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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay District
1916 - 1917

Book 7
PAGES 228 - 238

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 228                
Jany 10 New Chelsea Bronchitis SINGLE Hubert J Meth 41 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jany 22 Hants Harbor Bronchitis TUCK William Meth 2mos Winterton Hants Harbor
Mar 9 Hants Harbor Pneumonia GULLIFORD Charles W. Meth 8mos Winterton Hants Harbor
Feby 21 New Melbourne LaGrippe BURSEY Ronald Meth 3wks New Melbourne New Melbourne
Feby 24 Sibley's Cove LaGrippe EDDY William Thomas Meth 81days Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
Feby 29 New Melbourne Acute Nephritis WOODLANDS William James Meth 20 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jany 13 Thornlea Old age BRANTON Elizabeth Meth 83 Not given Thornlea
Feby 7 Bay Bulls Arm Unknown CASH Mildred Meth 35 Brookfield N.S. Bay Bulls Arm
Jany 28 Bay Bulls Arm Inft. Debility SMITH John Meth 6mos Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Jany 4 Elliston Dropsy TUCKER Mary Meth 66 Elliston Elliston
Jany 30 Sandy Cove Stomach Complaint HOBBS Samuel Meth 73 Elliston Elliston
Feby 25 Elliston Tuberculosis CREWE Ellen Meth 26 Elliston Elliston
Mar 2 Elliston Tuberculosis TUCKER Ernest Meth 29 Elliston Elliston
Mar 19 Elliston Hemorrhage of Lungs BAKER Emily Meth 53 Elliston Elliston
Jany 1 Clarenville Inflamation STANLEY Archibald Meth 4mos Clarenville Clarenville
Jany 22 Somerset Inflamation PELLEY Sarah R. Meth 1mon Somerset Somerset
Mar 4 Clarenville Pneumonia PELLEY Olive Doris Meth 7mos Clarenville Clarenville
Feby 5 Millertown Cystitis GEORGE Kesson Meth 18 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Feby 22 Lady Cove Pneumonia MARCH Almond B. Meth 6 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Jany 16 Deer Hr. Bronchitis MARSH Benjamin James Meth 2wks Deer Hr Deer Hr
Jany 8 Deer Hr. Bronchitis KING Leslie Kitchener Meth 3mos Deer Hr Deer Hr
Mar 17 St John's Burns BUGDEN Maud Meth 33 Lady Cove Britannia
Feby 20 Hickmans Hr Paralysis CRITCH Samuel Meth 90 (?) Hants Hr Hickmans Hr
Jany 8 Hickmans Hr Old age CRITCH Caroline Meth 75 Catalina Hickmans Hr
Feby 17 Trinity Tuberculosis CHRISTIAN Jesse Meth 43 Trinity Trinity
Jan 6 Green's Hr. Vomiting & Suffocation PENNEY Druscilla Meth 4mos Greens Hr Greens Hr
Feby 15 Green's Hr. Tuberculosis TAYLOR William Meth 28 Hopeall Greens Hr
Mar 8 New Hr. Cancer of face HEFFORD Richard Meth 65 New Hr New Hr
Mar 3 Winterton Cardiac Vacular Dis HINDY Catherine Sal Army 64 Hants Hr Winterton
Feby 7 Hants Harbor Convulsions BADCOCK George Sal Army 5wks Hants Hr Hants Harbor
Apl 2 Burgoynes Cove Not given MOODY Infant Ch of Engl 1wk Burgoynes Cv. Burgoynes Cv.
Apl 23 Lower Lance Cove Tuberculosis VERGE Priscilla Ch Engld 32 Petley Petley
Apl 6 Trinity East Pulmonary Tuberculosis REID William C. Ch Engld 26 1/2 Trinity East Trinity East
Apl 30 Trinity East Acute Nephritis BROWN Frederick G. Ch Engld 3 3/12 Trinity East Trinity East
May 19 Port Rexton Struck by Locomotive REX George Ch Engld 87 Port Rexton Trinity East
May 5 Champneys Arm Drowned in Salt Water RANDELL Eric Ch Engld 5 2/3 Champneys Champneys W
June 19 Green Bay Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis NURSE Jessie Helen Ch Engld 16 Champneys E Champneys E
May 14 Hickmans Hr Infantile Decay BENSON George Method 1day Hickmans Hr Hickmans Hr
May 23 Apsey Brook Consumption SMITH Barzallai (sic) Method 51yrs Hants Hr Apsey Brook
May 25 St Johns Measles & Pneumonia BLUNDON Leslie Method 1 1/2 Hickmans Hr Hickmans Hr
PAGE 229                
June 11 Elliotts Cove Paralysis SMITH Elizabeth Methodst 72 Hants Hr Elliotts Cove
June 6 Dunfield Measles SPURRELL William Methodst 1 1/2 Dunfield Trinity
Feby 28 Queens Cove Dropsy GOOBY James Methodst 46 Queens Cove Queens Cove
Aprl 17 St James Within Asthma ROGERS James Methodst 76 Not given St James Within
May 8 Queens Cove (Pneumonia) BENSON Aleerdice (sic) Methodst 10mts Hillview Hillview
May 29 Somerset Blood poisoning PELLEY Frederick Methodst 30 Broadcove Broad Cove
Jany 22 Somerset Not given PELLEY Sarah Methodst 1month Somerset Somerset
May 26 Newmans Cove Infantile decay COOL Winnie Methodst 3 1/2 Newman's Cv Newman's Cv
July 20 Poor Asylum St John's Paralysis WHITE Eliza Ch. Engld 60 New Hr. Trinity Ch.Engld Cmty St John's
Aprl 11 Hearts Content Plithisis Pulmonalis DICKS Emily Ch. Engld 20 Snooks Brook Hearts Content
