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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 4


St. John's City District

Pages 31 - 40

PAGE 31                  
Feb. 05 85 Casey St. Bronchitis AVERY Fred'k M Methodist 8Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 16 Springdale St. Consumption BUTT John C M Methodist 66 Bradleys Cove Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 27 Gilbert St. Bronchitis SELLARS Chesley G M Methodist 2Y/6M St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 26 Southside Bronchitis TAYLOR Jonathan M Methodist 72   Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 16 Fergus St. Consumption COLLINS Eliz'th F Methodist 29 Trinity Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 19 Gen.Hospital Typhoid Fever MARSHALL Joseph M Methodist   Freshwater Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 22 St.John's Bronchitis ROGERS Hettie F Methodist 7Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Jan. 19 Longs Hill Old Age PALFREY Elizabeth F Methodist 81   Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 07 5 Parade St. Convulsions EVANS Ernest Chesley M Methodist 4Mo.   Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 09 78 Lime St. Gastro Enteritis EARLE Alfred M Methodist 5Mo.   Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 17 Gen.Post Office Pneumonia THISTLE Charles M Methodist 3Mo.   Gen.P.Cemetery
Feb. 19 39 Fleming St. Bronchial Croup MATTHEWS Ellen May F Methodist 2   Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 06 Scott St. Bronchitis MORRIS Ethel May F Methodist 2 Old Perlican Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 12 Brazils Sq. Phthitis LOADER Eliza A F Methodist 63 Nfld. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 13 Adelaide St. Apoplexy BARTLETT Louisa F Methodist 69 St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 13 Gower St. Convulsions PEARCE Blanche M F Methodist 2Wks. Nfld. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 15 New Gower St. Chronic Enteritis TUFF Clara F Methodist 50 Nfld. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 18 Lime St. Marasmus TIZZARD Ralph M Methodist 2Wks. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 22 Scott St. Diphtheria REID George M Methodist 6 St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 28 Cabot St. Prem. Birth ROWE Florrie F Methodist 9Dys. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 01 Cabot St. Prem. Birth ROWE Jennie F Methodist 13Dys. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 16 Queens Rd. Old Age MCPHERSON Susanna E F Methodist 76 Nfld. Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 28? Barnes Rd. Old Age PITTS Julia A F Methodist 72 Nfld. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 10 Boat House Lane Inflamation REID Florence F Methodist 16Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 22 Colonial St. Pneumonia CROCKER Alex L M Methodist 16Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 23 Gen.Hospital Tumor HEFFERN Elizabeth F Methodist 14   Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 18 St.John's *Consumption CROCKER Alex M Methodist 42 Island Cove Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 04 Lunatic Aslyum Gen'l Debility JACOBS Richard M Methodist 65 Northern Bay Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 16 Hamilton St. Convulsions DAVIS Hy. M Methodist 8Dys. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 05 Dunford St. *Pneumonia LEARY Fanny R F Methodist 8 St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
*Consumption is written above Pneumonia with arrows pointing downward, indictating possible error in cause of death column.
