HMS EMERALD A C F Wood Frank Brooks  
    Ann BROOKS 25 spinster   James Street   R. Wood  
Oct 14 1890 St. Johns Nathan ANDREWS 26 bach police constable Fort Townsend   R. Martin  
    Elfrida MARTIN 26 spinster   Hoyles Town   Selina Andrews  
Oct 16 1890 St. Johns William Thomas VOISEY 28 bach tailor Kings Road   William Vett  
    Josephine Barbara DODD 23 spinster   Monks Town Road   Margaret Congdon  
PAGE 116                    
Nov 10 1890 St. Johns Samuel Elliott GARLAND 25 bach bookseller Barnes Road Hy Dunfield James Southcott  
    Ada Jane SOUTHCOTT 20 spinster   Long Pond Road   A.J. LeMessurier  
Nov 10 1890 St. Johns Francis WELLS 25 bachfisherman Alexander Bay A C F Wood Richard Wells  
    Annie NEWELL 26 spinster   St Johns   Frances Newell  
Nov 19 1890 St. Johns Robert BANNISTER 26 bachfisherman Ship Cove TB Hy Dunfield Charles Hookey  
    Mary Elen RANDELL 26 spinster   Ship Cove TB   Charity Randell  
Nov 19 1890 St. Johns Adam Robert RANDELL 25 bach fisherman Ship Cove TB   Charles Hookey  
    Sarah Elizabeth READ 20 spinster   Ship Cove TB   Charity Randell  
Nov 25 1890 St. Johns Henry Rex COOK 22 bach farmer Outer Cove Road   W.G. Hammond  
    Jessie Ann HAMMOND 25 spinster   St Johns   Henry Cook  
Dec 14 1890 St. Johns John Thomas EDNEY 20 bach mason William Street A C F Wood John Williams  
    Elizabeth WHITE 22 spinster   The Goulds   W.H. Edney  
Dec 23 1890 St. Johns Anthony TAYLOR 27 bach fish Maxse Street Hy Dunfield Ford Winsor  
    Sarah Jane PAYNE 28 spinster   Pringsdale (?)   Annie Winsor  
Jan 14 1891 St. Johns Tasker Reed COOK 24 bach butcher Water Street A C F Wood E.W. Lyon  
    Henrietta Lucy PENNOCK 22 spinster   Water Street   A.A. Robertson  
PAGE 117                    
Jan 21 1891 St. Johns Thomas DOWDEN 25 bach tinsmith James Street A C F Wood Elias Reid Thomas Dowden was b Jul 10 1865 St Johns & died Feb 3 1945 St Johns, the son of William Dowden Jr & Susanna Allen; & grandson of William Dowden Sr & Anne Sceviour. Hannah Andrews Dowden died Apr 2 1937 St Johns, age 69 yrs.
    Hannah ANDREWS 23 spinster   Hamilton Avenue   Minnie Dowden  
Jan 25 1891 St. Johns Edwin Spencer GARLAND 20 bach carpenter Parade Street Hy Dunfield Sarah Everkard (?)  
