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Vital Statistics, Volume 1
Pages 2, 20, 51, 52 & 92
Bay de Verde District


Source: LDS Microfilm Reels

Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Marriage Date Marriage Place Surname Groom'sName / Bride's Name Age Sta Occupation Religion Residence at Time of Marriage By Whom Married Witnesses
PAGE 2                    
May 16 Brigus C B CONNELLY John n/a B Fisherman RC Brigus C B Rev E F Walsh V. G. Patrick Dermody
    ABBOTT Ann n/a S   RC Springfield   Mary Janes
June 11 Bay Roberts O'KEEFE Patrick n/a n/g n/g RC Harbor Grace Rev E F Walsh V. G. Bernard O'Keefe
    FRENCH Julia n/a S   RC Bay Roberts   Jane French
June 11 Brigus C B NORMAN Augustus n/a n/a Fisherman Meth Brigus Rev Henry Lewis Jacobs Roberts
Munden Clark
    ROSE Susie n/a n/a   Meth Brigus   John Casady
June 14 Ship cove DAWE William George 35 W Fisherman CE Dollan's Hole Rev T G Metten (?) Jacob Roberts
Rachel Taylor
    MORGAN Susanna 26 S   n/g n/g   John T Ridout
May 8 Bay Roberts PARSONS Abraham 28 n/a Fisherman CE Bay Roberts Rev Wm C Shears Nathaniel Parsons
    MERCER Annie 22 n/a Domestic Servant CE Bay Roberts   Henry Mercr
June 7 Bay Roberts BUTLER James 30 n/a Fishermen CE Bay Roberts Rev Wm C Shears Samuel Hillyer
    BARRETT Roseanna 25 n/a   CE Bay Roberts   Elizabeth Russell
May 10 Ochre Pit Cove PERRY Noah 34 W Fisherman Meth Western Bay Rev Hy C Hatcher Jane Benson
    PENNELL Miriam 27 W   Meth Ochre Pit Cove   John J Perry
May 18 Western Bay WHELAN Jethro 23 B Fisherman Meth Western Bay Rev Hy C Hatcher Solomon Kennedy
    CROWLEY Julia Ann 20 S   Meth Western Bay   Phebe Kennedy
May 29 Western Bay HALFYARD Richard E 21 B School Teacher Meth Western Bay Rev Hy C Hatcher Eli Crummy
    GARLAND Janet (?) 19 S School Teacher Meth Island Cove   Emma Crummy
July 26 Western Bay LACEY William James 24 B Fisherman Meth Mulley's Cove Rev Hy C Hatcher John Noftel
    WHALEN Amelia 25 S   Meth Bradley's Cove   Edna Noftel
June 4 Grates Cove MEADUS Wm John Campbell 21 B Fisherman CE Grates Cove Rev Frank Smart Elizabeth Meadus
Isaac Benson
    BENSON Sarah Ann 20 S   CE Grates Cove   Joseph Meadus
May 7 Black Head NOFTUS James n/a B Fisherman Meth Broad Cove North Rev J Pratt W E James (?)
    MOORES Emma Janet n/a S   Meth Blackhead   Jane Moores
May 16 Broad Cove S MOORE Stephen n/a W Fishermen Meth Mulleys Cove Rev J Pratt Archibald LeFrow (?)
