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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Carbonear District
1915 - 1918

Book 7
PAGES 182 - 192

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 182                
Feb-03 Carbonear Convulsions POOLE Georgina C of E 7 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-12 Victoria Vllg. Meningitis HONEYWELL Emma C of E 14 1/2 Victoria Carbonear
Feb-12 Carbonear Bronchitis FRENCH John Thos. Methodist 1 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-05 Carbonear Heart Disease PENNY Sarah Jane Methodist 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-23   Bronchitis PENNY Emma M. Methodist 10 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-24   Appendicitis PEACH Arthur B. Methodist 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-23   Meningitis MOORES Joseph C. Methodist 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-12 Victoria Fits BURKE George Methodist 2 days Victoria Victoria
Jan-17 Victoria Tub. Peritonitis BURKE Laura Methodist 16 Victoria Victoria
May-09 Victoria Merasmus KELLAND Wilson C of E 8 1/2 mths Victoria Carbonear
May-14 Carbonear Tuberculosis COLBOURNE George C of E 59 Carbonear Carbonear
May-26 Spout Cove Cancer of Liver TRICKETT Rachael C of E 80 Salmon Cove Spout Cove
Jun-03 Carbonear Tuberculosis SAUNDERS Nellie C of E 18 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-16 Carbonear Bronchitis CROCKER Alfred C of E 4 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-19 Carbonear Inft. Debility POOLE Agnes E. C of E 10 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-10 Victoria Ch. Typhlitis BALDWIN Henry Methodist 70 Freshwater Victoria
Apr-15 St. John's Convulsions CLARKE Loinel (sic) Methodist 65 Carbonear Victoria
May-29 Victoria Convulsions COLE Israel Methodist 10 mos Victoria Victoria
Jun-04 Victoria Prematurity LAMBERT Baby Methodist P.B. Victoria Victoria
Jun-08 Victoria Prematurity VATERS Baby Methodist P.B. Victoria Victoria
Apr-06 Carbonear Epilepsy THISTLE Frederick R. Methodist 51 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-15 Carbonear Hipolic Cirrhosis BURKE George Methodist 54 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-24 Carbonear Pelvic Peritonitis COLE Cicily Methodist 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-04 Carbonear Bronchitis PIKE Fernley G.F. Methodist 3 1/2 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-15 Carbonear Heart Trouble BURDEN James Methodist 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-15 Carbonear Heart Disease ROWE Gilbert Methodist 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-23 Carbonear Cancer of Rectum HOWELL Lavinia Methodist 69 Carbonear Carbonear
May-25 Carbonear Prematurity FORWARD Helen Methodist 2 days Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-06 Carbonear Ch. Bronchitis POWER Mary Ann C of E 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-22 Carbonear Tetanus GREEN John L. C of E 7 days Carbonear Carbonear
Aug (8?) Carbonear Cancer Stomach LAING John C of E 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Paralysis THOMAS Isabella C of E 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-30 Carbonear Cancer Stomach MARSHALL Tryphena S. Army 54 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-07 Carbonear Meningitis PILGRIM Mamie S. Army 3 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-05 Carbonear Cancer of Liver COLE Julia Methodist 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-13 Carbonear Diptheria CAMERON Walter T. Methodist 3 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-02 Carbonear Bronch. Pneumonia TAYLOR Wilfred C. Methodist 2 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-29 Carbonear Heart Failure FORWARD Mary Methodist 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-09 Carbonear Pneumonia MADDOCK Roland P. Methodist 6 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Tuberculosis FOOTE Leroy Methodist 20 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 183                
Sep-23 Carbonear Enteritis HOWELL Bennett Methodist 54 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-24 Carbonear Carcinoma PIKE Sarah Methodist 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-25 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis GUY Emma Methodist 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Victoria Gastro Enteritis VATERS Alexr. Jas. Methodist 1 1/2 mos Victoria Victoria
Jul-16 Victoria Gastro Enteritis CLARKE Mildred J. Methodist 1 Victoria Victoria
Jul-22 Victoria Prematurity COLE Susanna Methodist 2 days Victoria Victoria
Aug-08 Victoria Inft. Paralysis VATERS Minnie Methodist 9 mos Victoria Victoria
Aug-23 Victoria Tuberculosis VATERS Norman Methodist 21 Victoria Victoria
Sep-03 Victoria Marasmus PYE John Methodist 14 mos Victoria Victoria
