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Pages 43 - 84


1878 - 1889


bach = bachelor;
spin = spinster;
n/g = not given;

PAGE 43            
Jan 8 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Jeremiah   D Falconio John Ryan  
    Shaughrue, Bridget     Rose Ann Wiseman  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Fleming, Thomas   D McInnes Michael Fleming  
    Dwyer, Mary     Anastasia ??  
Jan 13 Harbour Grace Smart, Michael   D Falconio Wm Smart  
    Dalton, Elizabeth     Julia McCarthy  
Jn 14 Harbour Grace Farrell, Thomas   D Falconio Richard Whelan  
    Hawe, Anna     Honora Hawe  
Feb Harbour Grace Kennedy, J   H Carfagnini Terrence Kennedy  
    Rits, Elizabeth     Anna Kennedy  
April 20 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Thomas Western Bay D Falconio Richard Hayden  
    King, Eliza Small Point   Sarah Kuby (?)  
May 15 Harbour Grace Petty, Joseph   D Falconio Patrick Walsh  
    Walsh, Catherine     Alice Power  
May 30 Harbour Grace Shannahan, D   D Falconio James Foley  
    Neil, Margaret     Mary McCarthy  
PAGE 44            
June 3 Harbour Grace Martin, Wm   D Falconio Fleming, Richard  
   Murphy, Catherine     Ayles, Mary  
June 5 Harbour Grace Fahey, Richard New Harbour D Falconio Fahey, John  
    Gardner, Ellen Margaret Harbour Grace   Hayden, Cecilia  
June 9 Harbour Grace Keefe, Michael   D Falconio Murphy, John  
   Pumphery, Agnes     McCarthy, Julia  
Oct 6 Harbour Grace Jones, James   D Falconio Withers, George  
   Fleming, Mary Ann     Hennessy, Eliza  
Nov 6 Harbour Grace Galloway, James   D McInnes Reynolds, Wm  
   Hussey, Anna     Reynolds, Sarah  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Broders, John   D Falconio Woodrow, Jeremiah  
    Burns, Helen     Gorman, Frances  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Morrissey, John   D Falconio Kelly, Thomas  
   Kelly, Honora     Morrissey, Catherine  
Nov 20 Harbour Grace Hickey, Richard   D Falconio Kearney, Wm  
   Ryan, Mary     Ryan, Margaret  
PAGE 45            
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Leary, Michael   D Falconio Griffin, Thomas  
   Griffin, Mary     Griffin, Julia  
July 31 Speae (?) Hr Labrador Sullivan, John   S Flynn Thomas, Wm  
   French, Susanna     Sullivan, Ellen  
Aug 1 Murry Labrador Bransfield, John   S Flynn Colbert, John  
    Fortune, Rose Anna     Colbert, Mary Ann  
Sept 3 Cape North Labrador Griffin, Maurice   S Flynn Fitzgerald, Michael  
    Malard, Louise     Dooling, Johanna  
Sept 6 Lidiau (?) Tickle, Labrador Aspell, John   S Flynn Hennebury, Mark  
   Gosse, Elizabeth     Hennebury, Margaret  
Sept 8 Lidiau (?) Tickle, Labrador Higgins, Edward   S Flynn Hartery, Frederick  
    Born, Jane (?)     Mercer, Bridget  
Sept 13 Black Tickle, Labrador Keefe, William   S Flynn Burke, Philip  
   Roberts, Elizabeth     Burke, Ann  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Ryan, James   D McInnes Ryan, John  
   Northcott, Alice     Sacrey, Alice  
PAGE 46            
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Kane, Joseph   D Falconio Peddle, John  
   Ryan, Honora     Ryan, Elizabeth  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Flynn, Patrick   D Falconio Dobbin, John  
   Dobbin, Margaret     Snow, Susanna  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace White, Heurician (?)   D Falconio Sullivan, Richard  
   Corbey, Sarah     Clare, Julia  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Neil, Thomas   D Falconio Moor, Thomas  
    Moor, Mary     Holwin, Johanna  
Jan 15 Harbour Grace Griffin, John   D Falconio Griffin, John  
   Donnelly, Mary     Power, Bridget  
Jan 18 Harbour Grace Kearney, Wm   D Falconio Shaughrue, John  
   Dooley, Julia     Quirke, Helen  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Whelan, Matthew   Donald McInnes Fitzgerald, John  
   Barry, Catherine     Lynch, Mary  
Jan 22 Harbour Grace Cody, Michael   D Falconio Cody, Patrick  
   Redmond, Bridget     Redmond, Helen  
PAGE 47            
Feb 5 Harbour Grace Hayden, Richard   D Falconio Dunn, Richard  
    Fallen, Margaret     Hayden, Cecilia  
Feb 11 Harbour Grace Cullen, Patrick   D Falconio McCarthy, Daniel  
   McCarthy, Susanna     McCarthy, Anna  
Feb 20 Harbour Grace Scanlan, Patrick   D Falconio Connors, John  
   Connors, Elizabeth     Connors, Johanna  
April 4 Harbour Grace Corroll, Daniel   D Falconio Flynn, David  
   Rogers, Mary Anne     Duffy, Julia  
April 23 Harbour Grace Nevil, Wm   D Falconio Sheridan, John  
   Buffet, Anna     Dunn, Bridget  
April 29 Harbour Grace Shea, John   D Falconio Shea, Thomas  
   Kelly, Margaret     Shanahan, Mary  
May 11 Harbour Grace Corbin, Michael   D Falconio Corbin, James  
   Kelly, Honora     Fleming, Ellen  
May 26 Harbour Grace Foley, Patrick   D Falconio Walsh, Edward  
