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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Carbonear District
1923 - 1926

Book 9
PAGES 193 - 203

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 193                
Jan-07 Victoria Heart Disease BUTT William Meth. 68 Victoria Victoria
Feb-26 Victoria Old Age DEAN Robert Meth. 80 Victoria Victoria
Mar-04 Victoria Pul. Tuberculosis VATERS Robert Meth. 23 Victoria Victoria
Jan-04 Carbonear Nephritis NICHOLL Abijah Meth. 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan Fredericton, N.B. Meningitis HOWELL William George Meth. 26 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-22 Carbonear Heart Disease BURDEN John Meth. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-24 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis HOWELL Ann Meth. 28 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-11 Carbonear Old Age OSMOND Edward Meth. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-13 Carbonear Nephritis ASH William Meth. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-25 Carbonear Old Age TAYLOR John Meth. 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-06 Carbonear Old Age BEMISTER Stella Meth. 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-06 Carbonear Old Age EMBERLEY Mrs. L.H. Meth. 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-08 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis BUTT George Meth. 36 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-03 Salmon Cove (no entry) (NO ENTRY) (no entry) - - - -
Apr-19 Victoria Tuberculosis PECKHAM Fanny Meth. 18 Victoria Victoria
Apr-23 Victoria Old Age STEPHENS John Meth. 87 Victoria Victoria
Apr-18 Victoria Cong. Debility LAMBERT Emily M. Meth. 5 dys Victoria Victoria
May-16 Victoria Influenza COLE Arthur Meth. 4 Victoria Victoria
May-31 Victoria Marasmus BURKE Clarence Meth. 16 mos Victoria Victoria
Jun-19 Victoria Marasmus MURRAY George Meth. 9 mos Victoria Victoria
Jan-17 Carbonear Nephritis BENNETT James W. C. of Eng. 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-10 Carbonear Carcinoma PIKE Emily M. C. of Eng. 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-23 Carbonear Haemoptysis MARSHALL George C. of Eng. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-04 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia DAVIS Doris M. Meth. 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-27 Carbonear Old Age ASH Mary Ann Meth. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
May-02 Carbonear Meningitis ASH Jean Lorraine Meth. 5 Carbonear Carbonear
May-15 Carbonear Laryngitis GILLESPIE Rhoda Meth. 41 Carbonear Carbonear
May-13 Cambridge, Mass. Pul. Tuberculosis FORWARD Stella Jane Meth. 29 Carbonear Carbonear
May-27 Insane Asylum Paralysis CHURCHILL Melina Meth. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-04 Carbonear Rectal Cancer GILLESPIE Moses C. Meth. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-12 Carbonear Paralysis HORWARD Elizabeth Meth. 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-23 Carbonear Bronchitis HOWELL Willis Meth. 6 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-30 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma PENNY Ambrose Meth. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-30 Carbonear Paralysis BUTT Emma Jane Meth. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Victoria Convulsions COLE Lloyd Meth. 10 (hrs?) Victoria Victoria
Sep-01 Victoria Angina Pectoris DEAN Susannah Meth. 82 Otterbury Victoria
Sep-04 Victoria Influenza PARSONS Alice Meth. 12 Victoria Victoria
Sep-06 Victoria Pul. Tuberculosis KING Julia Meth. 20 Victoria Victoria
Aug-12 Insane Asylum Dementia PARSONS Catherine Meth. 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-12 Carbonear Paralysis COLE Norman William Meth. 12 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 194                
Aug-28 Carbonear Paralysis GREY James V. Meth. 62 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-20 Carbonear Paralysis SIMMS Simon S. Army 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-15 Carbonear Old Age PECLEY James S. Army 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-23 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis MARSHALL Mrs. Charles S. Army 41 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-04 Victoria Paralysis CLARKE John W. Meth. 67 Carbonear Victoria