    Maria LONG 20 spinster   LeMarchant Road   Henry Thomas  
Mar 30 1891 St. Johns William PITTMAN 52 widower shipbuilder Seattle, Washington   Geo I? Adams  
    Emily HOPKINS 45 spinster   Hearts Content   Charlotte Adams  
Apr 15 1891 St. Johns William George HEALE 25 bach farmer Outer Cove Road   Thomas Cook  
    Frances Elizabeth CLARK 21 spinster   Outer Cove Road A C F Wood Mary J. Heale  
May 20 1891 St. Johns Francis HALL 29 bach seaman Young Street   Noah Carter  
    Margaret CAREY 22 spinster   Hutching Street Hy Dunfield Tryphena Cotter  
June 2 1891 St. Johns James HARDING 24 bach shoemaker South West Street   Jessie Squires  
    Miriam SQUIRES 25 spinster   Gower Street A C F Wood W.G. Hammond  
June 6 1891 St. Johns James Henry WILKINS 27 bach mariner Poole Street   S. Spurdens  
    Mary Ann Shepheard KINGSTON 26 spinster   Water Street   Bertha Pynn  
June 14 1891 St. Johns John BUTLER 53 widower mariner Young Street   George Maunder  
    Ann MURANT 41 widow   Longs Hill   Mary Maunder  
PAGE 118                    
July 24 1891 St. Johns Thomas FRY 27 bach seaman Guernsey G.B. Hy Dunfield F. Stapleton  
    Elizabeth LAMBERT 23 spinster   Nunnery Hill   Henry McGrath  
July 26 1891 St. Johns John BALDWIN 20 bach coachman Torbay Road   David Shute  
    Elizabeth HUDSON 23 spinster   Rennies Mill Road   Mary Ann Walsh  
Aug 2 1891 St. Johns John McGRATH 25 bach seaman Lime Kiln Hill   Thomas Hookey  
    Mary HARDING 22 spinster   Lime Kiln Hill   Charlotte Sweetland  
Aug 20 1891 St. Johns John Frederick NEWMAN 21 bach P.O. clerk LeMarchant Road A C F Wood Noah Cotter  
    Catharine Allen HISCOCK 19 spinster   St Johns Hospital   Thos Lewis  
Aug 23 1891 St. Johns George William SMITH 24 bach seaman HMS EMERALD   Joseph Price  
    Martha PRICE 21 spinster   Hoyles Town   John Price  
Sep 7 1891 St. Johns Samuel Robert OAKLEY 24 bach asst. light house keeper Bonavista   Herbert Mercer  
    Ann Amelia HOUSE 21 spinster   Flowers Cove   Jane K. House  
Sep 9 1891 St. Johns Levi SHEPHERD 24 bach police constable Fort Townsend   V. Andrews  
    Selina Jane ANDREWS 29 spinster   Bell Street   Elfrida Andrews  
Sep 28 1891 St. Johns John HUDSON 31 bach laborer Longs Hill   William Beer  
    Amelia APSEY 40 spinster   Water Street West   W.G. Hammond  
PAGE 119                    
Oct 10 1891 St. Johns Stephen WHITE 37 widowerfisherman Pools Island A C F Wood Jessie Spurrell  
    Jessie RODGERS 22 spinster   Pools Island   Anna Spurrell  
Oct 31 1891 St. Johns Edward BUTLER 28 bach coachman Freshwater Road Hy Dunfield Thos Littlejohn  
    Susannah LITTLEJOHN 22 spinster   Portugal Cove Road   Mary Ann Walsh  
Nov 1 1891 St. Johns John BARTLETT 23 bachfisherman Brigus   Wm Anthony  
    Sarah NOSEWORTHY 18 spinster   Tank Lane   Elizabeth Anthony  
Nov 15 1891 St. Johns James NEIL 23 bach farmer Torbay Road   John Wheeler  
    Mary MURPHY 24 spinster   Torbay Road   Anastasia Murphy  
Nov 26 1891 St. Johns George BUGDEN 22 bachfisherman Trinity   Abraham Bailey  
    Martha PITCHER 24 spinster   Forest Road   Elizabeth Bugden  
Nov 27 1891 St. Johns Stephen VOISEY 21 bach laborer Fleming Street A C F Wood John Jaynes  
    Julia BRADBURY 22 spinster   Fleming Street   John Voisey  
Nov 28 1891 St. Johns Henry THOMAS 23 bach drayman Balsam Street   Joseph Hibbs  
    Elizabeth ENGLAND 24 spinster   Court House   Sarah Moores  
Nov 29 1891 St. Johns Albert Edward LONGLAND (?)
