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1866 - 1878

bach = bachelor;
spin = spinster;
n/g = not given;

PAGE 1            
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Dawson, William Bay Roberts J Dalton Dawson , Stephen  
    Godsell, Mary Spaniard's Bay   Whelan, Mary  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Whelan, William Spaniard's Bay J Walsh Whelan, James  
    Dawe, Mary Hr Grace   Callahan, Mary  
Jan 23 Harbour Grace Mitchell, Thomas St. John's J Walsh Conway, Michael  
    Murphy, Elizabeth Hr Grace   Whelan, Eliza  
May 25 Harbour Grace Thomey, D Hr Grace J Walsh Dalton, Peter  
    Houlihan, Alice Hr Grace   Leary, Mary  
Jun 5 Harbour Grace Boland, Patrick Hr Grace J Walsh Shea, Jeremiah  
    Pinsent, Helen New Harbour   Dooley, Catherina  
Jun 7 Harbour Grace Dillon, Peter n/g J Walsh Quinn, James  
    Wilkinson, Anna n/g   Tobin, Mary  
Jun 26 Harbour Grace Hastings, William b/g J Walsh Keough William  
    Smart, Elizabeth n/g   Lynch, Mary  
Aug 24 Harbour Grace Hanall, Thomas n/g H Carfagnini McCarthy, Edward  
    McCarthy, Sarah n/g   McCarthy, Anna  
PAGE 2            
Aug 24 Harbour Grace n/g, James   H Carfagnini Kennedy, William  
    Meaney, Mary     Hurley, Mary  
Sep 25 Harbour Grace Donnelly, William   J Dalton Hawley, Thomas  
    Devereux, Margaret     Moore, P  
Oct 19 Harbour Grace Power, Edward   J Walsh Grant, Martin  
    Hoskins, Sarah     Smith, Mary  
Oct 19 Harbour Grace Power, Edward   J Walsh Lynch, Edward  
    Smith, Susanna     Power, Catherine  
Nov 7 Harbour Grace Dalton, Thomas   J Walsh McCarthy, John  
    Dwyer, Mary     Sinnott, Mary  
Nov 10 Harbour Grace Snow, John   J Dalton McGrath, Patrick  
    Fitzgerald, Catherine     O'Neill, Helen  
Nov 17 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, James   J Walsh Shaughrue, Daniel  
    Daniel, Johanna     Whelan, Catherine  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Keefe, William   J Walsh Fitzgerald, Stan  
    n/g, Johanna     Green, Diana  
PAGE 3            
Nov20 Harbour Grace Neill, Alfred   J Walsh Bray, Archibald  
    Hunt, Eliza     Neill, Margaret  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Fitzpatrick, John   J Walsh Fitzpatrick, Stephen  
    O'Leary, Susanna     Leary, Helen  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Sullivan, James   J Walsh Duggan, Michael  
    Sinnott, Mary     Dwyer, Margaret  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Mulcahy, Michael   J Walsh Burke, John  
    Fleming, Catherine     Fleming, Susanna  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Nevil, James   J Walsh Gahan, James  
    Byrne, Mary     Gahan, Margaret  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Galway, James   J Walsh Byrne, Brian (?)  
    Yetman, Helen     Yetman, Mary  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Rogers, Patrick   J Walsh Walsh, James  
    Walsh, Johanna     n/g, Elizabeth  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Thomey, Roger   J Walsh Byrne, G  
    Murphy, Mary     Byrne, Mary  
PAGE 4            
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Murphy, Maurice   J Walsh Murphy, John  
    Britt, Frances     Condon, Alice  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace n/g, Patrick   J Walsh Ronan, Patrick  
    Cavanagh, Julia Ann     Cavanagh, Helen  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Hunt, James   J Walsh Brazil, William  
    Scanlan, Mary     Scanlan, Johanna  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Rose, Martin   J Walsh Brazil, John  
    Costello, Mary     Costello, Sarah  
Jan 15 Harbour Grace Lynch, Joseph   J Walsh Lynch, James  
    Dunphy, Honora     Connell, Johanna  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Brown, Paul   J Walsh Maloney, Alfred  
    Butler, Johanna     Hartery, Mary  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Morrissey, Charles   J Walsh Smallcombe, John  
    Ryan, Mary     Dooley, Catherine  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Alexander, Andrew   J Walsh Hartery, Joseph  
    Condon, Alice     Hart, Mary  
PAGE 5            
Jan 22 Harbour Grace Brazil, Joseph   J Walsh Brazil, William  
    Ford, Helen     Ford, Alice  
Mar 13 Harbour Grace Wilson, Charles   J Walsh Walsh, John  
    Butler, Anna     Neill, Bridget  
Apr 30 Harbour Grace Connors, James   H Carfagnini Morris, Stephen  
    Thomey, Elizabeth     Morris, Mary  
May 22 Harbour Grace Martin, John   J Walsh Scanlan, Jeremiah  
    McCarthy, Mary     McCarthy, Anna  
May 23 Harbour Grace Gallaher, Anthony   J Walsh Gallaher, James  
    Byrne, Theresa     Gallaher, Helen  
May 24 Harbour Grace Duggan, Michael   H Carfagnini Sullivan, Richard  
    Dwyer, Margaret O.     Sinnott, Helen  
June 1 Harbour Grace Murphy, Richard   J Dalton n/g, Patrick  
    Flynn, Anna     Kerwin, Alice  
June 5 Harbour Grace Ryan, Thomas   H Carfagnini Ryan, Matthew  
    Ready, Elizabeth     Leary, Mary Ann  
PAGE 6            
Aug 14 Harbour Grace Keogh, William   J Walsh Maloney, Alfred  
    Lynch, Mary     Walsh, Mary  
Aug 22 Harbour Grace Dormidy, Patrick   J Walsh Hart , Maurice  
    Gorman, Mary     Dawley, Anna  
Aug 22 Harbour Grace Edwards, John   H Carfagnini Russell, James  
    Stricklan, Ellen French Shore   Russell, Johanna  
Aug 24 Harbour Grace Ashborn, John   H Carfagnini Keneally, Patrick  
    Keefe, Mary Ann     Maher, Catherine  
Oct 19 Harbour Grace Lynch, Andrew   J Walsh Lynch, Charles  
    Mooney, Margaret     Lynch, Sarah  
