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Vital Statistics

Marriages extracted from the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
-- Surnames Antle and Noel (and variations), plus many others
-- Parishes in the area from Brigus up to Harbour Grace on Conception Bay
-- Date range 1784 to 1891
-- Sorted in ascending date of Marriage
-- Transcribed by Glen C Bodie, July 2002

See also Baptisms and Burials from the same source and scope.

Marriage Date
and Place
Husband Surname Given Age Status Occupation Religion Residence
Wife Surname Given   "   "   "   "   "
  Married by Witnesses Volume #
27 Feb 1784 Harbour Grace Moores Jonathan         Carbonear
  Noel Jane         Carbonear
  J Balfour   45A
05 Nov 1784 Harbour Grace Button William          
  Noel Mary          
  J Balfour   45A
05 Nov 1784 Harbour Grace Noel Philip          
  Batton Amy          
  J Balfour           45A
10 Mar 1789 Harbour Grace Noel Clements         Carbonear
  Taylor Patience         Carbonear
  J Balfour   45A
03 Jun 1806 Harbour Grace Legg James         Freshwater
  Noel Martha         Freshwater
  L A Anspach John Norman, James House 45A
11 Jun 1811 Carbonear Rumson Samuel         Exeter, England
  Noel Patience         Carbonear
  Saml McDowell Richard Bayley, William Moors Taylor 50A
01 Jan 1812 Carbonear Noel Clement         Freshwater
  Hopkins Mary         Carbonear
  Saml McDowell John Moors Jr, John Penny 50A
01 Feb 1815 Carbonear Penny James         Carbonear
  Noel Elizabeth         Harbour, Southside
  S Busby Clement Noel, John Penny 50A
06 Dec 1816 Freshwater Moors Jonathan         Freshwater
  Noel Elizabeth         Freshwater
  Sampson Busby William Ellis, Geo Trapnell 50A
06 Jan 1824 Brigus Antle John         Brigus
  Noel Patience         Brigus
  John Haigh John Antle (his mark), Amy Antle (her mark) BB1-1
20 May 1825 Harbour Grace Noel Clement   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Shepherd Mary   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt Nicholas Howell, Richard Noel 45A
25 May 1825 Harbour Grace Shepherd Martin   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Noel Eliza   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt Joseph Noel, Jonathan Shepherd 45B
05 Jan 1826 Harbour Grace Noel Jonathan   Bachelor     Freshwater
  Ash Agnes   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt Frances Ash, John Noel 45A
02 Apr 1826 Brigus Bennett Philip          
  Antle Emma          
  Wm Knight Charles Cousin, ? Harrants? BB1-1
21 May 1826 Harbour Grace Luther Thomas   Bachelor     Carbonear
  Noel Patience   Spinster     Carbonear
  J Burt William Luther, George Pike 45A
14 Dec 1826 Harbour Grace Giffers Samuel   Bachelor     Freshwater
  Noel Charlotte   Spinster     Freshwater
  J Burt James Noel, Francis Dear 45A
14 Feb 1828 Harbour Grace Craft Robert   Bachelor     Carbonear
  Noel Eleanor   Spinster     Carbonear
  J Burt Eleanor Skinner, Lavinia Park 45A
25 Jan 1829 Harbour Grace Moores John   Bachelor     Carbonear
  Noel Mary   Spinster     Carbonear
  J Burt William Loder, Richard Taylor 45A
26 Dec 1829 Harbour Grace Noel William   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Shepherd Gracious   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt James Lampen, Clement Noel 45A
08 Dec 1831 Carbonear Noel John   Bachelor     Carbonear
  Howell Ann   Spinster     Carbonear
  J Burt Richard Hampfillen?, William Loader 45B
10 Dec 1832 Carbonear Noel James   Bachelor     Carbonear
  Penny Ann   Spinster     Carbonear
  J Burt George Joice, William Loder 45B
27 Dec 1832 Brigus Noel James          
  Mason Ann          
  Geo Ellidge John Noel, John Antle, William Antle Sr BB1-1
02 Nov 1833 Brigus LeDrew Henry          
  Antle Emma          
  Geo Ellidge William Antle, Niel Jans BB1-1
15 Feb 1835 Harbour Grace Antle John   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Clow Caroline   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt A Mayne, J Holden 45B
21 May 1835 Harbour Grace Noel Jonathan   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Shepherd Susan   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt Martin Shepherd, John Noel 45B
18 Jun 1835 Brigus Antle William          
