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Pre-1891 Registration
Volume 26D

Anglican Cathedral of
St. John the Baptist, St. John's

1874 - 1891


the Vital Statistics are copies made by ministers in the 1940s at the request of the Nfld Government, to provide a copy of vital records up to the year 1891 (after which govt records had been kept). There were copying errors made, and as well at times information that is in the original registers was not copied into the Vital Statistics, such as name of father of bride and groom if given, extra witnesses beyond 2, and with particular reference to this volume, I know of at least one instance where the original registers gave the groom's place of origin in England, but the Vital Stats version only states St Johns NF. Readers would be well advised to consult the original parish records if possible.
KEY: RV = Royal Veterans; RA = Royal Artillery; PRV = Private of Royal Veterans; RN = Royal Navy
OF INTEREST TO RESEARCHERS: from Dr. W. Gordon Handcock's 1989 book ''SO LONGE AS THERE COMES NOE WOMEN'' (Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland); Breakwater Books ISBN no's 0-920911-55-2/paper and 0-920911-80-3/bound; page 250. Family names associated with the Nfld fishery from Teignmouth-Shaldon (Devon): Ashford, Babb, Bickford, Bulley, Codner, Cornish, Harvey, Mudge, Pinson, Prowse, Row, Squarey, Stephens, Tapley and Whiteway. From the Torbay-Dartmouth (Devon) area: Carter, Congdon, Dodd, Evans, Godfrey, Goodridge, Griffin, Henley, Hutchings, Hutton, Lee, Luscombe, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Morry, Perriman, Phillips, Pope, Rich, Seally, Searle, Soper, Squires, Sparkes, Storey, Tremblett and Way. From Poole, Dorset: Anstey, Corban, Durrell, Etheridge, Frampton, Gale, Gould, Harrison, Hooper, Keats, Knight, Linthorne, Newell, Pike, Randell, Taverner, Vallis, White, and Wise.
PAGE 99                    
Jan 29 1874 St. Johns James Ramsey SMITH   bach, Benchorg?, Scotland Isabella McLARK?   spin, St Johns David Smith, Maria F. Collis    
PAGE 100                    
Feb 10 1874 St. Johns John CORRAN (actually John COWAN*)   bach, St Johns Eliza Petra? EARLE (actually Eliza Julia EARLE)   spin, St Johns R.W. Earle, J.N.W.Ebber (? should be J.N.WEBBER)   Corrections from Kathleen Noseworthy, Mississauga ON. Eliza Julia Earle was b Feb 27 1853, the dau of Henry EARLE & Catherine NOSEWORTHY. NOTE: family has date as Feb 17 1874.
Apr 9 1874 St. Johns William TULK   bach, Carbonear Esther Sophia MORRIS   spin, St Johns Charles Morris, H.B. Lyon    
July 27 1874 St. Johns George AYRE   bach, St Johns Isabella Mary Hoyles WEBBER   spin, St Johns Henry B. Lyon, T. Webber    
Aug 9 1874 St. Johns George BUCHANNAN   bach, Glasgow, Scotland Mary Ann ANDREWS   spin, St Johns Stephen Cadwell, Charles Miller   Candidate is Mary ann Andrews
Aug 12 1874 St. Johns Frederick Henry COLYER   bach, Osprinze, Kent, England Winifred Johnson SMITH   spin, St Johns Thomas P. Forsey, Joseph F. Phelps    
Oct 20 1874 St. Johns Albert Springell? NORFOLD?   bach, clergyman, Louisburg, Cape Breton NS Isabella Fanny STABB   spin, St Johns Henry J. Stabb, Ellen F. Stabb    
Nov 1 1874 St. Johns Stephen CADWELL   bach, St Johns Louisa MERCER   spin, Chamberlains Richard Earle, William Goodland    
Nov 2 1874 St. Johns Richard EARLE   bach, St Johns Mary Ann CADWELL   spin, St Johns Stephen Cadwell, William Goodland    
PAGE 101                    
Nov 28 1874 St. Johns Robert John PARSONS   bach, St Johns Fanny TOUSSAINT   spin, St Johns William Pilot, J.M. Carter    
Dec 1 1874 St. Johns John WERAM (WAREHAM*)   bach, St Johns Diana MILLER   spin, Burnt Point CB George Thomas, Charles Weram (Wareham)   Surname was WAREHAM as confirmed by several baptisms to this couple.
Jan 5 1875 St. Johns William CLARK   bach, North Scotland Anastasia CROW   spin, St Johns James Crow, Jane Goodland    
Apr 27 1875 St. Johns William LEWIS   bach, St Johns Mary Grace POTTER   spin, St Johns Elias Collier, William Clouston    
June 22 1875 St. Johns Samuel AUSTIN   widower, St Johns Elizabeth FALL? *   widow, St Johns William Moore, Fanny Stidstone   *likely nee Elizabeth EMMETT, who married John FALL? 1863.
July 14 1875 St. Johns George William UDLE   bach, St Johns Jane Emeline WILKIE   spin, St Johns J. Collier, C. Wilkie    
Oct 26 1875 St. Johns William John BLANDFORD   bach, Herring Neck Ann PHILPOTT   widow, Herring Neck Esau Blandford, Cecily Blandford   William John Blandford was bapt Nov 10 1850 Herring Neck, the son of Esau BLANDFORD & Selina BENNETT; widow Ann Philpott believed to be nee Ann BATT, widow of Charles Philpott whom she married 1863.
Nov 1 1875 St. Johns Peter NELSON (aka NEILSON)   bach, Beth Cove (Betts Cove), Green Bay Louisa TILLEY   spin, Kelligrews Mary Jane Whitten (nee Tilley), William Henry Tilley   Louisa TILLEY believed to be dau of George TILLEY & Eliza TAYLOR; Peter & Louisa's son William Henry NEILSON was b 1876 Betts Head, Green Bay.
