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Pre-1891 Registration
Volume 26D

Anglican Cathedral of
St. John the Baptist, St. John's

1845 - 1854


the Vital Statistics are copies made by ministers in the 1940s at the request of the Nfld Government, to provide a copy of vital records up to the year 1891 (after which govt records had been kept). There were copying errors made, and as well at times information that is in the original registers was not copied into the Vital Statistics, such as name of father of bride and groom if given, extra witnesses beyond 2, and with particular reference to this volume, I know of at least one instance where the original registers gave the groom's place of origin in England, but the Vital Stats version only states St Johns NF. Readers would be well advised to consult the original parish records if possible.
KEY: RV = Royal Veterans; RA = Royal Artillery; PRV = Private of Royal Veterans; RN = Royal Navy
OF INTEREST TO RESEARCHERS: from Dr. W. Gordon Handcock's 1989 book ''SO LONGE AS THERE COMES NOE WOMEN'' (Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland); Breakwater Books ISBN no's 0-920911-55-2/paper and 0-920911-80-3/bound; page 250. Family names associated with the Nfld fishery from Teignmouth-Shaldon (Devon): Ashford, Babb, Bickford, Bulley, Codner, Cornish, Harvey, Mudge, Pinson, Prowse, Row, Squarey, Stephens, Tapley and Whiteway. From the Torbay-Dartmouth (Devon) area: Carter, Congdon, Dodd, Evans, Godfrey, Goodridge, Griffin, Henley, Hutchings, Hutton, Lee, Luscombe, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Morry, Perriman, Phillips, Pope, Rich, Seally, Searle, Soper, Squires, Sparkes, Storey, Tremblett and Way. From Poole, Dorset: Anstey, Corban, Durrell, Etheridge, Frampton, Gale, Gould, Harrison, Hooper, Keats, Knight, Linthorne, Newell, Pike, Randell, Taverner, Vallis, White, and Wise.
PAGE 35                    
Dec 20 1844 St. Johns George Bollard* BURTON   bach, St Johns Jane Edwards KEITH   spin, St Johns John D.H. Lyland, Jane Ryland Waterman   *his middle name looked like BALLARD in bap record of their child.
PAGE 36                    
Feb 12 1845 St. Johns George WARREN   bach, St Johns Sarah Ann COYELL   spin, St Johns Henrietta Coyell, Sophia Pitt    
Feb 13 1845 St. Johns William WITHYCOMB   bach, St Johns Susanna VAVASOUR   spin, St Johns Gilbert Withicomb, Henry Hunt Wade    
Feb 21 1845 St. Johns William SQUARRY*   bach, St Johns Mary Ann RYALL   spin, St Johns Samuel Loveys?, Robert G. Knight   *aka SQUAREY
Mar 5 1845 St. Johns George BRINE   bach, St Johns Eliza BACON   spin, St Johns Joseph Bacon, John Brine    
Mar 24 1845 St. Johns John BOWDEN   widower, St Johns Ann PIPPY*   widow, St Johns James English, Ann Walkin   *may be nee Ann GURNER, md 1830 to Philip Pippy.
Apr 22 1845 St. Johns Joseph GRIBBLE Jr.   bach, St Johns Mary Ann FEAVER   spin, St Johns Joseph Gribble Sr., James McFarlane    
May 5 1845 St. Johns William WATERMAN   bach, Flat Rock Elizabeth LAWRENCE   spin, Adams Cove William Harvey, William Eales    
May 6 1845 St. Johns Jeffrey GUZZWELL   bach, St Johns Jane LUSCOMBE   spin, St Johns William Guzzell, George Luscombe   Jeffrey Guzzwell remarried 1893, age 72, widower, to Margaret Ann Hussey, widow.
PAGE 37                    
May 8 1845 St. Johns Samuel CHAPMAN   bach, St Johns Catherine McHOWLETT   spin, St Johns Catherine Cooper, James Penney    
May 11 1845 St. Johns John STANSBURY   bach, St Johns Catherine WOODFINE   spin, Torbay John Woodfine, John Rogers    
May 19 1845 St. Johns John LACEY   bach, St Johns Elizabeth MORRIS   spin, St Johns Mary Penney, Mary Yes/Yeo?    
June 2 1845 St. Johns William FRY   bach, Portugal Cove Phoebe NEARY?   spin, Portugal Cove Thomas Bowns, Mary Weir    
June 27 1845 St. Johns John PACK   bach, St Johns Mary WILLIAMS   spin, St Johns William Haines, Henry Maddock    
July 1 1845 St. Johns George Harrison WILSON   bach, merchant, St Johns Mary Langworthy HOYLES   spin, St Johns Thomas Bow, Lucretia Dickson    
Sep 20 1845 St. Johns William SMITH   bach, St Johns Ellen NORRIS   spin, St Johns Henry Winsor, Catherine Sinnott    
Oct 7 1845 St. Johns William John HOYLES   bach, clergyman, St Johns Janet Emma RENNIE   spin, St Johns Robert Rennie, Thomas F.A? Bridge    
PAGE 38                    
Oct 14 1845 St. Johns Thomas BENSON   bach, Grates Cove Eliza MARTIN   spin, St Johns James Churchill, David Benson    
Nov 3 1845 St. Johns Benjamin DAWE   bach, Port de Grave Caroline FRENCH   spin, St Johns William Earle, Martha Hinds    
Nov 17 1845 St. Johns Robert John BARNES   bach, n/g Ann ALLEN   spin, Topsail Daniel Dean, John Allen    
Nov 18 1845 St. Johns Peter SHORT   bach, St Johns Mary ADLAM?   widow, St Johns Stephen Ruddick, Jane Lush    
Nov 27 1845 St. Johns Thomas BURRIDGE   bach, St Johns Sarah NEWHOOK   spin, St Johns William Taylor, Geoffrey Guzzell    
Dec 2 1845 St. Johns William GARLAND   bach, St Johns Margaret SUTTON   widow, St Johns Sarah Crawley, William Earle    
Dec 4 1845 St. Johns Richard TAYLOR   bach, St Johns Jane CLANCEY?   widow, St Johns Andrew Foot, William Earle    
Dec 22 1845 St. Johns William Davis BELL   bach, St Johns Mary Esther ADAMS   spin, St Johns Thomas D. Adams, Emma Burgess   Subsequent baptisms are in the names of (1) William David & Ann Esther; (2) William David & Mary Ann.
