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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Harbour Main District
1911 - 1914

Book 6
PAGES 121 - 135

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 121                
Jany 16 1911 Chamberlains Senile Decay CHAYTOR George C of E 81 Chamblns Topsail
Dec 31 1910 Kitchues Tuberculosis MANSFIELD John RC 22 Kitchues Colliers
Jany 3 1911 Sydney Mines Killed-accident MAHONEY John RC 23 Conception Colliers
Jany 3 1911 Sydney Mines Killed-accident MURPHY Brian RC 21 Colliers Colliers
Jany 9 1911 Colliers Premature B WALSH   RC S.B. Colliers Colliers
Jany 15 1911 Conception Effects of Sore foot DALTON Winnifred RC 56 Conception Colliers
Jany 16 1911 Colliers Inf. Debility MCDONALD Samuel RC 2wks Colliers Colliers
Jany 23 1911 Colliers Inf. Debility DOYLE James L. RC 3mos Colliers Colliers
Jany 27 1911 Conception Old age COSTELLO John RC 79 Conception Colliers
Jany 30 1911 Conception Burnt by fire GUSHUE Nicholas RC 6 Conception Colliers
Feb 22 1911 Colliers Tuberculosis WHELAN Annie RC 19 Colliers Colliers
Mar 22 1911 Kitchues Gen. Debility GUSHUE Mary RC 85 Conception Colliers
Mar 27 1911 Jamess Cove Consumption WHELAN James RC 27 Kitchues Colliers
Jany 11 1911 Hr Main Eczema WALL Lucy M. RC 3mos Hr Main Chapels Cove
Jany 20 1911 Hr Main Heart Trouble COSTIGAN James RC 63 Hr Main Avondale
Jany 21 1911 Chapels Cove Kidney Disease HICKEY Peter RC 72 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Mar 26 1911 Hr Main Old age SULLIVAN Catherine RC 81 Hr Main Avondale
June 26 1911 Insane Asylum Heart Disease MAHONEY Michael RC 76 Conception Hr Mount Carmel
Apr 7 1911 Paradise Decline JEYNES Louisa C of E 36 Bryants Cove Topsail
May 4 1911 Paradise Premature B PARSONS John C of E 3day Paradise Topsail
May 4 1911 Paradise Premature B PARSONS Nancy A. C of E 3mos Paradise Topsail
May 26 1911 Chamberlains Inft. Debility CHAYTOR Ronald C of E 80 Chamberlains Topsail
May28 1911 Topsail Senile Decay ALLAN William C of E 7dys Topsail Topsail
June 4 1911 Paradise Convulsions LYNCH Rachael C of E 3 Paradise Topsail
June 11 1911 Chamberlains Pneumonia METCALFE Edward C of E 3 Chamberlns Topsail
June 12 1911 Bell Island Infantile Paralysis BARNES Violet C of E 3 Topsail Topsail
June 28 1911 Topsail Senile Decay HEALEY Susanna C of E 70 Portugal Cove Topsail
Apr 6 1911 Long Pond Convulsions JEFFORD Lillian C of E 6mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Apr 6 1911 Foxtrap Eczema DELANEY Jacob C of E 68 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apr 13 1911 Peach Town Burned DELANEY Matilda C of E 13 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apr 15 1911 Foxtrap Old age KENNEDY Mary C of E 84 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apr 27 1911 Foxtrap Convulsions JENNINGS Edward J. C of E 4mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 14 1911 Foxtrap Blood Poison FAGAN Alexander C of E 19 Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 26 1911 Foxtrap Bronchitis BATTEN William J. C of E 5mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 29 1911 Kelligrews Inft. Debility MORAN Mary Rose C of E 2hrs Kelligrews Foxtrap
June 1 1911 Foxtrap Pneumonia KENNEDY James C of E 54 Foxtrap Foxtrap
June 17 1911 Long Pond Tonsilitis RIDOUT Ralph C of E 3mos Long Pond Foxtrap
June 14 1911 Indian Pond Abscess MORGAN Hubert C of E 5wks Indian Pond Hopewell
June 26 1911 Kelligrews Septicaemia HIBBS Emma C of E 42 Upper Gullies Hopewell
May 18 1911 Long Pond Bronchitis BAIRD Mary Jane S. Army 6mos Long Pond Long Pond
PAGE 122                
Spt 18 Colliers Old age GRIFF1N John RC 84 Bacon Cove Colliers
Spt 27 Conception Convulsions KANE Patrick RC 2 Conception Colliers
May 9 Conception Rheumatic Fever BUELL Patrick F. RC 14 Conception Colliers
May 24 Colliers Tuberculosis HEARN Lizzie RC 27 Colliers Colliers
May 25 Colliers Tuberculosis WHELAN Katie RC 12 Colliers Colliers
June 22 Bell Island Killed-accident WHELAN James RC 57 Conception Colliers
June 26 Lunatic Asylum Not Given MAHANY Michael RC 66 Conception Colliers
June 30 Colliers Inft. Debility WHELAN Madeline RC 15mos Colliers Colliers
July 1 Upper Gullies Bronchitis SCOTT Mary Ch of E 8mos Hopewell Upper Gullies
July 10 Upper Gullies Dysentery SCOTT Chesley Ch of E 17mos Hopewell Upper Gullies
July 25 Middle Bight Senile Decay FAGAN Ann Ch of E 77 Foxtrap  
Aug 1 Greely Town Shot-accdnt BUTLER George Ch of E 28 Foxtrap Greely Town
Aug 21 Kelligrews Consumption MUGFORD Gladys Ch of E 6 Foxtrap Kelligrews
Aug 25 Long Pond Inft. Debility KENNEDY Susan F. Ch of E 3mos Foxtrap Long Pond
Sep 25 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Priscilla M. Ch of E 8mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep 29 Greely Town Convulsions GREELEY Jemima Ch of E 1week Foxtrap Greely Town
July 27 St John's Tetanus SQUIRES John Ch of E 38 St. Philips Topsail
Sept 12 Chamberlains Heart Failure SQUIRES George Ch of E 12 Chamberlains Topsail
Sept 2 Topsail Tuberculosis MOYES Hannah M. Meth 50 St John's Topsail
July 23 Topsail Measles MILLER Lizzie Meth 27 St John's Topsail
July 20 Topsail Measles KING Selina F Meth 14mos Topsail Topsail
Sep 6 Topsail Hemorrhage FOSTER Herbert Meth 16 Topsail Topsail
Nov 27 Poor Asylum Old age BAGGS John Meth 65 Conception Bay Gen P. Cemetery
Aug 4 Conception Tuberculosis ROTCHFORD Bridget RC 2 1/2 Conception Bay Colliers
Aug 31 Conception Senile Decay DALTON Edward RC 78 Conception Bay Colliers
Sep 18 Bacon Cove Hemorrhage of Lungs GUSHUE Mary RC 51 Bacon Cove Colliers
Sep 30 Conception Paralysis COSTELLO Timothy RC 61 Kitchues Colliers
Sep 15 Long Pond Puerperal Fever GREENSLADE Rebecca Ch of E 30 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Oct 6 Fox Trap Inft. Debility BUTLER Eli Ch of E 6mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Oct 20 Peaches Town Convulsions DELANEY Mary F. Ch of E 3mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov 4 St John's Fracture of spine DAWE Henry Ch of E 29 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov 8 Foxtrap Inft. Debility HIBBS Mary L.E. Ch of E 4?mos Kelligrews Foxtrap
