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Newfoundland Vital Statistics

Marriages related to Ferryland District
recorded in various Protestant churches,
mainly in St. John's City.

Extracted from transcriptions contributed to NGB by Jill Marshall. Information and editing in [square brackets] provided by Kevin Reddigan - 2008

STJB - Anglican Cath. of St. John the Baptist;
STTH - St. Thomas' Anglican;
STMY - St. Mary's Anglican;
SJCC - St. John's Congregational Church;
SJMC - St. John's Methodist Churches;
SJPC - St. John's Presbyterian Church.
Day-Mth Year  
19-Jun 1764 St. John's Francis MILLER, ensign Elizabeth MOOR, Ferryland   STJB [Colonial records show a Moore family at Ferryland as early as 1749]
10-Nov 1789 Ferryland Peter ROMNEY, Esquire Dorcas Augusta KEITHE   STJB [It appears that Peter Romney was a merchant at Fermeuse. He was also Justice of the Peace for a number of years at Ferryland (abt 1790 - 1800).]
9-Apr 1798 St. John's Francis TREE [Son of Francis and Bridget (Murphy) Tree, born in Boston in 1762.] Ann COX Nath. Phillips, Elizabeth Roberts STJB [Surname transcribed as FREE. Although American Loyalists, the Tree family moved to Ferryland, possibly Bridget's birthplace, after the American Revolution.]
5-Dec 1801 St. John's Peter WINSOR Sarah PAYNE Elizabeth Gascott, Francis Payne STJB [Peter Winsor (1781-1864) was born at Denbury, England. He eventually settled at Aquaforte. In the 1830s, he was the member for Ferryland District, in the House of Assembly.]
11-Nov 1814 St. John's John DRISKELL, bach, Toads Cove. [Other forms of this Irish surname are (O')Driscol(l) ]. Mary BLACKLER, spin, Toads Cove Samuel Blackler, Sylvester Jas? STJB [The surname of the second witness may be Tee or Tea. Sylvestor Teigh (sometime recorded as Tee, Tea, Teage, or Lee?) from Ross, Co. Wexford was an early settler in the Tors Cove area.
2-Jan 1821 St. Johns Robert CARTER, Esq., bach, lieutenant, Royal Navy,
Ferryland [Son of Judge William Carter and Anne Catherine Weston]
Anne Williams HUTCHINGS, spin, St Johns Robert Carter, Mary Hutchings STJB [Robert Carter, b.1791, was Judge of the Surrogate Court for the District of Ferryland. Anne was the fourth daughter of George Hutchings, Esqr. of St. John's.]
26-Sep 1822 St. Johns Charles BLACKMAN, bach, clergyman, Ferryland Julia Sarah WILLIAMS, spin, St Johns Louisa Williams, C.J.J. Hamilton STJB [It appears that Rev Blackman died in 1853, age 55, while he was rector of St. Thomas' Church and Garrison Chaplain. Julia died in 1872, aged 68, at Froxfield, Wiltshire, England. Newspapers say she was the second daughter of Thomas Williams]
22-May 1826 St. Johns Arthur Hunt O'Brien CARTER, bach, merchant,
Harriett Maria SKINNER, spin, St Johns Fanny Skinner, William Sweetland STJB [Arthur Hunt O'Brien Carter was the son of William Carter, Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court of Newfoundland. He died at Ferryland in 1871at the age of 76. Harriett was the eldest daughter of the late Col. Skinner, Royal Artillery. She died at Ferryland in 1835 at the age of 33.]
4-Dec 1827 St. Johns Benjamin SWEETLAND, Esq., bach, Caplin Bay Tryphena GADEN, spin, St Johns. [Tryphena was the youngest daughter of the late George and Emma (Thistle) Gaden, Esq., Merchant.] Jane B. Blaikie, William Sweetland STJB [Benjamin Sweetland was born at Ferryland in 1789, son of Henry Sweetland of Uffculme (or Topsham), Devon, England and Anne (Carter) Hill, daughter of Robert Carter of Sidmouth, Devon, England and Ann Wyley of Ferryland]
1-Dec 1828 St. Johns John ROGERS, bach, Ferryland Mary RYAN, spin, St Johns Hugh Hamlin, Louisa Travers STJB [According to the St. John's newspapers, John Rogers was a blacksmith at Ferryland. Research indicates that he was actually at Fermeuse.]