May 11 Hearts Content Cancer of Stomach YOUNG Elizabeth Ch. Engld 57 New Harbor Hearts Content
May 10 Hearts Delight Diptheria FOST Sarah Blanche Ch. Engld 5 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
June 24 Hearts Delight Rickets CROCKER Donald Roland Ch. Engld 2 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aprl 25 New Perlican Pneumonia WHITE Julia G. Ch. Engld 7mts New Perlican New Perlican
May 19 Not given Killed train accident NORTHOVER John Ch. Engld 50yr New Perlican New Perlican
May 28 New Perlican Beri-Beri SEWARD Amy Ch. Engld 69 New Perlican New Perlican
June 25 New Perlican Cerebral Hemorrhage NORTHOVER Ann Ch. Engld 79 Hearts Content New Perlican
Aprl 15 Winterton Plithisis Pulmonalis GREEN William J. Ch. Engld 29 Winterton Winterton
Aprl 28 New Harbor General Tuberculosis SHARPE Elizabeth M. Ch. Engld 7 Blaketown Blaketown
May 3 New Harbor Consumption HILLYER Eli Ch. Engld 67 New Harbor New Harbor
May 16 New Harbor Measles POLLETT Norah Ch. Engld 45 Chappell New Harbor
May 26 New Harbor Consumption WOODMAN Lucy Ch. Engld 47 New Hr. New Harbor
June 27 New Harbor Measles WILLIAMS Robert Ch. Engld 81 New Hr. New Harbor
June 28 New Harbor Measles WILLIAMS Annie Ch. Engld 8mos New Hr. New Harbor
Jany 5 Gambo Tuberculosis LANE John Catholic 23yrs Gambo Gambo
Mar 21 Gambo Influenza CURRAN Mary Catholic 10 Gambo Gambo
Aprl 10 Gambo Dropsy FENNELL Peter Catholic 63 Gambo Gambo
Aprl 15 Section 21 Influenza WALSH Michael Catholic 11 Gambo Holyrood
Aprl 24 Chapel Arm Convulsions POWER Francis F. Catholic 1month Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
Aprl 15 Placentia Jctn. Convulsions HYNES James Catholic 17mos Placentia Jctn. Whitbourne
May 22 Bellevue TB Tuberculosis RALPH John Catholic 28 Bellevue Bellevue
Aprl 12 New Chelsea Influenza SINGLE Preston J. Methodst 1 3/4 New Chelsea New Chelsea
May 17 New Chelsea Brain disease BAILEY Israel Methodst 54 New Chelsea New Chelsea
May 20 New Chelsea Consumption PYNN Wilfred Methodst 32 New Chelsea New Chelsea
May 17 Hants Hr. Consumption SNOOK Mary Jane Methodst 26 Hants Hr Hants Hr
May 5 Hants Hr. Old age HUSSON Martin Methodst 85 Hants Hr Hants Hr
June 10 Lead Cove Infantile debility BUTTON Chesley Methodst 2mts Lead Cv Lead Cve
May 2 Chapple Arm Old age WARREN Martha Methodst 85yrs Tickle Hr New Hr
May 8 Greens Hr Bronchitis BRACE Bertha M Methodst 1 Greens Hr Greens Hr
May 30 Greens Hr Measles MARCH Edward J Methodst 1 Greens Hr Greens Hr
PAGE 230                
June 6 Whiteway Old age POTTLE Jonathan Methodst 87 Brigus Whiteway
Aprl 16 Catalina Tubercular Meningitis HOUSE William Methodst 20 Catalina Catalina
May 15 Catalina Acute Dysentery HICKS Samuel Methodst 58 Catalina Catalina
Feby Hospital Ship in Mediterranean Pneumonia SOPER Morley Methodst 28 Catalina  
May 3 Winterton Bronchitis BRACE Albert S. Army 16mos Winterton Winterton
July 5 Whitbourne Old age KENNEDY Elizabeth Ch. Engld 79 Spaniards Bay Whitbourne
Sept 8 Whitbourne Tuberculosis Lungs MERCER Eliza Ann Ch. Engld 39 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Sept 17 Whitbourne Tuberculosis Lungs PEDDLE Mildred Ch. Engld 14mos Whitbourne Whitbourne
Sept 28 Winterton Acute indigestion HINDY Vernon Ch. Engld 6wks Winterton Winterton
July 6 Hearts Delight Pneumonia LEGGE Sarah Maise Ch. Engld 15mos Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug 11 Cavendish Phthisis Pulmonalis JACKSON Elija Ch. Engld 38yrs Cavendish Cavendish
Aug 22 Cavendish Phthisis Pulmonalis JACKSON Arthur Ch. Engld 31 Cavendish Cavendish
Aug 26 Hearts Delight Phthisis Pulmonalis LEGGE Ellie Amelia Ch. Engld 17 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Sept 3 Hearts Delight Pneumonia REID Stephen Ch. Engld 70 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Sept 6 Hearts Delight Convulsions FOST Uriah Ronald Ch. Engld 1yr Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
July 18 New Perlican Myocarditis SNOOK Elizabeth Ch. Engld 81 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar 7 Catalina Premature Birth BROWN Edward Ch. Engld 12hrs Catalina Catalina
July 11 Catalina Cancer of Stomach RUSSELL Thomas Ch. Engld 78yrs Catalina Catalina
July 27 Catalina Pulmonary Congestion MANUEL Frederick Jabez Ch. Engld 1yr Catalina Catalina
Aug 2 English Harbor Pulmonary Tuberculosis PENNY Robert Alex'd Ch. Engld 28 English Harbor English Harbor
Aug 1 Port Rexton Senility RANDELL Maria Ch. Engld 83 Champneys Port Rexton