Oct 21 Harbour Grace Coady, John   J Walsh Condon, Garrett  
    Jones, Helen     Callahan, Julia  
Nov 12 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Stephen   J Walsh Hall, William  
    Nevil, Elizabeth     Nevil, Mary  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace St. John, D.   J Walsh McCarthy, Felix  
    O'Keefe, Mary     Fitzgerald, Mary  
PAGE 7            
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Mackey, John   J Walsh Walsh, Patrick  
    Hennessy, Mary Ann     Mackey, Johanna  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Brennan, John   J Walsh Farrell, Michael  
    McCarthy, Mary     McCarthy, Elizabeth  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Byrne, John   J Walsh Byrne, William  
    Ronat, Anna     Byrne, Margaret  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Reynolds, William   J Walsh Roy, Thomas  
    Gallaher, Grace     Reynolds, Mary  
Nov 31 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, John   J Walsh Hunt, John  
    Leadbetter, Judith     Cleary, Agnes  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Morrissey, Patrick   J Walsh Gahan, Patrick  
    Shaughrue, Helen Mary     Carney, Helen  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Lynch, John   J Walsh Whelan, James  
    Whelan, Elizabeth     Lynch, Helen  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Knox, Robert   J Walsh Kiely, Martin  
    Condon, Mary     Kinsella, Margaret  
PAGE 8            
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Roy, Thomas   J Walsh Reynolds, William  
    Reynolds, Mary     Reynolds, Grace  
Jan 15 Harbour Grace Whelan, Brian   H Carfagnini Northcott, Patrick  
    Northcott, Alicia     Whelan, Alicia  
Jan 24 Harbour Grace Ryan, James   J Walsh Fitzgerald, John  
    Peddle, Emily     Fitzgerald, Catherina  
Feb 5 Harbour Grace Hayes, Lawrence   J Walsh Hayes, George  
    Hearn, Theresa     Hennessy, Anna  
Feb 13 Harbour Grace Boone, Bryan   H Carfagnini Yetman, Henry  
    Yetman, Mary     Boone, Theresa  
May 7 Harbour Grace Laniver, William   J Walsh Byrne, Michael  
    Mahoney, Helen     Murphy, Bridget  
May 23 Harbour Grace Quinn, John   J Walsh Tobin, James  
    Gallaher, Mary     Quinlan, Elizabeth  
May 28 Harbour Grace Doyle, Edward   J Walsh Dawson, Michael  
    McGrath, Bridget     Doyle, Margaret  
PAGE 9            
June 1 Harbour Grace McDonald, Henry   J Dalton Rohan, Patrick  
    O'Connor, Mary     O'Keefe, Catherine  
June 2 Harbour Grace Burke, John   J Walsh Burke, Thomas  
    Bown, Catherine     Bown, Elizabeth  
June 15 Harbour Grace Croke, William   J Walsh McKinnon, Murdock  
    Gough, Bridget     Scanlan, Mary  
June 18 Harbour Grace Scanlan, Matthew   J Dalton Gilbert, John  
    Flynn, Sarah     Furlong, Helen  
Aug 20 Harbour Grace Power, John   J Walsh Kirby, William  
    Smith, Mary     Dawly, Alice  
Sept 6 Harbour Grace Sullivan, Richard   J Walsh Drysdale, Andrew  
    Sinnott, Helen     Keough, Helen  
Nov 6 Harbour Grace Ebberly, William   J Dalton Bowe, Patrick  
    Lynch, Margaret     Coady, Bridget  
Nov 7 Harbour Grace Power, David   J Walsh Keefe, James  
    Hartery, Elizabeth     Pendergast, Anastatia  
PAGE 10            
Nov 17 Harbour Grace St. John, Joseph   J Walsh McCarthy, Charles  
    Hearn, Julia     Hearn, Margaret  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace McCarthy, William   J Dalton Burn, Brian  
    Burn (Byrne?), Emma     McCarthy, Helen  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Green, Thomas   J Dalton n/g  
    Drysdale, Lucy     n/g  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Redmond, James   J Walsh Casey, Peter  
    White, Margaret     Fitzpatrick, Mary  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Barry, Garrett   J Walsh Collins, John  
    Lahey, Margaret     Leahy, Winifred  
Jan 7 Harbour Grace Fitzgibbon, William   J Walsh Lee, William  
    Brophy, Catherine     Burgess, Charlotte  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Murphy, John   J Walsh Rohan, Patrick  
    O'Keefe, Johanna     McCarthy, Anna  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Connell, Maurice   J Walsh Rohan, Patrick  
    Byrne, Mary     Hartery, Mary  
PAGE 11            
Jan 31 Harbour Grace Reilly, John   J Walsh Colbert, Joseph  
    Walsh, Mary     Walsh, Margaret  
May 15 Harbour Grace Pendergast, Richard   J Walsh Brennan, Edward  
    Dawley, John     Dawley, Mary  
May 22 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Patrick   J Walsh Griffin, Michael  
    Gardner, Mary     Conway, Mary  
June 5 Harbour Grace Way, Lawrence   J Walsh Way, Michael  
    Fitzgerald, Elizabeth     Fitzgerald, Catherine  
June 6 Harbour Grace Smallcombe, John   J Walsh Hearn, James  
    Morrissey, Mary Ann     Shaughrue, Johanna  
June 10 Harbour Grace Northcott, Patrick   J Walsh O'Connor, Michael  
    O'Connor, Mary     Hearn, Margaret  
July 10 Harbour Grace Hartery, Stephen   J Walsh Hartery, Jeremiah  
    Kearney, Mary     Hartery, Mary  
July ?? Harbour Grace Wagner, Thomas   J Walsh Morrissey, John  
    Dobyn (Dobbin?), Elizabeth     Dobyn (Dobbin?), Margaret  
PAGE 12            
Aug 22 Harbour Grace Watts, Richard   J Walsh Fox, Wm  
    Garland, Mary Emma     Wilkinson, Elizabeth  
Oct 7 Harbour Grace Dwyer, John   E. F. Walsh Power, John  
    Cody, Mary     Power, Catherine  
Oct 7 Harbour Grace Power, Thomas   E. F. Walsh McCarthy, John  
    Andrews, Charlotte     Power, Anna  