PAGE 102                    
Nov 16 1875 St. Johns George GOFF   bach, St Johns Eliza MENCHINTON   spin, St Johns Abraham Anthony, Thomas Anthony    
Nov 24 1875 St. Johns Richard PEARCE   bach, Petty Harbour Hannah Harris CARNELL   spin, St Johns Samuel G. Carnell, Mary Ann Pope    
Nov 27 1875 St. Johns Peter EDDLEM   bach, St Johns Emily RAINS   spin, St Johns George Goff, Eliza J. Goff    
Nov 27 1875 St. Johns Benjamin Hugh SWATRIDGE   widower, St Johns Elizabeth BALLARD   widow, St Johns Peter Eddle(m)?, George Goff    
Jan 9 1876 St. Johns Thomas CORNICK   bach, St Johns Rosanna EVERETT   spin, St Johns F.C. Cornick, Edward Davey    
Aug 29 1876 St. Johns James HALL   bach, Bay Bulls Mariam CRITCH   spin, St Johns Henry Warren, Susanna Rogers    
Sep 14 1876 St. Johns Stephen LARSON   bach, St Johns Susannah WHITE   spin, St Johns John White, John Tapper    
Sep 26 1876 St. Johns Edward ROTHWELL   bach, St Johns Jessie PEANIE?/PEMNIE?   spin, St Johns Robert Moss, Eliza Clift    
PAGE 103                    
Sep 27 1876 St. Johns Charles JEFFREY   bach, clergyman, St Johns Jane Elizabeth O'DONNELL   spin, St Johns Robert Hunt, J.J. Smith   Charles Jeffery was b 1847 Woolston, England & died 1926 St Johns. He spent 48 yrs as an Anglican missionary in NF, 35 of which were spent in St Georges Bay; the community of Jeffrey's was named after him.
Sep 27 1876 St. Johns Joseph James CURLING   bach, clergyman, St Johns Emily Marion ROBINSON   spin, St Johns Bryan Robinson, Henry J. Stabb   Joseph J Curling was b 1844 England & died 1906. Originally educated at a military college, with a commission in the Royal Engineers, he was deeply affected by the conditions he witnessed in NF; retiring from the Royal Engineers he returned to NF to become a missionary, and was ordained a deacon in 1873, and a priest 1874. He left NF 1886. While there, he used his engineering skills to design and build a number of churches and schools on the west coast. He returned in 1891 taking up a one year position as Principal of Queens (Theol) College, but did not return after that appointment. The community of Birchy Cove in the Bay of Islands changed its name to Curling in his honor.
Oct 8 1876 St. Johns John HEALE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Miller ANDREWS   spin, St Johns William N/H? Horwood, George M. Andrews    
Nov 8 1876 St. Johns Charles WARFIELD   bach, Lance Cove TB Ellen BROWN   spin, St Johns Eliza J. Baldwin, William Feaver    
Dec 6 1876 St. Johns John PEACE   bach, St Johns Sarah Cousins MILLS   spin, St Johns William McKenzie, William Irving    
Dec 17 1876 St. Johns Phillip GROUCHY   bach, St Johns Elizabeth RYAN   spin, St Johns Henry Morris, Elizabeth Luscombe    
Jan 4 1877 St. Johns Frederick OAKLEY   bach, St Johns Emma SEXTON   spin, St Johns William Royal, Hannah Ryall    
Jan 10 1877 St. Johns Thomas Gilbert GILLAM   bach, St Johns Louisa TARRANT   spin, St Johns Levi Rogers, Mary Rogers    
PAGE 104                    
Apr 21 1877 St. Johns John Antonie LUNDSTROM*   bach, St Johns Catherine YOUNG   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Young, William Chipman   *there were two 'dots' over the 'o' in Lundstrom.
May 19 1877 St. Johns Thomas KING   bach, New York Joanna MAHANEY   spin, St Johns William Foster, Elizabeth Mahaney    
May 27 1877 St. Johns Stephen BRAGG   bach, St Johns Mahalah WALDON   spin, St Johns William Foster, Mary Bragg    
June 16 1877 St. Johns John CODNER   widower, Torbay Elizabeth CODNER   widow, Torbay Thomas P. Massiah, Ellen Codner    
Oct 26 1877 St. Johns Henry BARTLETT   bach, Kingston BB Catherine COFFIN   spin, Kingston BB William Broadbridge, Henry Cowan    
Nov 1 1877 St. Johns Benjamin SQUIRES   bach, Portugal Cove Emily Sarah FRYERS*1   spin, Broad Cove John Brown, Arthur Brown   *1places of residence are reversed in the original parish records version which is felt to be correct. The bride's surname is actually Fry or Frye"
Jan 26 1878 St. Johns William HOGGEN   bach, Greenock Virtue MERCER   spin, Chamberlains Charles McLarty, Alice McLarty    
Jan 29 1878 St. Johns Francis PIPPY   bach, St Johns Ellen BROWN   spin, St Johns William Pippy, William Feaver    
PAGE 105                    
Apr 17 1878 St. Johns William HAUSFORD?/HANSFORD?   bach, St Johns Theresa RYAN   spin, Seal Cove TB Robert Sparrow, Levi Spurrell    
May 5 1878 St. Johns James Chalmer SCOTT   bach, St Johns Alice Ellison FURNEAUX   spin, St Johns Margaret Scott, John Scott    
June 12 1878 St. Johns William LONG   bach, Bishops Cove Harriett WALTON   spin, St Johns Edward Watton/Walton?, Albert Machin    
June 12 1878 St. Johns Frederick Charles CORNICK   bach, St Johns Amelia UDLE   spin, St Johns Mary Southcott, Edward N. Davey    
Aug 22 1878 St. Johns Daniel Charles CURRIE   bach, St Johns Constance GRAHAM   spin, St Johns Christine Graham, Martha Graham    
Oct 11 1878 St. Johns John ROGERS   bach, Salvage Lavinia TAYLOR   spin, Cubitts (Cupids) Thomas King, Sarah Elliot?   John Rogers was bc 1848 & died Dec 31 1947 BishopsHr age 99 yrs, 7 mo; he is believed to be the son of Thomas ROGERS of Christchurch, Hants & Martha Dyke. Lavinia Taylor was bc 1858 & died Oct 21 1941 St Chads, age 83 yrs.
Oct 16 1878 St. Johns Henry DUNFIELD   bach, Trinity West Caroline Ball WITHERS   spin, St Johns Flora Clift, J.C. Withers    
Nov 14 1878 St. Johns Moses SPURRELL   bach, St Johns Eliza Jane BALDWIN   spin, St Johns Levi Spurrell, George Powell    
PAGE 106                    
Nov 16 1878 St. Johns Thomas DALTON   bach, Smiths Sound TB Elizabeth CARBERRY   spin, St Johns George Carberry, Bella? Didden (Didham)    
Nov 16 1878 St. Johns John Charles RYAN   bach, St Johns Elizabeth JONES/JANES?   spin, St Johns Eliza Philips, Edward Taylor    
Feb 17 1879 St. Johns John CHAPLIN   bach, St Johns Mary Elizabeth ANDREWS   spin, St Johns John Fleury (?Henry) Andrews, Mark Chaplin Jr   See 2nd version of this marriage below.
