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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay District

Book 8
PAGES 235 - 245

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 236                  
Mar. 03 New Perlican Tuberculosis HEFFORD Alice F Meth. 43 New Chelsea New Perlican
Jan. 03 Hearts Delight Paralysis HUMPHRIES Ann Maria F C.O.E. 75 Greenspond Hearts Delight
Jan. 08 Hearts Delight Old Age CROCKER Lavinia F C.O.E. 85 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jan. 30 Hearts Delight Convulsions SOOLEY Agnes Kathleen F C.O.E. 8Mo. Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb. 03 Hearts Delight Cancer of Liver HOBBS Sarah F C.O.E. 58 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb. 18 Cavendish Tuberculosis JACKSON Mary F C.O.E. 73 Hearts Delight Cavendish
Dec. 21, 1919 Old Bonaventure Inf. Debility BAILEY Martha F C.O.E. 5Dys. Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Jan. 07 Lockston Entritis LOCKE Maxwell M C.O.E. 2 1/2 Years Lockston Trinity
Jan. 02 Old Bonaventure Cerebral Hemorrhage VERGE William M C.O.E. 75 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Jan. 17 Ireland's Eye Entritis TOOPE Henry Harvey M C.O.E. 9Mo. Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Jan. 10 Little Harbor Entritis VOKEY Nellie Frances F C.O.E. 6Mo. Little Hr. Little Hr.
Dec. 10, 1919 Little Harbor Inf. Debility VOKEY Abner Henry M C.O.E. 6Mo. Little Hr. Little Hr.
Jan. 31 Old Bonaventure Bronchitis SPURRELL Maria Jane F C.O.E. 55 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Feb. 09 Trinity Old Age WHITE Hester F C.O.E. 91 Trinity Trinity
Feb. 12 Thoroughfare Unknown MILLER Eliol Francis M C.O.E. 12 Thoroughfare Ireland's Eye
Mar. 02 British Harbor Bronchitis SCEVIOUR Jane F C.O.E. 73 British Hr. British Hr.
Mar. 24 Lockston Tuberculosis BAILEY William M C.O.E. 28 Lockston Trinity
Jan. 31 English Hr. Old Age BATSON Esther Ann F C.O.E. 74 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar. 14 Champney's Arm Tuberculosis DAY Reuben M C.O.E. 36 Champney's Arm Champney's W
Mar. 19 Champney's E Old Age PECKHAM Amy F C.O.E. 74 Champney's E Champney's E
Jan. 21 Trinity E Tuberculosis HOGARTH Bessie F C.O.E. 28 Port Rexton Trinity E
Jan. 22 Trinity E Tubercular Peritonitis FOWLOW Margaret F C.O.E. 29 Trinity E Trinity E
Feb. 29 Port Rexton Chronic Bronchitis PLOWMAN Mary Jane F C.O.E. 54 Port Rexton Trinity E
Dec. 20, 1919 Dunfield Marasmus SPURRELL Raymond M Meth. 2Mo. Dunfield Trinity
Dec. 31, 1919 Dunfield Cerebral Hemorrhage SPURRELL Elizabeth F Meth. 73 Spaniard's Cove Trinity
Jan. 12 English Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis IVANY Olinda? M Meth. 16 English Hr. English Hr.
Jan. 26 Dunfield Pul. Tuberculosis SPURRELL Lavinia F Meth. 44 Dunfield Trinity
Dec. 05, 1919 Norman's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis SMITH Phoebe F Meth. 32 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Feb. 11 Whitbourne Scalding SULEY Stephen J M Meth. 1 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Mar. 13 Bay Bulls Arm Convulsions BUTT Mary J F Meth. 2Dys. Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Jan. 26 Catalina Old Age KING Henry T M Meth. 75 Catalina Catalina
Jan. 31 Little Catalina Abscess Ear EDDY Fanny F Meth. 1 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb. 19 Little Catalina Septic Throat STEAD Agnes Maud F Meth. 8 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb. 18 Catalina Tuberculosis HIGGINS Peter M Meth. 8 Catalina Catalina
Mar. 10 Little Hr. Tuberculosis STEED Joseph Allan M Meth. 41 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar. 12 Little Hr. Diphtheria DALTON Winifred F Meth. 2 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar. 14 Little Hr. Diphtheria DALTON Stella Muriel F Meth. 13 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar. 01 Whitbourne Rheumatism COOK Charlotte F R.Cath. 74 Carbonear Whitbourne
Mar. 27 Gambo Cancer KELLY Samuel M R.Cath. 77 Tickle Cove Gambo
Jan. 10 Elliston Old Age TRASK Susie F Meth. 84 Elliston Elliston
PAGE 237                  
Jan. 15 Elliston Cancer of Stomach HICKS Sarah Ann F Meth. 64 Elliston Elliston
Jan. 17 Elliston Meningitis BAKER Myrtle F Meth. 23 Elliston Elliston
Jan. 22 Elliston Heart Failure BAKER Robert M Meth. 57 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 21 Elliston Tuberculosis COLES Beatrice F Meth. 35 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 26 Elliston Tuberculosis PORTER Boyd M Meth. 20 Elliston Elliston
Feb. 19 Dear Hr. Small Pox KELLY Marcella S F Meth. 20Dys Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar. 18 Hickman's Tuberculosis BLUNDELL Hazel F Meth. 16 Hickman's Hickman's