PAGE 39                    
Dec 23 1845 St. Johns Henry ROPER   bach, St Johns Ann DICKS   spin, St Johns John Dicks, Robert Knight    
Jan 1 1846 St. Johns George Rixon McCOUBREY   bach, St Johns Mary McLARTY   spin, St Johns William Jenkins, Joseph McLarty    
Jan 13 1846 St. Johns Henry POTTER   bach, St Johns Elizabeth BOYD   spin, St Johns James McLarty, William Crawford    
Jan 20 1846 St. Johns Frederic Bowker? Terrington CARTER   bach, barrister, St Johns Eliza Walters BAYLEY   spin, St Johns George Bayley, Miriam Bayley   Fred. B.T. Carter was the son of Peter Weston & Sidney Carter
Jan 25 1846 St. Johns John PARISH   bach, St Johns Lydia MARSHALL   widow, St Johns Thomas Budd, Ann Roach   Lydia is believed to be nee PARTRIDGE, bap 1797, dau of Pius/aka Gaius & Mary Partridge, and widow of John Marshall.
Feb 5 1846 St. Johns Joseph Edward WRIGHT   bach, St Johns Mary Ann COADY   spin, St Johns John Stuart, James Warr    
Feb 17 1846 St. Johns John WILLIAMS   bach, Pouch Cove Elizabeth BALDWIN   spin, St Johns George Green, John Baldwin Jr.    
Feb 20 1846 St. Johns James HARVEY   widower, St Johns Susan PICKARD*   widow, St Johns Sarah H. Harvey, Richard HAMLIN*   *believed to be nee Susan HAMLIN, md 1829 to William PICKER.
PAGE 40                    
Apr 20 1846 St. Johns John Keddell PARNELL   bach, St Johns Elizabeth FOOT   spin, St Johns Patience Barnard, Robert Alexander    
May 5 1846 St. Johns Henry COOPER   bach, Burgeo Jane CHAFE   spin, Petty Harbour Edward Whitten, Eliza Loveys    
May 14 1846 St. Johns Simon LACEY   bach, Burnt Island (Exploits) Mary MONTGOMERY (nee WINSOR)   widow, St Johns Matthew WINSOR, William WINSOR   Nee MARY WINSOR bapt 1825 Teignmouth, Devon, dau of Matthew Winsor & Charlotte Taylor; md 1843 to Hugh Montgomery.
May 18 1846 St. Johns Samuel CODNER Jr.   bach, Torbay Hannah BISHOP   spin, Torbay Richard Bishop, Grace Codner    
May 18 1846 St. Johns Thomas PRIDEAUX   bach, St Johns Mary Ann COLLINGS   spin, St Johns William Earle, Clementina Earle    
June 11 1846 St. Johns Henry FOALE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Hunt DAWE   spin, St Johns Robert Hunt, William Earle    
June 22 1846 St. Johns Richard Wheatley BRETTINGHAM?   bach, Lieut. RA, St Johns Frances Harriett Josephine SHEPPHERD   spin, St Johns Isabella Bennett, Julia Carrington    
Aug 18 1846 St. Johns Charles BARNES   bach, St Johns Louisa LAMBARD   spin, St Johns Elias Gryson, Sibilia Corcoran    
PAGE 41                    
Sep 15 1846 St. Johns Joseph SQUIRES   bach, Broad Cove Amy DELANEY   spin, Fox Trap Richard Squires, Mary Ann Tucker    
Sep 23 1846 St. Johns William KEWLEY?/KEARLEY?   bach, St Johns Ann BOYD   spin, St Johns John Colton, Joseph McLarty    
Sep 30 1846 St. Johns John HARRIS   bach, Northern Bay Providence CROCKER   spin, St Johns John Pitt, Peter Wood    
Oct 6 1846 St. Johns John Alfred COOK   bach, St Johns Frances NORMORE   spin, St Johns Joseph Rains, Mary Ann Allen    
Oct 16 1846 St. Johns William CARNELL   bach, St Johns Hannah Maria BARTER   spin, St Johns John Barter, William Earle   William Carnell was b 1824, the son of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris. Hannah Maria Barter was b Oct 10 1826 St Johns, the dau of Thomas Barter & Jane Pope.
Oct 18 1846 St. Johns James BRINE   bach, Greenspond Esther VANDENHOFF   spin, St Johns John Brine, Charles Brine    
Nov 22 1846 St. Johns Simon HORE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth WILLIAMS   spin, St Johns Richard Gardner, John Bearn    
Nov 23 1846 St. Johns James Hunt COUSENS   bach, St Johns Lucy WESTCOTT   spin, St Johns Thomas Westcott, Sophia Lang    
PAGE 42                    
Dec 3 1846 St. Johns Richard COOK   bach, St Johns Martha Diana AYLESBURY   spin, St Johns Joseph Aylesbury, Maria Coyell    
Dec 8 1846 St. Johns James JOHNSTON   bach, St Johns Eliza GOFF*   spin, St Johns William Coulman, Elizabeth Johnston   Due to old custom of writing 's' like 'f', her surname could possibly be GOSS.
Dec 10 1846 St. Johns Harvey Adams MADDESON (?MANDERSON)   bach, St Johns Mary Ann DAYMOND   spin, St Johns George Daymond, W. Hamlin   In bapt record of their child, surname was given as MANDERSON.
Dec 10 1846 St. Johns William BICKHAM   bach, St Johns Mary Ann BATSTONE   spin, Quidi Vidi John Batstone, Elizabeth Batstone    
Dec 10 1846 St. Johns Aneas BRACE   bach, Quidi Vidi Jane CLARK   spin, St Johns William Weir, Lucy Mackintosh    
Dec 15 1846 St. Johns John LANE   bach, Ragged Harbour TB Elizabeth HOGAN   spin, Northern Bay James Cook, Mary Ann Moore    
Dec 23 1846 St. Johns Thomas ELLIOTT (as ELLITT)   bach, St Johns Sarah DEVILN? (?DEVILIN)   spin, St Johns John C. Strong/Strang?, Elizabeth Denete?    
Jan 2 1847 St. Johns George BALLSDON?*   bach, St Johns Harriett SANDERS   spin, St Johns John Sanders, George Kelland   *surname given as ?BALS in bap record of their child.
