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Pre-1891 Registration
Volume 26D

Anglican Cathedral of
St. John the Baptist, St. John's

1835 - 1844


the Vital Statistics are copies made by ministers in the 1940s at the request of the Nfld Government, to provide a copy of vital records up to the year 1891 (after which govt records had been kept). There were copying errors made, and as well at times information that is in the original registers was not copied into the Vital Statistics, such as name of father of bride and groom if given, extra witnesses beyond 2, and with particular reference to this volume, I know of at least one instance where the original registers gave the groom's place of origin in England, but the Vital Stats version only states St Johns NF. Readers would be well advised to consult the original parish records if possible.
KEY: RV = Royal Veterans; RA = Royal Artillery; PRV = Private of Royal Veterans; RN = Royal Navy
OF INTEREST TO RESEARCHERS: from Dr. W. Gordon Handcock's 1989 book ''SO LONGE AS THERE COMES NOE WOMEN'' (Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland); Breakwater Books ISBN no's 0-920911-55-2/paper and 0-920911-80-3/bound; page 250. Family names associated with the Nfld fishery from Teignmouth-Shaldon (Devon): Ashford, Babb, Bickford, Bulley, Codner, Cornish, Harvey, Mudge, Pinson, Prowse, Row, Squarey, Stephens, Tapley and Whiteway. From the Torbay-Dartmouth (Devon) area: Carter, Congdon, Dodd, Evans, Godfrey, Goodridge, Griffin, Henley, Hutchings, Hutton, Lee, Luscombe, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Morry, Perriman, Phillips, Pope, Rich, Seally, Searle, Soper, Squires, Sparkes, Storey, Tremblett and Way. From Poole, Dorset: Anstey, Corban, Durrell, Etheridge, Frampton, Gale, Gould, Harrison, Hooper, Keats, Knight, Linthorne, Newell, Pike, Randell, Taverner, Vallis, White, and Wise.
PAGE 1                    
Jan 13 1835 St. Johns James BUTLER?/BATTIN?   widower, St Johns Anne KNIGHT   widow, St Johns Julia Carrington, Thomas Knight    
Jan 28 1835 St. Johns John PARKER   widower, London Anne TURNER   spin, n/g Margaret Paris, Thomas L.H/N? West    
Mar 19? 1835 St. Johns Nicholas COADY   bach, St Johns Eunice KNIGHT   spin, St Johns William Earle, James Woods    
Apr 20 1835 St. Johns John PERRYMIN?*   bach, Christowe, Devon Catherine PAYNE   spin, Aquaforte Thomas Payne, R. York   Surname given as PERRIMAN in bapt record for their child.
Apr 29 1835 St. Johns John SLATTERY   bach, private RV, St Johns Mary CAREY   spin, St Johns Mary Rogers, James Furniss    
May 22 1835 St. Johns Isaac MOORE   bach, Dartmouth Mary PROWSE   spin, St Johns John Prowse, H.J.A.H. Saunders    
June 7 1835 St. Johns George GRANTHAM   bach, gunner RA, St Johns Catherine DOYLE   spin, St Johns Robert Pack, Julia Carrington    
June 27 1835 St. Johns William ANDERSON   bach, Prince Edward Island Rachel KNIGHT   spin, St Johns Alexander MacDonald, Sarah S. Cluitt    
PAGE 2                    
June 30 1835 St. Johns John Richard Macguire COOKE, Esq.   bach, HM Customs, n/g Anna Brown HOYLES   spin, St Johns Lucy Dickson?, Susan Hoyles    
July 9 1835 St. Johns Jonas BARTER   widower, builder, St Johns Eliza PALK   spin, Torquay George Palk, Martha Hamlin    
July 25 1835 St. Johns William BOND   widower, ?Kingskerwill* Rachel CAMPBELL   spin, St Johns John Shaw, Rosamond Carrington   *looked like Ringskerwill
July 25 1835 St. Johns Edward WARREN   bach, Broadhampton Elizabeth COYLE   spin, St Johns Thomas Coyell, Elizabeth Harrisson    
July 27 1835 St. Johns James NORRIS   bach, Glasgow Mary Anne LEY   spin, St Johns Richard Yes, William Norris    
Aug 5 1835 St. Johns George Thomas JANES   bach, London Sarah Payne WINSOR   spin, Aquaforte Matthew Winsor, Sarah Winsor   Sarah Payne Winsor believed to be dau of Peter WINSOR & Sarah PAYNE.
Aug 8 1835 St. Johns James HAYES   widower, St Johns Mary STEVENS   widow, St Johns Eleanor Hayes, William Stevens   Likely nee RUSSELL, widow of William Steves, md 1815.
Aug 10 1835 St. Johns Herman? JEFFARES, Esq.   widower, Captain RN, n/g Anne Augusta WEIBURY?   spin, n/g Eliza Weibury/Wesbury, M.E. Saunders   Bride's surname may be WESBURY.
PAGE 3                    
Aug 6 1835 St. Johns Henry WATKINS   bach, Ennisworthy Margaret HAWKINS   spin, St Johns John Shaw, William Earle    
Aug 22 1835 St. Johns John JELLARD?   bach, Ferryland Eleanor COLMAN   spin, Ferryland Philip Free, Sarah Free    
Aug 23 1835 St. Johns Joseph MERCER   bach, Upper Island Cove Amelia LYNCH   spin, Upper Island Cove Martha McPherson, William Earle    
Aug 28 1835 St. Johns John REANES   bach, Pouch Cove Frances PHELAN   spin, Pouch Cove James Phelan, John Micleman?    
Aug 31 1835 St. Johns Richard FURZE   bach, Wilton Sarah EVANS   spin, St Johns Peter Widdicombe, William Earle    
Sep 5 1835 St. Johns John RIST   bach, private RV, St Johns Catherine DUNN   spin, St Johns Mary Lannan, William Earle    
Sep 8 1835 St. Johns John BOLT   bach, Broad Cove Rebecca TUCKER   spin, Broad Cove George Bowden, John Noseworthy    
Sep 19 1835 St. Johns Hartwith Mansell? SCHMIDT   bach, Deptford Louisa HUTCHINGS   spin, St Johns John Hutchings, Benton Hutchings    
PAGE 4                    
Oct 10 1835 St. Johns William SYMONS   bach, Whitechurch, Devon Mary WHITTEN   spin, St Johns John Cork, Maria Charles    
Oct 13 1835 St. Johns John DAY   bach, Castle Carey, Somerset Alice BIRCHELL   spin, St Johns Susan Hoyles, Mary L. Hoyles    
Oct 14 1835 St. Johns William Frederic RENNIE   bach, Glasgow Catherine Broom WILLIAMS   spin, St Johns Robert Rennie, Eliza Langley    
Oct 27 1835 St. Johns Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE, BA   bach, clergyman, St Johns Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB   spin, St Johns Catherine A. Dunscomb, Eliza Carrington    
Nov 7 1835 St. Johns John NOSEWORTHY   bach, St Johns ?Tabitha TUCKER   spin, St Johns Eliza Hollett, George Bowden   Her 1st name looked like 'Jubitha' but known to be Tabitha from bapt records of their children.