   Connors, Mary     n/g  
PAGE 48            
May 27 Harbour Grace O'Neil, Jeremiah   D Falconio O'Neill, Julia  
    Sheppard, Anna Mary     O'Neill, Mary Cath  
June 2 Harbour Grace Fennessey, Thomas   D Falconio Scanlan, Patrick  
   Shea, Margaret     Brien, Elizabeth  
June 10 Harbour Grace Martin, John   D Falconio Callahan, Edward  
   McGuire, Catherine     Brien, Mary  
June 29 Harbour Grace Pumphery, Isaac   D Falconio Pumphery, Thomas  
   Hennessy, Alice     Fleming, Margaret  
July 8 Harbour Grace Murphy, Eugene   D Falconio Kane, Thomas  
   Fitzgerald, Catherine     Hanrahan, Bridget  
July 15 Harbour Grace Broders, Patrick   D Falconio Maher, George  
    Fennell, Mary     Fallen, Bridget  
Aug 11 Harbour Grace Houlahan, Patrick   D Falconio Hunt, John  
   Hunt, Anna     Hunt, Alice  
Aug 25 Harbour Grace Goff, Peter   D Falconio Keefe, Thomas  
    Sheppard, Louise Mary     Connell, Mary  
Nov 6 Harbour Grace Power, Andrew   D Falconio Carney, Wm  
   Fitzgerald, H     Walsh, Elizabeth  
Nov 12 Harbour Grace Pumphery, Daniel   H Carfagnini Pumphery, Thomas  
    Murphy, Helen Mary     Ryan, Anna  
Nov 13 Harbour Grace Peddle, John   D Falconio Shea, Pumphery  
   Shea, Mary     King, Catherine  
Nov 16 Harbour Grace Brien, Thomas   D Falconio Goff, Michael  
    Neil, Helen     Neil, Mary Ann  
Nov 17 Harbour Grace Gardner, Christopher   D Falconio Fahey, Andrew  
   Fahey, Mary     Hayden, Margaret  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Farrell, John   D Falconio Connors, John  
   Holman, Elizabeth     Hampton, Mary  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Clare, Joseph   D Falconio Glavine, Richard  
   Glavine, Catherine     Glavine, Elizabeth  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Kelly, Thomas   D Falconio McCarthy, Justin  
   Allen, Johanna     Allen, Catherine  
PAGE 50            
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Dobbin, John   D Falconio Shaughrue, Bartholomew  
   Butt, Agnes     Butt, Catherine  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Grandville, Robert   D Falconio Sheehan, Robert  
   Lynch, Agatha     Fitzgerald, Bridget  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Cotter, John   D Falconio Hamilton, Euperce (?)  
   Walsh, Mary     n/g  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Russell, John   D Falconio Russell, Patrick  
   Hearn, Mary     Smallcombe, Alice  
Jan 15 Harbour Grace Keefe, John James   D Falconio Keefe, Patrick  
   Britt, Catherine     Britt, Mary  
Jan 22 Harbour Grace Babb, Joseph   D Falconio Fitzpatrick, John  
   Leary, Mary     Stapleton, Mary  
June 1 Harbour Grace Deer, John   D Falconio Deer, Wm  
   Smallcombe, Theresa     Kelly, Ellen  
June 1 Harbour Grace Lee, Jeremiah   D Falconio Lee, Edward  
   McGrath, Mary     Fitzgerald, Frances  
PAGE 51            
June 6 Harbour Grace Walsh, Richard   D Falconio Freney, Peter  
   Ryan, Anna     Fleming, Ellen  
Sept 12 Harbour Grace McKinnon, M   D Falconio McKinnon, Neil  
   Hart, Mary     Thomey, Mary  
Sept 28 Harbour Grace Young, Richard   D Falconio Harvey, Patrick  
   Ryan, Elizabeth     Finn, Mary Catherine  
Sept 29 Harbour Grace Phippard, John   D Falconio Horne, H J (?)  
   Fitzgerald, Mary Catherine     Fitzgerald, Rose  
Oct 26 Harbour Grace Tobin, William   D Falconio Walsh, Edward  
   Hanrahan, Bridget     Doyle, Anastasia  
Oct 28 Harbour Grace Yetman, Michael   D McInnes Duggan, Thomas  
   Ryan, Helen     Ryan, Elizabeth  
Nov 9 Harbour Grace Flynn, James   D McInnes McCarthy, David  
   McCarthy, Mary     Flynn, Elizabeth  
Nov 16 Harbour Grace McDonald, H   D Falconio Kearney, Wm  
   Fitzgerald, Rose     Fleming, Margaret  
PAGE 52            
Nov 20 Harbour Grace Kehoe, John   D Falconio Dunphy, Samuel  
    n/g, Mary     Walsh, Alice  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Northcott, Andrew   D Falconio Hayes, Vincent  
    Gilespy, Julia     Gilespey, Frances  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Lahey, Patrick   D Falconio Keefe, Michael  
   Mercer, Bridget     Mercer, Anastasia  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Snow, Edward   D Falconio Snow, Wm  
   Simons, Elizabeth     Snow, Mary Catherine  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Deer, Wm   D Falconio Purcell, Peter  
   Purcell, Mary     Ryan, Mary Ann  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Muloney, Daniel   D Falconio Clancy, Michael  
   Clancy, Helen     Butler, Mary Ann  
Dec 28 Harbour Grace Walsh, Michael Tickle Harbour D Falconio Walsh, Daniel  
   Bandon, Emma     Lynch, Mary  
Dec 28 Harbour Grace Fahey, John Tickle Harbour D McInnes Barry, John  
   Lynch, Sarah     Benton, Johanna  
PAGE 53            
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Peddle, John   D Falconio Brazil, James (?)  