Mar 12 1879 St. Johns George DELAHEY?/DELAHAY?   bach, England Susan TAYLOR   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Bartlett, Sarah Jane Herder?   See 2nd version of this marriage below.
PAGE 107                    
Feb 17 1879 St. Johns John Frederick CHAPLIN   bach, St Johns Mary Elizabeth ANDREWS   spin, St Johns Delphina Andrews, John Henry Andrews   2nd version of marriage has his middle name added and different witnesses. Mary Elizabeth ANDREWS was bc 1854 & died May 12 1923 age 68 yrs, at 66 Patrick Street, the dau of John Henry ANDREWS & Mary Ann MUGFORD of Port de Grave. John CHAPLIN died Nov 9 1927 General Hospital age 74 yrs. They are buried at Forest Road Anglican Cemetery, St Johns.
Mar 12 1879 St. Johns George DALSH? (prev Delahey?)   bach, sailor, St Johns Susan TAYLOR   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Bartlett, John Lucas   This 2nd version has his surname altered, occupation given, diff place of residence, and one different witness.
June 9 1879 St. Johns Charles Augustus Edward FISHER   bach, engineer, St Johns Matilda Elizabeth BRADFORD   spin, St Johns Bella Machin, James Mills?    
July 31 1879 St. Johns William Henry CROWDY 22 bach, bank clerk, St Johns Flora Hayward SPRAGUE 24 spin, St Johns John Hayward, E.S. Crowdy    
Aug 27 1879 St. Johns Peter Duchemin KNIGHT 25 bach, merchant, St Johns Margaret Phoebe McCOUBREY 25 spin, St Johns A.W. Knight, Mary A. Smith   Peter Duchemin Knight was the son of Robert Gregory KNIGHT & Susanna Lewis DUCHEMIN. Margaret Phoebe McCoubrey was born Sep 16 1854 St Johns, the dau of John Williams McCoubrey & Margaret Watt.
Oct 2 1879 St. Johns William HISCOCK 23 bach, sailor, Topsail Eliza CURTIS 20 spin, Exploits Mary Adams, Jacob W. Butler   William Hiscock died July 10 1923 Chamberlains age 66 yrs. Eliza Ellen CURTIS was b June 1859 Exploits, the dau of Francis CURTIS & Eleanor LUFF; she died Nov 2 1909 Chamberlains age 50 yrs.
Oct 15 1879 St. Johns Josiah McLeod LEARD 25 bach, joiner, St Johns Caroline Margaret BENNETT 23 spin, St Johns Edward Bennett, John Green    
Nov 15 1879 St. Johns Abraham MOSS 28 bach, fisherman, James Cove, Goose Bay Susanna STEAD 22 spin, Salvage William Yeatman, Katherine Moss    
PAGE 108                    
Nov 17 1879 St. Johns Morris John WILLIAMS 30 bach, state manufacturer, Smith Sound, Trinity Bay Christiana Sarah FACEY 25 spin, Trinity Caroline Hepditch, David Charles Currie    
Nov 18 1879 St. Johns Silas TAYLOR 26 bach, fisherman, James Cove, Goose Bay Katherine MOSS 23 spin, James Cove, Goose Bay Joseph Yetman, Susanna Moss    
Dec 3 1879 St. Johns Ira Franklin RAYMOND 23 bach, sailor, St Johns Lavinia EVOY? 23 widow, St Johns William A. Dinne, John C. Buchanan    
Jan 28 1880 St. Johns Richard Alexander McCOUBREY 31 bach, printer, St Johns Harriett CROSSMAN 30 spin, St Johns William S. Crossman, P.B. Harris    
Feb 4 1880 St. Johns Edward Henry Davy 26 bach, joiner, St Johns Laura Stephenson WILLS 24 spin, St Johns George A Davey. B. Carnell    
Aug 18 1880 St. Johns Isaac HARRIS 23 bach, cabinet maker, St Johns Maria FLOWERY?* 27 widow, St Johns William Thomas Brown, Isabel Willshire   *Flowery may also be 'Henry' again mistranscribed.
Aug 20 1880 St. Johns James Frederic BANCROFT 28 bach, schoolmaster, Pass Island Mary Jane MOSEALY?/MESEALY? 27 spin, St Johns George Morris, George J. Hayward    
Sep 23 1880 St. Johns Louis Fleury* HAYWARD 21 bach, actor, Raleigh, North Carolina Margaret Josephine ROBINSON 23 spin, actress, Cleveland, Ohio John Ignatius O'Byrne, Josephine H. Loane   *again Fleury may be Henry.
PAGE 109                    
Sep 24 1880 St. Johns John CONNOR 32 bach, cable operator, St Peters Louise FINKHAM 26 spin, Minchledon?, Surrey, Eng. Rodolphus? Hanrahan, Katie McKarthy    
Sep 28 1880 St. Johns William McKENZIE 25 bach, cashier, St Johns Emma Bartlett SIMMS 19 (w/c*) spin, St Johns Gilbert Distin Shears, Anna Maria Whelan   *w/c presumedly meant 'with consent' of parents
Nov 2 1880 St. Johns Thomas HUNT 25 bach, labourer, St Johns Sarah Anne BUSSEY 25 spin, St Johns Peter Power, Susannah Stevens    
Nov 28 1880 St. Johns Robert William WESTON 22 bach, seaman, St Johns Susannah MARTIN 22 widow, St Johns Phillip Noseworthy, William Feaver    
Dec 2 1880 St. Johns George Robbins POWELL 27 bach, labourer, St Johns Elizabeth WOODLAND 23 spin, St Johns Moses Spirl?, Eliza J. Spirl?    