Sep-25 Victoria Inft. Convulsions DEAN Eldred Jas. Methodist 1 Victoria Victoria
Sep-30 Carbonear Marasmus BOURNE Elizb. Ann C of E 14 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-08 Carbonear Tuberculosis COLE Isaac John C of E 43 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-13 Carbonear Bronchitis PIKE Leander C of E 14 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-28 Victoria Pneumonia CLARKE Clement Methodist 78 Victoria Victoria
Nov-04 Carbonear Kidney Disease NICHOLL George A. Methodist 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-11 Carbonear Paralysis COLE Robert Methodist 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-24 Carbonear Premature Birth HOWELL Child of Lenora Methodist   Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-13 St. Anthony Hosp. Tumor of Brain CLARKE Frederick Methodist 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-28 Carbonear General Tuber. BAKER John Methodist 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-07 Carbonear Pneumonia MARSHALL Jonathan Methodist 58 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-15 Carbonear Marasmus FRENCH Agnes Grace Methodist 5 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-16 Carbonear Premature Birth BURDEN William George Methodist 8 days Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-07 Perry's Cove Old Age DWYER Hannah R.C. 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Tuberculosis BROCKELHURST Edith R.C. 25 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-02 Carbonear Paralysis of brain KENNEDY Ellen R.C. 58 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-26 Carbonear Epilepsy BUTT Rachael R.C. 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-03 Carbonear Old Age McGRATH John R.C. 91 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-03 Carbonear Heart Failure FRENCH John R.C. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-21 Carbonear Old Age DONNELLY Michael R.C. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-25 Carbonear Puerperal Convulsions SULLIVAN Mary R.C. 37 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-20 Carbonear Tuberculosis FENN John R.C. 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-25 Carbonear Old Age GEORGE Johanna R.C. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-26 Carbonear Whooping Cough KEEFE Leo R.C. 1 mth Carbonear Carbonear
May-17 St. John's Old Age BOWMAN Jane R.C. 85 Carbonear Carbonear
May-23 Carbonear Cancer Stomach LEE James R.C. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
May-25 Heart's Desire Old Age CLARKE Mary R.C. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-23 Carbonear Old Age LEE Patrick R.C. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-13 Carbonear Cancer of mouth MORIARTY Julia R.C. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-28 Carbonear Old Age CAUL Ellen R.C. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-28 Carbonear Dropsy ROE Ann R.C. 69 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 184                
Sep-13 Carbonear Cancer of Liver DOYLE James R.C. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-10 Salmon Cove Paralysis SLADE Richard R.C. 58 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-11 Carbonear Dysentary KENNEDY William R.C. 3 Carbonear Carbonear
NOTE: above entry has note *??st of B.D. Verde* added in Place of Death cell
Oct-30 Carbonear Bright's Disease MURPHY James R.C. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-15 Carbonear Cancer Intestines BROCKELHURST Hannah R.C. 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-11 St. John's Cancer of Stomach CROCKER Edgar R.C. 72 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Dec-21 St. John's Id??? Stomach GRIFFIN Joannah R.C. 55 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Oct-19 Gallipole Killed in action SQUIBB Josiah C of Eng 20 Carbonear  
Nov-04 D% D% HISCOCK Samuel Methodist 21 Carbonear  
Jan-06 Carbonear Cancer of Genital Organs THOMAS John C of Eng 53 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-19 Victoria Convulsions NEWMAN Lucy C of Eng 5 mos Victoria Carbonear
Mar-25 Carbonear Old Age CULLEYHALL Jane C of Eng 87 11/12 Mosquito Carbonear
Mar-27 Carbonear Nephritis THOMS Mary Ann C of Eng 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-28 Carbonear Bronchitis HAWKER Anne C of Eng 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-09 Victoria Marasmus ANTLE Cecil Methodist 2 mos Victoria Victoria
Jan-12 Victoria Tuberculosis ANTLE Mildred Methodist 25 Winterton Victoria
Feb-14 Victoria Pernicious Analomia VATERS John Methodist 48 Otterbury Victoria
Mar-12 Victoria Paralysis WHITE John Methodist 83 Salmon Cove Victoria
