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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 9



Page 271 - 280

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Name Religion Age Place of Birth Place of Interment
Page # 271              
Jan 4,1923 Bonavista Meningitis CUFF, John Meth 4 m Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 14,1923 Bonavista Convulsions ABBOTT, Sidney Meth 2 m Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 23,1923 Bonavista Cong Debility LITTLE, Horace W Meth 6 m Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 6,1923 Deer Island Cong Debility FELTHAM, Dolson ? W Meth 3 m Deer Is Deer Island
Jan 30,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis WINSOR, Bessie Meth 5 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jan 7,1923 Wesleyville Jaundice STOYLES, Clara Meth 45 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jan 8,1923 Brookfield Meningitis BEST, Silas Meth 3 m Brookfield Brookfield
Feb 13,1923 Wesleyville Old Age CARTER, Jane Meth 88 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb 7,1923 Wesleyville Tub Peritonitis WARFIELD, Samuel Meth 5 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb 2,1923 Wesleyville Tuberculosis WARFIELD, Beatrice Meth 37 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb 26,1923 Valleyfield Old Age HOWELL, Susanna Meth 83 Valleyfield Valleyfield
Mar 30,1923 Wesleyville Scalding CARTER, Edith C Meth 11 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar 13,1923 Brookfield Eclampsia BLACKWOOD, Alberta Meth 26 Brookfield Brookfield
Jan 21,1923 Musgravetown Convulsions CHAFFEY, Harold J Meth 15 m Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feb 22,1923 Musgravetown Pul Tuberculosis READER, Annie Meth 54 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feb 11,1923 Valleyfield Pul Tuberculosis STURGE, Roland Ch Eng 21 Safe Hr Safe Hr
Feb 12,1923 Pool's Island Hepatitis SHEPPARD, Mary Ch Eng 37 Pool's Is Pool's Is
Feb 18,1923 Wesleyville Old Age STOCKLEY, Mary Rom Cath 96 St. John's Wesleyville
Mar 2,1923 Badger's Quay Carcinoma Liver SPURRELL, Jeremiah Ch Eng 77 Pool's Is Badger's Quay
Mar 11,1923 Pool's Island Heart Failure HOUSE, Peter Ch Eng 82 Greenspond Pool's Is
Mar 31,1923 Badger's Quay Carcinoma Stomach SHEPPARD, William Ch Eng 63 Pool's Is Badger's Quay
Jan 27,1923 Open Hall Old Age BARKER, Robert Rom Cath 84 Open Hall Open Hall
Feb 10,1923 Plate Cove Convulsions PHILPOT, Baby Rom Cath 1 dy Plate Cove Open Hall
Jan 10,1923 St. Chad's Tuberculosis LANE, William Ch Eng 33 Salvage St. Chad's
Jan 14,1923 Salvage Nephritis MOSS, John Ch Eng 86 Salvage Salvage
Mar 8,1923 Squid Tickle Convulsions OLDFORD, Strathie Ch Eng 1 m Squid Tickle Squid Tickle
Feb 24,1923 Flat Island Old Age GARRETT, Mary Ch Eng 76 Salvage Flat Island
Feb 24,1923 Coward's Is Consumption SAUNDERS, Lizzie Mary Ch Eng 22 Coward's Is Coward's Is
Feb 15,1923 Squid Tickle Still Birth no name entered Ch Eng S B Squid Tickle Squid Tickle
Mar 17,1923 Happy Adventure Tuberculosis TURNER, Thomas Ch Eng 23 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
Apr 3,1923 Sandy Cove Inflammation bowel MATCHIM, Henry Ch Eng 14 m Sandy Cove Salvage Bay
Jan 7,1923 Lumsden S Abscess GOODYEAR, Uriah Ch Eng 68 Lumsden S Lumsden S
Jan 14,1923 Lumsden S Inflammation GOODYEAR,Ernest Meth 8 Lumsden S Lumsden S
Feb 14,1923 Cape Island Pneumonia ANDREWS, Honor Lavinia Meth 38 Pool's Is Cape Is
Mar 31,1923 Templeman Old Age TUFF, Orpha Meth 85 Newtown Newtown
Mar 14,1923 Gen'l Hospital Pul Tuberculosis COOPER, Fannie Meth 50 Bonavista G P Cemetery
Feb 27,1923 Valleyfield Pul Tuberculosis ? STURGE, Emma Sal Army 46 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar 2,1923 Charlottetown Cold MAY, Jessie Sal Army 4 1/2 Bonavista Charlottetown
Mar 31,1923 Glovertown Tuberculosis WARREN,Mrs Coxter *1 Sal Army 21 Canada Glovertown
Page 272              
Jan 2,1923 Shambler's Cove Nephritis FORD, Alice Meth 49 Greenspond Shambler's Cove
Jan 14,1923 Greenspond Marasmus CARTER, Peter G Meth 3 m Greenspond Greenspond
Feb 4,1923 Safe Harbor Heart Failure FELTHAM,Christopher Meth 58 Greenspond Safe Harbor
Mar 14,1923 Greenspond Cancer POND,Edward Meth 60 Greenspond Greenspond
Mar 22,1923 Newport Tuberculosis VIVIAN, Eliza Meth 25 Newport Newport
