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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay District

Book 8
PAGES 254 - 261

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 254                  
Jan. 24 Trinity Junction Prematurity OSBORNE Sarah F C.O.E. 1Day Trinity Jun. Trinity
Feb. 11 Trouty Softening of Brain KING Charles M C.O.E. 78 New Bonaventure Trouty
Feb. 15 Lockston Marasmus PEDDLE Harold M C.O.E. 1 5/12 Years Lockston Trinity
Mar. 05 Goose Cove Prematurity BAILEY Phoebe Ann F C.O.E. 2Mo. Goose Cove Trinity
Jan. 23 Heart's Content Whooping Cough ROWE Clarence McDonald M C.O.E. 1 10/12 Years Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jan. 28 Heart's Content Cancer of Throat GEORGE Archibald M C.O.E. 26 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Feb. 16 Heart's Content Bronchitis BUDDON Adam M C.O.E. 78 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jan. 12 Whiteway Old Age PARRETT Abram M C.O.E. 85 1/2 Years Spaniard's Bay Whiteway
Feb. 19 Islington Bronchitis CHISLETT Walter W M C.O.E. 13 Dys. Islington Heart's Delight
Feb. 27 Heart's Delight Still Birth BISHOP No Entry M C.O.E. SB Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Mar. 09 Heart's Delight Acute Bronchitis PERRY Mollie E F C.O.E. 1 5/12 Years Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jan. 27 Little Hr. Cancer of Tongue NORRIS James M C.O.E. 47 Little Hr. Little Harbor
Dec. 15, 1921 St. John's Tuberculosis LUTHER William M C.O.E. 32 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Mar. 09 Hillview Pneumonia MARSH Joseph M C.O.E. 76 Indian Is. NDB Hillview
Jan. 20 New Perlican Paralysis HEFFORD James M Meth. 81 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan. 21 Heart's Content Cancer Stomach JANES Elizabeth F Meth. 66 Winterton Heart's Content
Mar. 17 Heart's Content Brain Fever ROWE Gordon M Meth. 16 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jan. 01 Bay Bulls Arm Acute Nephritis PENNEY Eda F Meth. 26 Carbonear Bay Bulls Arm
Feb. 20 Bay Bulls Arm Influenza BENSON Mary A F Meth. 88 Hr. Grace Bay Bulls Arm
Mar. 12 St. John's Cerbral Hemorrhage ELLIS Jessie F Meth. 62 Norman's Cove Whitbourne
Mar. 18 Norman's Cove Consumption SMITH Leah F Meth. 32 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Mar. 23 Bay Bulls Arm Cancer COISH Philip M Meth. 56 Green's Hr. Bay Bulls Arm
Feb. 18 Poor Asylum Heart Disease WELSHER Jessie F C.O.E. 58 Heart's Delight C.O.E. St.John's
Apl. 25 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis HEAD William M Meth. 71 Brownsdale G.P.Cemetry St.John's
Jan. Whitbourne Convulsions JAMES Augustus M C.O.E. 7Mo. Whitbourne Whitbourne
Feb. 27 Whitbourne Meningitis SPARKES Stella M F C.O.E. 9 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Mar. 19 Blaketown Heart Trouble MERCER James Harry M C.O.E. 78 Upper Is. Cove Whitbourne
Jan. 11 Heart's Delight Accidentlly Killed TRAVER Kenneth M S.Army 18 Ht's Delight Heart's Delight
Jan. 12 Clarenville Old Age SUMMERS Mrs. James F S.Army 86 Hants Hr. Clarenville
Jan. 18 New Chelsea Bronchitis BAILEY Thora F S.Army 25Dys. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Mar. 01 Clarenville Tumor JARVIS John M S.Army 49 Famish Cove Clarenville
Jan. 06 Elliston Inf. Debility MARTIN Doris Vera F Meth. 12Mo. Elliston Elliston
Jan. 15 Elliston No Entry CHANT Sophia F Meth. 42 Elliston Elliston
Jan. 22 Elliston Convulsions GOODLAND Edna S F Meth. 12Mo. Elliston Elliston
Feb. 18 Elliston Convulsions GOODLAND Irene F Meth. 5Mo. Elliston Elliston
Mar. 19 Elliston Kidney Trouble DALTON John M Meth. 84 Elliston Elliston
Feb. 04 Thoroughfare Gangrene MILLS Nathaniel? M Meth. 80 Old Perlican Thoroughfare
Feb. 17 Hickman's Hr. Fits MARTIN Edith May F Meth. 10Mo. St. John's Hickman's Hr.