Mar. 15 Deer Hr. Still Born MARSH No Entry M Meth. SB Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar. 28 Deer Hr. Still Born KELLY No Entry F Meth. SB Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar. 20 Deer Hr. Still Born MARSH No Entry M Meth. SB Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jan. 12 Elliott's Cove Old Age SMITH Gideon M Meth. 79 Hant's Hr. Elliott's Cove
Jan. 20 Apsey Brook Convulsions JAMES Clarence Cecil M Meth. 3Mo. Aspey Brook Apsey Brook
Feb. 19 Clarenville No Entry STANLEY Elizabeth F Meth. 63 Hant's Hr. Clarenville
Feb. 20 Harcourt Old Age BARRETT Elizabeth F Meth. 81 Old Perlican Harcourt
Feb. 26 Somerset Pneumonia SMITH Elijah M Meth. 43 No Entry Somerset
Mar. 29 White Rock Pneumonia GOODYEAR Eleazer M Meth. 48 No Entry White Rock
Feb. 21 Whitbourne Inanition CHIPMAN Owen ? M C.O.E. 2 1/2 Years Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jan. 01 Boston Mass. No Entry GEORGE Amelia F C.O.E. 49 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jan. 22 Hearts Content Accident/Train PUSHIE Nathaniel M C.O.E. 49 Antigonish NS Hearts Content
Feb. 15? Hearts Content Cancer of Stomach GEORGE Selina F C.O.E. 71 Harbor Grace Hearts Content
Mar. 03 Hearts Content Cancer GEORGE Robert M C.O.E. 69 New Hr. Hearts Content
Mar. 07 Hearts Content Paralysis PIERCEY Robert M C.O.E. 82 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar. 26 Hearts Content Convulsions SINYARD Jacob? M C.O.E. 7Mo. Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jan. 07 New Perlican No Entry BRYANT Emily Florence F C.O.E. 1Mo.? New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 20 New Perlican Myocarditis GENT Augustus M C.O.E. 76 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 25 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis MARTIN Sarah F C.O.E. 59 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 14 Hearts Ease Tubercular Throat SEWARD Rachel F C.O.E. 39 Hearts Ease Hearts Ease
Mar. 22 Hearts Ease Pul. Tuberculosis SMITH Willis M C.O.E. 21 Hearts Ease Hearts Ease
Mar. 27 Butter Cove Worm Fever DRODGE Harrison M C.O.E. 2 Caplin Cove Hearts Ease
Jan. 15 Little Hearts Ease Consumption/Throat MARTIN Eli M Meth. 72 Grates Cove Little Hts. Ease
Jan. 16 St. Jones Without Strain in Breast GREEN Jasper M Meth. 73 Winterton St. Jones Without
Jan. 26 Hillview Consumption LODER Jennette? F Meth. 15 Hillview Hillview
Feb. 02 Hatchet Cove Consumption BROWN Mary L F Meth. 14 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Mar. 22 Queen's Cove Old Age GREGORY Dinah F Meth. 87 Hant's Hr. Queen's Cove
Mar. 25 Little Hearts Ease Accidental Suffication SOPER Sarah Winifred F Meth. 1Mo. Little Hts. Ease Little Hts. Ease
Jan. 27 Catalina Stomach Spasms MARRUEL Mary Jane F C.O.E. 69 Catalina Catalina
Feb. 06 Catalina Convulsions GOULD James M C.O.E. 5 Wks. Catalina Catalina
Apl. 10 Catalina Pul. Tuberculosis SAMSON Amelia F C.O.E. 32 Catalina Catalina
Apl. 18 At Sea Drowned BROWN Edward M C.O.E. No Entry Catalina At Sea
Apl. 12 Norman's Cove Tuberculosis PIERCEY Cecila F Meth. 44 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
PAGE 238                  
Apl. 24 Bay Bulls Arm Jaundice PARSONS Katherine F Meth. 51 George's Brook Bay Bulls Arm
June 02 Whitbourne Convulsions PIKE Lemuel Walter M Meth. 3Dys. Whitbourne Whitbourne
May 29 Bay Bulls Arm Tuberculosis PENNY Ellen Louisa F Meth. 17 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
June 19 Bay Bulls Arm Paralysis SNOOK Robert M C.O.E. 76 New Perlican Bay Bulls Arm
May 11 Queen's Cove Old Age GOSS Thomas M C.O.E. 90 Bishop's Cove CB Long Beach
Apl. 05 Hodge's Cove Inf. Debility DROVER Willis M C.O.E. 2Mo. Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Jan. 24 Whiteway Bronchitis BURGESS Robert M Meth. 8 Whiteway Whiteway
Jan. 28 Green's Hr. Convulsions PENNEY Mabel F Meth. 1Mo. Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Mar. 31 Whiteway Marasmus LEGGE Mary Elizabeth F Meth. 11Mo. Whiteway Whiteway
Feb. 01 Green's Hr. Bronchitis WHITE Annie May F Meth. 60 Salmon Cove Green's Hr.
Feb. 28 Green's Hr. Consumption REID Jessie F Meth. 46 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Mar. 08 Green's Hr. Diabetes PENNEY Elizabeth F Meth. 14 1/2 Years Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Mar. 12 Green's Hr. Still Born PENNEY No Entry F Meth. SB Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Apl. 03 Whiteway Old Age ROWE Nathan M Meth. 76 Hearts Content Whiteway
May 03 New Harbor Child Birth NEWHOOK Marion F Meth. 28 New Harbor New Harbor.