Nov 10 Middle Bight Convulsions TAYLOR Agnes E. Ch of E 7dys Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec 25 Foxtrap Teething BUTLER Walter Ch of E 13mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Dec 7 Peaches Town Bronchitis KENNEDY Salla P. Ch of E 7mos Peaches Town Foxtrap
Dec 14 Middle Bight Bronchitis FAGAN Ella S. Ch of E 1 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec 23 Greely Town Killed-accident HUSSEY William G. Ch of E 16dys Greely Town Foxtrap
Dec 26 Long Pond Inft. Debility JANES Emma D. Ch of E 9mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec 27 Middle Bight Yellow Jaundice BUTLER Cecil J. Ch of E 3 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Nov 11 Seal Cove Inflm of Bowels MORGAN James Ch of E 83   Hopewell
PAGE 123                
Mar 17 Horse Cove Consumption FRANCIS Patrick RC not given not given Horse Cove
Oct 7 Colliers Heart Trouble RYAN Patrick RC 50 Colliers Colliers
Nov 12 St John's Peritonitis CALDWELL Marion C of Eng 14 Kelligrews Topsail
Nov 28 Chamberlains Tuberculosis Lungs DOWDEN Susanna C of Eng 27 Chamberlains Topsail
Dec 28 Chamberlains Dropsy MERCER Elizabeth C of Eng 56 Hr. Grace Topsail
Apl 9 Chapels Cove Old age HAWCO Ellen RC 84 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
May 5 Hr. Main Old age MURPHY Elizabeth RC 76 Hr. Main Hr. Main
June 8 Hr. Main Inflam. Of Bowels BARRON Margaret RC 50 Chapels Cove Avondale
June 16 Hr. Main Heart Trouble ROE Rev. John RC 55 Ireland Hr. Main
July 26 Hr. Main Heart Trouble CURRAN Matthew RC 67 HrMain Avondale
Aug 29 Chapels Cove Blood Poison SULLIVAN Timothy RC 67 HrMain Chapels Cove
Dec 30 Chapels Cove Bronchitis HICKEY Maggie RC 3mos Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Jan 14 Holyrood Natural Causes DWYER Mary RC 78 Hr. Grace Holyrood
Feby 7 Holyrood Enteritis WALSH Esther RC 62 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 16 Holyrood Cancer BARRON James RC 64 Holyrood Holyrood
May 22 Holyrood Natural Causes WALSH Ellen RC 73 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 11 Holyrood Natural Causes BROPHY Susan RC 70 Holyrood Holyrood
July 10 Holyrood Tumor MURPHY Lawrence RC 61 Holyrood Holyrood
July 23 Holyrood Heart Disease BROPHY James RC 67 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug 5 Holyrood Consumption KIELEY Matthew RC 18 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug 11 Holyrood Meningitis HEALY Frances RC 7 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug 26 Holyrood Natural Causes LEWIS Patrick RC 82 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep 16 Holyrood Measles BARRON Mary M. RC 12mos Holyrood Holyrood
Oct 7 Holyrood Natural Causes LEWIS Mary RC 85 Salmonier Holyrood
Oct 26 Holyrood Natural Causes MORRISSEY Thomas RC 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Nov 2 Holyrood Natural Causes PENNY Nora RC 66 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec 6 Holyrood Diabetes DUNPHY Bartholomew RC 71 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec 23 Holyrood Natural Causes BROPHY Mary RC 74 Holyrood Holyrood
PAGE 124                
Mar 2 Hopewell Tuberculosis MORGAN Eliza Ch of E 63   Hopewell
Jany 27 Middle Bight Epilepsy BISHOP Elizabeth Ch of E 27   Foxtrap
Jany 27 Long Pond Bronchitis DAWE Julia Marion Ch of E 5wks Long Pond Foxtrap
Feby 3 Middle Bight Inft. Debility BUTLER Violet Marcella Ch of E 8days Foxtrap Foxtrap
Feby 4 Kelligrews Old age TILLEY William Ch of E 97 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Feby 8 Foxtrap Bronchitis PETTEN Robert Chesley Ch of E 1 1/2 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Feby 11 Middle Bight Convulsions TAYLOR Elizabeth Ch of E 78 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Feby 22 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Fanny Ch of E 20dys Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar 9 Foxtrap Convulsions PETTEN Robert Chesley Ch of E 16dys Foxtrap Foxtrap
Feby 19 Manuels Inft. Debility SNOW Warwick Ch of E 1 hour Manuels Foxtrap
Mar 24 Indian Pond Drowning MORGAN Stephen Ch of E 7 Indian Pond Hopewell
Feby 1 Holyrood Old age ONEILL John RC 94 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 3 Holyrood Paralysis OBRIEN William RC 74 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 17 Holyrood Consumption BURKE Rachael RC 25 Holyrood Holyrood
Jan 15 Chapels Cove Old age HAWCO Thomas RC 75 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Feby 1 Hr. Main Tuberculosis FARDY Mary Jane RC 22 Hr.Main Avondale
Mar 2 Hr. Main Paralysis EZEKIEL Anastatia RC 78 Hr.Main Avondale
Mar 2 Chapels Cove Tuberculosis MYERS Bernard RC 16 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Mar 5 Hr. Main Convulsions WOODFORD Matthew C. RC 5days Hr.Main Avondale
Jany 27 Topsail Heart Faillure MILLER Robert Meth 58 Topsail Topsail
Jany 7 Bacon Cove Paralysis WALSH Joseph RC 77 Bacon Cove Colliers
Jany 11 Conception Stomach trouble MAHANEY Aaron RC 59 Conception Colliers
Feb 5 Conception Measles NEWBURY William RC 5 1/2 Conception Colliers
Feb 10 Kitchues Tuberculosis MANSFIELD William J. RC 47 Kitchues Colliers
Feb 10 Conception Measles GUSHUE Honorah RC 1 1/2 Conception Colliers
Feb 12 Gen. Hospital Liver Complaint DRISCOLL Bartholomew RC 51 Conception Colliers
Feb 19 Kitchues Liver Complaint KENNY William RC 64 Kitchues Colliers
Feb 14 Conception Gen. Debility WADE Ellen RC 84 Conception Colliers
Feb 16 Conception Tuberculosis AHEARN Elizabeth RC 35 Conception Colliers
Feb 19 Kitchues Stomach trouble KENNY William RC 66 Kitchues Colliers
Feb 25 Colliers Still Born     RC S.B. Colliers Colliers
Mar 13 Kitchues Measles GUSHUE Michael RC 19 Kitchues Colliers
Mar 16 Conception Liver Complaint KENNEDY Michael RC 72 Conception Colliers
Mar 17 Kitchues Measles GUSHUE William RC 25 Kitchues Colliers
Mar 18 Colliers Erysipelas WHELAN Mary RC 8mos Colliers Colliers
