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1922 - 1922

Pages 296 - 303
LDS Microfilm 2168997

NOTE: This group of records only include those individuals which were listed in the Register as coming from Bonavista Bay District.
PAGE 296              
Jan 7,1922 Bonavista Consumption GROVES?, Richard Meth 18 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 12,1922 Bonavista Meningitis FORD, Evelyn Meth 15 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 16,1922 Bonavista Consumption MOULAND, Roger Meth 57 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 17,1922 Bonavista Consumption ABBOTT, Lydia Meth 42 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 16,1922 Bonavista Old Age MARSHFIELD, Mary Meth 89 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 24,1922 Bonavista Bronchitis HICKS, George Meth 62 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 9,1922 Bonavista Consumption ABBOTT,Ellen Meth 60 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 12,1922 Bonavista Consumption ABBOTT, Hugh Meth 57 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 21,1921 Bonavista Still Birth KEEL,(no given name) Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 6,1922 Bonavista Still Birth CHARD, (no given name) Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 8,1922 Bonavista Still Birth PHILLIPS,(no given name) Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 12,1922 Glovertown Convulsions KEATS, Cyril Meth 2 mo Glovertown Glovertown
Feb 4,1922 Glovertown Appendicitis BUTT,Dora Alma Meth 7 Flat Island Glovertown
Mar 4,1922 Glovertown Whooping Cough FELTHAM, Herbert C Meth 10 m Glovertown Glovertown
Mar 23,1922 Glovertown Consumption LITTLE, Beatrice Meth 36 Tilt Cove Glovertown
Mar 24,1922 Glovertown Old Age SPARKS, William Meth 74 Greenspond Saunders Cove
Feb 12,1922 Bloomfield Child Birth PENNY, Mary Jane Meth 20 Pinchard's Is Musgravetown
Mar 11,1922 Open Hall Paralysis BARKER.Rebecca Rom Cath 75 Keels Open Hall
Mar 11,1922 Plate Cove Tuberculosis Pul. PHILPOT, Gertrude Rom Cath 26 Plate Cove Open Hall
Mar 11,1922 Sweet Bay Influenza MULLOWNEY, Lewis Rom Cath 12 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
Jan 23,1922 Greenspond Old Age CARTER, James Ch Eng 77 Greenspond Newell's Is
Feb 23,1922 Newell's Is   COYE,Saul Ch Eng 17 Newell's Is Newell's Is
Mar 12,1922 Greenspond Pul Tuberculosis DOMINY, Edna Ch Eng 24 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan 28,1922 Trinity, B B Inf Debility BROWN, Margaret Ch Eng 3 mo Trinity Trinity
Dec 2,1921 Round Harbor Old Age ROGERS, Ellen Ch Eng 66 Fair Island Fair Island
Jan 15,1922 Newtown Pneumonia LESLIE, Howard Al---- Presbyterian 44 Souris,PEI Newtown
Feb 11,1922 Pound Cove Inf Debility PERRY, Lily Ch Eng 3 mo Pound Cove Pound Cove
Jan 2,1922 Sanitorium Pul Tuberculosis SAUNDERS, Charles Ch Eng 30 Dark Cove Ch.Eng St.John's
Jan 6,1922 Greenspond Drowning DOMINEY, James Meth 42 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan 15,1922 Port Nelson Inf Debility Unbaptised Meth 3dys Port Nelson Port Nelson
Jan 18,1922 Greenspond Heart Failure HARDING, Effie Meth 30 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan 20,1922 Greenspond Pertussis BURRY, Frank Albert Meth 2 mo Newell's Is Greenspond
Feb 8,1922 Greenspond Convulsions BURRY, Blanche Meth 3 mo Greenspond Greenspond
Feb 15,1922 Greenspond Nephritis WEAY, Agnes Meth 8 Greenspond Greenspond
Feb 19,1922 Safe Harbor Pneumonia DYKE,Lewis Meth 35 Safe Harbor Safe Harbor
Mar 2,1922 Greenspond Bronchitis WHITE, Sarah Beatrice Meth 4 mo Greenspond Greenspond
Oct 28,1921 Bragg's Is Whooping Cough BURSEY, James Meth 4 Bragg's Isld Bragg's Isld