May 02 New Harbor Old Age NEWHOOK Aubrey M Meth. 74 New Harbor New Harbor
May 20 Cavendish Still Birth CHISLETT No Entry F Meth. SB Cavendish Cavendish
May 20 Cavendish Child Birth CHISLETT Edna F Meth. 22 Cavendish Cavendish
May 10 Whiteway Old Age SOPER Lemuel M Meth. 78 Hant's Harbor Whiteway
May 17 Whiteway Old Age SOPER Annie F Meth. 73 Hant's Harbor Whiteway
June 10 Hopeall Marasmus PIERCEY Albert M Meth. 7Dys. Hopeall Hopeall
Apl. 11 Champney's Arm Paralysis RYAN Abram M C.O.E. 76 Champney's Champney's W
May 10 Champney's East Old Age WALTERS Fanny F C.O.E. 79 Champney's E Champney's E
May 26 Champney's East Convulsions NURSE Nora Isabella F C.O.E. 2Dys. Champney's E Champney's E
Apl. 10 Catalina Pul. Tuberculosis SAMSON Amelia F C.O.E. 32 Catalina Catalina
June 24 Catalina Apoplexy RANDELL Robert J M C.O.E. 51 Trinity E Catalina
June 29 St. John's Rheumatic Fever HOUSE Nellie Estelle F C.O.E. 21 Catalina Catalina
Apl. 28 Winterton Heart Failure FOLLETT Amy F Meth. 69 Winterton Winterton
June 06 Winterton Old Age HINDY Jane F Meth. 85 Winterton Winterton
Apl. 04 Dunfield C. Bronchitis WOOLRIDGE Harriett F C.O.E. 67 Trinity S Trinity
Mar. 15 Old Bonaventure Pleurisy VERGE Levi M C.O.E. 73 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Mar. 25 Old Bonaventure Heart Failure STONE Elizabeth F C.O.E. 58 Trouty Old Bonaventure
Apl. 07 Trinity Pul. Tuberculosis HISCOCK Lilian F C.O.E. 16 Trinity Trinity
Apl. 16 Goose Cove Pul. Tuberculosis BARTLETT John M C.O.E. 24 Goose Cove Trinity
Mar. 12 Trinity Epilepsy TAVENER Jessie M F C.O.E. 12 Trinity Trinity
Mar. 13 Trinity Heart Disease WOODFORD Elizabeth F C.O.E. 58 Herring Neck Trinity
Mar. 07 British Harbor Pneumonia LEDREW Arthur? Herbert M C.O.E. 4Mo. British Hr. British Hr.
Mar. 20 British Harbor Pul. Tuberculosis LEDREW David M C.O.E. 23 British Hr. British Hr.
Mar. 30 Little Hr Pul. Tuberculosis KING Robert James M C.O.E. 19 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Mar. 12 Troytown Pul. Tuberculosis COOPER Olive F C.O.E. 13Mo. Troytown Ireland's Eye
PAGE 239                  
May 19 Ireland's Eye Child Birth COOPER Miriam F C.O.E. 27 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
May 12 Blk. Duck Cove Cancer/Stomach PENNEY Sarah F Meth. 69 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
May 31 Bonaventure Cong. Debility KING Eric Clayton M C.O.E. 2Mo. New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
June 18 Goose Cove Arterio Sclerosis KANE Rebecca F C.O.E. 73 Trinity E Trinity
June 12 British Hr. No Entry ANDERSON Jane F C.O.E. 63 British Hr. British Hr.
June 25 British Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis GARDNER Arabella? F C.O.E. 49 New Bonaventure British Hr.
Apl 03 English Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis BUGDEN Mrs. Martin F Meth. 73 English Hr. English Hr.
Apl 03 English Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis BUGDEN John T M Meth. 19 English Hr. English Hr.
May 18 Champneys Gastritis BARNES Frances F Meth. 75 Champneys English Hr.
Apl. 19 English Hr. Old Age POTTLE Joseph M Meth. 81 English Hr. English Hr.
