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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Burin District
1919 - 1919

Book 8
PAGES 432 - 437

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 432                
Jan 13 Lamaline Old age FOOTE John Church of England 82 Muddy Hole Lamaline
Jan 24 Lamaline Cancer jaw CAKE James Pittman Church of England 51 Lamaline Lamaline
Feb 3 Nance? Cove Heart trouble HILLIER Manuel Church of England 66 Lamaline Lamaline
Mar 29? Point au Gaul Heart trouble HILLIER George Church of England 75 Lamaline Lamaline
Jan 17 Jean de Bay Consumption COADY Susan Roman Catholic 35 Salt Pond Jean de Bay
Feb 6 Long Cove Consumption BRUSHETT Frances Roman Catholic 5 Long Cove Burin
Feb 23 Fox Cove Consumption KAVANAGH Catherine Roman Catholic 63 Fox Cove Fox Cove
Mar 12 Salt Pond Congestion lungs HARDSTON Richard Roman Catholic 16 Salt Pond Burin (N)
Mar 13 Long Cove Consumption BRUSHETT William Roman Catholic 11 Long Cove Burin (N)
Jan 27 Creston Pneumonia TIZZARD John Salvation Army 46 Mortier Bay Mortier Bay
Jan 29 Fortune Heart disease HEBDITCH Meshack Salvation Army 49 Lamaline Fortune
Feb 13 Fortune Fall BOONE Esther Salvation Army 75 Burgeo Fortune
Feb 22 Grand Bank Diphtheria GRANDY James H Salvation Army 9 Garnish Grand Bank
Feb 25 Grand Bank Old age WALSH Thomas Salvation Army 82 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Feb 15 Fortune Cerebral Hemorrhage NOSEWORTHY Simeon Salvation Army 77 Pouch Cove Fortune
Jan 3 Fortune Influenza KING Charles T Methodist 66 St Johns Fortune
Jan 9 Fortune Influenza BOWDEN Clara Methodist 73 Lamaline Fortune
Jan 29 Fortune Congenital debility WITHERALL Susannah L Methodist 5 1/2 mos Fortune Fortune
Jan 6 Grand Bank Tuberculosis lungs BENNETT Carrie Methodist 25 Great Harbor Conne ??? Grand Bank
Feb 1 Grand Bank Tuberculosis lungs FRANCIS Hattie Methodist 24 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Mar 4 Grand Bank Tuberculosis lungs WHITE John Methodist 18 Fortune Bay Grand Bank
Mar 16 Grand Bank General Tuberculosis TIBBS John Methodist 49 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Mar 14 Grand Bank Influenza NICHOLLE John Methodist 60 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Feb 16 Hay Cove Influenza MILLER Ina Marie Methodist 4 Hay Cove Hay Cove
Jan 4 General Hosp Pneumonia FRAMPTON Gabriel F Methodist 26 Pats Cove Collins Cove
Jan 9 Pardys Island Influenza MAYO Phoebe Methodist 42 Pardys Island Collins Cove
Jan 23 Burin Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis BROWN Mary Ann Methodist 22 Burin Bay Epworth
Feb 12 Kellys Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis FOOTE Richard Methodist 23 Kellys Cove Collins Cove
Feb 17 Great Burin Convulsions REVEL? Ellen Bea??s Methodist 7 mos Great Burin Great Burin
Mar 10 Great Burin Chronic Bronchitis HOLLETT William B Methodist 69 Great Burin Great Burin
Mar 19 Sandy Point Pulmonary Tuberculosis BRUSHETT William T Methodist 24 Sandy Point Collins Cove
Feb 25 Grand Beach Consumption TIBBS Gladys Methodist 14 Grand Beach Grand Beach
Mar 24 Garnish Consumption GRANDY Meta Methodist 21 Garnish Garnish
May 8 Marystown Pulmonary Tuberculosis BAKER Hannah Methodist 26 Marystown Marystown
Apl 22 Beau Bois Myocarditis HANNERHAN? Joseph Methodist 57 Beau Bois Beau Bois
May 13 Beau Bois Auto- intoxication HANNERHAN? Elizabeth Methodist 56 Beau Bois Beau Bois
May 10 Mooring Cove Old age MCCARTHY Mary Methodist 89 Mooring Cove Beau Bois
