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Vital Statistics, Volume 57
Bay de Verde District


Roman Catholic
Pages 1 - 15

Source: LDS Microfilm Reels

Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place Groom'sName / Bride's Name Age Sta Occupation Religion Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses Remarks
PAGE 1          
Aug 29Bay de VerdeMURPHY, Maurice27BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. G. BattcockJ. Hennessey 
  WALSH, Honora25SDomesticCatholicLow Point Anastasia Hennessey 
Sept 8Bay de VerdeMCCARTHY, Patrick25BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockWm. North 
  HUSSEN, Elizabeth25SDomesticCatholicTickle Hr. TB Honora Looney 
Oct 3Bay de VerdeRIGGS, Thomas24BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockRichard Woodrow 
  COTTER, Julia22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Jane Walsh 
Oct 30Bay de VerdeWOODROW, Daniel25BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockThomas Doyle 
  WHALEN, Mary A23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Margaret Woodrow 
Oct 30Bay de VerdeKEEFE, John21BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockJohn McCarthy 
  ENGLISH, Mary20SDomesticCatholicOchre Pit Cove Elizabeth Keefe 
Nov 21Bay de VerdeBURKE, John22BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. G. BattcockBernard Martin 
  BRODERICK, Teresa20SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Elizabeth Broderick 
Nov 22Bay de VerdePOWER, John24BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. G. BattcockJohn Hennessey 
  LOONEY, Honora24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Catherine Power 
PAGE 2          
May 15Bay de VerdeDOYLE, Thomas29BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockMoses Broderick 
  WOODROW, Mary27SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Margaret Woodrow 
Nov 8Bay de VerdeJOHNSTON, Robert25BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. G. BattcockWilliam Burke 
  BRODERIK, Catherine21SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Mary Benson 
Nov 22Bay de VerdeHOWARD, John28BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. G. BattcockRobert Howard 
  HYDE, Margaret27SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Alice Hyde 
PAGE 3          
Jan 4Bay de VerdeTURNER, John30BFishermanCatholicSt. BrendansRev. G. BattcockMichael O'Neil 
  O'NEIL, Julia28SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
May 16Bay de VerdeFLYNN, John25BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockJames Flynn 
  BRADY, Anne23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Catherine Hyde 
May 24Bay de VerdeWALSH, Thomas24BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. G. BattcockMaurice Hennessey 
  HENNESSEY, Catherine21SDomesticCatholicLow Point Susanna Looney 
Nov 14Bay de VerdeDUGGAN, Daniel28BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. G. BattcockBernard Martin 
  SHAW, Teresa28SDomesticCatholicHeart's Ease Mary J. Duggan 
Nov 21Bay de VerdeOLIVER,William23BFishermanCatholicGull IslandRev. G. BattcockJoseph Woodfine 
  HATCH, Mary20SDomesticCatholicRed Hd Cove Catherine Hogan 
Nov 26Bay de VerdeNORTH, Andrew26BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockWm. North 
  WALSH, Mary J.24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
Nov 27Bay de VerdeWALSH, Peter22BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockMichael Hyde 
  HYDE, Catherine22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Alice Hyde 
Nov 27Bay de VerdeFLEMING, Richard29BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockMichael Fleming 
  BUTT, Mary25SDomesticCatholicGull Island Mary Moore 
PAGE 4          
Nov 28Bay de VerdePOWER, James26BFishermanCatholicCaplin CoveRev. G. BattcockRichard English 
  ENGLISH, Mary22WDomesticCatholicOchre Pit Cove Mary Power 
Dec 2Bay de VerdeMULLALLY, William28BFishermanCatholicNorthern BayRev. G. BattcockThomas Mullally 
  BRODERICK, Sarah24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Margaret Woodrow 
PAGE 5          
Jan 7Bay de VerdeKELLY, Patrick25BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. G. BattcockPatrick Martin 
  HOWARD, Margaret22SDomesticCatholicDaniel's Cove Sarah Howard 
Feb 6Bay de VerdeCOTTER, John27BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. G. BattcockEdward Walsh 
  TRAVERS, Bridget24SDomesticCatholicSmall Point Mary Cotter 