Nov 11 Harbour Grace English, Patrick   J Walsh Butler, D  
    Thomy, Margaret     Thomey, Mary  
Nov 15 Harbour Grace Power, Martin   J Walsh Riggs, Thomas  
    Foley, Johanna     Foley, Catherine  
Nov 20 Harbour Grace Howlet, Stephen   J Walsh Keough, Jeremiah  
    Fitzgerald, Mary     Fitzgerald, Catherine  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Northcott, Timothy   J Walsh Northcott, Abraham  
    Pottle, Sarah     Northcott, Alice  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Boure (?), Patrick   J Walsh Ready, Patrick  
    Cody, Bridget     Callahan, Alice  
PAGE 13            
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Gorman, John   J Walsh O'Brien, Thomas  
    Cahill, Mary     Gorman, Catherine  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Fitzpatrick, Matthew   J Walsh Higinton, John  
    Higinton, Mary     Hayes, Mary  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Whelan, Philip   J Walsh n/g  
    Aylward, Johanna     Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Ryan, John   J Walsh Ryan, James  
    Flynn, Mary     Farrell, Margaret  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Shea, Jeremiah   J Walsh Leary, Michael  
    O'Connor, Mary     Fitzgerald, Catherine  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Ash , John   J Walsh O'Toole, Patrick  
    O'Toole, Helen     Fitzgerald, Honora  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Hanrahan, Joseph   J Walsh Moran, James  
    Mulcahy, Johanna     Mulcahy, Margaret  
Jan 9 Harbour Grace Hearn, John   J Walsh Hunt, Thomas  
    Fitzgerald, Catherine     Lynch, Helen  
PAGE 14            
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Cleary, John   J Walsh Cleary, John  
    Smallcombe, Mary     Dormidy, Mary  
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Byrne, Patrick   J Walsh Dobyn, George  
    Dobyn, Bridget     Costello, Elizabeth  
Jan 21 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, John   J Walsh Fitzgerald, Maurice  
    Hickey, Catherine     Sheridan, Ann  
Jan 21 Harbour Grace Thomey, Ken   J Walsh Dowd, Charles  
    O'Connor, Helen     Candler, Margaret  
Jan 23 Harbour Grace O'Keefe, John   J Walsh O'Keefe, James  
    Fitzgerald, Mary     Connell, Margaret  
Jan 24 Harbour Grace Pumphrey, William   J Walsh Fitzgerald, Michael  
    Pendergast, Hannah     Pendergast, Alice  
Feb 7 Harbour Grace Hennebury, Mark   J Walsh Hennebury, Richard  
    Pumphrey, Mary     Pumphrey, Bridget  
Feb 16 Harbour Grace Molloy, Thomas   J Walsh Molloy, William  
    Devereux, Catherine     Hanrahan, Margaret  
PAGE 15            
May 31 Harbour Grace Collins, Michael   J Walsh Hanrahan, John  
    Hanrahan, Catherine     Scanlan, Bridget  
June 5 Harbour Grace Brien, Jeremiah   E. F. Walsh Kehoe, Jeremiah  
    Harper, Helen     Dalton, Alice  
June 5 Harbour Grace Kent, Edward   J Walsh Kent, William  
    Freyne?, Theresa     Freyne?, Sarah  
June 7 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Martin   E. F. Walsh Fitzgerald, James  
    Dalton, Alice     Hennessy, Anna  
June 8 Harbour Grace Whelan, John   E. F. Walsh Corbin, Richard  
    Goff, Isabelle     Corbin, Helen  
June 9 Harbour Grace Butler, Donald   J Walsh Callahan, John  
    Callahan, Helen     McCarthy, Anna  
June 16 Harbour Grace Miller, Wm   E. F. Walsh Dempsey, James  
    Neil, Bridget     Walsh, Margaret  
June 8 Harbour Grace Crabb, Wm   J Brown Fowler, Wm  
    Harris, Mary     Lonergan, Helen  
PAGE 16            
Aug 5 Harbour Grace Crawford, John   E. F. Walsh Crawford, David  
    Earle, Sarah     Crawford, Bridget  
Sept 19 Harbour Grace Pringle, Robert Sommerville   E. F. Walsh Drysdale, A  
    Pendergast, Anna Elizabeth     Pendergast, Theresa M  
Nov 3 Harbour Grace Whelan, Thomas   E. F. Walsh Ryan, James  
    Godsel, Susanna     Whelan, John  
Nov 9 Harbour Grace McGrath, Martin   E F Walsh Neill, Wm  
    Foley, Julia     Ryan, Catherine  
Nov 15 Harbour Grace Northcott, James   B Duffy Jones, Wm  
    Morrissey, Anna     Burges, Charlotte  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Shaw, James   J Walsh Calby, Thomas  
    Walsh, Mary     Webb, Ann  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Dempsey, James   J Walsh Graham, James  
    Fitzgerald, Catherine     Fitzgerald, Isabelle  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Dobyn, George   J Walsh Dobyn, Nicholas  
    Costello, Elizabeth     Costello, Margaret  
PAGE 17            
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Corbin, Patrick   J Walsh Smallcombe, Christopher  
    Smallcombe, Agnes     Smallcombe, Helen  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Hawko, Patrick   J Walsh McCarthy, Cornelius  
    McCarthy, Johanna     McCarthy, Bridget  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace O'Neill, Patrick   B Duffy Miller, Wm  
    Glavine, Mary     Cleary, Alice  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Gallaher, Anthony   B Duffy Gallaher, John  
    Smart, Bridget     Nevil, Mary  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Whelan, Lawrence   B Duffy Whelan, John  
    Walsh, Mary     Walsh, Margaret  
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Smart, Edward   H Carfagnini Molloy, Wm  
    Pendergast, Thersa     Pendergast, Alice  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Hickey, Peter   J Walsh Lee, Martin  
    Bowe, Elizabeth     Sheridan, Anne  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Hayes, George   J Walsh Hunt, John  