Apl 10 Marystown Stricture? PIDGEON Victor Methodist 61 Marystown Marystown
May 16 Marystown Pulmonary Tuberculosis POWER Mary Methodist 24 Marystown Marystown
Apl 4 Fox Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis HENABY? Hannah Methodist 55 Fortune Bay Fox Cove
PAGE 433                
Apl 6 Marystown Heart trouble PIDGEON Victor Roman Catholic 62 France Marystown
Apl 20 Beau Bois Dropsy HANRAHAN Joseph Roman Catholic 60 Beau Bois Marystown
May 11 Port au Bras Heart disease HARDSTONE Ann Roman Catholic 64 Burin Burin N
May 19 Burin Bay Drowning BRUSHETT John Jos Roman Catholic 18 Long Cove Burin N
June 1 Whale Cove Childbirth PERRIN Lena Roman Catholic 24 Little Bay Burin N
May 12 Grand Beach Bronchitis FOLLETT Chesley Raymond Methodist 3 Grand Beach Grand Beach
Apl 1 Taylors Bay Drowning BONNELL Edgar Church of England 18 Taylors Bay  
Apl 19 Lamaline Infantile debility FOOTE Mary Church of England 1 hr Lamaline Lamaline
Apl 21 High Beach Cystitis HILLIER Manuel Church of England 71 High Beach Lamaline
May 4 Lamaline Old age HANN Elizabeth F Church of England 84 St Pierre Lamaline
May 12 Point Crewe? Infantile debility THORNHILL Cecil L Church of England 5 mos Point Crewe? Lamaline
June 8 Lamaline Influenza CAKE Leslie Church of England 3 Lamaline Lamaline
June 9 Lamaline Influenza CAINES Leslie H Church of England 4 mos Lamaline Lamaline
June 25 Grand Bank Pneumonia GION? Frank Church of England 31 Point Crewe? Lamaline
Apl 19 Great Burin Stillborn ADAMS*   Methodist SB Great Burin Great Burin
Apl 19 Great Burin Premature ADAMS* Lillian Maud Methodist 2 hrs Great Burin Great Burin
Apl 23 Great Burin Premature ADAMS* John Wesley Methodist 4 dys Great Burin Great Burin
*These names were enclosed in a bracketand "Triplets" was written beside it:Transcriber
May 22 Whale Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis CORBIN William Methodist 22 Whale Cove Collins Cove
Apl 26 Flat Island Consumption throat BISHOP Addie Church of England 26 Tacks? Beach Flat Islands
May 29 Hay Cove Ruptured from birth MILLER George W Methodist 5 mos Hay Cove Hay Cove
June 2 Burin Tuberculosis COOPER Earle Salvation Army 14 Spread Eagle Burin
June 3 Creston Insanity BRUSHETT Francis M Salvation Army 57 Burin Creston
June 17 Creston Consumption YOUNG Mary Ellen Salvation Army 36 Port au Bras Creston
May 10 Epworth Pneumonia HOBEN Caroline Methodist 9 mos Epworth Epworth
May 12 Epworth Pneumonia WRIXON Frederick AB Methodist 2 Epworth Epworth
May 22 Mud Cove Pneumonia PITCHER Edna G Methodist 9 Epworth Epworth
Apl 8 Grand Bank Tuberculosis CAMP Rose Methodist 44 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Apl 3 "The Banks" Drowned TIBBO Benjamin B Methodist 24 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Apl 24 Fortune Small Pox HAYNES William Church of England 26 Catalina Fortune
Apl 9 Fortune Hemorrhage lungs MILES Randell Methodist 28 Little Bay East Fortune
July 3 Frenchmans Cove Consumption RIDEOUT Mary Alice Roman Catholic 6 Frenchmans Cove Frenchmans Cove
Oct 1, 1918 Frenchmans Cove "Flu" CROSS Mary Jane Roman Catholic 9 Frenchmans Cove Frenchmans Cove
July 28, 1919 Fox Cove Pleurisy ANTLE Mary Roman Catholic 4 Fox Cove Fox Cove
Aug 13 Salt Pond Diphtheria GREEN John Roman Catholic 20 Salt Pond Burin N
Aug 15 Fox Cove Diphtheria ANTLE Gordon Joseph Roman Catholic 1 Fox Cove Fox Cove
Aug 19 Fox Cove Diphtheria ANTLE Jerome Roman Catholic 9 Fox Cove Fox Cove
Aug 20 Burin Consumption REDDY Lavinia Mary Roman Catholic 25 Burin Burin