Nov 16 1835 St. Johns Richard STEARS   bach, Totness, Devon Mary Anne ALLEN   spin, n/g William Davis, Elizabeth Cobbe    
Nov 26 1835 St. Johns Nicholas SMITH   bach, Dartmouth Elizabeth PROWSE   spin, St Johns Thy. Matthews, Priscilla Prowse    
Nov 26 1835 St. Johns Edward WHITE   bach, Bonavista Anne WARE   spin, St Johns Richard Weir, Thomas Ware    
PAGE 5                    
Dec 1 1835 St. Johns John ROWE   bach, Torbryan, Devon Elizabeth BRAGGE   spin, Pouch Cove William Earle, James Cutler?    
Dec 9 1835 St. Johns William MARSH   bach, Canterbury Jane HORWOOD   spin, Quidi Vidi Robert Snook, Brigetta? Boland    
Dec 18 1835 St. Johns John METCALF   bach, Topsail Diana ATKINS?   spin, n/g George Cheater, John Earle    
Dec 21 1835 St. Johns John MURREN   bach, Quidi Vidi Mary PYNN   spin, Quidi Vidi Mary Horwood, Robert Horwood    
Jan 6 1836 St. Johns Thomas COOKE   bach, Bally Haly Farm Rebecca EARLE   spin, Portugal Cove George Cook, George W. Biddicombe    
Jan 9 1836 St. Johns Charles NIXON   bach, St Johns Anne CROSSMAN   spin, St Johns Sarah Jane Moore, Julia Montgomery    
Jan 14 1836 St. Johns Robert GEAR   bach, East Coker, Somerset Mary AYLESBURY   spin, St Johns Charles Hogsett, Joseph Aylesbury    
Jan 21 1835 St. Johns Duncan CAMPBELL   bach, Greenock Anne ANGELL   spin, St Johns Emma L. Angell, Robert Reed    
PAGE 6                    
Feb 15 1836 St. Johns Abraham CRICKINGTON   widower, Marldon?, Devon Mary SHEPHERD   spin, St Johns Richard Gardner, Ann Hogsett   He was prev md 1830, as Cricketon, to Mary Kennedy.
Mar 31 1836 St. Johns William BUTLER   bach, Fox Trap Elizabeth PORTER   spin, Fox Trap John Wallen, William Earle    
May 3 1836 St. Johns John VAVASOR   bach, St Johns Mary CURTIS??   spin, St Johns James K. Moore, Jas. Crocody??    
May 25 1836 St. Johns George MARSHALL   bach, St Johns Joanna NURSE   spin, St Johns Eleanor Thornton, Thomas Marshall   George Marshall was the son of Philip MARSHALL & Jane FRY. Joanna NURSE (known as Hannah) was the dau of Thomas Nurse & Mary ? (there are diff opinions as to whether her mother was a CHAFE or a HARRIS).
May 26 1836 St. Johns William WHITE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth WARE   spin, St Johns Richard Weir, Thomas Ware    
June 9 1836 St. Johns Emmanuel LEVITON   bach, Ashburton, Devon Mary HOLLOWAY   spin, St Johns John Brace, Joseph Holloway    
June 14 1836 St. Johns Theophilus PORTER   widower, Fox Trap Susanna RIDEOUT*   widow, Fox Trap Joanna Simms, Anne Hoyles   widow Susanna Rideout believed to be nee Elizabeth Susanna HISCOCK who md widower Richard Rideout 1824.
May 27 1836 St. Johns George TILLEY   bach, Kelligrews Elizabeth TAYLOR   spin, Mosquittos Ann? Hogsett, Fanny McKenzie   George Tilley 1818-1858 believed to be the son of Robert Tilley. Elizabeth Taylor believed to be the dau of John Taylor & Patience Parsons of Mosquitto, baptism missing.
PAGE 7                    
June 17 1836 St. Johns William MARTIN   widower, L. Serjeant RV, St Johns Mary SYLVESTER   widow, St Johns George Gibbs, Sarah Ebbs (Hibbs)   Mary Sylvester may be nee MARY CARROLL who md 1813 to James SYLVESTER
June 22 1836 St. Johns Patrick MURRAY   bach, Sergeant RV, St Johns Catherine TOBIN   widow, St Johns Elizabeth Grubb, J. H. Grubb    
June 28 1836 St. Johns John PARNELL   widower, Buckfastleigh, Devon Elizabeth WALSH   spin, Petty Harbour Mary J. Carrington, John Carrington    
July 4 1836 St. Johns John RIGBY   bach, Liverpool Elizabeth SINNOTT   spin, St Johns Charles Sayes/Sayers?, William Earle    
July 19 1836 St. Johns James ALEXANDER   bach, Lymington Margaret BARRY   widow, St Johns Mary Tucker, John Saunders   widow Margaret Barry may be nee Margaret WHITE of Bally Tap, Wexford who md 1834 to Thomas Barry.
July 21 1836 St. Johns William Thomas PARSONS   bach, St Johns Jane DAVIS   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Davis, Henry Parsons    
July 26 1836 St. Johns Edward KNIGHT   bach, St Johns Matilda RAINS   spin, St Johns Sarah Rains, George L? Knight    
Aug 4 1836 St. Johns Samuel LOVEYS   bach, St Johns Harriett RYALL*   spin, St Johns John Stickley, Mary Ann Ryall   *Harriet Garland Winter RYALL b Sep 2 1815, dau of Thomas & Jane. Baptized as Harriet Garland, other middle name from bapt record of her child.
PAGE 8                    
Aug 30 1836 St. Johns John Francis ?TRIMINGHAM   bach, St Johns Sarah Ann WINTER   spin, St Johns John M. Brine, George Winter   This entry is repeated. Note his surname looked like FRIMINGHAM but this is incorrect.
June 15 1836 St. Johns Thomas SNELGROVE   n/g, Torbay Elizabeth NOSEWORTHY   n/g, Kelligrews Sarah Bridge, Samuel Janes    
Nov 15 1836 St. Johns William DODD   bach, Broadhampton Margaret SQUIRES   spin, Torbay Eliza Pardy, James Phillips   This entry is repeated.