Mar. 27 Deer Harbor Rheumatism WHALEN Malina F Meth. 82 Western Bay Deer Harbor
Feb. 09 Pelley Epilepsy GEORGE Martha F C.O.E. 63 British Harbor Britannia
PAGE 255                  
Mar. 15 Little Catalina Inf. Debility JOHNSON John Mckay M Meth. 7Mo. Lt. Catalina Little Catalina
Jan. 15 New Perlican Bronchitis CALLAHAN Ellen F C.O.E. 2 1/2 Mo New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 01 New Perlican Cancer Peritoneum WALTERS Leah F C.O.E. 61 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar. 08 Winterton Cerbral Hemorrhage GEORGE Jesse M C.O.E. 83 Winterton Winterton
Mar. 20 Green's Hr. Old Age REID Mary F Meth. 87 Hants Hr. Green's Hr.
Mar. 22 Whiteway Paralysis WALKER Rachel F Meth. 64 Heart's Content Green's Hr.
Jan. 21 Champneys Concussion of Brain RANDELL Martha F C.O.E. 82 No Entry Champney's
Jan. 30 Champneys E Pul. Tuberculosis GABRIEL Johanna F C.O.E. 26 No Entry Champney's East
Jan. 29 English Hr. Cardio Renal Disease PENNY John Wells M C.O.E. 84 No Entry English Hr.
Feb. 20 Trinity E Whooping Cough BROWN Hedley Thomas M C.O.E. 3Mo. Trinity East Port Rexton
Apl. 16 Trinity E Pul. Tuberculosis FOWLOW Naomie F C.O.E. 36 Trinity East Port Rexton
Jan. 15 Trinity E Paralysis FOWLOW Mary F C.O.E. 85 Trinity East Port Rexton
Mar. 09 Trinity E Still Birth HOGARTH Baby F C.O.E. SB Trinity East Port Rexton
Jan. 26 St.Jones Within Still Birth No Entry No Entry F Meth. SB No Entry No Entry
Feb. 25 Loreburn Chill COLLINS Leah Bertha F S.Army 5Mo. Gambo Loreburn
June 13 Hillview Enclosure of Stomach HOWSE Priscilla F Meth. 69 No Entry Hillview
Apl. 07 Winterton Cancer of Liver GREEN Robert M Meth. 71 Winterton Winterton
Apl. 07 St. John's Heart Failure WILTSHIRE William M Meth. 65 Lower Is. Cove Heart's Delight
May 12 Winterton Brain Fever FOLLETT Vera M F Meth. 8 1/2 years Winterton Winterton
May 28 Winterton Cancer of Stomach EVANS Robert M Meth. 53 Winterton Winterton
July 01 General Hospital General Tuberculosis LEONARD Grace F R.C. 20 British Hr. Mt.Carmel St.J.
Apl. 24 New Bonaventure Pul. Tuberculosis MILLER Jonathan M C.O.E. 17 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
May 11 Lockston Marasmus LOCKE Ishmail Fred'k M C.O.E. 9Dys. Lockston Trinity
May 29 Old Bonaventure Pul. Tuberculosis PITCHER Cecilia F C.O.E. 47 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
May 08 Ireland's Eye Old Age MILLER Sarah F C.O.E. 78 Labrador Ireland's Eye
June 29 Trinity Carcinoma Stomach WOOLRIDGE Louisa F C.O.E. 74 Trinity Trinity
May 1 Heart's Delight Meningitis REID Dorothy May F C.O.E. 9 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
May 4 Green's Harbor Marasmus HARNUN Edward J M C.O.E. 3 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
May 16 Green's Harbor Broncho Pneumonia HARNUN Adelaide F C.O.E. 23 Whiteway Green's Hr.
