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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Harbour Main District
1923 - 1926

Book 9
PAGES 120 - 122, 124 - 126, 128 - 132, 134 - 135 & 550

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 120                  
Jan. 12 Holyrood Old Age O'BRIEN James M R.C. 96 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. 01 Duff's Pul. Tuberculosis MURPHY Lawrence M R.C. 47 Chapel Cove Holyrood
Mar. 07 Holyrood Cancer/Liver HEALEY Edward M R.C. 62 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. 12 Holyrood Old Age HAWCO Phillip M R.C. 83 Chapel Cove Chapel Cove
Feb. 08 Chamberlains Old Age DOWDEN Sarah F C.O.E. 77 Topsail Topsail
Jan. 09 Upper Gullies Tuberculosis BUTLER Isaac M Meth. 62 Port de Grave Long Pond
Jan. 15 Foxtrap Topsail? Tuberculosis DAWE Frances F Meth. 34 Topsail Long Pond
Jan. 22 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Isaac M Meth. 1Dy. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Jan. 22 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Harold M Meth. 1Dy. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Jan. 06 Middle Bight Cancer/Stomach HAINES Charles M C.O.E. 76 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Jan. 11 Foxtrap Paralysis BUTLER Annie Jane? F C.O.E. 73 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jan. 17 Long Pond Dropsy RIDEOUT Emma F C.O.E. 74 Port de Grave Foxtrap
Jan. 24 Long Pond Convulsions TAYLOR Herbert M C.O.E. 7Dys. Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar. 21 Kelligrews Tub. Meningitis CHURCHILL Beatrice F C.O.E. 15 Bay Roberts Foxtrap
Mar. 30 Kelligrews Paralysis TILLEY John C M C.O.E. 88 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Jan. 07 Foxtrap Cancer/Stomach MORGAN Charles M C.O.E. 73 Hopewell Hopewell
Jan. 06 Seal Cove Pul. Tuberculosis DOWDEN Aubrey M C.O.E. 37 Seal Cove Hopewell
Feb. 21 Hopewell Tub. Meningitis DAWE Aubrey Harold L M C.O.E. 18 Hopewell Hopewell
Feb. 25 Seal Cove Pul. Tuberculosis BUTLER Mary Ann F C.O.E. 26 Seal Cove Hopewell
Mar. 28 Lower Gullies Paralysis DAWE Elizabeth F C.O.E. 64 Gullies Hopewell
Apl. 14 Holyrood Croup DWYER Patrick John M R.C. 5Mo. Holyrood Holyrood
May 12 Holyrood Old Age O'BRIEN Margaret F R.C. 94 Holyrood Holyrood
May 14 Holyrood Pul. Tuberculosis WALSH Catherine F R.C. 38 Holyrood Holyrood
May 15 Sydney N.S. Caught in Machinery LEWIS Gregory M R.C. 21 Holyrood Holyrood
May 23 Holyrood Spinal Meningitis DWYER Edward M R.C. 6 Holyrood Holyrood
June 04 Holyrood Diphtheria TARGETT Michael J M R.C. 6 Holyrood Holyrood
June 21 Holyrood Old Age HEALEY Thomas M R.C. 70 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl. 03 Chamberlains Heart Disease CHAYTOR Harriet F C.O.E. 78 Topsail Topsail
June 19 Insane Asylum Pul. Tuberculosis LYNCH Mary Ann F C.O.E. 48 Upper Is. Cove Topsail
June 27 Chamberlains Cancer/Stomach SQUIRES Elizabeth F C.O.E. 73 Chamberlains Topsail
May 19 Upper Gullies Nephritis SCOTT Emma F C.O.E. 81 Foxtrap Hopewell
Apl. 06 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis KENNEDY Florence F C.O.E. 44 Hibbs Lane Foxtrap
May 01 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Edward E M C.O.E. 8Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 31 Foxtrap Abscess/Lungs JONES Ann F C.O.E. 64 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 16 Gen'l. Hospital Hair[sic] Lip Operation NASH Margaret F R.C. 4Mo. Topsail Rd. Hr.Main Belvedere
June 09 Long Pond Tuberculosis DAWE Flora F Meth. 24 Long Pond Long Pond
July 10 Chamberlains Cancer HISCOCK William M C.O.E. 66 Chamberlains Topsail
Aug. 01 Chamberlains Convulsions TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth F C.O.E. 6Dys. Topsail Topsail
PAGE 121                  
July 05 Foxtrap Bronchitis RIDEOUT Jessie D F C.O.E. 7Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 22 Long Pond Tuberculosis/Leg TAYLOR Frederick M C.O.E. 38 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 22 Greeley Town Paralysis GREELEY Patience F C.O.E. 74 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 17 Foxtrap Thrush BUTLER Frank M C.O.E. 6Mo.? Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 25 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis RIDEOUT William M C.O.E.   Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 26 Middle Bight Colic/Intestines BUTLER Rebecca F C.O.E. 10Dy. Middle Bight Foxtrap
Aug. 27 Middle Bight Nephritis PATTON Robert M C.O.E. 70 Middle Bight Hopewell
June 27 Peach Town Still Birth GREELEY Blank M C.O.E. SB Peach Town Peach Town
Jan. 06 Avondale Child Birth NOWLAN Ann F R.C. 43 Avondale Avondale
Jan. 10 Avondale Old Age EZEKIEL Mary F R.C. 76 Avondale Avondale
Jan. 21 Avondale Pul. Tuberculosis NOWLAN William M R.C. 21 Avondale Avondale
Jan. 24 Avondale Heart Disease PARSLEY Maria F R.C. 48 Avondale Avondale
Feb. 01 On Railroad Heart Disease COSTELLO John M R.C. 56 Avondale Avondale
Feb. 10 Avondale Old Age WALSH Bridget F R.C. 80 Avondale Avondale
Feb. 10 Chapel's Cove Heart Failure SULLIVAN Patrick M R.C. 73 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
Feb. 20 U.S. America Pul. Tuberculosis DEVEREAUX Cecelia F R.C. 24 Avondale Avondale