PAGE 9                    
Aug 18 1836 St. Johns John HUMPHREYS   bach, Torquay Ann McLARTY   spin, St Johns James Boyd, Mary McLarty    
Aug 24 1836 St. Johns Matthew STEWART   bach, St Johns Maria ELLIOTT   spin, St Johns Frederick Elliott, James Simms    
Aug 27 1836 St. Johns John SEAMAN   bach, private RV, St Johns Elizabeth WHITE   spin, St Johns A. White, William Earle    
Aug 30 1836 St. Johns John Francis TRIMINGHAM   bach, merchant, St Johns Sarah Anne WINTER   spin, St Johns John M. Brine, George Winter   Repeated entry; his name spelt correctly this time and occupation given.
Sep 23 1836 St. Johns James HENRY   bach, St Johns Mary STOKES   spin, St Johns John Louis, Jean Lewis    
Oct 11 1836 St. Johns John Stuart BARTLETT   widower, St Johns Eleanor THOMEY   widow, St Johns John Gatton, Thomas Tucker    
Oct 13 1836 St. Johns Elias BENNETT   bach, St Johns Anne PULK (?PALK)   widow, St Johns James Dunn, William Earle    
Oct 29 1836 St. Johns Lewis W. GILLEY   bach, Maine, USA Mary CULLINGTON?*   spin, St Johns John Eden, Rosamond R. Carrington   Consider alternatives for her surname: CALLINGTON or CARRINGTON (see witness)
PAGE 10                    
Nov 15 1836 St. Johns William DODD   bach, Broadhampton Margaret SQUIRES   spin, Torbay James Phillips, Eliza Pardy   Repeated entry.
Nov 18 1836 St. Johns Richard ROBERTS   bach, Brigus Mary ROBERTS   spin, Brigus Edward Roberts, Julia Carrington    
Nov 19 1836 St. Johns Robert EVANS   widower, Renews Mary EVANS   spin, Dartmouth Emma Tucker?, William Taylor    
Dec 8 1836 St. Johns Samuel DAWE   bach, Long Pond, S. Shore Mary Anne BATTEN?   spin, Long Pond, S. Shore William Kennedy, William Earle    
Dec 20 1836 St. Johns Samuel PERFECT   bach, Ippleton, Devon Anne Fox SAUNDERS   spin, St Johns John Saunders, Ann Lewis    
Dec 21 1836 St. Johns John JANES   bach, Abbotskerswell, Devon Jane BRUCE (BRACE)   spin, Quidi Vidi William Knight, Richard Bruce (BRACE)   Surname BRUCE believed to be BRACE; likely due to writing style of '' unclosed a's.''
Dec 29 1836 St. Johns Peter PACK   bach, St Johns Susan Coker MINIARD   spin, St Johns William Miniard, Mary Ann Fatter?    
Dec 30 1836 St. Johns John MARTIN   bach, St Johns Elizabeth JOHNSTON   spin, St Johns Hugh Hamlin, Mary Hannah Tucker    
PAGE 11                    
Mar 23 1837 St. Johns George Henry COLLIER   bach, St Johns Sarah Stone MOTTY   spin, St Johns William Collier, C. Motty   She remarried 1859 to Elias Ford.
May 2 1837 St. Johns Thomas MORRIS   bach, St Johns Mary HUDSON   spin, St Johns William Earle, William Mitchelmore?    
May 4 1837 St. Johns William BAKER   bach, St Johns Sarah HOLLOWAY   spin, St Johns Joseph Holloway, William Long    
May 9 1837 St. Johns Samuel JANES/JONES?   bach, Abbotskerwsell Sarah TROTWILL?   widow, St Johns Julia Carrington, Robert Bayley    
May 11 1837 St. Johns John SLATE/SHATE?   bach, St Johns Anne WHITTEN   spin, St Johns Samuel Jenkins, Elizabeth Piercey? Law    
May 20 1837 St. Johns John HYNES   bach, St Johns Jane KENNEDY   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Kennedy, S. Smith    
June 20 1837 St. Johns Joseph GARVEY   bach, Sergeant RV, St Johns Mary Ann POWELL   spin, St Johns J. Bedford, Eliza Wiebury?    
June 29 1837 St. Johns Archibald KERR   bach, merchant, St Johns Ellen AYLWARD   spin, St Johns Patrick Doyle, Rosanna R. Carrington    
PAGE 12                    
July 1 1837 St. Johns Thomas LeBUFF   bach, St Johns Mary Anne HENNEBURY   spin, St Johns William Earle, Ann Saunders    
July 11 1837 St. Johns John Murch BRINE*   bach, merchant, St Johns Louisa WINTER   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Winter, George Pulley   His middle name is given as MARCH in some baptismal records of their children, but is MURCH for others.
July 22 1837 St. Johns William DICKS   bach, St Johns Elvina JARMIN   spin, St Johns Jane Shortall, John Gotton    
Aug 11 1837 St. Johns John Eastmond GREENE   bach, St Johns Anastasia DUNN   spin, St Johns Thomas Pigot, Margaret Handerhan    
Aug 29 1837 St. Johns John REEVES   bach, PRV, St Johns Caroline CAVANAGH   spin, St Johns Caroline D. Shelley, Rosanna Carrington    
Sep 28 1837 St. Johns John DELENEY (?DELANEY)   bach, Western Bay Ann HARTWELL   spin, St Johns John Brown, John Puddester    
Oct 13 1837 St. Johns James KING   bach, Broad Cove Rebecca PICCOTT   spin, Portugal Cove Nathaniel Tucker, John Noseworthy    
Oct 17 1837 St. Johns Philip LACEY   bach, St Johns Mary DURDLE   spin, St Johns Phillip Wheeler, Adelaide Hart    
PAGE 13                    
Nov 1 1837 St. Johns John FOWLER**   bach, Chamberlaynes Elizabeth MILLER   spin, Chamberlaynes Philip Churchill, Thomas Miller   ** Original page was HOWLER - crossed out and Fowler written in above
Nov 3 1837 St. Johns William HARVEY   bach, St Johns Charity WATERMAN   spin, St Johns Susanna Voisey, Richard Gill    
Nov 14 1837 St. Johns John Charles PRESTON   bach, Georgetown Elizabeth Dalton? Marritt WINTER   spin, St Johns George Winter, Mary Winter    
Nov 14 1837 St. Johns Richard NOTWILL (HOLWELL*)   bach, St Johns Elizabeth PILLEY   spin, St Johns John Davis, William Earle   Surname believed to be HOLWELL from baptisms of children.