Jan 16,1922 Bragg's Is Whooping Cough FELTHAM, Martha G Meth 1 mo? Bragg's Isld Bragg's Isld
Jan 24,1922 Wesleyville Broncho Pneumonia HILL,Horatius Meth 11? Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jan 27,1922 Brookfield Heart Failure GAULTON, James Meth 62 Brookfield Brookfield
PAGE 297              
Jan 31,1922 Wesleyville Pulmonary Edema SPARKES, Nelson Meth 17 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb 3,1922 Brookfiled Insanity KEAN, John Meth 48 Brookfield Brookfi(eld)
Jan 18,1922 Pound Cove Consumption HOUNSELL, Isabella Meth 32 Pound Cove Pound C(ove)
Mar 15,1922 Wesleyville Inf Debility NOSEWORTHY,Susanna Meth 5 mo Wesleyville Wesleyv(ille)
Jan 2,1922 Wesleyville Old Age NOSEWORTHY, Archibald Meth 78 Wesleyville Wesleyv(ille)
Mar 28,1922 Flat Island Tuberculosis RALPH, Providence Ch Eng 38 Flat Is Flat Isl(and)
Dec 8,1921 Wild Cove Meningitis SHUTE, Minnie Ch Eng 15 Wild Cove Bishop's (Cove)
Feb 13,1922 Squid Tickle Inf Debility OLDFORD, Harold Ch Eng 1 3/4 Squid Tickle Squid T(ickle)
Mar 25,1922 St. Chad's Inf Debility LANE, Thomas Ch Eng 3m St.Chad's St C(had's)
Mar 12,1922 Salvage Bay Pul Tuberculosis BROWN, Samson Ch Eng 26 Salvage Bay Salvage (Bay)
Mar 20,1922 Grand Falls Heart Failure DYKE, Dilline? Martin Ch Eng 30 Salvage Bay Salvage (Bay)
Jan 15,1922 Hare Bay Fits COOZE, Harold S Army 62 Hare Bay Hare (Bay)
Mar 15,1922 Bennett's Cove Tuberculosis NORRIS, Ann? S Army 24 Bennett's Cove Bennett's (Cove)
Mar 17,1922 Hare Bay Inflammation COLLINS, Emily S Army 73 Greenspond Hare (Bay)
Mar 3,1922 Newman's Cove Inf Debility CREW, James Meth 2 m? Newman's Cove Newman's (Cove)
Mar 23,1922 Newman's Cove Old Age COOL, Ann Meth 79   Newman's(Cove)
Mar 11,1922 Insane Asylum Apoplexy HAMPTON, Robert Meth 45 Bonavista ?? Cemetery
Jan 20,1922 Bonavista Apoplexy SHARPE, Eliza Ch Eng 73 Elliston Bonavi(sta)
Mar 1,1922 Bonavista Dropsy BROWN, Hannah Ch Eng 67   Bonavi(sta)
Mar 3,1922 Bonavista Meningitis SWEETLAND, Phyllis M Ch Eng 5 mo Bonavista Bonavi(sta)
Apr 3,1922 Maberly,T B Rheumatic Fever CHAULK, Louisa Ch Eng 65 Elliston Bonavi(sta)
Apr 7,1922 Bonavista Malignant growth ?(site) ABBOTT, James Ch Eng 45 Bonavista Bonavi(sta)
Mar 16,1922 Lower Amherst Cove Meningitis COLE, Ella Grace Ch Eng 15 Lower Amherst Cove Lower Amherst (Cove)
Mar 31,1922 Newman's Cove Pul Tuberculosis TILLY, Mary Ch Eng 24 Newman's Cove Newman's (Cove)
Feb 26,1922 North Island Whooping Cough PIKE, Sylvester Meth 26? North Is North (Island)
Mar 1,1922 North Island Whooping Cough PIKE,Edward Meth 1 m North Is North (Island)
Apr 29,1922 Deer Island Whooping Cough FELTHAM, Abel Meth 5 Deer Island Deer (Island)
June 11,1922 Gooseberry Island Consumption WARREN, David Meth 26 Gooseberry Is Gooseberry (Island)
Apr 3,1922 Plate Cove Pul Tuberculosis TRACEY, Bridget Rom Cath 44 Plate Cove Open H(all)
Apr 13,1922 Open Hall Whooping Cough MURPHY, Irene Rom Cath 3 m Open Hall Open H(all)
May 16,1922 Plate Cove Cancer of Face DOOLEY, Patrick Rom Cath 56 Plate Cove Open H(all)
May 25,1922 Open Hall Angina Pectoris BAKER, Joseph Rom Cath 71 Open Hall Open H(all)
June 9,1922 Plate Cove Convulsions KEOUGH, Julia Rom Cath 3 m Plate Cove Open H(all)
June 10,1922 Plate Cove Convulsions KEOUGH,Josephine Rom Cath 3 m Plate Cove Open H(all)
June 8,1922 Musgravetown Old Age OLDFORD, James Meth 80 Bonavista Musgrav(etown)
June 1,1922 Charlottetown Still Birth MURPHY, (no given name) Meth SB Charlottetown Charlotte(town)
Apr 6,1922 Greenspond Convulsions WHITE, Stephen Josiah Meth 6 m Greenspond Greensp(ond)
Apr 9,1922 Greenspond Tuberculosis STRATTON, Maud Meth 17 Greenspond Greensp(ond)