May 03 Chapel's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis FEWER Mary F R.C. 22 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
June 08 Hr. Main Pul. Tuberculosis HICKS Joseph M R.C. 65 Hr. Main Avondale
June 14 Hr. Main Old Age WOODFORD Ann F R.C. 84 Chapel's Cove Avondale
July 12 Hr. Main Cancer WOODFORD Michael M R.C. 73 Hr. Main Avondale
July 16 Hr. Main Old Age HICKS Thomas M R.C. 84 Hr. Main Avondale
July 20 Avondale Pul. Tuberculosis O'BRIEN Johannah F R.C. 60 Hr. Main Avondale
July 25 Hr. Main Spine Trouble KELLY Richard M R.C. 1 Hr. Main Avondale
Aug. 14 Hr. Main Tub./Intestines KEATING Patrick M R.C. 28 Hr. Main Avondale
Sep. 10 Hr. Main Old Age SULLIVAN Cornelius M R.C. 75 Hr. Main Chapel's Cove
Sep. 15 St. John's Cerebral Hemorrhage & Fracture/Skull FEWER Michael M R.C. 61 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
Sep. 20 Avondale Not Given MURRAY Margaret F R.C. 9 Avondale Avondale
Dec. 30 G. Hospital Senile Decay SQUIRES Samuel M C.O.E. 75 St.Phillips Topsail
Nov. 06 Holyrood Senile Decay LEWIS James M R.C. 85 Holyrood Holyrood
Nov. 13 Holyrood Paralysis O'BRIEN Patrick M R.C. 81 Holyrood Holyrood
Nov. 19 Holyrood Old Age MORRISSEY William M R.C. 77 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 03 Holyrood Cancer/Tongue PENNEY Joseph M R.C. 76 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 14 Holyrood Arteriosclerosis O'NEILL Philip M R.C. 67 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 04 Peach Town Heart Failure FAGAN Selina F C.O.E. 68 Chamberlains Foxtrap
Oct. 30 Foxtrap Ch. Bronchitis FAGAN Annie Frances F C.O.E. 62 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov. 16 Middle Bight Convulsions PATTON Maria F C.O.E. 2 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec. 18 Middle Bight Injured in Birth FAGAN Samuel M C.O.E. 3Hr. Middle Bight Foxtrap
Nov. 21 Long Pond Nephritis TAYLOR William George M C.O.E. 10 Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec. 28 Long Pond Inflamation/Bowels ATKINS William M C.O.E. 79 Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec. 29 Long Pond Old Age BISHOP Henry? M C.O.E. 82 Long Pond Foxtrap
PAGE 122                  
Dec. 16 Long Pond Still Birth RIDEOUT Blank M C.O.E. SB Long Pond Long Pond
Oct. 19 Lower Gullies Heart Failure ANTHONY Mary Ann F C.O.E. 74   Hopewell
Oct. 19 Indian Pond Old Age MORGAN Susannah F C.O.E. 79   Hopewell
Nov. 20 Hopewell Broncho Pneumonia WARFORD Susannah F C.O.E. 72 Middle Bight Hopewell
Nov. 27 Lower Gullies Acute Nephritis SOMERTON Susannah F C.O.E. 35 Lower Gullies Hopewell
Dec. 02 Seal Cove Apoplexy BUTLER Naomi F C.O.E. 73 Seal Cove Hopewell
June 09 Long Pond Tuberculosis DAWE Flora F Meth. 24 Long Pond Long Pond
Jan. 27 Conception Old Age WADE Nicholas M R.C. 93 Conception Conception
Feb. 03 Conception Old Age BUCK Ann F R.C. 84 Conception Conception
Feb. 20 Conception Old Age ROTCHFORD Mary F R.C. 82 Conception Conception
Mar. 03 Collier's Influenza MCGRATH Patrick M R.C. 3Mo. Collier's Conception
Mar. 03 Collier's Influenza WALSH William M R.C. 6Mo. Collier's Conception
Apl. 03 Conception Old Age DALTON Mary F R.C. 73 Conception Conception
Apl. 12 Conception Tubercular CONNORS Patrick M R.C. 65 Conception Conception
Apl. 15? Conception Old Age KENNEDY Alice F R.C. 82 Conception Conception
Apl. 15? Collier's Old Age HEARN Michael M R.C. 80 Collier's Conception
May 08 Conception Kidney Disease O'TOOLE Thomas M R.C. 41 Conception Conception
May 08 Collier's Heart Disease WHELAN Bridget F R.C. 15 Collier's Conception
June 22 Conception Old Age KENNEDY Michael M R.C. 82 Conception Conception
Sep. 11 Conception Tuberculosis POWER Patrick M R.C. 18 Conception Conception
Sep. 27 Conception Convulsions WILLIAMS William M R.C. 1Wk? Conception Conception
Mar. 14 Collier's Convulsions POOLE Thomas M R.C. 12Dys Collier's Conception
May 15 Conception Old Age WALSH John M R.C. 73 Conception Conception
Aug. 27 Conception Child Birth MAHONEY Sarah F R.C. 26 Avondale Conception
Nov. 04 Collier's Asthma HEARN John M R.C. 69 Collier's Conception
Nov. 04 Collier's Prematurity MCDONALD Bridget F R.C. 3Dys. Collier's Conception
Nov. 07 Collier's Puerperal Fever MCDONALD Bridget F R.C. 36 Collier's Conception
Nov. 28 Conception Paralysis O'TOOLE Edward M R.C. 71 Conception Conception
Dec. 05 Bell Island Accidentaly Killed MURPHY Samuel M R.C. 58 Collier's Conception
Aug. 09 Collier's Prematurity CONWAY James M R.C. 1Dy. Collier's Conception
Aug. 13 Collier's Convulsions CONWAY Patrick M R.C. 5Dys. Collier's Conception
Mar. Topsail Convulsions HALLEY Edward P M R.C. 2Mo. Topsail Topsail
June 12 Long Pond Inf. Debility NOSEWORTHY Mary M F R.C. 4Mo. Long Pond Topsail
July 15 Topsail Old Age O'BRIEN William M R.C. 85 Topsail Topsail
July 18 St. John's Internal Disease O'BRIEN Richard M R.C. 41 Topsail Topsail
Sep. 08 Sanitorium, St. John's Tuberculosis O'BRIEN Richard M R.C. 23 Topsail Topsail
Dec. 08 Waterford Bridge Rd. Drowned WHITE Florence F R.C. 20 Hr. Main Hr. Main
Oct. 14 Hr. Main Tuberculosis Spine KENNEDY Mary Ann F R.C. 22 Hr. Main Avondale