29-Aug 1829 St. Johns Thomas GLEN, Esq., n/g, merchant, Bay Bulls Jane REID, spin, Bay Bulls Robert Job, James Eaney/Eanery? STJB [Thomas Glen (1796 - 1887) appears to have been from Greenock, Scotland. He was House of Assembly member for Ferryland District for a number of years. Newspapers states Jane was the youngest daughter of the late Richard Reed of St. John's. Jane died in 1834, age 24, in childbirth.]
22-Dec 1830 St. Johns John William SAUNDERS, widower, merchant, Renews Mary STRACHAN, widow, St Johns. [first married, Jul 16 1825, to James Coulter STRACHEN, M.D., bach, surgeon, RN, St Johns.] Maria Winter, George Winter STJB [It appears that John William Saunders first married Bridget O'Leary in 1829, but she must have died shortly afterwards. He then married Mary (Winter) Strachan whose husband had died in 1827.]
16-Jun 1832 St. Johns George HATFIELD, widower, Toads Cove Catherine BRINE, spin, St Johns W. Long, J.A.B.T. Westcott STJB [It appears that this couple married in both the C.E. and R.C. churches. Witless Bay RC Marriages show this entry: December 3, 1832- George Hatfield -Toad's Cove (native of England) & Catherine Brien Cape Broyle. Witnesses: John Power and Johanna Wotten]
11-Oct 1834 St. Johns John YOUNG, bach, Upper Island Cove Mary BROTHERS, spin, Fermeuse Julia Carrington, Joseph Bishop STJB  
14-Nov 1834 St. Johns Richard FROFT/FROST?, bach, Teignmouth, Devon Elizabeth PAYNE, spin, Aquaforte Thomas Payne, Eliza Blackler STJB [Surname usually recorded as Fost or Foss at Aquaforte. Last mentioned in Lovell's 1871 Directory.]
20-Apr 1835 St. Johns John PERRYMIN?*, bach, Christowe, Devon Catherine PAYNE, spin, Aquaforte Thomas Payne, R. York STJB Surname given as PERRIMAN in bapt record for their child
5-Aug 1835 St. Johns George Thomas JONES, bach, London Sarah Payne WINSOR, spin, Aquaforte. [Bride was eldest daughter of Peter Winser from Aquaforte.] Matthew Winsor, Sarah Winsor STJB [Surname of groom transcribed as JANES, however surname is given as JONES in the Ferryland Anglican baptisms. He may have been the master of a ship that was lost on the way to Greenock in 1845. Sarah appears to have remarried - George Oliphant?]
22-Aug 1835 St. Johns John JELLARD?, bach, Ferryland. [Old records indicate that John Jellard leased the old Sweetland home on the Downs at Ferryland] Eleanor COLMAN, spin, Ferryland [most likely the daughter of William and Elizabeth Coleman] Philip Tree, Sarah Tree STJB [Surnames of witnesses were transcribed as Free.]
19-Nov 1836 St. Johns Robert EVANS, widower, Renews Mary EVANS, spin, Dartmouth Emma Tucker?, William Taylor STJB [Newspapers show bride as Mary Irish Evans, the eldest daughter of John Evans of Alwell, Devon, England. Ferryland Anglican records show that Robert had four children in first marriage. His first wife died Jan. 7, 1836]
10-May 1839 St Johns John HALL   bach, Aquaforte Frances DAGWELL   spin, St Johns John Hall, William Earle. STJB  
25-Nov 1840 St. Johns Thomas Graham MOREY, bach, Ferryland. [Thomas Graham was born at Caplin Bay in 1812, the son of Matthew Morry (II) and Anne Saunders.] Eliza Shirley LeMESSURIER, spin, St Johns. [eldest daughter of the late Peter LeMessurier.] Jane LeMessurier, George LeMessurier STJB [Family spelled surname MORRY. Thomas Graham Morry died at St. Johns in Jan. 1879; Eliza died there in Nov. 1892.]