June 14 Heart's Delight Old Age LEGGE Richard M C.O.E. 84 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Apl. 18 Heart's Content Nephritis ROWE Bennett M C.O.E. 64 Heart's Content Heart's Content
May 06 Heart's Content Consumption REGULAR Elsie F C.O.E. 20 Cavendish Heart's Content
June 20 Heart's Content Paralysis LEGGE Thomas M C.O.E. 76 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Apl. 10 Heart's Content Phthisis Pulmonalis MALLAM Linda F C.O.E. 24 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jan. 15 English Hr. Heart Failure BARNES Elizabeth F Meth. 61 English Hr. English Hr.
Jan. 18 English Hr. Cancer IVANY Harry George M Meth. 54 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar. 12 Dunfield Asphyxia Acute Bronchitis HURDLE Maxwell M Meth. 5Mo. Dunfield Trinity
June 07 Summerside Paralysis WHITE William M Meth. 73 Tickle Cove Summerville
PAGE 256                  
May 10 Lady Cove Old Age SOPER Jonas M Meth. 78 Lady Cove Lady Cove
May 05 George's Brook Old Age STANLEY Eli M Meth. 95 George's Bk. George's Brook
May 23 Somerset Child Birth PITTMAN Susannah F Meth. 40 White Rock Pittman's Brick Yard
Apl. 24 George's Brook Convulsions ELLIS Annie Amelia F Meth. 5Dys. George's Bk. George's Brook
June 04 Waterville Child Birth REID Theresa F Meth. 31 Pilley's Is. White Rock
May 27 Catalina Acc. Scalding GULLAGE Rhoda M F Meth. 1 Catalina Catalina
May 25 St. John's Cancer of Stomach PEDDLE Abram M C.O.E. 62 Island Cove Hodge's Cove
June 15 Bay Bulls Arm Tuberculosis SNOOK Caroline F C.O.E. 22 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
June 17 Hatchet Cove Spinal Meningitis LAMBERT Magdalen F C.O.E. 34 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Apl. 12 New Harbour Influenza HIGDON Hubert M S.Army 19Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
Apl. 25 Clarenville Unknown BAKER Walter M S.Army 18 Clarenville Clarenville
May 17 Hant's Harbor Consumption CRITCH Emma F S.Army 43 Carbonear Hant's Hr.
Apl. 22 Elliston Cancer CREW George M Meth. 68 No Entry Elliston
May 10 Elliston Old Age MARTIN Susan F Meth. 86 No Entry Elliston
Apl. 24 Whitbourne Convulsions JONES Winifred Jane F C.O.E. 7Dys. Whitbourne Whitbourne
June 07 Whitbourne Paralysis NOSEWORTHY Eliol M C.O.E. 75 Spaniard's Bay Whitbourne
May 11 Lady Cove Pneumonia SOPER John M Meth. 72 Hant's Hr. Lady Cove
May 12 Lady Cove Fits ADEY Alice Margaret F Meth. 2 Wks. Lady Cove Lady Cove
Jan 09 New Chelsea Cancer Stomach BUTTON William H M Meth. 60 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Feb. 03 Whitbourne Heart Failure SMITH William M Meth. 64 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Feb. 13 New Chelsea Inf. Debility BUTTON Donald M Meth. 17Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Mar. 29 Sibley's Cove Convulsions NAPMAN? Ronald G M Meth. 6Mo. Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
Mar. 30 New Melbourne Pul. Tuberculosis REID Absalom M Meth. 45 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Apl. 23 Whales Brook Heart Failure ROWE Jessie Louisa F Meth. 68 Whale's Brook Brownsdale
May 05 New Melbourne Convulsions MANSFIELD Effie F Meth. 2Dys. New Melbourne New Melbourne