Dec 4 1880 St. Johns James STEVENSON 35 bach, fish, Harbour Grace Mary CONGDON?/ CORRIGAN? 27 spin, St Johns Samuel Langdon, Margaret Langdon    
Feb 19 1881 St. Johns George John MACDOWELL 36 bach, steward & purser, St Johns Julia Amanda ROMAIN 26 spin, St Johns Alma Romain, J.E. Romain    
Feb 2 1881 St. Johns Paul HAMLYN 24 bach, carpenter, St Johns Phoebe MORRIS 27 spin, St Johns Stephen Morris, Emily Morris    
PAGE 110                    
Apr 24 1881 Bishops Chapel, St Johns Arthur Stephen RENDELL 24 bach, broker, St Johns Christina Lilla Matilda STABB 23 spin, St Johns George Shea, Joseph F. Phelps    
June 1 1881 St. Johns John Thomas SOUTHCOTT 27 bach, architect, St Johns Mary Selina ROSCOE 22 spin, St Johns William Bowman, John McKenzie   John Thomas Southcott was b 1853 St Johns & died 1939, the son of James Thos Southcott & Georgina Norman. He studied architecture in Exeter, Devon, returning to NF 1877. Introduced the Second Empire building style to NF, on Municipal Council 1892, appointed Superintend. of Pub. Works 1898. Moved to Vancouver BC after 1910.
June 23 1881 St. Johns John Shirley SANDERSON 25 bach, Clerk in Holy Orders, Random Trinity Bay Elizabeth Jane PROWSE 26 spin, St Johns Elizabeth Rachel Prowse, Emma Jane Stabb    
Aug 20 1881 St. Johns Edwin John DUDER 28 bach, merchant, St Johns Margaret Eliza STEAD 20 (w/c*) spin, St Johns A.G. Duder, M. Simms   *w/c presumedly meant 'with consent' of parents
Oct 22 1881 St. Johns Mark CHILDE 25 bach, fisherman, Carbonear Donas?/Doras? Louisa LANF? 23 spin, servant, Carbonear Nathan Brown, Jessie Butt?    
Nov 2 1881 St. Johns Jacob HIGGINS 40 widower, fish, Random Sound Charlotte BUTT 35 widow, Greats (Grates) Cove William Meade, John Fey    
Dec 20 1881 St. Johns William READ 26 bach, fisherman, St Johns Ellen REMNAIRD? 25 spin, servant, St Johns Sarah Jane Read, Arthur Joseph Read    
May 22 1882 St. Johns John FIELD 27 bach, fisherman, Torbay Charlotte TILLEY 24 spin, servant, St Johns W.F. Turner, W.G. Harris   Charlotte Tilley was born Old Perlican, per the 1921 Census, by which time she is widowed & living at St Johns. Her baptism appears to be missing from Old Perlican records.
PAGE 111                    
June 3 1882 St. Johns George EUSTACE 32 bach, fisherman, Torbay Caroline WEIR 27 spin, Petty Harbour John Eustace, Agnes Thorn    
June 16 1882 St. Johns Theophilus HUNT 21 bach, labourer, St Johns Sarah Anne POPE 19 spin, St Johns John Pope, Steward Pippy    
July 20 1882 St. Johns John BELL 34 bach, farmer, St Johns Emily Anne CODNER 27 spin, St Johns Charlotte Young, Martha Codner    
Oct 7 1882 St. Johns Joseph RESCON/RISCON/RESION? 27 bach, fisherman, St Johns Amelia CASE 39 widow, St Johns John Case, Martin Janes?    
Oct 14 1882 St. Johns Ambrose NOSEWORTHY 23 bach, fisherman, St Johns Eliza RYAN 20 spin, St Johns Edward Langmead, Esther Stansbury    
Oct 29 1882 St. Johns Thomas SQUIRE 28 bach, fisherman, Broad Cove Elizabeth QUEANLON?/ HEANLON? 19 spin, St Johns Jeremiah Savage, Thomas Higgen Paton    
Nov 8 1882 St. Johns John KAVANAGH 26 bach, cooper, St Johns Fanny HOOK 20 spin, St Johns James Nicholas, William O'Brien    
Nov 11 1882 St. Johns Emmanuel TAYLOR 30 bach, mason, St Johns Julia BONEY (should be BERRY 24 spin, St Johns John Berry, Rebecca Bery?   Feel strongly that this is Julia BERRY b Feb 29 1856 St Johns, daughter of John BERRY & Mary Ann MOORE; two witnesses to the marriage were surnamed BERRY, and baptism of a child to this couple had the middle name BERRY.
PAGE 112                    
Nov 14 1882 St. Johns Arthur Alexander CLARKE 29 bach, fisherman, Broad Cove Elizabeth SHARP 31 widow, Lazy Bank* Joseph Milley, Mary Jane Miller   *Lazy Bank is now called Pleasant Street.
Nov 28 1882 St. Johns Peter TILLEY 22 bach, labourer, St Johns Ellen RYAN 25 spin, St Johns George Noseworthy, Emily Noseworthy    
Dec 2 1882 St. Johns George LAMBERT 26 bach, fisherman, St Johns Emily SQUIRES 25 spin, servant, St Johns John Lambert, Mary Jane Squires    
Dec 5 1882 St. Johns William SKEANES 34 bach, fisherman, St Johns Mary Ann MARSHALL (nee MARTIN) 33 widow, Hoyles Town Charles Chafe, John Skanes   Original parish records note that she was the dau of Jonathan MARTIN, he son of Thomas Skeans.
Dec 10 1882 St. Johns Joseph BULLEY 24 bach, carpenter, St Johns Emma Samel? EASTERBROOK (per bap of their child, she was Emma Janet EASTERBROOK 20 spin, servant, St Johns Henry Brown, James Matthew Easterbrook    
Dec 20 1882 St. Johns Robert MUNDY 27 bach, schoolteacher, Pouch Cove Isabelle Mary STONE 26 spin, Fogo Alice? Winter, Susan S. Pooke    
Apr 24 1883 St. Johns George Alfred DAVEY 24 bach, carpenter, St Johns Charlotte Campbell BELL 25 spin, St Johns Charles Davey, James Bell    
May 2 1883 St. Johns Robert George MARSHALL 26 bach, cooper, St Johns Susannah Mary COOK 18 spin, Riverhead George A. Cook, Hannah Purchase   Robert George Thornton Marshall was b Feb 13 1854 St Johns & d Apr 5 1914; he was actually 29 when they married. He was the son of George MARSHALL & Hannah/Joanna NURSE. Susannah Mary COOK was b June 12 1867 St Johns & d Dec 27 1945: she was actually only 15 when they married. She was the dau of William COOK of Devon & Harriett Jane ANDREWS of Port de Grave. Original parish records name their fathers and name extra witnesses: Julia Marshall (nee Holwell), Samuel Marshall.