   Yetman, Mary Ann     Peddle, Frances  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Quilty, Nicholas   D Falconio Quilty, James  
   Sharpe, Mary     Quilty, Johanna  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Rogers, John *   D Falconio Haw, James  
    Duffy, Wm     Drea, Susanna  
NOTE: * John was crossed out and Joannem penned in above
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Kehoe, Thomas   D Falconio Dwyer, Richard  
   Coady, Christina     Clancy, Anna  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Coady, John   D Falconio Russell, Patrick  
   McKay, Mary     Murphy, Bridget  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Moriarity, James   D Falconio Sheehan, Robert  
   Sheehan, Helen     Moriarity, Helen  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Whelan, James   D Falconio Whelan, John  
   Regular, Priscilla     Whelan, Mary Ann  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Noseworthy, John   D Falconio Flynn, Nicholas  
   Costello, Margaret     Costello, Mary  
PAGE 54            
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Neil, Jeremiah   D Falconio Foley, James  
   Whelan, Mary     Freiny, Sarah  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Connell, James   D Falconio Bransfield, Wm  
   Smart, Bridget     Kehoe, Helen  
Feb 13 Harbour Grace Stapleton, John   D Falconio Stapleton, James  
   Hayden, Cecilia     Hayden, Margaret  
Feb 14 Harbour Grace Kelly, Michael Carbonear D McInnes Cooper, Peter  
   Babstock, Catherine Carbonear   Donnelly, Helen  
April 17 Harbour Grace Kelly, James   D Falconio Kennedy, Daniel  
    Pender, Mary Johanna     Pender, Agnes  
April 28 Harbour Grace Cooney, John North River D Falconio Fallen, Patrick  
   Power, Margaret     Fallen, Margaret  
May 19 Harbour Grace Power, Thomas Bay Roberts D Falconio Heatry, Frederick  
   Corbett, Mary Ann     Corbett, Catherine  
May 22 Harbour Grace Corbett, James   D Falconio Drover, Thomas  
   Drover, Catherine     Corbett, Catherine  
PAGE 55            
June 1 Harbour Grace Bradbury, Thomas   D Falconio Bradbury, Nicholas  
    Emberson, Catherine     Emberson, Margaret  
July 13 Harbour Grace Wilson, Alexander   Wm Veitch Murphy, John  
    Pumphrey, Bridget     Leary, Bridget  
Aug 21 Harbour Grace Chidweek, Alfred   D Falconio Foley, James  
   Adams, Helen     Purcell, Mary  
Oct 2 Harbour Grace Ryan, Wm   D Falconio Allen, Martin  
   Hampton, Mary     Hampton, Helen  
Oct 29 Harbour Grace Lynch, John   D Falconio Callahan, James  
    Smart, Thresa Margaret     Lynch, Bridget  
Nov 6 Harbour Grace Doyle, Patrick   D Falconio Keefe, Thomas  
   Drake, Susanna     Drake, Margaret  
Nov 8 Harbour Grace Harman, James   D Falconio Kehoe, John  
   Butler, Ellen     Kehoe, Julia  
Nov 13 Harbour Grace Cayhill, James (sic)   D Falconio Purcell, Wm  
   Conway, Bridget     Power, Honora  
PAGE 56            
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Walsh, Daniel   D McInnes Lynch, Joseph  
   Lynch, Mary     Pike, Mary  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Umberson, Patrick   D Falconio Bradbury, Nicholas  
   Bradbury, Elizabeth     Umberson, Ellen  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Mackay, Richard   D Falconio Shanahan, Nicholas  
   Murphy, Bridget     Mackay, Margaret  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Flynn, Nicholas   D McGregor Flynn, John  
   Costello, Mary     Morrissey, Margaret  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Shortiss, Henry Francis   D McGregor Quinn, James  
   Kavanagh, Mary     Stapleton, Mary  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Felix   D McGregor Drover, D  
    Whelan, John     Quilty, Mary  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Harney, Patrick   D Falconio Fitzpatrick, Patrick  
    Dormedy, Johanna     Walsh, Anastasia  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Ecoe, Patrick   D Falconio Snow, Edward  
    Galloway, Bridget     Ecoe, Charles  
PAGE 57            
Nov 17 Harbour Grace Flynn, John   R McDonald Flynn, David  
   Lynch, Margaret     Lynch, Anastasia  
Nov 16 Harbour Grace Brazil, John   R McDonald Emberly, Wm  
    Emberly, Johanna     Brazil, Frances  
July 3 Labrador Beals, Richard   D McInnes O'Dell, James  
   Prosper, Elizabeth     O'Dell, Mary  
July 3 Labrador Marshall, Robert   D McInnesO'Dell, Wm  
    O'Dell, Margaret     O'Dell, Mary  
Aug 7 Labrador Cronin, Richard   D McInnes Hammond, James  
   Duggan, Mary     Kelly, Helen  
Sept 4 Labrador Lane, Wm   D McInnes Farrell, Wm  
   Connolly, Catherine     Fowler, Mary  
Sept 8 Labrador Kehoe, Richard   D McInnes Hartery, Frederick  
   Cullen, Catherine     Kehoe, Mary  
Jan 17, 1882 Harbour Grace Delaney, John   D McInnes Delaney, James  
   Kent, Catherine     Delaney, Alice  
PAGE 58            
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Sweeney, Michael   D McInnes Sweeney, Wm  
    Pumphry, Helen     Pumphry, Mary  
Feb 19 Harbour Grace Martin, Frederick   D Falconio Ryan, Edward  
   Hickey, Johanna     Barry, Anna  
April 24 Harbour Grace Holden, Joseph   R McDonald Holden, Wm  
    Lynch, Mary J     Lynch, Bridget  