16-Jan 1841 St Johns George HART, bach, Captain of the brig SOPHIA, St Johns Ann MUNN, spinster, St Johns Philip Tree, George Brice STTH [Ann Munn was baptized at Ferryland in 1825, the daughter of John Munn and Susanna Tree. Susanna Tree was born at Ferryland, the eldest daughter of Francis Tree and Ann Cox.]
25-Nov 1841 St. Johns Thomas WILLIAMS, bach, Bay Bulls Mary CONNORS, spin, St Johns Thomas Ryan, Margaret Carroll STJB  
11-May 1842 St. Johns Edward PRIOR/PRIER?, widower, St Johns Esther WILLIAMS, spin, Bay Bulls Robert Blackwood, Ann Perfect STJB  
6-Jul 1844 St Johns George William Rowland HIERLIHY, bach, St Johns Sophia CLOWS, spinster, Ferryland R. Holden, George B. Burton STTH [Sophia Clow(e) was born at Harbour Grace in 1819, the daughter of Henry Garlick Clow(e) and Sophia Holden. Henry (and some of his family) transferred to Ferryland abt. 1839 where he was employed as Clerk of the Peace. Sophia died at Bay Roberts in 1876.]
21-Jul 1844 St Johns Peter WINSOR, bach, Aquaforte Anna Jennings WINSOR, spinster, Devonshire, England John Winsor, Sarah Gower STTH Peter Winsor was bapt Feb 14 1824, Aquaforte, the son of Peter Winsor Sr. & Sarah Payne; Anna Jennings Winsor was bapt. Apr 12 1823 Dartmouth, the dau of Jacob Winsor & Anna Jennings; the bride and groom were first cousins.
8-Dec 1846 St. Johns James JOHNSTON, bach, St Johns. [James was actually the blacksmith of Ferryland, but born at Caplin Bay, Nov. 30,1816.He died at Ferryland in 1880.] Eliza GOFF*, spin, St Johns William Coulman, Elizabeth Johnston STJB [The St. John's newspapers stated that the bride was Elizabeth Goffe of Goffe Bridge, Co. Wexford, Ireland.]
26-May 1847 St Johns Robert CARTER, bach, merchant, Ferryland. [b. abt 1819, son of Robert Carter and Sarah Randell] Mary Ann SIMMS, spinster, Trepassey James Simms, George Simms Sr. STTH [Mary Ann was the third daughter of George Simms of Trepassey.]
2-Jun 1849 St. Johns John WILLIAMS, bach, Bay Bulls Avis MILLS, spin, St Johns Nicholas Motty?, Christina Whelan STJB  
19-Jul 1849 St. Johns Nicholas MOTTY, bach, St Johns. [Groom was a sailmaker.] Christiana WILLIAMS, spin, Bay Bulls. [Bride was the youngest daughter of William Williams, Bay Bulls.] Thomas Prowse, Philip John Motty STJB  
4-Dec 1849   William John HOYLES, widower, clergyman, Brigus Eliza Howe CARTER, spin, Ferryland. [eldest daughter of Robert Carter, J.P., Ferryland.] Robert Carter, William J. Randell STJB  
14-May 1850 St. Johns George MEAD, bach, Gillingham, Dorset Margaret RYAN, spin, Ferryland Daniel Cameron, Mary Williams STJB [It appears that George Mead first married Fanny Mayo at Ferryland in 1848. Fanny died a year later, and George married Margaret Ryan, a Roman Catholic. The Ferryland CE records show only a baptism for George and Margaret's first child, James. Other known children were likely baptised as Roman Catholics.]