Nov. 20 Hr. Main Tuberculosis WOODFORD Mary Rose F R.C. 21 Hr. Main Avondale
PAGE 124                  
Feb. 25 Hr. Main Child Birth DOODY Margaret F R.C. 33 St. John's Mt.Carmel St.John's
Jan. 28 Chamberlains Nephritis SQUIRES Elijah M C.O.E. 91 St. Phillip's Topsail
Feb. 20 Manuels Heart Disease MORGAN Hezekial M C.O.E. 67 Manuels Topsail
Mar. 26 Manuels Bronchitis SNOW Julia Ellen F C.O.E. 55 Manuels Foxtrap
Jan. 21 Long Pond Bronchitis DAWE Sarah F C.O.E. 88 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Feb. 12 Greeley Town Old Age GREELEY Jacob M C.O.E. 82 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 13 Long Pond Ch. Bronchitis GREENSLADE Peter M C.O.E. 76 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jan. 04 Indian Pond Injury at Birth MORGAN Eleanor F C.O.E. 9Dys. Indian Pond Hopewell
Jan. 16 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis MORGAN Beatrice F C.O.E. 32 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Jan. 29 Seal Cove Cong. Debility DAWE Clarence M C.O.E. 8Dys. Seal Cove Hopewell
Feb. 22 Insane Asylum Mania Depressive MORGAN Richard M C.O.E. 74 Hopewell Hopewell
Feb. 23 Seal Cove Cong. Debility BUTLER Robert M C.O.E. 7Mo? Seal Cove Hopewell
Jan. 13 Holyrood Convulsions HEALEY Mary Ellen F R.C. 1Dy. Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. 11 Woodford's Pul. Tuberculosis WOODFORD Kathleen F R.C. 21 Woodford Holyrood
Mar. 17 Holyrood Killed by Train BARRON Lawrence M R.C. 68 Holyrood Holyrood
Jan. 23 Chamberlains Old Age BUTLER Jabez M Meth. 89   Topsail
May 22 Holyrood Congestion/Lungs TARGETT Joseph M R.C. 63 Holyrood Holyrood
May 26 Gen'l. Hospital Cardiac Syncope KILEY Thomas M R.C. 61 Holyrood Holyrood
June 20 Holyrood Dropsy PENNEY Anastatia F R.C. 44 Holyrood Holyrood
June 26 Holyrood Kidney Disease KILEY James M R.C. 62 Holyrood Holyrood
June 20 Maryvale Prematurity SHEA Michael M R.C. 1Dy. Maryvale Brigus
Apl. 13 Long Pond Cong. Debility CHAYTOR Albert M C.O.E. 2Dys. Long Pond Topsail
May 13 Chamberlains Cancer/Stomach SQUIRES Adelaide F C.O.E. 75 Topsail Topsail
May 24 Long Pond Tetanus PORTER Alfred M C.O.E. 7 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 05 Middle Bight Cong. Debility FAGAN Emma F C.O.E. 14Dys Middle Bight Foxtrap
June 24 Foxtrap Paralysis PATTON Patience F C.O.E. 73 Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 03 Holyrood Kidney Disease O'ROURKE Michael M R.C. 74 Holyrood Holyrood
July 24 Holyrood Old Age KILEY Bridget F R.C. 94 Avondale Holyrood
Aug. 03 Holyrood Pericious Anemia DWYER Matthew M R.C. 36 Spaniard's Bay Holyrood
Aug. 18 Holyrood Old Age HAWCO Bridget F R.C. 75 Chapel Cove Holyrood
Sep. 01 Holyrood Old Age BARRETT Thomas M R.C. 76 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 11 Holyrood Old Age BYRNE? Ellen F R.C. 85 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 19 Chamberlains Convulsions SQUIRES Marjorie F C.O.E. 5Mo. Chamberlains Topsail
July 03 Foxtrap Nephritis BUTLER Mary F C.O.E. 57 Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 04 Long Pond Ch. Bronchitis TAYLOR James John M C.O.E. 77 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 06 Greeley Town Tub. Peritonitis GREELEY Daniel M C.O.E. 17 Greeley Town Foxtrap
Aug. 02 Foxtrap Convulsions BATTON Mary E F C.O.E. 14Dy? Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 25 St. John's Prematurity TILLEY John M C.O.E. 8Min? St. John's Foxtrap
Aug. 12 Long Pond Pul. Tuberculosis RIDEOUT Richard M C.O.E. 64 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 13 Foxtrap Paralysis BUTLER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 53 Foxtrap Foxtrap
PAGE 125                  
Aug. 20 Kelligrews Summer Cholera DAWE Linda Eileen F C.O.E. 3Mo. Kelligrews Foxtrap
Aug. 22 Peach Town Summer Cholera PEACH Emma Lilian F C.O.E. 9Mo. Peach Town Foxtrap
Aug. 27 Long Pond Summer Cholera EASON? Roy M C.O.E. 6Mo. Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 28 Long Pond Broncho Pneumonia JEFFORD Hayward N M C.O.E. 1Y/4M Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 30 Foxtrap Heart Failure BUTLER Reuben M C.O.E. 75 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 15 Foxtrap Heart Failure JONES William M C.O.E. 73 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 23 Long Pond Heart Failure PORTER Alfred M C.O.E. 54 Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep. 27 Long Pond Malnutrition KENNEDY James P M C.O.E. 1Mo. Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep. 28 Long Pond Summer Cholera RIDEOUT Jessie M F C.O.E. 13Mo. Long Pond Foxtrap
July 01 Upper Gullies Heart Failure COATES Eliza F C.O.E. 73 Hr. Buffett Hopewell
July 16 Hopewell Old Age DAWE Emma F C.O.E. 83 Hr. Buffett Hopewell
Aug. 01 Middle Bight Pul. Tuberculosis KENNEDY Alice M F C.O.E. 36 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Aug. 28 Seal Cove Summer Cholera DAWE Maxwell M C.O.E. 2Mo. Seal Cove Hopewell
Sep. 02 Upper Gullies Dysentery COATES Cyril G M C.O.E. 9Mo. Upper Gullies Hopewell
Sep. 29 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis JONES George M C.O.E. 45 Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 11 Long Pond Drowning ATKINS Augustus M S.Army 25 Long Pond  