Mar 25 New York Killed-accident GUSHUE Patrick RC 32 Kitchues Colliers
Apl 9 Insane Asylum Tuberculosis BOND Thomas Ch of E 42 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 11 Middle Bight Paralysis BUTLER Susanna Ch of E 53 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 25 Long Pond Convulsions KENNEDY Samuel Ch of E 23dys Long Pond Foxtrap
May 13 Foxtrap Convulsions PORTER Jacob Ch of E 2mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
PAGE 125                
June 4 Foxtrap Childbirth PEACH Elizabeth Jane C of Eng 28 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 8 Kelligrews Tuberculosis BISHOP Nathaniel C of Eng 25 Kelligrews Foxtrap
June 11 Long Pond Tuberculosis MORGAN Elizabeth C of Eng 26 Long Pond Hopewell
June 16 Kelligrews Tuberculosis HYNES Julia C of Eng 22 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Apl 15 Seal Cove Dropsy BISHOP Sarah C of Eng 70 Seal Cove Hopewell
May 23 Hopewell Paralysis WARFORD Mary Ann C of Eng 68 Foxtrap Hopewell
June 25 Foxtrap Tuberculosis MORGAN Sarah C of Eng 24 Middle Bight Foxtrap
June 29 Seal Cove Typhoid Fever SCOTT Bessie E. C of Eng 3 1/2 Upper Gullies Hopewell
June 25 Whitbourne Inf. Debility MORGAN Edwin C of Eng 2 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Apl 21 Hopewell Teething Fever WARFORD Cascelia Meth 8mos Hopewell Upper Gullies
May 10 Topsail Tuberculosis MOYES Annie M. Meth 19 Topsail Topsail
June 10 Long Pond Meningitis RENDELL John R Meth 15mos Long Pond Long Pond
July 6 Greely Town   GREELY Sarah C of E 1day Greely Town Foxtrap
Aug 3 Long Pond Childbirth PORTER Emma C of E 38 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Aug 14 Middle Bight Senile Decay PETTEN Mary Ann C of E 89   Foxtrap
Aug 14 Peach Town Tuberculosis DELANEY Elizabeth C of E 29 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug 17 Long Pond Blood Poison PORTER Robert J. C of E 19 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug 27 Middle Bight Bronchitis FAGAN Mary C of E 39 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug 27 Kelligrews Paralysis TILLEY Mary C of E 43 Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep 29 Foxtrap Inft. Debility PORTER Abigal C of E 5mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 8 Gen. Hosp. Dropsy MORGAN Elizb A. C of E 65 Kelligrews Hopewell
July 8 Seal Cove Senile Decay DOWDEN Elvina C of E 73 Port DeGrave Hopewell
Sep 11 Upper Gullies Convulsions SCOTT Albert C of E 8dys Upper Gullies Hopewell
Sep 27 Indian Pond Teething MORGAN Viola E. C of E 8mos Indian Pond Hopewell
Sep 27 Seal Cove Convulsions DAWE Leslie C of E 3mos Seal Cove Hopewell
Apl 17 Colliers Inft. Debility MURPHY Michael R.C. 4mos Colliers Colliers
Apl 18 James Cove Genl Debility WHELAN William R.C. 73 James Cove Colliers
Apl 23 Colliers Cancer of Stomach MURPHY Michael R.C. 3wks Colliers Colliers
Apl 23 Conception Senile Decay WHELAN William R.C. 35 Conception Colliers
Apl 24 James Cove Senile Decay CONWAY Michael R.C. 97 James Cove Colliers
May 20 Conception Consumption TREHAY Catherine R.C. 61 Conception Colliers
May 21 Conception Stomach trouble SULLIVAN Lawrence R.C. 61 Avondale Colliers
June 16 Conception Gen Debility WADE Mary R.C. 70 Conception Colliers
Sep 9 Manuels Heart Disease MORGAN Sarah F. Ch of Eng 31 Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 8 Bacon Cove Still Born COLE   R.C. S.B. Bacon Cove Colliers
July 9 Colliers Inft. Debility MORGAN John R.C. 3wks Colliers Colliers
July 30 Conception Inft. Debility MAHANEY Elizabeth R.C. 2wks Conception Colliers
Aug 9 Colliers Inft. Debility MCGRATH Rachael R.C. 4mos Colliers Colliers
Aug 26 Colliers Old age HEARN Elizabeth R.C. 71 Colliers Colliers
Sep 8 Colliers Still Born MCGRATH   R.C. S.B. Colliers Colliers
PAGE 126                
Sep 8 Conception Old age CONNORS Alice R.C. 78 Conception Colliers
Sep 9 Conception Drowning WALL James P. R.C. 2 Conception Colliers
Sep 30 Colliers Paralysis SKANE James R.C. 3 Colliers Colliers
Sep 24 Bacon Cove Old age KELLY Mary R.C. 87 Bacon Cove Colliers
Apl 7   Measles DONOVAN Patrick R.C. 14mos    
Apl 7   Bronchitis CONWAY Patrick R.C. 50    
May 10   Prematurity GUSHUE   R.C. 1day    
June 23 Colliers Prematurity MCGRATH Bernard R.C. 1day    
Aug 8 Holyrood Consumption LEWIS Thomas R.C. 52 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug 30 Holyrood Bronchitis COADY Michael R.C. 4 Boston Holyrood
Sep 8 Holyrood Gangrene DUFF John R.C. 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep 16 Holyrood Bronchitis KENNEDY John R.C. 84 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 18 Holyrood Consumption OROUKE Elizabeth R.C. 39 Holyrood Holyrood
May 2 Holyrood Consumption OROUKE Gertrude R.C. 21 Holyrood Holyrood
May 4 Holyrood Consumption BESEAU Patrick R.C. 47 Holyrood Holyrood
June 15 Holyrood Typhoid Fever SIMMONS John R.C. 64 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct 1 Long Pond Cancer of stomach KENNEDY Benjamen C of E 39 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct 2 Greely Town Inft. Debility DAWE Edith W. C of E 2dys Greely Town Foxtrap
Oct 7 Foxtrap Insanity PETTEN Mary Ann C of E 68 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Oct 13 Long Pond Consumption NOSEWORTHY Ambrose C of E 29 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov 11 Long Pond Inft. Debility PORTER Mabel C of E 3mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct 30 Peach Town Heart Failure PEACH Elizabeth J. C of E 4mos Peach Town Foxtrap
Nov 19 Avondale Inft. Debility TAYLOR Samuel C of E 56 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Nov 19 Kelligrews Convulsions HODDER Hubert A. C of E 8dys Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec 2 Middle Bight Consumption PETTEN Walter C of E 3mos Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec 3 Kelligrews Consumption HYNES Anna L. C of E 7mos Kelligrews Foxtrap
Dec 5 Kelligrews Senile Decay TILLEY Elizabeth C of E 79 Upper Gullies Foxtrap