    Cavanah, Helen (sic)     n/g  
PAGE 18            
1872 This year date is obviouly wrong but it is as it was written on the original page.
Jan 17 Harbour Grace Dooley, Daniel   H Carfagnini Dooley, D  
    Aspell, Mary     Aspell, Anna  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Martin, Thomas   H Carfagnini Hartery, Jeremiah  
    McGrath, Mary     Callahan, Mary  
Jan 24 Harbour Grace Norman, Edward   H Carfagnini Norman, Wm  
    n/g, Catherine     Callahan, Alice  
April 25 Harbour Grace Auvoa, (?) Thomas   Bernard Duffy Butt, Francis  
    Pendergast, Bridget     Shelmadine, Pauline  
May 10 Harbour Grace Sullivan, M   Bernard Duffy Barry, Thomas  
    Sloan, Eleanor     Haccoe, Lucy  
May Harbour Grace Fleming, James   J Walsh Fleming, John  
    Callahan, Mary     Callahan, Alice  
May 11 Harbour Grace Picher, (sic) Peter   H Carfagnini Leahy, James  
    Leahy, Susanna     Kent, Mary  
May 13 Harbour Grace Delaney, John   H Carfagnini McCarthy, Felix  
    McCarthy, Agnes     Power, Mary  
PAGE 19            
May 22 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Thomas   B Duffy McCarthy, Wm  
    Bradbury, Honora     McCarthy, Susanna  
May 23 Harbour Grace Antle, James   B Duffy Lee, Martin  
    Lee, Mary     Donovan, Eleanor  
May 24 Harbour Grace French, Absalom   B Duffy Hart, John  
    Power, Honora     Hart, Mary  
June 1 Harbour Grace Lynch, James   H Carfagnini Antle, James  
    Burgess, C.     Morrissey, Anna  
May 29 Harbour Grace Casey, Peter   H Carfagnini Kehoe, Wm  
    Lynch, Eleanor     Walsh, Margaret  
June 6 Harbour Grace Lee, Martin   H Carfagnini n/g  
    Lynch, Catherine     Walsh, Mary Ann  
June 7 Harbour Grace Walsh, Wm   B Duffy Culletan, Patrick  
    Whelan, Elizabeth     Kent, Mary  
June 10 Harbour Grace Lee, Matthew   B Duffy Fleming, Thomas  
    Dwyer, Margaret     Donovan, Eleanor  
PAGE 20            
June 10 Harbour Grace Godsell, John   B Duffy Norman, Edward  
    Fardy, Alice     Kent, Catherine  
July 29 Harbour Grace Power, Andrew   J Cummins Cullen, Thomas  
    Foley, Catherine     O'Reilly, Mary  
Aug 30 Harbour Grace Hogan, Daniel   H Carfagnini Stephenson, John  
    Scanlan, Mary     Morrissey, Mary  
Aug 6 Harbour Grace Dalton, Joseph   E. F. Walsh Russell, James  
    Halloway, Ann     Walsh, Honora  
Aug 13 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Daniel   E. F. Walsh Sweeney, John  
    Davis, Amelia     Farrell, Anna  
Nov 11 Harbour Grace Hanrahan, James   J Cummins Callahan, John  
    Sheridan, Eleanor     Walsh, Mary  
Nov 13 Harbour Grace Doran, Daniel   H Carfagnini Martin, Charles  
    Wiseman, Rebecca     Wiseman, Mary  
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Keegan, Patrick   H Carfagnini Sheehan, Daniel  
    Kelly, Catherine     Keegan, Helen  
PAGE 21            
Nov 18 Harbour Grace McCarthy, John   J Cummins McCarthy, Daniel  
    Griffin, Elizabeth     McCarthy, Mary  
Nov 22 Harbour Grace Power, Edward   J Cummins Warford, Cufil (?)  