Sep. 01 Maryvale Whooping Cough POWER Thomas M R.C. 18Mo. North River Brigus
Sep. 12 Maryvale Whooping Cough FOWLER Mary Dorothy F R.C. 5Mo. Maryvale Brigus
Feb. 26 Hr. Main Hemorrhage DALTON Veronica F R.C. 1Mo. Hr. Main Avondale
Mar. 09 Hr. Main Puerperal Fever DOODY Margaret F R.C. 34 St. John's St. John's
Mar. 15 Hr. Main Puerperal Fever ANTHONY Maria F R.C. 32 Avondale Avondale
Apl. 05 Hr. Main Meningitis WOODFORD Mary M F R.C. 9 Hr. Main Avondale
Apl. 10 Gen. Hospital Cerebral? Tumor MYERS Agnes F R.C. 35 Bell Island Avondale
Apl. 17 Hr. Main Old Age LA COUR Constance F R.C. 89 Hr. Main Avondale
May 19 Chapel's Cove Sore Throat HICKEY Mary F R.C. 3 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
June 08 Hr. Main Natural Causes WOODFORD Margaret F R.C. 24 Hr. Main Avondale
July 16 Boston Tuberculosis HICKS Theresa F R.C. 27 Hr. Main Boston
Aug. 02 Avondale Heart Failure PENNEY John M R.C. 58 Avondale Avondale
Aug. 10 USA Electrocuted CANTWELL John M R.C. 50 USA Avondale
Aug. 31 Avondale Cancer BROWN Margaret F R.C. 76 Avondale Avondale
Aug. 31 Hr. Main Pul. Tuberculosis SULLIVAN Mary F R.C. 12 Avondale Avondale
Sep. 01 Avondale Old Age MASON Philip M R.C. 74 Avondale Avondale
Sep. 20 Hr. Main Puerperal Fever HICKS Rita F R.C. 21 Chapel's Cove Avondale
Sep. 20 Hr. Main Brain Fever COSTIGAN Gerald M R.C. 8 Hr. Main Avondale
Jan. 05 1 Spence Street Old Age VEITCH Ellen F R.C. 81 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 15 G. Hospital Pleural Effusion WALL Joseph P M R.C. 19 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 05 Maryvale Old Age BARTLETT Bridget F R.C. 95 Maryvale Brigus
Oct. 12 Topsail Diabetes SNOW Harry Francis M C.O.E. 44 St. John's Topsail
Oct. 26 Paradise Myocarditis DROVER Josiah M C.O.E. 68 Upper Is. Cove Topsail
Dec. 19 Chamberlains Old Age SQUIRES Ann F C.O.E. 81 Topsail Topsail
PAGE 126                  
Nov. 03? Holyrood Jaundice MALONEY Mary F R.C. 76 Holyrood Holyrood
Nov. 17 Holyrood Bronchitis TARGETT Mary Ann F R.C. 52 Colliers Holyrood
Nov. 30 Holyrood Old Age WALSH Ann F R.C. 78 Colliers Hr. Main
Dec. 12 Holyrood Pul. Tuberculosis O'BRIEN Michael M R.C. 61 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 29 Holyrood Diphtheria PENNEY Ethel F R.C. 2Y/6M St.John's Holyrood
Dec. 30 Salmonier Road Heart Failure WALSH Maud F R.C. 38 Holyrood Holyrood
May 01 Bell Island Killed in Mines DWYER Walter M R.C. 20 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Sep. 22 Kelligrews Old Age DWYER Edward M R.C. 79 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Oct. 16 Topsail Old Age DUFF Mary F R.C. 65 Topsail Topsail
Dec. 13 Topsail Old Age GEEHAN Richard M R.C. 98 Topsail Topsail
Oct. 11 Long Pond Tuberculosis GREENSLADE Dora F C.O.E. 23 Bonaventure TB Foxtrap
Oct. 24 Middle Bight Pul. Tuberculosis KENNEDY Maria F C.O.E. 70 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov. 03 Long Pond Old Age MORGAN Patience F C.O.E. 74 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 27 Foxtrap Bowel Trouble FAGAN Joseph M C.O.E. 69 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Oct. 08 Upper Gullies Pul. Tuberculosis MORGAN Florence F C.O.E. 20 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Dec. 27 Upper Gullies Tub. Meningitis SCOTT Ethel F C.O.E. 18 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Dec. 29 Upper Gullies Haemorrhage ANTHONY Walter M C.O.E. 8 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Jan. 02 Conception Old Age CURRAN Frances F R.C. 74 Conception Hopewell
Jan. 12 Conception Convulsions MAHONEY Michael M R.C. 2Mo. Conception Conception
Feb. 04 Conception Inf. Debility TREHAY Margaret F R.C. 1Y/6M Conception Conception
Feb. 17 Conception Exposure LEWIS Robert M R.C. 17 Conception Conception
Feb. 17 Colliers Cancer/Stomach CONWAY Patrick M R.C. 49 Colliers Conception
Feb. 23 Colliers Abdominal Tuberculosis COLE James M R.C. 55 Colliers Conception
Apl. 28 Colliers Old Age WHALEN James M R.C. 78 Colliers Conception
May 11 Conception Meningitis WADE Margaret F R.C. 11 Conception Conception
June 09 Conception   COLE Freemantius? M R.C. 23 Conception Conception
July 23 Conception Stomach Trouble KANE Thomas M R.C. 63 Conception Conception
Aug. 22 Conception Pul. Tuberculosis WADE Frances F R.C. 48 Conception Conception
Aug. 28 Conception Old Age CURRAN John M R.C. 74 Conception Conception
Aug. 28 Conception Stomach Trouble KENNEDY Martin M R.C. 68 Conception Conception
Sep. 03 Conception Stomach Trouble LEWIS John M R.C. 38 Conception Conception
Sep. 23 Conception Convulsions ST.JOHN James M R.C. 2 Conception Conception
Sep. 01 Colliers Heart Failure MCGRATH Jane F R.C. 86 Colliers Conception
Sep. 10 Colliers Spinal Trouble GHANEY Johanna F R.C. 4 Colliers Conception
Sep. 28 Conception Puerperal Fever GUSHUE Bride F R.C. 30 Hr. Main Conception
Oct. 27 Conception Whooping Cough ST.JOHN Richard M R.C. 7Mo. Conception Conception
Nov. 01 Conception Whooping Cough LARACY Margaret F R.C. 3 Conception Conception
Nov. 21 Colliers Cancer MERRIGAN Johanna F R.C. 79 Colliers Conception
Nov. 22 Conception Whooping Cough KENNY Agnes F R.C. 3Mo. Colliers Conception