PAGE 43                    
Jan 4 1847 St. Johns John CARROLL   bach, St Johns Mary PURCELL   spin, St Johns Daniel Carroll, Mary Hearn    
Jan 12 1847 St. Johns George Codner MADDICOTT   bach, St Johns Mary TOWELL   spin, St Johns William Towell, John Luscombe Martin    
Apr 20 1847 St. Johns Samuel PERFECT   widower, St Johns Hannah TORR   spin, St Johns John Sanders, Rebecca Sanders    
Apr 22 1847 St. Johns Henry BURN   bach, St Johns Sophia LANG   spin, St Johns Ann Prowse, Thomas Ryall    
Apr 22 1847 St. Johns William Stafford POPE   bach, St Johns Mary Ann BARTER   spin, St Johns Matthew Pope, John Pope    
Apr 23 1847 St. Johns Arthur GRAHAM   bach, Harbour Grace Mary POWER   spin, St Johns Hugh McGinnis, Bridget McGinnis    
May 1 1847 St. Johns Henry Corbin LeMESSURIER   bach, St Johns Sarah Eliza MAGILL   spin, St Johns Louisa Salter, William Magill    
May 6 1847 St. Johns Frederick LANG?/LONG?   bach, St Johns Ann Jane PITT   spin, St Johns John E. Cox, Richard Benson Seymour    
PAGE 44                    
May 27 1847 St. Johns Thomas BLAKE   bach, St Johns Caroline WHITTEN   widow, St Johns William Jenkins, Nicholas Motty?   Nee Caroline CHAFE, md 1844 to George Whitten.
June 10 1847 St. Johns Joseph BARTLETT   widower, Brigus Patience ANDREWS (nee DAWE)   widow, St Johns John Cameron, William Earle   Patience DAWE was the widow of ROBERT ANDREWS of Port de Grave who drowned 1840 along with their daughter.
June 22 1847 St. Johns John BISHOP   widower, Long Pond, South Shore Sarah ELLIOTT   spin, St Johns Richard Furze, Jane Hayes    
July 29 1847 St. Johns John Clift HILL   bach, St Johns Jane GREALEY   spin, St Johns Thomas Carnell, George Hill    
Aug 10 1847 St. Johns William FURNISS   widower, St Johns Ann MILLER   spin, St Johns William Earle, Ann Read    
Aug 14 1847 St. Johns Samuel AUSTIN   bach, St Johns Elizabeth BATSTONE   spin, Quidi Vidi John Batstone, George Hill    
Aug 15 1847 St. Johns John BRYANT   bach, St Johns Sarah Northaway FOOT   spin, St Johns Richard Taylor, Mary Martin    
Sep 22 1847 St. Johns Thomas RYALL   bach, St Johns Ann PROWSE   spin, St Johns Thomas Prowse, Sarah Prowse    
PAGE 45                    
Oct 26 1847 St. Johns William Williams HOWARD   bach, St Johns Mary Ann RAINS   spin, St Johns Joseph Rains, Mary Ann Allen    
Oct 26 1847 St. Johns Joseph EMBLERY   bach, Bay de Verde Tamar BLUNDELL   spin, Bay de Verde Mary Bell, James Duffett    
Oct 28 1847 St. Johns William Henry TAYLOR   bach, deacon, United Church of England & Ireland, Spaniards Bay Anne SMITH   spin, Staff., England Thomas Dunn, Elizabeth Dunn
Oct 28 1847 St. Johns Reece? REJBY?/RIGBY?   bach, Liverpool, England Margaret FINN   spin, Claire, Ireland Julie Arundell, Thoomas Harrahin
Nov 6 1847 St. Johns William TAVERNER   bach, St Johns Ann Caroline MASTERS   spin, St Johns Elias Ford, Ellen Hunt
Nov 7 1857 St. Johns George HARRIS   bach, St Johns Pamelia MURPHY   spin, St Johns John Murphy, Eliza Murphy
Nov 13 1847 St. Johns Peter KEEFE?   bach, St Johns Abigail MERCER   widow, Bay Roberts William Earle, Mary Walsh
Nov 18 1847 St. Johns John VICARY   bach, n/g Maria HOWARD   spin, Quidi Vidi John Horwood, Sarah Batstone
PAGE 46                
Nov 27 1847 St. Johns Samuel CROUSE   bach, St Johns Maria GREEN   spin, St Johns Henry Button, William Earle
Nov 27 1847 St. Johns John Edwards COX   bach, St Johns Eliza BERNEY   spin, St Johns Thomas Berney, Charlotte Stentaford
Dec 3 1847 St. Johns Robert SNOOK   widower, St Johns Margaret Helen FARRELL   spin, St Johns John Robertson, Elizabeth Agnes Farrell
Dec 11 1847 St. Johns James Augustus ATKINS   bach, St Johns Agnes WHITE   spin, St Johns William Earle, Elizabeth Bone
Dec 18 1847 St. Johns Gilbert CLAPP Jr.   bach, St Johns Mary SHEA   spin, St Johns Matt. Stewart, Charles Taylor? Danson
Dec 28 1847 St. Johns William FARLEY   bach, St Johns Mary Ann ROCHESTER   widow, St Johns Silas Barnes, James Wilson
Jan 8 1848 St. Johns John Clark CRAWFORD   bach, St Johns Mary KENSALY?   spin, St Johns Phillip Duggan, John Fox
Jan 12 1848 St. Johns Christopher BOLT   bach, St Johns Sarah McLARTY   spin, St Johns James McLarty, Harvey McCoubrey
PAGE 47                
Feb 15 1848 St. Johns Robert FURSDON?   bach, St Johns Sarah CHANTER   spin, St Johns Sarah Squires, G. Lance
Feb 16 1848 St. Johns Francis HOUSE   bach, n/g Mary BARNES   spin, Rencontre, Hermitage Bay George Stansbury, William Earle
Apr 9 1848 St. Johns Henry SNOW   bach, St Johns Jane CUMMINGS   spin, St Johns George Filmor, John Tapper    
Apr 27 1849 St. Johns Edward GIBBONS   widower, Lance Corp RNC, St Johns Elizabeth GRUBB   widow, St Johns Patrick Grubb, Elizabeth Lemen    
May 6 1848 St. Johns John SMITH   bach, n/g Charlotte FORSEY   spin, Grand Bank John Forsey, William Earle    
May 9 1848 St. Johns William Francis HAMLIN   bach, n/g Mary Lake PENDERGAST   spin, St Johns Isabella Bridge, Thomas Earle    
July 12 1848 St. Johns Guy ROTTON   bach, Lieutenant RA, St Johns Tryphena GARRETT   spin, St Johns R.G. Garrett, Emma Agnes Carrett    
July 13 1848 St. Johns William SMITH   bach, n/g Elizabeth TUFF   spin, Ochre Pit Cove CB John Down, Nicholas S. Stabb    
PAGE 48                    
July 11 1848 St. Johns Charles SCHUMANN?   bach, St Johns Charlotte BARTLETT   spin, St Johns George Schumann, Louisa Dammerall    
July 23 1848 St. Johns George Frederic BARTLETT   bach, St Johns Jane COLE   spin, St Johns George Bonfield, Thomas Earle    
Aug 3 1848 St. Johns James BISHOP   bach, St Johns Fanny SKINNER   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Lang, Mary Skinner    
Aug 12 1848 St. Johns William BENDEL   bach, Harbour Beauford (Buffett) PB Sophia CHAFE   spin, Petty Harbour Thomas Bendel, Thomas Bennett   Sophia CHAFE was b Jan 1 1826, the dau of Jacob Chafe & Harriett Chafe, and the g-dau of Samuel Chafe & Mary Marshall.