Jan-02 Carbonear Apoplexy GILLESPIE Samuel Methodist 66 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-30 Carbonear Paralysis CLARKE Robert Methodist 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-30 Carbonear Nephritis PENNEY Elizabeth Methodist 81 Bay de Verde Carbonear
Feb-01 Carbonear Erysipelas BAKER Fanny Methodist 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-15 Carbonear Bronchitis PIKE Joseph Methodist 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-19 Carbonear Marasmus WATTS George Methodist 1 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-02 Carbonear Valvular Heart Disease LUTHER Mary Methodist 56 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-07 Carbonear Cancer of Bowels PIKE George Methodist 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-08 Carbonear Tuberculosis PIKE John C. Methodist 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Heart Trouble ASH Frances Methodist 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Tuberculosis PIKE John Methodist 60 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-23 Carbonear Heart Disease ASH Emma Methodist 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-01 Carbonear Influenza BENNETT Harriett C of Eng 63 Carbonear Carbonear
May-04 Carbonear Meningitis MAHANEY Ingram? C of Eng 1 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 Victoria Infantile Debility BUDDEN William C of Eng 2 mths Salmon Cove Carbonear
May-24 Carbonear Influenza MURRAY Patience C of Eng 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-11 Heart's Content Cerebral Hemmorrage RABBITTS? Martha Methodist 54 Old Perlican Hearts Content
Feb-29 Winterton Bronchitis GREEN? Phoebe L. Methodist 7 mos Winterton Winterton
May-19 Heart's Delight Diphtheria VIVIAN William E. Methodist 14 Heart's Delight Hearts Delight
May-28 Victoria Bronch Pneumonia PRIDDLE Adora Methodist 6 mos Victoria Victoria
Apr-07 Victoria Pub. Lukoranlosis? VATERS Jane Methodist 25 Salmon Cove Victoria
Apr-29 Victoria Marasmus MURRAY Absolome Methodist 6 mos Victoria Victoria
PAGE 185                
Jun-07 Victoria Septissemia WHITE Beatrice Methodist 3 wks Victoria Victoria
Jun-09 Victoria Measles PICKHAM Flora Methodist 2 yrs Victoria Victoria
May-30 Victoria Diabetis Lukers.? PENNY Miriam Methodist 40 Victoria Victoria
Jun-12 Victoria Premature Birth LAMBERT Elizabeth Methodist 1 day Victoria Victoria
May-16 Carbonear Pulmonary (Sabu???) JANES Gilda Methodist 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-08 Carbonear Bronchitis SIMMS Harriett Methodist 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-12 Carbonear Pneumonia (?) HOWELL William Methodist 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-14 Carbonear Heart Disease PENNEY Amelia Jane Methodist 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-16 Carbonear Measles ASH Sophia Methodist 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-21 Carbonear Marasmus BUTT Ivy Methodist 10 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-27 Carbonear Measles BABB Lily May C of Eng 10 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-29 Victoria Pneumonia LAUGNOR Joseph C of Eng 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-04 Carbonear Measles BUTT Elsie May C of Eng 12 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-05 Carbonear Measles PIKE Llewellyn R. C of Eng 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-19 Carbonear Measles LONG George C of Eng 5 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-28 Victoria Paralysis HONEYWELL Catherine C of Eng 96 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-06 Victoria Bronchitis WESTCOTT John C of Eng 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-15 Carbonear Acute Pulmy. Luber?? LONG Minnie C of Eng 31 Freshwater Carbonear
Jul-06 Victoria Measles CLARKE H??laud Methodist 1 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Jul-22 Victoria Measles CLARKE Robert Methodist 3 Victoria Victoria
Jul-08 Victoria Pneumonia CURNEW Lily May Methodist 3 Victoria Victoria
Jul-10 Victoria Pneumonia WHITE Annie Methodist 11 mos Victoria Victoria
Jul-11 Victoria Whooping Cough WHITE Douglas Methodist 4 Victoria Victoria
Jul-03 Carbonear Tetanus MARSHALL Ambrose Methodist 8 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Carbonear Bronchitis & Senility BUTT Solomon Methodist 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-11 Carbonear Nephritis CLARKE Emma Methodist 72 Mulley's Cv. BDV Carbonear