Jan 26,1923 Charlottetown Dropsy CHAULK, Casandra Meth 77 Elliston Charlottetown
Jan 28,1923 Bunyan's Cove Pul Tuberculosis MARTIN, Cecil Meth 22 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Jan 30,1923 Bunyan's Cove Diphtheria OLDFORD, Arthur? D Meth 14 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Feb 28,1923 Thorburn's Lake La Grippe ALLOWAY ?, Andrew, Meth 16 m Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar 4,1923 Bunyan's Cove Paralysis CHAULK, Annie Meth 65 Elliston Bunyan's Cove
Mar 12,1923 Bunyan's Cove Bronchitis MARTIN, David Meth 18 m Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Nov 12,1922 Princeton Whooping Cough WHITE, William Meth 4 m Princeton Princeton
Jan 20,1923 Princeton Appendicitis WHITE, Elizabeth Meth 57 King's Cove Princeton
Feb 8,1923 Greenspond Old Age BURRY, Dinah Ch Eng 78 Greenspond Greenspond
Feb 8,1923 Greenspond Old Age BURRY, William Ch Eng 81 Greenspond Greenspond
Feb 18,1923 Greenspond Old Age EASTON, Mary Ch Eng 85 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov 4,1922 Trinity, BB Convulsions ROGERS, Zachaeus ? Ch Eng 10 m Trinity Trinity
Nov 5,1922 Fair Island Inf Debility ROGERS, Lena Ch Eng 3 dys Fair Isld Fair Isld
Feb 17,1923 Paul's Cove Pul Tuberculosis ROGERS, Mary Ann Ch Eng 14 Paul's Cove Fair Isld
Mar 21,1923 Trinity, BB Prematurity BROWN, Malcolm Ch Eng 1 dy Trinity Trinity
Jan 19,1923 Pinchard's Is Pneumonia GREEN, Ellis Ch Eng 8 m Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
Feb 6,1923 Pound Cove Heart Failure KEAN, Peter Ch Eng 72 Flower's Is Pound Cove
Mar 10,1922 Pound Cove Pul Tuberculosis STEAD, Reginald Ch Eng 24 St. John's Pound Cove
Mar 12,1923 Templeman Tuberculosis Bowels BUNGAY, Jacob Ch Eng 30 Newtown Newtown
Mar 26,1922 Lumsden N Old Age WRIGHT, Elizabeth Ch Eng 83 1/2 Lumsden S Lumsden N
Jan 17,1922 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis MUGGRIDGE, Sarah Ch Eng 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 17,1922 Bonavista Old Age KEEL, Isabella Ch Eng 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 17,1922 Bonavista Apoplexy BISHOP, Mary Ch Eng 54 Catalina Bonavista
Feb 16,1923 Bonavista Old Age HUNT, Elizabeth Ch Eng 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 28,1923 Bonavista Pneumonia DURDLE, John Ch Eng 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 27,1923 Port Union Pul Tuberculosis MIFFLIN, Florence Ch Eng 23 Savage Cove Amherst Cove
Apr 6,1923 Greenspond Nephritis GRANTER, Elizabeth Ch Eng 72 Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 15,1923 Greenspond Influenza CARTER, Thomas S Ch Eng 13 m Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 18,1923 Greenspond Influenza POND, Jane Ch Eng 78 Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 20,1923 Greenspond Influenza PARSONS, Caroline Ch Eng 68 Deer Island Greenspond
Apr 24,1923 Greenspond Nephritis STANFORD, Mary Jane Ch Eng 27 Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 25,1923 Greenspond Pul Tuberculosis DOMINY, Mabel Ch Eng 17 Greenspond Greenspond
May 1,1923 Greenspond Carcinoma Uterus DOWNER,Susanna Ch Eng 41 Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 7,1923 Newport   COLLINS, Annie Ch Eng 42 Wesleyville Newport
May 21,1923 Sydney Cove Pul Tuberculosis ACKERMAN, Ethan Ch Eng 41 Sydney Cove Fair Island
Page # 273              
Apr 14,1923 Fair Island Influenza ROGERS,George Ch Eng 79 Fair Island Fair Island
Apr 19,1923 Fair Island Pneumonia NOBLE, Robert Ch Eng 6 Fair Island Fair Island
Apr 25,1923 Fair Island Convulsions PICKETT, Eli Ch Eng 1 Fair Island Fair Island
Apr 26,1923 Fair Island Inf Debility ROGERS, Violet Ch Eng 2 Fair Island Fair Island
Apr 29,1923 Silver Fox Isld Convulsions MATTHEWS, Harriett, Ch Eng 1 day Fair Island Fair Island
Apr 20,1923 Cape Cove Pneumonia HILLIER, Minnie Meth 12 Cape Cove Cape Cove
Apr 26,1923 Newtown Pneumonia BARBOUR, Lester Meth 3 Newtown Newtown
Apr 26,1923 Cape Cove Tuberculosis STOKES, Sarah J Meth 48 Cape Cove Cape Cove
Apr 28,1923 Lumsden N Tuberculosis WEST, Clara Louise Meth 1 1/2 Lumsden N Lumsden N
May 14,1923 Cape Cove Cong Debility STOKES, Ethel Susan Meth 2 m Cape Cove Cape Cove
June 17,1923 Templeman Convulsions HOWELL, Ella Meth 2 m Templeman Templeman
Apr 13,1923 Green's Island Marasmus WARREN, Minnie E Meth 14 m Green's Is Green's Is