April 29 Harbour Grace Griffin, Thomas   D Falconio Fleming, John  
    Cody, Agnes     Coady, Mary  
May 6 Harbour Grace Moor, Thomas   D Falconio Wiseman, John  
   Quirke, Catherine     Neil, Mary  
May 24 Harbour Grace Walsh, Francis   D McGregor Kelly, Richard  
   Fleming, Ellen     Fleming, Catherine  
May 25 Harbour Grace Kearney, Daniel   D Falconio Leary, James  
    Leary, Alice     Fitzgerald, Mary  
May 26 Harbour Grace Shea, Thomas   D McInnes Shea, John  
   Callahan, Mary     Stapleton, Mary  
PAGE 59            
June 3 Harbour Grace Mackey, Richard   D McGregor Dwyer, Richard  
   Sullivan, Margaret     Sullivan, Ann  
June 6 Harbour Grace Grandfield, Richard   D McGregor Shea, Richard  
    Kidney, Johanna (?)     Kidney, Margaret  
June 23 Harbour Grace Callahan, James   D McGregor Russell, John  
   O'Brien, Julia     Sullivan, Margaret  
Aug 3 Harbour Grace Hawe, Edward   S O'Flynn Cahill, Jeremiah  
   Byrne, Ellen     Marshall, Mary  
Sept 23 Harbour Grace Walsh, Edward   R. Walker Sharpe, William  
   Donovan, Helen Mary     Pass, Catherine  
Oct 18 Harbour Grace Pike, George Tickle Harbour R. Walker Lynch, John  
   Peddle, Dorothea     Best, Sarah  
Oct 18 Harbour Grace Hollet, Richard   R. Walker Pike, James  
   Pike, Mary     Lynch, Elizabeth  
July 23 Harbour Grace Wells, James Joseph   Richard W. Shean Drake, Francis  
   Quinlan, Elizabeth     Kehoe, Ellen  
PAGE 60            
Sept 28 Harbour Grace Hearn, John   J Roe Pendergast, Patrick  
   Thistle, Helen     Hamilton, Julia  
Sept 30 Harbour Grace Thomas, Wm Joseph   J Roe Murphy, Richard  
   Cashman, Johanna     Doody, Anna  
Oct 29 Harbour Grace Brennan, Tobias   J Roe Power, Pierce  
   Fitzgerald, Margaret     King, Alice  
Nov 2 Harbour Grace Pretty, Albert   J Roe Lynch, Michael  
   Shea, Elizabeth     Peddle, Mary  
Nov 8 Harbour Grace Lynch, Edward   R. Walker Kane, James  
   Cullen, Sarah     Granfield, Henrietta  
Nov 8 Harbour Grace Beaton, Wm   R. Walker Apsen, George  
    McCarthy, Helen     McCarthy, Mary  
Nov 11 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Wm   J Roe McCarthy, Thomas  
   Lynch, Charlotte     McCarthy, Johanna  
Nov 12 Harbour Grace Delaney, Stephen   J Roe Thomey, John  
   Davis, Mary     Kent, Alice  
PAGE 61            
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Carberry, James   R. Walker Kehoe, John  
   Purcell, Bridget     Kehoe, Mary  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Callahan, Edward   R McDonald Stapleton, Wm  
    Stapleton, Mary Frances     Stapleton, Elizabeth  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Blake, James Maurice   R. Walker Ryan, Bryan  
   Hannan, Catherine     Kehoe, Mary  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Russell, Patrick   R. Walker Langdon, Richard  
   Colbert, Mary Helen     Russell, Mary  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Hayes, Vincent   R. Walker Hayes, Lenias  
   Neville, Mary     Jones, Mary  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Scott, Edward   R. Walker Quirk, Michael  
   Sullivan, Catherine     Moriarity, Mary  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Connors, John   R. Walker Connors, Patrick  
   Collins, Helen     Colford, Margaret  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Justin   R. Walker Kelly, Richard  
   O'Neill, Mary     Connors, Margaret  
PAGE 62            
Dec 2 Harbour Grace Wiseman, John Joseph   Richard Walker Barry, John  
   Holman, Mary     Farrel, Eliza  
Dec 3 Harbour Grace Daley, Edward   R McDonald Fitzgerald, Catherine  
   Glavine, Mary     O'Keefe, Edmund  
Jan 7 Harbour Grace Langden, Richard   J Roe Sullivan, Edward  
   Sullivan, Bridget     Dee, Catherine  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Brazil, James   R. Walker Young, Matthew  
   Peddle, Frances     Kane, Catherine  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Morrissey, Thomas   R. Walker Morrissey, Michael  
   Smallcombe, Elizabeth     Gilispie, Frances  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Pennell, D   R. Walker Pennell, Matthew  
    Quirke, Helen     Castigan, Catherine  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Kelly, Wm   R. Walker Kelly, Michael  
   Gardner, Mary Ann     McCarthy, Mary  
Jan 25 Harbour Grace Colford, Michael   R McDonald Collins, Lawrence  
    Sheridan, Hanna     Walsh, Helen  
PAGE 63            
Jan 28 Harbour Grace Furlong, Edward   R. Walker Quinn, James  
    Connell, Johanna     O'Connell, Elizabeth  
Jan 29 Harbour Grace Clarke, Wm   R. Walker Tobin, Michael  
   Delaney, Frances     McCrae, Helen  
Jan 30 Harbour Grace Cahill, Patrick   R. Walker Hawe, James  
   Ryan, Mary     Cahill, Ann  
Feb 1 Harbour Grace Shaugrue, Daniel   R. Walker Doyle, Thomas  
    Cummings, Catherine     Emberson, Helen  
Feb 6 Harbour Grace Callahan, James   J Roe Callahan, Thomas  
   Sheehan, Margaret     Moriarity, Anna  
Feb 21 Harbour Grace Wells, Simon   J Roe Pike, Peter  
    Healy, Catherine     Pike, Susanna Protestant
May 26 Harbour Grace Butt, Joseph   J Roe Bradbury, Nicholas  
    Doyle, Helen     Doyle, Mary  
June 2 Harbour Grace Leary, James   J Roe Merson, Otto (?)  