Jan. 31 Hillview Still Birth No Entry No Entry F Meth. SB Hillview Hillview
May 28 Hillview Convulsions CHURCHILL Alexander H M Meth. 3Mo. Hillview Hillview
Apl. 18 Shoal Hr. Child Birth CLEIVE? Jessie F Meth. 31 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Apl. 19 Georges Brook Child Birth BAILEY Bertha F Meth. 21 Port Blandford George's Brook
Apl. 27 Clarenville Old Age STANLEY Levi M Meth. 97 Hant's Hr. Clarenville
Apl. 12 Clarenville Tuberculosis VARDY Emily Jane F Meth. 35 Clarenville Clarenville
June 4 Shoal Hr. Tuberculosis IVANY Elsie F Meth. 19 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Apl. 01 Little Catalina Convulsions STAGG Clarence M Meth. 8Mo. Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apl. 29 Catalina Convulsions CLOUTER Lorraine F Meth. 91 Catalina Catalina
May 7 Little Catalina Heart Failure STEED Minnie F Meth. 31 Little Catalina Little Catalina
May 18 Catalina Malnutrition DUFFETT Harold M M Meth. 3Mo. Catalina Catalina
Apl. 09 Blaketown Pneumonia MERCER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 28 Island Cove Blaketown
Apl. 10 Whitbourne Ill Defined NOSEWORTHY Jonathan M C.O.E. 42 Hopedale Whitbourne
Apl. 04 Hearts Content Diarrhaea PIERCEY Winnie F C.O.E. 20Mo. Hearts Content Hearts Content
May 05 Hearts Content Nephritis MOORE Alfreda F C.O.E. 46 Brigus Hearts Content
Apl. 11 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis ETHERIDGE Emma F C.O.E. 59 No Entry New Perlican
May 10 New Perlican Bronchitis WARREN William M C.O.E. 66 New Perlican New Perlican
June 18 Winterton Pneumonia WALKER William M C.O.E. 9 Winterton Winterton
Apl 15 Hearts Delight Inf. Debility CROCKER Hedley M C.O.E. 1Dy. Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
May 28 Hearts Delight Paralysis HOBBS Jacob Steven M C.O.E. 68 New Perlican Hearts Delight
June 20 Britannia Cancer/Stomach GREEN Thomas M Meth. 65 Hant's Hr. Britannia
Apl. 04 Elliston Tuberculosis OLDFORD Dora F Meth. 14 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 17 Catalina Tumor HIGGINS Mrs. George F S.ARMY 54 Catalina Catalina
May 25 Woodford Cove Tumor BUDDEN Henry J M S.ARMY 62 Green Bay Green Bay
Feb. 28 Hant's Harbor Old Age SOPER Hannah F Meth. 83 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Feb. 29 New Melbourne Old Age BENSON Sarah Ann F Meth. 87 Grates Cove New Melbourne
Mar. 12 New Chelsea Premature Birth CRITCH Dorothy F Meth. 1Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Apl. 12 Hant's Harbor Pul. Tuberculosis GOODWIN Julia F Meth. 30 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
May 18 New Chelsea Child Birth YOUNG Susanne F Meth. 34 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
June 06 Sibley's Cove Old Age SQUIRES Deborah F Meth. 87 Selbey's Cove Selbey's Cove
PAGE 240                  
Jun 11 Hant's Hr. Rupture PIERCEY Esau M Meth. 84 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
June 16 Hant's Hr. Unknown SHORT Samuel G M Meth. 64 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
May 20 New Chelsea Old Age HARRIS Robert Gregory M Meth. 92 New Chelsea New Chelsea
July 4 Winterton Tuberculosis PIERCEY Wallace M Meth. 25 Winterton Winterton
July 29 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia BRANTON Dora M F Meth. 7Mo. Winterton Winterton
Sep. 25 Winterton Tuberculosis GREEN Leah Sussanah F Meth. 15 Winterton Winterton
Sep. 25 Winterton Old Age PIERCEY James M Meth. 85 Winterton Winterton
July 12 Bay Bulls Arm Bronchitis PEDDLE Mary Hester F Meth. 36 Carbonear Bay Bulls Arm
July 12 Norman's Cove Convulsions SMITH Mary Isabella F Meth. 5Dys. Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Aug. 02 Norman's Cove Convulsions PIERCEY Louisa F Meth. 1Mo. Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
July 8 Hearts Delight Still Birth CROCKER No Entry M C.O.E. SB Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Aug. 02 Green's Hr. Heart Trouble HARNUM Lemuel M C.O.E. 36 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Aug. 28 Hearts Delight Consumption/Bowels SOOLEY Elkanah? M C.O.E. 9 1/2 Mos Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Sep. 23 Whiteway Indigestion POTTLE Mabel F C.O.E. 17Mo. Whiteway Cavendish
July 18 North West Brook Infantile Consumption SOPER Levi Gordon M C.O.E. 9Mo. N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
July 19 Queen's Cove Blood Poison GOOBIE Ronald Gordon M Meth. 2 Queen's Cove Queen's Cove
July 31 North West Brook Consumption SOPER Henry M Meth. 28 N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
Aug. 09 Little Hts. Ease Inf. Debility DRODGE Leslie M Meth. 1 Little Hearts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
Aug. 30 North West Brook Pneumonia SNELGROVE Miriam F Meth. 11 N.W. Brook Hillview
Sep. 12 North West Brook Inf. Debility SOPER Julia F Meth. 4Mo. N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
Sep. 25 North West Brook Sudden BUDGEL Isaac Eldred M Meth. 5 Three Arms N.W. Brook
Sep. 26 St. John's Old Age MARTIN Samuel M Meth. 76 Little Hearts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
July 29 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis CLARKE John Morris M C.O.E. 35 Dunfield Trinity
July 25 Trouty Gastro Enteritis BARNES Lizzie F C.O.E. 5Mo. Trouty Trouty
Aug. 16 Trinity Gastro Enteritis HOUSE Blanche F C.O.E. 4Mo. Trinity Trinity
Aug. 26 Trinity Pul. Tuberculosis HAYTER Florence F C.O.E. 19 Trinity Trinity
Aug. 29 South Side Laryngismus Stridulus HAYTER Isabella F C.O.E. 2 South Side Trinity
Sep. 03 Hospital Trinity Gastro Enteritis HAYTER Alphaeus M C.O.E. 5Mo. Trinity Trinity
Sep. 11 Dunfield Typhoid Fever CLARKE Louisa F C.O.E. 19 Dunfield Trinity
Sep. 15 Goose Cove Convulsions BAILEY Thomas M C.O.E. 7 Goose Cove Trinity
Sep. 13 Ivanhoe Old Age IVANY Patience F C.O.E. 83 Old Tilt Ireland's Eye
Sep. 14 St. John's Tumor TOOPE Minnie F C.O.E. 34 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Aug. 14 English Hr. Carcimona/Stomach BATSON Richard M Meth. 75 English Hr. English Hr.