  Antle Anne          
  J Pickavant Abraham Battel, Ned Jans, John Antle BB1-1
06 Nov 1836   Soaper John         Freshwater
  Noel Olivia         Carbonear
  Geo Ellidge Henry Homer, John Noel 50A
27 Dec 1836 Harbour Grace Noel Joseph   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Shepherd Mary   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  J Burt James Lampen, Francis Andrews 45B
30 May 1837 Brigus Percy David         Brigus
  Antle Dianna         Brigus
  J Pickavant Nicholas Janes, George Spooner, George Roberts, William Freeman BB1-1
23 Jan 1838 Brigus Antle John 25 Bachelor Planter Methodist Brigus
  Percy Zebinah 20 Spinster   Methodist Brigus
  Ingham Sutcliffe Nicholas Janes, John Leamon 36A
19 Jun 1839 Brigus Roberts John     Planter Methodist Brigus
  Antle Mary       Methodist Brigus
  James G Hennigan Joseph Roberts, Thomas Antle 36A
08 May 1841 Brigus Antle Thomas       Methodist Brigus
  Sweetland Elizabeth       Methodist Brigus
  John McMurray Thos Antle Sr, Thos Percy 36A
01 Feb 1842 Brigus Antle Isaac     Planter Methodist Brigus
  Spooner Mary Ann       Methodist Brigus
  John McMurray Nicholas Janes, William Antle 36A
11 Dec 1844 Brigus Penny Henry     Fisherman Methodist Bull Cove
  Antle Mary       Methodist Brigus
  Wm Faulkner Robert Penny, Emma Antle 36A
26 Dec 1844 Harbour Grace Noel Moses   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Gosse Ann   Spinster     Bishops Cove
  John Chapman Catherine Sheppard, Jonathan Noel 45B
10 Jan 1845 Carbonear Newell (or Noel) John         Carbonear
  Ash Elizabeth         Carbonear
  John S Addy George Noel, Mary Ann Ash 50A
01 Jan 1849 Brigus Clarke George     Planter Methodist Brigus
  Antle Susannah       Methodist Brigus
  John S Addy Moses Clarke, Samuel Clarke 36A
19 Nov 1849 Harbour Grace Yateman William   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Noel Patience   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  John Chapman Richard Noel, Moses Yateman 45B
05 Jun 1850 Harbour Grace Noel John   Bachelor     Freshwater
  Fraize Susanna   Spinster     Carbonear
  John Chapman Joseph Jeffers, Joseph Fraize 45B
20 Jan 1851 Harbour Grace Antle Abraham   Widower     Brigus
  Parsons Martha   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Henry P Disney Jonathan parsons, James Parsons 45B
26 May 1851 Harbour Grace Noel Nathaniel   Bachelor     Harbour Grace SS
  Thompson Susan   Spinster     Harbour Grace SS
  H P Disney Susannah Payne, Alfred Noel 45B
14 Aug 1851 Brigus Munden Robert Knight     Planter   Brigus
  Antle Emma         Brigus
  John Snowball John Whelen, Ann Antle 36A
27 May 1852 Brigus Clarke William         South Side
  Chalker Elizabeth         South Side
  John Snowball Mary Chalker, Louisa Roberts 36A
10 Jun 1852 Brigus LeDrew Joseph     Planter   Cupids
  Chalker Ann         Cupids
  W E Shenstone Samuel Wilcox, Susannah Whelan 36A
13 Dec 1852 Harbour Grace Noel Richard   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Yateman Mary   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Charles Walsh William Yateman, Martha Noel 45B
03 Jun 1853 Carbonear Penny Joseph         Carbonear
  Noel Ellen         Carbonear
  Rev Thos Angevin John Noel, Richard Penny 50A
01 Dec 1854 Freshwater Hillyard Henry         Crocker's Cove
  Noel Priscilla         Freshwater
  Rev Thos Angevin John Noel, Richard Noel 50A
11 Dec 1856   Antle John     Fisherman   Carbonear
  George Frances          
  Rev W E Shenstone George Antle, Martha George 50A
27 Jan 1857 Brigus Antle William James     Planter   Brigus
  Curtice Elizabeth   Spinster     Brigus
  S W Sprague Abraham Bartlett, John Clarke 36A
18 Dec 1858 Harbour Grace Noel William   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Pinkstone Ann   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  B Jones Jonathan Noel, Jonathan Noel 45B
23 Dec 1858 Brigus Rose Samuel     Fisherman   Brigus
  Antle Patience Ann         Brigus
  Thos Smith William Antle, William Rose 36A
24 Jan 1860 Brigus Wilcox William Azariah   Bachelor     Brigus
  Antle Elizabeth   Spinster     Brigus
  William Shannon William Antle, James Whelan 38
01 Jan 1862 Harbour Grace Noel Joseph   Widower     Harbour Grace