   Doyle, Norah     Emerson, Margaret  
PAGE 64            
June 4 Harbour Grace Stapleton, Barth   R. Walker Stapleton, Wm  
   Hearn, Catherine     Mulcahy, Catherine  
June 6 Harbour Grace Keefe, Michael   J Roe Keefe, Edmund  
   Barry, Anna     Finn, Bridget  
June 24 Harbour Grace Ryan, Edward   J Roe Cleary, Wm  
    Finn, Anastatia     Ryan, Margaret  
July 19 Harbour Grace Hynes, Edward   Thomas E Lynch Adams, Francis  
   McCarthy, Helen     Hynes, Mary Frances  
Sept 15 Harbour Grace Dobbin, George   M Hanley Tobin, Michael  
    Drover, Clara     Diamond, Catherine  
Sept 16 Harbour Grace Quinn, James   M Hanley Tobin, Michael  
   O'Connell, Margaret     Connell, Elizabeth  
July 22 Harbour Grace Lacey, Daniel   R. Walker Lacey, Wm  
   Connors, Elizabeth     Lacey, Mary  
Aug 5 Harbour Grace Thistle, Henry   R. Walker Bingham, John  
   Kavanagh, Bridget     Bingham, Mary  
PAGE 65            
Aug 27 Harbour Grace Keefe, James   R. Walker Furlong, Peter  
   Babstock, Mary     Furlong, Mary  
Aug 16 Harbour Grace Rae, John   J Roe Rose, Michael  
    O'Neil, Bridget     Rose, Helen  
Sept 23 Harbour Grace Hurley, Martin   J Roe Power, Thomas  
   Mahoney, Elizabeth     Kavanagh, Mary  
Sept 25 Harbour Grace Parr, Robert Joseph   J Roe Keefe, Wm  
    Halfyard, Johanna     Collins, Bridget  
Oct 27 Harbour Grace Hutchings, George   J Roe Tobin, Michael  
   Flynn, Mary     McCrae, Helen Protestant
Oct 26 Harbour Grace Hynes, Wm Henry   R. Walker Leahy, Anthony  
    Best, Sarah     Best, Eliza  
Nov 5 Harbour Grace Walker, John   R. Walker Barnes, Ebenezer  
    Brien, Lucy     Moriarity, Mary Protestant
Nov 12 Harbour Grace Ryan, Alexander   R. Walker Hampton, James  
    Kehoe, Mary     Hampton, Helen  
PAGE 66            
Nov 14 Harbour Grace Shea, Humphrey   R. Walker Best, John  
   Hinchey, Mary     Brazil, Frances  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Nicholas   R McDonald Brien, Thomas  
   Power, D     McCarthy, Ida  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Doyle, Thomas   R. Walker Hamilton, Patrick  
   Hamilton, Anna     Doyle, Mary  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Ryan, Matthew   J Roe Dwyer, Patrick  
   Ryan, Margaret     Walsh, Alice  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Pendergast, Patrick   R McDonald Hawe, Michael  
   Butler, Honora     Lyons, Mary  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Callahan, John   R. Walker Kelly, Michael  
   Byrne, Ellen     Kelly, Elizabeth  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Hawe, Michael   R. Walker Moore, James  
   Lyons, Mary     Sheehan, Mary  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Dwyer, Richard   R. Walker Kehoe, Edward  
   Clancy, Anna     Deer, Margaret  
PAGE 67            
Jan 13 Harbour Grace Tobin, John   R McDonald Gould, Michael  
   Dunphy, Catherine     n/g, Mary Ellen  
Jan 14 Harbour Grace Lynch, Thomas   R. Walker Pike, James  
   Burke, Ellen     Johnson, Alice  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Dwyer, Patrick   J Roe Furey, Thos  
    Whelan, Mary Ann     Whelan, May  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Fitzpatrick, Patrick   J Roe Delaney, Mark  
   Finn, Mary Catherine     Walsh, Catherine  
Jan 29 Harbour Grace Glavine, James   R. Walker Glavine, John  
   Hunt, Eliza     Jones, Frances  
Feb 10 Harbour Grace Joy, Thomas   J Roe Joy, John  
   Callahan, Bridget     Callahan, Mary  
Feb 10 Harbour Grace Ryan, Wm   J Roe Mackey, M  
   Shanahan, Mary     Mackey, Margaret  
Feb 12 Harbour Grace McCarthy, James   R. Walker Sharpe, Wm  
   Fleming, Norah     Fleming, Margaret  
PAGE 68            
Feb 24 Harbour Grace Hayes, Thomas   J Roe Shaughrue, John  
    Shaughrue, Mary     Shaughrue, Mary  
Feb 26 Harbour Grace Wiseman, Henry   R McDonald Donahue, Lawrence  
   Donahue, Mary     Wiseman, Susanna  
April 27 Harbour Grace Stapleton, James   R. Walker Foley, John  
   Foley, Mary     Thomey, Mary  
May 20 Harbour Grace Butler, James   R. Walker Carroll, James  
   Carroll, Catherine     Butler, Mary Ann  
May 22 Harbour Grace Hamilton, Patrick   R. Walker Butt, Joseph  
   Butt, Mary     Hamilton, Mary  
June 4 Harbour Grace Sheridan, Joseph   W Tarahan Dunn, John  
   Glavine, Elizabeth     Glavine, Mary  
June 15 Harbour Grace Scanlan, Michael   S Flynn Gardner, Robert  
   McCarthy, Catherine     McCarthy, Margaret  
July 30 Harbour Grace Flynn, David   R McDonald Green, D J  
   Collins, Anna     Collins, Mary  
PAGE 69            
Aug 5 Harbour Grace Barry, John   R McDonald Scully, Michael  
    Cody, Hannah     Knox, Ellen  
Aug 18 Harbour Grace Casey, John   R McDonald Graham, Joseph  
   Hogan, Margaret     Kearney, Cath  
Aug 7 Harbour Grace Costello, Matthew   R. Walker Carroll, James  