Apr 22,1923 Bragg's Isld Influenza GLOVER, Joseph Meth 75 Bragg's Is Bragg's Is
May 7,1923 Green's Island Cancer LETE, John Meth 66 Green's Is Green's Is
June 14,1923 Bragg's Isld Consumption FELTHAM, Muriel Meth 36 Deer Isld Bragg's Is
July 27,1922 English Harbor Old Age CRITCHLEY, Sarah Meth 86 Greenspond Greenspond
July 27,1922 Shambler's Cove Cong Debility BENTON, Robert Geo Meth 2 m ? Shambler's Cove Shambler's Cove
Apr 27,1923 Port Nelson Tuberculosis WHITE, A A Tasker Meth 19 8/? Port Nelson Port Nelson
May 6,1923 Port Nelson Old Age BURRY, John Meth 89 Port Nelson Port Nelson
May 27,1923 Ship Island Bronchitis GREEN, Robert Wilfred Meth 2 m Ship Is Greenspond
June 8,1923 Port Nelson Old Age PARSONS, George Meth 77 Greenspond Port Nelson
June 8,1923 Greenspond Inanition BURRY, Percy Meth 4 dys Greenspond Greenspond
May 17,1923 Safe Harbor Convulsions STURGE, Seymour Meth 2 m Safe Hr Safe Harbour
Apr 3,1923 Sandy Cove Inf Debility MATCHIM, Henry* Ch Eng 14 m Sandy Cove Salvage Bay
This is a second entry--different cause of death for each
Apr 21,1923 Flat Island Convulsions MOSS, Violet Ch Eng 17 dys Flat Island Flat Island
Apr 23,1923 Salvage Paralysis LANE, Albert Ch Eng 78 Salvage Salvage
June 1,1923 Salvage Tuberculosis SHUTE, Patience E Ch Eng 40 Salvage Salvage
Mar 22,1923 Saunder's Cove Convulsions STEAD, Arthur Meth 2 m Saunder's Cove Saunder's Cove
Apr 22,1923 Glovertown Cancer Stomach WARREN, James Meth 74 Gooseberry Is Glovertown
May 7,1923 Glovertown Cancerous Ulcer COLLINS, Enoch Meth 46 Newport Glovertown
Mar 30,1923 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis SWEETLAND, Herbert John Ch Eng 42 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 3,1922 Bonavista Old Age MIFFLIN, Jane Ch Eng 90 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 3,1923 Maberly Pul Tuberculosis PEARCE, Grace Ch Eng 3 ? Maberly Elliston
Apr 8,1923 Bonavista Old Age ROLLS, Richard Ch Eng 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 14,1923 Spillar's Cove Pul Tuberculosis STREET, Rose Ch Eng 17 Spillar's Cove Bonavista
Apr 24,1923 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis SOPER, Lynda May Ch Eng 23 1/2 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 24,1923 Bonavista Old Age MIFFLIN, Deborah Ch Eng 79 Elliston Bonavista
May 1,1923 Bonavista Old Age BURGE, Sarah Ch Eng 77 Bonavista Bonavista
May 7,1923 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis ROLLS, George Ch Eng 51 Bonavista Bonavista
June 25,1923 Bonavista Old Age STAGG, Susannah Ch Eng 80 Bonavista Bonavista
Page 274              
June 28,1923 Spillar's Cove Marasmus FLEMING ?,Martha Ch Eng 2 Spillar's Cove Bonavista
Apr 1,1923 Upper Amherst Cove T.B.C Kidney LITTLE, Henrietta Ch Eng 20 Upper Amherst Cove Middle Amherst Cove
May 5,1923 Middle D./. Old Age COLE, Jane Ch Eng 83 D. D 7
May 4,1923 Bonavista Prematurity LINTON, George Meth 2 hrs Bonavista Bonavista
May 7,1923 Bonavista Bronchitis MOULAND, Alfred Meth 9 m Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 14,1923 Bonavista Consumption PAUL, Beryl Meth 17 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 18,1923 Bonavista Influenza HAYWARD, Samuel Meth 75 Bonavista Bonavista
May 3,1923 Bonavista Infl of Bowels MAIDMENT, Frederick Meth 9 Bonavista Bonavista
June 1,1923 Bonavista Convulsions KEEL, Joseph Meth 3 m Bonavista Bonavista
June 10,1923 Bonavista Imbecility PHILIPS,Emily Meth 42 Bonavista Bonavista
June 15,1923 Bonavista Old Age ABBOTT, James Meth 73 Bonavista Bonavista
June 16,1923 Bonavista Paralysis ABBOTT, David Meth 64 Bonavista Bonavista
June 18,1923 Bonavista Pneumonia HICKS, Hubert Meth 25 Bonavista Bonavista
June 26,1923 Bonavista Old Age HICKS, Hugh Meth 88 Bonavista Bonavista
June 13,1923 Bonavista Still Birth MARSH,(no given name) Meth S B Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 28,1923 Bunyans' Cove Worm Fever KEATS, Rita Meth 4 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
June 22,1923 Port Blandford Old Age HARRIS, Roger Meth 87 Summerville Port Blandford
June 26,1923 Bunyan's Cove Tuberculosis TUCKER, Charles Meth 18 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Jan 19,1923 Valleyfield Heart Disease HOWELL, John Meth 80 Pool's Is Valleyfield