Aug 29 Fox Cove Diphtheria ANTLE Mary Roman Catholic 6 wks? Fox Cove Fox Cove
Apl 3 Fox Cove Diphtheria ANTLE Alice Roman Catholic 31 Fox Cove Fox Cove
Apl 4 Burin Spinal disease PENNEY Clement Roman Catholic 63 Burin Burin
PAGE 434                
Sep 22 Mooring Cove Cancer stomach HODDER Robert C Roman Catholic 67 Mooring Cove Marystown
Sep 28 Marystown Tuberculosis intestines POWER Patrick J Roman Catholic 28 Marystown Marystown
Aug 16 Marystown Stillborn CHEESMAN   Roman Catholic SB Marystown Marystown
Aug 23 Little Bay Stillborn POWER   Roman Catholic SB Little Bay Little Bay
Aug 20 Marystown Stillborn RYAN   Roman Catholic SB Marystown Marystown
July 17 Footes Cove Tonsilitis FOOTE Richard C Methodist 5 Footes Cove Collins Cove
July 22 Stepaside Diphtheria WAGG Edna Lilian Methodist 9 Stepaside Stepaside
July 23 Footes Cove Heart failure FOOTE Herbert Methodist 3 Footes Cove Collins Cove
July 23 Footes Cove Heart failure FOOTE Wallace F Methodist 11 Footes Cove Collins Cove
July 31 Burin Bay Drowned BEAZLEY Thomas C Methodist 18 Burin Bay Collins Cove
Aug 4 Pardys Island Diphtheria MAYO Mary Elizabeth Methodist 20 Pardys Island Collins Cove
Aug 8 Pats Cove Stillborn     Methodist SB Pats Cove Collins Cove
Aug 8 Pats Cove Stillborn     Methodist SB Pats Cove Collins Cove
Aug 8 Burin North Typhoid Fever HOLLETT Gladys Methodist 14 Burin North Stepaside
Aug 20 Epworth Convulsions BRUSHETT James Methodist 3 hrs Epworth Epworth
Aug 20 Epworth Convulsions BRUSHETT Alice Methodist 11 Epworth Epworth
Aug 26 Footes Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis FOOTE Alice Mabel Methodist 22 Footes Cove Collins Cove
Sep 10 Great Burin Pulmonary Tuberculosis DAUCEY John Methodist 47 Great Burin Great Burin
July 4 Grand Bank Old age HICKMAN Priscilla Methodist 76 White Bear Bay Burgeo Grand Bank
July 6 Grand Bank Congenital debility HASKELL Albert E Methodist 2 mos Grand Bank Grand Bank
July 7 Grand Bank Paralysis GOULD Amelia Methodist 78 Fortune Bay Grand Bank
Sep 2 Grand Bank Cholera Infantum BANFIELD Morgan Methodist 6 mos Grand Bank Grand Bank
Sep 4 Grand Bank Convulsions HARRIS Georgina Methodist 10 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Sep 27 Grand Bank Colitis ROGERS Leslie G Methodist 2 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Feb 19 Lamaline Old age BONNELL Richard Church of England 87 Lamaline Lamaline
July 20 Lords Cove Childbirth COLLIER Susannah Church of England 41 Lamaline Lamaline
Sep 2 Point Crewe Tuberculosis THORNHILL Benjamin Methodist 42 Fortune Lamaline
Sep 3 Hay Cove Cancer MILLER George Methodist 77 Hay Cove Hay Cove
Aug 19 St Johns Spinal Meningitis BUGDEN William F Methodist 58 Epworth Epworth
Sep 2 Epworth Tubercular Abscess MITCHELL Eliza Methodist 25 St Johns Epworth
June 2 Stepaside Tuberculosis COOPER Earl Salvation Army 14 Burin Burin
July 25 Burin Tuberculosis ISAACS Harriett Salvation Army 51 Burin Burin
July 31 Fortune Tuberculosis FORSEY John Salvation Army 15 Fortune Fortune
Sep 24 Grand Bank Bronchitis FORWARD Mary Ann Salvation Army 77 Oderin Grand Bank
Sep 19 Grand Bank Tuberculosis PRICE Eliza Salvation Army 68 Brunett Grand Bank
Apl 6? Insane Asylum Heart disease SUTTON John Church of England 74 Pushthrough Church of England Cemetery St Johns
Apl 12 Insane Asylum Abscess of back HILLIER Elia?? Church of England 32 Lamaline Church of England Cemetery
Apl 14 Poor Asylum Paralysis BUTT Mary Roman Catholic 63 Burin Belvedere