    KING Margaret n/a S   Meth Broad Cove North   Elizabeth King
May 22 Broad Cove S THISTLE Matthew n/a B Fisherman Meth Mulley's Cove Rev J Pratt Emily Thistle
    REYNOLDS Harriet n/a S   Meth Broad Cove South   Sam'l Piercy
May 30 Otterbury HARVEY Richard Hayward 28 B Fisherman Meth Freshwater Rev Jabez Hill John Wm Clark
    PARSONS Elizabeth Jane 24 S Servant Meth Blow Me Down   Abigail Parsons
June 18 Freshwater PARSONS Eleazer Henry 29 B Teacher Meth Freshwater Rev Jabez Hill Frederick Golden
    PIKE Mary 21 S Dress Maker Meth Harbor GRace   Emma Pike
July 7 Salmon Cove PECKHAM Henry 55 W Fisherman Meth Salmon Cove Rev Jabez Hill George Slade
    WHALEN Frances 65 W Housekeeper Meth Harbor GRace   Mary Slade
July 13 Freshwater NICHOLL George 22 B Seaman Meth Crooking Cove Rev Jabez Hill C?? Parsons
    MOORE Patience Louisa 21 S Servant Meth Freshwater   Alice Parsons
PAGE 20                    
Sept 3 Brigus RABBITS John n/g W Fisherman Meth Brigus John Pratt Nathaniel Rabbitts
    ROBERTS Eliza n/g S   Meth Brigus   Emma Roberts
Oct 11 Brigus SNOW John 33 W Carpenter RC Brigus E F Walsh John Lamb
    ASPELL Agnes 34 S Domestic Servant RC Brigus   Ellen Aspell
Nov 28 Brigus DAWE Thomas n/a B Fisherman Meth Cupids John Pratt Wm Newell
    BARTLETT Mary n/a S   Meth Brigus   Deliah (sic) Bartlett
Dec 9 Brigus TAYLOR James John n/a W Fisherman Episcopalian Burnt Hd John Pratt Absolam Butler
    MORGAN Mary Ann n/a W   Episcopalian Burnt Hd   Elizabeth Butler
Dec 12 Brigus WELLS Henry n/a B Fisherman Episcopalian Salmon Cove John Pratt Chas Breake
    BISHOP Eliza n/a S   Episcopalian Brigus   Louisa Bartlett
Dec 17 Brigus DWYER John n/a B Fisherman Meth Cupids John Pratt Wm Hiscock
    CLARK Sophia n/a S   Meth Gulleys   Jane Emma Clark
Nov 17 Clarks Beach BATTEN Benjamin 30 B Fishermen CE Bare Need Rev Wm Goodchild John Bartlett
    BATTEN Emma 25 S Servant CE The Dock near Bare Need   Bessie Goodchild
Dec 6 Clarks Beach BARTLETT Absolam 25 B Fisherman Reformed CE Clarkes Beach Rev Wm Goodchild Nathaniel Dawe
    FARRELL Mary Anna 23 S Servant Reformed CE Clarkes Beach   Bertha Farrell
Nov 26 Ship Cove STRANGE Robert John 24 B Fisherman Meth Port de Grave Rev T G Netten Isaac Bussey
    HUSSEY Jane Emma 24 S   CE Port de Grave   Jessie Hampton
Dec 16 Ship Cove HAINES Isaac 23 B Fisherman CE Kelligrews Rev T G Netten Samuel E Haines
    BISHOP Fanny 22 S   CE Pick-Eyes   Ann Sarah Bishop
Dec 24 Ship Cove HAMPTON Jehu 25 B Fisherman CE The Dock Rev T G Netten Eli Porter
    DAWE Keziah 21 S   CE Pick-Eyes   Selina French
Dec 24 Ship Cove DAWE William 27 B Fisherman CE Ship Cove Rev T G Netten Henry D. Morgan
    PETTEN Jessie 25 S   CE Pick-Eyes   Susan J Dawe
Dec 31 Ship Cove MORGAN Wm Chas 30 B Fishermen CE Bloe Me Down Rev T G Netten Samuel Porter
    DAWE Patience 22 S   CE Hibbs Hole   Elizabeth Morgan
Nov 25 Bare Need RUSSEL Stephen 28 B Fisherman CE Coley's Point Rev T G Netten William Stevens
    STEVENS Bertha Grace 21 S   CE Bare Need   M Bursell
Dec 16 Bare Need NEWELL Abraham 30 B Fisherman CE The Dock Rev T G Netten John Sealey
    SEALY Susannah 24 S   CE Bare Need   Ann M Richards
Dec 16 Bare Need BADCOCK Nathaniel 28 B Fisherman CE Bay Roberts Rev T G Netten George Snow