Apr 26,1922 Greenspond Pneumonia ROSE, Leroy T Meth ?? Greenspond Greensp(ond)
(Faint line drawn through above entry)
PAGE 298              
Apr 5,1922 Bonavista Child Birth FISHER, Charlotte Meth 37 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 12,1922 Bonavista Old Age POWELL, Sarah Jane Meth 77 Bonavista Bonavista
May 3,1922 Bonavista Cancer Stomach AYLES, Jane Meth 80 Bonavista Bonavista
May 14,1922 Bonavista Dropsy MOULAND, Catherine Meth 62 Bonavista Bonavista
May 31,1922 Bonavista Meningitis PHILIPS, Alfreda Meth 11 Bonavista Bonavista
June 13,1922 Bonavista Meningitis ABBOTT, Hector C Meth 4 1/2 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 4,1922 Bonavista Still Birth FISHER, Baby Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 8,1922 Bonavista Still Birth HOUSE, Baby Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 3,1922 Bonavista Still Birth BUGDEN, Baby Meth SB Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 6,1922 Glovertown Softening of Brain BURRY, Elijah Meth 76 Greenspond Glovertown
Apr 6,1922 Glovertown Tuberculosis FELTHAM, Effie Alma Meth 4 1/2 Bragg's Is Glovertown
Apr 16,1922 Wesleyville Drowning BISHOP, Wincel ? S Army 1 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Apr 10,1922 Bloomfield Pul Tuberculosis PERRY, Leonard S Army 26 Bloomfield Bloomfield
Apr 29,1922 Hare Bay Old Age STURGE, Thomas S Army 71 Hare Bay Hare Bay
May 1,1922 Wesleyville Tuberculosis STOCKLEY, Pearl S Army 20 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 1,1922 Bonavista Meningitis ABBOTT, Norman S Army 3 m Bonavista Bonavista
May 12,1922 Stock Cove Obstruction Bowels ALYWARD, Joseph Rom Cath 42 Stock Cove King's Cove
May 31,1922 Stock Cove Paralysis VINCENT, William Rom Cath 83 Stock Cove King's Cove
June 22,1922 Keels Influenza KELLY, Maurice Rom Cath 79 Keels King's Cove
Mar 13,1922 Knight's Cove Influenza RICKETTS, Alice Rom Cath 78 Stock Cove King's Cove
Mar 19,1922 Stock Cove Paralysis GALLAHUE, Johanna Rom Cath 74 Stock Cove King's Cove
Mar 26,1922 King's Cove Nephritis WEEKS, Edward Rom Cath 74 Stock Cove King's Cove
Mar 27,1922 Broad Cove Influenza MATTHEWS, Hannah Rom Cath 49 King's Cove King's Cove
Apr 17,1922 Grand Falls Cancer Gallbladder OLDFORD,Hannah Ch Eng 65 Salvage Squid Tickle
May 15,1922 St. Chad's Tuberculosis ROGERS, George Ch Eng 75 Salvage St. Chad's
May 20,1922 Squid Tickle Convulsions LANE, Gordon Ch Eng 2 dys Squid Tickle Squid Tickle
June 25,1922 Bishop's Hr Tuberculosis BROWN, Elizabeth Ch Eng 83 Bishop's Hr Bishop's Harbor
Apr 28,1922 Carman's Cove Debility BROWN, William Ch Eng 62 Salvage Eastport
June 2,1922 Happy Adventure Convulsions MOSS, Peter Wesley Ch Eng 7 m Happy Adventure Eastport
July 12,1922 Happy Adventure Unknown MOSS, Heber Ch Eng 47 Happy Adventure Eastport
Jan 11,1922 St. Brendan's Old Age WHITE, Susan Rom Cath 84   St. Brendan's
Jan 15,1922 St.Brendan's Pneumonia SMITH, Stella Rom Cath 8 St.Brendan's St. Brendan's
Mar 27,1922 St.Brendan's Inf Debility BRODERICK, Julia Rom Cath 3/4?? St.Brendan's St.Brendan's
Apr 2,1922 St.Brendan's Heart Failure HYNES, Michael Rom Cath 73 Gooseberry Island St.Brendan's
June 15,1922 St.Brendan's Still Born AYLWARD, (no given name) Rom Cath SB St.Brendan's St.Brendan's
Jan 3,1922 Pool's Island Tuberculosis STARKES, Evelyn Ch Eng 26 Pool's Is Pool's Island
Jan 10,1922 Pool's Island Convulsions ELLIOTT, George Ch Eng 4? Pool's Is Pool's Island
Feb 2,1922 Tinker's Isld Convulsions WINTER, Mary E Ch Eng 13 m Tinker's Is Pool's Island
Apr 10,1922 Newtown? Genl Debility SPURRELL, Obadiah Ch Eng 58 Pool's Is Pool's Island