June 3Bay de VerdeHATCH, John26BFishermanCatholicRed Hd Hatch?Rev. J.V. DonnellyDaniel McCarthy 
  MILLER, Matilda23SDomesticCatholicOld Perlican Sarah Miller 
Nov 5Bay de VerdeLOONEY, Timothy30BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Colbert 
  QUINLAN, Anastasia29SDomesticCatholicRed Hd Cove Catherine Hatch 
Nov 21Bay de VerdeCOLLINS, James24BFishermanCatholicSt. JohnsRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Moore 
  MOORE, Nellie21SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
Nov 25Bay de VerdeHURLEY, John23BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyNat. Flynn 
  FLYNN, Anne24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Bridget Woodrow 
Nov 26Bay de VerdeFLYNN, Nathaniel26BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Walsh 
  WOODROW, Margaret22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
Nov 26Bay de VerdeHATCH, William28BFishermanCatholicRed Hd CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyWilliam Hatch 
  RICE, Ellen27SDomesticCatholicRed Hd Cove Julia Hatch 
PAGE 6          
Nov 30Bay de VerdeKELLY, John30BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Martin 
  MARTIN, Mary27SDomesticCatholicGrate's Cove Mary Martin 
PAGE 7          
Jan 7Bay de VerdeWALSH, William26BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyMichael Hyde 
  HYDE, Alice24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Margaret Walsh 
May 10Bay de VerdeMOORE, Edward21BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyWilliam North 
  BLUNDON, Catherine21SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Anastasia Hogan 
June 1Bay de VerdeHENNESSEY, John25BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J.V. DonnellyPeter Ryall 
  RYALL, Susan22SDomesticCatholicRed Lands Anastasia Hennessey 
Oct 4Bay de VerdeWALSH, John27BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyEdward Walsh 
  BUTT, Anne22SDomesticCatholicSt. Johns Margaret Walsh 
Nov 26Bay de VerdeHENNESSEY, Maurice25BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J.V. DonnellyPatrick Hennessey 
  LOONEY, Susanna23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Anastasia Hennessey 
Nov 27Bay de VerdeBRADY, John26BFishermanCatholicRed Hd CoveRev. J. RoeDaniel McCarthy 
  WALSH, Anne24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Ellen Hatch 
Nov 28Bay de VerdeHYDE, Michael24BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J. RoePatrick Keyes 
  POWER, Mary21SDomesticCatholicCaplin Cove Ellen Noonan 
PAGE 8          
Oct 25Bay de VerdePOWER, William28BFishermanCatholicCaplin CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyPatrick Keyes 
  KEYES, Ellen25SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Susan Keyes 
Nov 28Bay de VerdeBRIEN, James22BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J. RoeMaurice Hennessey 
  LOONEY, Mary23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Bridget Woodrow 
Dec 24Bay de VerdeHOWARD, Robert25BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. J. RoeJohn Kelly 
  KELLY, Bridget21SDomesticCatholicDaniel's Cove Sarah Howard 
PAGE 9          
May 23Bay de VerdeMARCH, James25BFishermanCatholicCaplin CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Moore 
  MOORE, Agnes23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
July 1Bay de VerdeMOORE, Andrew24BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J.V. DonnellyJames Moore 
  NOONAN, Catherine21SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Anastasia Hogan 
Nov 21Bay de VerdeMOORE, Daniel28BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Moore 
  BLUNDON, Mary26SDomesticCatholicDaniel's Cove Rose Moore 
PAGE 10          
Jan 8Bay de VerdeNORTH, William26BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyDenis Noonan 
  MURPHY, Anastasia23WDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Teresa O'Neil 
July 22Bay de VerdeKAVANAGH, James25BFishermanCatholicOld PerlicanRev. J.V. DonnellyEdward Miller 
  QUINLAN, Alice21SDomesticCatholicRed Hd. Cove Elizabeth Kavanagh 
Nov 1Bay de VerdeBURKE, William29BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyRichard Burke 
  PIERCEY, Jane27SDomesticCatholicNorthern Bay Bridget Elmore 
Nov 1Bay de VerdeHYDE, Patrick24BFishermanCatholicRed Hd. CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyWilliam Hatch 
  REID, Mary23SDomesticCatholicHeart's Ease Alice Hyde 
Nov 1Bay de VerdeMURPHY, James25BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyMichael Fleming 