Aug. 16 Princeton Hepatitis WHITE William M Meth. 66 Princton BB Princton BB
Aug. 18 English Hr. Old Age IVANY Mary F Meth. 76 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep. 07 Freshwater Gastro Enteritis MILLAR Adrain (?) A. M Meth. 2Mo. Freshwater Trinity
June 22 Black River Pa. Inflamation/Bladder GOSNEY Alfred M C.O.E. 82 England Bay Bulls Arm
Aug. 07 Bay Bulls Arm Inf. Debility SHEPPARD Flossie F C.O.E. 5Mo. Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Apl. 01 Port Rexton Pul. Tuberculosis RANDELL Dinah F C.O.E. 72 Port Rexton Trinity East
Apl. 19 Trinity E Pul. Tuberculosis FOWLOW Joseph M C.O.E. 20 Trinity Easr Trinity East
PAGE 241                  
May 18 Port Rexton Broncho Pneumonia BAILY Elizabeth F C.O.E. 84 Port Rexton Trinity East
May 15 Champneys West Pul. Tuberculosis BUTLER Deborah F C.O.E. 29 Port Rexton Trinity East
July 13 Port Rexton Pul. Tuberculosis PLOUGHMAN Delilah F C.O.E. 64 Port Rexton Trinity East
July 21 Trinity East Sarcoma Major Bowels REID Frederick M C.O.E. 58 Trinity East Trinity East
July 27 Trinity East Pul. Tuberculosis BAILY William M C.O.E. 42 Trinity East Trinity East
July 29 Port Rexton Old Age RANDELL John M C.O.E. 82 Port Rexton Trinity East
Aug. 21 Champneys East Old Age WHITE James M C.O.E. 71 Champneys E Champneys East
Aug. 23 Trinity East Gastro Enteritis EVELLEY Loretta F C.O.E. 5Mo. Trinity East Trinity East
Aug. 28 Trinity East Gastro Enteritis FOWLOW Neville Bertram M C.O.E. 13Mo. Trinity East Trinity East
Sep. 01 Trinity East Gastro Enteritis LAITE Mary Jane F C.O.E. 7Mo. Trinity East Trinity East
Sep. 03 Trinity East Gastro Enteritis FOWLOW Mary Joseph F C.O.E. 2Mo. Trinity East Trinity East
Sep. 06 Catalina Pul. Tuberculosis HARVEY Annie Norris F C.O.E. 31 Champneys E Champneys East
July 11 St. John's Genl. D WALTERS Samuel M Meth. 26 Elliott's Cove Elliott's Cove
July 12 Hickman's Genl. D ADEY John M Meth. 45 Hickman's Hickman's
July 14 Hickman's Old Age SIMMONS John M Meth. 81 Catalina Hickman's
Aug. 24 Lady Cove Convulsions RALPH George M Meth. 9Mo. Lady Cove Lady Cove
Sep. 07 Hickman's Cancer/Head BLUNDELL Sarah F Meth. 42 Britannia Hickman's
Sep. 01 Foster's Pneumonia ADEY Eric M Meth. 4Mo. Foster's Foster's
Aug. 10 Elliston Summer Complaint COLE Thomas Milton M Meth. 10Mo. Elliston Elliston
Aug. 12 Elliston Summer Complaint CREW? Roger Wilson M Meth. 1 Elliston Elliston
Sep. 03 Elliston Old Age GOODLAND Ann F Meth. 80 Elliston Elliston
Sep. 24 Elliston Convulsions GOODLAND?   F Meth. 14Dys. Elliston Elliston
Aug. 24 Little Catalina Pul. Tuberculosis STEED James M Meth. 28 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Oct. 03 Little Catalina   WHITE Caroline F Meth. 1 Little Catalina Catalina
July 01 Hearts Content Posioning SOOLEY Winston M C.O.E. 19Mo. Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug. 26 Hearts Content Paralysis BUTLER Annette F C.O.E. 68 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep. 29 Hearts Content Cerbral Hemorrhage WRIGHT Frederic M C.O.E. 67 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jan. 02 New Harbor Unknown SMITH Elizabeth F C.O.E. 4 New Hr. New Hr.
Jan. 27 Dildo Child Birth ROWE Elizabeth F C.O.E. 25 Dildo Dildo
Jan. 23 Dildo Inf. Debility ROWE Rosanna F C.O.E. 12Hrs. Dildo Dildo
Mar. 06 New Harbor Old Age WOODMAN William M C.O.E. 76 New Hr. New Hr.
Mar. 28 Dildo Convulsions GEORGE Stanley M C.O.E. 1Mo. Dildo Dildo
Mar. 14 Chance Cove Inf. Debility WARREN Josiah M C.O.E. 4Dys. Chance Cove Chance Cove
Feb. 04 New Harbor Inf. Debility SMITH Lily F C.O.E. 16Mo. New Hr. New Hr.