May 08 Hant's Harbor Prematurity CRITCH Stephen M Meth. 1Hr. Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
May 22 New Melbourne Unknown WOODLAND Gideon M Meth. 14 New Melbourne New Melbourne
May 28 Sibley's Cove Prematurity EDDY George M Meth. 1Hr. Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
June 07 New Chelsea Convulsions BAILEY Leonard M Meth. 2Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
June 10 New Chelsea Cong. Debility HARRIS Annette Joyce F Meth. 16Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
June 15 New Melbourne Cong. Debility WOODLAND Ethel E F Meth. 2 New Melbourne New Melbourne
June 13 Sibley's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis EDDY Mary Jane F Meth. 28 New Chelsea Sibley's Cove
Feb. 14 Dildo Bright's Disease NEWHOOK Edward M C.O.E. 67 Dildo Dildo
Feb. 14 New Harbour Consumption HELLIER Clarence M C.O.E. 19 New Harbor New Harbor
Feb. 23 New Harbour Inf. Debility WILLIAMS Silas M C.O.E. 1Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
Feb. 08 New Harbour Still Birth No Entry No Entry M C.O.E. SB New Harbor New Harbor
Mar. 07 New Harbour Senility HELLIER William M C.O.E. 80 New Harbor New Harbor
Jan. 26 Norman's Cove Convulsions THORNE Amy Selina F C.O.E. 7 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Apl. 08 New Harbour Convulsions WILLIAMS Clarence M C.O.E. 1Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
Mar. 23 Herring Cove Meningitis SMITH John M C.O.E. 4 1/2 Years Old Shop Old Shop
PAGE 257                  
Apl. 10 Herring Cove Meningitis SMITH Fred M C.O.E. 11 Old Shop Old Shop
Apl. 20 Norman's Cove Old Age THORNE James M C.O.E. 77 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
May 04 Dildo Inf. Debility MOORE Cyril M C.O.E. 10Mo. Dildo Dildo
May 10 Norman's Cove Inf. Debility NEWHOOK Phoebe J F C.O.E. 3 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Apl. 30 Old Shop Convulsions BRIGDON Heber? M C.O.E. 3Hrs. Old Shop Old Shop
May 31 New Harbour Chill CRANFORD George M C.O.E. 57 New Hr. New Hr.
Apl. 15 Norman's Cove Convulsions NEWHOOK William J M C.O.E. 3Hrs. Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
June 26 New Harbour Bright's Disease BUSSEY George M C.O.E. 58 Port de Grave New Hr.
June 19 Spread Eagle Convulsions HELLIER William M C.O.E. 4Dys. Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Apl. New Harbour Still Birth WOODMAN No Entry F C.O.E. SB New Hr. New Hr.
Apl. 01 New Perlican Meningitis SMITH Annie J F C.O.E. 7 New Perlican New Perlican
May 26 New Perlican Meningitis PIERCEY Mary Jane F C.O.E. 43 New Perlican New Perlican
Apl. 30 Winterton Convulsions PINHORN Herbert Hobbs M C.O.E. 4Mo. Winterton Winterton
June 18 Winterton Pneumonia PIERCEY Jacob M C.O.E. 7 Winterton Winterton
July 17 Heart's Delight Dysentery REID John M C.O.E. 70 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
July 23 Heart's Delight Cancer Bowels HARNUM Jane F C.O.E. 46 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Aug. 27 Heart's Delight Cancer Stomach SOOLEY Sarah F C.O.E. 68 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
July 16 Blaketown Inanition MERCER Charlotte F C.O.E. 1Dy. Blaketown Blaketown