Dec. 02 Conception Whooping Cough KENNY James M R.C. 3Mo. Colliers Conception
PAGE 128                  
Jan. 17 Topsail Natural Causes HIBBS Marjorie F C.O.E. 1Day Topsail Topsail
Jan. 02 Greeley Town Scarlet Fever GREELEY Flora Belle F C.O.E. 4 Greeley Town Foxtrap
Jan. 07 Middle Bight Cong. Debility STAINES? Walter M C.O.E. 5M/2W Middle Bight Foxtrap
Feb. 03 Kelligrews Old Age BISHOP James M C.O.E. 78 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Feb. 05 Long Pond Heart Failure PORTER Lilian P F C.O.E. 36 Long Pond Foxtrap
Feb. 11 Foxtrap Heart Disease BATTEN Elizabeth F C.O.E. 67 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 18 Long Pond Pul. Tuberculosis JEFFORD Eleazor M C.O.E. 45 Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar. 30 Indian Pond Old Age BISHOP Julia F C.O.E. 84 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jan. 08 Lower Gullies Pneumonia ANTHONY Susannah F C.O.E. 54 Lower Gullies Hopewell
Feb. 16 Holyrood Pul. Tuberculosis KELLY Kathleen F R.C. 6 Holyrood Holyrood
Feb. 20 Holyrood Heart Failure WALSH Maud F R.C. 36 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. 15 Holyrood Nephritis PENNEY Hubert M R.C. 16 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl. 20 Holyrood Asthma LEWIS Lucy F R.C. 72 Hr. Main Holyrood
Apl. 26 Holyrood Diphtheria TAYLOR Margaret F R.C. 11 Holyrood Holyrood
May Duffs Old Age DUFF James M R.C. 76 Holyrood Holyrood
June 27 Holyrood Old Age O'NEILL Mary F R.C. 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl. 19 Paradise Scarlet Fever PARSONS Ambrose M C.O.E. 4 Paradise Topsail
June 12 Topsail Cancer/Intestines SNOW Elijah M C.O.E. 75 Topsail Topsail
Apl. 11 Long Pond Pneumonia PORTER William M C.O.E. 62 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl. 16 Long Pond Pneumonia RIDEOUT Jean F C.O.E. 15Mo. Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl. 18 Greeley Town Meningitis GREELEY Abram M C.O.E. 22 Greeley Town Foxtrap
Apl. 26 Foxtrap Pleurisy BUTLER Albert M C.O.E. 43 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl. 26 Long Pond B. Pneumonia DAWE Horatio M C.O.E. 1 Long Pond Foxtrap
May 07 Peach Town B. Pneumonia PEACH Wilson M C.O.E. 2Mo. Peach Town Foxtrap
May 13 Long Pond Pneumonia DAWE James John M C.O.E. 88 Long Pond Foxtrap
May 23 Long Pond Convulsions RIDEOUT Job H M C.O.E. 15Dys. Long Pond Foxtrap
May 24 Long Pond Heart Failure CHRISTOPHER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 72 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 10 Foxtrap B. Pneumonia PATTEN Jacob M C.O.E. 2M/2W Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl. 22 Kelligrews Dropsy DAWE Jane F C.O.E. 73 Lower Gullies Hopewell
May 11 Upper Gullies Cancer/Bowels ANDREWS Garland M C.O.E. 62 Upper Gullies Hopewell
May 20 Gullies Convulsions DAWE Frank M C.O.E. 3Mo. Hopewell Hopewell
June 13 Lower Gullies Anaemia ANTHONY Eliza F C.O.E. 12 Lower Gullies Hopewell
June 11 Bay Roberts Heart Failure DAWE Mary Jane F C.O.E. 73 Upper Gullies Hopewell
June 24 Seal Cove Still Birth SEYMOUR   M C.O.E. SB Seal Cove Hopewell
May 30 Long Pond Still Birth RIDEOUT   F C.O.E. SB Long Pond Foxtrap
June 11 Long Pond Still Birth KENNEDY   M C.O.E. SB Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl. 11 St.Thomas Angina Pectoris TRAVERS Richard M R.C. 80 Ragged Hr. St.Thomas
July 27 Maryvale Paralysis CROKE Thomas M R.C. 79 Maryvale Brigus
Aug. 06 Maryvale Pul. Tuberculosis RYAN Patrick M R.C. 73 Maryvale Brigus
Aug. 20 Maryvale Diarrhaea POWER Margaret F R.C. 5Mo. Maryvale Brigus
PAGE 129                  
July 09 Holyrood Old Age WALSH Bridget F R.C. 68 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug. 27 Holyrood Nephritis PENNEY Sarah F R.C. 38 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 02 Holyrood Old Age WALL Martin M R.C. 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 20 Holyrood Old Age KELLY Ellen F R.C. 74 Holyrood Holyrood
June 12 Topsail Cancer SNOW Elijah M C.O.E. 75 Topsail Topsail
Aug. 18 Topsail Acute Rheumatism PITTMAN Minnie F C.O.E. 25 Tilt Cove Topsail
July 06 Seal Cove Acc. Killed ANDREWS David R M C.O.E. 29 Upper Gullies Hopewell
July 31 Seal Cove   MORGAN Esther F C.O.E. 59   Hopewell
July 19 Middle Bight Convulsions TAYLOR Sarah F C.O.E. 7Dys. Middle Bight Foxtrap
Aug. 11 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis PATTEN Elizabeth E F C.O.E. 58 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 14 Foxtrap Paralysis BATTEN Rachel F C.O.E. 93 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 21 Middle Bight Inf. Debility BUTLER Harold M C.O.E. 1Day Middle Bight Foxtrap
Sep. 05 Long Pond Convulsions RIDEOUT Eliol M C.O.E. 5Dys. Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep. 08 Foxtrap Old Age DELANEY Emma F C.O.E. 86 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 27 Middle Bight Summer Cholera FAGAN Reta Minnie F C.O.E. 1 St. John's Foxtrap
July 17 Long Pond Still Birth FAGAN   M C.O.E. SB Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct. 23 Chamberlains Paralysis METCALF Thomas M C.O.E. 70 Chamberlains Topsail
Nov. 13 Chamberlains Whooping Cough BENNETT Isabel F C.O.E. 7Mo. Chamberlains Topsail