Nov 19 1837 St. Johns William HUDMAN/HUDMEN?   bach, St Johns Mary HELYER   spin, St Johns John B. Wyatt, Mary Hiscott    
Nov 20 1837 St. Johns George MARTIN   widower, St Johns Mary MARTIN   spin, St Johns George Hilland/Hillard?, Eleanor Everard?    
Nov 21 1837 St. Johns John KENNEDY   bach, Long Pond Anne BUTLER   spin, Long Pond, S. Shore Susanna Kennedy, Joseph Taylor    
Nov 24 1837 St. Johns William WOODLEY   bach, St Johns Maria POWER   spin, Torbay John Pyne, Rosanna Carrington    
PAGE 14                    
Nov 30 1837 St. Johns Matthew GREENSLADE   widower, Long Pond Anne TAYLOR   spin, Long Pond Matthew Johnston, George W. Hamlin    
Nov 30 1837 St. Johns Joseph TAYLOR   bach, Long Pond Belinda WHITE   spin, Long Pond George W. Hamlin, Matthew Johnston    
Dec 19 1837 St. Johns Stephen Olive PACK, Esq.   widower, merchant, Bay Roberts Emma BAYLY   spin, St Johns George Bayly, Robert Bayly    
Dec 26 1837 St. Johns George LOCK   bach, St Johns Elizabeth JENKINS   spin, St Johns Frances Brooks, Sarah Jenkins    
Jan 11 1838 St. Johns Joseph WOODS   widower, St Johns Susanna BRUCE (BRACE)   widow, St Johns Rosamond R. Carrington, William Dodd    
Jan 27 1838 St. Johns Robert STODART   bach, Torquair, Scotland Joanna TYRAN   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Blake, William Earle    
Mar 23 1838 St. Johns Robert NANKIVIL*   widower, Plymouth Emma TAYLOR   spin, St Johns Matthew Winsor, Jacob Winsor   *surname looked like Nankivie, but known to be Nankivil from subsequent baptisms of children.
May 3 1838 St. Johns William HURD   bach, Dundee Sarah KNIGHT   spin, St Johns Isabella Knight, Samuel Knight    
PAGE 15                    
May 11 1838 St. Johns Samuel WADDLETON   bach, St Johns Susanna STANSBURY   spin, St Johns George Stansbury, William Earle    
May 12 1838 St. Johns Robert BROWN   bach, Kings Cove Julianna SMITH   spin, Topsail Amelia Kemble, William Earle    
June 17 1838 St. Johns George Frederic BOWN   bach, Sydney Madeline HAIRE   spin, St Johns Maria Haire, Eliza Haire    
June 23 1838 St. Johns John LITCH (LEITCH)   bach, Greenock Susanna Antoinetta BAYERS   spin, St Johns William Hilson, Jane Johnson    
June 26 1838 St. Johns Joseph MILLER   widower, St Johns Priscilla PROWSE   spin, St Johns Thomas Prowse, Maria Charles    
Sep 9 1838 St. Johns James CROWDY   widower, Colonial Secretary, Member HM Council St Johns Caroline Augusta DUNSCOMB   spin, St Johns Sarah C. Bridge, George A. Dunscomb    
Sep 20 1838 St. Johns Job DAWE   bach, Greenspond Margaret WHEELER   spin, St Johns Joseph A. Wheeler, Philip Wheeler    
Oct 1 1838 St. Johns Abraham ANTHONY   bach, Torbay Elizabeth MOORE   spin, Torbay Samuel Snow, Emma Anthony    
PAGE 16                    
Oct 9 1838 St. Johns John FIELD   bach, Sunderland? Jane LYNCH   spin, St Johns Charles Landen?, John Downey    
Oct 10 1838 St. Johns Ferdinand BORZE   bach, Lyons Anastasia MATONE?   spin, St Johns J.C. Toussaint, William Earle    
Oct 16 1838 St. Johns John DICKENSON   bach, Bermuda Mary DUNN   spin, St Johns Joanna Rose, William G. Firth    
Nov 3 1838 St. Johns William JENKINS   bach, St Johns Ann CHAFFE (CHAFE)   spin, Petty Harbour John Gibbons, Frances Brooks    
Nov 8 1838 St. Johns John PEACH   bach, Chippinhow?, Dorset Sarah SNOW   spin, St Johns Anne Aylesbury, Joseph Gates    
Nov 8 1838 St. Johns William FADEN (?FAGAN)   bach, Fox Trap Sarah TAYLOR   spin, Long Pond Edward Peyton, Robert Tucker    
Nov 8 1838 St. Johns Edward PEYTON (?PETTEN)   bach, Port de Grave Grace DELANEY   spin, Fox Trap Jacob Delaney, Nicholas Peyton    
Nov 9 1838 St. Johns Charles BUTLER (see note)   bach, Fox Trap Patience PORTER   spin, Fox Trap Rosamond R. Carrington, William Earle   Per Randy Whitten, this Charles BUTLER was originally from Hibbs Hole, Port de Grave.
PAGE 17                    
Nov 11 1838 St. Johns Patrick CASEY   bach, Chamberlaynes Elizabeth ANTHONY   spin, Chamberlaynes Charlotte Churchill, George Cheater (Chaytor)    
Nov 14 1838 St. Johns Isaac KIRBY   widower, Pouch Cove Susan MERCER   spin, Upper Island Cove William Hudson, William Earle    
Nov 18 1838 St. Johns Henry FRENCH   bach, Devonport Anastasia CAVANAGH   spin, St Johns Anastasia Pendergast, Charles Thomson    
Nov 20 1838 St. Johns Samuel BOWDEN   bach, St Johns Catherine MEANEY   spin, St Johns Mary Purcell, Richard Knight    
Nov 22 1838 St. Johns Thomas GOSSE   bach, Torbay Anne EUSTACE   spin, n/g John Goss, Ann Gosse    
Nov 24 1838 St. Johns John Miller MADDOCK   bach, St Johns Catherine MOTTY   spin, St Johns John Miller, Elizabeth Maddock    
Dec 4 1838 St. Johns John SMITH   bach, Emanuels (Manuels) Ann RISS (REES)   spin, Lance Cove William Riss (Rees), Mary Riss (Rees)    
Dec 30 1838 St. Johns George WILTSHIRE   bach, St Johns Kirry? Sarah GRADY or Sarah Kirry? GRADY*   widow, St Johns Rosamond R. Carrington, Frederic Carrington   The order of the bride's names is confusing.