28 bach draper New Gower Street   J.C. Simms  
    Emma Bartlett McKENZIE 31 widow   Duckworth Street   Belle Dicks  
PAGE 120                    
Dec 16 1891 St. Johns Peter WHEELER 46 widowerfisherman Alexander Street Hy Dunfield Frederick Bursell  
    Sophia BARR 42 widow nurse St Johns Hosp   C. Hingston  
Dec 20 1891 St. Johns Albert HISCOCK 26 bachfisherman Salmon Cove TB   Stephen Day  
    Charity RANDELL 22 spinster   Robin Hoods Bay   Amy Day  
Jan 9 1892 St. Johns David George LUSCOMBE 35 bach laborer Gower Street A C F Wood John Luscombe  
    Eliza Ann HODDER 34 spinster   Hayward Avenue   Eliza Whitten  
Jan 11 1892 St. Johns John CRANE 29 bach T.N. Constabulary Fort Townsend Hy Dunfield Joseph Miller  
    Jane BATTEN 26 spinster   Water Street   Mary Hobbes  
Jan 21 1892 St. Johns John Richard GOODRIDGE 48 bach merchant Monks Town Road A C F Wood Alan C. Goodridge  
    Annie Lenora Elizabeth TRUMBLE 23 spinster   LeMarchant Road   Grace Carter  
Feb 23 1892 St. Johns James Augustus HODDER 23 bach trader Burin   Wm Aylward  
    Lavinia Minnie MAYO 19 spinster   Water Street   Charlotte Mayo  
Feb 27 1892 St. Johns John Martin ENGLAND 22 bach blacksmith Field  Street   George Dawe  
    Rebecca Ann TAYLOR 21 spinster   Rennies Mill  Road   Agnes Dawe  
Feb 29 1892 St. Johns Nicholas G. CHISLETT 30 bach carpenter Duckworth Street   William Foster  
    Helen Eliza GREEN 26 spinster   William Street   Harriet Green  
PAGE 121                    
Mar 11 1892 St. Johns John OTT 25 bach blacksmith South Side A C F Wood Stephen Ebsary  
    Emily KINGSTON 24 spinster   South Side   Wm Kingston  
Apr 19 1892 St. Johns Richard LEE 23 bach fisherman Petty Harbour Hy Dunfield John Gent Individual identified as Roman Catholic
    Drusilla MILLS 37 widow   Petty Harbour   Lydia Gent  
Apr 22 1892 St. Johns John Patrick CONROY 21 bach seaman Monks Town Road   Wm Hopkins  
    Agnes FIELD 23 spinster   Kings Road   Sarah Wyllie  
Apr 24 1892 St. Johns William LEADSTONE 27 bach mariner Mullock Street A C F Wood Robert Parsons  
    Emily Ann WRIGHT 23 spinster   Mullock Street   Elizabeth Parsons  
May 4 1892 St. Johns John MILLER 20 bach carman Long Pond Road Hy Dunfield John Mayo Individual identified as Roman Catholic
    Elizabeth HOBBS 23 spinster   St Johns   Amelia Jane Lewis  
June 8 1892 St. Johns James INGRAM 28 bach cable operator St Pierre (Miquelon) A C F Wood J. Furlong  
    Elizabeth Victoria FRECKER 24 spinster   St Pierre (Miquelon)   B. Furlong  
June 22 1892 St. Johns Lewis Corbett PITTMAN 20 bach laborer Pilots Hill   Herbert Marshall  
    Sarah KIRBY 20 spinster   Pilots Hill   Alfred Perry  
June 27 1892 St. Johns Alfred Edward McKINNEY 24 bach mariner Duckworth Street   Herbert Churchill  
    Ida Jane HALFYARD 22 spinster   Duckworth Street   Clara Halfyard  
PAGE 122                    
July 9 1892 St. Johns William Carson JOB 28 bach merchant St Johns J W C Harvey Mabel Wood LeMessurier  
    Edith Louisa Harvey WARREN 18 spinster   St Johns   Harrison R. Hayward  
July 17 1892 St. Johns Edward BROOKING 20 bach coachman Mullock Street A C F Wood Enock Pike  
    Annie Georgina JACKMAN 21 spinster   Lime Kiln Hill   J. Martin England Individual identified as Roman Catholic
Aug 1 1892 St. Johns Robert MARTIN 56 bach laborer Military Road   L. Meek  
    Emily VEY 46 spinster   Military Road   Hallie F. Wood  
Aug 17 1892 St. Johns Samuel George WEBBER 21 bach storekeeper Duckworth Street   Robert Hammond  
    Mary Margaret RYAN 25 spinster Roman Catholic Quidi Vidi Road   Hallie F. Wood  
Oct 11 1892 St. Johns Isaac BISHOP 26 bach mariner George Street   John Pike  
    Harriet COLLINS 27 spinster   Bannerman Street   Sarah Pike  
Nov 7 1892 St. Johns Charles Edward SIMMONDS 24 bach drayman Hamilton Street   Wm Late?  