Aug 8 Port Rexton Natural Causes BARBER Susana Ch. Engld 3wks Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug 26 Trinity East Measles JONES Roland Lindfield Ch. Engld 5mos Trinity East Port Rexton
Aug 28 Trinity East Inanition GOLDSWORTHY Gilbert Ch. Engld 4dys Trinity East Port Rexton
Sept 10 Port Rexton Measles RANDELL Ralph Ch. Engld 13mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sept 20 Port Rexton Broncho Pneumonia PLOUGHMAN Leah Ch. Engld 12yrs Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sept 20 Britannia Tuberculosis of lungs BOWRING Martha G. Method 32 Britannia Britannia
July 19 Hickmans Hr. Measles REID Dora Loretta Method 3 Hickmans Hr Hickmans Hr
Sept 19 Britannia Softening of Brain ADAMS Janet Method 56 Seal Cove TB Britannia
July 29 Lady Cove Indigestion PELLEY Archibald Watson Method 2 5/12 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Aug 20 Snooks Hr. Cancer of Stomach LODER John Congregationalist 66 Ireland's Eye Snooks Hr
Sept 16 Lady Cove Apoplexy REID Henry John Method 67 Hants Hr. Lady Cove
Sept 5 Pittman Brickyard Smith's Sound Trush PITTMAN Lucy Doris Method 2mos Pittmans Brickyard Harcourt
Aug 10 New Chelsea Consumption SINGLE Una M. Method 15yrs New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sept 8 Brownsdale Old Age Gen Decay HEAD Elizabeth Method 84 Not given Brownsdale
Sept 17 New Melbourne Measles DRISCOLL Eric Carson Method 2 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Sept 24 Hants Hr. Old Age REID Adelaide Method 74 Not given Hants Harbor
July 5 English Harbor Drowned FIFIELD William Chas. Method 7 English Hr English Hr
July 20 Champney's West Cardiac failure BARNES Richard Method 25 Champneys W. Champneys
Aug 22 Thornlea Convulsions THORNE William Stanley Method 3wks Thornlea Thornlea
PAGE 231                
Aug 24 St James Within Kidney Disease HILLIER Rosannah Methodst 65yrs Bay de Verde St James Within
Aug 28 St James Without Paralysis HISCOCK Dorcas Methodst 67yrs Not given St James Without
Aug 31 Hillview Convulsive Fits LODER Philip R. Methodst 14dys Hillview Hillview
June 30 Elliston Cattarrh HILL Winston Methodst 9mos Elliston Elliston
July 4 Point Elliston Brain fever PORTER Ronald Jas. Methodst 14yrs St John's Elliston
July 22 Elliston Dropsy OLDFORD Mary Ann Methodst 68 Tickle Cove B.B. Elliston
Aug 7 Elliston Convulsions COLE Emmeline J. Methodst 6 Elliston Elliston
Sept 3 Elliston Paralysis TRASK Rebecca Methodst 74 Elliston Elliston
Feby 9 Trouty Cancer CLIFFORD Thomas Ch. Engld 78 Trinity Trouty
Jany 25 British Hr. Tuberculosis(Lungs) BANNISTER Mary Ch. Engld 20 British Hr British Hr.
Feby 28 Trouty Pneumonia KING Annie Ch. Engld 3 1/2 Trouty Trouty
Mar 8 Trinity Tuberculosis(Lungs) BUGDEN John Ch. Engld 63 Trinity Trinity
Mar 19 Trouty Inanition DEWLING Mahala Elizabeth Ch. Engld 7mos Trouty Trouty
Mar 13 Popes Hr Convulsions VOKEY John Ch. Engld 3hrs Popes Hr. Popes Hr
Jany 31 Popes Hr Convulsions WEBSTER Edith Ch. Engld 4mts Popes Hr. Popes Hr
Feby 16 Kerley's Hr. Ulcers CLARK Mary Ch. Engld 73yrs Kearleys Hr. New Bonaventure
Mar 14 Old Bonaventure Pneumonia Phthisis STONE Mary Ann Ch. Engld 44 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Mar 17 New Bonaventure Pneumonia Phthisis SHORT Edmond Ch. Engld 17 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Mar 19 Old Bonaventure Inanition STONE Miriam Ch. Engld 3mts Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Mar 27 New Bonaventure Nephritis MILLER Joseph Ch. Engld 7 1/2 yrs New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
May 7 New Bonaventure Tuberculosis IVAMY Susannah Ch. Engld 38 Spaniards Cv New Bonaventure
May 31 Trouty Measles BARNES Alfreda Ch. Engld 16mts Trouty Trouty
May 26 Trouty Measles GOODYEAR Bessie Mabel Ch. Engld 15mts Trouty Trouty
June 3 Dunfield Measles BELLOWS William Ch. Engld 20mts Dunfield Trinity
June 15 Dunfield Measles CLARKE Ann Marjorie Ch. Engld 1 1/2yrs Dunfield Trinity
Aprl 19 Hearts Ease Old Age BARRETT William Ch. Engld 94 Not given Hearts Ease
Aprl 21 Hodges Cove Meningitis CURTIS Edgar Ch. Engld 6mos Hodges Cv Hodges Cv
May 18 Hodges Cove Paralysis DROVER Maria Ch. Engld 75 St John's Hodges Cv
Mar 4 Bay Bulls Arm Tuberculosis SNOOK Lavina Ch. Engld 4 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
July 25 Dark Cove Convulsions EASTMAN Jessie Nora Ch. Engld 1 3/4 mts Dark Cove Middle Brook
July 2 New Harbor Measles WILLIAMS Mary Ellen Ch. Engld 21yrs New Hr New Harbor
July 6 New Harbor Old Age POLLETT Sarah Ch. Engld 96 Dildo New Harbor
July 16 Greens Harbor Pleurisy HARNUM Miriam Ch. Engld 34 Greens Hr Greens Hr.