PAGE 18                    
Jan 3 1839 St. Johns John BAGGS   bach, Biscayin Cove Sarah NOSEWORTHY   spin, Biscayin Cove Rosamond R. Carrington, Frederic Carrington    
Jan 18 1839 St. Johns James McLARTY   bach, St Johns Maria Augusta DUCHEMIN   spin, St Johns Rosamond R. Carrington, Charles Blackman    
Jan 30 1839 St. Johns Francis COLLINS   bach, St Johns Eliza MINEARD   spin, St Johns William Mineard, Rosamond R. Carrington    
Jan 31 1839 St. Johns David KELLEY   bach, PRV, St Johns Anne KELLEY   widow, St Johns Caroline D. Shielley, Rosamond Carrington    
Feb 10 1839 St. Johns Nathaniel HILL   bach, St Johns Anne Drone? BENNETT   widow, St Johns John Noon, Laura W. Pack    
Feb 28 1839 St. Johns Thomas BREEN   bach, RV, St Johns Joanna CONNORS   spin, St Johns W. Stewart, Mary Venables    
Apr 9 1839 St. Johns Richard Miller JOHNSON   bach, St Johns Helen CARROLL   spin, St Johns George Tucker, Rosamond Carrington    
May 10 1839 St. Johns John HALL   bach, Aquaforte Frances DAGWELL   spin, St Johns John Hall, William Earle.    
PAGE 19                    
May 15 1839 St. Johns Joseph SETTER/SETLER?   bach, n/g Frances NEVILLE   spin, Salmon Cove CB Joseph Setter/Setler?, Ann Noon    
May 24 1839 St. Johns Richard HURRELL/HARRELL?   bach, Dartmouth Mary Anne WATERMAN   spin, St Johns James Moore, Charity Harvey (nee Waterman: Jill M)    
June 14 1839 St. Johns John TAYLOR   bach, Carbonear Jane SNOW   spin, St Johns George Killon?, Rosamond Carrington   Believe this couple moved to Moretons Hr, NDB.
July 12 1839 St. Johns William HUGHES   bach, PRV, St Johns Maria KILPATRICK   spin, St Johns Thomas Davey PRV, Mary McDonald    
Aug 6 1839 St. Johns James SLAPPER?   bach, PRV, St Johns Maria STEWART   spin, St Johns S. Jeffries, E. Warbury    
Aug 12 1839 St. Johns John ROBERTSON   bach, Bristol Catherine MARR (?MAHER)   spin, St Johns Mary McKiff, William Earle    
Aug 13 1839 St. Johns Richard J. MARE   bach, St Johns Mary HARDING   spin, Portugal Cove Louisa Weir, William Earle    
Aug 28 1839 St. Johns Joseph Aspinell UREN?   bach, Liverpool Eliza PETTEN   spin, St Johns Donald Froden, Mary Doyle    
PAGE 20                    
Oct 11 1839 St. Johns Henry Charles BATTERIS, Esq.   bach, merchant, St Johns Harriett BRINE   spin, St Johns John Brine, Maria Pamela Walsh    
Oct 24 1839 St. Johns Richard LANGMEAD   bach, Pouch Cove Anne NEWELL   spin, Pouch Cove Robert Munday, William Williams    
Oct 13 1839 St. Johns Nicholas METCALF   bach, Chamberlains Jane DAGWELL/DINGWELL?   spin, St Johns John Mercer, Edward Fowler    
Nov 1 1839 St. Johns John HENNEBURY   bach, Quidi Vidi Priscilla CHAFE   spin, Petty Harbour William Hennebury, Samuel Chafe    
Nov 10 1839 St. Johns William PETTEN   bach, St Johns Ann PILLEY   spin, St Johns William King, Mary Pilley    
Nov 11 1839 St. Johns Henry ANDREWS   bach, Widmore, Somerset Maria SQUIRES   spin, Brines Cove Mary Moore, Richard Hopkins    
Nov 17 1839 St. Johns Jonathan HUSSEY   bach, Upper Island Cove Rebecca TUCKER   spin, Broad Cove William Hussey, Michael Tucker    
Nov 19 1839 St. Johns John SQUIRES   bach, Torbay Grace EUSTACE   spin, Torbay James Eustace, Richard Eustace    
PAGE 21                    
Nov 19 1839 St. Johns William WITTEN (WHITTEN)   bach, St Johns Mary Ann TAYLOR   spin, Carbonear Edmund Taylor, Mary Donna? Radford    
Dec 10 1839 St. Johns John FIELD   bach, St Johns Mary Ann POTTER   spin, St Johns Richard Harvey, Eliza Blackler    
Dec 11 1839 St. Johns George TAPPER   bach, Torbay Elizabeth BRADBURY   spin, Torbay Peter Goss, Joanna Tapper    
Dec 12 1839 St. Johns Mark ROBERTS   bach, n/g Mary CLARK   spin, Portugal Cove Richard Weir, Mary Weir    
Dec 19 1839 St. Johns Richard HARVEY   bach, St Johns Eliza BLACKLER   spin, St Johns William Blackler, Jane Withycombe    
Mar 14 1840 St. Johns Robert STRICKLAND   bach, Poole, England Mary PILLEY   spin, St Johns Richard Holwell, William Earle    
Apr 24 1840 St. Johns Philip WHEELER   bach, St Johns Hannah MURRAIN   spin, St Johns Charles Carrington, Thomas Murrain    
Apr 27 1840 St. Johns Richard MEDLAND?   widower, n/g Sarah Jane WINSOR   spin, St Johns Susanna Williams, Henry Winsor   His surname also given as MEALAND in bapt of a child. Sarah Jane Winsor likely bapt 1818 Teignmouth, Devon, the dau of Matthew Winsor & Charlotte Taylor.
PAGE 22                    
May 10 1840 St. Johns Noel HANMER, Esq.   widower, Ordinance Dept, St Johns Anna Windslow GREEN   spin, St Johns George Winter, Harris Winter    
May 31 1840 St. Johns William SHAW   bach, St Johns Martha MINEHIN   widow, St Johns Henry Watkins, William Earle    
July 21 1840 St. Johns John WINTER, Esq.   bach, M.D., Greenspond Amelia BRANSCOMBE   spin, St Johns George Winter, Jonathan Branscombe    
Aug 23 1840 St. Johns John BYNE   bach, Stokingkeyshead?, Devon Sarah Maria BOUCHER   spin, Shaftsbury Mary Foslin/Foster?, John Jostling (Jocelyn)    
Oct 29 1840 St. Johns James Kerslake HUMPHRY   n/g, Dartmouth Elizabeth LOVEYS   n/g, St Johns John Rickley, Samuel Loveys   His surname spelt as HUMPHREY per baptisms of children.