Aug 15 1848 St. Johns Richard CLARK   widower, St Johns Mary DRISCOLL   spin, St Johns Hannah Sexton, George House    
Sep 4 1848 St. Johns Benjamin WARING?   bach, n/g Mary LYNES   spin, St Johns William Cooper, Elizabeth Snow    
Sep 14 1848 St. Johns James HARVEY   bach, St Johns Jane Dambria WITHYCOMBE   spin, St Johns Gilbert Withycombe, George Roucand    
Sep 30 1848 St. Johns James McDONALD   bach, St Johns Elizabeth MACKEY   spin, St Johns Charles Collins, Mary Richards    
PAGE 49                    
Oct 3 1848 St. Johns Charles TYNAN   bach, St Johns Ann BOYLE   spin, St Johns John Boyle, Edward Boyle    
Oct 14 1848 St. Johns William Francis WHEELER   bach, St Johns Mary Ann WILLIAMS   spin, Petty Harbour John Russell, Lucy Wheeler    
Oct 26 1848 St. Johns William CHEEKS   bach, St Johns Elizabeth GRANVILLE   spin, St Johns John Britton, Mary Britton    
Oct 28 1848 St. Johns Richard Lorenzo DALEY   bach, St Johns Elizabeth POWER   spin, St Johns Robert Power, John Ellis    
Oct 29 1848 St. Johns William Morris BARNES   bach, St Johns Margaret Mary ALLEN   spin, St Johns James Allen, Ellen Allen    
Oct 31 1848 St. Johns Robert OLDRIVER?   bach, St Johns Rebecca SANDERS   spin, St Johns John Sanders, James Hunt Martin    
Nov 2 1848 St. Johns John CHAFE   bach, St Johns Mary RYAN   spin, St Johns William Chafe, Mary Luscombe    
Nov 5 1848 St. Johns Richard MAUNDER   bach, St Johns Margaret ALLWARD   spin, St Johns John Barter, Mary Stansbury    
PAGE 50                    
Nov 7 1848 St. Johns John KINGWILL   bach, clergyman, St Johns Lilian MOORE   spin, St Johns Emma Moore, William Shanan    
Nov 8 1848 St. Johns Edward DURDELL (DURDLE)   bach, St Johns Margaret HINES   spin, St Johns Ann Roach, Philip Lacey    
Nov 9 1848 St. Johns Allan RYDER   bach, St Johns Clementina EARLE   spin, St Johns William Earle, Jane Colton    
Nov 10 1848 St. Johns James LUCAS   bach, St Johns Ann MERCER   spin, St Johns Richard Allen, Lucretia Chafe    
Nov 16 1848 St. Johns Richard S. YABSLEY   bach, St Johns Sarah Ann MITCHELL   spin, St Johns John Mitchell, John Colton    
Nov 21 1848 St. Johns John ROBERTSON   bach, St Johns Eliza FARRELL   spin, St Johns John McGrath, Mary Ann Farrell    
Jan 18 1849 St. Johns Frederick LASH?/LUSH?   widower, St Johns Bridget Ann DALTON   spin, St Johns William Sutton, W.H. More    
Feb 1 1849 St. Johns John COLTON   bach, St Johns Henrietta Jane COYELL   spin, St Johns Thomas Coyell, James Hunt Martin    
PAGE 51                    
Feb 4 1849 St. Johns Germon Peter TESSIER   bach, St Johns Jane Caroline CARTER   spin, St Johns Robert Carter, Ann Carter   *Peter was underlined. Peter Germon Tessier was b 1819 Newton Abbott, Devon & died 1886. He married (2) Ann (CARTER) Weston. Both of his wives were the daughters of Peter Carter of Ferryland.