  Clarke Frederica   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Mary Gill, Elizabeth Penny 45B
01 Jan 1862 Brigus Antle Absolam         Brigus
  Spooner Emma Susannah         Brigus
  T Harris John Spooner, John Antle 36A
23 Jan 1862 Harbour Grace Noel Jonathan   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Crocker Martha   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Samuel Parmiter, George Crocker 45B
11 Jun 1862 Brigus Whelan James     Planter   Brigus
  Antle Mary Emma         Brigus
  T Harris William Antle, John Antle 36A
07 Jun 1863   Noel Edward     Fisherman   Carbonear
  Noel Asenath         Freshwater
  Rev P Prestwood James Howell, Elizabeth Noel 50A
13 Dec 1864 Harbour Grace Noel Eliel   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Alcock Frances   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Stephen Andrews, Charles Alcock 45B
22 Dec 1864 Harbour Grace Noel William   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Higgins Elizabeth   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Mark Noel, Richard Higgins 45B
25 Dec 1864   Noel Edward     Fisherman   Carbonear
  Parsons Reonora         Freshwater
  Rev John Prince Fanny Noel, Zipporah J Parsons 50A
10 Jan 1865 Harbour Grace Crocker Charles   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Noel Lavinia   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Moses Noel, Aaron Noel 45B
16 Feb 1865 Freshwater Marshall William 28 Bachelor Fisherman   Flat Rock
  Noel Charlotte 21 Spinster     Freshwater
  Rev J Winterbotham Henry Hillyard, Julia Ann Noel 50A
07 Dec 1865 Brigus Dawe Thomas   Bachelor     Port-de-Grave
  Antle Mary Susannah   Spinster     Brigus
  Robert Holland Isaac Antle, Henry Daw 38
07 Dec 1865 Brigus Barnes John     Fisherman   Brigus
  Antle Victoria          
  W E Shenstone Samuel Rose, Albert Roberts 36A
25 Dec 1865 Brigus Antle John     Fisherman   Brigus
  Mercer Naomi          
  W E Shenstone Caleb Clarke, Elizabeth Mercer 36A
01 Jan 1866 Brigus Antle James     Fisherman   Brigus
  Stephens Mary Ann          
  W E Shenstone John Antle, Alfred Roberts 36A
21 Nov 1866 Salmon Cove Chalker George Charles   Bachelor     Brigus
  Rich Fanny   Spinster     Salmon Cove
  Robert Holland Taylor William Andrews, Elizabeth Rich 38
02 Jan 1868 Harbour Grace Noel Archibald   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Noel Catherine   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Ambrose Parsons, Thomas Parsons 45B
04 May 1868 Harbour Grace Young James   Bachelor     Island Cove
  Noel Susanna   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones John Noel, John F Noel 45B
31 Oct 1868 Brigus Rose Richard     Fisherman   Brigus
  Noel Elizabeth         Brigus
  J Waterhouse Frances Noel, -- Noel 36A
17 Dec 1868   Parsons Joseph     Planter   Freshwater
  Noel Charlotte         Carbonear
  Rev H L Cranford Henry Charles Parsons, Zipporah Jane Parsons 50A
20 Dec 1868 Brigus Webber William     Fisherman   Cupids
  Antle Mary Olivia         Brigus
  J Waterhouse Samuel Bonnel, Elizabeth Antle 36A
14 Jan 1869   Parsons Alexander     Fisherman   Freshwater
  Noel Elizabeth         Carbonear
  Rev G Forsey Robert Parsons, Edgar Parsons 50A
04 Feb 1869   Noel Jordan     Planter   Freshwater
  Marshall Jane         Flat Rock
  Rev H L Cranford Edward Noel 50A
14 Jun 1869 Harbour Grace Noel John Frederick   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  French Emily   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Edward Williams, Rose Ann Noel 45B
15 Nov 1869 Harbour Grace Noel Ambrose   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Penny Ellen   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Martin Noel, Azariah Alcock 45B
22 Dec 1869   Noel Robert     Fisherman   Freshwater
  Butt Janet          
  Rev John Prince Augustus Noel, Emily Barrett 50A
31 Jan 1872   Noel Thomas     Planter   Freshwater
  Harwood Charlotte         Carbonear
  Rev Chas Comben Horatio Howell, Thos A Noel 50A
20 Feb 1872 Harbour Grace Noel Richard   Widower     Harbour Grace
  Shepherd Rebecca   Widow     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones William Noseworthy, Aaron Noel 45B
20 Dec 1872   Noel Edward         Freshwater
  Vatcher Elizabeth         Freshwater