June 18 Trouty Softening/Brain BARNES John M C.O.E. 77 Trouty Trouty
July 08 Trinity Tub. Meningitis LOCKYER Kathleen Joan F C.O.E. 7 Trinity Trinity
June 14 Ireland's Eye Pul. Tuberculosis COOPER Edgar M C.O.E. 25 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Aug. 16 Lockston Nephritis PEDDLE Maria F C.O.E. 76 Spaniard's Cove Trinity
Aug. 27 Trinity Bright's Disease TAVERNOR Peter M C.O.E. 69 Heart's Content Trinity
Aug. 28 Goose Cove Marasmus BARTLETT Eric M C.O.E. 17Dys. Goose Cove Trinity
Sep. 17 Trinity Neuritis DEGRISH Bertha F C.O.E. 67 Trouty Trinity
Sep. 21 Trinity Bright's Disease TAVERNER Edward M C.O.E. 37 Heart's Content Trinity
July 30 Heart's Content Prematurity MCKENZIE Hubert M C.O.E. 9Mo. Heart's Content Heart's Content
Sep. 18 Heart's Content Asthenia JONES Mary F C.O.E. 2Dys. Heart's Content Heart's Content
Sep. 14 Heart's Content Heart Failure MURPHY Leah Martha F C.O.E. 44 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Aug. 20 Elliston Paralysis CREW Adelaide F Meth. 67 No Entry Elliston
Sep. 12 Newman's Cove Cancer ELLIOTT George M Meth. 49 No Entry Newman's Cove
Sep. 15 Elliston Inf. Debility OLDFORD Chesley M Meth. 2Mo. Elliston Elliston
Sep. 16 Elliston Gen'l Debility CREW Dorcas F Meth. 62 No Entry Elliston
July 14 Sibley's Cove Old Age SPARKS Abram M Meth. 84 Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
July 14 Hant's Harbor Old Age GUILLIFORD James M Meth. 96 Hant's Harbor Hant's Harbor
July 18 New Melbourne Old Age BURSEY James M Meth. 83 Old Perlican New Melbourne
July 24 New Chelsea Old Age BELBEN Johannah F Meth. 86 No Entry New Chelsea
Aug. 11 Hant's Harbor Kidney Trouble GREEN Enoch M Meth. 74 Hant's Hr. HHant's Harbor
Aug. 20 Caplin Cove Old Age TUCK Susannah F Meth. 76 Hant's Hr. Hant's Harbor
Aug. 28 Whale's Brook Old Age THORNE Agnes F Meth. 88 No Entry Brownsdale
PAGE 258                  
Aug. 17 Britannia Pneumonia BUTT William M Meth. 75 Broad Cove Britannia
Sep. 04 Thoroughfare Tubercular Leg MILLS George M Meth. 15 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
July 17 George's Cove Tuberculosis BALSON George M C.O.E. 48 George's Cove Hearts Ease
Aug. 28 Gooseberry Cove Old Age BENSON Jane F C.O.E. 102 Grates Cove Hearts Ease
Sep. 04 Southport Tuberculosis PIERCEY Newman M M C.O.E. 7 1/2 Mo New Perlican Hearts Ease
Jan. 22 Burgoyne's Cove Jaundice RYAN Percie M C.O.E. 7 Champney's E Burgoyne's Cove
Mar. 16 Foster's Point Scalding GARDNER James A B M C.O.E. 2 1/2 Years Foster's Point White Rock
July 12 New Burn Cove Convulsions DUFFITT Reginald K M C.O.E. 11Mo. New Burn Cove Burgoyne's Cove
Apl. 26 Pope's Harbor Accidentally Killed NOAH George M C.O.E. 57 Heart's Content Foster's Point
Mar. 03 Petley Convulsions BAILEY George M C.O.E. 3Hrs. Petley Petley
Aug. 26 Shoal Harbor. Convulsions BLUNDON Albert James M Meth. 2Mo. Shoal Harbor Shoal Harbor
Sep. 17 Milton Convulsions ADAMS Clarence M M Meth. 1 Milton George's Brook
May 18 New Harbour Influenza HELLIER Cecelia F S.Army 45 Green's Hr. New Harbor
May 27 New Harbour Consumption HIGDON Jacob M S.Army 47 New Harbor New Harbor
Oct. 20 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis MAIDMENT Agnes F S.Army 17 Hant's Harbor St.John's S.A.