July 20 Dildo Consumption SMITH John Thos. Ch. Engld 63 Hearts Ease Dildo
July 6 Chappell Not given WARREN William Ch. Engld 4mos Chappell Norman's Cove
Aug 16 South Dildo Not given PIKE Arthur Douglas Ch. Engld 1mon S. Dildo S. Dildo
Aug 20 New Harbor Consumption HIGDON Sarah Ch. Engld 52yrs Hr. Buffett New Harbor
Sept 27 Whiteway Senile Decay GEORGE Ananias Ch. Engld 64 Hearts Content Whiteway
Sept 3 Southport Cancer VEY John Ch. Engld 74 Prates Cove Hearts Ease
July 10 New Bonaventure Pneumonia HYDE Amy Hannah Ch. Engld 6yrs New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
PAGE 232                
Aug 3 Spaniards Cv. Measles WALDRON Margaret F. Ch. Engld 7mts Spaniards Cove Trinity
Aug 13 Trinity Dysentery MORRIS William David Ch. Engld 2 5/12 Trinity Trinity
Aug 8 Trouty Spinal Meningitis DEWLING Henry Ch. Engld 17 Trouty Trouty
Aug 22 Trinity Apoplexy HOUSE Stephen Ch. Engld 78 Trinity Trinity
Aug 9 New Bonaventure Bronchitis IVANY Clara Ch. Engld 1 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Aug 29 Dunfield Meningitis (Spinal) WISEMAN Mary Ch. Engld 1 11/12 Dunfield Dunfield
Sept 3 Trinity Meningitis (Spinal) KANE Isabella Ch. Engld 10yrs Trinity Trinity
Sept 8 Trinity Paralysis CHURCHILL Richard Ch. Engld 77 Trinity Trinity
Aug 18 New Bonaventure Meningitis MILLER Fred John Ch. Engld 10mts New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Sept 10 Trinity Meningitis BARTLETT Edgar Ch. Engld 13yrs Trinity Trinity
Sept 30 Trinity Pneumonia CHURCHILL Mary Ann Ch. Engld 57 Trinity Trinity
Aug 5 Old Bonaventure Cancer (Face) BAILEY Timothy Ch. Engld 59 Old Bonaventure Old Bonventure
Sept 26 Old Bonaventure Manition SHORT Thomas Ch. Engld 6week Old Bonaventure Old Bonventure
Sept 27 Lockston Pneumonia LOCK Beatrice Ch. Engld 2yrs Lockston Lockston
Aug 2 Whitbourne Senile Decay CARROLL Thomas R Cath 71 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Aug 4 Whitbourne Meningitis ONEILL Cyril R Cath 9 Whitbourne Bay Bulls
July 1 Greens Hr Measles GREEN Mildred Method 2 Boston USA Greens Hr
July 8 New Hr. Measles HEFFORD Arthur Thos. Method 10mts New Hr. New Hr.
Sept 4 Green's Hr. Eclampsia REID Louisa Method 21 Spaniards Cv. Greens Hr.
Sept 4 Green's Hr. Still born child of REID George & Louisa Method S B Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
July 29 Winterton Bronchitis HINDY Noah Methodst 80 Winterton Winterton
July 27 Winterton Measles ANDREWS Hayward Methodst 11mts Winterton Winterton
Aug 11 Winterton Measles HINDY Robert Methodst 1 8/12 Winterton Winterton
Aug 22 Winterton Convulsions GREEN Newton C. Methodst 2mos Winterton Winterton
Sept 18 Winterton Senility GREEN Thurza Methodst 89yrs Winterton Winterton
Sept 8 New Perlican Convulsions HEFFORD William Methodst 10dys New Perlican New Perlican
Sept 15 Hearts Content Tubercl. Peritonitis HADDON Margaret A. Methodst 54 Preston Engld Hearts Content
Dec 12 Whitbourne Heart Failure SAUNDERS Ella R. Cath 44 St. John's Mt Carmel Cemty St. John's
Jany 8 Melrose Cancer of Stomach DOODY John R. Cath 44 Melrose Catalina
Feby 4 Melrose Old age LANE Catherine R. Cath 86 Catalina Catalina
Oct 15 Catalina Tuberculosis WALSH Bart R. Cath 28 Catalina Catalina
Nov 2 Catalina Croup PENNEY Bride R. Cath 5mos Catalina Catalina
Dec 3 Catalina Croup PENNEY May Catherine R. Cath 2yrs Catalina Catalina
Nov 23 English Hr. Hemiplegia PENNY Robert Ch. Engld 73 English Hr. English Hr.
Oct 5 Long Cove General Debility WHITE Mary Ann Ch. Engld 72 Hearts Delight Normans Cove
Oct 10 New Hr Accident GEORGE Kate Louise Ch. Engld 3 New Harbor New Harbor
Oct 18 Grand Falls Typhoid PINSENT John Chas Ch. Engld 32 Dildo Dildo
Oct 30 Dildo Beri Beri SMITH Fanny Ch. Engld 48 Dildo Dildo
Nov 7 New Hr. Convulsions THORNE Florence Ch. Engld 9mos New Hr. New Hr.