Dec 19 Foxtrap Cramps PETTEN Harold C of E 5 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Dec 31 Seal Cove Appendicitis DAWE Bertha West C of E 8 Seal Cove Hopewell
Oct 2 Hr. Main Consumption SEVIER Teresa R.C. 24 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct 4 Hr. Main Consumption DONNELLY John R.C. 61 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct 6 Hr. Main Dropsy HAWCO James R.C. 68 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Oct 8 Hr. Main Old age GRACE Ellen R.C. 87 Avondale Avondale
Nov 22 Hr. Main Inflam of Bowels COSTIGAN Maria R.C. 31 Chapels Cove Avondale
Nov 15 Chapels Cove Bronchitis CONRAN Mary R.C. 11mos Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Dec 7 Hr. Main Bronchitis EZEKIEL Paul R.C. 4 Hr. Main Chapels Cove
Dec 8   Old age KEATING Jane R.C. 97 Hr. Main Avondale
July 2 Chapels Cove La Grippe CORBETT James R.C. 10 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
July 13 Chapels Cove Paralysis HAWCO Johanna R.C. 58 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Aug 1 Chapels Cove Paralysis TARGATE Mary R.C. 19mos Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
PAGE 127                
Apr 15 Chapels Cove Consumption HICKEY Catherine R.C. 32 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
June 17 Chapels Cove Bronchitis MYERS Pauline R.C. 11mos Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
June 23 Sydney C.B. Asthma DOYLE Philip R.C. 5 Hr. Main Avondale
June 29 Chapels Cove Old age CONRAN Ansatatia R.C. 75 Hr. Main Chapels Cove
Oct 1 Kitchues Old age GUSHUE Catherine R.C. 78 Hr. Main Colliers
Oct 13 Conception Beri Beri KENNEDY Martin R.C. 74 Conception Colliers
Oct 26 Colliers Inft.Debility MURPHY Bride R.C. 2wks Colliers Colliers
Nov 24 Conception Old age DALTON Edward R.C. 70 Conception Colliers
Nov 26 Colliers Inflm of Bowels WHELAN James R.C. 68 Colliers Colliers
Dec 21 Conception Inft.Debility WADE Katie R.C. Inft. Conception Colliers
Dec 22 Conception Tuberculosis LEARY Agatha R.C. 21 Conception Colliers
Dec 25 Conception Old age MAHANEY James R.C. 75 Conception Colliers
Dec 26 Conception Inft.Debility KANE James R.C. 2mos Conception Colliers
Dec 27 Colliers Cancer of stomach COSTIGAN Thomas R.C. 69 Colliers Colliers
Sep 9 Chamberlains Tuberculosis MERCER Kate C.E. 20 Chamberlains Topsail
Oct 8 Chamberlains Meningitis METCALF Maud C.E. 6mos Chamberlains Topsail
Dec 9 Topsail Bronchitis GILBERT John C.E. 1week Topsail Topsail
Dec 14 Topsail Tuberculosis SQUIRES Elfreda C.E. 17 Topsail Topsail
Oct 1 Holyrood Blood Poisoning DUFF Arthur R.C. 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct 6 Holyrood Consumption LEWIS Thomas R.C. 52 Holyrood Holyrood
Nov 13 Holyrood Eczema DWYER Ellen R.C. 73 Chapels Cove Holyrood
Dec 7 Holyrood Cancer of stomach LEWIS John R.C. 72 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec 18 Holyrood Convulsions LEAHY Matthew R.C. 1mon Holyrood Holyrood
Dec 31 Middle Bight Paralysis TAYLOR Ann C.E. 56 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Jun 27 Kelligrews Not Stated NUGENT Edward R.C. 78 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Nov 8 Kelligrews Not Stated WALL Johanna R.C. 48 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Nov 8 Kelligrews Not Stated FARRELL Sebastian R.C. 26 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Nov 10 Kelligrews Not Stated FARRELL William R.C. 24 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Dec 15 Kelligrews Not Stated DWYER Lucy R.C. 52 Kelligrews Kelligrews
PAGE 128                
Jan 10 Middle Bight Convulsions TAYLOR Gladys Mary C.E. 1mons Middle Bight Foxtrap
Jan 23 Kelligrews Old age DAWE Rebecca C.E. 88 Port De Grave Foxtrap
Jan 26 St Johns Consumption MORGAN James C.E. 36 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jan 27 Foxtrap Heart Failure MALEY Mary J. C.E. 60 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Jan 30 Middle Bight Inflm of Lungs HAINES James W. C.E. 4 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Feb 3 Long Pond Consumption BUSSEY Edward C.E. 30 Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar 5 Long Pond Old age GREENSLADE Rachael C.E. 80 Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar 9 Foxtrap Anaemia GREELEY Rebecca C.E. 20 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Jan 8 Upper Gullies Cancer COATES Mary C.E. 62 Middle Bight Hopewell
Jan 29 Indian Pond Inflm of Lungs MORGAN William J. C.E. 23 Indian Pond Hopewell
Feby 27 Upper Gullies Old age SCOTT William C.E. 82 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Mar 6 Upper Gullies Gastritis ANDREWS Albert C.E. 7mos Upper Gullies Hopewell
Mar 8 Upper Gullies Pneumonia SCOTT Joseph C.E. 70 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Mar 11 Seal Cove Pneumonia ANTHONY Lydia M. C.E. 36 Baine Hr Hopewell
Mar 24 Long Pond Consumption MORGAN William C. C.E. 7mos Placentia Bay Foxtrap
Jan 21 Holyrood Old age HEALY Catherine R.C. 80 Conception Hr Holyrood
Jan 23 Holyrood Old age KENNEDY Elizabeth R.C. 87 Holyrood Holyrood
Feby 6 Holyrood Whooping Cough TARGETT Michael R.C. 1 ? Holyrood Holyrood
Dec 13 Holyrood Convulsions HEALY Monica R.C. 6wks Holyrood Holyrood
Nov 15 Holyrood Convulsions LEWIS Aaron R.C. 2dys Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 9 Holyrood Whooping Cough QUINLAN Bessie R.C. 1 1/2 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 9 Holyrood Whooping Cough HINES Mary R.C. 2 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 20 Holyrood Convulsions FLEMING Ellen R.C. 13dys Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 23 Holyrood Consumption WALSH Bride R.C. 30 Bell Island Holyrood
Mar 25 Holyrood Convulsions QUINLAN Lizzie R.C. 15dys Irelands? Holyrood
Mar 26 Holyrood Consumption BARRETT Michael R.C. 8mos Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 15 Holyrood Old age HOLDEM Margaret R.C. 93 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 17 Holyrood Old age WALSH Margaret R.C. 81 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 31 Holyrood Convulsions HICKS?? Lillian R.C. 1week Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 10 Holyrood Convulsions LEWIS Thomas R.C. 1mons Holyrood Holyrood