Mar 2 1849 St. Johns Francis RAINES   bach, n/g Mary BRAGG   spin, Pouch Cove David Baldwin Sr., William Earle    
Mar 17 1849 St. Johns John Payne PERRYMAN   widower, St Johns Ellen MASON   spin, St Johns William J. Bend?, William Earle    
Apr 28 1849 St. Johns John CHERRITT?   bach, St Johns Matilda CORALEY?   spin, St Johns Nicholas Thomas, James Payne    
May 3 1849 St. Johns James FOOT   bach, St Johns Catherine FOOT   spin, St Johns William David R. McCoubrey, George Corbin    
May 4 1849 St. Johns George QUICK   bach, St Johns Ann ROBERTS   spin, St Johns Thomas Stidstone, William Stidstone    
May 15 1849 St. Johns Thomas LONG   bach, St Johns Seraphina HUIE   spin, St Johns Sarah Huie, David McConnor    
June 2 1849 St. Johns John WILLIAMS   bach, Bay Bulls Avis MILLS   spin, St Johns Nicholas Motty?, Christina Whelan    
PAGE 52                    
June 13 1849 St. Johns George BERRY   bach, St Johns Ann LAWLOR   spin, St Johns Robert Dicks, William Earle    
June 14 1849 St. Johns Esau BLANDFORD   bach, Herring Neck Selina BENNETT   spin, Brigus James English, Jane Dicks    
July 19 1849 St. Johns Nicholas MOTTY   bach, St Johns Christiana WILLIAMS   spin, Bay Bulls Thomas Prowse, Philip John Motty    
Sep 13 1849 St. Johns John PAUL   bach, St Johns Jane COLTON   spin, St Johns John Colton, Mary Johnston    
Nov 1 1849 St. Johns Thomas EARLE   bach, St Johns Sarah WEIR   spin, St Johns John Earle, Mary Ann Brown    
Nov 4 1849 St. Johns Joseph GREEN   bach, Hants Harbour TB Mary Ann GAVIN   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Gavin, Robert Mills    
Nov 14 1849 St. Johns William BRADBURY   bach, St Johns Katherine BOLYN   widow, St Johns Nathaniel Salters, Margaret Bradbury    
Nov 16 1849 St. Johns Stafford MERCER   bach, n/g Ruth RICHARDS   spin, 'Sareneed' (Bareneed?) Charles Mercer, Abigail Keefe    
PAGE 53                    
Nov 28 1849 St. Johns Thomas WELSH   bach, Petty Harbour Mary LeGROS (LEGROW)   spin, St Johns George Bonfield, James Lee    
Nov 29 1849 St. Johns James WILLIAMS   bach, St Johns Sarah Hannah FORD   spin, St Johns John Ford, Henry Stone   Sarah Hannah Ford was b Nov 30 1826 St Johns, the dau of John Ford & Elizabeth Ebsary; she died Dec 30 1912. She md (2) 1862 to Robert Smith Jr.
Nov 29 1849 St. Johns Philip MARSHALL Jr.   bach, St Johns Hannah PILLEY   spin, St Johns William Pilley, David Marshall   Philip Marshall Jr was b June 8 1815 St Johns & died Feb 22 1907 St Johns, the son of Philip Marshall Sr & Jane Fry. Hannah Pilley was b Mar 15 1829 St Johns & died Aug 27 1906 St Johns, the dau of William Pilley and Jane Hawkins.
Dec 4 1849 St. Johns William John HOYLES   widower, clergyman, Brigus Eliza Howe CARTER   spin, Ferryland Robert Carter, William J. Randell    
Dec 27 1849 St. Johns William MILLS   bach, St Johns Elizabeth HENESSEY   spin, St Johns John Cherritt, Robert Mills    
Jan 2 1850 St. Johns William Henry ELLIS   bach, St Johns Helen Miller EWING   spin, St Johns James M. Ewing, Mary Ewing    
Jan 11 1850 St. Johns Thomas BARTLETT   bach, St Johns Ellen HEMP   spin, St Johns Elizabeth McDonald, Edmund Logg    
Jan 15 1850 St. Johns Thomas CADWELL   bach, Quidi Vidi Elizabeth GAVIN   spin, St Johns John Cadwell, Harriett Batstone    
PAGE 54                    
Jan 22 1850 St. Johns Samuel PANKHURST   bach, St Johns Honora BRADLEY   spin, St Johns John Chafe, John Lansea?    
Feb 21 1850 St. Johns John BARR   bach, St Johns Eliza Hough GOFF   spin, St Johns William Goff, Jacob W. Goff    
Mar 1 1850 St. Johns Richard CARNELL   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Jane BARTER   spin, St Johns James Higgins, Mary Jane Carnell   Richard Carnell was b 1826 St Johns & buried Oct 31 1875 St Johns, the son of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris. Elizabeth Jane Barter was b Mar 5 1825 St Johns, the dau of Thomas Barter & Jane Pope.
Mar 10 1850 St. Johns William JACKMAN   bach, St Johns Susan Sarah LAYMAN   spin, St Johns Henry Stone, Susan Smale    
Apr 16 1850 St. Johns George ROWLAND   bach, St Johns Amelia STACEY   spin, St Johns Charles Stacey, William Stacey    
Apr 20 1850 St. Johns William ROGIER   bach, clergyman, n/g Caroline PITMAN   spin, Lamaline Rebecca Boland, Thomas M. Bridge MA    
May 14 1850 St. Johns Charles ACHLAND (aka ACKLAND)   bach, Teignmouth, Devon Emma MARSHALL   spin, St Johns Thomas Herder Cole, Elizabeth Shamler   Poss same person as Amelia Marshall b Jul 4 1828, d/o John Marshall & Lydia Partridge.
May 14 1850 St. Johns George MEAD   bach, Gillingham, Dorset Margaret RYAN   spin, Ferryland Daniel Cameron, Mary Williams    
PAGE 55                    
May 16 1850 St. Johns Thomas WEAR   bach, n/g Mary Ann SARRELL   spin, Petty Harbour James Sarrell, John White    
May 17 1850 St. Johns William FREEMAN   bach, Trinity Isabella MEAD   spin, St Johns William Coffin, Ann Kendell    
May 17 1850 St. Johns Robert BRINE   bach, St Johns Margaret BRADBURY   spin, St Johns Joseph Shelley, Jane Shelley    
May 26 1850 St. Johns Thomas MAILS   bach, St Johns Mary Gilles? SHAW   spin, St Johns George Mails, John Allward    
May 31 1850 St. Johns Joseph Jonathan SQUIRES   bach, St Johns Eliza FRY   spin, Portugal Cove John Bovey, Diana Bovey    
July 27 1850 St. Johns Norman Morrison GEDDES   bach, Edinburgh, Scotland Mary TOBIN   spin, St Johns John Smith, William Earle    
Aug 14 1850 St. Johns Bernard McVINNEY/ McVENNEY?   bach, seaman, Belfast, Ireland Sarah GAMBLE   spin, Newrageo?, Down, Ireland Robert Atkinson, William Earle    
Aug 17 1850 St. Johns Richard Evans GRIFFITHS   bach, Liverpool, England Jane BARTLETT   widow, Torbay Martha Bishop, William Earle    
PAGE 56                    
Sep 17 1850 St. Johns George OYLER?   bach, London, England Catherine SWEENEY   spin, Bonavista Bridget Sweeney, James Clark    
Sep 17 1850 St. Johns Benjamin IVEY   bach, Cornwallis Mary ROBINSON   spin, Harbour Grace William Earle, John M. Sonar?    