Nov 15 Poor Asylum Old age HEALEY Peter Roman Catholic 84 St Lawrence Mount Carmel
Nov 14 Insane Asylum Heart disease KENDALL William Salvation Army 59 Burin Salvation Army Cemetery
PAGE 435                
Oct 2 Burin Old age PARSONS Stephen Roman Catholic 77 Burin Burin (N)
Oct 14 St Johns Septicemia MOLLOY Michael Roman Catholic 42 St Lawrence St Johns
Dec 9 Burin Pneumonia SPARROW Ellen Roman Catholic 68 Burin Burin
Dec 14 Fox Cove Infantile debility ANTLE Margaret Roman Catholic 3 mos Fox Cove Fox Cove
Dec 22 Burin Tuberculosis ROWLANDS Mercedes Roman Catholic 15 Jean de Bay Burin
Dec 22 Marystown Tuberculosis HARDSTONE Williams Roman Catholic 58 Salt Pond Marystown
Feb 18 St Lawrence Tuberculosis TURPIN Creusa? Roman Catholic 17 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Mar 1 St Lawrence Tuberculosis TURPIN Alice Roman Catholic 52 Placentia St Lawrence
Mar 2 St Lawrence Tuberculosis MOLLOY Isaac Roman Catholic 51 Placentia St Lawrence
Mar 25 St Lawrence Insanity MOLLOY Mary Roman Catholic 50 Placentia St Lawrence
Mar 30 St Lawrence Old age SLANEY Catherine Roman Catholic 99 Placentia St Lawrence
Apl 1 St Lawrence Meningitis SLANEY Madeline Roman Catholic 4 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Apl 1 St Lawrence Tuberculosis LAKE Ernestine Roman Catholic 38 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Sep 22 St Lawrence Tuberculosis CLARKE Paul Roman Catholic 50 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Nov 2 St Lawrence Dropsy TOBIN Edith Roman Catholic 48 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Nov 2 St Lawrence Dropsy SLANEY Sarah Roman Catholic 55 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Dec 4 St Lawrence Influenza SLANEY David Roman Catholic 43 St Lawrence St Lawrence
Nov 18 Flat Islands Childbirth MOULTON Lillace? Methodist 18 Flat Islands Flat Islands
Nov 25 Flat Islands Tuberculosis SMITH Elizabeth Methodist 29 Flat Islands Flat Islands
Oct 14 Marystown Myocarditis PITTMAN Mary Roman Catholic 60 Marystown Marystown
Oct 23 Marystown Pneumonia KEEFE Martin Roman Catholic 54 Marystown Marystown
Oct 23 At Sea Washed overboard FITZPATRICK Philip Roman Catholic 29 Marystown Marystown
Nov 19 Mooring Cove Myocarditis ROWLANDS Ellen Roman Catholic 78 Jean de Bay Marystown
Dec 9 Gloucester Accid? Asphix gas* FLAHERTY Michael Roman Catholic 35 Marystown Gloucester
*Probably "Acccidental asphyxiationfrom gas"-Transcriber
Dec 22 Burin Hemorrhage lungs ROWLANDS Mercedes Roman Catholic 14 Jean de Bay Burin
Dec 23 Marystown Endocarditis HARTSTONE William Roman Catholic 61 Salt Pond Marystown
Dec 21 Grand Beach Old age TIBBO Wilson Methodist 77 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Oct 5 High Sea Accidentally crushed by cargo BRUSHETT James Methodist 27 Path End Atlantic Ocean
Oct 5 High Sea Accidentally crushed by cargo BRUSHETT Ernest Methodist 23 Path End Atlantic Ocean
Nov 6 Bulls Cove? Accidental injuries on schooner ISAACS James Joseph Methodist 50 Bulls Cove? Collins Cove
Nov 17 Pardys Island Pneumonia FOOTE William Cyrus Methodist 4 mos Pardys Island Collins Cove
Dec 13 Sandy Point Convulsions BRUSHETT Isabel Jemima Methodist 2 mos Sandy Point Collins Cove
Nov 12 Grand Bank Tuberculosis PARDY Joseph Methodist 54 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Nov 25 Grand Bank Nephritis MATTHEWS Emily Methodist 17 mos Grand Bank Grand Bank
Nov 27 Grand Bank Pneumonia ROSE Susan Methodist 69 Grand Bank Grand Bank