    Freeney, Anna     Freeney, Mary Agnes  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Callahan, Wm   J Cummins Pumphrey, Isaac  
    Morrissey, Mary     Foley, Mary  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Quilty, John   J Cummins Fitzgerald, John  
    Babb, Johanna     Babb, Mary  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Baldwin, James   J Cummins Whelan, Thomas  
    Whelan, Frances     Whelan, Eleanor  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Gardner, Charles   J Cummins Donnelly, Robert  
    McCormack, Mary     Cotter, Julia  
Nov 30 Harbour Grace Freyey, Peter   J Cummins Walsh, Patrick  
    Walsh, Bridget     Shea, Mary  
Dec 4 Harbour Grace Reardon, Jeremiah   J Cummins Pumphrey, Isaac  
    Benson, Charlotte     Furlong, Eleanor  
PAGE 22            
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Carter, Michael   H Carfagnini Aylward, Edward  
    Lynch, Mary     n/g  
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Connors, Michael   H Carfagnini McCarthy, J  
    Hearn, Margaret     Glestry, Julia  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Hennessy, John   H Carfagnini Fleming, Richard  
    Sheehan, Margaret     Sheehan, Anna  
Jan 31 Harbour Grace Cahill, Wm   J Cummins Murphy, James  
    Hannan, Catherine     n/g, Alicia  
Feb Harbour Grace Boath (?), Francis   D Falconio Quinn, Edward  
    Barcley, Rachel     Pendergast, Bridget  
Feb 10 Harbour Grace Croke, Thomas   D Falconio McKean, M  
    Hannan, Helen     Caulan, Mary  
May 4 Harbour Grace Hay , Michael   D Falconio Hartery, Jeremiah  
    Gorman, Catherine     Hay , Catherine  
June 26 Harbour Grace Leary, Jeremiah   D Falconio Coady, J  
    Pendergast, Catherine     Coady, Catherine  
PAGE 23            
July 3 Harbour Grace Sullivan, John   D Falconio Foley, Thomas  
    Bowderin, Johanna     Moran, Mary  
Oct 1 Harbour Grace Grubert, John   D Falconio Kennedy, Charles  
    Graham, Isabella     Graham, Mary Ann  
Nov 7 Harbour Grace Lynch, David   D Falconio Purcell, John  
    Kandy, Ellen Mary     Purcell, Luisa  
Nov 13 Harbour Grace Collins, John   D Falconio Lahey, Patrick  
    Lahey, Bridget     Lahey, Catherine  
Nov 14 Harbour Grace Shean, John   D Falconio Fleming, Richard  
    Snow, Honora     McCarthy, Mary  
Nov 15 Harbour Grace Davis, James   D Falconio Cuan (?), Timothy  
    Healy, Mary     McCarthy, Margaret  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Coughlan, Isaac   D Falconio Coughlan, Thomas  
    Payne, Ellen     Glavine, Catherine  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Malloney, Maurice   D Falconio Mulloney, James  
    Pendergast, Anna     Pendergast, Mary  
PAGE 24            
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, James   D Falconio Colbert, Robert  
    Scammel, Bridget     Scammel, Anna  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Galway, Wm   H Carfagnini Galway, Wm  
    Tobin, Anna     Combes, Susanna  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Whelan, Thomas   D Falconio Yetman, Henry  
    Burns, Margaret     Northcott, Alice  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Duggan, Thomas   D Falconio Kelly, Francis  
    Ryan, Elizabeth     Ryan, Mary Anne  
Feb 24 Harbour Grace Curteen, Arthur   D Falconio Mitchell, John A Protestant
    Fennell, Margaret     Fennell, Martha  
Feb 24 Harbour Grace Ford, John   D Falconio Brazil, James  
    Costello, Sarah     Costello, Margaret  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Hearn, James   J Cummins Gillespie, Alex  
    Murphy, Sarah     Gillespie, Julia  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Jeffery, James   D Falconio Hennebury, James  
    Coady, Margaret     Dwyer, Catherine  
PAGE 25            
Jan 10 Harbour Grace Hart, Thomas   D Falconio Fleming, Patrick  
    Coady, Mary Ann     Fogerty, Anne  
April 14 Harbour Grace O'Mara, Patrick   D Falconio Martin, Richard  
    Dormidy, Elizabeth     Snow, Elizabeth  
April 30 Harbour Grace Fleming, Richard   Wm Veitch Fahey, Tobias  
    Sheehan, Anna Marie     Kelly, Mary Ann  
May 7 Harbour Grace Dearin, John Joseph   H Carfagnini Green, Joseph  
    Ryan, Mary     Flynn, Ellen  
May 22 Harbour Grace Donahue, Daniel   M Hanley Falconio, D  
    Grandfield, Bridget     Donahoe, Mary  
May 28 Harbour Grace Hayes, John   D Falconio Hayes, Vincent  
    Smallcombe, Anna     Gardner, Mary Anne  
June 2 Harbour Grace Lehey, John   D Falconio Moriarity, James  
    Shea, Johanna     Shea, Ellen  
June 5 Harbour Grace McGrath, James   D Falconio McGrath, Wm  
    Noseworthy, Lavina     Shaugue, Ellen  
PAGE 26            
June 8 Harbour Grace Northcott, Abraham   D Falconio Northcott, John  
    Allen, Mary     Wiseman, Mary  
June 9 Harbour Grace Leary, Thomas   D Falconio Grandfield Andrew  
    Allen, Elizabeth     Leary, Honora  
June 8 Harbour Grace Wadden, Peter   D Falconio Wadden, Timothy  
    Foley, Mary     Walsh, Mary  
June 8 Harbour Grace Hunt, John   D Falconio Hunt, Philip  
    Dalton, Eliza     Leary, Bridget  
July 25 Harbour Grace Hepelton, Barthomolew   D Falconio Smallcombe, John  
    Walsh, Mary     Gilespie, Julia  
July 29 Harbour Grace Eachcombe, John   D Falconio Walsh, Wm  
    Russell, Bridget     n/g  
Aug 7 Harbour Grace Hennessy, David   D Falconio Shelmadine, John  
    Shelmadine, Julia Ann     Cullen, Frances  
Aug 21 Harbour Grace Reddel, John   D Falconio Hartery, John  
    Gray, Mary Ann     Gray, Mary  
PAGE 27            
Aug 26 Harbour Grace Purcell, James   D Falconio Purcell, Peter  