Feb. 07 New Harbor Pul. Tuberculosis THORNE Aubrey M C.O.E. 20 New Hr. New Hr.
Mar. 30 Dildo Child Birth THORNE Lilian F C.O.E.   New Hr. Dildo
Mar. 30 Dildo Inf. Debility GEORGE Leonard M C.O.E. 1Mo. Dildo Dildo
June 24 Spread Eagle Inf. Debility REID Arthur Moses M C.O.E. 10Mo. Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
July 7 New Harbor Inf. Debility HIGDON Llewellyn M C.O.E. 2Mo. New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 242                  
July 14 Spread Eagle Cancer SMITH Hannah F C.O.E. 49 Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Aug. 10 New Harbor Convulsions POLLETT Myrtle D F C.O.E. 6 1/2 Years New Harbor New Harbor
Aug. 19 New Harbor Inf. Debility POLLETT Ernest W A M C.O.E. 14Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
June 06 Norman's Cove Unknown WARREN Alfred M C.O.E. 30 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Sep. 10 Dildo Pul. Tuberculosis PRETTY Irene F C.O.E. 16 Dildo Dildo
Aug. 23 Whitbourne Convulsions CHIPMAN Edwin Maxwell M C.O.E. 3Mo. Whitbourne Whitbourne
June 29 St. John's Rheumatism HOUSE Nellie Estella F C.O.E. 20 Catalina Catalina
July 22 Catalina Cancer of Liver SHEPPARD Mary Anne F C.O.E. 55 Bonavista Catalina
July 24 Catalina Inf. Cholera STICKLEY Leonard M C.O.E. 10Mo. Catalina Catalina
July 31 Joe Batt's Arm Child Birth NEWMAN Gertrude F C.O.E. 25 Catalina Catalina
Oct. 22 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia MATTHEWS James M Meth. 1 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep. 13 Winterton Still Birth HOWELL   F Meth. SB Winterton Winterton
Dec. 05 New Perlican Tuberculosis WHITE Mary F Meth. 53 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec. 19 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia FOLLETT Delilah F Meth. 4Mo. Winterton Winterton
July 03 Champney's W Tuberculosis FREEMAN William James M C.O.E. 29 Champney's W Champney's W
July 05 Champney's W Pneumonia FREEMAN Minnie F C.O.E. 16 Champney's W Champney's W
July 03 English Harbor Tuberculosis BARNES Ezra M C.O.E. 53 English Hr. English Hr.
July 13 English Harbor Old Age BATSON Mary Ann F C.O.E. 73 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep. 06 Catalina Tuberculosis NORRIS Annie F C.O.E. 30 Champney's E Champney's E
Aug. 14 Champney's W Convulsions HOOKEY Austin LeRoy M C.O.E. 4Dys. Champney's W Champney's W
Aug. 21 Champney's E Old Age WHITE James M C.O.E. 71 Champney's E Champney's E
Nov. 11 Champney's W Tuberculosis FREEMAN Mary Ann F C.O.E. 57 Champney's E Champney's W
Dec. 06 English Hr. Old Age PENNY Thirza F C.O.E. 83 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep. 30 St. John's No Entry SPURRELL Sarah E F C.O.E. 26 Butter Cove Hearts Ease
Oct. 20 Hatchet Cove No Entry LAMBERT Druscilla F C.O.E. 31 Butter Cove Hatchet Cove
Nov. 13 Long Beach Cancer Stomach VEY Mary Ann F C.O.E. 69 Brigus Long Beach
Nov. 18 Butter Cove Tonsilitis BALSON John M C.O.E. 10 Butter Cove Hearts Ease
Nov. 23 Hillview Old Age CHURCHILL Charles M C.O.E. 77 Grates Cove Hillview
Dec. 20 Hillview Gastric Ulcer BROWN Nehemiah M C.O.E. 40 Hillview Hillview
Nov. 26 Butter Cove Old Age BAKER Mary F C.O.E. 76 Butter Cove Butter Cove
Nov. 29 Hodge's Cove Cong. Debility DROVER Hayward G M C.O.E. 19Dys. Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Nov. 20 Hearts Content Pyorrhea Alveolaris SINYARD Amelia F C.O.E. 14 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec. 14 Hearts Content Asthenia ROWE Sara F C.O.E. 4Mo. Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec. 25 Hearts Content Bronchitis PIERCEY Clara May? F C.O.E. 1Mo. Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct. 04 Brooklyn Colitis CHRISTIAN Mary Ann F Meth. 74 Island Cove Trinity
Oct. 17 Jamestown Ch. Neuralgia? HUMBY John M Meth. 70 Tickle Cove Summerville
Dec. 22 English Hr. Consumption IVAMY Mary F Meth. 42 Trinity English Hr.