PAGE 113                    
May 13 1883 St. Johns George Maddock ANDREWS 38 bach, porter, St Johns Sarah Ann HOLLETT 23 spin, St Johns Robert J.M. Andrews, William Hollett   George Maddock Andrews was b Oct 12 1844 St Johns, the son of John Rossiter Andrews & Elizabeth Maddock.
July 7 1883 St. Johns James Ashton STONE 27 bach, cooper, St Johns Tryphaena WELLMAN 20 spin, St Johns Moses Wellman, Mary Ann Wellman    
Oct 18 1883 St. Johns Henry George CHAFE 23 bach, schoolmaster, Gooseberry Islands Amelia Ann HOWSE 22 spin, Gooseberry Islands Jacob Chafe, M.R. Whittgiobok?   Henry George Chafe Jr was b Feb 24 1860 Petty Hr, the son of Henry George Chafe Sr & Caroline Whitten.
Oct 18 1883 St. Johns George HOWSE 25 bach, fisherman, Gooseberry Islands Amelia Jane MARTIN 20 spin, Grates Cove Sarah Stoyles, Ambrose Panes?    
Dec 1 1883 St. Johns Daniel QUINN 30 bach, railway foreman, St Johns Elizabeth MORGAN 22 spin, Seal Cove Matthew Peckham, Mary Ann Blackler    
Dec 1 1883 St. Johns Joseph FRY? 22 bach, mason, St Johns Bridget CLANCE 21 spin, St Johns Edmund James Came?, Anne Knight    
Dec 18 1883 St. Johns James Henry WHITE 21 bach, stone cutter, St Johns Mary Anne UDLE 24 spin, St Johns John Albert Udle, G. Grave    
Dec 22 1883 St. Johns Thomas Sinclair TAIT 26 bach, St Johns Elizabeth WILLS 28 spin, St Johns Ellen C. Watson, Anna M. McKenzie    
PAGE 114                    
Jan 5 1884 St. Johns Alfred Bishop MORINE 26 bach, editor, St Johns Alice Mellisse* MASON 2 spin, St Johns W.V.Whiteway, H.F. Whiteway   *"Bride's surname corrected per research of Geoff Martin"
May 1 1884 St. Johns Charles MARKS 22 bach, farm laborer, St Johns Mary CONNOLLY 19 spin, Kilbridge Mary Conolly, Elizabeth Spurell    
June 23 1884 St. Johns John Elliott WEBBER 27 bach, coachman, St Johns Jane MARSHFIELD 27 spin, St Johns Clara Webber, James Webber   Jane Marshfield was b May 31 1856 St Johns, the dau of George MARSHFIELD of Dorset & Rosanna ROGERS of Fair Island, Bonavista Bay. Her parents were married at Greenspond BB but moved into St Johns.
Oct 11 1884 St. Johns Francis GROUCHY 52 widower, carpenter, St Johns Emily MATTHEWS 38 widow, Le Poyle (La Poile) Abel Watkins, Elizabeth Grouchy    
Oct 20 1884 St. Johns Isaac RALPH 24 bach, fisherman, Flat Island Elizabeth SAMSON 27 spin, Flat Island Edward Samson, Susanna Petten    
Nov 6 1884 St. Johns Robert ALLEN 27 bach, fisherman, Portugal Cove Julia Ann HEAD 18 spin, Lance Cove, T. Bay George Taylor, Isabella Taylor    
Nov 26 1884 St. Johns Francis Frederick Bowden? PAGE 26 bach, printer, St Johns Mary Ann WELLMAN 20 spin, St Johns Moses Wellman, Emily Aurelia/Amelia? Goodland    
Dec 21 1884 St. Johns Henry BOYLES 48 widower, laborer, George's Town Mary Jane HELLIER 42 widow, St Johns John Norris, John Harkins?    
PAGE 115                    
Jan 17 1885 St. Johns John BALEM? 22 bach, sailor, St Johns Sarah NORMORE 21 spin, St Johns Mary Lockyer, Robert Normore    
June 6 1885 St. Johns Henry Thomas SPURRELL 24 bach, labourer, St Johns Sophia OAKLEY 24 spin, Hoylestown Eliza Jane Spurrell, Levi Spurrell    
July 23 1885 St. Johns Robert CRIMP 25 bach, labourer, St Johns Winifred SULLIVAN 20 spin, St Johns John Martin, Emily Noseworthy    
Sep 22 1885 St. Johns George CRANE 28 bach, Clerk in Holy Orders, Salvage Sarah Jane HOPKINS 26 spin, St Johns F. Craine, Mary Mersole?    
Oct 3 1885 St. Johns George ESCOTT 26 bach, labourer, St Johns Elizabeth Ann BROWN 26 spin, St Johns Thomas Escott, Mary Somerton    
Oct 12 1885 St. Johns Ernest Falle BERTEAU 25 bach, clerk, Little Bay Mary Emma WINTER 24 spin, St Johns Edwin Berteau, A.C. Anderson   Mary Emma (Minnie) {Winter} Berteau died Nov 26 1886 per the TWILLINGATE SUN; they had a daughter born Nov 20 1886 just 6 days before she died.
Oct 13 1885 St. Johns George Macness JOHNSON* 32 bach, barrister at law, St Johns Annie Elizabeth Eleanor BOWN 24 spin, St Johns Henry C. Goodridge, John Goodridge   *Corrected from George ?Mackey Johnson, middle name being hard to read. Correct spelling of middle name consistent across his birth record, being the same as his father's name, and the baptismal records of his own children.
Oct 17 1885 St. Johns Thomas Daniel ADAMS 27 bach, stonemason, George's Town Theresa Fanny HOLLOWAY 22 spin, St Johns John Ryan, Phillip Lacey    
PAGE 116                    
Nov 7 1885 St. Johns Elias John WILLIAMS 27 bach, miner, Trinity West Jessie Joanna GRANT 25 spin, Trinity West Agnes Pike, Miriam Ash    
Nov 15 1885 St. Johns Robert NORMAN 25 bach, tailor, St Johns Elizabeth GARRETT 23 spin, Bay de Verde George Peckham, William Norman    
Nov 22 1885 St. Johns James Merricks JACKMAN 26 bach, agent, Round Harbour (Green Bay NDB) Louisa May MARTIN 24 spin, schoolmistress, St Johns Phillip Brown, Arthur Pittman   James M Jackman was bc Jan 1861/1859 Wimborne, Dorset. He resided Tilt Cove 1921, widowed.