    Perry, Louise     Bowe, Bridget  
Sept 2 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Simon   D Falconio Mackay, Joseph  
    Hartery, Martha     Downey, Eliza  
Sept 18 Harbour Grace Barry, John   D Falconio McKenna, Wm  
    McQuillan, Elizabeth     Queen (?), Eliza  
Oct 10 Harbour Grace Helyard, James   D Falconio Kilfoy, Wm  
    Kilfoy, Anastasia     Sullivan, Catherine  
Oct 6 Harbour Grace Glavine, Richard   Wm Veitch Fitzgerald, John  
    Hayes, Margaret     Glavine, Catherine  
Oct 11 Harbour Grace Dwyer, Patrick Tilton Harbour H Carfagnini Branders, James  
    Brien, Bridget     Kehoe, Mary  
Nov 12 Harbour Grace Corbett, James   D Falconio Corbet, Patrick  
    Northcott, Ellen     Northcott, Alice  
Nov 17 Harbour Grace Kennedy, John   Wm Veitch Martin, Frederick  
    Hickey, Mary     Hickey, John  
PAGE 28            
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Ryan, James   Wm Veitch Coughlan, Thomas  
    Coughlan, Johanna     Ryan, Anna  
July 28 Labrador Delaney, James   Wm Veitch Whelan, Michael  
    George, Catherine Mary     Delaney, Frances  
July 28 Labrador Delaney, Daniel   Wm Veitch Delaney, James  
    Cridline, Elizabeth     Delaney, Emma  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Foley, James   D Falconio Foley, Patrick  
    Ryan, Catherine     Elco, Frances  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Sheehan, D.   D Falconio McCarthy, John  
    Kehoe, Ellen     Sheehan, Johanna  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Bowe, John   D Falconio Bowe, James  
    Sheridan, Anna     Cody, Elizabeth  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Griffin, Cornelius   D Falconio Bolan, Patrick  
    Cullen, Frances     Dooley, Ann  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Northcott, Abraham   D Falconio Northcott, Andrew  
    King, Eliza     King, Ellen  
PAGE 29            
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Butler, Wm   D Falconio Tobin, James  
    Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann     Keefe, Ellen  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Keefe, Patrick   D Falconio Harper, James  
    McCarthy, Ellen     Martin, Mary  
Jan 7 Harbour Grace Hurley, Wm   D Falconio Hurley, Daniel  
    Burns, Johanna     Snow, Mary  
Jan 7 Harbour Grace Smallcombe, Stephen   D Falconio Kelly, John  
    Glavine, Catherine     Whelan, Catherine  
Jan 8 Harbour Grace Hickey, Patrick   D Falconio Gilespie, Alexander  
    Wiseman, Mary     Snow, Honora  
Oct 20 Harbour Grace Sheehan, Thomas   D Falconio McCarthy, John  
    Shea, Mary     Shea, Johanna  
Oct 4 Harbour Grace Hart , Maurice   D Falconio Rohan, Patrick  
    Connell, Ellen     Connell, Margaret  
Oct 7 Harbour Grace Rielly, Michael   Joseph Donnelly Rielly, Philip  
    Dooly, Catherine     Moriarity, Mary  
PAGE 30            
May 26 Harbour Grace Thompson, John   D Falconio Quirk, James  
    Quirk, Anna     Quirk, Ellen  
June 3 Harbour Grace Lahey, Richard   D Falconio Lahey, John  
    Marry, Mary (?)     Walsh, Honora  
June Harbour Grace Northcott, Wm   D Falconio Sacry, John  
    Wadden, Elizabeth     St. John, Bridget  
June 7 Harbour Grace Shaughrue, James   Wm Veitch Shaughrue, Daniel  
    Britt, Ellen     Fitzgerald, Anna  
July 14 Labrador Marry, John   Wm Veitch Kennedy, Wm  
    Drake, Sarah     Duggan, Ellen  
Oct 5 Labrador McCarthy, Michael   Wm Veitch Duggan, Nicholas  
    Bradbury, Leonora     Kennedy, Anna  
Oct 5 Labrador Kennedy, Wm   Wm Veitch McGrath, John  
    Clarke, Patience     Marry, Margaret  
Oct 7 Labrador Traverse, Thomas   Wm Veitch Holloway, Wm  
    Holloway, Julia     Russell, Mary Ann  
PAGE 31            
Nov 18 Harbour Grace Green, Frederick   D Falconio Cleary, James  
    Cleary, Eliza     Jones, Frances  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Fleming, John   H Carfagnini Fleming, Michael  
    Callahan, Alice     Kent, Catherine  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Lahey, Patrick   D Falconio Haybaid (?), Edward  
    Percy, Henrietta     Haybaid (?), Mary  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Colbert, Robert   H Carfagnini Keefe, Michael  
    Fitzgerald, Eliza Placentia Bay   Fitzgerald, Bridget  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Best, Maurice Tickle Harbour H Carfagnini Best, John  
    Pike, Mary     Pike, Anna  
Nov 17 Harbour Grace Rice, Patrick   D Falconio n/g  
    McCarthy, Alice     n/g  
Jan 13 Harbour Grace Whelan, David Harbour Grace D Falconio Whelan, Wm  
    Cody, Mary Harbour Grace   Cody, Elizabeth  
Jan 19 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, James Harbour Grace D Falconio Malloney, Patrick  
    Maloney, Alice Harbour Grace   Shea, Johanna  
PAGE 32            
Jan 23 Harbour Grace Lee, David   D Falconio Microfilm image  
    Callahan, Anna     for this page is  
Jan 26 Harbour Grace Ford, Jeremiah   D Falconio cut off and  
    McCarthy, Susanna     Witness column  
Feb 3 Harbour Grace Power, Richard   D Falconio is mainly missing  
    Lions, Catherine     Information is  
Feb 9 Harbour Grace Hunt, Philip   D Falconio unreadable  
    Keough, Alice        
May 25 Harbour Grace Gray, John   D Falconio    
    Brandrick, Catherine        
May 31 Harbour Grace Yetman, Henry   D Falconio    
    Drover, Mary        
June 1 Harbour Grace Thomey, Henry   D Falconio    
    Green, Rachel        
June 3 Harbour Grace Leary, Wm   D Falconio    
    Whelan, Mary        
PAGE 33            
June 5 Harbour Grace Nox, John   D Falconio Cotter, John  
    Walsh, Honora     Kerwin, Eliza (?)  