   Hynes, Johanna     Butler, Catherine  
Sept 18 Harbour Grace Lane, Samuel   R. Walker Connolly, Joseph  
   Fowler, Mary     Lane, Catherine  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Kilfoy, Edward   R. Walker Costigan, John  
   Deer, Margaret     Smallcombe, Cecilia  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Smallcombe, Patrick   F McCarthy Gleeson, John  
   Moriarity, Mary     Moriarity, Elizabeth  
Jan 13 Harbour Grace Delaney, James   R. Walker Baddock, Edward  
   Kent, Alice     Kent, Frances  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace O'Neill, Richard   R. Walker O'Neill, Alice  
   McDonald, Margaret     n/g  
PAGE 70            
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Butt, Moses   F D McCarthy Butt, Felix  
    Umberson, Margaret     Umberson, Helen  
Jan 20 Harbour Grace Glavine, John   F D McCarthy Glavine, Thomas  
    Keough, Mary     Costigan, Catherine  
Jan 2 Harbour Grace Snow, Thomas   F D McCarthy Barry, John  
   Reynolds, Mary     n/g  
Jan 21 Harbour Grace Kelly, John   F D McCarthy Kelly, Patrick  
   Shaugrue, Mary     Gilispie, Mary  
Jan 21 Harbour Grace Cody, Wm   R McDonald Mullally, John  
    Grace, Alice Mary     Goff, Mary  
Feb 8 Harbour Grace Griffin, John   R. Walker Tobin, Michael  
    Keys, Johanna     Thistle, Margaret  
Feb 16 Harbour Grace Fahey, James   R. Walker Moriarity, Michael  
   Dooling, Margaret     Fahey, Johanna  
April 9 Harbour Grace Adams, James   F D McCarthy n/g  
   Griffin, Julia     n/g  
PAGE 71            
April 16 Harbour Grace Brick, Wm   R. Walker Fahey, Thomas  
    Pearcy, Mary     Hayden, Bridget  
May 20 Harbour Grace Doyle, James   F D McCarthy Doyle, John  
   Murphy, Mary     Moran, Elizabeth  
May 24 Harbour Grace Thomey, John   R. Walker Hayden, Richard  
   Murphy, Elizabeth     Hayden, Margaret  
May 22 Harbour Grace Hickey, Cornelius   F D McCarthy Reid, John  
    Haw, Johanna     Haw, Mary  
June 17 Harbour Grace Fahey, Edward   F D  McCarthy Hoskins, John  
    Shea, Mary     Hoskins, Mary  
Sept 3 Harbour Grace Power, John   R McDonald Kent, James  
    Gardner, Ellen Marie     Mullally, Catherine  
Oct 1 Harbour Grace Kent, James   R. Walker Sweeney, Joseph  
    Connors, Johanna     Connors, Elizabeth  
Oct 16 Harbour Grace Foley, Edward   F McCarthy Lahey, John  
   Geary, Mary     Keough, Mary  
PAGE 72            
Oct 17 Harbour Grace Hatchette, Wm   Feliz D. McCarthy Murphy, John  
   Griffin, Mary     Regan, Anna  
Oct 20 Harbour Grace Connell, John   R. Walker Quirk, James  
   Thomey, Ellen Mary     Thomey, Margaret  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Walsh, Thomas Tickle Harbour F D. McCarthy Lynch, John  
   Lynch, Elizabeth     Morooney, Elizabeth  
Nov 20 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Charles   R McDonald Fitzgerald, M  
   Costello, Margaret     Graham, Mary  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Gardner, Robert   R. Walker Walsh, James  
   Donnelly, Elizabeth     Murphy, Anna  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Griffin, Thomas   R. Walker Stephenson, Matthew  
   Lahey, Mary     Lahey, Johanna  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Fleming, John   F D. McCarthy Fitzgerald, M J  
    Kelly, Ellen     Kelly, Anna  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Callahan, Michael   F D. McCarthy Sullivan, Edw  
   Duggan, Ellen     Dunn, Margaret  
PAGE 73            
Jan 6 Harbour Grace Russell, Wm   F D McCarthy Hickey, John  
    Shea, Mary Ann     Russell, Mary  
Jan 11 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Wm   F D McCarthy McCarthy, John  
    Byrne, Mary Catherine     Young, Mary  
Aug 21 Harbour Grace Keating, n/g *   T. E. Lynch Green, Michael * Mike penned in at a later date
    Jordan, Mary     n/g  
Aug 26 Harbour Grace Dawe, Robert Indian Tickle T. E. Lynch Hartery, Frederick  
   Hall, Honora     n/g  
Sept 20 Harbour Grace Young, George   T. E. Lynch Reddy, Michael  
   Cullen, Anastasia     Fleming, Margaret  
Sept 22 Harbour Grace Murphy, James   T. E. Lynch Grady, Joseph  
    Mugbert, Mary (?)     Murphy, Mary  
Jan 4 Harbour Grace Kelly, Patrick   F D McCarthy Kelly, Lawrence  
   Murphy, Anna     Murphy, Mary  
Jan 5 Harbour Grace Peddle, James *   F D McCarthy Byrne, Edward Note on original page: Of Elias & Susanna Peddle
   Byrne, Elizabeth     Butt, Elizabeth  
PAGE 74            
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Johnson, Andrew   F D McCarthy n/g Missing information due to film Image cut off on right side for this page.
   Fahey, Mary     n/g Theresa  
Feb 3 Harbour Grace Kearney, Patrick   F D McCarthy n/g, Edward  
   Butler, Elizabeth     n/g, Sarah  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Kelly, Michael   R McDonald n/g  P.  