Jul-24 Carbonear Nephritis & Paralysis MOORE John Methodist 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-31 Carbonear Meningitis HOWELL Winston Lloyd Methodist 10.5 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-15 Carbonear Typhoid HOWELL Mark Methodist 28 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-20 Carbonear Tubercular Peritonitis ROWE Frank Methodist 6 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-21 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis PIKE Sophie Methodist 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-02 Carbonear Heart Disease HOWELL Solomon Methodist 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-27 Carbonear Miasmus FRENCH Hubert Methodist 3 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-02 Carbonear Pleurisy   Sister Mary Magdalene R.C. 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-02 Carbonear Old Age HURLEY Maurice R.C. 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-12 Carbonear Old Age CUMMINGS Thomas R.C. 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-14 Carbonear Pleurisy O'BRIEN Mary R.C. 64 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-22 Carbonear Paralysis LO?? Patrick R.C. 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-22 Carbonear Tuberculosis Lungs DOOLEY Margaret R.C. 15 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-27 Carbonear Paralysis CARROLL Joseph R.C. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 186                
Mar-28 Carbonear Heart Disease WOODS Thomas R.C. 86 Ireland Carbonear
Mar-29 Carbonear Paralysis HURLEY Catherine R.C. 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-07 Carbonear Paralysis HAYDEN Mary R.C. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-10 Carbonear Cancer of Stomach JOY Patrick R.C. 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-25 St. John's Dysentary MORAN Catherine R.C. 60 Carbonear Carbonear
May-13 St. John's Tuberculosis of Lungs DONNELLY James W. R.C. 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-01 Carbonear Old Age WHITE Patrick R.C. 98 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-24 Carbonear Old Age McCARTHY John R.C. 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-28 Carbonear Tuberculosis of Lungs RAY Richard R.C. 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-30 Carbonear Paralysis MORIARTY Elizabeth R.C. 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-03 Carbonear Dysentary MERRIGAN Bridget R.C. 33 Western Bay Carbonear
Jul-22 Carbonear Dysentary BAKER Catherine R.C. 52 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-30 Carbonear Old Age O'BRIEN Matthew R.C. 94 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-03 Chicago Ill. Heart Disease DINN John R.C. 36 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-26 St. John's Softening of Brain CLEARY Mary R.C. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-10 Carbonear Typhoid fever COLBERT Mary R.C. 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-19 St. John's Insane Asylum Cirrhosis of Liver SIMMS Sarah Jane Methodist 45 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-05 Victoria Pneumonia CLARKE Anna Methodist 3 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Nov-04 Victoria Convulsions VATERS Florence Methodist 3 wks Victoria Victoria
Oct-01 Carbonear Senility SOPER Julia Methodist 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-02 Carbonear Paralysis BUTT Robert Methodist 66 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-14 Carbonear Heart Trouble JANES Lenora Methodist 74 Adams Cv. Carbonear
Oct-22 Sydney NS Accident in Steel Works CLARKE Edgar Methodist 48 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-24 Carbonear Chronic Nephritis NICHOLL Rosanna Methodist 60 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-09 Carbonear Valvular Heart BURDEN Dorcas S. Army 51 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-26 Carbonear Paralysis PENNY Dorcas Methodist 64 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-10 Carbonear Still Born Child BAKER Child of Benjamin Methodist SB Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-26 Springhill NS Paralysis McLEAN Jane Methodist 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-30 Carbonear Senility CLARKE Julia Ann Methodist 85 Adams Cv. Carbonear
Oct-19 Carbonear Paralysis of Brain JOY Lenora R.C. 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-19 Carbonear Child Birth CROFFORD Mary R.C. 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-05 Carbonear Old Age CLARKE William R.C. 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-07 Carbonear Consumption - Lungs MORRISEY Mary Agnes R.C. 16 Harbour Grace Harbour Grace
Jul-01 In France Killed in action PENNY Josiah H. Methodist 26 Carbonear  
Jul-01 In France Killed in action MAHONEY Michael C. Methodist 21 Carbonear  
Jul-01 In France Killed in action WESTCOTT Harry T. Methodist 23 Carbonear  
Jul-01 In France Killed in action COOMBS Harry Methodist 22 Carbonear  
Dec-04 Victoria Septicaemia KING Mary Louisa Methodist 38 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 187 PAGE 187 starts on entry #20