June 14 Harbour Grace Burns, John   D Falconio Fitzgerald, John  
    Babs, Mary     Parroll, Ellen  
June 15 Harbour Grace Colbert, John   D Falconio Colbert, Joseph  
    Keefe, Mary     Farrell, Mary  
June 16 Harbour Grace Brazil, Michael   D Falconio Farrell, John  
    Fahey, Dian Mary     Brazil, Catherine  
June 16 Harbour Grace Malloney, Patrick   D Falconio Malloney, Daniel  
    Farrell, Bridget     Farrell, Mary  
June 16 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, Patrick   D Falconio Hartery, John  
    Martin, Bridget     Collins, Ellen Mary  
July 21 Harbour Grace Smith, John   D Falconio Lahey, Robert  
    Lahey, Ellen     Burke, Mary Ann  
Aug 24 Harbour Grace Dwyer, John   D Falconio Walsh, Edward  
    Queen, Margaret     Queen, Frances  
PAGE 34            
Aug 16 Harbour Grace Holloway, Wm   Joseph V. Donnelly Kennedy, Edward  
    Mahoney, Mary     Kennedy, Alice  
Sept 14 Harbour Grace Lyons, Wm   Joseph V. Donnelly Thompson, John  
    Furlong, Bridget     Hennebury, Margaret  
Oct 5 Harbour Grace Northcott, Patrick   D Falconio Jones, Wm  
    Yetman, Susanna     Norcott, Sarah  
Sept 11 Harbour Grace Lynch, James Henley Harbour H Carfagnini Break, Francis  
    Kennedy, Anna     Kennedy, Anastasia  
Aug 28 Harbour Grace Demers, Philip Pied Noir H Carfagnini Well, Henry  
    Peddle, Emily     n/g Margaret  
Aug 28 Harbour Grace Healy, Henry Pied Noir H Carfagnini Neary, Thomas  
    North Mary     O'Dell, Margaret  
Sept 1 Hawi's Cove, Labrador Gold, Wm   H Carfagnini Lallard, J  
    McCarthy, Mary     McCarthy, Matilda  
Sept 1 Hawi's Cove, Labrador Bark, Patrick (?)   H Carfagnini Brien, J  
    Kenny, Ellen     Gold, Catherine  
PAGE 35            
Sept 1 Hawi's Cove, Labrador Walsh, J   H Carfagnini Austin, Edw  
    McCarthy, Elizabeth     Austin, Mary  
Nov 9 Harbour Grace Kidding, Patrick   D Falconio Whelan, John  
    Watts, Ellen     Kidding, Johanna  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Dubbin, George   D Falconio Dubbin, Nicholas  
    Hearn, Mary Ann     Hayes, Johanna  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Whelan, John   D Falconio Hayes, Vincent  
    Walsh, Mary Ann     Gardner, Mary Ann  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Fahy, Wm W. Bay D Falconio Fahey, Andrew  
    Hayden, Sarah     Hayden, Cecilia  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Whelan, Wm   D Falconio Galloway, James  
    Drover, Mary *     Burns, Bridget  
NOTE *Original page omitted any given name. Mary was penned in at a later date by a different person.
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Cronen, John   D Falconio Green, Frederick  
    Stapleton, Anna     Green, Eliza  
Jan 9, 1876 Harbour Grace Hearn, James   D Falconio Walsh, Michael  
    Walsh, Margaret     Fleming, Ellen  
PAGE 36            
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Galloway, John   D Falconio Galloway, Wm  
    Peddle, Johanna     Reynolds, Sarah  
Jan 16 Harbour Grace Butler, John   D Falconio Pumphrey, Daniel  
    Scanlan, Johanna     Scanlan, A  
Jan 12 Harbour Grace Ford, Daniel   D Falconio Ford, Jeremiah  
    Galloway, Susanna     Galloway, Bridget  
Jan 15 Harbour Grace Sinnott, Walter   D Falconio Walsh, Richard  
    Fitzgerald, Anna     Fitzgerald, Frances  
Jan 18 Harbour Grace Madden, Timothy   D Falconio Dobbin, George  
    Dobbin, Grace     Dobbin, Mary Ann  
Jan 22 Harbour Grace Quinn, Joseph   Stephen Flynn Fitzpatrick, John  
    Thistle, Elizabeth     Collins, Ellen Mary  
Jan 25 Harbour Grace Kehoe, John   D Falconio Purcell, Richard  
    Purcell, Julia     Purcell, Mary  
Jan 25 Harbour Grace Bow, Thomas   D Falconio McCarthy, Cody  
    McCarthy, Mary     McCarthy, Anna  
PAGE 37            
Jan 27 Harbour Grace McGrath, Wm   Stephen Flynn Shaughrue, Bartholomew  
    Shaughrue, Ellen     Lynch, Mary  
Jan 27 Harbour Grace McCarthy, Charles   Stephen Flynn Keefe, Thomas  
    Keefe, Anastasia     Dalton, Elizabeth  
Feb 3 Harbour Grace Donnelly, Robert   D Falconio Cody, Michael  
    Cody, Catherine     Keefe, Mary  
April 24 Harbour Grace Fitzgerald, David   D Falconio Colbert, Robert  
    Smallcombe, Mary     Rielly, Honora  
May 4 Harbour Grace Boon, John   D Falconio n/g He was a Protestant
    Emerson, Eva St. John's   n/g  
May 22 Harbour Grace Quinn, Edward   D Falconio Murry, Matilda  
    Butt, Elizabeth     Walsh, Wm  
May 24 Harbour Grace Strapp, John   D Falconio Murphy, John  
    Furlong, Ellen     Furlong, Agnes  
May 27 Harbour Grace Gosse, Thomas   D Falconio Ryan, Matthew  
    Keefe, Mary     Pumphrey, Julia  