Jan 15,1922 Badger's Quay Cong Debility BROWN, Catherine M Ch Eng 15? Badger's Quay Badger`s Quay
PAGE 299              
Jan 20,1922 Badger's Quay   SPURRELL, Maggie Ch Eng 36   Badger's Qu(ay)
Mar 13,1922 Badger's Quay Cong Debility DYKE, Arthur J Ch Eng 14 m Badger's Quay Badger's Qu(ay)
Mar 30,1922 Greenspond Convulsions RALPH, Irene Ch Eng 4 dys Greenspond Greenspo(nd)
May 9,1922 Greenspond Convulsions JANES, Nina Ch Eng 9 m Greenspond Greenspo(nd)
May 15,1922 Greenspond Meningitis CARTER, James Ch Eng 3 m Greenspond Newell's (Island)
May 1,1922 Greenspond Marasmus BRAGG, Elsie Ch Eng 4 m Greenspond Greenspo(nd)
June 27?,1922 St.John's Myocarditis ROGERS, Jane Ch Eng 60 Fair Island Silver Fox (Island)
May 19,1922 Fair Island Convulsions HUNT, Jonas Ch Eng 5 m? Fair Island Fair Isl(and)
June 25,1922 Fair Island Dropsy WICKS, Serena Ch Eng 71 Fair Island Fair Isl(and)
June 27,1922 Round Hr Cong Debility BUNGAY, Neta Ch Eng 3 m Round Hr Fair Isl(and)
June 29,1922 Trinity BB Pul Tuberculosis ROGERS, Zacharius? Ch Eng 43 Fair Island Trinity BB
May 15,1922 Brookfield unknown KEAN, Margaret Meth 47 St. John's Brookfie(ld)
May 29,1922 Brookfield Bronchitis GRANTER, Rebecca Meth 11 m Brookfield Brookfie(ld)
June 9,1922 Pool's Island Consumption KELLOWAY, Mrs William Meth 46 Pool's Is Pool's(Is)
June 19,1922 Wesleyville Cong Debility BLACKWOOD, Albert H Meth 2 dys Wesleyville Wesleyvi(lle)
Mar 19,1922 Pound Cove Cong Debility HOWELL, Samuel John Ch Eng 1 m Pound Cove Pound C(ove)
Apr 2,1922 Pinchard's Is Convulsions LUSH, Daisey Blanche Ch Eng 8 m Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
Apr 8,1922 Pinchard's Is Convulsions NORRIS, Emma Frances Ch Eng 9 m Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is
June 2,1922 Wesleyville Nephritis HILL, Charles Ch Eng 81 Swain's Is Swain's (Is)
Apr 22,1922 Black Head Bay Intestinal Obstruction HODDER, Joseph Ch Eng 78 Trinity King's Co(ve)
July 24,1922 Keels Chronic Bronchitis WHEELER, Hannah Ch Eng 76 Keels Keels
Aug 20,1922 Plate Cove Septic Peritonitis PENNY, Isabelle Ch Eng 37 Tickle Cove Keels
July 31,1922 Plate Cove Convulsions PHILLPOT, Margaret A Rom Cath 8 m Plate Cove Open Ha(ll)
Aug 31,1922 Open Hall Old Age MURPHY, Charles Rom Cath 94 Open Hall Open Ha(ll)
Aug 13,1922 Plate Cove Convulsions KEOUGH, Baby Rom Cath 1 m Plate Cove Open Ha(ll)
Sep 6,1922 Open Hall Convulsions MURPHY, Anthony Rom Cath 1 Open Hall Open Ha(ll)
Sep 28,1922 Plate Cove Pul Tuberculosis FURLONG, Annie Rom Cath 65 Tickle Cove Open Ha(ll)
Sep 8,1922 Deer Island La Grippe FELTHAM, Jeremiah Meth 89 Deer Isld Deer Isl(d)
Sep 15,1922 Bragg's Island La Grippe ORAM, Eliza Meth 79 Bragg's Isld Bragg's Is(ld)
July 27,1922 Lance au Meadows Drowning CURTIS, George Meth 41 Portland Portlan(d)
Aug 11,1922 Bloomfield Old Age READER, Robert Meth 78 Bonavista Musgravet(own)
Aug 15,1922 Musgravetown Peritonotis IVANY, Emma Sarah Meth 68 Trinity Portland
Aug 19,1922 Canning's Cove Inf Debility SKIFFINGTON, Dorothy Meth 7 dys Canning's Cove Musgraveto(wn)
Aug 22,1922 Musgravetown Dropsy REID, Amelia Meth 38 Musgravetown Musgraveto(wn)
Sep 11,1922 Musgravetown Old Age SKIFFINGTON, William Meth 79 Tickle Cove Musgraveto(wn)
Sep 21,1922 Musgravetown Convulsions SKIFFINGTON, Lewis F Meth 3 m Musgravetown Musgraveto(wn)
Aug 18,1922 Coward's Island Cancer Stomach MORGAN, Rachel Ch Eng 69 Cat Harbor Coward's I(sland)
Sep 12,1922 Flat Island Heart Failure HISCOCK, Henry Ch Eng 72 Flat Island Flat Isla(nd)
July 27,1922 Bishop's Harbor Tuberculosis DYKE, Annie Ch Eng 12 Bishop's Hr Bishop's (Hr)
Aug 25,1922 Indian Harbor Hospital Pneumonia OLDFORD, Andrew Strathie Ch Eng 21 Squid Tickle Squid Ti(ckle)