  FLEMING, Mary22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Moore 
PAGE 11          
Jan 7Bay de VerdeRICE, William26BFishermanCatholicRed Hd. CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Hatch 
  COTTER, Julia24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Rice 
Jan 8Bay de VerdeHATCH, William29BFishermanCatholicRed Hd. CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyPatrick Hatch 
  HYDE, Johanna25SDomesticCatholicRed Hd. Cove Bridget Hyde 
Nov 17Bay de VerdeHATCH, Patrick24BFishermanCatholicRed Hd. CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Hatch 
  BUTLER, Margaret22SDomesticCatholicMosquito Julia Hatch 
PAGE 12          
Jan 3Bay de VerdeLEONARD, Thomas28BFishermanCatholicBritish Hr. TBRev. J.V. DonnellyPatk. Walsh 
  SULLIVAN, Ellen24SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Elizabeth Sullivan 
Aug 31Bay de VerdeHANRAHAN, John25BLaborerCatholicSt. JohnsRev. James F. RyanJohn Hennessey 
  HENNESSEY, Anastasia23SDomesticCatholicLow Point Susan Hennessey 
Oct 20Bay de VerdePOWER, Peter27BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Power 
  MCNAMARA, Margaret24SDomesticCatholicLow Point Susan Hennessey 
Nov 5Bay de VerdeDOYLE, John25BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyMoses Broaders 
  WHELAN, Mary22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Alice Sullivan 
Nov 15Bay de VerdeWALSH, Patrick21BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJames Walsh 
  SULLIVAN, Elizabeth21SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Margaret Walsh 
Nov 18Bay de VerdeMEANEY, James23BFishermanCatholicBaccalieuRev. J.V. DonnellyIgnatius Fowler 
  FOWLER, Catherine21SDomesticCatholicTrinity Mary Ryan 
Nov 29Bay de VerdeMCCARTHY, John24BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Broaders 
  LEONARD, Sarah23SDomesticCatholicBritish Hr. TB Bridget North 
PAGE 13          
Jan 8Bay de VerdeFAHEY, John24BFishermanCatholicNorthern BayRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Sullivan 
  SULLIVAN, Johanna23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Whalen 
Jan 8Bay de VerdeHATCH, John26BLaborerCatholicRed Hd. CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyPeter Rice 
  RICE, Mary22SDomesticCatholicRed Hd. Cove Mary Hatch 
Jan 12Bay de VerdeKEYES, Edward21BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyMichael Cotter 
  COTTER, Mary20SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Susan Keyes 
Jan 27Bay de VerdeHOGAN, Thomas26BFishermanCatholicNorthern BayRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Johnston 
  WALSH, Margaret22SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Walsh 
May 3Bay de VerdeDUGGAN, Peter30BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyPatrick Duggan 
  BRODERICK, Margaret25SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Anastasia Elmore 
May 6Bay de VerdeHOWARD, William26BFishermanCatholicDaniel's CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyTerence Howard 
  POWER, Elizabeth22SDomesticCatholicLow Point Sarah J. Howard 
May 7Bay de VerdeHENNESSEY, Patrick24BFishermanCatholicLow PointRev. J.V. DonnellyMichael Dee 
  WOODROW, Bridget21SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Anastasia Hogan 
Nov 20Bay de VerdeBURKE, Richard27BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyThomas Johnston 
  DOYLE, Elizabeth26SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Margaret Doyle 
PAGE 14          
Nov 24Bay de VerdeDUGGAN, Patrick23BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyHenry T. Norris 
  DOYLE, Margaret21SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Elizabeth Burke 
PAGE 15          
Jan 6Bay de VerdeKEYES, Michael24BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJohn Noonan 
  BURKE, Anastasia23SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Mary Keyes 
Jan 9Bay de VerdeWALSH, Thomas26BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyPatrick Keyes 
  KEYES, Susanna23SDomesticCatholicBay de Verde Mary Walsh 
June 8Bay de VerdeNORRIS, Henry T25BFishermanCatholicGrates CoveRev. J.V. DonnellyMoses Doyle 
  DUGGAN, Anastasia23SDomesticCatholicGrates Cove Mary Duggan 
Nov 25Bay de VerdeCOTTER, Michael24BFishermanCatholicBay de VerdeRev. J.V. DonnellyJoseph Walsh 
  CONWAY, Frances21SDomesticCatholicTurks Cove Julia Cotter 

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (2013)

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