Aug. 15 St. John's Shock HYNES Marie F Meth. 6Hrs. St. John's Whitbourne
Sep. 04 Thoroughfare Hospital Miliary Tuberculosis MILLS George M Meth. 15 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Aug. 12 New Perlican Consumption WARREN Mary Janet F C.O.E. 31 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug. 12 New Perlican Convulsions PINSENT Dorothy F C.O.E. 2Mo. New Perlican New Perlican
July 28 New Perlican Paralysis SMITH Elizabeth F C.O.E. 71 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug. 19 New Perlican Bronchitis LEGGE Aubrey M C.O.E. 80 Heart's Delight New Perlican
Aug. 17 New Perlican Consumption PIERCEY Dorothy V F C.O.E. 21 Southport New Perlican
July 18 Winterton Pneumonia HISCOCK Gordon R M C.O.E. 1 1/2 Years Winterton Winterton
July 18 Renews Accidenally Killed on Schooner HISCOCK Eliol M C.O.E. 56 Winterton Winterton
Aug. 12 Winterton Bronchitis PARROTT Alfred J M C.O.E. 7Mo. Winterton Winterton
July 03 Trinity East Pul. Tuberculosis FOWLOW Maria F C.O.E. 35 Trinity East Port Rexton
July 26 Port Rexton Gangrene RANDALL John M C.O.E. 80 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 09 Port Rexton Inanition BAILEY Joseph M C.O.E. 1Dy. Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 26 Port Rexton Typhoid Fever BARBOUR Mary F C.O.E. 26 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 29 Trinity East Gastro Enteritis FOWLOW Olonzo M C.O.E. 4Mo. Trinity East Port Rexton
Sep. 19 Port Rexton Pul. Tuberculosis STOCKLEY David M C.O.E. 24 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Apl. 30 Port Rexton Still Birth BANNISTER No Entry M C.O.E. SB Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 08 Port Rexton Still Birth BAILEY No Entry F C.O.E. SB Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sep. 11 Port Rexton Still Birth GUPPY No Entry F C.O.E. SB Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 13 English Hr. Puerperal Septicemia BATSON Jessie Hilda F C.O.E. 27 English Hr. English Hr.
Aug. 26 Spaniard's Bay Acute Mania (Puerperuim) EADY Mrs. S F C.O.E. 27 English Hr. English Hr.
July 24 Green's Hr. Tuberculosis PENNEY Hannah F Meth. 21 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Sep. 04 Dunfield Meningitis SPURRELL Tasker M Meth. 7 Wks Dunfield Trinity
Nov. 03 Goose Cove Pul. Tuberculosis DAMPIER George M C.O.E. 45 Goose Cove. TB Trinity
Nov. 04 Fort Point Cerbral Hemorrhage ROWE Abel M C.O.E. 70 Trinity Trinity
PAGE 259                  
Nov. 15 Dunfield Inf. Debility CLARKE Colin M C.O.E. 4Mo. Dunfield Trinity
Nov. 06 Pope's Harbor Typhoid Fever WEBSTER Medora Jane F C.O.E. 41 Brownsdale Little Harbor
Dec. 10 South Side Cancer Liver WOOLRIDGE Frances F C.O.E. 73 Elliston Trinity
Dec. 17 Trinity Junction Prematurity OSBOURNE Gerald M C.O.E. 1Dy. Trinity Junction Trinity
Oct. 27 Heart's Content Cancer Stomach ROWE Mary F C.O.E. 70 Heart's Delight Heart's Content
Dec. 12 Hillview Pneumonia BENSON Edmund R M C.O.E. 5 1/2 Mo Hillview Hillview
Dec. 15 St.Jone's Without Convulsions GREEN Eli M C.O.E. 10Dys. St.Jone's Without St.Jone's Without
Dec. 03 Clarenville Bronchitis PElLEY Mary F Meth. 73 No Entry Clarenville
Dec. 27 Harcourt Meningitis COOPER Richard M Meth. 37 Harcourt Harcourt
Oct. 27 Shoal Hr. Unknown LOCKE John M Meth. 63 Shoal Hr. Shoal Harbor
Oct. 05 Manuels Dysentery RENDELL Ann Amelia F Meth. 76 No Entry Hant's Harbor
Oct. 13 New Chelsea Convulsions SINGLE Edgar James M Meth. 8Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct. 16 Hant's Hr. Tuberculosis Lungs TUCK James M Meth. 70 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Oct. 04 English Hr. Cerbral Hemorrhage BARNES Mary Eliz. F Meth. 65 Champney's English Hr.
Oct. 19 English Hr. Old Age IVANY William M Meth. 84 English Hr. English Hr.