Jan 27,1923 Valleyfield Child Birth HOWELL, Laura Meth 34 Pool's Is Valleyfield
Feb 10,1923 New York Enceph.Lethargica MILES, Chesley Meth 24 Herring Neck Wesleyville
Apr 10,1923 Brookfield Congestion Lungs CARTER, Theresa Meth 77 Brookfield Brookfield
Apr 24,1923 Wesleyville Bron. Pneumonia BEST, Ellen Meth 7 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 19,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis BEST, Minnie Meth 27 Brookfield Wesleyville
May 10,1923 Wesleyville Scalds HOWSE, Marion Meth 11 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 20,1923 Wesleyville Prematurity MULLETT, Albert Meth 2 hrs Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 26,1923 Wesleyville Child Birth MULLETT, Ethel Meth 20 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 1,1923 Wesleyville Diabetes WICKS, Ann Meth 62 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 13,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis DYKE, Josiah Meth 66 Bennett's Cove Wesleyville
June 14,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis KING,Thomas Meth 20 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 12,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis CARTER, Samuel Meth 22 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 18,1923 Wesleyville Jaundice MULLETT, Janie ? Meth 10 dys Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 22,1923 Brookfield Pul Tuberculosis BEST, Louisa Meth 38 Brookfield Brookfield
June 17,1923 Brookfield Pul Tuberculosis GRANTER, Lucy Meth 49 Brookfield Brookfield
Mar 1,1923 Sweet Bay Old Age MULLOWNEY, Mary Rom Cath 92 Broad Cove Sweet Bay
May 1,1923 Sweet Bay Still Birth DOOLEY, (no given name) Rom Cath SB Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
May 5,1923 Plate Cove Convulsions MURPHY, (no given name) Rom Cath 1 wk ? Plate Cove Open Hall
May 6,1923 Safe Hr Influenza KANE, Frederick S Ch Eng 18 m Safe Hr Safe Hr
May 15,1923 Wesleyville Convulsions HILL, Russell Ch Eng 9 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 6,1923 Wesleyville Nephritis HOYLES, Matilda Ch Eng 63 Swain's Is Wesleyville
Page # 275              
June 30,1923 Valleyfield Myocarditis BURRY, Martha Ch Eng 72 Pool's Is N.W.Arm
Apr 20,1923 Pool's Is Influenza ROGERS, Gerald Ch Eng 9 m Pool's Is Pool's Island
May 1,1923 Tinker's Is Pul Tuberculosis WINTER, Jesse Upward Ch Eng 22 Tinker's Is Pool's Island
May 3,1923 Pool's Is Bronchitis WHITE, Alexander Ch Eng 2 m Pool's Is Pool's Island
May 12,1923 Brooklyn Pul Tuberculosis PALMER, Ransfield(or Rausfield) Meth 19yr 10m Brooklyn Brooklyn
Oct 27,1922 Alexander Bay Convulsions WARREN, Dorothy A Sal Army 2 m Alexander Bay Alexander Bay
Apr 4,1923 Brookfield Influenza STURGE, Jane Sal Army 30 Deer Is Brookfield
April 25,1923 Greenspond Influenza HUNT, Harriet M Sal Army 3 m Newell's Is Greenspond
May 17,1923 Gooseberry Is Influenza DENTY, Isaac Sal Army 68   Gooseberry Is
May 20,1923 Wesleyville Convulsions STURGE, Jessie Sal Army 4 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 25,1923 Gooseberry Is Consumption PARSONS, Arthur Sal Army 25   Gooseberry Is
May 26,1923 Brookfield Broncho Pneumonia STURGE, Ronald G Sal Army 2 Brookfield Brookfield
June 2,1923 Elliston Old Age LARK, Mrs William Sal Army 73 Elliston Elliston
Apr 22,1923 Torbay,Greenspond Influenza ORAM, Harriet Sal Army 26 Greenspond Greenspond
June 9,1923 Charlottetown Consumption WAY, Mrs George Sal Army 33 Bonavista Charlottetown
Apr 23,1923 Newman's Cove Paralysis KEATES, Mary Meth 38 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Apr 25,1923 Newman's Cove Consumption KEATES, Minnie A Meth 28 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
May 2,1923 Newman's Cove Old Age RYAN, Jane Meth 85 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
May 14,1923 Newman's Cove   SKIFFINGTON,Unity Meth 37 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
June 10,1922 Port Blandford   BROWN, Gordon Ch Eng 14 m Port Blandford Port Blandford
June 13,1922 Port Blandford   GREENING,Bertha Ch Eng 14 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Sep 26,1922 Port Blandford   BROWN, Alison Ch Eng 3 m Port Blandford Port Blandford
July 14,1922 Traytown Old Age RALPH, Stephen Ch Eng 91   Traytown
Dec 29,1922 Dark Cove Ch Asthma OSMOND, Ezekiel Ch Eng 76 Greenspond Middle Brook