    SNOW Sarah Ann 24 S   CE Bare Need   Charlotte Badcock
Jan 3, 1892 Bare Need MERCER Robert 24 B Fisherman CE Bay Roberts Rev T G Netten Thos Snow
    BARRETT Selina 21 S   CE Coley's Point   Dorcas Mercer
Jan 25, 1892 Bare Need MORGAN John 34 B Fisherman CE Salmon Cove Rev T G Netten Thos Hy Batten
    BATTEN Selina n/g S   CE Bare Need   Elizabeth Batten
PAGE 51                    
Dec 7 Brigus LUSH John 27 B Fisherman CE Turks Gut Rev R H Taylor Thos Lush
    MORGAN Mary 26 S   Meth Turks Gut   Elizabeth Morgan
Dec 9 Burnt Head NEWELL George 24 B Fisherman CE Nurnt Head Rev R H Taylor Jacob Newell
    HUSSEY Emily 18 S   CE Burnt Head   Maria Hussey
Dec 17 Brigus PLOWMAN William 27 B Fisherman CE Brigus Rev R H Taylor Chas Clarke
    CLARKE Mary 25 S   CE Brigus   Susannah Roberts
Dec 22 Burnt Head LeDROW Solomon 26 B Fisherman Meth Cupids Rev R H Taylor John Bishop
    BISHOP Eliza 23 S   CE Burnt Head   Aggi LeDrow
Dec 27 Brigus WHELAN William 25 B Fishermen Meth Cupids Rev R H Taylor Wm Gushue
    GUSHUE Mary Emma 22 S   CE Brigus   Jno smith
Dec 31 Burnt Head MORGAN Samuel 29 B Fisherman CE Burnt Head Rev R H Taylor Jas Morgan
    MORGAN Mary 26 S   CE Burnt Head   Julia Morgan
Dec 31 Burnt Head RICH William 38 B Fisherman CE Salmon Cove Rev R H Taylor Wm Taylor Bishop
    TAYLOR Dinah 35 S   CE Burnt Head   Wm Hussey
Jan 6, 1892 Burnt Head LeDROW Hy Thos 26 B Fisherman Meth Cupids Rev R H Taylor John Bishop
    X (sic) Agnes 22 S   CE Burnt Head   Bertha Bartlett
Nov 21 Brigus FOWLER Wm 27 B Fisherman RC Goulds Rd Rev E F Walsh Francis Fowler
    LANE Ellen 24 S   RC Goulds   Agnes Fowloer
Nov 26 Brigus DELANEY William 28 B Fisherman RC Bay Roberts Rev E F Walsh Jno Delaney
    MORRISEY Bridget 26 S   RC North River   Moses Fleming
Nov 28 Brigus LANE Henry 27 B Fisherman RC Goulds Rev E F Walsh William Lane
    WALSH Joanna 24 S   RC Cupids   Bridget Walsh
Jan 6, 1892 North River WHITE William 32 B Fisherman RC Brigus Gullies Rev J Murphy Michael Aspell
    MAHONEY Honora 21 S   RC North River   Bridget Mahoney
Jan 6, 1892 Brigus HAYES Thomas 27 B Fisherman RC Log Marsh Rev J Murphy Wm Hayes
    WHELAN Ann Maria 23 S   RC Goulds Rd   Jane Whelan
Jan 6, 1892 Brigus CONNOLLY Michael 29 B Fisherman RC Goulds Rd Rev J Murphy Wm Connolly
    WHELAN Jane 25 S   RC Goulds Rd   Catherine Lane
Jan 6, 1892 Brigus BARRETT James 27 B Fishermen RC Cupids Rev J Murphy Thomas Fowler
    KING Ellen 26 S   RC South River   Hannah King
Nov 7 Cupids WHELAN Joseph 27 B Fisherman Meth Bradley's Cove Rev J Pincock Robt Bennett
    BUSSEY Lavinia 22 S   Meth Cupids   Lucy Bennett
Nov 20 Cupids MUGFORD James 22 B Fisherman Meth Clarkes Beach Rev J Pincock Jno Hussey
    MARTIN Miriam 25 S   Meth Clarkes Beach   Mary Hussey
Nov 21 Clarkes Beach MORGAN Thomas 32 B Fisherman CE Port de Grave Rev J Pincock Albert Newell
    KINSELLA Elizabeth 26 S   Meth Clarkes Beach   Emily Newell
PAGE 52                    
Dec 3 Clarkes Beach RALPH William 27 B Fisherman Meth Clarkes Beach Rev J Pincock Thos Ralph
    SNOW Emily 22 S   Meth Clarkes Beach   Annie Ralph
Dec 8 Cupids DAWE Henry 22 B Fisherman Meth Cupids Rev J Pincock Jno Rowe
    ROWE Driscilla (sic) 25 S   Meth Cupids   Eliza Rowe
Dec 9 Cupids LeDREW Willia 32 B Schooner Master Meth Cupids Rev J Pincock John Norman