Jan-23 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia BUTT Mary Methodist 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-29 Carbonear Senility CLARKE John Methodist 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-31 Carbonear Senility NOEL Elizabeth Methodist 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-03 Carbonear Pneumonia JANES Mary Elizabeth Methodist 4 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-05 Carbonear Burned in Train Accident WATTS Joseph Methodist 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-11 Carbonear Paralysis HERALD Jessie Methodist 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-15 Carbonear Meningitis HOLWELL Harold Methodist 1 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-25 Carbonear Convulsions CARSONS Robert Kenneth Methodist 14 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-22 Carbonear Paralysis MADDOCK Amelia Methodist 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-15 Victoria Liver Complaint BALDWIN Laura Methodist 12 Victoria Victoria
Jan-26 Victoria Broncho Pneumonia HISCOCK Mary Ellen Methodist 3 wks Victoria Victoria
Jan-23 Victoria Broncho Pneumonia CLARKE Jessie Methodist 45 Victoria Victoria
Feb-10 Victoria Pneumonia CLARKE Amos Methodist 3 mos Victoria Victoria
Mar-31 Victoria Heart Failure COLE Ambrose Methodist 67 Carbonear Victoria
Jan-13 Carbonear Senility LAING Sarah C of E 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-17 Carbonear Chronic Bronchitis CLARKE James Wm. C of E 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-10 Carbonear Biliary Calcili TAYLOR Maria Ann C of E 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-20 Bristol's Hope Cancer Stomach PEDDLE Jeanie C of E 67 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Apr-18 Carbonear Chronic Nephritis EARLE Moses C of E 75 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Jun-11 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis CLARKE James F. C of E 61 Carbonear Carbonear
May-31 Victoria Burns SLADE Stella Methodist 5 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 188                
Jun-07 Victoria Senility CLARKE Mary Ann Methodist 86 Clarkes Beach Victoria
May-07 Carbonear Convulsions HOWELL William Henry Methodist 3 days Carbonear Carbonear
May-17 Carbonear Premature Birth TAYLOR Arthur Methodist 1 Carbonear Carbonear
May-26 Carbonear Meningitis PENNEY Sarah Belle Methodist 17 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-06 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis BUTT Elizabeth I. Methodist 24 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-14 Carbonear Convulsions JERRETT Benjamin Methodist 1 day Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-16 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis EARLE Roseanna Methodist 17 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-04 Spout Cove Convulsions TRICKETT Nathau Wilson C of Eng 14 days Spout Cove Spout Cove
Sep-08 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis FOSSEY May Elizabeth C of Eng 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Diarrhoea THORUS Hazel Wilhelmina C of Eng 1 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-18 Carbonear Pertussis CLARKE Eliza C of Eng 1 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-22 Carbonear Tetanus MURRAY Llewellyn Colley C of Eng 10 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Carbonear Convulsions PENNEY Cyril Methodist 5 days Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Carbonear Pertussis TAYLOR John Methodist 6 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 Carbonear Senility ROWE Joshua Methodist 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-24 Carbonear Heart Disease SOPER George William Methodist 64 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-29 Boston USA Septicaemia JOYCE Alick Douglas Methodist 26 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-06 Carbonear Pneumonia BURDEN Virginia Methodist 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-26 Carbonear Pneumonia HOWELL George Roland Methodist 5 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-19 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis WATTS Martha Viola Methodist 11 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Victoria Pneumonia SLADE Susannah Methodist 1 Victoria Victoria
Sep-11 Victoria Pertussis PECKHAM John Methodist 1 8/12 Victoria Victoria
Sep-03 Victoria Enteritis WHITE Harold Methodist 11 mths Victoria Victoria
Aug-04 Victoria Pertussis CLARKE Norman Methodist 6 Victoria Victoria
Sep-13 Victoria Tuberculosis BURKE Samuel Methodist 14 Victoria Victoria
Jul-20 Victoria Convulsions COLE Esther Methodist 3 wks Victoria Victoria
Aug-29 Victoria Gastro Enteritis ASH George William Methodist 1 Victoria Victoria
Jul-14 Victoria Pertussis PARSONS Myrtle Gwendolin Methodist 6 wks Victoria Victoria
Jul-25 New Waterford Gassed in Mine SNOW William Methodist 65 Victoria Victoria