Jan 10,1923 Middle Brook Cong Deformity DYKE, William James Ch Eng 2 dys Middle Brook Middle Brook
March 8,1923 Dark Cove Convulsions OSMOND, Cecil Baker Ch Eng 1 Dark Cove Middle Brook
June 27,1923 Middle Brook Peritonitis PRITCHETT, Madge C Ch Eng 2 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Jan 16,1923 Port Blandford Pneumonia HOBBS, George Ch Eng 17 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar 22,1923 Port Blandford Tuberculosis STARES, Bertha Ch Eng 37 Humbermouth Port Blandford
Mar 30,1923 Port Blandford Measles CHATMAN, John Ch Eng 16 1/2 Port Blandford Port Blandford
June 1,1923 King's Cove Old Age DEVINE, Catherine Rom Cath 77 King's Cove King's Cove
Apr 1or 6,1923 Broad Cove Influenza SULLIVAN, James Rom Cath 74 Broad Cove King's Cove
June 22,1923 Stock Cove Anthrax GALLOHUE, Jane Rom Cath 45 Knight's Cove King's Cove
Jan 21,1923 Keels Influenza BRYNE, Johanna Rom Cath 68 Keels King's Cove
Feb 1,1923 Keels Influenza HEANEY, Anna Rom Cath 80 Keels King's Cove
Feb 12,1923 Stock Cove Nephritis WALSH, Maurice Rom Cath 49 Stock Cove King's Cove
Mar 8,1923 Keels Influenza FITZGERALD, Peter Rom Cath 8 m Keels King's Cove
Apr 24,1923 Newtown Pneumonia PARSONS, Josephine Ch Eng 17 Newtown Newtown
Apr 28,1923 Newtown Pneumonia KEATS, Samuel Ch Eng 70 Bonavista Bay Newtown
May 4,1923 Pound Cove Bronchitis GREEN, Emily Olive Ch Eng 3? Pound Cove Pound Cove
Page 276              
May 17,1923 Pinchard's Is Pul Tuberculosis GREEN, Nelson Ch Eng 26 Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
July 23,1923 Newtown Pneumonia PARSONS, Roseanna Ch Eng 3 1/2 yr Newtown Newtown
Aug 24,1923 St. John's G Hospital Renal Calculi HALL, Elizabeth Ch Eng 47 Newtown Newtown
Sep 19,1923 Newtown Cong Debility NORRIS, Ethel Ch Eng 1 1/2 hrs Newtown Newtown
Aug 29,1923 Pinchard's Is Ac Indigestion GILL, William Ch Eng 73 Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
Sep 1,1923 Pinchard's Is Cong Debility BRIERNE ?, Elizabeth J Ch Eng 1 dy Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
Sep 3,1923 Green's Is Convulsions PAUL, Minnie Ida Meth 2 m Green Is Green Island
Sep 9,1923 Bragg's Is Convulsions GLOVER, Leslie Wilson Meth 5 m Bragg's Is Bragg's Isld
July 13,1923 Open Hall Typhoid JOY, Ellen Rom Cath 73 Red Cliff Open Hall
July 26,1923 Plate Cove Pul Tuberculosis ROSE, James Rom Cath 40 Plate Cove Open Hall
Aug 10,1923 Sweet Bay Arteriosclerosis WALKER, Samuel Rom Cath 75 Tickle Cove Sweet Bay
Aug 18,1923 Plate Cove Disease of Bladder DOOLEY, Martin Rom Cath 75 Plate Cove Open Hall
Sep 5,1923 Tickle Cove Convulsions LEGGE, Baby Rom Cath 12 hrs Tickle Cove Open Hall
Aug 17,1923 Sweet Bay Pneumonia MULLOWNEY, Elizabeth Rom Cath 78 Bonavista Sweet Bay
Sep 26,1923 Plate Cove Still Birth TRACY, Baby Rom Cath S B Plate Cove Plate Cove
Aug 1,1923 Bonavista Tuberculosis TREMBLETT, Paul Meth 4 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 25,1923 Bonavista Tumour, Brain KIEL, Sidney Meth 12 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 31,1923 Bonavista Convulsions POWER, Willie Bennett Meth 8 M Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 26,1923 Carbonear Abscess,Lung etc. WAY, Annie Meth 16 Bonavista Bonavista
July 28,1923 Bonavista Cancer,Womb ABBOTT, Lydia Meth 45 Bonavista Bonavista
July 24,1923 Bonavista Bronchitis ROBBINS, Albert George Meth 7 m Change Is Bonavista
July 21,1023 Bonavista Tuberculosis ABBOTT, James Meth 17 Bonavista Bonavista
July 16,1923 Bonavista Tuberculosis ABBOTT, Cassandra Meth 66 Bonavista Bonavista
July 12,1923 Bonavista Old Age WAY, James Meth 81 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 15,1923 Bonavista Endocarditis TREMBLETT, Johanna Meth 35 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 17,1923 Bonavista Cong Debility WAY, John Meth 4 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 24,1923 Bonavista Eclampsia LANDER, Maude Meth 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 27,1923 Bonavista Tuberculosis ABBOTT, Hugh Meth 10 Bonavista Bonavista
July 17,1923 Badger's Quay Tubercular Peritonitis SPURRELL, Alban R Ch Eng 15 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
July 11,1923 Pool's Island Endocarditis ABBOTT, Samuel Ch Eng 71 Pool's Is Pool's Isld
July 6,1923 Fair Island Cancer Mouth PICKELL, John H Ch Eng 79   Fair Island