    Anastasia DEWLING 23 spinster   John Street   Thomas Dewling  
Nov 12 1892 St. Johns Wm Henry RADCLIFFE 40 widower smith, B annerman Park Hy Dunfield John T. Congdon  
    Sarah Hannah SMITH 25 spinster   Manuels CB   Florence E. James Sarah Hannah Smith was b May 22 1868 Manuels - d May 1949 Ryton-on-the-Dunsmore, England. She md (2) William Duckett of Wales. William H Radcliffe was b Nov 15 1848 Bideford, Devon - d Apr 6 1904 Swansea, Wales.
Oct 25 1892 St. Johns William Charles BAIRD 22 bach mariner South Side A C F Wood Albert Edgecombe  
    Phoebe JEWER 23 spinster   Maxse Street   Maria Baird  
PAGE 123                    
Nov 16 1892 St. Johns Abraham MUNDY 61 widower planter Pouch Cove Hy Dunfield Christopher Mundy  
    Mary Ann JELLETT (GILLETT)* 50 widow   Exploits   Sarah Ann Bassett * She may be nee Mary Ann GROUCHY, widow of George Gillett (son of James & Elizabeth Gillett, who died 1887).
Nov 20 1892 St. Johns Philip FIELD 40 widower farmer Torbay Road   David Surcomb  
    Maria CLEMENTS 31 widow   Stuart Avenue   Eliza Tapper  
Nov 27 1892 St. Johns John KERLEY 27 bachfisherman Bay Roberts A C F Wood Abraham Parsons  
    Olivia FRENCH 29 spinster   Mullock Street   Fanny Parsons  
Dec 19 1892 St. Johns Thomas Frederick HENNEBURY 23 bach laborer Quidi Vidi Hy Dunfield Robert Batstone  
    Annie Gertrude HENNEBURY 19 spinster   Quidi Vidi   Elijah Pendergast  
Dec 22 1892 St. Johns Richard THORNE 24 bach carpenter Fleming Street A C F Wood Robert Thorne  
    Elizabeth BIDDESCOMBE 19 spinster   Outer Cove Road   Harriet Biddescombe  
Dec 31 1892 St. Johns Richard FIELD 34 bachfisherman Torbay   Richard Clements  
    Jane CLEMENTS 23 spinster   Paroborough NS (?Parrsboro)   Wm Thorne  
Jan 14 1893 St. Johns Robert Francis STANSBURY 36 widower laborer Duckworth Street Hy Dunfield Wm Hy Stansbury  
    Sarah SEXTON 39 spinster   New Gower Street   Sarah Moores  
Feb 9 1893 St. Johns Geoffrey GUZZELL (?GUZZWELL) 72 widower farmer Goulds   Aaron Mogridge  
    Margaret Ann HUSSEY 46 widow   Goulds   Elizabeth Boyles  

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (July 2002)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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