    Fahey, Julia     n/g, Mary  
Jan 18 Harbour Grace Farrell, John   R McDonald n/g, Wm  
    Neil, Alice     n/g  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Cleary, John   F D McCarthy n/g  
   Thompson, Mary     n/g  
Jan 27 Harbour Grace Power, Martin   F D McCarthy n/g  
   Griffin, Margaret     n/g  
Jan 28 Harbour Grace Ebbs, James   F D McCarthy n/g  
    Besso, Mary Ann     n/g  
n/g Harbour Grace Bradbury, Nicholas   F D McCarthy n/g  
   Doyle, Anna     n/g  
PAGE 75            
May 2 Harbour Grace Walsh, James   F D McCarthy O'Brien, Thomas  
   Fleming, Margaret     Power, Margaret  
Feb Harbour Grace Keough, Edward   F D McCarthy Glavine, John  
    Cody, Mary     Britt, Mary  
Feb 2 Harbour Grace Finn, Thomas   F D McCarthy Peddle, James  
   Conway, Frances     Byrne, Mary  
Oct 3 Harbour Grace Wickham, James Joseph   R McDonald Hanrahan, Thomas  
    Green, Margaret     Collins, Mary  
Oct 10 Harbour Grace O'Neil, Philip   S O'Flynn Hibbs, James  
    Hartery, Mary     Ryan, Mary Ann  
Nov 11 Harbour Grace Maney, Edward (sic)   J Roe Hayden, Edw  
   Hulick, Mary     Hulick, Elizabeth  
Nov 10 Harbour Grace Adams, James   R. Walker Moore, Francis  
    Keefe, Johanna     Keefe, Mary  
Nov 12 Harbour Grace O'Neil, Anthony   J Roe Delaney, John  
    Keefe, Mary     Keefe, Elizabeth  
PAGE 76            
Aug 13 Harbour Grace Gorman, Wm Island Cove J Roe Fitzgerald, Maurice  
   Sacrey, Margaret     Costello, Anna  
Nov 13 Harbour Grace Ryan, Michael   J Roe Barry, John  
    Allen, Catherine     n/g  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Hayes, Linus   F D McCarthy Dunn, John  
    Gorman, Frances     Gorman, Elizabeth  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Lynch, John   F D McCarthy Lynch, Michael  
    Hoskins, Mary     Lynch, Catherine  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Butler, Joseph   F D McCarthy Butler, John  
    Jones, Mary Ann     Flynn, Susan  
July 20 Harbour Grace Aspell, Michael   F D McCarthy Shea, John  
    n/g, Elizabeth     Power, J  
Jan 6 Harbour Grace Devine, Patrick   J Roe Mullally, John  
   Hanrahan, Elizabeth     O'Brien, Alice  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Sacrey, Moses   F D McCarthy Northcott, Pat  
   Hayes, Jane     Sacrey, Mary  
PAGE 77            
May 3 Harbour Grace Farrell, James   J Roe Sullivan, Patrick  
    Burke Mary
(Nee Conway)
    Reilly, Bridget Widow
May 5 Harbour Grace Snow, Wm   J Roe Snow, Edward  
   Franey, Helen     Franey, Rebecca  
May 15 Harbour Grace Long, Thomas   J Roe Murphy, Joseph  
   Kelly, Helen     Hefries, (?) Mary  
July 27 Harbour Grace Hanrahan, Thomas   R McDonald Mullaly, John  
   Lynch, Anastasia     Lynch, Bridget  
Sept 3 Labrador Ryall, Wm Job's Cove J Roe Hurley, Wm  
   Hickey, Margaret Small Point   Hurley, Winifred  
Sept 4 Labrador Fahey, John Western Bay J Roe Fahey, Wm  
    Mullaly, Anna Northern Bay   Hayden, Elizabeth  
Oct 3 Labrador Doherty, John Carbonear J Roe Kane, Matthew  
   George, Mary Joseph Carbonear   Noonan, Alice  
Oct 26 Labrador Kirby, Thomas Carbonear J Roe Bullock, Thomas  
   Peddle, Jane Spaniard's Bay   Hitchicombs, (?) Bridget  
PAGE 78            
Nov 15 Harbour Grace Singleton, Joseph   J Roe Quilty, Wm  
   Lynch, Bridget     Franey, Mary  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Butt, Michael   J Roe Butt, Walter  
   Sacrey, Bridget     Hagerty, Mary  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Umberson, George   n/g n/g  
    Quirk, Elizabeth     n/g  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Carbary, Joseph   J Roe n/g, Joseph  
    Ryan, Mary Ann     Martin, Alice  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Sparkes, George   J Roe Kennedy, John  
    McCarthy (O'Keefe),
    Mary Keefe Widow
Jan 5 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Owen Harbour Grace J Roe McCarthy, Wm  
   Pretty, Mary Helen Harbour Grace   McCarthy, Elizabeth  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Kane, James Harbour Grace J Roe Watts, Arthur  
   White, Catherine Harbour Grace   Hitchicombs, Bridget  
Feb 8 Harbour Grace Cleary, Michael John Harbour Grace J Roe Ryan, James  
   Ryan, Mary Johanna Harbour Grace   Ryan, Margaret  
PAGE 79            
Feb 9 Harbour Grace Quilty, Wm Harbour Grace J Roe Young, Nicholas  
    Franey, Mary Frances Harbour Grace   Young, Bridget  
Feb 12 Harbour Grace Power, Michael Harbour Grace J Murphy Daly, Michael  
    Daly, Susanna Harbour Grace   Fitzgerald, Mary  
Feb 12 Harbour Grace Tobin, Michael Harbour Grace R McDonald Barry, Richard  
    Scully, Margaret Harbour Grace   Scully, Elizabeth  
April 12 Harbour Grace Daley, Michael Harbour Grace J Murphy Daley, Thomas  
   Connors, Margaret Harbour Grace   Fitzgerald, Mary  
April 22 Harbour Grace Fleming, Richard Harbour Grace J Roe Ryan, Thomas  
    Vokey, Mary Harbour Grace   Dawson, Mary  
April 29 Harbour Grace Green, James Harbour Grace J Roe Mitchell, Thomas  