  Rev Chas Comben Reuben Vatcher, Jemima A Vatcher 50A
23 Jan 1873   Parsons Thomas Chancey         Freshwater
  Noel Fanny Elizabeth         Carbonear
  Rev Chas Comben Edward Parsons, Susannah Noel 50A
21 May 1873 Brigus Antle John     Fisherman   Brigus
  King Sarah   Widow     Brigus
  Thos Harris Thomas Percy, Thomas Munden 36A
19 Feb 1874 Harbour Grace Noel Josiah   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Parmiter Rachel   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Thomas Parsons, Susanna Young 45B
01 Mar 1874 Harbour Grace Noel Albert   Bachelor     Harbour Grace
  Parsons Elizabeth   Spinster     Harbour Grace
  Bertram Jones Roseann Parsons, Stewart parsons 45B
01 Dec 1874 Brigus Munden John Percy          
  Antle Elizabeth Richards          
  Thomas Harris John Antle, Jessie Percy 36A
31 Dec 1874   Homer Henry     Planter   Freshwater
  Noel Susannah         Carbonear
  Rev James Dove Eli Homer, Susannah Howell 50A
13 Jan 1875 Port de Grave Antle James John   Bachelor   C of E Brigus
  Andrews Rachel   Spinster   C of E Ship Cove
  Jas C Harvey Stephen Andrews, Mary Antle 38
05 Jun 1875   Noel (Newell) Thomas A     Planter   Freshwater
  Barrett Emily A         Freshwater
  Rev James Dove William T Davis, Catherine M Davis 50A
28 Jan 1876   Clarke John     Fisherman   Freshwater
  Noel Julia          
  Geo Paine William Marshall, Jane Hillyard 50A
04 Dec 1879 Brigus Pearcy William   Bachelor   C of E Brigus
  Antle Ann Maria   Spinster   C of E Brigus
  R Holland Taylor John Antle, Nathan Pearcy 38
03 Jan 1880 Brigus Antle Robert     Fisherman   Brigus
  Maitment? Caroline         Brigus
  Joseph Pascoe William Akerman, Elizabeth Roberts 36A
11 May 1881 Port de Grave French John Russel   Bachelor   C of E Bareneed
  Antle Mary   Spinster   C of E Brigus
  Jas C Harvey Henry French, Bertha Dawe 38
02 Dec 1881   King William     Fisherman   Broad Cove
  Noel Rosanna         Freshwater
  Rev Geo Vater John Wesley Noel, Elizabeth Broderick 50A
16 Nov 1882   Antle John     Fisherman   Victoria Village
  Somers Dorcas          
  Rev Geo Vater William Pottle, Patience Evely 50A
26 Nov 1882 Freshwater Mortimer Noah     Fisherman   Harbour Grace
  Noel Mary A          
  Rev Geo Vater John Butt, Rowena Parsons 50A
20 Feb 1883   Noel Clement     Fisherman   Carbonear
  Taylor Ida          
  Rev C Ladner William Noel, Eliza M Taylor 50A
25 Dec 1883 Harbour Grace Noel James A 29 Bachelor Fisherman   Harbour Grace
  Corbin Sarah Flora 26 Spinster     Harbour Grace
  John M Noel George Corbin, Stuart Noel 45B
08 Jun 1885 Brigus Mannard? Edward     Fisherman   Bull Cove
  Chalker Mary Wilcox         Brigus
  John Goodison John Chalker, Julia Breaker 36A
06 Dec 1888   Hiscock Thomas     Fisherman   Carbonear
  Noel Esther          
  Rev John Goodison Thomas Hiscock, Joseph Winsor 50A
01 Jan 1889 Brigus Chalker James 24 Bachelor Fisherman C of E Brigus
  Barnes Mary Ann 19 Spinster   C of E Brigus
  J G Netten Thomas Barnes, John Roberts 38
26 Feb 1889 Harbour Grace Noel Eleazer 25 Bachelor Fisherman   Harbour Grace SS
  Hawkins Ann 20 Spinster     Harbour Grace
  John M Noel James Noel, Moses Noel 45B
16 Jan 1890   Noel William     Fisherman   Carbonear
  Penney Ada          
  Rev John Goodison John Moore, Asenath Noel 50A
10 Jan 1891 Salmon Cove Chalker John 38 Widower Trader C of E Brigus
  Bartlett Selina P 43 Spinster   C of E Brigus
  Josiah Darrell Moses Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett 38
02 Jun 1891 Harbour Grace Smart Frank 27 Bachelor Clerk in Holy Orders   Bay de Verde
  Noel Mary Caroline 19 Spinster     Harbour Grace
  John M Noel Alice Noel, William Noel 45B

Vital Stats Volumes referred to are:

Place Parish Denomination Volume From To
Brigus & Brigus SS Brigus & Cupids Methodist 36A 1837 1892
Brigus Brigus & Salmon Cove Church of England 38 1860 1891
Brigus Harbour Grace Church of England 45A 1776 1833
Brigus Harbour Grace Church of England 45B 1831 1891
Brigus Carbonear Methodist 50A 1794 1891
Brigus (Box #1) Brigus Circuit Register Methodist / UC BB1-1    

Transcribed by: Glen C Bodie, July 2002

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)

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