NOTE: Faint line drawn through latter part of above entry
PAGE 300              
June 22,1922 Newtown Convulsions PARSONS, Clementine Ch Eng 7 dys Newtown Newtown
Aug 29,1922 Templeman Enteritis HANDCOCK, Lester George Ch Eng 3 m? Templeman Newtown
May 27,1922 Valleyfield Old Age WINTER, Rosanna Ch Eng 64   Badger's Quay
June 30,1922 Wesleyville Inf Debility OAKLEY, Maxwell L J Ch Eng 1 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 21,1922 N W Arm( North West Arm) D. (nil else recorded) MAHAR, Baxter T Ch Eng 5 yr N W Arm Badger's Quay
Sep 25,1922 Badger's Quay Tuberculosis WHITE, William Ch Eng 20 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Sep 2,1922 N W Arm( North West Arm) Meningitis SPURRELL, William S Ch Eng 6 N W Arm Pool's Island
July 20,1922 Bonavista Strangled in the night TREMBLETT, William J Meth 11 Bonavista Bonavista
July 22,1922 Keels Old Age MARSHFIELD, William Meth 95 Bonavista Bonavista
July 21,1922 Bonavista Prematurity DUNN, Gladys Meth 5 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 4,1922 Bonavista Paralysis WELLS, George Meth 60 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 13,1922 Bonavista Hysteria FAULKNER, Stewart Meth 3 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 17,1922 Bonavista Dysentry ABBOTT, Eva ? Meth 5 m Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 21,1922 Bonavista Consumption PHILIPS, Frederick Meth 29 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 30,1922 Bonavista Dysentry WHIFFEN,Frederick Meth 11 m Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 13,1922 Templeman Brain Fever TEMPLEMAN, Shirley A E Meth 11 1/2m Templeman Templeman
Sep 6,1922 Lumsden N Old Age NORMAN, George Meth 73   Lumsden N
Apr 4,1922 Maberly Old Age CHAULK, Louisa Ch Eng 65 Elliston Elliston
Apr 7,1922 Bonavista Malignant growth intestines ABBOTT, James Ch Eng 45 Bonavista Bonavista
May 31,1922 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis SEATON ?, Frances Meth 10 Bonavista Bonavista
June 3,1922 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis SWEETLAND, Sarah Ch Eng 26 Bonavista Bonavista
June 5,1922 Bonavista Convulsions FIFIELD, Lewis Ch Eng 15 m Bonavista Bonavista
June 17,1922 Bonavista Heart Disease ABBOTT, Charlotte Ch Eng 48 Bonavista Bonavista
June 27,1922 Spillar's Cove Inanition MUCKRIDGE, Hannah M Ch Eng 6 ? Amherst Cove Bonavista
Mar 31,1922 Newman's Cove Pul Tuberculosis TILLY, Mary Ch Eng 24 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
July 8,1922 Newman's Cove Convulsions ROLLS, Maxwell Ch Eng 5 dys Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
July 4,1922 Bonavista Heart Disease CARPENTER, Muriel Ch Eng 17 Bonavista Bonavista
July 9,1922 St. John's Spina Bifida TEMPLEMAN, Margaret Ch Eng ? Bonavista Bonavista
July 21,1922 Bonavista Cerebral Haemorrhage ROLLS, John James Ch Eng 65 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 20,1922 Bonavista Typhoid Fever SHARPE, Crena Ch Eng 14 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 9,1922 Bonavista Apoplexy ABBOTT, William Ch Eng 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 22,1922 Greenspond Summer Cholera MULLETT, Mary Ellan Meth 7 m Greenspond Greenspond
Aug 27,1922 Greenspond Summer Cholera MULLETT, Sylvester Meth 7 m Greenspond Greenspond
Sep 6,1922 Safe Harbor   PINSENT, Marie Meth 64 1/2 ? Happy Adventure Safe Harbor
Sep 19,1922 Safe Harbor Summer Cholera DAVIS, Rebecca Meth 81 Pinchards' Is Safe Harbor
Sep 26,1922 Greenspond Convulsions CRANE, Eldon Meth 1 m Greenspond Greenspond
Oct 6,1922 Shambler's Cove Pul Tuberculosis VIVIAN, Mary Jane Meth 56   Shambler's Cove