Sep 30 1850 St. Johns William QUICK   widow, Newton Bushel, Devon Margaret SIVIER   spin, Quidi Vidi Garland Sivier, Joseph Lyon    
Jan 9 1851 St. Johns Richard CADWELL   bach, Quidi Vidi Elizabeth ROLLS   spin, Bonavista John Cadwell, Jane Rolls    
PAGE 57                    
Sep 23 1850 St. Johns Charles CROWDY   bach, St Johns Julia Eliza CARRINGTON   spin, St Johns H. Carrington, Charles Blackman   Julia Eliza Hamilton Vernon Carrington was b Aug 30 or 31 1820 St Johns (two diff dates in 2 bap records), dau of Rev. Frederic Hamilton & Mary Carrington.
Oct 19 1850 St. Johns Samuel WALLACE   bach, St Johns Susannah SMALE   spin, St Johns William Jackman, William Earle    
Nov 19 1850 St. Johns Jacob BARRETT   bach, St Johns Sarah GOODYEAR   spin, St Johns Charles Stone, Jane Barrett    
Nov 30 1850 St. Johns John POWSELLAND?   bach, Dunsford?/Dansford?, Devon Sarah VESEY*   spin, Ippleton, Devon John Vesey, Mary Jane Webber   *can be an alternate spelling for VOISEY.
Dec 21 1850 St. Johns George MAILS   bach, Triton, Bedfordshire Joanna BURBIDGE   spin, St Johns Thomas Mails, John Peach    
Dec 31 1850 St. Johns Charles Durnford NEWMAN   bach, St Johns Julia Mary CARTER   spin, St Johns E. Bennett, Jane Tessier    
Jan 1 1851 St. Johns George Hughes WILKINS   bach, Capt of Rifle Brigade, Southampton, England Isabella GOFF   spin, St Johns J.M. Wilkins, William Goff    
Jan 21 1851 St. Johns Matthew William WALBANK   bach, barrister, Morton Hampstead, England Elizabeth Jane McLEA   spin, St Johns Thomas McLea, B. McLea    
PAGE 58                    
Feb 25 1851 St. Johns John MUSSON   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Andrews WATTON   spin, St Johns James J. Rogerson, S. Cowan    
May 4 1851 St. Johns James DOWDEN   bach, Christchurch, Hampshire Sarah OSBORNE   spin, Greenspond William Webber, William Earle    
May 11 1851 St. Johns Henry COLE   bach, Castle Corq (?Castle Carey), Somerset Sarah MERCER   spin, Port de Grave Ann Lucas, James Lucas    
May 18 1851 St. Johns Thomas GAO?   bach, St Johns Ellen FLING   spin, St Johns Amie Walker, Thomas Pynn    
May 29 1851 St. Johns James FURNISS   bach, St Johns Eliza HATCHETT   spin, St Johns Robert Furniss, Rebecca Hatchett    
June 25 1851 St. Johns James MOSEDALE   bach, St Johns Henrietta BATTERIS (nee BRINE*)   widow, St Johns Emma Brine, Mary Canning   Henrietta Brine md Henry Charles Batteris 1839.
Aug 4 1851 St. Johns John Foden? HAYES   bach, Liverpool, England Eliza Jane SHAMLER   spin, St Johns Samuel Shamler, Joanna Westcott    
Aug 16 1851 St. Johns William Henry MARE?   bach, St Johns Esther Isabella Hannah LANGUISHE?   spin, St Johns Samuel Carson, Margaret Shea    
PAGE 59                    
Aug 27 1851 St. Johns William BEER   bach, St Johns Elizabeth KEELEY   spin, St Johns Matthew Campbell, William Earle    
Sep 13 1851 St. Johns William Henry CHARLES   bach, St Johns Mary Ann BROWN   spin, St Johns John Brown, Caroline Charles    
Sep 28 1851 St. Johns James MOORE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Jane STIDSTONE   spin, St Johns Thomas Stidstone, Samuel Browne    
Oct 1 1851 St. Johns Joseph SHELLEY   widower, St Johns Elizabeth WARREN*   widow, St Johns Charles Stone, Mary Ann Brian   May be nee Elizabeth COYLE, md 1835 to Edward Warren.
Oct 9 1851 St. Johns Nicholas THOMAS   widower, St Johns Eliza MURPHY   spin, St Johns Bryan Robinson, Arthur Murphy    
Nov 25 1851 St. Johns Thomas Skiner MOSEY   bach, St Johns Margaret WARD   spin, St Johns Margaret Hicks, Albert Hicks    
Dec 3 1851 St. Johns Henry STONE   bach, St Johns Susannah SKINNER   spin, St Johns Joseph Skinner, John Lester    
Dec 16 1851 St. Johns Thomas Seaward WESTCOTT   bach, St Johns Ana? JACKMAN (?Ann/Anna)   spin, St Johns David Pierpoint, Thomas Westcott Sr.    
PAGE 60                    
Dec 25 1851 St. Johns Thomas CUMMING   bach, St Johns Mary Grace COOK   spin, St Johns John Cook, Robert Cook   Mary Grace COOK was b Dec 25 1830 St Johns, the dau of John Cook & Hannah Dammerall.
Jan 7 1852 St. Johns James Shannan CLIFT   widower, St Johns Jane Sydney Shanks GRISSE?/GRISOE?   widow, St Johns Thomas Clift, Patrick Foster?   James Shannan CLIFT was b Mar 6/5? 1814 St Johns the son of James CLIFT Sr & Flora SHANNAN. Jane Sidney Thanks/Shanks? LeMESSURIER was b Aug 16 1820 St Johns, the dau of Peter LeMESSURIER & Eliza Coke ?HUTCHINGS.