   Carey, Rebecca Harbour Grace   Goff, Catherine  
June 10 Harbour Grace Ryan, Thomas Turk's Cove, T Bay J Roe Langden, Richard  
   Russell, Mary Harbour Grace   Kehoe, Susanna  
June 10 Harbour Grace Hayden, Timothy Harbour Grace Lawrence Hayden Thomey, Henry  
   Thomey, Christina Harbour Grace   Hayden, Margaret  
PAGE 80            
July 8 Harbour Grace Callahan, Wm   J Roe Kent, James  
    Costello, Anna
(Nee Lake)
    Normoor, Catherine Widow
July 14 Harbour Grace Duff , Edward St. John's J Roe Kennedy, Daniel  
   Daley, Mary     Fitzgerald, Anastasia  
Jan 18 Labrador Bolger, James   F McCarthy O'Dell, Edward  
  Pinware O'Dell, Charles     Lowe, Helen  
June 12 Lanse au Diable Buckle, Abraham   F McCarthy Durand, Joseph  
    Marshall, Johanna     McDonald, Alice  
June 24 Flower's Cove Walsh, Michael   F McCarthy Walsh, Ambrose  
   Pittman, Catherine     Woodrow, Bridget  
Aug 19 Flower's Cove Walsh, Ambrose   F McCarthy Maher, Andrew  
   Pittman, Joan     Nookham, Susanna  
Sept 1 Camp Islands Whelan, James   F McCarthy Connell, Richard  
   Griffin, Margaret     Griffin, Helen  
Sept 3 Petty Hr Labrador Cavanagh, John   F McCarthy Pendergast, Patrick  
   Mason, Mary     Sullivan, Susanna  
PAGE 81            
Sept 16 Sloop Cove, Labrador Merrigan, James Carbonear J Murphy Kennedy, Terence  
   Kennedy, Helen Carbonear   Kennedy, Mary  
Sept 30 White Bears, Labrador Oliver, Thomas North Shore, C.B. J Murphy Fitzgerald, Patrick  
    Hyde, Catherine North Shore, C.B.   Hurley, Carola  
Oct 1 White Bears, Labrador King, James North Shore, C.B. J Murphy Barron, Timothy  
    Gear , Honora North Shore, C.B.   Gear , Bridget  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Michael Harbour Grace L Hayden Snow, Patrick  
    Alcock, Carola (?) Harbour Grace   Snow, Honora  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Langdon, Richard River Head,
Harbour Grace
L Hayden Ash, Timothy  
   Malone, Catherine Mary Bristol's Hope   Malone, Elizabeth  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Jerrett, James Spaniard's Bay J Murphy Byrne, William  
   Furey, Susanna Holyrood   Carroll, Mary  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Kavanagh, William Harbour Grace J Murphy Bransfield, William  
   O'Neill, Johanna Harbour Grace   French, Julia  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Quirk, Michael River Head,
Harbour Grace
J Murphy Kelly, David  
   Hamilton, Margaret River Head,
Harbour Grace
  Hagerty, Mary  
PAGE 82            
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Fitzpatrick, John Spaniard's Bay J Murphy Carroll, William  
    Dunphy, Margaret Spaniard's Bay   Fitzpatrick, Margaret  
Dec 28 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, John Tilton J Murphy Fitzgerald, Jeremiah  
   Young, Bridget Tilton   Quilty, Elizabeth  
Jan 23 Harbour Grace Walsh, Patrick River Head,
Harbour Grace
L Hayden Fitzgerald, Patrick  
    Graham, Mary  Ann River Head,
Harbour Grace
  Lynch, Bridget  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Doran, Francis River Head,
Harbour Grace
R McDonald Martin, Frederick  
    Hickey, Margaret River Head,
Harbour Grace
  Hickey, Helen  
Jan 30 Harbour Grace Sullivan, Edward River Head,
Harbour Grace
J Roe Mackey, Michael  
    Hickey, Margaret River Head,
Harbour Grace
  Fleming, Margaret  
Feb 5 Harbour Grace Coughlan, William St. John's J Roe Coughlan, Anthony  
    Pender, Agnes Harbour Grace   Jones, Margaret  
Feb 7 Harbour Grace Shughrue, Barthomolew Harbour Grace R McDonald Moriarity, Michael  
   Farrell, Mary Catherine Harbour Grace   Mulcahy, Helen  
Feb 14 Harbour Grace Merrigan, William Carbonear R McDonald Donnelly, William  
   Hawe, Mary Bristol's Hope   Hawe, Honora  
PAGE 83            
Feb 20 Harbour Grace Fleming, Michael Bay Roberts J Roe Badcock, Edward  
   Butler, Margaret Spaniard's Bay   Dawson, Catherine  
May 26 Harbour Grace Northcott, Abraham River Head,
Harbour Grace
J Roe Gilespie, John  
    Hynes, Catherine River Head,
Harbour Grace
  Northcott, Margaret  
June 4 Harbour Grace Barry, James Joseph Harbour Grace R McDonald Higgins, Paul  
   McCarthy, Mary Harbour Grace   McRae, Ida  
June 14 Harbour Grace Davis, John Joseph Harbour Grace J Roe Murphy, Owen  
   O'Neill, Mary Harbour Grace   Bennett, Isabella  
June 26 Harbour Grace O'Dwyer, Peter Harbour Grace R McDonald Allen, William  
   Fitzgerald, Bridget Harbour Grace   Stapleton, Elizabeth  
Sept 22 Harbour Grace Snow, Thomas Spaniard's Bay J Roe Hillyard, Michael  
   Hutchings, Caroline Spaniard's Bay   Hillyard, Anastasia  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Batcock, (sic) Edward Bay Roberts J March Delaney, James  
   Kent, Frances Spaniard's Bay   Norman, Catherine  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Murray, John Brigus J March n/g  
   Carroll, Alice Spaniard's Bay   n/g  

Transcribed by Don Tate (2013)

Page Last Modified: Friday December 20, 2013
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