Nov 30 1885 St. Johns James LEARNING 23 bach, fisherman, St Johns Margaret Jane STRUGGLE 22 spin, Pouch Cove James Bell, Mary Ann Learning    
Jan 14 1886 St. Johns Kenneth George SPENCE 25 bach, conductor, Harbour Grace Elizabeth McKenzie ASH 24 spin, St Johns Annie Carnell, Anna M. McKenzie    
Jan 17 1886 St. Johns William Harvey THOMAS 25 bach, carpenter, George's Town Emma POPE 20 spin, St Johns Charles Thomas, Sarah Thomas    
Feb 10 1886 St. Johns George Robert COOK 23 bach, cooper, St Johns Margaret MAHONEY 22 spin, St Johns Mary Grace Cook, William Guest    
Mar 9 1886 St. Johns Robert Ernest WEBBER 23 bach, baker, George's Town Mary COURAGE 23 spin, St Johns John William White, Martha Courage    
PAGE 117                    
May 22 1886 St. Johns James PENDER 25 bach, fisherman, St Johns Selina LONG 21 spin, St Johns Henry Nicholas Long, Susan Rodgers    
May 26 1886 St. Johns Frederick CORNICK 54 widower, mason, St Johns Mary Jane PETERSON 48 widow, St Johns Ann Jane Perrott, George Miller/Mills?   She may be the same person as the WIDOW Mary Jane Gill who md 1871 to Jacob Peterson.
June 2 1886 St. Johns John PIKE 30 widower, fisherman, St Johns Sarah DICKS 27 spin, St Johns Archibald Pike, Mary Ann Dicks    
June 8 1886 St. Johns Michael PHELAN 19 bach, harness maker, St Johns Elizabeth HOOK 19 spin, St Johns James Nichols, Mary Reid    
June 9 1886 St. Johns Frederick Till? Adams PARNELL 27 bach, grocer, St Johns Anna Mitchell SOUTHCOTT 20 spin, St Johns Mary M. Southcott, William G. Horwood    
July 20 1886 St. Johns William Henry EWING 26 widower, shoemaker, St Johns Sarah REID 21 spin, Lazy Bank George A. Cook, Emily Reid   Sarah REID was b June 28 1865 Irelands Eye, Hare Bay, White Bay & died Feb 21 1939 St Johns, the dau of William REID of England & Grace Andrews. William Henry Ewing was bc 1860/1862 Forteau, Labrador and died Feb 22 1951, the son of James Reid Ewing & Mary Brown. William Henry Ewing was prev married 1882 to Elizabeth Florence Holwell.
Aug 5 1886 St. Johns William DELLOP? 35 bach, seaman, St Johns Sarah Sophia WILLS n/g spin, St Johns Louisa Bowden, Samuel Congdon    
Sep 25 1886 St. Johns Richard WAKEHAM 30 bach, sailor, St Johns Bridget ENGLAND 29 spin, servant, St Johns John Hardy, Julia (n/g)    
PAGE 118                    
Sep 29 1886 St. Johns Edward Ernest UDLE 2 bach, painter, St Johns Annie Louisa COOKE 21 spin, St Johns J.M. Udle, Henry Milley    
Oct 16 1886 St. Johns William TAYLOR 24 bach, fisherman, Gooseberry Islands Rebecca HALLETT 23 spin, Hat? Islands (?Flat Islds) Stephen Hallett, Jonas Hallett    
Dec 20 1886 St. Johns James Darius LOCKYER 30 bach, agent, Herring Neck Eliza CARTER 23 spin, Lazy Bank Road Jessie Lockyer, Martha Louisa Norris   Per the TWILLINGATE SUN, she was the daughter of the late PETER CARTER of Fogo.
Jan 26 1887 St. Johns Ambrose HEYGATE 34 bach, clergyman, St Johns Jean Wisehart MacNAB 24 spin, St Johns C. Chamberlain, Reginald Heygate    
Mar 26 1887 St. Johns Moses PEARCEY 31 bach, shipwright, St Johns Mary Anne BOONE 22 spin, St Johns William Simmons, Charles Boone    
Aug 18 1887 St. Johns James HUNT 24 bach, butcher, St Johns Grace McBAY 22 spin, St Johns Phoebe McBay, Peter McBay    
Oct 17 1887 St. Johns George BALL 30 bach, fisherman, St Johns Mary Maria COCK 35 spin, schoolmistress, St Johns Robert Harnum, Mary Hamlyn    
Nov 3 1887 St. Johns Robert HILLYARD 24 bach, farmer, St Johns Eliza SANSON 30 widow, servant, St Johns Henry John Cowan, Robert Hughes    
PAGE 119                    
Nov 5 1887 St. Johns Alexander PENNY 24 bach, fisherman, English Harbour Annie KEARLEY 23 spin, Bay Roberts Henry George Batstone, William Bestone    
Nov 7 1887 St. Johns John BOSTON 38 bach, fisherman, English Harbour Lucy IVANY 29 spin, St Johns George Barres?, Elizabeth Purchase    
Nov 17 1887 St. Johns Thomas BOWDRIDGE 26 bach, fisherman, St Johns Harriett Maria WEIR 23 spin, Petty Harbour Isabella Andrews, Arthur G. Cunningham    
Dec 7 1887 St. Johns David Marshall CHAFE 23 bach, wheelwright, St Johns Jane COLE 19 spin, St Johns Josiah Chafe, Henry W. Chafe   David Marshall Chafe was b July 10 1864 Petty Harbour & died Dec 10 1946 Seattle WA, the son of Skipper Fred Chafe & Ann Pearce. Jane Cole was b Aug 20 1868 Torbay & died Oct 18 1953 Seattle WA.
Jan 11 1888 St. Johns Edgar Rennie BOWRING 29 bach, merchant, St Johns Flora LeMessurier MUNN 33 widow, St Johns Eliza G. Cliff, Henry Dunfield.   Edgar Rennie Marshall was b 1858 St Johns & died 1943 London, the son of John BOWRING & Mary Broom RENNIE. He was manager of Bowring Bros. Ltd 1890-1918. He donated the money to purchase Bowring Park for the City of St Johns (opened 1914). She was nee FLORA LEMESSURIER CLIFT, b Oct 9 1854 St Johns - died June 21 1939 Rawlins Cross, St Johns; the daughter of James Shannan CLIFT & Jane Sydney Shanks LeMESSURIER.