Aug. 20 St.Jone's Without Child Birth GREEN Susanna F Meth. 22 St.Jone's Without St.Jone's Without
Aug. St.Jone's Without Still Birth BLANK No Entry M Meth. SB St.Jone's Without St.Jone's Without
Aug. 20 Hillview Fits STOYLES Isabel Alice F Meth. 8Mo. Hillview Hillview
Sep. 07 Hatchet Cove Enteritis ROBBINS Alice Maud F Meth. 2 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Sep. 18 Southport Enteritis MARTIN William C M Meth. 1 1/2 Years Southport Southport
Nov. 22 N.W. Brook Dropsy SOPER Edward M Meth. 58 Dildo Cove N.W.Brook
Oct. 03 Elliston Old Age TRASK Maria F Meth. 69 No Entry Elliston
Nov. 10 Elliston Yellow Jaundice CHAULK Mary Jane F Meth. 57 No Entry Elliston
Oct. 12 Britannia Kidney Trouble BROWNING William Henry M Meth. 65 England Britannia
Oct. 23 Britannia Cancer Face VERGE Hubert M Meth. 45 Britannia Britannia
Dec. 12 Hickman's Hr. Convulsions Bell Nellie F Meth. 1Mo. Britannia Hickman's Hr.
Dec. 25 Catalina Diphtheria ROGERS Mildred F F Aventist 5 Catalina Catalina
Sep. 29 New Perlican Gastro Enteritis HISCOCK Percy M C.O.E. 7Mo. New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 28 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis WARREN John M C.O.E. 18 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec. 02 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia GEORGE Walter Sydney M C.O.E. 3 1/2 Mp New Perlican New Perlican
Dec. 12 Turk's Cove Paralysis ANTLE George M C.O.E. 81 Turks Cove Winterton
Jan. 21 Catalina Splenitis? BURSEY Maxim? M C.O.E. 25 Catalina Catalina
May 26 Port Union Pneumonia MERCER Phenie (?) F C.O.E. 25 Bonavista Catalina
June 03 Catalina Phthisis GULLAGE Ellen F C.O.E. 34 Catalina Catalina
Aug. 02 Catalina Drowning SHEPPARD Stewart M C.O.E. 27 Catalina Catalina
Aug. 02 Catalina Drowning SHEPPARD Albert M C.O.E. 35 Catalina Catalina
Aug. 02 Catalina Drowning SHEPPARD Lewis M C.O.E. 22 Catalina Catalina
Sep. 08 Catalina Cholera Infantum BROWN Austin J B M C.O.E. 2Mo. Trinity Catalina
Nov. 29 Catalina Phthisis WHITE Effie F C.O.E. 25 Catalina Catalina
Dec. 07 Catalina Paralysis HISCOCK Ellen F C.O.E. 77 Catalina Catalina
PAGE 260                  
Nov. 01 Blaketown Heart Failure DAWE Fannie F S.Army 72 Blaketown Blaketown
Dec. 07 Hant's Hr. Rheumatism MANSFIELD Richard M S.Army 76 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Dec. 18 New Harbour Consumption SMITH Emma F S.Army 27 New Hr. New Hr.
Dec. 25 Winterton Inflammation ANDREWS Cyril James M S.Army 2Mo. Winterton Winterton
Dec. 31 Clarenville Intestinal Trouble WELLS Mrs. George F S.Army 43 Clarenville Clarenville
Sep. 17 New Perlican Heart Failure HEFFORD Sarah F Meth. 42 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 10 New Perlican Cancer Stomach HEFFORD Pricilla F Meth. 74 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 31 Winterton Old Age HARNUM Mary F Meth. 80 Winterton Winterton
Nov. 29 Heart's Content Paralysis SEWARD Annie Maria F Meth. 77 New Perlican Heart's Content
Oct. 09 Trinity East Carcinoma Breast FOWLOW Mary Ann F C.O.E. 65 Trinity East Port Rexton
Oct. 14 Trinity East Pleurisy FIFIELD Abel Edward M C.O.E. 56 Trinity East Port Rexton
Oct. 20 Port Rexton Convulsions BALLET Susanna F C.O.E. 5Mo. Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec. 27 Port Rexton Tuberculosis REX Mary E F C.O.E. 22 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct. 05 Port Rexton Still Birth ASH No Entry M C.O.E. SB Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct. 11 Port Rexton Still Birth IVANY No Entry F C.O.E. SB Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct. 29 English Hr. Inf. Debility BATSON Warwick M C.O.E. 3Mo. English Hr. English Hr.
Oct. 30 Port Rexton Chronic Prostatic Disease WELLS Thomas M C.O.E. 69 English Hr. English Hr.