Jan 30 Chamberlains Cancer of Stomach FOWLER Esau C.E. 60 Chamberlains Topsail
Feb 18 Chamberlains Diptheria CHAYTOR Marion G. C.E. 3 Chamberlains Topsail
Mar 5 Topsail Tuberculosis BARNES Charles C.E. 50 Topsail Topsail
Mar 20 Manuels Tuberculosis PORTER John C.E. 28 Manuels Topsail
Jan 5 Conception Senile Decay DWYER Bridget R.C. 84 Conception Colliers
Jan 6 Conception Inft. Debility KANE James F. R.C. 9wks Conception Colliers
Jan ? Conception Brain Fever CONNORS Maurice F. R.C. 17 Conception Colliers
Jan 12 Conception Senile Decay MURPHY Catherine R.C. 87 Conception Colliers
Jan 18 Colliers Senile Decay WHELAN James R.C. 76 Colliers Colliers
Jan 23 Kitchues Pneumonia GUSHUE Catherine R.C. 16 Kitcheus Colliers
PAGE 129                
Feb 5 Colliers Inft Debility COLE Elizabeth Roman Catholic 9 mos Colliers Colliers
Feb 10 Colliers Consumption WHELAN Frances Roman Catholic 26 Colliers Colliers
Feb 15 Colliers Dropsy BRIEN Agnes Roman Catholic 59 Colliers Colliers
Feb 15 Colliers Inflammation/Bowels HUNT Bridget Roman Catholic 59 Colliers Colliers
Feb 17 Conception Inft Debility ST JOHN Bernard Roman Catholic 3 mos Conception Colliers
Feb 18 Conception Consumption KEATING Nellie Roman Catholic 24 Conception Colliers
Feb 21 Colliers Consumption WHELAN Catherine Roman Catholic 34 Colliers Colliers
Feb 27 Kitchuses Pneumonia GUSHUE George Roman Catholic 23 Kitchuses Colliers
Mar 3 Conception Apoplexy MAHANEY Philip Roman Catholic 74 Conception Colliers
Mar 15 Kitchuses Convulsions COSTELLO Genevieve Roman Catholic 7 mos Kitchuses Colliers
Mar 20 Colliers Inft Debility WHELAN John Roman Catholic 5 mos Colliers Colliers
Mar 27 Conception Senile Decay TREHAY Margaret Church of England 85 Avondale Colliers
Apl 7 Long Pond Inft Debility RIDOUT Elsie Church of England 6 days Long Pond Foxtrap
May 2 Kelligrews Kidney trouble HENNESSEY James G Church of England 80 Port de Grave Foxtrap
May 5 Kelligrews Convulsions TILLEY Nellie T Church of England 2 days Kelligrews Foxtrap
May 17 Greely Town Bronchitis BUSSEY Ethbert J Church of England 15 mos Greely Town Foxtrap
May 27 Long Pond Convulsions TAYLOR Wm J Church of England 4 days Long Pond Foxtrap
May 28 Foxtrap Dropsy PORTER Hester Church of England 36 Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 29 Greely Town Bronchitis GREELY Elizabeth Church of England 70 Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 30 Long Pond Inft Debility DAWE Herbert Church of England 1 mon Long Pond Foxtrap
May 31 Middle Bight Convulsions KENNEDY Emma Church of England 1 day Middle Bight Foxtrap
June 16 Foxtrap Tuberculosis PETTEN Elfrieda Church of England 24 Greely Town Foxtrap
June 22 Kelligrews Bronchitis FURNANDO Eliza Ann Church of England 85 Charlottetown Foxtrap
June 25 Foxtrap Diphtheria CABLE Matilda Church of England 2yrs,6mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apr 9 Indian Pond Cancer MORGAN William Church of England 67 Indian Pond Hopewell
Apr 18 Hopewell Scarlet Fever WARFORD William R Church of England 2 mos Hopewell Hopewell
Apr 25 Upper Gullies Bronchitis ANDREWS Ethel Church of England 1/2 hour Upper Gullies Hopewell
June 18 Holyrood Heart Failure VEITCH Anne Roman Catholic 73 Holyrood Holyrood
Apr 3 Conception Tuberculosis DALTON Ann Roman Catholic 65 Conception Colliers
Apr 7 Kitchuses Drowning GUSHUE Michael Roman Catholic 87 Kitchuses Colliers
Apr 14 Conception Tuberculosis MURPHY Agnes Roman Catholic 14 Conception Colliers
May 2 Bacon Cove Tuberculosis LEWIS James Roman Catholic 16 Bacon Cove Colliers
June 13 Colliers Inft Debility McGRATH Agnes Roman Catholic 6 mos Colliers Colliers
June 9 Chamberlains Asthmas MERCER Martha Church of England 65 Chamberlains Topsail
June 16 Manuels Meningitis MORGAN Rebecca Church of England 10 Manuels Foxtrap
Apr 7 Long Pond Paralysis PETTEN John Methodist 75 Port de Grave Long Pond
Sep 14 Long Pond Heart Disease STANLEY Elizabeth Church of England 55 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 9 Foxtrap Paralysis PETTEN Susanna Church of England 89 Foxtrap Foxtrap
July 18 Kelligrews Heart Disease FERRERA John S Church of England 14 Kelligrews Foxtrap
July 24 Kelligrews Convulsions DAWE Raymond Church of England 25 days Kelligrews Foxtrap
PAGE 130                
July 28 Kelligrews Heart Trouble HAINES Mary Church of England 70 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug 22 Long Pond Bronchitis KENNEDY Annie F Church of England 1 mon Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug 22 Long Pond Summer Complaint HARVEY William Church of England 8yrs,6mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Sept 4 Foxtrap Inft Deby BUTLER Selena Church of England 2yrs,6mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sept 9 Foxtrap Summer Complaint BUTLER Samuel Church of England 5 mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sept 16 Long Pond Summer Complaint FAGAN Maxwell Church of England 6 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Sept 18 Long Pond Summer Complaint FAGAN Edward Church of England 6 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Sept 19 Long Pond Dysentery PORTER Caroline Church of England 8 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
July 4 Seal Cove Tooth Fever BUTLER Isaac B Church of England 11 mos Seal Cove Hopewell
July 18 Upper Gullies Drowning MORGAN Leonard Church of England 1yr,6mos Upper Gullies Hopewell
Aug 14 Hopewell Tuberculosis MORGAN Robert Church of England 63 Hopewell Hopewell
Aug 22 Upper Gullies Apoplexy SCOTT Alice Church of England 5yrs,6mos Upper Gullies Hopewell
Sept 10 Seal Cove Summer Complaint DOWDEN Blanche Church of England 9 mos Seal Cove Hopewell
July 29 Holyrood Chol Infantum QUINLAN Benedict Roman Catholic 4yrs,6mos Holyrood Holyrood
Sept 22 Holyrood Chol Infantum KELLY Mary Ann Roman Catholic 1yr,6mos Holyrood Holyrood
Sept 27 Holyrood Tuberculosis QUINLAN Mary Ann Roman Catholic 34 Avondale Holyrood