Oct-16 Victoria Bronchitis FRENCH Gerald Meth. 7 mos Victoria Victoria
Oct-31 Victoria Old Age CLARKE Henry Meth. 79 Victoria Victoria
Nov-23 Victoria Marasmus VATERS Irene Meth. 6 mos Victoria Victoria
Dec-03 Victoria Bronchitis BURKE Edward Meth. 78 Carbonear Victoria
Oct-04 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis BURKE Amelia C.P. Meth. 24 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-28 Carbonear Paralysis BURKE Joseph Meth. 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-30 Carbonear Old Age HOWELL Catherine Meth. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Old Age MORIARTY Daniel R. Cath. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Paralysis HOGAN John R. Cath. 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-11 Carbonear Old Age SWEENEY Mary Ann R. Cath. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-12 Carbonear Pneumonia HOGAN Teresa R. Cath. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-20 St. John's Old Age COMERFORD James R. Cath. 95 Carbonear Carbonear
May-21 Perry's Cove Pleurisy WHITE Catherine R. Cath. 28 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
May-22 Hearts Content Old Age PITTMAN Catherine R. Cath. 87 St. John's Hearts Content
Jun-20 Carbonear Old Age FINN Thomas R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-30 Carbonear Heart Disease O'GRADY Patrick R. Cath. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-30 Carbonear Convulsions MERRIGAN Mary R. Cath. 12 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-05 Carbonear Convulsions KENNEDY Mary R. Cath. 2 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-06 Carbonear Cancer Mouth COLBERT Patrick R. Cath. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-09 Carbonear Paralysis DOYLE Abigail R. Cath. 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-19 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis HOGAN Henry R. Cath. 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-20 Carbonear Cancer Mouth McCARTHY Charles S. R. Cath. 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-03 Carbonear cancer Stomach BUTT William R. Cath. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-05 Carbonear Convulsions KENNEDY Mary R. Cath. 10 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-18 Carbonear Old Age MORIARTY John R. Cath. 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-03 Carbonear Heart Disease McCARTHY Anastatia R. Cath. 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-15 Carbonear Cancer Stomach QUIN Mary R. Cath. 52 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-05 Carbonear Old Age FINN Leo Nathan Gertrude R. Cath. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-20 Carbonear Old Age COLE Elias Meth. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-16 Carbonear Paralysis FORWARD George F. C. of Eng. 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-17 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis COLBOURNE Florence C. of Eng. 20 Bristol's Hope Carbonear
Aug-31 Carbonear Marasmus CHIPMAN Lloyd C. of Eng. 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-09 Carbonear Influenza YOUNG Ellen M. C. of Eng. 6 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-22 Carbonear Paralysis PIKE William C. of Eng. 66 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-18 Spout Cove Convulsions TRICKETT Noami C. of Eng. 15 mos Spout Cove Spout Cove
NO PAGE 195                
PAGE 196                
Jan-21 Insane Asylum Senile Dementia PENNEY Richard Meth. 67 Victoria Victoria
Mar-23 Victoria Old Age COLE Fanny Meth. 79 Victoria Victoria
Jan-08 Carbonear Tub. Peritonitis FOGWELL Samuel Meth. 49 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-08 Carbonear Old Age HISCOCK William Meth. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-16 Carbonear Old Age ASH Joshua Meth. 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-23 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis WHITE Lenora Meth. 23 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-21 Carbonear Carcinoma Gastric BURDEN Mary Meth. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-05 Carbonear Meningitis HOWELL Gordon Meth. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-03 Victoria Cong. Debility COLE Robert Meth. 2 dys Victoria Victoria
Jun-04 Victoria Cong. Debility COLE Archibald Meth. 4 dys Victoria Victoria