Jun 25,1922 Safe Harbor Pregnancy DYKE, Elsie May Meth 26   Safe Harbor
July 13,1922 Greenspond Drowning BUTLER, Willis Meth 19 Greenspond Greenspond
Aug 30,1922 Brookfield Pul Tuberculosis KEAN, Aubrey Meth ? Brookfield Brookfield
NOTE: Line drawn through above entry
PAGE 301              
July 8,1922 Valleyfield Malnutrition OLDFORD, James Meth 55 Valleyfield Valleyfield
July 14,1922 Wesleyville Broncho Pneumonia KING, Abram Meth 2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
July 18,1922 Wesleyville Convulsions FORD, Eli--- ? Meth 2 dys Wesleyville Wesleyville
July 20,1922 Wesleyville Prematurity KNEE, Bertha Meth 1 dy Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 4,1922 Wesleyville Hemiplegia WINSOR, Mary Meth 70 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 4,1922 Wesleyville Enteritis HUNT, Elizabeth Meth 1 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 6,1922 Wesleyville Broncho Pneumonia HOWSE, Robert Meth 77 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 14,1922 Wesleyville Enteritis DYKE, Greta Jane Meth 1--? Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 16,1922 Brookfield Pul Tuberculosis PICCOTT, John Meth 11 m Brookfield Brookfield
Sep 20,1922 Pound Cove Consumption HOUNSELL, Albert Sam Meth 4--? Pound Cove Pound Cove
Sep 25,1922 Wesleyville Enteritis MULLETT, Lavenia Meth 2--? Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 25,1922 Brookfield Nephritis BEST,Nellie Jane Meth 1 Brookfield Brookfield
Jan 10,1922 Dark Cove, Gambo? Old Age LUSH,William Ch Eng 74   Middle Br(ook)
June 10,1922 Port Blandford Convulsions BROWN, Gordon Ch Eng 1 1/2 m Port Blandford Port Blandfo(rd)
June 13,1922 Port Blandford Tuberculosis GREENING, Bertha Ch Eng 14 Port Blandford Port Blandfo(rd)
July 1,1922 Port Nelson   WHITE, Mrs James Sal Army 36 Greenspond Port Nelso(n)
July15,1922 Wesleyville Enteritis STURGE, Violet Sal Army 6 m Wesleyville Wesleyvill(e)
July 26,1922 Gambo Old Age GRANTER, Mrs Mary Sal Army 89 Gambo Gambo
Aug 2,1922 Hare Bay Old Age LEAN, Enos Sal Army 92 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Aug 3,1922 Hare Bay   LANE, Gertie Sal Army 6 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Aug 14,1922 Wesleyville Pneumonia WILKINS, Helen Sal Army 66 Wesleyville Wesleyvill(e)
Sep 28,1922 Hare Bay Old Age BROWN, Mrs Leah Sal Army 91 Cobbler's Is Hare Ba(y)
July 5,1922 Greenspond Cong Debility BLAKE, Maud Ch Eng 23 dys Greenspond Greenspond
Aug 12,1922 Newell's Is Carcinoma Stomach BURRY, Albert Ch Eng 78 Newell's Is Newell's (Is)
Sep 5,1922 Greenspond Ileo Colitis CARTER, Phyllis Ch Eng 40 dys Greenspond Greenspond
Sep 9,1922 Greenspond Ileo Colitis CARTER, Marion Ch Eng 44 dys Greenspond Greenspond
Sep 11,1922 Greenspond Ileo Colitis LUSH,Sarah Ch Eng 92 Pinchard's Is Greenspond
Sep 20,1922 Newell's Is Nephritis BURRY, Samuel Ch Eng 72 Newell's Is Newell's (Is)
Sep 24,1922 Greenspond Pregnancy POND, Margaret Ch Eng 36 Greenspond Greenspo(nd)
Sep 28,1922 Greenspond Pul Tuberculosis CARTER, Elizabeth Ch Eng 34 Gooseberry Is Newell's I(sland)
July 6,1922 Fair Island Pul Tuberculosis PICKETT, Abram Ch Eng 68 Fair Island Fair Islan(d)
Aug 4,1922 Glovertown Beri Beri HOLLOWAY, Thomas Meth 58 Greenspond Glover(town)
July 21,1922 St.John's Old Age WYATT, William Meth 83 Highfield ?? Glover(town)
Sep 8,1922 Glovertown Drowning STROUD, Elijah B Meth 15 Glovertown Glover(town)