Sept 28 Holyrood Peritonitis KELLY Mary Ann Roman Catholic 44 Holyrood Holyrood
June 9 Chamberlain Asthma MERCER Martha Church of England 65 Chamberlain Topsail
June 16 Manuels Meningitis MORGAN Rebecca Church of England 10 Manuels Foxtrap
Jan 12 Hr Main Liver Trouble O'GORMAN Patrick Roman Catholic 50 Hr Main Avondale
Apr 2 Hr Main Stomach Trouble O'GORMAN Mary Jos. Roman Catholic 50 Hr Main Avondale
Apr 29 Chapels Cove Old Age CRAWLEY William Roman Catholic 80 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
July 28 Hr Main Consumption COSTIGAN Edward Roman Catholic 34 Hr Main Avondale
Oct 8 Chapels Cove Meningitis/Brain MYERS Catherine Roman Catholic 22 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Oct 31 Chapels Cove Consumption MYERS Thomas Roman Catholic 68 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Aug 9 Long Pond Consumption BUTLER Gilbert Methodist 19 Long Pond Long Pond
Sep 18 Long Pond Tuberculosis MUGFORD Bertha Salvation Army 19 Greely Town Long Pond
Aug 25 Labrador Drowning MANSFIELD William Roman Catholic 25 Kitchues Colliers
Aug 27 Indian Hr Paralysis WADE Thomas Roman Catholic 64 Kitchues Colliers
Aug 31 Colliers Inft Deby RYAN William Roman Catholic 2 weeks Colliers Colliers
Sep 1 Conception Tuberculosis GUSHUE George Roman Catholic 35 Conception Colliers
Sep 1 Conception Tuberculosis/Bowels CURRAN Michael Roman Catholic 3 Conception Colliers
Sept 3 Colliers Not given BURKE William Roman Catholic 3 weeks Colliers Colliers
Sep 9 Conception Senility MAHANEY Mary Ann Roman Catholic 76 Conception Colliers
Sep 10 Grand Falls Inflammation/Bowels REDMOND Patrick Roman Catholic 1 Grand Falls Colliers
Sept 29 Colliers Inft Debility DOYLE Edward Roman Catholic 3 weeks Colliers Colliers
July 5 Manuels Meningitis MORGAN Violet Church of England 5 mos Manuels Topsail
July 20 Manuels Typhoid Fever SMITH Albert Church of England 24 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 23 Manuels Septicaemia PORTER Jacob Church of England 67 Manuels Foxtrap
Sep 24 St John's Bronchitis SQUIRES Ann Church of England 72 Manuels Topsail
PAGE 131                
Sept 21 Manuels Tuberculosis PORTER Gertrude Church of England 1 Manuels Topsail
Oct 2 Long Pond Summer Complaint DAWE Elizabeth Church of England 6 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov 1 Foxtrap Not given BUTLER Wm J Church of England 1 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov 23 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Emma Church of England 1yr,6mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov 20 Foxtrap Inft Debility DAWE Beatrice Church of England 4 mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Nov 25 Long Pond Not given PORTER Wm L Church of England 2 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec 4 Long Pond Old Age GREENSLADE Harriet Church of England 90 Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec 4 Poor Asylum Old Age HIBBS John Church of England 83 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Dec 13 Long Pond Inft Debility JANES Beatrice Church of England 2 weeks Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec 20 Long Pond Cancer STANLEY Joseph Church of England 48 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct 1 Manuels Tuberculosis SHAW Isabella Methodist 1yr,6mos Long Pond Topsail
Nov 4 Long Pond Hemorrhage/Lungs RENDELL Florence Methodist 24 Long Pond Long Pond
Dec 22 Manuels Chol Infantum SHAND Deborah Methodist 34 Long Pond Topsail
Oct 15 Kitchues Senility McLEAN Margaret Roman Catholic 2 Kitchues Colliers
Oct 16 Colliers Chol Infantum GAHANEY Mary Roman Catholic 82 Colliers Colliers
Oct 22 Healys Pond Senility DALTON James Roman Catholic 2 mos Healys Pond Colliers
Oct 26 Conception Lock Jaw KENNY Mary Roman Catholic 76 Conception Colliers
Oct 26 Kitchues Tuberculosis MURPHY John Roman Catholic 68 Kitchues Colliers
Nov 27 Colliers Tuberculosis RYAN Michael Roman Catholic 49 Colliers Colliers
Dec 20 Healys Pond Tuberculosis GRIFFEN Francis Roman Catholic 17 Conception Colliers
Oct 23 Long Pond Heart Disease TAYLOR William Church of England 11 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct 31 Humbermouth Old Age DAWE Jacob Church of England 20 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov 2 Kelligrews Bronchitis PICCO Jane Church of England 80 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Oct 28 Chamberlain Drowning DOWNS William Church of England 86 England Topsail
Aug 22 Labrador Convulsions SULLIVAN Cornelius Roman Catholic 33 Hr Main Body not found
Nov 16 Chapels Cove Insanity FEWER Thomas Leo Roman Catholic 2 mos Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Nov 17 Chapels Cove Old Age CRAWLEY Anastatia Roman Catholic 54 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Dec 2 Hr Main Consumption O'GORMAN Anastatia Roman Catholic 92 Hr Main Avondale
Dec 17 Hr Main Not Stated COSTIGAN Martin Roman Catholic 13 Hr Main Avondale
Mar 3 Kelligrews Not Stated DWYER Lucy M Roman Catholic 6 mos Kelligrews Kelligrews
Sept 11 Kelligrews Not Stated NUGENT Wilbert Roman Catholic 3 mos Kelligrews Kelligrews
Mar 12 Kelligrews Not Stated NUGENT Patience Roman Catholic 72 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Sep 10 Kelligrews Not Stated NUGENT Francis F Roman Catholic 3 mos Kelligrews Kelligrews
PAGE 132                
Jan St John's Tuberculosis MYERS Annie Roman Catholic 21 Holyrood Holyrood
Feb 8 Holyrood Old Age HEALEY Philip Roman Catholic 83 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 24 Holyrood Hip Disease O'BIEN Lizzie Roman Catholic 21 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 2 Manuels Meningitis SHAND Nellie F Methodist 5 Holyrood Topsail
Mar 8 Manuels Tuberculosis SHAND Winnie Methodist 3 Holyrood Topsail
Jan 13 Topsail Cong Deby FOWLER Augustus Church of England 2 days Topsail Topsail
Feb 27 Colliers Senile Deby SKANE Alice Roman Catholic 79 Colliers Colliers
Nov 28 Conception Senile Deby DALTON James Roman Catholic 69 Conception Colliers