Jun-02 Sydney Cancer HISCOCK Nathaniel Meth. 63 Carbonear Victoria
Jun-14 Victoria Measles HISCOCK Eugene Meth. 2 Victoria Victoria
Jun-25 Victoria Convulsions CLARKE Harold Meth. 11 mths Victoria Victoria
May-15 Carbonear Bronchitis BURDEN Arthur H. S. Army 9 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-27 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis EARLE Florie Pearl S. Army 14 Carbonear Carbonear
May-06 Carbonear Paralysis HOWELL John S. Army 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-19 Victoria Nephritis STEVENS John C. of Eng. 67 Victoria Carbonear
Feb-25 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis CROCKER George S. C. of Eng. 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-26 Carbonear Fall of Stone in Mine BABB John C. C. of Eng. 27 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-12 Victoria Vas. Heart Disease ANTLE John R. C. of Eng. 5 Victoria Carbonear
Apr-26 Carbonear Ch. Nephritis PIKE Leander C. of Eng. 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-23 Carbonear Old Age McCARTHY John R. Cath. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-28 Carbonear Diabetes HAMILTON Charles R. Cath. 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-30 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis MURPHY Margaret R. Cath. 23 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-05 Carbonear Dysentary KENNEDY Catherine R. Cath. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Old Age O'REILLY Mary R. Cath. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-20 Carbonear Influenza HARRIGAN John R. Cath. 56 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-21 Carbonear Convulsions MERRIGAN Mary R. Cath. 7 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-25 Carbonear Heart Failure WHITE Joseph R. Cath. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-10 Victoria Old Age SNOOK Alfred Meth. 74 Carbonear Victoria
Jul-30 Victoria Cong. Debility ROSE John Meth. 9 hrs Victoria Victoria
Aug-28 Victoria Pul. Tuberculosis PRIDDLE James Meth. 20 Victoria Victoria
Sep-02 Victoria Marasmus CLARKE Elizabeth Meth. 4 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-08 Victoria Acute Nephritis NICHOLL George Meth. 17 Victoria Victoria
Jul-30 Carbonear Old Age O'LEARY Elizabeth R. Cath. 79 Brigus Carbonear
Aug-24 Carbonear Old Age DOOLEY Ellen R. Cath. 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-24 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis LUTHER Agnes R. Cath. 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-25 Halifax, N.S. Diabetes HOWELL Edward R. Cath. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-27 Carbonear Paralysis BROCKLEHURST George R. Cath. 85 St. John's Carbonear
Sep-05 Carbonear Dysentary KEEFE Mary R. Cath. 80 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 197                
Sep-09 Carbonear Convulsions BUTT William G. R. Cath. 10 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-20 Carbonear Heart Failure CULLEN Peter R. Cath. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-27 Carbonear Convulsions MURPHY Francis R. Cath. 11 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-20 St. John's Carcinoma OATES Joseph Meth. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-11 Carbonear Haemoptysis PIKE John C. Meth. 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-30 Carbonear Marasmus CHURCHILL Thomas C. Meth. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-17 Carbonear Old Age TAYLOR Richard T. Meth. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-14 Carbonear Convulsions DAVIS Emma Jane Meth. 3 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-01 Carbonear Marasmus MURRAY Nicholas G. Meth. 3 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Aug Carbonear Suicide (Hanging) GILLESPIE Sophia Meth. 46 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-27 Carbonear Influenza SUTTON James C. of Eng. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-02 St. John's Appendicitis TRICKETT Joseph C. of Eng. 59 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Aug-18 Spout Cove Nephritis TRICKETT Henry C. of Eng. 82 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Aug-28 Carbonear Old Age MARSHALL A. George C. of Eng. 82 England Carbonear