Nov 19 New Hr. Consumption THORNE Annie Ch. Engld 11 New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 233                
Feby 21 Ayr Scotland Measles THORNE James Ch. Engld 18 New Hr. Ayr
June 25 Ayr Scotland Heart Failure SMITH Howard Ch. Engld 19 Dildo Ayr
July 1 France Killed in action WOODMAN Kenneth Ch. Engld 20 New Hr. France
July 1 France Killed in action CRAWFORD Llewellyn Ch. Engld 20 New Hr. France
July 1 France Killed in action MERCER Robert Ch. Engld 23 Blakestown France
July 1 France Killed in action PIERCY John Ch. Engld 19 Long Cove France
Oct 14 Port Rexton Measles PIERCY Eloise Blanche Ch. Engld 1 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov 13 Trinity East Bronco Pnuemonia JONES Daniel Ch. Engld 8 Trinity Port Rexton
Dec 5 Port Rexton Acute Bronchitis BARBER Sylvia Ch. Engld 23 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct 5 Old Bonaventure Not given VERGE Dorothy Irene Ch. Engld 4mos Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Sept 27 Lockston Not given LOCK Beatrice Ch. Engld 2yrs Lockston Trinity
Dec 5 Old Tilt Not given IVAMY Rosanna Ch. Engld 57 Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Nov 29 Irelands Eye Not given TOOP Kenneth Ch. Engld 1 Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Dec 11 New Bonaventure Bronco Pnuemonia KING Annie F. P. Ch. Engld 2 11/12 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Dec 15 Old Bonaventure Heart Failure STONE Frederick Ch. Engld 58 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Dec 16 Dunfield Bronco Pnuemonia MORRIS Ralph Maxwell Ch. Engld 12dys Dunfield Trinity
Dec 22 Irelands Eye Not given HODDER William Joseph Ch. Engld 25yrs Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Dec 27 Trinity Tubercular Meningitis HAYTER James Ch. Engld 18 Trinity Trinity
Nov 8 Old Bonaventure Chronic Bronchitis SHORT William Ch. Engld 58 Not given Old Bonaventure
Nov 18 Old Bonaventure Dropsy PITCHER Lucy Ch. Engld 52 Trouty Old Bonaventure
Aug 22 Thornlea Convulsions THORNE William Stanley Methodst 3wks Thornlea Thornlea
Sept 9 Hr Buffett Old Age CRANN Eliza Methodst 90yrs Hr. Buffett Famish Cove
July 1 Killed in action at Beaumont Hamel Killed in action ELLIOTT Sergt. Wm. Steffington Methodst 22 Newmans Cv. No Entry
Oct 12 Somewhere in France Killed in action GOUGH Pvte. Chesley Jos. Methodst 22 Elliston No Entry
Nov 12 Elliston Pulmonary Tubercul. BAKER Emily Methodst 28 Elliston Elliston
Dec 17 Northern Cove Tuberculosis BAKER Louisa Methodst 25 Elliston Elliston
Dec 21 Northern Cove Infantile decay BAKER Louisa Methodst 16 dys Elliston Elliston
Oct 9 Hants Hr. Old Age HUSSON Charlotte Methodst 83 Hants Hr. Hants Harbor
Nov 1 Browndale Tuberculosis STRONG Peter Methodst 41 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Dec 8 Hants Hr Consumption GULLIFORD Annie Methodst 34 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Dec 18 Hants Hr Heart Trouble PERCEY Katherine Methodst 40 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct 5 Little Catalina Measles JOHNSON Eli Methodst 5mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Oct 5 Catalina Cancer of Breast SNELGROVE Mary Ann Methodst 54yrs Catalina Catalina
Oct 12 Catalina Epilepsey NORMAN Samuel Methodst 49 Catalina Catalina
Oct 13 Catalina Dropsy BLUNDON Elizabeth Methodst 22 Catalina Catalina
Aug 8 Little Catalina Old Age CHALK Mary Methodst 76 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sept 23 Little Catalina Convulsions STEED Dorothy Methodst 4 Little Catalina Catalina
Oct Drowned H.M.S. Bradford North Sea STEED R.N.R. Dugold Methodst 22 Little Catalina Catalina
Dec 27 Little Catalina Convulsions KING Winnifred Methodst 1 1/3 Little Catalina Catalina
Mar 31 Types Cove Consumption LUTHER Wellington Roy Methodst 1 Type's Cove White Rock
PAGE 234                
May 16 Waterville Tumor in Stomach REID Anna Methodst 63 yrs Seldom Come bye White Rock
July 17 Shoal Hr. Old Age STANLEY Jemima Methodst 83 Island Cove C.B. Shoal Hr.
Oct 23 Shoal Hr. Premature Birth BLUNDON Elsie Methodst 3 hrs Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Oct 14 North West Brook Measles BAKER Eleazer Methodst 9yrs North W. Brook Hillview
Oct 29 North West Brook Congenital debility BROWN Janet Doret Methodst 4mos North W. Brook North W. Brook
Nov 2 St James Within Eczema KING Rosannah Methodst 66yrs Grates Cove St Jones Within
Nov 14 Queens Cove Consumption GOOBY Amelia Jane Methodst 23 Queens Cove Queens Cove
Nov 20 Hillview Child Birth GREEN Sarah Ann Methodst 23 Gooseberry Cv Hillview
Dec 15 Hillview Not given FROST Louis Kitchener Methodst 1 1/2 Hillview Hillview
Nov 28 Champrey's West Tubercular Meningitis BARNES Mary Methodst No Entry Champneys W. Champneys
Apl 20 Winterton Cerebral Hemorrhage ANDREWS James Methodst 74 Winterton Winterton
Nov 6 Winterton Pericarditis HISCOCK Ishmael Methodst 76 Winterton Winterton
Nov 20 Hearts Delight Diabetes WILTSHIRE John Methodst 47 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Dec 7 Hearts Content Heart Failure PUGH Aaron Methodst 80 Harbor Grace Hearts Content
Dec 27 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmy WHITE John Methodst 22 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov 1 Green's Harbor Measles MARCH Milicent P. Methodst 5 Greens Harbor Greens Harbor
Nov 12 Green's Harbor Meningitis BRACE Pearl M. Methodst 1 1/4 Greens Harbor Greens Harbor
Nov 16 Green's Harbor Pneumonia GREEN Millie Methodst 10 Greens Harbor Greens Harbor