Nov 17 1840 St. Johns Matthew JOHNSON   bach, St Johns Ann BARTLETT   spin, Brincain, Devon George W. Hamlin, Thomas Tucker    
Nov 22 1840 St. Johns Richard HERALD   bach, Forto (Forteau), Labrador Elizabeth FLYNN   spin, St Johns Richard Weir, Bridget Rickly?    
Nov 3 1840 St. Johns William HUSSEY   bach, Island Cove Tryphena? TUCKER   spin, Broad Cove Benjamin Squires, William Earle    
PAGE 23                    
Nov 25 1840 St. Johns Thomas Graham MOREY   bach, Ferryland Eliza Shirley LeMESSURIER   spin, St Johns Jane LeMessurier, George LeMessurier    
Nov 30 1840 St. Johns John Mortimer RENDELL   bach, Devon Amelia GREGORY   spin, St Johns Sydney M. Carter, James Henry Carter    
Dec 2 1840 St. Johns James HIBBS   bach, Portugal Cove Sarah KENNEDY   spin, Middle Bight Joseph Miller, Joseph Newlen/Newten?    
Dec 29 1840 St. Johns Aaron CROSSMAN   bach, Devon Amelia WESTCOTT   spin, St Johns Susannah Williams, Mary Hannah Tucker    
Feb 14 1841 St. Johns William FURZE   bach, Halifax, York Frances HAMMOND   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Shamler, Philip Shamler    
Apr 6 1841 St. Johns James Brien/Brian? WOOD   bach, St Johns Jessie CLIFT   spin, St Johns B.J. Garrett, Archibald Chafe    
Apr 13 1841 St. Johns John COLTON   widower, Glasgow Martha BOYD   widow, St Johns Mary Boland, Thomas Hughes   Likely nee Martha McLARTY, md James Boyd 1822.
May 10 1841 St. Johns Henry LAWSON   bach, Plymouth, Devon Mary WALSH   widow, St Johns Richard McGrath, Margaret Herder    
PAGE 24                    
May 11 1841 St. Johns Thomas BURNS   bach, PR Nfld Co., Longpond Catherine BOW   spin, St Johns Charles Duffett, Mary Ann Barber    
May 12 1841 St. Johns Elias RENDELL   widower, Sheldon, Nova Scotia Elizabeth Mary STONE   spin, Sheldon, Nova Scotia William J. Rendell, Maria J. Howe    
May 14 1841 St. Johns Francis PYNN   bach, St Johns Rachel WHITTEN   spin, St Johns Edmund Taylor, Charlotte Buttock?    
June 11 1841 St. Johns William Bennett BOND   bach, Truro, Cornwall Eliza LANGLEY   spin, St Johns E. Langley, W.R. Row    
June 17 1841 St. Johns Richard Henry BOLT   bach, Exeter, Devon Sarah POPE   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Barter, Matthew Pope    
June 26 1841 St. Johns John HEMP   bach, Hull, Yorkshire Ellen RUSSELL   widow, St Johns William Sheppherd, Sarah Prowse    
Nov 14 1841 St. Johns William BRACE   bach, Quidi Vidi Martha STANSBURY   spin, St Johns John Hansbury, Susan Stansbury    
Nov 22 1841 St. Johns William FIRTH, Esq.   bach, merchant, St Johns Margaret DUGGAN   spin, St Johns E. Firth?, John Ryan    
PAGE 25                    
Nov 25 1841 St. Johns Thomas WILLIAMS   bach, Bay Bulls Mary CONNORS   spin, St Johns Thomas Ryan, Margaret Carroll    
Nov 27 1841 St. Johns Richard CLEMENTS   bach, Petty Harbour Ann BULLEY   spin, Petty Harbour William Webber, William Earle    
Dec 2 1841 St. Johns John ABBOTT   bach, Bonavista Mary LARKIN   spin, St Johns Samuel Abbott, Sarah Thorpe    
Dec 9 1841 St. Johns William BLACKLER   bach, St Johns Mary Ann HARVEY   spin, St Johns Edward Harvey, Eliza Harvey    
Dec 16 1841 St. Johns William MARTIN   bach, St Johns Mary Ann RUSSELL   spin, St Johns Joseph Russell, Richard Hennebury    
Jan 5 1842 St. Johns Nathaniel TYNES   bach, Bermuda Charlotte KING   spin, St Johns Tryphena King, N.L. Cousins   Nathaniel Tynes remarried Sept 4 1844, widowed to Louisa Street RAINS.
Jan 20 1842 St. Johns William James DEAN   bach, Bermuda Elizabeth Geaton* RENDLE   spin, St Johns John Renolle/?Rendle, Samuel Carnell   Per bapt record of their child, her middle name was given as SEATON not GEATON.
Feb 13 1842 St. Johns John THOMAS   bach, St Johns Ann HISCOCK   spin, St Johns William Earle, Mary Griffiths    
PAGE 26                    
Apr 26 1842 St. Johns Michael CONNORS   widower, Bell Isle Mary LENNIGAN/LEMNIGAN?   spin, St Johns Anne Perfect, Samuel Perfect    
Apr 28 1842 St. Johns William COYSH   bach, Shaldon, Devon Jane TOWELL   spin, St Johns James Harvey, Mary Ann Cramm    
May 11 1842 St. Johns Edward PRIOR/PRIER?   widower, St Johns Esther WILLIAMS   spin, Bay Bulls Robert Blackwood, Ann Perfect    
May 15 1842 St. Johns William KINGSTON   bach, St Johns Jane HARRIS   spin, St Johns John Gregory, Ann Gregory    
May 21 1842 St. Johns Robert COOK   bach, St Johns Ann AYLESBURY   spin, St Johns Joseph Aylesbury, Richard Cook    
June 17 1842 St. Johns Henry CARNELL   bach, Catalina Catherine KEEFE   spin, St Johns John Murphy, Ann Perfect    
Aug 12 1842 St. Johns Thomas ARUNDELL   bach, London Julia FARRELL   spin, St Johns John Tickell/Tuckwell?, Sarah Prince    
Aug 30 1842 St. Johns William McGILLIVARY   bach, Glasgow Catherine LYNCH   spin, St Johns Samuel HARVER?, Anne Perfect    
PAGE 27                    
Sep 20 1842 St. Johns William STABB   bach, Torquay, Devon Jane BARTER   spin, St Johns James Barter, John Morry?    
Sep 20 1842 St. Johns William LILLY   bach, HM Customs, St Johns Eunice Isabella HOLBROOK   spin, St Johns Anne Hoyles, J.B. Lilly   Eunice Isabella Holbrook was b July 12 1819 St Johns, the dau of George Papps HOLBROOK & Ruth Sidney PEARL.