27-Nov 1851 St Johns James Jennings WINSOR, bach, Aquaforte Mary MENCHENTON, spinster, Exploits. [Mary was the eldest daughter of Mr. Menchington, planter, of Green Bay. Groom was mate of the vessel Herald (brig).] Peter Winsor Jr., John Menchenton STTH James Jenning Winsor was the son of Jacob WINSOR & Anna JENNINGS.
30-Oct 1852 St. Johns Edmund CLOW, bach, St. Johns. [Groom was Edmund Row Clow, letter press printer] Mary Ann AXTELL, spin, St. Johns. [Bride was the eldest daughter of Capt. James Axtell.] James Axtell, Sarah Axtell STJB [Edmund was born abt. 1825 at Harbour Grace, son of Henry Garlick Clow(e) and Sophia Holden. Henry (and some of his family) transferred to Ferryland abt. 1839 where he was employed as Clerk of the Peace. It appears that Edmund and his family moved to Cambridgeport, MA, USA.]
5-Nov 1852 St Johns Arthur Kemp MORRY, bach, Caplin Cove, Ferryland. [Arthur was born at Caplin Bay in 1822, the son of Matthew Morry (II) and Anne Saunders.] Mary CARTER, spinster, Ferryland. [Mary, known as Mary Oxenham Carter, was born in 1829, the daughter of James Howe Carter of Ferryland.] not legible STTH [Mary died in 1895, and is buried at Caplin Cove , Conception Bay]
2-May 1853 St. Johns John HALL, widower, Freshwater Jane SMEARDON, spinster, St. Johns Thomas Smeardon, Sarah French STJB  
6-Jul 1853 St Johns FRASER, James O. [Groom was the son of the late Rev. Donald A. Fraser.] EWING, Eliza. [Bapt Jan 16, 1824 at Bay Bulls?, where her father was a merchant] Anne Carter, Leah Mary Bennett SJPC [Bride was the daughter of James Miller Ewing, formerly of Greenock, Scotland.]
21-Dec 1854 St. Johns Peter PAYNE, bach, Ferryland Elizabeth CARTER, spin, St Johns James L? Williams, William Wills, John Radford, T.R. Ewing SJCC At least 1 child bapt Anglican. [Bride was the daughter of the late Pasco Carter of St. John's.]
1-Sep 1856 St. Johns Edward WHITE, bach, St Johns Catherine YARD, widow*, Witless Bay Roger Hiscock, Peter Noftall SJCC *her marital status overwritten w/s (widow/spinster). They had several children baptized Anglican.
27-Sep 1856 St. Johns John GRAHAM   bach, St Johns Anne WINSER (WINSOR)   spin, Aquaforte Rob. Wilson, Robert Alexander STJB [She is believed to be the daughter of Henry WINSOR & Ann COULMAN/COLEMAN, bapt Nov. 23, 1830. John and Anne's children were baptised at Aquaforte.]
19-Jun 1858 St. Johns Robert MORRY, bach, merchant, Caplin Bay Maria Victoria Matilda WINSOR, spin, Ferryland Robert Morry, M.N. LeMessurier STJB Maria V.M. Winsor was bapt Oct 23 1834, the dau of Henry WINSOR of Aquaforte & Ann COULMAN of Ferryland.
2-Nov 1859 St. Johns Richard FRIZELL, bach, Big Pond Ellen BRINE, spin, Big Pond Hannah Chafe, Andrew Webber STJB  
22-Nov 1860 St. Johns James MALONE, bach, Bay Bulls Ann TAPPER, spinster, Tor Bay John Tapper, John Ryan STTH  
21-Apr 1862 St Johns Washington Hill WINSER (WINSOR), bach, St Johns Harriet Allen CHAFE, spin, St Johns Matilda Chafe, Sarah Mary Ball Winser STMY He was b 1840 Aquaforte, the son of Henry WINSOR & Ann COULMAN; she was the dau of Jacob CHAFE & Harriet CHAFE, the g-dau of Samuel CHAFE & Mary MARSHALL, and the g-gd of David & Amy Marshall.