    NORMAN Mary Grace 26 S   Meth Cupids   Eliza Norman
Dec 15 Salmon Cove RYALL George 25 W Ship's Cook Meth Heart's Content Rev J Pincock Wm Bussey
    COVEYDUCK Emily 20 S   Meth Salmon Cove   Mary Coveyduck
Dec 20 Cupids BARTLETT James 27 B Fisherman Meth Brigus Rev J Pincock Joseph Bartlett
    WHELAN Elizabeth 18 S   Meth Cupids   Anna Whelan
Dec 23 Cupids MARTIN John 24 B Fisherman CE Burnt Head Rev J Pincock Saml Dawe
    DAWE Agnes 21 S   Meth Cupids   Susie Roberts
Dec 24 Cupids SEELEY William 22 B Fisherman Meth Bareneed Rev J Pincock Alex Serrick
    SERRICK Sarah 31 S   Meth Cupids   Lily Serrick
Dec 24 Clarkes Beach SNOW Albert 24 B Fisherman Meth Clarkes Beach Rev J Pincock Hy Thos Snow
    SEAWARD Bridget 32 S   Meth Clarkes Beach   Jenie C Butler
Dec 26 Cupids BISHOP George 26 B Fisherman CE Cupids SS Rev J Pincock Samuel Wells
    WELLS Sarah 24 S   Meth Cupids SS   Annie Serrick
Dec 30 Cupids RUSSEL Jas 26 B Fisherman Meth Bay Roberts Rev J Pincock Wm Dawe
    ROWE Eliza 23 S   Meth Cupids   Jessie Russel
Dec 31 Cupids Rip Rap ADAMS John 35 B Fisherman CE Salmon Cove Rev J Pincock Wm Noseworthy
    NOSEWORTHY Elizabeth 30 S   Meth Rip Rap   Bertha Noseworthy
Jan 15, 1892 Cupids WHELAN Caleb 30 B Fisherman Meth Cupids Rev J Pincock Saml Ford
    FORD Priscilla 24 S   Meth Cupids   Ellen Russel
Jan 27, 1892 Cupids RALPH John 24 B Fishermen Meth Clarkes Beach Rev J Pincock Jacob Butler
    BUTLER Elizabeth 23 S   Meth Cupids   Mary A, Hussey
Dec 9 Salmon Cove Church BATTEN John 26 B Fisherman CE Bareneed Rev J Darrel Emma Richards
    BATTEN Mary Emma 25 S   CE Bareneed   Isaac Richards
Dec 10 Salmon Cove Church TAYLOR Jacob 31 B Fisherman CE Burnt Head Rev J Darrel Mary GRace Saunders
    MUGFORD Rachel 25 S   CE Juniper Stump   James Taylor
Dec 24 North River Church EFFORD Wm John 23 B Fisherman CE North River Rev J Darrel Wm Frost
Hy Dawe
    FROST Emily 22 S   CE North River   Elizabeth Stevens
Mar 3 Salt Cove Church COVEYDUCK Joseph 63 W Planter CE Salmon Cove Rev J Darrel Nathan Hussey
    READ Jane 60 W   CE Brigus   Anna Jeans
n/g Salmon Cove NOSEWOTHY Jonathan 26 B Fisherman Weslayan Cupids Rev J Darrel Thomas Noseworthy
Elizabeth Rhodes
    n/g Julia 21 S   CE Salmon Cove   Tryphina Noseworthy
PAGE 92                    
Jan 28 Clarkes Beach DAWE Nathaniel 23 B Fisherman Meth Clarkes Beach Rev Wm Goodchild Absolom Bartlett
    FARRELL Bertha 21 S Servant Reformed Church of England Clarkes Beach   Mary Ann Bartlett
Feb 6 Gullies Brigus KELLY John 27 B Fishermen Meth Bull Cove Rev J Pratt Thomas Kelly
    ROBERTS Mary Grace 21 S   Meth Gulleys   Lilian Mary Roberts
Feb 14 Cupids STEPHENS John 24 B Cab Driver CE Brigus Rev J Pincock Chesley L Drew
    Le DREW Naomi 20 S   Meth Cupids   Mary Ann Webber
Feb 3 Bay Roberts PARSONS Abrham 23 B Fisherman CE Coleys Point Bay Roberts Rev William C Shears Eli Mercer
    MERCER Fanny 22 S   CE Bay Roberts   Prudence Mercer
Feb 3 Spaniards Bay Pond BROWN Thomas 30 B Fisherman CE Bay Roberts Rev William C Shears Albert Brown
    HOLMES Julia 20 S   CE Spaniards Bay Pond   John Brown

Transcribed by Don Tate (2013)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday December 10, 2013 AST
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