Nov. 26 Chamberlains Convulsions METCALF Adolphus M C.O.E. 1Day Chamberlains Topsail
Dec. 08 Chamberlains Convulsions METCALF Leonard M C.O.E. 13Dys. Chamberlains Topsail
Apl. 22 Hr. Main Brain Fever WOODFORD Mary F R.C. 43 Hr. Main Avondale
Apl. 28 Chapel's Cove Old Age WALSH Ellen F R.C. 83 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
Apl. 29 Hr. Main Typhoid Fever LA COUR Kathleen F R.C. 14 Hr. Main Avondale
May 18 Chapel's Cove Typhoid Fever LANNON Thomas M R.C. 22 Chapel's Cove Chapel's Cove
May 23 Hr. Main Old Age DALTON Alice F R.C. 76 Hr. Main Avondale
July 29 Hr. Main Consumption PENNY John M R.C. 26 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct. 03 Hr. Main Old Age MULLOWNEY John M R.C. 79 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct. 12 Chapel's Cove Sore Throat HAWCO Mary F R.C. 9 Chapel's Cove Avondale
Nov. 09 Gastus Pneumonia ST. JOHN William M R.C. 20 Avondale Avondale
May 26 Avondale Old Age NOWLAN Philip M R.C. 80 Avondale Avondale
June 04 Avondale Consumption ANTHONY James M R.C. 70 Avondale Avondale
May 26 Avondale Consumption DOYLE Thomas M R.C. 72 Avondale Avondale
Aug. 21 Avondale Old Age MASON Anastatia F R.C. 75 Avondale Avondale
Sep. 29 Avondale Consumption COSTELLO Mary F R.C. 19 Avondale Avondale
Oct. 15 Avondale Convulsions DOYLE Katherine F R.C. 1Mo. Avondale Avondale
Nov. 02 English Cove Old Age KEOUGH Thomas M R.C. 81 English Hr. Brigus
Nov. 17 Maryvale Convulsions POWER Bridget F R.C. 1Day Maryvale Brigus
Dec. 15? Maryvale Convulsions MORIARITY John M R.C. 11Dys. Maryvale Brigus
Nov. 04 Holyrood Old Age O'ROURKE Elizabeth F R.C. 84 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 27 G. Hospital   KENNEDY Patrick M R.C. 42 Holyrood Chapel's Cove
PAGE 130                  
Feb. 09 Kelligrews Old Age NUGENT Edward M R.C. 77 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Mar. 06 Bell Island   METCALFE Mary F R.C. 12 Chamberlains Topsail
Apl. 23 Kelligrews Old Age WALSH Mary F R.C. 96 Kelligrews Kelligrews
May 08 Long Pond Prematurity NOSEWORTHY William B M R.C. 17Dys. Long Pond Topsail
May 08 Long Pond Prematurity NOSEWORTHY Richard J M R.C. 17Dys. Long Pond Topsail
Nov. 24 Kelligrews Child Birth DAWE Mary F R.C. 38 Holyrood Kelligrews
Dec. 30 Bell Island Old Age FLANNERY Mary F R.C. 98 Topsail Topsail
Oct. 09 Middle Bight Internal Growth HAINES John M C.O.E. 85 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Oct. 14 St. John's Cardiorenal TILLEY Sarah F C.O.E. 47 Port de Grave Foxtrap
Nov. 09 Long Pond Heart Failure RIDEOUT Abraham M C.O.E. 69 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 15 Foxtrap Old Age BUTLER Abijah M C.O.E. 76 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Dec. 15 St. John's Typhoid Fever BUTLER Wilson E M C.O.E. 10 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec. 26 Long Pond Bronchitis RIDEOUT Dora F C.O.E. 2 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 13 Manuels Still Birth ELLIOTT   F C.O.E. SB Manuels Foxtrap
Oct. 04 Hopewell Pul. Tuberculosis SCOTT Noah M C.O.E. 37 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Oct. 21 Hopewell Old Age DAWES Emma F C.O.E. 76 Port de Grave Hopewell
Nov. 12 Upper Gullies Old Age PATTEN Sarah Jane F C.O.E. 76 Middle Bight Hopewell
Dec. 14 Hopewell Inflammation DAWE Roy M R.C. 3 Hopewell Hopewell
Jan. 04 Conception Tuberculosis KELLY Michael M R.C. 21 Conception Conception
Mar. 06 Conception Old Age CURRAN Johanna F R.C. 86 Colliers Conception
Mar. 31 Colliers Heart Disease MURPHY John M R.C. 83 Colliers Conception
Apl. 25 Colliers Heart Failure MURPHY Thomas M R.C. 77 Colliers Conception
Apl. 30 Colliers Paralysis RYAN Edward M R.C. 68 Colliers Conception
May 21 USA Accidental CONWAY Lawrence M R.C. 21 Colliers Conception
July 02 Bacon Cove Old Age COLE John M R.C. 81 Bacon Cove Conception
Aug. 06 Conception Tuberculosis ST. JOHN Annie F R.C. 20 Bacon Cove Conception
Sep. 04 Colliers Stomach Trouble CONWAY Michael M R.C. 54 Colliers Conception
Sep. 21 Conception Old Age DONOVAN Cornelius M R.C. 76 Conception Conception
Sep. 19 Colliers Heart Disease BURKE Ellen F R.C. 70 Kitchues? Conception
Oct. 09 Conception Convulsions TREHEY Margaret F R.C. 12Dys. Conception Conception
Oct. 12 Conception Convulsions TREHEY John T M R.C. 15Dys. Conception Conception
Oct. 09 Colliers Old Age WALSH Michael M R.C. 85 Conception Conception
Nov. 05 Conception Heart Failure MASON Mary Ann F R.C. 68 Conception Conception
Nov. 03 Colliers Inf. Debility BURKE William M R.C. 1Y/6M Colliers Conception
Aug. 12 Conception Tuberculosis KENNY Robert M R.C. 18 Colliers Conception
Nov. 27 Colliers   HEARN Michael M R.C. 48 Colliers Conception
Dec. 05 Conception Old Age CORBETT Stephen M R.C. 83 Chapel Cove Conception
Aug. 21 Sanatorium Tuberculosis HEALEY Walter M R.C. 25   Maryvale
July 30 G. Hospital Intestinal Obs'n PENNEY Catherine F R.C. 28   Chapel's Cove
The following pages are damaged, numbers are gone
Jan. 08 Chamberlains Heart Disease BARNES Martha F C.O.E. 79 Topsail Topsail
Jan. 10 Topsail Still Birth BARNES   F C.O.E. SB Topsail Topsail