29-Jun 1864 St. Johns Frederick STAGMAN, bach, St Johns. [Groom was formerly of Prince Edward Island.] Jane GATHERAL, spinster, St Johns Martha Gear, Frances Mason STTH [Newspapers show bride as being from Bauline, Conception Bay. However, the surname suggest that she was probably from Bauline on the Southern Shore??]
9-Nov 1864 St. Johns George SEVIOUR (SCEVIOUR), bach, Green Bay [Sarah Hannah WINDSOR, spinster, Aquaforte. [She may have been ANNA SARAH Winser, bapt June 20, 1848 at Aquaforte, dau. of Peter and Anna Winser.] George Foote, Henry Winsor STTH George Sceviour was bc 1836 & died Mar 7 1911 Exploits age 75; Sarah Hannah Winsor was bc 1845 & died Mar 4 1921 Exploits, age 76 yrs.
23-Nov 1864 St. Johns Christian Henry ZIMMERMAN, bach, Sanderburg?,
Schlisung?, Holstein?
Eliza Jane GUZWELL, spin, Bay Bulls Road William Guzwell, Joanna Atwill STJB
4-Sep 1866 St Johns John GOODRIDGE, widower, St Johns. [John was a native of Paignton, Devon, England who first settled in Renews.] Ann BROWN   spin, St Johns. [Newspapers show bride was the fourth daughter of Thomas S. Bown, H.M. Customs, North Sydney, Nova Scotia.] Henry C. Goodridge, John S. Simms STJB [He first married Jane Kelligrew on Jan.17, 1844 at Renews and eventually moved to St. John's. Jane died at St. John's in 1863 and John died at St. John's in 1890.]
7-Oct 1868 St. Johns Henry Maynard SKINNER, bach, clergyman, Ferryland Emily BRADSHAW, spinster, Kelligrews [eldest daughter of William Bradshaw.] A. Goodridge, P. Kelligrew STTH  
22-Nov 1870 St. Johns Samuel James VAVASOR, bach, St Johns Maria Ann JOHNSTON, spinster, Ferryland Louisa Carrington, John Carter STTH [Maria Ann, ( bapt Dec. 9, 1849 at Ferryland) was the second daughter of James & Eliza (Goff) Johnston. She died at St. John's in 1913.]
19-Dec 1871 St. Johns George LEE, 30, bach, fish, Petty Hr. Eliza Jane PACK, 24, spin, Bay Bulls William Taylor, Salome Easterbrook, John White   [Eliza Jane's surname transcribed as PARK, likely dau. born to Thomas and Catherine Pack on Aug.. 23, 1848.]
26-Nov 1873 St. Johns William GUZZLE (?GUZZWELL), bach, St Johns Lydia WILLIAMS, spin, Bay Bulls James E. Williams, William Kielley STMY  
28-Mar 1873 St. Johns Silas RUBY, bach, Heavy Tree Road Ann GURRELL (?GUZZELL), spin, Bay Bulls Road Jeffrey Guzzell, William Feaver STJB [The surname was sometimes recorded as GUZZLE, GUZZELL, or GUZZWELL According to a note for their first child, the mother's maiden name was GUZZWELL (per Randy Whitten)]
1-May 1875 St. John's Frederick George WINSOR 21, bach, carpenter, St Johns. Mary Ann J?/I? WHELAN 19, spin, St Johns William Hellyer, Sophia Knight SJCC At least 4 children baptized Anglican. [Groom appears to be the son of John and Elvira Winsor of Aquaforte. He was bapt. June 26, 1853]
29-Aug 1876 St. Johns James HALL, bach, Bay Bulls Mariam CRITCH, spin, St Johns Henry Warren, Susanna Rogers STJB  