PAGE 38            
June 6 Harbour Grace Nox, Robert   D Falconio Tobin, John  
    McCarthy, Mary     Fogarty, Anna  
June 6 Harbour Grace Foley, Thomas   D Falconio McCarthy, Edward  
    Collins, Margaret     Collins, Ellen  
Sept 12 Harbour Grace Hartery, John   Stephen Flynn Walsh, Edward  
    Keefe, Mary     Keefe, Alice  
Nov 4 Harbour Grace Hampton, James   D Falconio Watts, Arthur  
    Ryan, Helen     Ryan, Mary Ann  
Nov 14 Harbour Grace Best, John   D Falconio Lynch, Joseph  
    Lynch, Helen     McCarthy, Catherine  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Lynch, Joseph   Stephen Lynch Lynch, Thomas  
    Peddle, Johanna     Lynch, Sarah  
Nov 19 Harbour Grace Rothe, A   Stephen Lynch Walsh, Daniel  
    Walsh, Anna     Walsh, Catherine  
Nov 23 Harbour Grace Roach, J   D Falconio Witten, George  
    Hyns, Cecilia     Gleason, Margaret  
PAGE 39            
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Burn, James   H Carfagnini Burn, Wm  
    McCarthy, Anna     McCarthy, Emma  
Nov 28 Harbour Grace Hunt, John   D Falconio Hunt, Edward  
    Butler, Eliza     Butler, Helen  
Dec 1 Harbour Grace Delaney, Wm   D Falconio Noel, Robert  
    Duggan, Anastasia     Connell, Frances  
Dec 2 Harbour Grace Moore, James   D Falconio Walsh, Patrick  
    Mackey, Johanna     Murphy, Bridget  
Dec 2 Harbour Grace Ryan, Augustine   D Falconio Lockyer, Richard  
    Colbert, Johanna     Fleming, Mary Ann  
Jan 2 Harbour Grace Scott, Nicholas   D Falconio Scott, Timothy  
    Delaney, Mary     Moriarity, Mary  
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Slade, Wm   D Falconio Hautle, (?) Bartholomew  
    McCarthy, Bridget     Ryan, Mary  
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Duggan, Michael   D Falconio Hickey, Richard  
    Hearn, Johanna     Gilispie, Julia  
PAGE 40            
Jan 11 Harbour Grace Harper, Michael   D Falconio Pumphrey, David  
    Benson, Mary     Pumphrey, Bridget  
Jan 13 Harbour Grace Griffin, James   D Falconio Scanlan, Patrick  
    O'Neil, Margaret     Fitzgerald, Frances  
Jan 18 Harbour Grace Gallway, Wm   H Carfagnini Galloway, J  
    Whelan, Mary Ann     Whelan, Julia  
Feb 8 Harbour Grace Frainy, Richard   D Falconio n/g  
    Dobbin, Ellen     Frainy, Susanna  
Feb 13 Harbour Grace Walsh, Patrick   D Falconio Walsh, Michael  
    Butler, Mary     Walsh, Ellen  
June 2 Harbour Grace Coombs, John   D Falconio Burns, Wm  
    Griffin, Johanna     Gorman, Frances  
June 4 Harbour Grace Martin, Richard   D Falconio Snow, Edward  
    Snow, Susanna     Sheehan, Honora  
June 9 Harbour Grace Glavine, Edward   D Falconio Fitzpatrick, Daniel  
    Dunn, Margaret     Butt, Margaret  
PAGE 41            
June 9 Harbour Grace Hayliard, Edward   D Falconio Whelan, James  
    Whelan, Margaret     Hayliard, Mary  
June 7 Harbour Grace Walsh, Patrick Tickle Harbour D Mc Innes Lynch, Thomas  
    Pike, Anna     Lynch, Sarah  
Sept 19 Harbour Grace Brazil, Thomas   D Falconio Callahan, John  
    Peddle, Mary     Brazil, Catherine  
Sept 27 Harbour Grace Ellis, Robert   D Falconio Flynn, D He was Anglican
    Callahan, Helen     n/g  
Oct 28 Harbour Grace Tobin, James   H Carfagnini Tobin, Michael  
    Candler, Mary     Hanrahan, Mary  
Oct 18 Harbour Grace Maddick, John Bettis Cove H Carfagnini Hafferd, John  
    Pickett, Margaret     Dwyer, Bridget  
Sept 7 Labrador Hayes, Michael   Stephen Flynn Scanlan, Michael  
    Griffin, Mary     Chandler, Margaret  
Nov 10 Harbour Grace Brazil, John Spaniard's Bay D Mc Innes Peddle, John  
    Lynch, Honora South Dildo   Shea, Eliza  
PAGE 42            
Nov 11 Harbour Grace Smallcombe, Thomas   D Falconio Kelly, John  
    Britt, Margaret     Butt, Mary  
Nov 21 Harbour Grace Hayes, D   D Falconio McDonald, A  
    Shea, Johanna     Shea, Margaret  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Hickey, Michael   D Falconio Shea, John  
    Shea, Frances     Coady, Christina  
Nov 24 Harbour Grace Butler, D   D Falconio Hayden, Richard  
    Whelan, Bridget     McDonald, Johanna  
Nov 25 Harbour Grace Walsh, Wm   D Falconio Connell, John  
    Murphy, Anna     Murphy, Catherine  
Nov 26 Harbour Grace Flynn, Thomas   D Falconio Corbin, James  
    Flynn, Lucy     Brien, Mary  
Nov 27 Harbour Grace Ryan, Edward   D Falconio Ryan, Wm  
    Martin, Louse (sic)     Butler, Ellen  
Nov 29 Harbour Grace Rogers, James   D Falconio Leary, Michael  
    Clancy, Mary     Drake, Margaret  

Transcribed by Don Tate (2013)

Page Last Modified: Friday December 20, 2013
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