Feb 8 1888 St. Johns Robert John RENNIE 31 bach, clerk, St Johns Julia Caroline Mary CHAMBERLAIN 21 spin, St Johns William H? Rennie, F.M. Harvey    
May 31 1888 St. Johns Henry Ward CUNNINGHAM 25 bach, clergyman, Burgeo Ellen Augusta Mountain WHITE 23 spin, St Johns Mary White, Arthur M.White   Henry Ward Cunningham was born Aug 12 1862 Burgeo, the son of Rev. John CUNNINGHAM & Mary Ann CANNON. Ellen Augusta White was the daughter of Rev William Kepple White. Henry Ward Cunningham was Vicar of St Georges, at Halifax NS for 37 years (pers. comm., Sue Bluck, England).
July 9 1888 St. Johns Henry Walter HAYNES 27 bach, gunner HMS EMERALD, St Johns Annie GARRETT 27 spin, St Johns Eliza Parsons, George Peckham    
PAGE 120                    
July 28 1888 St. Johns Ronald MacDonald LILLIE? 25 bach, draper, New York Sarah Amelia FURNEAUX 27 spin, St Johns Annie Jane Furneaux, John Elson A. Furneaux    
July 31 1888 St. Johns Albert Edward CARTER 26 bach, clerk, St Johns Eliza Sophia WILLS 22 spin, St Johns Annie Jane Rowe, Edwin J. Carter    
Aug 17 1888 St. Johns John SCOTT 21 bach, seaman, St Johns Mary Ann Biddiscombe 22 spin, Logy Bay Road George Biddiscombe, James Samuel Scott    
Aug 22 1888 St. Johns John COTTON 25 bach, stoker, HMS EMERALD, St Johns Mary VIPIERS?/VIGIERS? 18 spin, St Johns Laura Pike, Frederick Miller    
Oct 20 1888 St. Johns Arthur MARTIN 22 bach, fisherman, St Johns Mary Jane SNELGROVE 19 spin, St Johns Noah Martin, Elfrida Lawrence   Mary JANE Snelgrove was the dau of John SNELGROVE 1843-1921 & Mary MARTIN, of Grates Cove.
Nov 1 1888 St. Johns John WHITE 22 bach, farmer, Bay Bulls Big Pond Ann Jane Biddlecombe PERROTT 27 spin, St Johns Elizabeth White, William Cornick    
Nov 3 1888 St. Johns Leonard WILLIAMS 26 bach, mariner, Ragged Islands Selvina RODWAY 24 spin, Baine Harbour Edward T. Gardiner, Archelaus Rodway    
Apr 22 1889 St. Johns Joseph Daniel Gee HOUGHTON 30 bach, schoolmaster, St Johns Florence Annie GOODRIDGE 20 spin, St Johns Ann Goodridge, John? Goodridge (page torn)    
PAGE 121                    
May 2 1889 St. Johns Archibald PIKE 23 bach, fisherman, St Johns Mary Ann CRITCH 26 spin, St Johns William Pike, Dora Pike    
June 21 1889 St. Johns John Charles QUETCH? 22 bach, sailor, St Johns Bridget LEACHY 22 spin, St Johns Charles Thorne, Lavinia Pike    
June 22 1889 St. Johns Herbert RENDELL 30 bach, medical practitioner, St Johns Eliza Ehlers CLIFT* 31 spin, St Johns R.T. Heygate, Mary Elizabeth Whiteway   *corrected from Eliza ''Eckless'' Clift. Correct middle name known from bapt of their child, and her own bapt record: Eliza Ehlers CLIFT was b July 8 1857 St Johns, the dau of James Shannan CLIFT & Jane Sidney LeMESSURIER. Herbert Rendell (1858-1952) was the son of Stephen RENDELL of Coffinswell, England & Catherine NORRIS. Dr Herbert Rendell pioneered the treatment of TB in Nfld.
June 26 1889 St. Johns Edward Langdon OKE 27 bach, carriage builder, St Johns Mary Jane MOORE 25 spin, St Johns Elizabeth L. Lidstone, Alexander Moore   Edward L. Oke was b July 12 1861 Harbour Grace & died Feb 16 1928 Botwood, the son of William Robert OKE & Mary Jane Harris CARNELL; Mary Jane Moore Oke died Aug 11 1917 Botwood age 53 yrs: buried Botwood Anglican Cemetery.
June 26 1889 St. Johns Ludwig Peter LOBERG? 25 bach, sailor, St Johns Mary Ann WARFORD 26 spin, domestic servant, St Johns Caleb Reed, Priscilla Dawe    
Aug 7 1889 St. Johns George Johnstone HAYWARD 29 bach, accountant, St Johns Fanny Clarissa WARREN* 31 widow, St Johns B.A. Hayward, E.J. Winter   *nee Frances Clarissa COEN, married 1884 to Adolphus Warren at St Thos Ch.