Oct. 11 Islington Pul. Tuberculosis CHISLETT Robert James M C.O.E. 24 Islington Hearts Delight
Nov. 10 Islington Pul. Tuberculosis CHISLETT Susannah F C.O.E. 61 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Nov. 20 Green's Hr. Dysentery ROWE Chesley M C.O.E. 7 1/2 Mos Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
PAGE 243                  
Oct. 06 Trinity Cardiac Failure TAVERNOR John M C.O.E. 78 Trinity Trinity
Oct. 30 Trinity Broncho Pneumonia SMITH Hayward W M C.O.E. 3Mo. Salvage Trinity
Oct. 14 Delby's Cove Paralysis GARDNER Jacob M C.O.E. 72 British Hr. Delby's Cove
Oct. 27 Dunfield Cardiac Failure DEWLING Jacob M C.O.E. 74 Trouty Trouty
Nov. 06 Trinity Pneumonia CROCKER Patrick M C.O.E. 79 Trinity Trinity
Nov. 26 Trinity Gastritis WOOLRIDGE John M C.O.E. 70 Trinity SS Trinity
Dec. 07 St. John's Tuberculosis Lungs & Kidney's COOPER Eliol M C.O.E. 24 Traytown Ireland's Eye
July 22 New Chelsea Scalds PYNN Alison Laker M Meth. 3 New Chelsea New Chelsea
30-Jul Hant's Harbor Heart Disease GREEN John M Meth. 67 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Aug. 11 Hant's Harbor Heart Failure PELLEY Ida F Meth. 21 New Chelsea Hant's Hr.
Sep. 12 New Chelsea Convulsions BURSEY Gertie M F Meth. 10Mo. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep. 19 Hant's Harbor Still Born Prematurity GREEN George M Meth. SB Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Sep. 25 Winterton Old Age PIERCEY James M Meth. 84 Winterton Winterton
Sep. 28 New Melbourne No Entry GOODWIN Effie Gladys F Meth. 9 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Oct. 01 Hant's Harbor Paralysis SHORT Absalom M Meth. 63 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Oct. 11 New Chelsea Prematurity BELBIN Gordon M Meth. 1Dy. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct. 20 Middle Bay No Entry THOMAS James M Meth. 14 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Nov. 10 Brownsdale Pul. Tuberculosis HOLLETT Jemima F Meth. 34 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Nov. 20 New Melbourne Inf. Debility DURDLE Edith Cavell F Meth. 13Dys. New Melbourne New Melbourne
Nov. 28 New Chelsea Tuberculosis BELBIN Laura F Meth. 32 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Dec. 08 Hant's Harbor Consumption/Bowels POOLE Marjorie F Meth. 20 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
July 21 New Melbourne No Entry GOODWIN Myrtis F Meth. 11 New Melbourne New Melbourne
July 29 Whale's Brook Inf. Debility HOPKINS Emily Jane F Meth. 1Mo. Whale's Brook Brownsdale
Oct. 01 St. John's (G.H.) Crushed Limb PITTMAN Benjamin M Meth. 48 Smith Sound T.B. Brickyard Smith Sound, TB
Oct. 10 Elliston Tuberculosis BAKER Ethel F Meth. 25 St. John's Elliston
Oct. 23 Elliston Tuberculosis CHAULK Ann F Meth. 70 Elliston Elliston
Oct. 24 Elliston Cancer CREWE James M Meth. 61 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 03 Elliston Tuberculosis CHAULK Peter M Meth. 50 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 12 Newman's Cove Old Age COOL William M Meth. 71 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Dec. 18 Newman's Cove Child Birth RYAN Fanny F Meth. 20 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Dec. 25 Elliston Old Age PORTER Samuel M Meth. 76 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 27 Elliston Old Age TUCKER Samuel M Meth. 83 Elliston Elliston
Nov. 16 Britannia Old Age BARRETT Elizabeth F Meth. 80 Trinity Britannia
Oct. 17 Elliott's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis RANDELL Lloyd M Meth. 27 English Hr. Elliott's Cove
Dec. 26 Thoroughfare General Tuberculosis BROWN Delilah F Meth. 22 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Sep. 29 Caplin Cove Paralysis DRODGE Annie F Meth. 77 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Nov. 20 St. Jones Within Still Birth MILLER No Entry F Meth. SB St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Dec. 22 St. Jones Within Rheumatic Fever MILLER Laura Maude F Meth. 24 Hillview St. Jones Within
Dec. 30 Hillview Bronchitis STOYLES Edwin James M Meth. 2Mo. Hillview Hillview
Feb. 17 Clarenville on Train No Entry
F No Entry Hrs No Entry State? Church
PAGE 244                  
Mar. 13 New Perlican Paralysis PEARCEY Enoch M C.O.E. 66 New Perlican Ch. Of Eng.
Apl. 29 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis CHAFE Bertha F Meth. 24 Clifton TB Genl. Protestant
Dec. 30 Gen. Hosp. St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis JACKSON Edith F Meth. 20 Whiteway Genl. Protestant
Oct. 29 Lewisporte Accident on Coal Bight? PIERCEY Thomas M C.O.E. 51 Ship Cove Trinity East
Dec. 24 Trinity East Old Age FOWLOW Margaret F C.O.E. 81 Ship Cove Trinity East
Dec. 29 Port Rexton Chronic Nephritis PIERCEY George M C.O.E. 53 Ship Cove Trinity East
Oct. 15 Heart's Delight Influenza TRAVESS Titus M S.Army 15 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Oct. 16 Dildo Consumption NEWHOOK Sarah F S.Army 71 New Hr. New Hr.