Nov. 16 Champneys W Cancer Bowels OWEN Esther F C.O.E. 80 Champneys West Champneys West
Dec. 27 Champneys W Tuberculosis RENDELL John Joseph M C.O.E. 49 Champneys West Champneys West
July 30 Catalina Still Birth BLUNDON No Entry F Meth. SB Catalina Catalina
Oct. 01 Whitbourne Pul. Tuberculosis SPARKES Ada F C.O.E. 15 St. John's Whitbourne
Nov. 28 Whitbourne Inanition BARRETT Arthur H M C.O.E. 14Dys Whitbourne Whitbourne
June 03 Heart's Content Cancer Intestines ROCKWOOD Mary F R.C. 65 Hts. Content Hts. Content
Oct. 01 New Harbor Tuberculosis HEGDEN (sic) Clarence M C.O.E. 21 New Hr. New Harbor
Sep. 26 Norman's Cove Sanitorium Inf. Debility NEWHOOK Edward M C.O.E. 1 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Oct. 25 New Harbor Bronchitis HELLIER Mary F C.O.E. 74 Spaniard's Bay New Harbor
Dec. 23 Spread Eagle Internal Trouble SMITH Henry M C.O.E. 50 Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Oct. 26 New Hr. Tuberculosis HELLIER James M C.O.E. 20 New Harbor New Harbor
Oct. 01 Green's Hr. Tuberculosis WORTHMAN Andrew M Meth. 25 Green's Hr. Green's Harbor
Oct. 06 Old Shop Tuberculosis BRINSTON Eliza F Meth. 19 North Hr. PB New Harbor
Nov. 04 Winterton Pneumonia REID Mildred F Meth. 20 Green's Hr. Green's Harbor
Nov. 05 Bay Bulls Arm Consumption REID Leah F Meth. 66 Heart's Content Bay Bulls Arm
Sep. 01 Adeytown Still Birth No Entry No Entry M Meth. SB Adeytown Adeytown
Dec. 14 Hillview Bronchitis CHURCHILL Clancy A M Meth. 14Mo. Catalina Hillview
Dec. 31 Old Bonaventure Val. Disease Heart STONE Andrew M C.O.E. 38 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Mar 28 Port Rexton Phthisis BRENNOCK Mary F R.C. 28 Summerville Trinity
Apl. 02 Trinity East Meningitis TOULMAN Marie F R.C. 5Mo. Trinity East BB Trinity
May 16 Trinity Heart Failure POWER Arthur M R.C. 84 Trinity Trinity
Dec. 31 Hant's Harbor Pul. Tuberculosis SOPER William M Meth. 63 Hant's Harbor Hant's Hr.
Nov. 07 New Harbor Heart Trouble HILLIER Drusilla F S.Army 46 New Harbor New Harbor
PAGE 261                  
Nov. 02 Heart's Delight Exposure CROCKER Aubrey M C.O.E. 62 Hts. Delight Hearts. Delight
Nov. 10 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis HODDER Gordon E M C.O.E. 18 Hts. Delight Hearts. Delight
Jan. 07 Bellevue Pul. Tuberculosis MCCARTHY David M R.C. 40 Bellevue Bellevue
Mar. 27 Bellevue Pul. Tuberculosis BOLLAND Alice F R.C. 35 Bellevue Bellevue
Apl. 16 Bellevue Old Age MCCARTHY John M R.C. 77 Bellevue Bellevue
12-Jun Chapel Arm Tuberculosis PRETTY Joseph M R.C. 37 Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
28-Jun Whitbourne Gangrene WALSH Bridget F R.C. 73 Whitbourne Whitbourne
30-Jun Chapel Arm Old Age LAMB James M R.C. 76 Long Harbor. Chapel Arm
Sep. 03 Whitbourne Old Age WALSH John M R.C. 75 Conception Whitbourne
Sep. 15 Bellevue Cancer PINSENT John M R.C. 47 Bellevue Bellevue
Sep. 24 Whitbourne No Entry GUSHUE Frances F R.C. 36 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Oct. 16 Bellevue Old Age MURPHY John M R.C. 90 Bellevue Bellevue
Oct. 23 Chapel Arm Old Age DROVER Michael M R.C. 72 Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
Dec. 2, 1922 Catalina Diphtheria ROGERS Mildred Fran (?) F S D A 5 (?) Catalina Catalina

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2011)

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