Aug 24 1889 St. Johns Thomas William WHITE 23 bach, fisherman, St Johns Louisa GRANT 22 spin, St Johns John Downey, Martha Grant    
Sep 25 1889 St. Johns Stewart SHEPHERD 25 bach, carpenter, St Johns Phoebe DEWLING 28 spin, St Johns Thomas Dewling, Levi Shepherd    
PAGE 122                    
Oct 19 1889 St. Johns Thomas Henry ESCOTT 25 bach, assistant storekeeper, St Johns Annie Maria FROWD (FROUDE) 23 spin, St Johns George Escott, Henry Thomas    
Oct 28 1889 St. Johns Joseph HUTCHINGS 23 bach, seaman, Greenspond Susannah GREENING 21 spin, domestic servant, St Johns Samuel Dawe, John Spurrell    
Nov 5 1889 St. Johns William WISEMAN 43 widower, sailor, St Johns Elizabeth STICKLAND 38 widow, St Johns Fannie Hodder, Archibald E. Gardner    
Nov 10 1889 St. Johns John MURRAY 30 bach, labourer, St Johns Caroline CREWES 28 spin, St Johns Charles Crewes, Catherine Crewes    
Nov 13 1889 St. Johns Clement HUDSON 23 widower, sailor, St Johns Mary NOEL 25 spin, St Johns Joseph Noel, Matthew Hudson    
Nov 17 1889 St. Johns John KING 27 bach, fisherman, St Johns Elizabeth MILLEY 20 spin, St Johns John Milley, Phillip Noseworthy    
Dec 2 1889 St. Johns James BUTTON 45 widower, labourer, St Johns Susannah MARTIN 52 widow, St Johns James Rains?, John Newhook    
Dec 17 1889 St. Johns William SHUTE 23 bach, labourer, St Johns Mary Ann EFFORD 23 spin, St Johns David Shute, Levi Spurrell    
PAGE 123                    
Dec 23 1889 St. Johns Oliver SQUIRES 30 bach, farmer, Broad Cove Eliza ROBERTS 23 spin, servant, Lazy Bank Benjamin Squires, Catherine F. Harris    
Dec 23 1889 St. Johns John DUNCAN 46 widower, storekeeper, St Johns Mary Ann SAUNDERS 42 spin, schoolmistress, St Johns Alexander Boone, William Feaver    
Dec 26 1889 St. Johns John ELLIOTT 29 bach, seaman, St Johns Elizabeth JANES 28 spin, St Johns Alexander Janes/Jones?, Alice Warren    
Jan 8 1890 St. Johns Archibald GOLDEN 27 bach, fisherman, St Johns Henrietta BURGESS 28 spin, St Johns Robert B. Whitten, William Johnson    
Feb 27 1890 St. Johns John ANTLE 45 bach, mariner, St Johns Elizabeth MARSHALL 42 spin, St Johns George Marshall, Robert George Marshall   Elizabeth Marshall was b May 29 1846 St Johns & died Sep 17 1926, the dau of George MARSHALL & Hannah/Joanna NURSE. Capt. John ANTLE was bc March 1844 Brigus & died Sep 14 1922 age 78; original parish records named his father as WILLIAM ANTLE.
Apr 23 1890 St. Johns James CADWELL 26 widower, fisherman, St Johns Rachel BUCKLER 26 spin, St Johns William Noftall, Elizabeth Tapper    
Apr 29 1890 St. Johns Albert Hudson MARTIN 30 bach, accountant, St Johns Ellen Agnes SCARLETT 23 spin, St Johns Jonathan Parsons Martin, David Charles Webber    
Apr 30 1890 St. Johns Richard John SPURRELL 27 bach, labourer, St Johns Mary REES 28 spin, St Johns John Spurrell, Robert Parsons    
PAGE 124                    
June 10 1890 St. Johns David Charles WEBBER 28 bach, MHA, St Johns Violet Emily SCARLETT 21 spin, St Johns James Augustus Clift, George Scarlett   David Charles Webber was born Harbour Grace and died at sea Aug 22 1893. He was editor & proprietor of the TRINITY RECORD, and MHA for Trinity Bay 1889-1893.
July 5 1890 St. Johns Joseph HUSSEY 23 bach, cooper, St Johns Ann WEIR 28 spin, Newtown William Weir, James Weir    
July 10 1890 St. Johns Phillip Grouchy SNOW 29 bach, clergyman, Exploits, Burnt Island Jane Sophia BURSELL 34 spin, St Johns M.R. Bursell, J.M. Stirling    
July 24 1890 St. Johns Frederick OHERG/OBERG/OLERG? 25 bach, jeweller, St Johns Selina WATKINS 25 spin, St Johns Louis Cattendorf?, Emma A. Watkins    
Oct 8 1890 St. Johns Arthur READ 24 bach, labourer, St Johns Sarah Elizabeth BERRY? 21 spin, St Johns Frederick Hugh Hollands, Levi Spurrell    
Oct 8 1890 St. Johns Lawrence AMOR 25 bach, clergyman, Greenspond Annie Harriet Hayward HARVEY 28 spin, St Johns John McLeod, Gilbert D. Shears    
Oct 14 1890 St. Johns James FRY 27 bach, fisherman, Indian Arm Emma BATSON (BATSTONE) 37 spin, St Johns William Taverner, John Batstone    
Oct 25 1890 St. Johns Peter PENNY 30 bach, fisherman, English Harbour Elizabeth PURCHASE 28 spin, St Johns Emma Fry, William Batson (Batstone)    
PAGE 125                    
Oct 31 1890 St. Johns Albert NOSEWORTHY 39 widower, fisherman, Cupids Emma Jane SHEPPHERD 27 spin, St Johns N. Mercer, Annie Harris    
Nov 3 1890 St. Johns Alfred CHURCHILL 31 bach, fisherman, Portugal Cove Bridget HANLON 23 spin, St Johns Peter Churchill, John Grady    
Nov 19 1890 St. Johns William John MARTIN 23 bach, accountant, St Johns Ellen ROWE 22 spin, St Johns George James Rowe, Albert Hudson Martin    
Dec 4 1890 St. Johns Robert Harland (Hartland) ANDREWS 29 bach, fisherman, Port de Grave Mary DAWE 26 spin, servant, St Johns Thomas Dawe, Rebecca Dawe   Robert Hartland Andrews was bc July 1861 Ship Cove, Port de Grave and died 1925, the son of Charles ANDREWS & Anne DAWE & grandson of Robert ANDREWS & Mary Ann DAWE. Mary (Dawe) Andrews was bc Jan 1864 Ship Cove.
Dec 10 1890 St. Johns William VETT 24 bach, baker, St Johns Margaret CONGDON 22 spin, St Johns William T. Waugh, Mary Langston    
Dec 11 1890 St. Johns Nicholas James COLLIER 39 bach, wheelwright, St Johns Ellen Louisa PACK 38 spin, St Johns William Pack, Bessie Strong   Nicholas James Collier was b Apr 9 1851 St Johns, the son of Charles Fred. COLLIER & Sarah Ann CARNELL. Ellen Louisa (Pack) Collier died Sep 17 1922 Forest Road, St Johns age 70 yrs.
Dec 11 1890 St. Johns Matthias PITCHER 28 bach, sawyer?, Smiths Sound Susan Jane JANES 24 spin, Hoylestown Moses Jeans, Belinda Peddle    
Apr 13 1891 St. Johns John ROUSE 27 bach, clergyman, St Johns Henrietta Louisa ELLIS 27 spin, St Johns Maria Rouse, Edward Botwood    
PAGE 126                    
Apr 15 1891 St. Johns Richard Gardiner LEWIS 36(39) widower, master mariner, St Johns Barbara BUTT 26 spin, St Johns William Butt, Wesley Philpot   Richard Gardiner LEWIS was b May 5 1851 St Johns, the son of William LEWIS & Elizabeth ROBINSON.

Transcribed by Jill Marshall February 2003

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

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