22-Aug 1877 St Johns George John CARTER, bach, St Johns. [Bapt. May 4, 1850 at Ferryland, son of Robert and Mary Ann (Simms) Carter.] Elizabeth Viola GOODRIDGE, spinster, St Johns S.C. Goodridge, P.M. LeMessurier STTH Elizabeth Viola Goodridge was born May 2 1855 St Johns, the dau of Allan & Grace Goodridge. [Alan (originally of Paignton, Devon) and Grace Goodridge had lived at Renews before moving to St. John's]
16-Sep 1878 St. Johns Abraham ANTHONY, bach, St Johns Frances ASPELL, widow, St Johns. [1921 census says she was born at Harbour Grace, however she may have lived at Tar Cove (Brigus South) from the 1850s??] Selina Daly, Patrick Daly STMY [Frances Anthony was referred to by my mother as Aunt Fanny Anthony. I understood she had been an Aspell, my great-grandmother, Bridget (Aspell) O'Brien's sister. However, the St. John's church references seem to imply that she had been married to an Aspell before she married Abraham Anthony. No other references to her are found other than the "widow Aspell" - a departure from the usual reference to a woman's previous married name rather than a maiden name. (Kevin Reddigan)]
24-Dec 1878 St Johns Jacob WINSOR 29, bach, fish, St Johns Susan HALL 30, spin, St Johns Maria Jane Winsor, John Frampton SJCC [Groom appears to be son of Henry and Caroline Winsor of Aquaforte. He was bapt. on July 9, 1848.]
10-Jul 1879 St. Johns James Richard JOHNSTON, bach, St Johns Harriet MERCER, spinster, St Johns J.J. Heale, John Squires STTH [James Richard Johnston, (b. Dec. 26 1854 at Ferryland) was the second son of James & Eliza (Goff) Johnston of Ferryland. He died at St. John's in 1930.]
25-Apr 1880 St. John's George William Buchan CARTER, 57, widower, C. of Civil Service, St Johns Jessie EMERSON, 42, widow, St Johns Thomas Clift, Blanche Brown STTH [George was bapt. at Ferryland on Oct. 6, 1822, son of Robert Carter (RN; Col. Sec. & Treasurer) and Anne Williams Hucthings.]
19-May 1880 St. Johns Alfred Charles PACK, bach, Bay Bulls Ann WHITE, spin, Bay Bulls Big Pond [ daughter of R. White of Bay Bulls, Big Pond.] John Whitten, Jane White STMY  
24-Oct 1882 St. Johns William Henry PAYNE, full age, bach, fish, Aquaforte [b. Feb. 24, 1842, son of Thomas Payne and Caroline Hall] Caroline HALL, full age, spin, Freshwater, Bay Bulls. [Caroline appears to be the daughter of John Hall and Jane Smeardon b. Dec. 1, 1859.] Henry Hawkins, Catherine Elizabeth Shave (Sheaves) STMY [William's parents married at Ferryland Jan. 4, 1856. Caroline's parents were married at St. John's on May 2, 1853.]
22-Jan 1883 St. Johns Thomas GETHERALL, full age, bach, fish, Toads Cove Mary RYAN, full age, spin, St Johns Peter W. LeMessurier, Sarah Whitten STMY  
12-Oct 1883 St. John's CARTER, James Charles, St Johns. [Bapt. at Ferryland, Nov. 23, 1851, son of Robert and Mary Ann (Simms) Carter] MORRISON, Jeanie Deans, St Johns Albert E. Carter, Isabel M. White SJPC Per Jean Carter Stirling (NFLD ANCESTOR 2002) Jeannie Deans Morrison was the daughter of William MORRISON & Bessie WITHELL. The groom is presumably descended from the Ferryland Carters.