Aug-17 Carbonear Heart Disease PYE Elijah C. of Eng. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-01 Carbonear Burns BRYNE William C. of Eng. 2 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-18 Carbonear Heart Disease OATES Charles C. of Eng. 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-15 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis STANLEY Thomas C. of Eng. 11 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-26 Spout Cove Carcinoma KELLOWAY Joseph C. of Eng. 81 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Nov-13 Carbonear Cong. Debility BARRETT Wallace C. of Eng. 3 1/2 hrs Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-21 Carbonear Intestinal Cancer COLBOURNE Adelaide C. of Eng. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-09 Carbonear Paralysis SAUNDERS John C. of Eng. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-12 Carbonear Still Birth PIKE - C. of Eng. SB Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-14 Carbonear Still Birth POOLE - C. of Eng. SB Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-08 Victoria Inf. Cholera VATERS William Meth. 6 mos Victoria Victoria
Oct-29 Victoria Convulsions CLARK William Meth. 1 3/4 Victoria Salmon Cove
Oct-31 Victoria Tuberculosis ROSE Mrs. Martin Meth. 28 Victoria Victoria
Nov-01 Victoria Marasmus CLARK Dorothy Meth. 1 Victoria Victoria
Nov-08 Victoria Old Age SOMERS Emma Meth. 93 Carbonear Victoria
Nov-13 Victoria Bronchitis MORTIMER Thomas Meth. 2 Victoria Victoria
Nov-19 Victoria Marasmus VATERS Lilian Maud Meth. 5 mos Victoria Victoria
Dec-04 Victoria Cong. Debility COLE John Meth. 2 mos Victoria Victoria
Dec-22 Victoria Cong. Debility DEERING Albert Meth. 1 hr Victoria Victoria
Dec-23 Victoria Pul. Tuberculosis FRENCH George Meth. 42 Carbonear Victoria
Dec-23 Victoria Eclampsia/Puerpural BRIGHT Caroline Meth. 19 Victoria Victoria
Dec-23 Victoria Still Birth BRIGHT - Meth. SB Victoria Victoria
Sep-23 Mill??? Maine USA Appendicitis HOWELL William Meth. 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-11 Carbonear Septaecemia PIKE Sarah Ann Meth. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-23 Carbonear Cold and (E????mia) FRENCH John Meth. 61 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-06 Carbonear Scarlet Fever EARLE Mildred Meth. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGES OUT OF ORDER                
PAGE 199                
Jan-19 Victoria Tuberculosis HISCOCK Nathaniel Pentecos. 21 Victoria Victoria
Jan-27 Victoria Whooping Cough SLADE Arthur S. Meth. 5 mos Victoria Victoria
Jan-29 Victoria Whooping Cough CLARKE Winifred Meth. 2 wks Victoria Victoria
Feb-14 Victoria Still Birth PENNEY Baby Meth. SB Victoria Victoria
Feb-10 Victoria Prematurity LAMBERT Albert Meth. 6 wks Victoria Victoria
Jan-04 Carbonear Laryngitis PELLEY George L. S. Army 9 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-01 St. John's Old Age HOWELL Mary Ann Meth. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-20 Carbonear Convulsions HISCOCK Sarah E. Meth. 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-02 Carbonear Bronchitis POWER Eliza Meth. 62 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-03 Carbonear Marasmus KING Ella Meth. 16 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-05 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis BADCOCK Rosaline Meth. 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-11 Carbonear Tub. Meningitis HOWELL Mabel Meth. 14 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-12 Carbonear Haematuria PIKE James Meth. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-12 Carbonear Influenza GILLETT Susannah Meth. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
May-27 Carbonear Heart Disease BADCOCK Martha Meth. 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-06 Carbonear Retention of Urines PIKE William Meth. 63 Carbonear Carbonear
May-23 Victoria Cancer Liver BRIGHT Charlotte Meth. 60 Botwood Victoria
May-26 Victoria Still Birth PECKHAM Baby Meth. SB Victoria Victoria
Jun-08 Victoria Old Age BURKE Eliza Meth. 77 Labrador Victoria
Jun-25 Victoria Convulsions COLE Maida Meth. 2 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Jun-28 Victoria Marasmus COLE Mabel Meth. 2 mos Victoria Victoria
Apr-26 Victoria Prematurity PRIDDLE John Pentecos. 3 dys Victoria Victoria
Jun-27 Victoria Pneumonia HISCOCK Mabel Pentecos. 9 mos Victoria Victoria