Jan. 10 Foxtrap Carcinoma/Stomach PICCO Rebecca F C.O.E. 55 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Jan. 27 Middle Bight Pul. Tuberculosis PATTEN Mary Emma F C.O.E. 40 Hopewell Foxtrap
Jan. 29 Long Pond Miningitis PORTER William M C.O.E. 1Y/5M Long Pond Foxtrap
Feb. 11 Long Pond Bronchitis PORTER Elizabeth Jane F C.O.E. 48 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 09 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis RIDEOUT Robert J M C.O.E. 11 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 19 Foxtrap Malignant Disease /Liver BUSSEY Theresa F C.O.E. 65? Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 20 Middle Bight Dropsy BUTLER Samuel M C.O.E. 83 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Mar. 31 Foxtrap Cong. Debility BUTLER William C M C.O.E. 1Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl. 10 Manuels Old Age SMITH William M C.O.E. 83 Manuels Topsail
May 17 St. John's Nephritis CHAYTOR Julia F C.O.E. 51 Chamberlains Topsail
Apl. 07 Paradise Inf. Debility SHARPE Baby? M C.O.E. 4Dys. Paradise Topsail
June 03 Maryvale Convulsions HAYSE Angela F R.C. 14Dys. Maryvale Brigus
June 19 Colliers Pul. Tuberculosis FLYNN Ann F R.C. 34 Brigus Brigus
Apl. 29 Long Pond Old Age EASON Patience F C.O.E. 76 Long Pond Foxtrap
May 08 Long Pond Paralysis BISHOP Grace F C.O.E. 71 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 13 Foxtrap Cardiac Disease PATTEN Jacob M C.O.E. 67 Foxtrap Foxtrap
June 16 Long Pond Bronchitis RIDEOUT Esther F C.O.E. 76 Up. Gullies Foxtrap
June 29 Foxtrap Croup METCALF Moses M C.O.E. 6Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl. 02 Indian Pond Old Age MORGAN Henry? M C.O.E. 78 Port de Grave Hopewell
Apl. 12 Lance Cove Paralysis MORGAN Dinah F C.O.E. 83 The Beaches Hopewell
Apl. 26 Lower Gullies Convulsions ANTHONY Harold M C.O.E. 1 Lower Gullies Hopewell
Jan. 20 Holyrood Old Age CRAWLEY Anna F R.C. 84 Holyrood Holyrood
Jan. 27 Holyrood Cancer/Stomach WALSH Thomas M R.C. 61 Holyrood Holyrood
Feb. 11 Holyrood Old Age MORRISSEY John M R.C. 82 Holyrood Holyrood
Feb. 20 Holyrood Old Age LEWIS Philip M R.C. 96 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. Holyrood Nephritis CUNNINGHAM Richard M R.C. 60 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl. 01 Holyrood Pul. Tuberculosis SULLIVAN Dominic M R.C. 19 Hr. Main Holyrood
Apl. 03 Holyrood Paralysis MACKEY Thomas M R.C. 65 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl. 14 Holyrood Old Age BESSO Martha F R.C. 85 Chapel Cove Holyrood
May 02 Holyrood Old Age MORRISSEY Patrick M R.C. 82 Holyrood Holyrood
May 13 Holyrood Influenza MILMO Mary F R.C. 34 Holyrood Holyrood
May 16 Holyrood Pneumonia FLEMMING Elizabeth F R.C. 44 Chapel Cove Holyrood
May 21 Holyrood Bronchitis WALSH Elizabeth F R.C. 62 Holyrood Holyrood
June 03 Holyrood Old Age BROPHY Michael M R.C. 81 Holyrood Holyrood
June 16 Holyrood Convulsions DUNPHY Patrick M R.C. 2Mo. Holyrood Holyrood
June 21 Holyrood Cancer/Liver WALSH Catherine F R.C. 49 Hr. Main Hr. Main
PAGE ???                  
Apl. 05 Long Pond Blank BUTLER Pearl F Meth. 6 Long Pond Long Pond
July 05 Chamberlains Convulsions MERCER Charles M C.O.E. 8Dys. Chamberlains Topsail
Aug. 09 Manuels Heart Disease NOBLE Melina F C.O.E. 76 Hr. Grace Topsail
Sep. 16 Chamberlains Paralysis FOWLER Rebecca F C.O.E. 76 Chamberlains Topsail
Sep. 25 Chamberlains Cystitis FOWLER Joseph M C.O.E. 70 Chamberlains Topsail
Aug. 15 Lower Gullies Convulsions MORGAN William M C.O.E. 9Dys. Lower Gullies Hopewell
Sep. ?? Gen'l Hospital Myocarditis ANDREWS Charles M C.O.E. 77 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Sep. 22 Lower Gullies Puerperal Septicemia? ANTHONY Ruth F C.O.E. 40 Foxtrap Hopewell
Aug. 04 Kelligrews Influenza HODDER Dela? T F C.O.E. 1 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Aug. 08 Foxtrap Pul. Tuberculosis DELANEY Violet F C.O.E. 21 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 11 Kelligrews Child Birth DAWE Rhoda F C.O.E. 35 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 20 Peach Town Cong. Debility CABLE William M C.O.E. 30Min. Peach Town Foxtrap
Aug. 27 Long Pond Burns PORTER Samuel M C.O.E. 9 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 28 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Marie F C.O.E. 3Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 29 Foxtrap Cong. Debility BATTEN William M C.O.E. 2Dys. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 05 Middle Bight Bronchitis PETTEN? Henry M C.O.E. 66 Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep. 06 Foxtrap Apoplexy PETTEN? William T M C.O.E. 71 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 12 Middle Bight Convulsions FAGAN Edgar W M C.O.E. 1Mo. Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 06 Lower Gullies Still Birth MORGAN   F C.O.E. SB Lower Gullies Hopewell
Aug. 11 Kelligrews Still Birth DAWE   F C.O.E. SB Kelligrews Foxtrap
Nov. 06 Maryvale Convulsions RYAN Bridget F R.C. Min.? Maryvale Brigus
Nov. 29 Maryvale Convulsions HAYSE James M R.C. 1Dy. Maryvale Brigus
Dec. 28 Maryvale Old Age HEDDERSON Jacob M R.C. 85 Maryvale Brigus
Mar. 02 Avondale Old Age LYONS James M R.C. 78 Avondale Avondale