July 29,1923 Fair Island   GIBBONS, Esau Ch Eng 50   Fair Island
Aug 15,1923 Fair Island Pneumonia HUNT, Ananias Ch Eng 48   Fair Island
Aug 26,1923 Fair Island Apoplexy HUNT, Theresa Ch Eng 79   Fair Island
Sep 7,1923 Fair Island Apoplexy GIBBONS, Jacob Ch Eng 79   Fair Island
July 15,1923 Greenspond Diptheria BURRY, Mona Ch Eng 10 Newell's Is Newell's Is
Sep 26,1923 Greenspond Septicaemia DYKE, Thomas Ch Eng 70 Flower's Is Greenspond
Sep 18,1923 Wesleyville Eclampsia BROWN, Carrie Sal Army 21 Wesleyville Wesleyville
July 2,1923 Spillar's Cove Pul Tuberculosis GOODLAND, James Ch Eng 30 Spillar's Cove Bonavista
July 8,1923 Spillar's Cove Tuberculosis FLEMING, Maria ? Ch Eng ?3 Bonavista Bonavista
Page # 277              
July 8,1923 Maberly Tuberculosis PEARCE, Roland Ch Eng 22 Maberly Elliston
July 13,1923 Bonavista Old Age DURDLE, Robert Ch Eng 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 1,1923 Bonavista Inanition DURDLE, Stewart Ch Eng 3 wks? Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 1,1923 Bonavista Inanition DURDLE, Ralph Ch Eng 3 wks? Bonavista Bonavista
July 31,1923 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis RUSSELL, Louisa Ch Eng 33 Bonavista Bonavista
July 2,1923 Newman's Cove Drowned BAKER, Heber Ch Eng 12 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
July 11,1923 Newman's Cove Worm Fever BAKER, Willie J Ch Eng 10 1/? Toronto Newman's Cove
Aug 27,1923 Upper Amherst Cove Cancer SKIFFINGTON,Rebecca Ch Eng 68 Upper Amherst Cove Middle Cove
July 24,1923 Shambler's Cove Heart Trouble VIVIAN, Naomi Meth 72 Shambler's Cove Shambler's Cove
July 15,1923 Port Nelson Tuberculosis BLACKWOOD, Beatrice Meth 26 Safe Hr Port Nelson
July 26,1923 Port Nelson Apoplexy WICKS, Francis Meth 75 Port Nelson Port Nelson
Oct 10,1923 Port Nelson Apoplexy BLACKWOOD, Edward Meth 72 Port Nelson Port Nelson
Oct 20,1923 Greenspond Pul Tuberculosis DYKE, Maggie Meth 30 Greenspond Greenspond
Dec 11,1922 Blackhead Bay Gastro Enteritis HODDER, Rachel Ch Eng 3 m Blackhead Bay King's Cove
Dec 22,1922 Tickle Cove Old Age ROLLS, Samuel Ch Eng 76 Tickle Cove Tickle Cove
May 22,1923 Keels Paralysis HOBBS, Walter Ch Eng 69 Keels Keels
June 7 1923 Keels Heart Disease MOSS, John Ch Eng 73 Keels Keels
July 5,1923 Brookfield Pleuro Pneumonia GAULTON, Margaret Meth 43 Brookfield Brookfield
Sep 10,1923 Pound Cove Dysentry HOUNSEL, Clyde Meth 2 Pound Cove Pound Cove
Sept 10,1923 Wesleyville Cholera Infantum HILL, Boyd Meth 1 yr 3 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 27,1923 Gambo Consumption BROWN, Sarah Ann Meth 26 Gambo Gambo
Aug 26,1923 Saunder's Cove Cancer Stomach STEAD, Thomas Meth 74 Elliston Glovertown
Sep 18,1923 Glovertown Convulsions SPARKES, Edward George Meth 8 dys Glovertown Glovertown
Oct 3,1923 Glovertown Cancer Stomach BUTT, Garland Meth 71 Glovertown Glovertown
Jul(no date),1923 St. Anthony Meningitis DIAMOND, Edward Meth 14 Glovertown Glovertown
Oct 29,1923 Glovertown Convulsions HOWSE, Elmo Lloyd Meth 11 dys Glovertown Glovertown
Nov 4,1923 Glovertown Convulsions BUTT, Avalon Meth 4 m Glovertown Glovertown
Dec 20,1923 Happy Adventure Dropsy HAYWARD, Julia Meth 74 Gooseberry Is Happy Adventure
Sep 3,1923 Bonavista Cong Debility WAY, Rhoda Meth 14 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 1,1923 Bonavista Cong Syphilis DUNN, Edward Roy Meth 3 m Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 20,1923 Bonavista Old Age HAYWARD, Mary Meth 95 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 22,1923 Bonavista Cancer Stomach HARRIS, Giles Meth 73 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 25,1923 Bonavista Cong Debility MOULAND, Ralph Meth 2 m Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 1,1923 Bonavista Endocarditis MAIDMENT, Reginald W Meth 5 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 19,1923 Bonavista Old Age SAINT, Charles Meth 98 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 9,1923 Deer Lake Tetanus LITTLE, Alexander Meth 53 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 15,1923 Bonavista Septicaemia HICKS, Elizabeth Meth 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 18,1923 Wesleyville Haemmorhage HANN, B-la- ? T Sal Army 5 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 19,1923 Greenspond Tub Meningitis STRATTON, Muriel Sal Army 2 Greenspond Greenspond