Jan 28 1852 St. Johns Alexander GRAHAM   bach, St Johns Jane Elizabeth AUSTIN   spin, St Johns M. Mudge, G. Graham    
Feb 23 1852 St. Johns George BARTER   bach, St Johns Mary Ann RADFORD   spin, St Johns James Radford, George Bursell    
May 6 1852 St. Johns Edward COLEMAN   bach, St Johns Sarah BONEY   spin, St Johns Samuel Blackler, Mary A. Davis    
May 11 1852 St. Johns Thomas HALDEN   bach, St Johns Sarah Sydney HOLBROOKE   spin, St Johns William Earle, John Lester    
June 15 1852 St. Johns James Thomas SOUTHCOTT   bach, St Johns Georgiana NORMAN   spin, St Johns John Southcott, George Langward   James Thomas Southcott was b 1824 Exeter, Devon and died 1898, the son of John & Mary. He and his brother John arrived in NF 1847, during a building boom following the 1846 fire, occupation carpenter and architect. His son John Thomas Southcott became a well known NF architect, and designed many Second Empire style houses in St Johns.
June 22 1852 St. Johns Robert Cairas? RUTHERFORD   bach, St Johns Amelia RENDELL*   widow, St Johns George M. Johnson, Fanny E. Rendell   Possibly nee Amelia GREGORY who md 1840 to John Mortimer Rendell.
PAGE 61                    
July 8 1852 St. Johns Elias RENDELL   widower, St Johns Elizabeth STEER*   widow, St Johns William Earle, Emma Steer   Possibly nee Elizabeth Ann McCOUBREY who md 1841 to William Steers.
Sep 21 1852 St. Johns James GOLDSWORTHY   bach, St Johns Mary SKINNER   spin, St Johns Joseph Skinner, Henry Stone    
Oct 10 1852 St. Johns William NORMAN   bach, St Johns Mary STANSBURY   spin, St Johns John Barber, Hannah Freeman    
Oct 19 1852 St. Johns George Macness JOHNSON   bach, clergyman, St Johns Frances Maria CARRINGTON   spin, St Johns Charles Crowdy, R. Carrington   Frances Maria Carrington was b Oct 17 1822 St Johns, the dau of Rev. Frederic Hamilton & Mary Carrington.
Oct 30 1852 St. Johns Edmund CLOW?   bach, St Johns Mary Ann AXTELL   spin, St Johns James Axtell, Sarah Axtell    
Nov 10 1852 St. Johns Peter McBride BRODIE   bach, St Johns Charlotte COLELAUGH?   spin, St Johns James Cook, Mary Johnston    
Nov 12 1852 St. Johns John PEARCE   bach, Port de Grave Frances DEER   spin, Harbour Grace John Pearce Sr., Solomon Butler    
Nov 16 1852 St. Johns Joseph Furneaux BURSELL   bach, St Johns Rachael CAMPBELL   spin, St Johns John C. Prior, Maria Warren    
PAGE 62                    
Feb 7 1853 St. Johns Thomas RYAN   bach, St Johns Catherine SKINNER   spin, St Johns Jorden Pike, M.D. Morison    
Feb 22 1853 St. Johns Henry WHITTEN   bach, St Johns Elizabeth COAKER   spin, St Johns Josiah Whitten, Caroline Whitten   Elizabeth COAKER was b Apr 2 1835 St Johns & died Dec 30 1918, the dau of Jonas COAKER & Anne JENKINS. Henry Whitten was bc 1826 St Johns & died May 23 1884 St Johns, the son of George WHITTEn & Mary Ann COOK.
Mar 4 1853 St. Johns Charles CANE   bach, Bristol, England Matilda BOUND   spin, Greenspond Elizabeth Mitchell, Robert Bell    
May 2 1853 St. Johns John HALL   widower, Freshwater Jane SMEARDON   spin, St Johns Thomas Smeardon, Sarah French    
May 5 1853 St. Johns John VESEY (aka VOISEY)   bach, St Johns Mary Ann MITCHELL   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Mitchell, John Hellyer    
May 10 1853 St. Johns Samuel PERFECT   widower, sexton, St Johns Hannah GRIFFITHS   spin, St Johns William Griffiths, Rebecca Griffiths    
May 15 1853 St. Johns Stephen ABBOTT   n/g, St Johns Joanna LAW   n/g, St Johns John Abbott, William Earle    
May 22 1853 St. Johns James EASCOT   bach, St Johns Mary Ann FLING   spin, St Johns Thomas Fling, Margaret Hickes    
PAGE 63                    
June 1 1853 St. Johns Thomas BROWN   widower, St Johns Catherine SULLIVAN   spin, St Johns William Earle, Mary Barrett    
June 30 1853 St. Johns Julian MORETON   bach, missionary, St Johns Georgina McKENZIE   spin, St Johns Joseph F. Phelps, Selina Hayward    
Sep 8 1853 St. Johns George BOYLES   bach, St Johns Sarah JAYNES   spin, St Johns Phillip Jaynes, Mary Ann Wills    
Sep 22 1853 St. Johns James Lyons NOONAN   bach, St Johns Mary Ann WILLS   spin, St Johns R.R. Wills, G.W. Cole    
Oct 9 1853 St. Johns John SNOW   bach, St Johns Elizabeth GROUCHY   spin, Portugal Cove Phillip Grushy, Elizabeth Jane Snow   Note alternate spellings for Grouchy; including but not limited to Gruchy, Gruchey, Grushy, Grushey, Grouchy, De G-------, Grishey, Grishue.
Oct 17 1853 St. Johns James CREAMER   bach, Private RNS, n/g Elizabeth CHURCHILL   spin, St Johns John Glover, Sarah Williams    
Oct 18 1853 St. Johns Henry EARLE   bach, St Johns Maria DAY   spin, St Johns John Cook, John Southcott    
Nov 3 1853 St. Johns Nicholas CRANIFORD   bach, St Johns Susanna HARRIS   spin, St Johns James Harris, Mary Jane Weber (sic)    
PAGE 64                    
Nov 15 1853 St. Johns John WINSOR   bach, St Johns Ann READ   spin, St Johns Thomas Waymouth, Anne Murphy   Candidate for groom is John James Winsor bap Oct 10 1830 Teignmouth, Devon, son of Matthew Winsor & Charlotte Taylor.
Nov 23 1853 St. Johns Samuel FURS (?FURZE)   bach, St Johns Mary BEER   spin, St Johns Henry Tucker, Elizabeth Tucker    
Nov 26 1853 St. Johns Thomas BEARNS   bach, St Johns Alice THOMAS   spin, St Johns Francis Phelan, Marion Reid    
Nov 29 1853 St. Johns Thomas FLING   bach, St Johns Harriett MOORE   spin, St Johns Charles Sage, Thomas Weir    
Dec 1 1853 St. Johns Robert COOK   bach, St Johns Clementine ALLEN   spin, Topsail William Allen, Caroline Charles   Clementina Allen was b 10 Sep 1828 Topsail, the dau of James ALLEN & Eliza HISCOCK.