Jul-25 New Waterford Gassed in Mine BUTT Geo. W. Methodist 20 Victoria Victoria
Jun-21 Carbonear Paralysis PELLEY Amelia S Army 77 Hr Grace Hr Grace
Jul-25 New Waterford Gassed in Mine BUTT Joe L. S Army 37 Hr Grace Carbonear
Sep-22 Carbonear Heart Disease HOWELL George W. S Army 55 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-01 Carbonear Typhoid Fever FITZGERALD John R. Cath 11 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-05 Carbonear Old Age RILEY? John R. Cath 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-26 Carbonear Diabetes MURPHY Michael R. Cath 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-03 Turk's Cove Old Age CARBERRY Ann R. Cath 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-20 Turk's Cove Paralysis COMSAY? Ellen R. Cath 74 Carbonear Carbonear
May-01 Carbonear Ulcer of Stomach KENNEDY Margaret R. Cath 76 Carbonear Carbonear
May-29 Carbonear Old Age   Sr. Mary Patrick R. Cath 89 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 189                
May-31 Carbonear Pleurisy FORTUNE Ann L. R. Cath 70 Carbonear Carbonear
May-31 Hearts Desire Consumption Lungs GEORGE William R. Cath 35 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-08 Carbonear Paralysis McCARTHY Mary r. Cath 81 Ireland Carbonear
Jul-10 Carbonear Diabetes MADDOCK Stephen R. Cath 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-03 Carbonear Dysentery BUTT Ann R. Cath 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-05 Avondale Old Age LOX? Bridget R. Cath 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-12 Carbonear Tuberch. Lungs GOFF Mary R. Cath 35 St. John's Carbonear
Aug-19 Carbonear Heart Failure LACEY John R. Cath 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Pleurisy WHELAN Anastasia R. Cath 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-20 Carbonear Infantile Convulsions DONNELLY John R. Cath 1 mth Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-14 France Killed in action PENNY William T. Methodist 21 Victoria Victoria
Nov-20 France Killed in action PYE Edward C of Eng 21 Victoria Victoria
Feb-12 Unknown Lost in Trawler (Exeton?) ROSE James Methodist 23 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-19 Victoria Pertussis COLLINS William Methodist 3 mths Victoria Victoria
Oct-15 Victoria Pulmy. Tuberculosis BUTT Edith Methodist 26 Victoria Victoria
Oct-29 Victoria Erysipelas DEAN Samuel Methodist 80 Crockers Cove Carbonear
Sep-30 Carbonear Marasmus MURRY Laura Frances C of Eng 5 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-22 Carbonear Heart Disease HOWELL George W. S Army 55 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-15 Carbonear Nephritis EARLE Frederick S Army   Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-22 Carbonear Tuberch. Lungs CULLEN Josephene R. Cath 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-09 Carbonear Old Age MULLINS Sarah R. Cath 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-11 Carbonear Old Age O'LEARY Peter R. Cath 91 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 190                
Jan-09 Victoria Village Heart Failure PYE Thomas C of Eng 35 Victoria Carbonear
Jan-21 Carbonear Premature Birth BABB Lilian C of Eng 11 days Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-25 Carbonear Pulmy. Tubercls. MAHANEY Nicholas C of Eng 52 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-08 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis TAYLOR Mary G. Methodist 6 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-17 Carbonear Heart Trouble DAVIS John Methodist 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Old Age PIKE Stephen Methodist 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-04 Carbonear Meningitis PARSONS Mary Methodist 10 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-04 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia WHITE Ernest Methodist 8 mths Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-03 Carbonear Acute Pneumonia NICHOLL Frederick Methodist 27 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-10 At Sea Drowned ROWE Frederick Methodist 38 Carbonear At Sea
Mar-02 Carbonear Old Age LUY Georginia Methodist 89 St. John's Carbonear
Mar-07 Carbonear Paralysis PIKE Sarah Methodist 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-10 At Sea Drowned HOWELL Thomas Methodist 28 Carbonear At Sea
Mar-17 Carbonear Infantile Convulsions SIMMS Amelia Methodist 1 mth Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-23 Carbonear Premature Birth POWELL Mabel B. Methodist 11 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-12 Victoria Laryngitis HISCOCK Gladys Methodist 12 Victoria Victoria
May-06 Poor Asylum St. John's Old Age MILLS Henry C of Eng 79   Ch. Engld Cmtry St. John's