Nov 31 Colliers Consumption SCEVIOUR Mary Roman Catholic 37 Colliers Colliers
Mar 31 not given not given COSTELLO Daniel J Roman Catholic 21 Kitchues  
Mar 31 not given not given COSTELLO Thomas Roman Catholic 19 Kitchues  
Mar 31 not given not given MANSFIELD John Roman Catholic 23 Kitchues  
Mar 31 not given not given WALSH James Roman Catholic 49 Bacon Cove  
Mar 31 At Sea not given CONWAY John Roman Catholic 47 James Cove  
Mar 31 Onboard Drowning BURKE Patrick Roman Catholic 29 Colliers  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross   HALL George Roman Catholic 22 Colliers  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross   COLE Edward Roman Catholic 31 Colliers  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross   COLE John Roman Catholic 27 Colliers  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross   CONWAY Michael Roman Catholic 24 Colliers  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross   WALSH John Roman Catholic 28 Colliers  
Feb 18 Long Pond Bronchitis GREENSLADE Harriet Church of England 11 mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Feb 21 Foxtrap not given BUTLER Jacob Church of England 2 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar 8 Long Pond not given DAWE John Jas Church of England 9 days Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar 29 Foxtrap not given CABLE Edw A Church of England Inft Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar 6 Foxtrap Tuberculosis SCOTT Susanna Church of England 35 Foxtrap Hopewell
Mar 7 Upper Gully Inft Deby SCOTT Wm J Church of England 7 mos Upper Gullies Hopewell
May 2 Holyrood Natural Causes O'ROURKE Timothy Roman Catholic 86 Holyrood Holyrood
May 10 Holyrood Bronchitis KULEN John Roman Catholic 68 Holyrood Holyrood
May 23 Holyrood Heart Failure MAHONEY Grace Roman Catholic 67 Holyrood Holyrood
May 29 Holyrood Paralysis MALONEY Anne Roman Catholic 62 Holyrood Holyrood
June 20 Duffs Meningitis MYERS Rita Roman Catholic 8 Duffs Holyrood
June 25 Holyrood Cholera Infantum O'DWYER Patrick M Roman Catholic 8 days Holyrood Holyrood
Mar 6 Horse Cove Old Age LAWLOR Elizabeth Roman Catholic 82 P D Grave Horse Cove
Apr 1 At the Ice Fields Exposure & Frozen LAWLOR William Roman Catholic 20 Horse Cove Horse Cove
Apr 1 At the Ice Fields Drowning/SS Southern Cross QUILTY James Roman Catholic 21 Horse Cove Horse Cove
May 6 Topsail Tuberculosis BARNES James Church of England 19 Topsail Topsail
PAGE 133                
Mar 31 At the Ice Fields Frozen & Exposure, Newfoundland Disaster PORTER James Church of England 32 Manuels Topsail
Mar 31 At Sea on board S S Southern Cross Drowning SQUIRES Wm Edw Church of England 38 Chamberlain Topsail
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning SQUIRES Alexander Church of England 25 Chamberlain  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning HISCOCK George Church of England 26 Chamberlain  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning CLARKE John Wm Church of England 30 Upper Island Cove  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning CLARKE Albert Church of England 21 Paradise  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning LYNCH Walter Church of England 21 Paradise  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning SHARPE Ambrose Church of England 19 Paradise  
Mar 31 S S Southern Cross Drowning SHARPE William Church of England 28 Paradise  
Apr 1 At the Ice Fields Frozen & Exposure, Newfoundland Disaster TAYLOR John Church of England 25 Long Pond Foxtrap
May 2 Long Pond Inft Debility PERRIER Bertha Church of England 8 days Long Pond Foxtrap
June 24 Long Pond Bronchitis EASON James Church of England 67 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apr 30 Seal Cove Cancer LEAR Abraham Church of England 72 Seal Cove Hopewell
May 21 Foxtrap Convulsions BUTLER Wm Chas Church of England 12 days Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apr 10 Conception Senility MAHANEY Jane Roman Catholic 72 Conception Colliers
Apr 17 Colliers Senility GUSHUE Esther Roman Catholic 75 Bay Bulls Colliers
May 3 Conception Injury to Bowels WADE Maurice Roman Catholic 76 Conception Colliers
May 3 Conception Bronchitis KENNEDY Margaret Roman Catholic 65 Colliers Colliers
May 17 Conception Consumption O'TOOLE Agatha Roman Catholic 20 Conception Colliers
June 25 Conception Stomach Trouble WALSH Mary Roman Catholic 61 Conception Colliers
July 17 James Cove Tuberculosis SKANE Jane Roman Catholic 35 Colliers Colliers Cemetery
Aug 2 Colliers Tuberculosis O'BRIEN John Roman Catholic 23 James Cove Colliers Cemetery
Aug 10 Colliers Tuberculosis McGRATH John Roman Catholic 64 Colliers Colliers Cemetery
Aug 27 Conception Dropsy MAHANEY Maurice Roman Catholic 66 Conception Colliers Cemetery
Sept 31 Colliers Tuberculosis COLE William Roman Catholic 48 Colliers Colliers Cemetery
Sept 27 Bacon Cove Kidney Disease O'DRISCOLL Bridget Roman Catholic 69 Bacon Cove Colliers Cemetery
July 18 Kelligrews Inflammation/Bowels HENNESSEY Mary Church of England 42 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Aug 12 Middle Bight Heart Disease TAYLOR Jacob Church of England 51 Middle Bight Foxtrap
May 5 Foxtrap Not Stated KENNEDY William Church of England 7 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug 14 St John's Tuberculosis FAGAN Annie Church of England 31 Pilleys Isl Foxtrap
Aug 20 Long Pond Convulsions TAYLOR Abraham Church of England 6 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug 20 Long Pond Jaundice GREENSLADE Mary Ann Church of England 70 Manuels Foxtrap
Sept 8 Long Pond Old Age GREENSLADE Edward Church of England 85 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 10 Upper Gully Inft Debility COATES Lavinia Church of England 6 days Upper Gully Hopewell
Feb 21 Hr Main Genl Debility McMURDO Thomas Roman Catholic 67 Hr Main Avondale
Feb 28 Chapels Cove Consumption FARDY Ellen Roman Catholic 65 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Mar 25 Chapels Cove Genl Debility CORBETT Ann Roman Catholic 65 Bacon Cove Chapels Cove