Jan-07 Carbonear Nephritis BRYNE Edward C. of Eng. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-14 Carbonear Old Age BRYNE Ann C. of Eng. 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-14 Carbonear Gastric Cancer MURRAY George C. of Eng. 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-07 Victoria Old Age PYE John C. of Eng. 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-20 Carbonear Old Age HOURNE Christopher C. of Eng. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-19 Carbonear Pneumonia COLBOURNE Reuben C. of Eng. 50 Carbonear Carbonear
May-06 St. John's Arterio Sclerosis CLARKE John C. of Eng. 85 Carbonear Carbonear
May-30 St. John's Arterio Sclerosis WINSOR Thomas C. of Eng. 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-04 Carbonear Heart Disease SNOW George C. of Eng. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-17 Carbonear Tub. Meningitis FORWARD Cyril A. C. of Eng. 12 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-02 Carbonear Laryngitis ASH Albert S. Army 5 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-10 Carbonear Convulsions PELLEY Georgina S. Army 2 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-06 Carbonear Heart Failure BAKER Daniel R. Cath. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-07 Carbonear Old Age MURPHY Cornelius R. Cath. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-09 Carbonear Cancer Face CULLEN James R. Cath. 55 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-10 Carbonear Old Age HARRINGTON? Maurice R. Cath. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-29 Carbonear Old Age SULLIVAN Susan R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Harbor Grace
PAGE 198                
Nov-17 Carbonear Heart Disease OATES Arthur Meth. 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-27 Carbonear Old Age CLARKE Samuel Meth. 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-24 Carbonear Heart Disease FORWARD James Meth. 57 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-03 Carbonear Old Age KEEFE Michael R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-10 Carbonear Cancer of Intestines McCARTHY Margaret R. Cath. 78 Hr. Main Carbonear
Oct-24 Carbonear Old Age BABCOCK Nora R. Cath. 91 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-25 Hearts Content Heart Disease TOBIN Catherine R. Cath. 48 St. John's St. John's
Oct-26 Carbonear Convulsions REYNOLDS Richard R. Cath. 2 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-30 Carbonear Heart Failure KEEFE Bridget R. Cath. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-30 Carbonear Convulsions MARSHALL Leo R. Cath. 1 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 200                
Feb-07 St. John's Dysentary FUREY Elizabeth R. Cath. 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-04 Carbonear Cancer Intestines KEEFE James R. Cath. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-07 St. John's Paralysis CAHILL Thomas R. Cath. 34 Carbonear Carbonear
May-15 Carbonear Old Age RAY John R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 Victoria Marasmus COLE Fanny C. of Eng. 9 mos Victoria Victoria
Aug-19 Victoria Peritonitis CLARKE Ernest C. of Eng. 9 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-01 Victoria Marasmus VATERS Gilbert R. C. of Eng. 1 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-10 Victoria Gastro Enteritis COLE Leah C. of Eng. 11 mos Victoria Victoria
Aug-13 Victoria Marasmus SANSOM Mabel Pentecost. 4 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-22 Victoria Gastro Enteritis VATERS Eugenie Pentecost. 5 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-09 Carbonear Tub. Enteritis CLARKE Phoebe S. Army 22 Carbonear Carbonear
May-14 Carbonear Paralysis HOWELL George S. Meth. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-27 Hearts Content Cerebral Haemorrhage TAYLOR Duncan C. Meth. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-09 Hawley, Penn. USA Broken Neck TAYLOR William Meth. 24 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-26 Carbonear Old Age TAYLOR Richard Meth. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-03 Battle Harbor Ch. Nephritis POOLE Paul C. of Eng. 35 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-04 Carbonear Ch. Nephritis BARNES Susanna C. of Eng. 41 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-24 Victoria Myocarditis ANTLE Mary C. C. of Eng. 4 Victoria Carbonear
Mar-09 Insane Asylum Bronchitis CURNEW Alfred Meth. 67 Carbonear St. John's G.P.C.