Jan 12 1854 St. Johns George MORRIS   bach, St Johns Sarah FLEET   spin, St Johns John Wiseman, Sarah Percey    
Feb 22 1854 St. Johns Henry BRINE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth BRIAN   spin, St Johns William Brine, Jane Shelley    
May 3 1854 St. Johns Edward Frederic MICHLENBRUCH?   bach, St Johns Margaret Temperance CANNING   spin, St Johns John Canning, Catherine Canning    
PAGE 65                    
May 11 1854 St. Johns William WESTCOTT Jr.   bach, St Johns Sarah WILLIAMS   spin, St Johns William Westcott Sr., John Griffiths    
May 12 1854 St. Johns James HUSSEY   bach, Port de Grave Patricia AINSWORTH   spin, St Johns James Fahey, Elizabeth Ainsworth    
May 29 1854 St. Johns William Charles BOND   bach, St Johns Eliza SHEPHERD   spin, St Johns William Earle, John B. Bond    
June 13 1854 St. Johns Henry CRANIFORD   bach, St Johns Mary Ann READ   spin, St Johns Ann Bibbings, Richard Rowell    
June 28 1854 St. Johns William CAVANAGH   bach, Sgt-Major RNC, St Johns Ellen WATT   spin, St Johns Edward Cavanagh, James Brokey    
July 13 1854 St. Johns Henry BLUNDELL   bach, St Johns Harriett Julia REDSTEN (aka REDSTON)   spin, St Johns William Logan, Julia Redsten    
July 15 1854 St. Johns Thomas Peter WITHYCOMBE   bach, St Johns Jane Patience PRIOR   spin, St Johns James Harvey, Mary Prior    
Aug 17 1854 St. Johns Richard Robert Waterman WILLS   bach, St Johns Sarah Jane WESTCOTT   spin, St Johns Thomas Westcott, Harriett Halliday    
PAGE 66                    
Aug 3 1854 St. Johns Thomas WEIR   bach, St Johns Louisa Mullett COLLINGS   spin, St Johns Thomas Radford, Elizabeth Carter    
Sep 7 1854 St. Johns Henry Warren SEYMOUR   bach, St Johns Mary Ann ALLWARD   spin, St Johns John Allward, Selina Ellis    
Sep 14 1854 St. Johns Thomas WEST   bach, St Johns Mary SANDFORD   spin, St Johns Samuel Perfect, James Barrett    
Sep 29 1854 St. Johns Mark VIRZE   bach, n/g Bridget CLARK   spin, Trinity Richard Rockwood, Elizabeth Heffern    
Oct 8 1854 St. Johns George HOMEXON?   widower, Commander RN, n/g Frances Margaret HODGSON   spin, Woodhead, Cumb., England John G. Dale, B.J. Stetson    
Oct 8 1854 St. Johns William Henry STIDSTONE   bach, St Johns Sarah Jane CHAFE   spin, St Johns Henry Chafe, Rebecca Bulley   This couple resided at Tilt Cove, Green Bay NDB from 1869 to 1878, having at least 6 children during that time period.
Oct 14 1854 St. Johns Charles HAWKINS   bach, Yeovil, Somerset, England Abigail MANUEL   spin, Twillingate James Manuel, William Earle    
Oct 14 1854 St. Johns Elias GREENWAY   widower, St Johns Amelia BROPHY   spin, St Johns Robert Freeman, Mary Anne Woodley    
PAGE 67                    
Oct 19 1854 St. Johns Charles TALBOT   widower, St Johns Mary PHILLIPS   widow, St Johns William Earle, George Squires    
Oct 27 1854 St. Johns James MONUTO?   bach, London, England Bridget SUPPLE   spin, St Johns Veronica Mary Supple, MaryTeresa Tanner    
Nov 4 1854 St. Johns Samuel COLE   bach, Torbay Alice RYAN   spin, St Johns William Cole, Selina Milley    
Nov 7 1854 St. Johns Isaac ANSWORTH (?AINSWORTH)   bach, St Johns Eliza ROGERS   spin, St Johns Thomas Answorth, John Rogers    
Nov 15 1854 St. Johns Niels Frederick WINTHER   bach, St Johns Mary Hannah FURZE   spin, St Johns John Winther, Mary Resdale   Groom's name may actually be Nicholas Frederick Winther, per later entry in records as a witness.
Nov 15 1854 St. Johns James HARRIS   bach, St Johns Mary Jane WEBBER   spin, St Johns Peter Webber, Peter Wood    
Nov 16 1854 St. Johns William BROWN   bach, St Johns Louisa HIBBS   spin, Portugal Cove James Weir, William Hibbs    
Nov 25 1854 St. Johns John CANES   bach, St Johns Sarah BUCKLEY   spin, St Johns George Harvey, Damas? Antle    
PAGE 68                    
Dec 1 1854 St. Johns James HOLLETT   bach, St Johns Jane BUTLER?   spin, St Johns James Butler, Robert Long    
Dec 3 1854 St. Johns Thomas IBBS (HIBBS)   bach, Topsail Catherine S. CATTERY*   spin, St Johns John SLATTERY, George Marshfield   *given surname SLATTERY of witness, bride's 'initial S', bride's surname may also be Slattery.
Dec 10 1854 St. Johns Samuel BLACKLER   bach, St Johns Susanna NORMAN   spin, St Johns Ellen M. Davis, William Davis    
Dec 13 1854 St. Johns Andrew WEBBER   bach, Shoal Bay Sarah Mary LUSH   spin, Shoal Bay Jane Lush, William Suffel?    
Dec 14 1854 St. Johns James ANDERSON   bach, St Johns Ellen RYAN   spin, St Johns James McLarty, Mary Ann Horwood    
Dec 28 1854 St. Johns William WALKER   bach, St Johns Mary CLARK   widow, St Johns James Anderson, Louisa Goodwell?/ Goodmell?    

Transcribed by Jill Marshall February 2003

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

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