Apl? 04? Avondale Pneumonia DEVEREAUX Cornelius M R.C. 52 Avondale Avondale
Apl? 10 Hr. Main Old Age MULLOWNEY Abigail F R.C. 79 Hr. Main Avondale
Apl? 26 Avondale Old Age FLANNIGAN John M R.C. 75 Avondale Avondale
Apl? 30 Avondale Meningitis KENNEDY Mary K? F R.C. 12 Avondale Avondale
June 10 Chapel's Cove Pneumonia HAWCO Dominic M R.C. 7Mo. Chapel Cove Chapel's Cove
June 11 Chapel's Cove Pneumonia TERRY Samuel M R.C. 9Y/6M Chapel Cove Chapel's Cove
June 15 Chapel's Cove Cancer/Stomach CONRAN Michael M R.C. 54 Chapel Cove Chapel's Cove
July 29 Hr. Main Heart Disease EZEKIEL Paul M R.C. 80 Hr. Main Avondale
  Avondale Drowning MOORE Thomas M R.C. 14 Avondale Avondale
  Avondale Drowning MOORE Patrick M R.C. 15 Avondale Avondale
  Avondale Old Age POWER Peter M R.C. 75 Avondale Avondale
  Avondale Convulsions EZEKIEL Mary F F R.C. 19Dys. Avondale Avondale
  Hr. Main Heart Disease MURRAY Walter M R.C. 69 Hr. Main Avondale
  Avondale Old Age MOORE Peter M R.C. 83 Avondale Avondale
  Avondale Old Age POWER James M R.C. 79 Avondale Avondale
  Avondale Old Age NOWLAN Agnes F R.C. 70 Avondale Avondale
PAGE 134                  
June 19 Hr. Main Consumption/Bowels LA COUR Mary Ann F R.C. 46 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct. 03 Chamberlains Cancer CHAYTOR Frederick M C.O.E. 67 Chamberlains Topsail
Nov. 23 Chamberlains Inf. Debility CHAYTOR Frederick M C.O.E. 3Mo. Chamberlains Topsail
Sep. 14 Holyrood Inf. Debility MALONEY James K M R.C. 1Dy. Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 12 Holyrood Heart Failure HARVEY Margaret F R.C. 73 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 19 Holyrood Pul. Tuberculosis PENNEY Hannah F R.C. 43 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 02 Middle Bight Typhoid Fever FOWLER Roy Cowan? M C.O.E. 17 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Oct. 28 Long Pond Inf. Debility PORTER Samuel M C.O.E. 2Mo. Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct. 29 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Hilda F C.O.E. 2M/2W Foxtrap Foxtrap
Oct. 18 Seal Cove Gun Accident MORGAN Augustus M C.O.E. 27 Seal Cove Hopewell
Nov. 30 Upper Gullies Absscess/Lung ANDREWS Lavinia F C.O.E. 78 Middle Bight Hopewell
Dec. 05 Lower Gullies Paralysis DAWE Benjamin M C.O.E. 73 Lower Gullies Hopewell
Dec. 05 Upper Gullies Cancer/Stomach SCOTT Mary Jane F C.O.E. 77   Hopewell
Dec. 15* G. Hospital Ac. Appendicitis SCOTT Eric M C.O.E. 4Y/6M   Hopewell
* The above date & place of death scratched out.*
Sep. 07 Long Pond Summer Sickness TAYLOR Violet Jean F S.Army 5 Long Pond Long Pond
Jan. 12 Conception Kidney Disease KENNEDY Mary Ann F R.C. 72   Conception
Feb. 19 Conception Pneumonia LEARY John M R.C. 62   Conception
Mar. 26 Colliers Heart Failure MCDONALD William M R.C. 86   Conception
May 02 Colliers Tuberculosis WALSH Henry? M R.C. 22   Conception
June 03 Colliers Paralysis DOYLE Margaret F R.C. 78   Conception
June 06 Colliers Inf. Debility MCGRATH James M R.C. 4   Conception
July 30 Bacon Cove Heart Failure WHITE Nicholas M R.C. 68   Conception
Sep. 11 Colliers Old Age HEARN Bridget F R.C. 74   Conception
Sep. 25 Colliers Tuberculosis WALSH Daniel M R.C. 20   Conception
Oct. 06 Colliers Convulsions WHELAN Michael M R.C. 1Mo.   Conception
Oct. 29 Conception Convulsions MAHONEY James M R.C. 5Dys.   Conception
Nov. 16 Conception Tuberculosis LEWIS Agnes F R.C. 23   Conception
Nov. 07 Colliers Convulsions MCGRATH Patrick M R.C. 4Mo.   Conception
Nov. 28 Conception Old Age WHELAN Mary F R.C. 78   Conception
Dec. 09 Conception Tuberculosis KELLY Patrick M R.C. 31   Conception
Sep. 09 Conception Bronchitis MURPHY Mary F R.C. 70   Conception
Dec. 13 Conception Tuberculosis COSTELLO Annie F R.C. 20   Conception
Apl. 19* Field Hospital* Nephritis PENNEY Michael M R.C. 18 Hr. Main Hr. Main
* The above date & place of death scratched out.*
Apl. 22* St. John's* Pul. Tuberculosis O'SULLIVAN Michael M R.C. 16 Avondale Avondale
* The above date & place of death scratched out.*
June 22* Grace Hospital* Carcinoma/Liver LEWIS Katherine F R.C. 51   Holyrood
* The above date & place of death scratched out.*
Sep. 22* St.Clairs* Gastritis STAPLETON Edith F R.C. 16 St. Thomas Horse? Cove
* The above date & place of death scratched out.*
Jan. 02 Topsail   BOGGAN Catherine F R.C.   Topsail Topsail
Mar. 03 Topsail Old Age O'BRIEN Mary F R.C.   Topsail Topsail
Mar. 12 Topsail   O'BRIEN Patrick M R.C. 45 Topsail Topsail
Dec. 17 Kelligrews Meningitis NUGENT Robert M R.C. 12 Kelligrews Kelligrews
PAGE 135                  
Dec. 19 Topsail Old Age O'BRIEN Catherine F R.C. 79 Topsail Topsail
Dec. 04 St. Ann's Old Age WALSH Susanna F R.C. 72 St. Ann's Topsail
NOTE: The two pages (135 & 550) had different information for the entry of Susanna Walsh. Transcribed as written on the two pages.
PAGE 550                  
Dec. 19 Topsail Old Age O'BRIEN Catherine F R.C. 79 Topsail Topsail
Dec. 04 Topsail Old Age WALSH Susanna F R.C. 72 Topsail Topsail
Aug 26 Chappell's Arm No Entry REID Pearce M C of E 3 mos Chappell's Arm Chappell's Arm

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2012)

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