Dec 27 Grand Bank Tuberculosis EVANS Jessie Church of England 29 English Harbor TB Grand Bank
Nov 2 Lamaline Tuberculosis HILLIER Gerald S Church of England 26 High Beach Lamaline
Dec 11 Lamaline Tuberculosis HILLIER Harriet B Church of England 21 High Beach Lamaline
Dec 25 Lamaline Infantile PITMAN Rosalie Jane Church of England 3 wks? Lamaline Lamaline
Oct 10 Epworth Tubercular abscess liver BUDGEN Alice Methodist 59 Salmonier Epworth
PAGE 436                
Dec 16 Epworth Pulmonary Tuberculosis BUGDEN Alice Florence Methodist 19 Epworth Epworth
Dec 26 General Hosp Tumor of Brain WINTER George Merritt Methodist 31 Burin Burin
Nov 30 Childrens Hosp St Johns Nephritis HILLIER John Robt Church of England 6 Lamaline Church of England Cemetery St Johns
Dec 21 General Hosp Chronic Nephritis TERRENCE Patrick Roman Catholic 76 St Johns Belvedere
Oct 5 Fortune Brights Disease LAKE Frederick C Methodist 34 Fortune Fortune
Nov 19 Fortune Paralysis HUMBY Edward W Methodist 74 Indian Arm Fortune
Nov 3 Fortune Colitis KEEPING George R Methodist 3 wks Fortune Fortune
Oct 15 Fortune Apoplexy MAVIN Henry Methodist 76 Fortune Fortune
Nov 13 Fortune Congenital debility KEEPING Catherine H Methodist 1 mo Fortune Fortune
Feb 3 Lamaline   WALSH John Roman Catholic 66 Lamaline Lamaline
Feb 7 Lamaline   MINARD Susanna Roman Catholic 74 Lamaline Lamaline
Mar 6 Lamaline   FLEMING James Roman Catholic 78 Lamaline Lamaline
Mar 6 Lamaline   FLEMING Dorothy Roman Catholic 18 Lamaline Lamaline
Apl 27 Lamaline   ROBIERE Isabella Roman Catholic 16 Lamaline Lamaline
Apl 18 Lamaline   MAHEY? Sarah Roman Catholic 35 Lamaline Lamaline
June 7 Lamaline   COLLINS David Roman Catholic 7 dys Lamaline Lamaline
July 20 Lamaline   MAHEY Louis Roman Catholic 2 Lamaline Lamaline
Oct 5 Lamaline   MAHEY Reginald Roman Catholic 12 Lamaline Lamaline
Oct 17 Lamaline   LUNDRIGAN John Roman Catholic 76 Lamaline Lamaline
Nov 22 Lamaline   ROBINS Josephine Roman Catholic 15 Lamaline Lamaline
Dec 8 Lamaline   FLEMING Mary E Roman Catholic 7 Lamaline Lamaline
Dec 25 Lamaline   WALSH Rosella Roman Catholic 16 Lamaline Lamaline
May 13 Lawn   LAMB Mary Roman Catholic 23 Lawn Lawn
Apl 12 Lawn   LAMB Julia Roman Catholic 1 dy Lawn Lawn
Apl 19 Lawn   LAMB Mary Roman Catholic 7 Lawn Lawn
Dec 27 Lawn   EDWARDS Margaret Roman Catholic 5 Lawn Lawn
July 3 Lawn   BENNING Anna Roman Catholic 9 Lawn Lawn
Dec 5? Burin Drowning Schooner Herbert & Riely HOLLETT Charles William Methodist 30 Great Burin At sea
Dec 5? Lost at sea Drowning Schooner Herbert & Riely WALSH John Methodist 26 Great Burin At sea
Dec 5? Lost at sea Drowning Schooner Herbert & Riely INKPEN Malcolm Methodist 22 Inkpen Island At sea
Dec 5? Lost at sea Drowning Schooner Herbert & Riely BUNGAY George Methodist 28 Path End At sea
Dec 25 Burin Cancer stomach APPLEBY Edward Church of England 76 Burin Burin
Apl 7 Garnish Paralysis GRANDY Samuel Church of England 63 Garnish Garnish
Sep 8 Garnish Dysentery BANFIELD Jane T Church of England 2 wks Garnish Garnish
Dec 26 Garnish Croup GRANDY Albert Church of England 2 mos Garnish Garnish
Oct 21 Port au Bras Old age CHEESMAN Mary Church of England 86 Port au Bras Port au Bras
July 8 St Lawrence Pulmonary Tuberculosis SPINNEY? Susan Church of England 46 St Laurence St Laurence
July 9 St Lawrence Pulmonary Tuberculosis MOORE Charles Church of England 22 St Laurence St Laurence
Aug 26 St Lawrence Pulmonary Tuberculosis SPINNEY Alfred Church of England 52 St Laurence St Laurence
Jan 14 Halifax, NS Septicemia PIKE Stella Church of England 20 St Laurence St Laurence