Aug 9 Green's Harbor Congtl. Debility GREEN Stanley Methodst 1mos Greens Harbor Greens Harbor
Nov 23 Green's Harbor Premature Birth MARCH Edward Methodst 1day Greens Harbor Greens Harbor
Nov 28 Hopeall Measles CUMBY Henrietta Methodst 8mos Hopeall Hopeall
Dec 25 Dildo Consumption MOORE John Methodst 10 Dildo New Harbor
Oct 12 France Killed in action RENDELL Ernest Methodst 19 Green Bay No Entry
No Entry France Killed in action NORTHCOTE William Methodst 23 Carbonear No Entry
July 1 France Killed in action PINSENT Stewart Methodst 22 Dildo No Entry
Sept 7 Green's Harbor Old Age COISH Eliza Methodst 92 Harbor Grace Greens Harbor
July 1 France Killed in action SMITH Zachariah Methodst 22 Snooks Har France
Nov 22 Hickman's Har Tuberculosis of Lungs MARTIN Susannah Methodst 34 Fox Har Hickman's Har
Nov 30 Britannia Kidney Disease COISH Julia Methodst 71 Ochrepit Cove Britannia
Oct 29 Britannia Tuberculosis of Lungs BOWRING Martin Methodst 29 Britannia Britannia
Dec 9 Hickman's Har Convulsions PIERCIE Blanche Methodst 4mos Britannia Hickman's Har
Nov 3 Hickman's Har Still Born MARTIN No Entry Methodst S.B. Hickman's Har Hickman's Har
Nov 27 Bellvue Consumption RALPH Catherine R. Catholic 26 Bellvue Bellvue
Oct 4 Hearts Content Pneumonia LEGGE Edward Ch of England 76 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct 10 Sydney C.B. Accident ROWE Reuben Ch of England 34 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct 21 Hearts Content Angina Pectoris CHARLTON George E Ch of England 84 England Hearts Content
Nov 30 Hearts Content Rickets GEORGE William Ch of England 2 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec 10 Hearts Content Bronchitis GEORGE Miriam Ch of England 2 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct 3 New Perlican Premature Birth WARREN Annie Ch of England 2days New Perlican New Perlican
Oct 30 New Perlican Phthisis WHITE Corbett Ch of England 23 New Perlican New Perlican
PAGE 235 - 1916                
Nov 8 New Perlican Cerebral Hemmorrhage PITTS Mary Church of England 76 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec 19 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonitis WARREN Elizabeth Church of England 28 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec 26 New Perlican Whooping Cough NORTHOVER Annie Church of England 1 month New Perlican New Perlican
Oct 26 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonitis HINDY Bessie Church of England 35 Winterton Winterton
Nov 13 Winterton Bronchitis PARROTT William John Church of England 15 days Winterton Winterton
Dec 11 Winterton Measles HISCOCK Joshua Church of England 53 Winterton Winterton
Oct 9 Islington Enteric Fever CHISLETT Alfred M Church of England 10 Islington Heart's Delight
Nov 24 Cavendish Myocarditis JACKSON Henry Church of England 57 Cavendish Cavendish
July 1 Beaumont-Hamel Killed in Action OLLERHEAD William Church of England 26 Heart's Content No Entry
July 1 Beaumont-Hamel Killed in Action CROCKER Harrison Church of England 20 Heart's Delight No Entry
Oct 15 France Died of Wounds LEGGE Joseph Church of England 23 Heart's Delight France
Aug RNB Davenport Pneumonia PIERCEY Jacob Church of England 19 New Perlican Davenport
Nov 8 Catalina Brights Disease JEANS Albert Church of England 29 Catalina Catalina
Dec 6 Hodge's Cove Croup SMITH Silas Church of England 5 weeks Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Sept 2 Dildo Dyphtheria HELLIER Ellis James Salvation Army 28 mos New Chelsea Dildo
July 16 Dildo Tuberculosis WILLIAMS Mary Emma Salvation Army 16 New Harbor New Harbor
June 17 Blaketown Tuberculosis KEARLEY Ann Maria Salvation Army 16 Blaketown Blaketown
June 1 Dildo Measles WISEMAN Arthur F Salvation Army 18 mos New Harbor New Harbor
May 19 Dildo Measles HOPKINS Martha Salvation Army 26 Dildo Dildo
Dec 6 Hants Harbor Senile Debility FRANCIS Thresa Salvation Army 77 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Feb 11 Heart's Content Cerebral Hemmorrhage RABBITTS Martha Methodist 54 Old Perlican Heart's Content
Feb 29 Winterton Bronchitis GREEN Phoebe E Methodist 7 mos Winterton Winterton
May 19 Heart's Delight Diphtheria VIVIAN William E Methodist 14 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
June 7 RMS Invincible Lost in Ship HISCOCK John Methodist 20 Northern Lights TB No Entry
June 14 RN Barracks,Devonport Pneumonia PEARCY Jacob Church of England 28 New Perlican TB No Entry
Aug 3 HM Drifter Rooke Lost in Ship BRACE William J Salvation Army 20 Chance Cove TB No Entry
Sept 16 Not Known Tubercular Meningitis PITCHER Arch'd J Methodist 21 Winterton TB No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action NEWHOOK George F Salvation Army 22 Dildo No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action BARBOUR Horatio Church of England 26 Port Rexton No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action JEANS John W Church of England 21 Catalina No Entry
July 12 No Entry Died of Wounds COURAGE Harrison Methodist 22 Catalina No Entry
July 1 No Entry Died of Wounds SHORT Richard M Church of England 20 New Bonaventure No Entry
July 1 No Entry Died of Wounds ETHERIDGE Gordon Church of England 24 Champneys No Entry
July 1 No Entry Died of Wounds FERGUSON Stewart S Presbyterian 25 Clarenceville No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action GARDINER Edward J Church of England 24 British Harbor No Entry