Apr 2 Ice Fields Nfl Disaster, Freezing and Exposure JOY Michael Roman Catholic 22 Hr Main Avondale
Apr 27 Chapels Cove Consumption HICKEY Patrick Roman Catholic 57 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
May 6 Hr Main Whooping Cough HICKEY Mary Roman Catholic 4 yes,6mos Hr Main Avondale
PAGE 134                
May 6 Hr Main Whooping Couth SULLIVAN Joseph Roman Catholic 8 mos Hr Main Avondale
June 6 Hr Main Old Age DALTON John Roman Catholic 74 Hr Main Avondale
June 15 Hr Main Epilepsy MURRAY John Roman Catholic 62 Hr Main Avondale
July 24 Hr Main Old Age WOODFORD Anastatia Roman Catholic 73 Hr Main Avondale
Sept 4 Hr Main Stomach Trouble WALL Walter Roman Catholic 68 Hr Main Avondale
Sept 17 Hr Main Whooping Couth FEWER Mary Jane Roman Catholic 11 mos Hr Main Chapels Cove
Oct 3 Chapels Cove Effects of accident WALL Thomas Roman Catholic not given Chapels Cove Hr Main
Nov 5 Hr Main Old Age GORMAN Mary O Roman Catholic 77 Hr Main Hr Main
Nov 12 Hr Main Consumption COSTELLO Peter Roman Catholic 53 Hr Main Hr Main
Nov 21 Chamberlains Consumption SQUIRES Elizabeth Church of England 52 Manuels Topsail
Sept 9 Holyrood Consumption MacKEY Michael Roman Catholic 16 Holyrood Holyrood
Sept 19 Holyrood Cancer of Face HAWCO Michael Roman Catholic 52 Chapels Cove Holyrood
not given Holyrood Tuberculosis LEWIS Bridget Roman Catholic 46 Hr Main Holyrood
Dec 23 Holyrood Tuberculosis FEWER Margaret Roman Catholic 43 Colliers Holyrood
Dec 19 Long Pond Dropsy PORTER Abraham Methodist 37 Long Pond Long Pond
Dec 28 Chamberlains Natural Causes TILLEY Ethel Methodist 14 Chamberlains Topsail
Sept 30 Kelligrews Convulsions TILLEY Lewis V Church of England 6 weeks Kelligrews Foxtrap
Oct 7 Middle Bight Paralysis KEARNES Robert Church of England 64 Middle Bight Foxtrap
Oct 18 Kelligrews Convulsions HENNESSEY Winifred M Church of England 3 mos Kelligrews Foxtrap
Oct 31 Kelligrews Convulsions TILLEY Malcolm Church of England 6 days Kelligrews Foxtrap
Dec 4 Middle Bight Convulsions TILLEY Effie M Church of England 2 mos Middle Bight Foxtrap
Dec 30 Kelligrews Convulsions TILLEY William Church of England 2 weeks Kelligrews Foxtrap
Dec 5 Indian Pond Old Age MORGAN John Church of England 83 P D Grave Hopewell
July 24 Kelligrews Not Stated DWYER Philip Roman Catholic 23 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Oct 19 Topsail Result of Explosion BRIEN John Roman Catholic 21 Topsail Topsail
Oct 22 St Anne's Old Age NASH Robert Roman Catholic 76 not given St John's
Nov 14 Kelligrews Consumption NUGENT Bartholomew Roman Catholic 17 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Oct 10 Gen Hospital Inflam of Bowels DALTON James Roman Catholic 61 Conception Colliers
Oct 15 Colliers Gen Debility HEARN Thomas Roman Catholic 67 Colliers Colliers
Oct 28 Conception Gen Debility GUSHUE Mary Roman Catholic 74 Bacon Cove Colliers
Nov 2 Bell Island Cancer of Stomach COLE Annie Roman Catholic 40 Colliers Colliers
Nov 4 Conception Gen Debility POLAN Catherine Roman Catholic 75 Conception Colliers
Nov 26 Colliers Not Stated COLE Mary Roman Catholic 21 Colliers Colliers
Dec 4 Gen Hospital Inflam of Bowels McGRATH Annie Roman Catholic 52 Colliers Colliers
Dec 5 Colliers Dropsy WHELAN Annie Roman Catholic 57 Colliers Colliers
Dec 8 Colliers Consumption RYAN Thomas Roman Catholic 27 Colliers Colliers
Dec 13 Colliers Old Age CONWAY Ellen Roman Catholic 84 Colliers Colliers
Dec 16 Conception Kidney Trouble CURRAN Ellen Roman Catholic 16 Conception Colliers
Dec 24 Conception Consumption RYAN Mary Ann Roman Catholic 29 Conception Colliers
Dec 25 Colliers Old Age WHELAN Catherine Roman Catholic 87 Colliers Colliers
PAGE 135                
Dec 30 Conception Old Age GUSHUE William Roman Catholic 84 Bacon Cove Colliers
Mar 31 On Board Southern Cross/Nfld Disaster Drowning BUTLER George        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER William C        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER Henry        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning TAYLOR Ambrose        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUSSEY Alfred        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUSSEY Thomas        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUSSEY Noah        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUSSEY Gordon        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER Joseph        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning LEARY Henry        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER William J        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning RIDEOUT Samuel        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning STANLEY John J        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning STANLEY William        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning MURLEY James        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUSSEY Joseph        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER Samuel        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTTON Uriah        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BISHOP John        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning BUTLER William        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning KEARNEY William        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning KENNEDY Samuel        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning MORGAN Alexr        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning MORGAN Joseph        
Mar 31 Southern Cross Drowning SMITH Henry Ford        
Dec 25 Chapels Cove Old Age CORBETT Michael Roman Catholic 81 Hr Main Avondale

PAGES 121 - 128 Transcribed by: Jose Zeeuwen (2011)
PAGES 129 - 135 Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2011)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 08, 2017 (Don Tate)
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