Feb-04 Ayr N. Britain Pneumonia 2651 PT. DOODY James R. Cath   Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-23 Carbonear Cancer of Liver RORKE James Methodist 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-01 Monte Video Drowning PENNEY Stoward Methodist 23 Carbonear Monte Video
May-14 Carbonear Senility PIKE Elizabeth Methodist 87 Carbonear Carbonear
May-15 Bahia Brazil Drowning POWELL George Methodist 19 Carbonear Bahia
May-21 Carbonear Pulmy. Tubercls. COLE Maggie Methodist 15 Carbonear Carbonear
May-21 Carbonear Pneumonia BUTT Joseph Methodist 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-16 Carbonear Bronchitis DAVIS Mary E. Methodist 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-14 Carbonear Tuberculosis Lungs COOMBES William Methodist 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-08 Gooseberry Cv. Infantile Paralysis SEWARD Elsie F. Methodist 4   Southport
Apr-29 St. John's Tuberculosis HAWKES M.L. Pte. C of Eng 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-11 Victoria Bronchitis CLARKE Anne Methodist 1 3/4 Victoria Victoria
Jun-16 Victoria Broncho Pneumonia PRIDDLE Marjory Methodist 6 mths Victoria Victoria
Apr-11 Victoria Meningitis PARSONS Stella Methodist 5 Victoria Victoria
Jun-05 Victoria Premature Birth CLARKE Arthur R. Methodist 2 days Victoria Victoria
Apr-29 Victoria Senility BALDWIN Martha Methodist 83 Victoria Victoria
May-08 Victoria Pulmy. Tubercls. PENNY Mary Ellen Methodist 28 Victoria Victoria
Apr-09 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis WHITE Olive Marjorie C of Eng 4 mos Victoria Carbonear
Apr-17 Carbonear Septicaemia COLBOURNE Joseph C of Eng 59 Victoria Carbonear
Apr-29 (Jensen?) Bump, St. John's Tuberculosis HAWKES Mortimer L. C of Eng 20 Victoria Carbonear
May-18 St. John's Cancer HOLLANDS Chas. Wm. C of Eng 61   Carbonear
Jun-29 Spout Cove Premature Birth TRICKETT Mildred C of Eng 1 mth   Carbonear
Aug-05 Carbonear Blood poisoning SOPER William (Leury?) Methodist 64 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 191                
Aug-08 Punambucoft (?) Accidental Drowning HOWELL John Charles Methodist 20 Carbonear Punambucoft
Aug-23 Perry's Cove Premature Birth HOLLOWAY Arthur Methodist 1 day Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Aug-25 Glace Bay NS Pneumonia WHITE Arthur Methodist 27 Victoria Victoria
Aug-18 Victoria Marasmus DEAN Ellen Methodist 1 mth Suauses? Victoria
Aug-23 Perry's Cove Premature Birth HOLLOWAY John Methodist 1 day Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Aug-10 Victoria Beri Beri SLADE Hayward Methodist 42 Victoria Victoria
Jul-26 Salmon Cove Tuber. & Meningitis HOLLOWAY Elle Blanche Methodist 2 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-14 Spout Cove Tuberculosis TRICKETT Jessie May Methodist 29 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Sep-07 Victoria Still Born Child KING child of Cecil & Julia Methodist SB Victoria Victoria
Sep-08 Carbonear Heart Disease POWER Sarah Sal. Army 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-01 Carbonear Old Age HIBBS Mary R. Cath. 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-29 Carbonear Diabetes O'BRIEN James R. Cath. 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-07 Carbonear Dysentary HICKLAUR Jane R. Cath. 62 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-10 Carbonear Typhoid Fever SNOW Mary A. R. Cath. 61 Spaniard's Bay Carbonear
Aug-20 Perry's Cove Whooping Cough SLADE William R. Cath. 6 mos Perry's Cove Carbonear
Sep-13 Carbonear Old Age DALTON Frederick R. Cath. 87 Battle Harbour Carbonear
Sep-17 Carbonear Convulsions KENNEDY Jane R. Cath. 1 mth Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-20 Carbonear Heart Failure MURPHY Margaret R. Cath. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-11 Carbonear Old Age FINN Anastasia R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-20 Carbonear Old Age MACKEY Ann R. Cath. 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Paralysis COLFORD Patrick R. Cath. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
May-28 Carbonear Old Age WHITE Mary R. Cath. 87 Carbonear Carbonear
May-28 Carbonear Convulsions HOGAN Mary R. Cath. 2 mths Carbonear Carbonear
May-29 Carbonear Convulsions McCARTHY Thomas R. Cath. 2 days Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-16 Carbonear Old Age McCARTHY Felix R. Cath. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-06 Carbonear Paralysis of brain CAHILL Ann R. Cath. 58 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-13 Carbonear Old Age LUNDRIGAN Anastatia R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-15 Carbonear Old Age MERRIGAN Catherine R. Cath. 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-13 Turk's Cove Heart Failure RYAN Thomas R. Cath. 33 Turk's Cove Turk's Cove
Feb-15 Heart's Desire Heart Failure LEHEY Joseph R. Cath. 39 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Nov-26 Hillview Heart Failure LODER Emma Jane Methodist 2 Hillview Hillview