May-29 Bristol's Hope Bronchitis VATERS Francis Ch. Organ. 2 wks Bristol's Hope Bristol's Hope
Oct-25 Victoria Cong. Debility LAMBERT Elizabeth Meth. 1 hr Victoria Victoria
Nov-08 Victoria Marasmus CLARKE Albert R. Meth. 3 mos Victoria Victoria
Oct-16 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis TAYLOR Julia Meth. 46 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-01 Carbonear Scarlet Fever BUTT Mrs. Harold Meth. 24 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-23 Carbonear Pneumonia JAMES Emma L. Meth. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-22 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis NORTHCOTT Mary E. Meth. 35 Green's hr. Carbonear
Nov-22 Carbonear Prematurity - - Meth. 4 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-29 Carbonear Old Age CLEARY Susanna Meth. 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-21 Carbonear Angina Pectoris JANES Joseph Meth. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-07 Carbonear Typhoid Fever SNOW Louisa C. of Eng. 16 Boston USA Carbonear
Oct-12 Carbonear Old Age WALSH Jane C. of Eng. 84 Western Bay Carbonear
Oct-14 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma BENNETT Tryphina C. of Eng. 62 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-07 Gen. Hospital Carcinoma Stomach CROCKER James C. of Eng. 48 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-03 Carbonear Marasmus BOURNE Robert C. of Eng. 14 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-17 Victoria Tub. Meningitis PRICE Alice C. of Eng. 16 St. John NB St. John NB
Dec-02 Victoria Tuberculosis COLE Susannah Pentecost. 36 Carbonear Victoria
Nov-25 Victoria Inf. Debility ANTLE Providence Pentecost. 13 dys Victoria Victoria
Aug-06 Carbonear Diabetes HOGAN Daniel R. Cath. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Measles SWEENEY Kevin R. Cath. 8 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Whooping Cough CURNEW Mary R. Cath. 5 mos Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 201                
Sep-12 Carbonear Whooping Cough McCARTHY John R. Cath. 9 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-20 Carbonear Intestinal Obstruction CLARKE Ellen R. Cath. 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-29 New Perlican Bright's Disease SCOTT Nicholas R. Cath. 76 Turk's Cove Turk's Cove
Dec-07 Carbonear Cancer Intestines BUTTS Charles R. Cath. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-11 Carbonear Diabetes CURRAN Thomas R. Cath. 77 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 202                
Feb-13 Victoria Marasmus SANSOM Mary Ellen Pentecost. 10 mos Victoria Victoria
Jan-27 Victoria Malnutrition LAMBERT Nellie Meth. 7 mos Victoria Victoria
Feb-04 Victoria Laryngitis TAYLOR Reuben C. Meth. 6 Victoria Victoria
Feb-04 Victoria Nephritis PARSONS Silas Meth. 64 Victoria Victoria
Mar-02 Victoria Bronchitis BRIGHT Fanny Meth. 60 Victoria Victoria
Mar-04 Victoria Cong. Debility LAMBERT Emma Meth. 12 hrs Victoria Victoria
Feb-06 Carbonear Heart Disease TAYLOR Edward Meth. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-15 Carbonear Old Age JANES Jonathan Meth. 94 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-27 Carbonear Old Age TAYLOR Catherine Meth. 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-07 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis JANES Edward F.? Meth. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-19 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis NORTHCOTT Robert Meth. 35 Carbonear Carbonear
23-Dec-25 Freshwater Old Age PARSONS Henry S. Army 83 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Mar-23 St. John, NB Pneumonia MARSHALL Charles S. Army 77 Freshwater Carbonear
Apr-29 Victoria Paralysis MOORS Elizabeth Pentecost. 70 Labrador Victoria
May-21 Victoria Still Birth (NO ENTRY) - Pentecost. SB Victoria Victoria
May-25 Victoria Pneumonia (NO ENTRY) Josiah Pentecost. 6 mos Victoria Victoria
Jun-11 Victoria Inf. Debility (NO ENTRY) - Pentecost. 8 dys Victoria Victoria
Feb-01 Carbonear Meningitis OATES Mollie Meth. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-12 Carbonear Tub. Meningitis HISCOCK William E. Meth. 2 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-30 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis MARSHALL Katie Belle Meth. 40 Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 Carbonear Prematurity PENNEY Frank Meth. hrs Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-30 St. John's Haemoplysis ROSE Lydia S. Army 28 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-15 Victoria Pneumonia WHITE Hayward Meth. 56 Victoria Victoria
Jan-10 Winterton Cancer Stomach GEORGE Agnes R. Cath. 59 Turk's Cove Turk's Cove