Oct 20,1923 Wesleyville Convulsions WILKINS, Mildred Sal Army 1 ? Wesleyville Wesleyville
Page 278              
Oct 27 or 29,1923 Bloomfield Tuberculosis HOLLOWAY, Daisy P Sal Army 23 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Nov 11,1923 Greenspond Convulsions BURRY, Catherine Sal Army 7 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov 22,1923 Wesleyville Enteritis CALLOWAY, Baxter Sal Army 1 yr 4m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Nov 25,1923 Wesleyville Enteritis CALLOWAY, Otto Sal Army 6 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jan 11,1923 St Brendan's Old Age BROWN, Elizabeth Rom Cath 71   St Brendan's
June 9,1923 St Brendan's Paralysis WHITE, John Rom Cath 85 Gooseberry Is St Brendan's
July 15,1923 St Brendan's Tub Laryngitis CONNORS ?, Elizabeth Rom Cath 39 Petit forte St Brendan's
Mar(no date),1923 Wesleyville Old Age ABBOTT, Mrs.(no given name) Rom Cath 92 St. John's Wesleyville
Mar(no date),1923 Lumsden Cancer SHEPPARD, Frances Rom Cath 56 Bonavista Lumsden
Oct 19,1923 St Brendan's Dropsy MESH, Sarah Rom Cath 69 Keels St Brendan's
Sep(nodate),1923 St Brendan's Inf Debility BRODERICK, Francis Rom Cath 1/4 ? St. Brendan's St Brendan's
Oct 21,1923 St Brendan's Inf Debility BERESFORD, Herbert Rom Cath 1/6 ? St Brendan's St Brendan's
Nov 23,1923 Indian Bay Convulsions BRODERICK, James Rom Cath 1/6 ? St Brendan's St Brendan's
Nov 28,1923 Newman's Cove Convulsions KEATES, Ruth Meth 4 m Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Oct 21,1923 Plate Cove Convulsions KEOUGH, Catherine E Rom Cath 4 m Plate Cove Open Hall
Dec 13,1923 Summerville Pul Tuberculosis HOLLOHON,Thomas Rom Cath 23 Summerville Summerville
Sep 24,1923 Pound Cove Pul Tuberculosis HOYLES, Wilfred Ch Eng 16 Pound Cove Pound Cove
Nov 25,1923 Newtown Pneumonia COOK, Maxwell Ch Eng 14 m Newtown Newtown
Nov 26,1923 Pinchard's Is Convulsions PERRY, George Ch Eng 14 Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
Oct 19,1923 Valleyfield Meningitis STARKS, Catherine Louise Meth 8 m Valleyfield Valleyfield
Oct 24,1923 Wesleyville Gen Tuberculosis NOSEWORTHY, Nathan Meth 2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 26,1923 Wesleyville Catarrhal Enteritis WINSOR, John Meth 74 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 29,1923 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis WARFIELD, Charles F Meth 3 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Nov 17,1923 Wesleyville Gen D. HANN, Glendon R Meth 10 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Nov 18,1923 Wesleyville Pul D./. ROBERTS, Julia Meth 49 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec 6,1923 Brookfield Malnutrition BEST, Morley Meth 9 m Brookfield Brookfield
Dec 14,1923 Brookfield Pneumonic Phthisis KEAN, Bessie Meth 23 Brookfield Brookfield
Dec 27,1923 Wesleyville Old Age THOM, John Meth 83 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec 29,1923 Brookfield Croup STURGE, Victoria Meth 3 Brookfield Brookfield
Nov 1,1923 Musgravetown Cancer Stomach READER, Pheobe Meth 76 Brooklyn Musgravetown
Nov 7,1923 Musgravetown Paralysis SKIFFINGTON, Sarah Meth 73 Tickle Cove Musgravetown
Nov 12,1923 Musgravetown Peritonitis OLDFORD, Marjorie Meth 9 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Nov 26,1923 Bloomfield Bright's Disease FUDGE, Lavinia Meth 68 Catalina Musgravetown
Dec 7,1923 Portland Accidently Killed HAMPTON, Arthur Meth 61 Bonavista Portland
Dec 21,1923 Bloomfield Pul Tuberculosis HOLLOWAY, Helen Meth 36 Bloomfield Musgravetown
Dec 26,1923 Eastport Ch Nephritis DYKE, Susanna Ch Eng 85 Salvage Eastport
Nov 9,1923 Salvage Pul Tuberculosis MOSS, Fanny ? Ch Eng 31 Salvage Salvage
Oct 5,1923 Eastport Carcinoma SQUIRE,Helen Ch Eng 78 Salvage Eastport
Dec 6,1923 Sandy Cove Convulsions DYKE, Mildred D Ch Eng 4 m Sandy Cove Eastport
July 24,1923 Squid Tickle Cancer DYKE, Ann Ch Eng 66 Salvage Squid Tickle
Page # 279              
July 17,1923 St Chad's Diptheria MARTIN, Sarah Ann Ch Eng 8 St Chad's St Chad's
Sep16,1923 Salvage Apoplexy DYKE, John Ch Eng 92 Salvage Salvage
Oct 2,1923 Bishop's Hr Pul Tuberculosis OLDFORD, William Ch Eng 54 Salvage Bishop's Hr
Oct 31,1923 Bishop's Hr Ileo Colitis DYKE, Henry Ch Eng 65 Salvage Bishop's Hr