23-May 1884 St. Johns Henry HALL, 34, bach, fish, Aquaforte. [Henry, (b. abt 1849) was the son of Robert and Mary Hall] Esther SQUIRES, 22, spinster, Broad Cove John Squires, Mary Payne STTH [The Broad Cove referred to here is unspecified. It may refer to Conception Bay (St. Phillips) or to the Southern Shore settlement renamed Cappahayden]
8-Jun 1886 St. Johns PRINCE, Samuel, 23, bach, fishing, Seal Cove BB CLOW, Henrietta, 23, spin, schoolteacher, Ferryland [eldest daughter of Marmaduke W. and Mary (Johnston) Clow.] Henry E. Clow, Eliza Johnston SJMC [Henrietta died at Seal Cove, Bonavista Bay abt. Dec. 13, 1887, aged 23 years.]
21-Feb 1887 St Johns William George BRADSHAW, 42, bach, HM Customs, Gt. Placentia Sarah Jane WINDSOR, 27, spinster, Aquaforte Henry Windsor, Mary Windsor STTH Sarah Jane Windsor was the dau of Peter Winsor & Anna Jennings Winsor, the g-dau of Peter Winsor Sr & Sarah Payne, and the g-dau of Jacob Winsor & Anna Jennings.
29-Nov 1888 St. Johns Thomas Robert PAYNE, 28, bach, mariner, Aquaforte. [Thomas Robert (b. abt 1860) was the son of Thomas Payne and Caroline Eliza Hall.] Eva Matilda WINSOR, 31, spinster, Aquaforte. [Eva, (b abt. 1855) was the daughter of Dan Henry Winsor and Caroline Winsor (second cousins).] Eliza Payne, Jacob Winsor STTH  
11-Feb 1888 St. Johns William McKINNON, 38, bach, physician, Bay Bulls Mary Jane STEER, 49, spinster, Rennies Mill Road [daughter of the late John Steer.] D. Curran, B. Horwood STTH [St. John's newspapers show that a William McKinnon, 40, died at Bay Bulls abt. Dec. 2, 1888. Deceased was a native of Nova Scotia. "Here 8 years."]
1-Nov 1888 St. Johns John WHITE, 22, bach, farmer, Bay Bulls Big Pond Ann Jane Biddlecombe PERROTT, 27, spin, St Johns. [ niece of R. Cornick of Bridport, County Devon, England.] Elizabeth White, William Cornick STJB [Name recorded as Ann Jane Biddescombe Parrot in St. John's newspapers]
29-Apr 1889 St. Johns Edward Frederick JOHNSTON, 28, bach, blacksmith, Hoyles Town. Charlotte BRADBURY, 23, spinster, British Square. [Youngest daughter of James Bradbury of Bay Roberts. She died at St. John's in 1950.] William Godden, C. Johnson STTH [Edward Frederic Johnston, (b. abt. 1858), was the son of James & Eliza (Goff) Johnston of Ferryland. He died at St. John's in 1933.]
30-Jan 1890 St. John's Henry Charles WINDSOR, 33, bach, St Johns Sarah Judith? CROSS 19, spin, St Johns H.H. Cross, Janet Cross SJCC [Groom appears to be son of Peter and Anna Winsor of Aquaforte. He was bapt. Nov. 8, 1857.]
3-Jun 1890 St. Johns Peter Frederick MORRY, 30, bach, farmer, Caplin Bay Bridget May COADY, 21, spinster, Cape Broyle William Hammond,
Elizabeth Hammond
STTH [This couple moved to British Columbia abt. 1900. Peter died there 1934, aged 75.Bridget died there in 1977, at the age of 106.]
12-Jan 1891 St. Johns Henry FRIZELL, 29, bach, fish, Bay Bulls Big Pond Mary Joseph WELSH, 24, widow, St Johns Richard Frizell, Mary Breen STMY  
21-Jan 1892 St Johns John Richard GOODRIDGE, 48, bach, merchant, Monks Town Road Annie Lenora Elizabeth TRUMBLE, 23, spinster, LeMarchant Road Alan C. Goodridge, Grace Carter STTH [Son of Alan and Grace Goodridge, bapt at Renews on June 10, 1843]

Contributed by Kevin Reddigan (January 2008)

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