July 11 No Entry Died of Wounds GARDINER Theophilus Church of England 21 British Harbor No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action HEFFORD Thomas B Salvation Army 22 New Harbor No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action SMITH Josiah Salvation Army 20 Hopeall No Entry
Feb 21 Scotland Measles THORNE James H Church of England 19 New Harbor No Entry
April 7 Ayr, Scotland Scarlet Fever LAMBERT John Church of England 21 Random No Entry
PAGE 236 - 1916                
June 3 Scotland Heart Failure SMITH Howard Church of England 19 Dildo No Entry
July 1 France Killed in Action KEARLEY Heber Salvation Army 21 Blaketown No Entry
Oct 12 France Killed in Action PHILLIPS George Roman Catholic 24 Whitbourne No Entry
Oct 12 France Killed in Action LANGER John Salvation Army 21 Thoroughfare No Entry
Oct 12 France Killed in Action MARSH William L Methodist 19 Deer Harbor No Entry
Oct 12 France Killed in Action WALTERS Gilbert Church of England 30 Champneys No Entry
Dec 17 Kerley's Hr, TB Cervical Abcess MILLER Violet Mary Church of England 5 mos Kerleys Hr New Bonaventure
Oct 12 France Killed in Action GEORGE Joshua Church of England 20 Foster's Point No Entry
Sept 8 Bay Bulls Arm Tuberculosis DROVER Nellie Church of England 7 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Dec 31 Long Cove Inanition TEMPLE William Methodist 25 mins Long Cove Norman's Cove
Jany 4 France Died of Wounds SPURRELL Richard Ch. Engld 21 Ransom  
Jany 8 France Bronco Pnuemonia REID Samuel S. Ch. Engld 20 Hearts Delight  
Jany 28 France Killed in Action BRYANT Aaron Method 21 Whiteway  
Feby 25 France Killed in Action BROWN Orlando Ch. Engld 19 Trinity East  
Mar 3 France Killed in Action MARSH Joseph Method 23 Burgoynes Cove  
Jany 3 Dunfield Acute Bronchitis CLARKE Bessie Ch. Engld 17 Days Dunfield Trinity
Jany 4 Dunfield Bronco Pnuemonia CLARKE Mildred Ch. Engld 1 1/4 Dunfield Trinity
Jan 16 Pope's Hr Senile Decay WISEMAN Job Ch. Engld 80 Old Bonaventure Little Harbor
Jan 16 Trinity Cardiac failure HAYTER Mark Ch. Engld 71 Trinity Trinity
Jan 23 Trinity Senile Decay ROWE John Ch. Engld 82 Trinity Trinity
Jany 14 Ireland's Eye Pulmonary Tuberculosis WATTON Beatrice Jane Ch. Engld 15 1/2 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Jany 24 Spaniard's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis JANES Ephraim Jacob Ch. Engld 24 Spaniards Cove Trouty
Jany 29 Trinity Acute Bronchitis GUY Philip Ch. Engld 82 Trinity Trinity
Feb 8 Bonavista No Entry LOCKYER John Ch. Engld 53 Trinity Trinity
Feb 11 Trouty Pulmonary Tuberculosis DEWLING Rhoda Ch. Engld 31 Spaniards Cove Trouty
Jany 24 Pope's Hr Pulmonary Tuberculosis WISEMAN Naomi Ch. Engld 17 Days Pope's Hr Little Harbour
Mar 11 Pope's Hr Senile Paralysis WEBSTER George Ch. Engld 77 Old Bonaventure Ols Bonaventure
Mar 4 New Bonasventure Pulmonary Tuberculosis MILLER Noah Ch. Engld 19 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Mar 26 St. John's (G. Hosp) Displaced Kidney HAYTER Phoebe Ch. Engld 37 Trinity Trinity
Jany 22 Catalina Paralysis BRIGHT Jane Ch. Engld 78 Catalina Catalina
PAGE 237 - 1917                
Jan 29 Catalina Epilepsey BRIGHT Moses Church of England 78 Catalina Catalina
Mar 18 Bonavista Uterine Cancer SHEPPARD Jessie Church of England 41 Bonavista Catalina
January 2 Trinity East Meningitis KING Bertha Church of England 4 Toronto Can Trinity East
Jan 13 Port Rexton Pulmonary Tuberculosis KING Thomas Church of England 42 Port Rexton Trinity East
Jan 23 Goose Cove Broncho Pneumonia OSBORNE Reta Mary Church of England 1 The Loop Trinity East
Feb 4 Trinity East Pulmonary Tuberculosis BROWN James Church of England 36 Trinity East Trinity East
Feb 5 Trinity East Broncho Pneumonia DEWLING Warwick James Church of England 1 1/2 Trinity East Trinity East
Feb 7 Port Rexton General Arterial Sclerosis BARBOUR William Church of England 69 Port Rexton Trinity East
Feb 20 Port Rexton Natural Causes RANDELL Abram Church of England 8 hrs Port Rexton Trinity East
May 3 Trinity East Senility FOWLOW John Church of England 77 Trinity East Trinity East
Jan 11 New Perlican Whooping Cough PIERCEY Annie Mary Church of England 6 weeks New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 14 New Perlican Whooping Cough PEDDLE Louisa Elizabeth Church of England 1 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 17 New Perlican Whooping Cough HEFFORD Florence Beatrice Church of England 4 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 19 New Perlican Whooping Cough PITTS Mary Emma Church of England 21 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 20 New Perlican Whooping Cough PITTS Eliza Church of England 4 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 21 New Perlican Whooping Cough PIERCEY Miriam Church of England 2 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 26 New Perlican Whooping Cough PIERCEY Violet Church of England 5 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Feb 10 New Perlican Whooping Cough WARREN Andrew Church of England 6 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Feb 14 New Perlican Whooping Cough WARREN Edith Church of England 2 1/2 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar 5 New Perlican Cerebral Hemmorrhage PITTMAN Annie Church of England 75 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 11 Heart's Content Phthisis Pulmonitis HOUSE Bertha Church of England 40 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jan 28 Heart's Delight Meningitis FOST Simeon Church of England 14 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Feb 13 Islington Pneumonia BISHOP Alfred Church of England 41 Cavendish Heart's Delight