Sep 21,1923 Safe Harbor Ac Bronchitis STOKES, Maria Meth 3 Safe Hr Safe Harbor
Dec 8,1923 Newport Ac Nephritis KEATS, Mary Meth 39 Middle Brook Newport
Oct 30,1923 St. John's Heart Failure HARDING, Edward Meth 76 Greenspond Greenspond
Dec 12,1923 Safe Harbor Diptheria BLACKWOOD, Josephine Meth 7 Safe Hr Safe Harbor
Dec 26,1923 Greenspond Ac Indigestion POND, William Geo Prince Meth ?? Greenspond Greenspond
July 7,1923 Gambo Old Age LANE, William Ch Eng 97   Middle Brook
Aug 3,1923 Middle Brook Old Age HENDER,Serena Ch Eng 80   Middle Brook
Aug 13,1923 Middle Brook Child Birth POND, Mary Jane Ch Eng 24 Middle Bk Middle Brook
Oct 28,1923 Middle Brook Consumption BLACKMORE, Clara Ann Ch Eng 36 Greenspond Middle Brook
Oct 9,1923 Rosedale Old Age BRIFFETT, Susan E Ch Eng 96 Greenspond Glovertown
Sep 21.1923 Broad Cove Old Age KENEFICK, Edward Rom Cath 65 Broad Cove King's Cove
Nov 14,1923 Stock Cove Old Age BRENNAN, Edward Rom Cath 80 St. John's King's Cove
Dec 22,1923 King's Cove Old Age MADDOX, Michael Rom Cath 80 King's Cove King's Cove
July 16,1923 Redcliffe Tub Meningitis QUINTON, Clarence Ch Eng 24 Redcliffe Redcliffe
Oct 7,1923 King's Cove Val Heart Disease BROWN, Harold Ch Eng 14 King's Cove King's Cove
Oct 30,1923 King's Cove Apoplexy BROWN, Jane Ch Eng 78 Bonavista King's Cove
Dec 24,1923 St. John's Lobar Pneumonia HOYLES, Thomas Ch Eng 56 Valleyfield Valleyfield
Dec 29,1923 Insane Asylum Delerious Mania SAWYER, Amelia Meth 38 Brooklyn Brooklyn
Jan 29,1923 Gambo Tuberculosis KELLY, Thomas Rom Cath 53 St Brendan's Gambo
Feb 16,1923 Gambo Tuberculosis STEVENSON, Mary Rom Cath 48 Hare Bay Gambo
Oct 3,1923 Safe Harbor Bronchitis KNEE, Alfreda Ch Eng 1 Safe Hr Safe Hr
Oct 4,1923 Pool's Island Pul Tuberculosis JANIS(ES ?),Margaret Ch Eng 18 Pool's Is Pool's Is
Oct 5,1923 Port au Port Heart Disease KELLOWAY, Aubrey Ch Eng 34 Badger's Quay Pool's Is
Nov 16,1923 Badger's Quay Carcinoma Liver SPURRELL, Clara M Ch Eng 62 Pool's Is Badger's Quay
Dec 17,1923 Pool's Island Measles BOURNE, Robert Ch Eng 18 Pool's Is Pool's Is
Dec 24,1923 St. John's Pneumonia HOYLES, Thomas Ch Eng 56 Pool's Is Badger's Quay
Dec 26,1923 Badger's Quay Lobar D. SPURRELL, Harvey G Ch Eng 5 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Oct 7,1923 Wesleyville Cong Debility ABBOTT, Thomas Ch Eng 2 hrs Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 16,1923 Bonavista Old Age CLARKE, Mary Ch Eng 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 20,1923 Lancaster, T B Meningitis RYDER, Doris May Ch Eng 1 1/2 Lancaster Bonavista
Oct 26,1923 Bonavista General Decay CLARKE, Caroline Ch Eng 50 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 27,1923 Bonavista Old Age PAUL, Jane Ch Eng 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 22,1923 Port Union Pul Tuberculosis MIFFLIN, Frederica Ch Eng 20 Savage Cove Amherst Cove
Oct 5,1923 Newman's Cove Tuberculosis EDMUNDS, Lucy Ch Eng 43 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Nov 26,1923 Fair Island Inf Debility RODGERS, Willis Ch Eng 1 1/2 Fair Is Fair Island
Dec 16,1923 Fair Island Inf Debility PICKETT, Mabel Ch Eng 9? Fair Is Fair Island
Page 280              
Nov 25,1923 Greenspond Inf Debility BRAGG, Frank C Ch Eng 3 m Greenspond Greenspond
Dec 25,1923 Greenspond Old Age YOUNG, Jacob Ch Eng 88 Greenspond Greenspond
June 6,1923 Newport Convulsions COLLINS, Tobias Ch Eng 5 dys Newport Newport
Nov 25,1923 Newport Convulsions CARTER, Baby Ch Eng 2 dys Newport Newport
Apr 5,1923 Newport Influenza COLLINS, Maud Ch Eng 2 Newport Newport
Oct 5,1923 Newport Inf Debility COLLINS, Alma Ch Eng 11 m Newport Newport
Nov 2,1923 Flat Island Old Age POOR, John Meth 82 Flat Island Flat Islands
Sep 26,1923 Green's Island Inf Debility PAUL, Robert Meth 1/2 m Green's Is Green's Is
Sep 17,1923 Bragg's Island Inf Debility ORAM, Rowland Meth 1/2 m Bragg's Is Bragg's Is
Nov 22,1923 Bragg's Island Inf Debility FELTHAM, Douglas Meth 1 m Bragg's Is Bragg's Is
Oct 13,1923 Newtown Tuberculosis VINCENT, Martha Meth 56 Deadman's Bay Newtown
Oct 20,1923 Templeman Tuberculosis DOWDING, Alexander Meth 29 Templeman Templeman

Transcribed by Martha and William Warren (February 2007)

WARREN,Mrs Coxter*1 She should have been recorded as "Mrs Baxter" - Roderick Brentnall
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