Oct 10,1922 Bonavista Consumption GRANT, John Meth 69 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 11,1922 Bonavista Bronchitis BURGE, Amelia Meth 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 17,1922 Bonavista Paralysis BURGE, Noah Meth 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 26,1922 Bonavista Paralysis MOULAND, Edmund Meth 67 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 1,1922 Bonavista Consumption TEMPLEMAN, Elizabeth Meth 27 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 3,1922 Bonavista Dysentry PHILIPS, Norman Meth 1 Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 302              
Dec 31,1922 Bonavista Pneumonia ABBOTT, James Meth 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 29,1922 Bragg's Is La Grippe ORAM,Alexander Sal Army 2 Greenspond Bragg's Is
Aug 28,1922 Port Blandford Inf Debility LAIRD, Henry Meth 6 m Port Blandford Port Blandford
Oct 7,1922 Port Blandford Old Age WEBBER, Susan Maria Meth 87 Cupid's, C B Port Blandford
Dec 1,1922 Insane Asylum Old Age SAMSON, Emily Ch Eng 73 Flat Island Flat Island
Nov 13,1922 Bishop's Hr T B BROWN, Myra Jane Ch Eng 16 Bishop's Hr Bishop's Hr
Feb 24,1922 Gooseberry Is Old Age PAYNE, John Ch Eng 69 Gooseberry Is Gooseberry Is
May 17,1922 Gooseberry Is not given WELLS, Susanne Ch Eng 59 Gooseberry Is Gooseberry Is
Oct 23,1922 Newman's Cove Old Age COOL, Honor Meth 66   Newman's Cove
Oct 27,1922 Newman's Cove Inf Debility KEATES, Hamish Ellis Meth 4 m Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Dec 12,1922 Newman's Cove Consumption RYAN, Annie Gertrude Meth 30   Newman's Cove
Dec 24,1922 Newman's Cove Convulsions RYAN, Wilson S Meth 8 m Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Oct 23,1922 Tickle Cove Pul Tuberculosis MULLOWNEY, Elizabeth Rom Cath 64 Tickle Cove Open Hall
Oct 24,1922 Open Hall Cancer of Stomach WALSH, John Rom Cath 66 Open Hall Open Hall
Dec 13,1922 Plate Cove Bronchitis WALSH, Ann Rom Cath 67 Keels Open Hall
Oct 29,1922 Badger's Quay Diabetes BURRY, Sarah Ch Eng 74 Pool's Isld Newell's I(sland)
Oct 26,1922 Newport   COLLINS, Jane Ch Eng 11 Newport Newport
Oct 13,1922 Safe Habour Heart Disease PINSENT, Wm Henry Meth 56 Lumsden Safe Harbour
Sep 30,1922 Brookfield Enteritis MULLETT, Samuel Meth 13 m Brookfield Brookfiel(d)
Oct 14,1922 Wesleyville Paralysis CHURCHILL, Jane Meth 48 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 18,1922 Brookfield Marsamus BEST, Clifton Meth 19 m Brookfield Brookfield
Oct 24,1922 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis MULLETT, Abram G Meth 7 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 25,1922 Brookfield Meningitis STURGE, Leone J Meth 8 m Brookfield Brookfie(ld)
Nov 13,1922 Wesleyville Cholera Infantum FIFIELD, Beatrice Meth 15 m Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec 5,1922 Wesleyville Broncho Pneumonia MULLETT, Desmond Meth 5 M Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec 17,1922 Bloomfield Myocarditis BLUNDEN, Martha Meth 74 Elliston Musgraveto(wn)
Dec 28,1922 Catalina Tuberculosis MATTHEWS, John Meth 15 Musgravetown Musgraveto(wn)
Nov 7,1922 Pool's Is Heart Failure STARKS, Emily Sal Army 63 Pool's Is Pool's Is
Nov 8,1922 Wesleyville Inf Debility BROWN, Alfreda Sal Army 3 m Wesleyville Wesleyvil(le)
Nov 13,1922 Port Nelson Heart Failure PARSONS, Samuel Sal Army 60 Port Nelson Port Nels(on)
Nov 13,1922 Bonavista Dyspepsia DYKE, Mrs Abijah Sal Army 60 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 6,1922 Wesleyville Oedema Lungs KELLOWAY, Peter Sal Army 66 Pool's Is Wesleyvil(le)
Dec 29,1922 Hare Bay not given LANE, Julia ? Sal Army 13 Wellington Hare B(ay)
Nov 4,1922 Newtown Child birth VINCENT, Mary J Meth 27 Newtown Newtown
Nov 23,1922 Lumsden N Cancer SHEPARD, Frances Meth 57 Bonavista Lumsden
Dec 10,1922 Lumsden S Inf Debility GIBBONS, Caleb R Meth 5 m Lumsden S Lumsden ?