Oct. 26 Winterton Dysentery PITCHER Annie F S.Army 63 Winterton Winterton
Nov. 11 Dildo Lung Trouble NEWHOOK John M S.Army 70 Dildo Dildo
Nov. 27 Elliston Heart Disease CHAULK Mrs. Annie F S.Army 62 Elliston Elliston
Nov. 28 New Harbor Convulsions HIGDEN Alan Raymond M S.Army 11Mo. New Hr. New Hr.
Oct. 03 Little Catalina Dysentery WHITE Caroline F Meth. 1 Lt. Catalina Catalina
Oct. 21 Catalina Cancer Stomach LODGE Oratis M Meth. 66 Catalina Catalina
Dec. 02 Little Catalina Bronchitis KENNEDY Mary F Meth. 84 Brigus, Goulds Lt. Catalina
Dec. 27 Little Catalina Pneumonia KENNEDY John M Meth. 74 Brigus, Goulds Lt. Catalina
Mar. 30 Melrose Paralysis PETERS Mary F R.Cath. 62 Melrose Melrose
July 06 Melrose Consumption MACKEY Francis M R.Cath. 22 Melrose Melrose
Aug. 10 Melrose Convulsions PETERS Patrick J M R.Cath. 4Mo. Melrose Melrose
Sep. 12 Catalina Heart Failure MASON William M R.Cath. 6Mo. Catalina Catalina
Dec. 08 Bay Bulls Arm Inf. Debility DROVER Gladys F C.O.E. 4Dys. Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Dec. 22 Bay Bulls Arm Inf. Debility DROVER Amelia Jane F C.O.E. 18 Days Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
July 24 Green's Harbor Tuberculosis BUTT George M Meth. 31 Green's Harbor Green's Harbor
July 23 New Harbor Convulsions CRANFORD Frank M Meth. 1Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
Nov. 04 Green's Harbor Pneumonia ROWE Ellis James M Meth. 2 1/2 Years Green's Harbor Green's Harbor
Jan. 24 Gin Cove Pneumonia FRAMPTON Anne F C.O.E. 46 Petley White Rock
Feb. 29 Monroe Burns TOPEZ Salome F C.O.E. 4 1/2 Years Monroe White Rock
Sep. 01 Foster's Point Dysentery GEORGE Leah Julia F C.O.E. 9Mo. Pope's Hr. Foster's Point
May 25 New Burn Cove Cancer FROUDE Sarah F C.O.E. 50 No Entry Burgoynes Cove
July 07 Otter's Cove Tuberculosis IVANY Zipporah F C.O.E. 20 Otter's Cove Burgoynes Cove
Dec. 17 Burgoynes Cove Old Age STEELE Zipporah F C.O.E. 78 Burgoynes Cove Burgoynes Cove
Dec. 18 New Chelsea Convulsions HARRIS Annie W F S.Army 2Dys. New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct. 16 New Harbor Convulsions HIGDON Walter Ellis M C.O.E. 2Mo. New Harbor New Harbor
Oct. 22 New Harbor Tuberculosis HIGDON Eunice F C.O.E. 8 New Harbor New Harbor
Oct. 22 Chappells Inf. Debility GOSSE John M C.O.E. 17Mo. Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Aug. 23 Green's Harbor Paralysis GREEN Abner M Meth. 82 Old Perlican Green's Hr.
Dec. 04 New Harbor. Paralysis NEWHOOK Sarah F Meth. 63 New Harbor New Harbor
Aug. 28 Green's Harbor Prematurity HOWELL Esther F Meth. 4Hrs. Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Aug. 30 Green's Harbor Inflamation/Bowels RODGERS Stanley M Meth. 1 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Dec. 19 Green's Harbor Typhoid Fever RODGERS Jessie Louise F Meth. 36 Victoria Green's Hr.
PAGE 245                  
Dec. 19 Green's Harbor Typhoid Fever RODGERS William M Meth. 2 Green's Hr. Green's Harbor
Nov. 22 Whiteway Pul. Tuberculosis GOLDING Elizabeth F Meth. 22 Whiteway Whiteway
Sep. 10 St. Anthony Pul. Tuberculosis PELLEY Wallace M Meth. 22 Shoal Hr. George's Brook
Nov. 01 Green's Harbor Diphtheria MARCH Henry Ralph M Meth. 3 Green's Hr. Green's Harbor
Sep. 04 New Perlican Old Age PITTS Deborah F C.O.E. 89 Winterton New Perlican
Sep. 13 New Perlican Sarcoma GENT Mary F C.O.E. 47 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 04 New Perlican Inf. Debility PIERCEY Robert James M C.O.E. 2Mo. New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 11 Halifax NS Tuberculosis Kidney PITTMAN James M C.O.E. 33 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec. 13 New Perlican Cancer Stomach HOBBS Samuel M C.O.E. 65 New Perlican New Perlican
July 30 Winterton Inf. Debility PINHORN Thomas M C.O.E. 9 Hrs Winterton Winterton
Aug. 17 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonalis ROWE Gladys F C.O.E. 24 Green's Hr. Winterton
Aug. 31 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonalis PARROTT Gilbert M C.O.E. 35 Winterton Winterton
Sep. 25 Winterton Old Age HISCOCK Rosanna F C.O.E. 80 Victoria Village Winterton
Dec. 12 Winterton Bronchitis SPICER Eve F C.O.E. 79 Turk's Cove Winterton

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2011)

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