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Vital Statistics, Volume 33
Harbour Main District


Church of England

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels

Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place Groom'sName / Bride's Name Age Sta Occupation Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 1                
Nov 29. 1877 Hopewell Richard Dawe None B None Hopewell Edward Colley Noah Dawe
    Abigail Dawe Given S Given Hopewell   Patience Warford
April 22, 1878 Hopewell Caleb Morgan   B   Port de Grave Edward Colley John Kelly
    Dinah Kelly   W   Lance Cove   Fanny Kelly
Nov 28, 1878 Hopewell Joseph Morgan   B   Seal Cove Edward Colley Henry Lear
    Grace Lear   S   Seal Cove   Abraham Lear
Dec 5, 1878 Hopewell Noah Daw   B   Hopewell Edward Colley William Warford
    Ann Morgan   S   Hopewell   Charles Morgan
Jan 8, 1879 Hopewell John Tilley   W   Kelligrews Edward Colley Josepoh Scott
    Elizabeth Welsh   W   Lance Cove   Joseph Tilley
April 28, 1879 Hopewell Ambrose Daw   B   Kelligrews Edward Colley Isaac Morgan
    Jane Dawe   S   Lower Gullies   John Daw
May 7, 1879 Hopewell Nicholas Daw   B   Kelligrews Edward Colley Elizabeth Le Droe (?)
    Selina Hibbs   S   Lower Gullies   Joseph Hibbs
Dec 2, 1879 Hopewell Solomon Morgan   B   Seal Cove Edward Colley John Kelly
    Mary Ann Porter   S   No Entry   George Morgan
PAGE 2                
May 15, 1880 Hopewell George Morgan   W   Seal Cove Edward Colley William Warford
    Naomi Warford   S   Hopewell   Samuel Daw
Dec 13, 1880 Hopewell Isaac Warfored 23 B   Hopewell Edward Colley William Warford
    Margaret Morgan 24 S   Hopewell   Noah Daw
Dec 12, 1880 Hopewell Isaac Daw   W   Hopewell Edward Colley Samuel Scott
    Mary Ann Morgan   S   Upper Gulley   Mary Jane Scott
Dec 30, 1880 Hopewell William Morgan   B   The Valley Edward Colley Robert Coverduck (sic)
    Emily Warford   S   Hopewell   Henry Morgan
Dec 21, 1880 Hopewell Eli Taylor   B   Middle Bight Edward Colley Rebecca Daw
    Emily Morgan   S   Seal Cove   Charles Butten (?)
April 10, 1880 Hopewell William Morgan 23 B   Hopewell Edward Colley Benjamin Scott
    Selina Scott   W   Upper Gulley   Charles Morgan
April 23, 1884 Hopewell Charles Dawe 27 B   Port de Grave Edward Colley Garland Andrews
    Rebecca Coates 21 S   Upper Gulley   Susan Warford
Nov 19, 1884 Hopewell William Butler   B   Foxtrap Edward Colley John Morgan
    Elizabeth Porter   S   Hopewell   Selina Porter
PAGE 3                
Nov 27, 1884 Hopewell Jacob Fagan   B   Middle Bigh Edward Colley Garland Andrews
    Emma Andrews   S   Upper Gully   Peter Fagan
Dec 15, 1881 Hopewell Joseph Morgan   W   Indian Pond Edward Colley Edward Morgan
    Victoria Bishop   S   Hibbs Hole   William Morgan
Nov 2, 1882 Hopewell William Warford   B   Hopewell Edward Colley Job Coates
    Susannah Coates   S   Upper Gully   Rebecca Coates
Dec 2, 1882 Hopewell Richrd Morgan   B   Port de Grave Edward Colley Jacob Warford
    Emily Morgan   W   The Valley   Eliza Jane Andrews
Jan 20,1885 Hopewell Abraham Morgan   B   Seal Cove Edward Colley William James LeDrew
    Eliza Jane Andrews   S   Upper Gully   Elizabeth Le Drew
Oct20, 1885 Hopewell John Anderson   n/g   Wenersborg, Sweden Edward Colley John Morgan
    Patience Morgan   S   The Valley   Abraham Morgan
Dec9, 1886 Hopewell Bernard Jeans (?)   W   Long Pond Edward Colley Henry Porter
    Annie Porter 23 S   Hopewell   Elizabeth Butler
Jan 20, 1887 Hopewell John Petten 26 B   Fox Trap Edward Colley George Kelly
    Jane kelly 22 S   Lance Cove   John Dawe
PAGE 4                
Dec 15, 1887 Hopewell Philip Dawe 20 B   Hopewell Edward Colley William Morgan
    Emella Morgan 17 S   Upper Gully   Sanuel Scott
May 8, 1888 Hopewell John Warford 60 W   Hopewell Edward Colley John Morgan
    Susanna Batten 39 S   Bareneed   Rebecca Jane Batten
Dec 4, 1890 Hopewell Charles Morgan 42 W   Hopewell Edward Colley Susannah Porter
    Susannah Porter 36 S   Hopewell   George Porter
Feb 14, 1889 Hopewell William Harvey 27 B   Seal Cove Edward Colley Henry Morgan
    Patience Anderson No Entry W   Seal Cove   William Kelly
Feb 14, 1889 Hopewell John Morgan 25 B   Seal Cove Edward Colley Joseph Morgan
    Susanna Dawe 20 S   Seal Cove   Elizabeth Morgan
Jan 1, 1891 Hopewell John Warford 26 n/g   Hopewell E K H Caldwell Abraham Warford
    Jemima Dowden 20 n/g   Seal Cove   Jacob Petten
Jan 27, 1891 Hopewell Henry Badcock 22 n/g   Port de Grave E K H Caldwell Joseph Dawe
    Esther Scott 18 n/g   Upper Gullies   William Morgan
May 16, 1891 Hopewell Nathaniel Morgan 24     Seal Cove E K H Caldwell William Kelly
    Mary Ann Kelly 21     Lance Cove   William Harvey
PAGE 5                
  Hopewell Joseph Morgan 23 B   Seal Cove E K H Caldwell William Harvey
May 20, 1891   Mary Elizabeth Morgan 22 S   Seal Cove   Susanna Morgan
  Hopewell John Morgan 24 B   Upper Gullies Edward Colley Philip Dawe
Dec 3, 19891   Susanna Anthony 19 S   Seal Cove   William Morgan

Transcribed by Jill Marshall (2001)

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