PAGE 437                
Apl 26 Burin Inanition MARTIN John A Church of England 7dys Burin Burin
Mar 1 Burin Heart disease ROSS George Church of England 58 England Burin
May 27 Burin Pulmonary Tuberculosis HODDER Beatrice Church of England 18 Burin Burin
June 19 Mortier Bay Cancer stomach CLEAL? Mary Church of England 40 Mortier Bay Mortier Bay
June 7 Burin Bright's Disease BUTLER O??? Church of England 31 Burin Burin
July 25 Port au Bras Drowning HODDER George Church of England 14 Port au Bras Port au Bras
Aug 10 Burin Pulmonary Tuberculosis DOBBIN? Robert Church of England 51 Burin Burin
Sept 20 Burin Old age MARTIN Eliza Church of England 79 Burin Burin
Nov 15 Burin Pneumonia BRENTON Thomas Church of England 56 Burin Burin
Nov 17 Burin Pneumonia BRENTON Thomas Church of England 7 Burin Burin
Nov 23 Port au Bras Pulmonary Tuberculosis ISAACS Elizabeth A Church of England 24 Port au Bras Port au Bras
Nov 26 Burin Influenza JARVIS Mary Church of England 3 Burin Burin
Nov 28 Burin Influenza JORGENSEN Frederick Church of England 27 Burin Burin
Nov 28 Port au Bras Influenza ABBOTT Charlotte Church of England 68 Port au Bras Port au Bras
Nov 30 Port au Bras Influenza HOLLETT Ann Church of England 55 Port au Bras Port au Bras
Dec 5 Mortier Bay Influenza WISCOMBE John S Church of England 51 Mortier Bay Mortier Bay
Dec 4 Burin Pulmonary Tuberculosis ISAACS Lina? Church of England 1 1/2 Burin Burin
Mar 10 Garnish Pneumonia CURRIE Effie Church of England 14 Garnish Garnish
Oct 20 Garnish Pneumonia MARSH Hester Ann Church of England 41 Garnish Garnish
Nov 5 Garnish Pneumonia GRANDY Hannah E Church of England 27 Garnish Garnish
Nov 9 Garnish Pneumonia MARSH Anne Church of England 42 Garnish Garnish
Nov 11 Garnish Pneumonia CLUETT Anne E Church of England 14 Garnish Garnish
Nov 14 Garnish Pneumonia ANSTEY Anne Church of England 40 Garnish Garnish
Nov 20 Garnish Pneumonia MARSH Hester J Church of England 32 Garnish Garnish
Dec 5 Garnish Pneumonia CLUETT Levi A Church of England 18 Garnish Garnish
Jan 15, 1919 Mortier Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis BRENTON Mary Church of England 22 Mortier Bay Mortier Bay
Feb 9 Port au Bras Old age CHEESMAN Alice Church of England 96 Port au Bras Port au Bras
Mar 22 Burin Pulmonary Tuberculosis DRAKE Selina Church of England 52 Burin Burin
June 29 Burin Drowned at sea WILLIAMS Rebecca Church of England 60 Burin Burin
Oct 22 Mortier Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis WHITE Ann Church of England 37 Mortier Bay Mortier Bay
Dec 9 Escasoni Hosp Pulmonary Tuberculosis BRENTON Albert Church of England 20 Burin Burin
Dec 19 Burin Small Pox DROVER George E Church of England 1 Burin Burin
Dec 19 Burin Drowned at sea EASTMAN William Methodist 45   Body not recovered
Feb 28 St Lawrence Tuberculosis PIKE Alice B Church of England 14 St Laurence St Laurence
May 23 St Lawrence Heart failure REEVES Selina Church of England 27 St Laurence St Laurence
May 22 St Lawrence Convulsions PIKE Clara Church of England 11 dys St Laurence St Laurence
Aug 9 St Lawrence Old age PIKE Eliza Church of England 66 St Laurence St Laurence
Sep 21 St Lawrence Old age SAUNDERS William Church of England 81 Burin St Laurence
Nov 25 St Lawrence Cancer of stomach PIKE Emily Church of England 66 St Laurence St Laurence

Transcribed by: Gordon Bennett (2011)

Page Last Modified: Saturday August 31, 2013 (Don Tate)
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