Mar-18 Carbonear Old Age RAY Mary Ellen R. Cath. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-29 Carbonear Croup McCARTHY Margaret R. Cath. 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-08 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis DRAKE John R. Cath. 23 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-15 Carbonear Anaemia FURLONG Bridget R. Cath. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-17 Carbonear Diabetes FITZGERALD John R. Cath. 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-17 Winterton Dysentary PINHAM Susan R. Cath. 70 Turk's Cove Turk's Cove
May-19 St. John's Old Age MALONE James R. Cath. 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-09 Carbonear Old Age KENNEDY Mary R. Cath. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-12 Harbor Grace Old Age CONNELLY Theresa R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-17 Victoria Dysentary MOORES Arch Pentecost. 81 Carbonear Victoria
Aug-11 Victoria Meningitis BALDWIN Thomas Meth. 11 Victoria Victoria
Sep-28 Victoria Prematurity DEARING Aubrey Meth. 4 dys Victoria Victoria
Sep-29 Victoria Gastro Enteritis SLADE Mabel C. Pentecost. 10 mos Victoria Victoria
Nov-16 Victoria Marasmus CLARKE Reuben C. Meth. 1 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Jul-24 Carbonear Marasmus HISCOCK Cornelia Meth. 5 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-29 Carbonear Angina Testoris TAYLOR Lemuel Meth. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 203                
Aug-22 Carbonear Old Age PENNEY John A. Meth. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Nephritis BRIDLE Stephen Meth. 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-24 Carbonear - NOEL Martha Meth. 60 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-10 Carbonear Old Age PENNEY Sarah Meth. 80 Bradley's Cove Carbonear
Oct-10 Carbonear Paralysis LUTHER Thomas Meth. 68 Bradley's Cove Carbonear
Oct-29 Carbonear Paralysis BAKER Thomas Meth. 78 Heart's Ease Carbonear
Dec-13 Carbonear Angina Pectoris GOODISON John R. Meth. 60 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-05 Carbonear Old Age TAYLOR John Meth. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Pneumonia DAWE Claire Louise C. of Eng. 1 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-05 Carbonear Hip Disease CRANE Albert L. C. of Eng. 9 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-17 Carbonear Nephritis CHUBBS Malcolm C. of Eng. 3 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-03 Carbonear Asthma THOMAS Ann C. of Eng. 61 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-04 Carbonear Tuberculosis Spine COLE Ernest G. C. of Eng. 18 Carbonear Carbonear
May-27 Carbonear Meningitis COLE Henry Albert C. of Eng. 12 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-04 Carbonear Paralysis TAYLOR Catherine C. of Eng. 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-02 Carbonear Old Age RUSSELL Mary C. of Eng. 82 Bay Roberts Coley's Point
Aug-04 Victoria Marasmus ANTLE Hannah C. of Eng. 1 Victoria Carbonear
Oct-29 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis FRAMPTON Elizabeth C. of Eng. 38 Freshwater Carbonear
Oct-30 Carbonear Marasmus PIKE Cyril C. of Eng. 4 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-16 Carbonear Haemorrhage POOLE Annie C. of Eng. 39 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-16 Carbonear Still Birth EARLE Baby C. of Eng. SB Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-02 St. John's Softening of Brain CAHILL Margaret R. Cath. 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-04 Carbonear Old Age KEEFE William R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-20 Carbonear Convulsions BOWMAN Augustine R. Cath. 1 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-03 Carbonear Convulsions FITZPATRICK John R. Cath. 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-22 Carbonear Old Age PATRICK Mary Ann R. Cath. 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-02 Heart's Desire Apoplexy LEHEY George R. Cath. 69 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Oct-16 Battle Harbor Drowning O'GRADY Edward R. Cath. 25 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-18 Carbonear Old Age MURPHY Patrick R. Cath. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-27 Carbonear Old Age REID John R. Cath. 91 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-28 Carbonear Old Age WALSH James R. Cath. 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-08 Carbonear Convulsions MERRIGAN Ellen R. Cath. 1 day Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-21 Carbonear Convulsions MERRIGAN Genevieve R. Cath. 13 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-22 Insane Asylum Dementia CAHILL Margaret R. Cath. 32 Carbonear Carbonear

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2012)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 01, 2013 (Don Tate)
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