Oct 9 1842 St. Johns John BRITTON?   bach, St Johns Mary BRIAN   widow, St Johns Thomas Sievier, Mary Penney    
Oct 25 1842 St. Johns Charles Frederic COLLIER   bach, St Johns Sarah Anne CARNELL   spin, St Johns Henry Earle, Elizabeth Carnell   Sarah Anne Carnell was b Nov 9 1815 St Johns, the dau of John CARNELL & Hannah Gill HARRIS.
Aug 12 1842 L'Anse Cotard?, Labrador James DUMARESQUE   bach, L'Anse Cotard?, Labrador Melvina LILLY   spin, Carbonear William R. Barream?, Ph. le Brien?    
Nov 1 1842 St. Johns Andrew MILROY, Esq.   bach, St Johns Susanna Sawers NIXON   spin, St Johns Susan Hoyles, James Tobin    
Nov 2 1842 St. Johns William GIBBONS   bach, Gunner, RA, St Johns Elizabeth ELLIOTT   spin, St Johns M. Hawkins, John Earle    
Nov 17 1842 St. Johns William HANNAFORD   bach, St Johns Mary GILPIN?   widow, St Johns C.H? Renouf, M.D., Ann Power    
PAGE 28                    
Nov 17 1842 St. Johns John EARLE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth WOODS   spin, St Johns Mary Ann Barter, Mary Green    
Nov 23 1842 St. Johns John James KEATING   bach, St Johns Elizabeth MOORE   widow, St Johns Edward Luscombe, Elizabeth Shamler    
Nov 24 1842 St. Johns William PARSONS   bach, St Johns Alice DAVIES   spin, St Johns Elizabeth Davies, William Buclark?    
Dec 8 1842 St. Johns Henry SMITH   bach, St Johns Catherine CALLEN   spin, St Johns John Fleary?, Ann Martin    
Dec 26 1842 St. Johns Joseph HENNEBURY   bach, Quidi Vidi Dorcas BRACE   spin, Quidi Vidi Philip Brace, Susannah Facey    
Jan 11 1843 St. Johns James Henry VAVASOUR   bach, St Johns Elizabeth SKINNER   spin, St Johns George W. Hamlin, Samuel Skinner    
Jan 12 1843 St. Johns John BROOKING   bach, St Johns Mary DOYLE   spin, St Johns Patrick Doyle, Mary Doyle    
Jan 26 1843 St. Johns Thomas ROW, Esq.   bach, merchant, St Johns Anne HOYLES   spin, St Johns W.R. Row, L. Dickson    
PAGE 29                    
Apr 28 1843 St. Johns John MOORE   bach, St Johns Elizabeth KING   spin, St Johns William Hennebury, Thomas LeBuff    
May 2 1843 St. Johns Andrew Alfred ARMSTRONG   bach, St Johns Mary Ann AIDE*   spin, St Johns William Gordon, Susanna Pike   *poss alternate spelling of modern day ADEY.
May 8 1843 St. Johns William COLE   bach, St Johns Bridget BUTLER?*   spin, St Johns Stephen H. Knight, Michael T. Knight   *surname hard to read; may have been BUTTEN?
May 17 1843 St. Johns Martin BLACKMORE   bach, clergyman, Burgeo Ellen LANGLEY   spin, St Johns Charles Blackmore, Henry H. Stabb    
May 22 1843 St. Johns Hugh MONTGOMERY   bach, St Johns Mary WINSOR   spin, St Johns Sarah Medland, Matthew Winsor   Mary WINSOR is believed to have been bapt 1825 Teignmouth, Devon, the dau of Matthew Winsor & Charlotte Taylor; she later remarried 1846 to Simon Lacey, of Exploits, Burnt Island NDB.
May 25 1843 St. Johns Samuel PROWSE   bach, HM Customs Officer, Twillingate Amelia ELLIOTT   spin, St Johns James Simms, Robert Snooks   Per Seary's FAMILY NAMES OF THE ISLAND OF NFLD: Samuel Prowse, HM Customs Twillingate, died 1856 at Okehampton, Devon, England.
Aug 2 1843 St. Johns Moses GOSSE   widower, Spaniards Bay Amelia Ann HEATH   widow, Port de Grave Caroline McPherson, Jane S. Davies    
Aug 2 1843 St. Johns Thomas PUDDISTER   bach, St Johns Elizabeth POWER   spin, St Johns Philip Janes, James Hill    
PAGE 30                    
Aug 11 1843 St. Johns Philip LUSCOMBE   bach, *St Johns Maria MARSHALL   spin, St Johns Richard Gardner, Thomas Tucker   Maria Marshall was born Nov 25 1820 St Johns, the dau of John MARSHALL & Lydia PARTRIDGE. Philip Luscombe was bapt June 28 1813 Cornwall, Devon, the son of Philip & Jennie. The original parish records for the Ang Cath have his place of origin as Cornwood, Devon which was not given in the Vital Stats copy.
Oct 3 1843 St. Johns James Buchanan HUTTON   bach, merchant, St Johns Selah Elizabeth SCOTT   spin, St Johns G.M. Stuart, Benjamin Scott    
Oct 9 1843 St. Johns Patrick BULGER   bach, St Johns Ellen HEARNEY   spin, St Johns Thomas Gavin, Mary Fitzpatrick    
Oct 31 1843 St. Johns Johnstone VICARS   bach, clergyman, n/g Emma Maria GARRETT   spin, St Johns George H. Dunscomb, R.G. Garrett    
Nov 20 1843 St. Johns William KING   bach, St Johns Louisa WEIR   spin, St Johns Richard Weir, Sarah Weir    
Nov 20 1843 St. Johns William WEIR   bach, St Johns Caroline PENDERGAST   spin, St Johns Richard Miller, Elizabeth White    
Nov 21 1843 St. Johns William QUICK   bach, St Johns Mraia GREGER?   spin, St Johns Jane Ford, John Noseworthy    
Dec 1 1843 St. Johns Alexander O'DONNELL   bach, St Johns Charlotte Sophia WALSH   spin, St Johns William Anderson, William Earle    
PAGE 31                    
Dec 1 1843 St. Johns Richard MILLER   bach, St Johns Mary Ann BREVEY?/BRAVAY?   spin, St Johns Abraham Clark, William King    
Dec 5 1843 St. Johns William SNOW   bach, St Johns Ellen IBBS (HIBBS)   spin, St Johns Joseph Barker, John Hill    
Dec 25 1843 St. Johns John Rossiter ANDREWS   bach, St Johns Elizabeth MADDOCK   spin, St Johns John M. Maddock, Mary Jane Maddock   John Rossiter ANDREWS may have been the son of ROBERT ANDREWS of Port de Grave & JEMIMA ROSSITER of Devonshire, who were md at St Johns 1814, given his middle name and the fact that he named one of his children Mary JEMIMA.