Nov 16,1922 Pool's Island Pul Tuberculosis SPURRELL, Susie Ch Eng 20 Pool's Is Pool's (Is)
Nov 24,1922 Pool's Island Pneumonia Phthisis ROGERS, Herbert Ch Eng 20 Pool's Is Pool's (Is)
Nov 25,1922 Badger's Quay Cong Debility CROSS, Ronald Ch Eng 4 dys Badger's Quay Badger's Q(uay)
Oct 23,1922 Musgravetown Tuberculosis READER, Carrie Sal Army 32 Brooklyn Musgravet(own)
PAGE 303              
Nov 13,1922 Lance Cove Meningitis RYDER, Frances Ch Eng 5 Lance Cove Bonavis(ta)
Dec 26,1922 Newman's Cove Pneumonia NOBLE, Susanna Ch Eng 56 Bonavista Newman's Cove
Oct 12,1922 Upper Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis FORD, George Ch Eng 23 Amherst Cove Amherst(Cove)
Oct 27,1922 D. (nil else entered) Tuberculosis FORD, Anetta Ch Eng 23 Amherst Cove Amherst(Cove)
Oct 10,1922 Saunder's Cove Convulsions RIGGS, Minnie Meth 2 dys Saunder's Cove Saunder's (Cove)
Oct 19,1922 Glovertown Heart Disease PARSONS, Arthur Meth 52 Gooseberry Is Gloverto(wn)
Oct 4,1922 Glovertown Heart Disease HOWSE, Emma Meth 67 Gooseberry Is Gloverto(wn)
Nov 28,1922 Glovertown Still Birth no name entered Meth SB Glovertown Gloverto(wn)
Nov 10,1922 Newtown Pul Tuberculosis TULK, Beatrice Ch Eng 44 Newtown Newtow(n)
Sep 9,1922 St. Brendan's Child Birth BERESFORD,Genevieve Rom Cath 36 St. Brendan's St. Bren(dan's)
Oct 21,1922 St. Brendan's Convulsions WHITE, Josephine Rom Cath 5 dys St. Brendan's St.Bren(dan's)
Oct 31,1922 Burnt Island Laryngitis MC DONALD, Philomena Rom Cath 1 Burnt Is Burnt (Is)
Dec 17,1922 St. Brendan's Tuberculosis WHALEN, Margaret Ann Rom Cath 2 ? St. Brendan's St. Bren(dan's)
Aug 28,1922 St. Brendan's Still Birth TURNER, (no given name) Rom Cath S B St. Brendan's St.Bren(dan's)
Sept 1,1922 St. Brendan's Still Birth SAMSON, (no given name) Rom Cath S B St. Brendan's St. Bren(dan's)
July 7,1922 Knight's Cove Tuberculosis AYLWARD, Sarah Rom Cath 8 Knight's Cove King's (Cove)
Aug 14,1922 Stock Cove Gastro Enteritis GALLOHUE, James D Rom Cath 2 Stock Cove King's (Cove)
Aug 28,1922 King's Cove Gastro Enteritis MARTIN, Mary Agnes Rom Cath 3 m King's Cove King's (Cove)
Sep 13,1922 King's Cove Enteritis DOYLE, Mary Rom Cath 53 King's Cove King's (Cove)
Sep 13,1922 Knight's Cove Paralysis RYAN, William Rom Cath 85 Knight's Cove King's (Cove)
Oct 27,1922 King's Cove Enteritis BARRETT,Elizabeth Rom Cath 76 King's Cove King's (Cove)
Dec 22,1922 Knight's Cove Paralysis AYLWARD, Thomas Rom Cath 78 Knight's Cove King's (Cove)
Dec 22,1922 Keels Influenza MURPHY, John Rom Cath 78 Keels King's (Cove)
Dec 13,1922 Flat Island Consumption POWER, Julia Meth 35 Flat Island Flat Is(land)
Mar 16,1922 Gambo Old Age CASHIN, Patrick Rom Cath 84 Gambo Gambo
June 27,1922 Gambo Old Age FENNELL, Bridget Rom Cath 82 Gambo Gambo

Transcribed by Martha and William Warren (February 2007)

Posted March 2007

Page Last Modified: Saturday September 21, 2013 (Don Tate)
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