Nov-26 Loveburn Spanish Flu PRICE Mary Elizabeth Methodist 33 Little Hr., Little Heart's Ease Loveburn
Nov-23 Little Heart's Ease Spanish Flu PRICE Lydia Susannah Methodist 11 mths House Cove Little Heart's Ease
Dec-01 Little Heart's Ease Spanish Flu JACOBS Eliza Jane Methodist 15 days Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
Nov-16 Carbonear Bronchitis DAVIS Ralph Methodist 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-24 Carbonear Influenza HISCOCK Sophie Methodist 25 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-27 Carbonear Cancer of Liver ROWE Frederick Methodist 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-28 Carbonear Pneumonia HOPKINS Fanny T. Methodist 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-08 Arishat? Nova Scotia Drowning COLE William John Methodist 20 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-08 Arishat? Nova Scotia Drowning NICHOLL William Methodist 21 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 192                
Dec-21 Carbonear Bronchitis SPENCER Ann Methodist 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-30 Victoria Bright's Disease ASH Francis Methodist 67 Victoria Victoria
Dec-11 Sydney Pneumonia PARSONS William Methodist 22 Victoria Victoria
Dec-12 Salmon Cove Cancer of Genital Organs VATERS Mabel Methodist 3 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-03 Salmon Cove Tub. Meningitis KELLOWAY Elihu Methodist 4 mths Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-29 Salmon Cove Influenza SLADE Ralph Methodist 3 1/2 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-20 Sydney Pneumonia DEAN Alfred Methodist 50 Victoria Victoria
Nov-12 Victoria Tub. Meningitis SOMERS Richard Methodist 6 Victoria Victoria
Dec-03 Sydney Pneumonia WAREHAM Samuel Methodist 27 Victoria Victoria
Dec-15 Carbonear Kidney Trouble CLARKE Solomon Sal. Army 39 Freshwater Carbonear
Oct-02 Venison Is. Labrador - on board schooner Accidently killed by fall COLBERT Ronald R. Cath. 18 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-10 Carbonear Heart failure FINN Ann R. Cath. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-27 St. John's Old Age MALONE Bridget R. Cath. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-05 Carbonear Influenza SEVERNEY? Charles R. Cath. 35 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-07 Carbonear Influenza WOODFORD Eileen R. Cath. 28 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-15 Carbonear Influenza DRAKE Mary Ann R. Cath. 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-20 Carbonear Influenza BARKER William R. Cath. 12 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-08 Carbonear Old Age McCARTHY William R. Cath. 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-10 Carbonear Old Age DONNELLY Catherine R. Cath. 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-12 Carbonear Old Age GEARY Thomas R. Cath. 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-15 Off Nova Scotia coast Drowned McCARTHY Richard R. Cath. 35 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-18 Salmon Cove Influenza SLADE Ambrose R. Cath. 36 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-20 Carbonear Cancer of Stomach CARROLL Ellen R. Cath. 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-24 St. John's Influenza MACKEY Paul R. Cath. 35 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-04 Carbonear Old Age LAING Ann Elizabeth C. of Eng. 66 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-06 Carbonear Old Age SQUIBB Amelia C. of Eng. 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-24 Carbonear Meningitis GREEN Nelson C. of Eng. 12 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-22 Carbonear Influenza CHUBBS William C. of Eng. 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-26 Carbonear Influenza CHUBBS Muriel C. of Eng. 5 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-29 Carbonear Influenza CHUBBS Catherine C. of Eng. 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-25 St. John's Old Age PEARCE Elizabeth C. of Eng. 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-04 Carbonear Tuberculosis POWER John C. of Eng. 18 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-16 Spout Cove Old Age TRICKETT Thomas C. of Eng. 80 Spout Cove Carbonear
Dec-16 Victoria Influenza ANTLE George C. of Eng. 1 1/2 Victoria Carbonear
Dec-17 Victoria Influenza JEFFREY Diana C. of Eng. 12 Victoria Carbonear
Dec-22 Carbonear Influenza COLBOURNE Sadie C. of Eng. 16 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-30 Victoria Tuberculosis PENNEY Lizzie Methodist   Carbonear Victoria

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2011)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 01, 2013 (Don Tate)
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