Feb 18 Heart's Delight Cerebral Hemmorrhage BRYANT James Church of England 76 New Perlican Heart's Delight
Feb 18 Cavendish Puerperal Septicemia CRITCH Martha Church of England 37 Cavendish Cavendish
Jan 29 Winterton Bronchitis HISCOCK Emma Madge Church of England 1 1/2 Winterton Winterton
Feb 3 Winterton Premature Birth PINHORNE Eric Church of England 2 wks Winterton Winterton
Feb 4 Winterton Premature Birth PINHORNE Francis Church of England 2 wks Winterton Winterton
Feb 4 Winterton Puerperal Septicemia PINHORNE Amelia Church of England 39 Winterton Winterton
Feb 5 Winterton Bronchitis GEORGE Edgar Lionel Church of England 15 Winterton Winterton
Feb 28 Winterton Measles PIERCEY Albert Church of England 5 wks Winterton Winterton
Mar 3 Winterton Spastic Paraplegia SWYERS Jasper Church of England 61 Winterton Winterton
Mar 13 Winterton Measles SANSOME Chesley Church of England 1 Winterton Winterton
Mar 17 Winterton Measles SPICER Herbert Church of England 28 Winterton Winterton
Mar 18 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonitis WHITE Mary Church of England 17 Winterton Winterton
Jan 8 New Perlican Whooping Cough HISCOCK Corbett Church of England 17mos New Perlican New Perlican
Jan 21 Broad Cove Croup GOSSE Jonathan Maxwell Church of England 10 Broad Cove Dildo
Feb 13 New Hr Consumption HIGDON Mary Ellen Church of England 19 New Hr New Hr
Mar 3 New Hr Consumption HILLIER Kenneth Church of England 23 New Hr New Hr
Jan 29 Blaketown Heart Failure LYNCH Theresa Church of England 73 Upper Island Cove Blaketown
PAGE 238 - 1917                
Feb 6 Chappell Consumption WARREN Samuel Church of England 61 Chappell Normans Cove
Jan 7 Whitbourne Senile Decay FOLEY Edward Roman Catholic 83 Brigus CB Brigus
Jan 14 Elliston Senile Decay CREWE Annie Methodist 79 Elliston S Army Cemetery,Elliston
Mar 23 Elliston Exposure in snow storm PORTER Arthur Methodist 17 St John's Elliston
Jan 14 Shoal Harbor Tuberculosis/Lungs IVANY Nina Methodist 15 Shoal Hr Shoal Hr
Mar 20 Clarenville Pneumonia BALSOM William Methodist 53 Clarenville Clarenville
Jan 4 Apsey Brook Bronchitis SMITH Annie May Methodist 6 mos Apsey Brook Apsey Brook
Jan 31 Snooks Hr Consumption Lungs HEFFERN Ronald Geo Methodist 20 Snook Hr Snook Hr
Jan 27 Elliotts Cove Whooping Cough SMITH Maurice C Methodist 1 Elliotts Cove Elliots Cove
Mar 1 Foster's Point La Grippe REID Sarah Janet Methodist 30 Fosters Pt Fosters Point
Jan 15 Hickmans Hr Consumption Lungs SHORT Parmenas Methodist 10 Hickman's Hr Hickman's Hr
Feb 9 Hickmans Hr Consumption Lungs MARTIN Gertie Methodist 14 Hickman's Hr Hickman's Hr
Feb 14 Hickmans Hr Heart Failure AVERY Bertha Methodist 44 Hickman's Hr Hickman's Hr
Feb 20 Millertown Killed by falling tree VERGE William John Methodist 18 Brittania Brittania
Mar 16 London Casualty, clearing Station,France Pneumonia PENNEY Simeon Methodist 26 Deer Hr France
Jan 1 Hants Hr Consumption SHORT Sarah Methodist 58 Hant's Hr Hant's Hr
Jan 15 New Chelsea Measles BELBIN Elishu Methodist 5 New Chelsea Chelsea
Jan 24 New Melbourne Confinement REID Sarah Methodist 30 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jan 27 Brownsdale Old Age AVERY Nathan Methodist 81 No Entry Brownsdale
Feb 9 Brownsdale Convulsions MATTHEWS Mzetle (?) Methodist 1 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Feb 13 Hants Hr Measles GULLIFORD Bertie Jane Methodist 17 Hant's Hr Hant's Hr
Feb 15 Lead Cove Consumption BROOKINGS Mary A Methodist 18 Lead Cove Lead Cove
Mar 27 New Melbourne Teething BURSEY Donald Wilbert Methodist 7 mos New Melbourne New Melbourne
Mar 19 New Melbourne Teething Convulsions DURDLE Peter Methodist 7 mos New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jan 13 Hillview Infantile Debility CHURCHILL Marion Ida Methodist 3 weeks Hillview Hillview
Jan 22 St Jones Within No Entry HISCOCK Joseph Methodist 7 St Jone's Without St Jone's Without
Jan 24 Hillview Pneumonia MARTIN Susannah Methodist 20 Hillview Hillview
Jan 25 HMS Laurentic Lost GOSS Eldred Methodist 24 Long Beach No Entry
Jan 30 Hillview Paralytic Stroke BAKER Honor Methodist 57 No Entry No Entry
Feb 1 Hatchet Cove No Entry BROWN Sarah A Methodist 77 No Entry Hatchet Cove
Feb 4 Deep Bight Inflammation SHORT Walter W Methodist 9 Deep Bight Deep Bight
Feb 5 On Nfld Railway/Glenwood Burned to death in train accident RODGERS Ambrose Methodist 20 St Jone's Within St Jone's Within
Feb 5 On Nfld Railway/Glenwood Burned to death in train accident RODGERS Simon Methodist 18 St Jone's Within St Jone's Within
Feb 11 Hillview No Entry SOPER Alma P Methodist 3 Hillview Hillview
Feb 15 Queens Cove No Entry GOOBY William G Methodist 10 Queens's Cove Queen's Cove
Feb 5 On Nfld Railway/Glenwood Burned to death in train accident JACOBSEN John unknown 24 Noray Whitbourne
Mar 31 Bay Bulls Arm Tuberculosis BENSON Samuel James Methodist 39 Harbor Grace Bay Bulls Arm
Jan 15 Cavendish Convulsions CRITCH Flossie Gladys Methodist 11 mos Cavendish Cavendish
Jan 20 Greens Hr Stillborn child GREEN Eli & Sarah Methodist SB Green's Hr Green's Hr
Jan 18 Whiteway Marasmus JACKSON Lavinia Jane Methodist 6 mos Whiteway Whiteway

Transcribed by: Jo Antle Zeeuwen (2011)

Page Last Modified: Saturday September 21, 2013 (Don Tate)
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