Jan 1 1844 St. Johns John Peter LANG/LONG?   bach, St Johns Mary Ann WESTCOTT   spin, St Johns Thomas Westcott, Mary H. Tucker    
Jan 12 1844 St. Johns Richard KENDAL   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Agnes CARNELL   spin, St Johns James Kendal, John Kendal   Elizabeth Agnes CARNELL was born Oct 29 1817 St Johns and died 1909, the dau of John CARNELL & Hannah Gill HARRIS.
Jan 29 1844 St. Johns David DUXBRY   bach, St Johns Mary PENDER   spin, St Johns Kenneth Cameron, Mary Maddigan    
Feb 4 1844 St. Johns John BARTER   bach, St Johns Susan STANSBURY   spin, St Johns Richard Gardner, Mary Stansbury    
Feb 15 1844 St. Johns James WINTER, Esq.   bach, HM Customs, St Johns Harriett PITMAN   spin, St Johns E. S. Moore, William Earle   James & Harriet's children included: James Spearman Winter b 1845 Lamaline, Prime Minister of NF; Thomas Winter b 1848 Lamaline, business, T&M Winter Ltd; Marmaduke George Winter b 1857 Lamaline, businessman, T&M Winter; and Frederick Malcolm Winter b 1859 St Johns.
PAGE 32                    
Feb 15 1844 St. Johns John STUART, Esq.   bach, merchant, St Johns Louisa Ann BINDON   spin, St Johns William Earle, E.S. Moore    
Mar 7 1844 St. Johns Charles RADFORD   widower, St Johns Jane WILLIAMS   spin, St Johns Thomas Prowse, Elvina Radford    
Apr 19 1844 St. Johns Samuel George CARNELL   bach, St Johns Ann Elizabeth GREEN   spin, *St Johns William Carnell, George R. Snelgrove   *Ann Elizabeth Green was born 1820 Trinity - died 1871 St Johns. Samuel George Carnell was b 1819 St Johns - d 1880. He remarried to Catherine Ann (Jocelyn) Prowse, widow.
Apr 23 1844 St. Johns Henry Thomas Sanders SMITH   bach, St Johns Sarah BACON   spin, St Johns Henry Seville, Ann Perfect.    
Apr 25 1844 St. Johns George COX   bach, Burgeo Sarah CHURCHILL   spin, Burgeo James Thomas Wallis Crosby, Maria Churchill    
May 4 1844 St. Johns Joseph RUSSELL   widower, St Johns Elizabeth THORNTON (nee NURSE)   widow, St Johns George Marshall, William Earle   Elizabeth NURSE was the dau of Thomas & Mary Nurse. She was prev md 1831 to widower Eleazar Thornton. Her sister Joanna/Hannah Nurse was married to the witness George Marshall.
May 16 1844 St. Johns George WHITTEN   bach, St Johns Caroline CHAFE   spin, St Johns Timothy Shipton, Thomas Blake*   In 1847, Caroline marries Thomas Blake, as widow Caroline Whitten.
May 31 1844 St. Johns John WHITTEN   bach, St Johns Elizabeth BURGESS   spin, St Johns George Whitten Sr., Thomas Blake    
PAGE 33                    
June 4 1844 St. Johns George WEBBER   bach, St Johns Elizabeth Jarman SHAMLER   spin, St Johns Thomas Harvey, Peter Webber    
July 2 1844 St. Johns John Francis O'DONNELL   bach, St Johns Fanny BRINE   spin, St Johns John Ellis, Jane Ellis    
July 16 1844 St. Johns John Watts BROCKLEHANK?   bach, St Johns Anne SIMMS   spin, St Johns James Simms, Sophia Simms    
July 22 1844 St. Johns William STRICKLAND   bach, Brigus Catherine ATKINS   spin, St Johns Robert Strickland, William Earle    
July 26 1844 St. Johns Thomas Hearder COLE   bach, St Johns Mary Diamond BLACKWELL   spin, St Johns John Noon, William G. Daymond    
Aug 15 1844 St. Johns William TREMILLS   bach, St Johns Jane HARVEY   spin, St Johns William Harvey, Mary Anne Palk    
Sep 3 1844 St. Johns Philip LUSCOMBE   bach, St Johns Ellen BURKE   spin, St Johns John Foole/Foote?, Ellen Foole/Foote?    
Sep 4 1844 St. Johns Nathaniel TYNES   widower, St Johns Louisa Street RAINS   spin, St Johns Joseph Rains, George Trimingham    
PAGE 34                    
Sep 7 1844 St. Johns James BAKER   widower, Ordinance Dept, St Johns Patience LOVEYS   spin, St Johns William Loveys, Alfred Hampton    
Sep 27 1844 St. Johns Mark PILLY   bach, St Johns Sarah Ann FITZGERALD   spin, St Johns Philip Lacey, John Lacey    
Oct 24 1844 St. Johns William HARVEY   bach, St Johns Mary Ann PALK   spin, St Johns Edward Harvey, George Palk    
Oct 30 1844 St. Johns Henry NEEDHEM/NEEDHAM?*   bach, St Johns Emma Jane SEVIER   widow, St Johns Thomas Melvin, James Frost   *In bapt record of their child, his surname looked like Needbain or Neelbain.
Nov 7 1844 St. Johns William CRIMP   bach, n/g Hannah SIEVIER   spin, Quidi Vidi Garland Sievier, Jane Hanallen?    
Nov 16 1844 St. Johns Henry WINSOR   bach, St Johns Ann COLE   spin, Torbay Matthew Winsor, Jane Cole   Likely bapt 1822 Teignmouth, Devon, son of Matthew Winsor & Charlotte Taylor.
Nov 24 1844 St. Johns Edward SMITH   bach, St Johns Matilda GIBBINGS   spin, St Johns Joseph Collier, Ann Gibbings    
Nov 28 1844 St. Johns Edward Balley MINEARD   bach, St Johns Mary Jane Miller MADDOCK   spin, St Johns John M. Maddock, Maria Motty    
PAGE 35                    
Dec 20 1844 St. Johns George Bollard* BURTON   bach, St Johns Jane Edwards KEITH   spin, St Johns John D.H. Lyland, Jane Ryland Waterman   *his middle name looked like BALLARD in bap record of their child.

Transcribed by Jill Marshall February 2003

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

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