Mar. 05 Barters Hill Bronchitis MEWS Mary F Methodist 55 Hants Hr. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 13 Barters Hill Meningitis MEWS Christina F Methodist 55 Hants Hr. Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 16 Brazils Sq. Urethal? Sticture ELLIS Beatrice F Methodist 7Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Mar. 19 Gen.Hospital Marasmus PENNY Jas. M Methodist 39 Western Bay Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 04 Lemarchant Rd Consumption TUCKER Herbert J M Methodist 2Mo. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 04 Rossiters Lane Septicomia RICH Isaac M Methodist 20 Labrador Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 05 Hamilton St. Gen.Debility BURT Amelia M F Methodist 39 Petty Hr. Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 16 Gilbert St.   STEPHENS Elsie M F Methodist 6Dys. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 20 Water St. Erysipelas BARNES Alfred Geo. M Methodist 13Dys. St.John's Gen.P.Cemetery
Apl. 24 Pleasant St. Consumption POTTLE Wm. R M Methodist 19 Jobs Cove Gen.P.Cemetery
PAGE 32                  
Dec. 20 1903 Beach B.I. Apoplexy WILLIAMS Thomas M Ch.of Eng. 64 England Beach B.I.
Jan. 22 Torbay Old Age WHITE William M Ch.of Eng. 94 Torbay Torbay
Jan. 21? Portugal Cove Consumption HARDING Walter M Ch.of Eng. 3 Portugal Cove Portugal Cove
Jan. 26 Broad Cove Cardiac Failure SQUIRES Joseph M Ch.of Eng. 72 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Feb. 14? St.John's Consumption HUSSEY Joseph M Ch.of Eng. 21 Bay Bulls Rd. Broad Cove
Feb. 22 St.John's Consumption PARSONS Julia F Ch.of Eng. 23 St.John's Broad Cove
Mar. 03 Hamilton St. Bronchitis ANDREWS Max Victor M Ch.of Eng. 5Wks. St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 05? Brazils Field Meningitis STRONG Chas. M Ch.of Eng. 3 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 09 New Gower St. Phthitis LAWSON Stephen Jno. M Ch.of Eng. 15 Little Bay C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 31 Pleasant St. Gen.Debility RUDGE John M Ch.of Eng. 21Dys. St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. ? SS Austrian(At Sea) Starvation LEA** Robt. M Ch.of Eng. 30? England C.O.E.Cemetery
              ** body found on arrival at St.John's    
Apl. 18 Adelaide St. Pys? Thorax? MARTIN Leah F Ch.of Eng. 43 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 26 Mechanics Bldg. Bullet Wound MARE Robt. L M Ch.of Eng. 51 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 01 Parade St. Pneumonia WILLIAMS Robt. N M Ch.of Eng. 6 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 04 Forest Rd. Old Age AUSTIN Sam'l H M Ch.of Eng. 83 England C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 07 Cove Rd. Heart Dis. PEARCE Eliz'th F Ch.of Eng. 60 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 01 Waterford B.Rd. Septicomia WILLETT Emily J F Ch.of Eng. 32 St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 06 Boat House Lane Rheumatic Fever ROBERTS John W M Ch.of Eng. 10 Brigus C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 08 Prescott St. Paralysis FIELD Chas. M Ch.of Eng. 74 Trinity C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 10 Fort Townsend Bronchitis HUNT Mary A F Ch.of Eng. 4 Trinity C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 17 Quidi Vidi Bronchitis PYNN Joseph M Ch.of Eng. 71 Quidi Vidi C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 26 Gower St. Accident MCCOUBREY John E M Ch.of Eng. 21Mo. St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Apl. 27 Clarenville Pneumonia BATSTONE Edgar M P M Ch.of Eng. 8Mo. St.John's C.O.E.Cemetery
Mar. 17 Petty Hr. Bronchitis LEE Emeline M F Ch.of Eng. 6 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Nov. 24 1903 Petty Hr. Gen.Debility KENNEDY Mary F R.Cath. 1Day Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Dec. 04 1903 Goulds Gen.Debility BRENNAN Mary F R.Cath. 5Mo. Goulds Goulds
Jan. 07 Petty Hr. Gen.Debility KENNEDY Mary E F R.Cath. 2Mo. Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Jan. 19 Petty Hr. Gen.Debility STACK Robt. M R.Cath. 1Mo. Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Feb. 07 Petty Hr. Old Age HOWLETT Sam'l M R.Cath. 84 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Feb. 07 Maddox Cove Old Age BRIEN James M R.Cath. 73 Ireland Petty Hr.
Mar. 18 Forest Pond Rd. Accident EVERARD James M R.Cath. 45 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Mar. 15 Goulds Consumption FINN Maurice M R.Cath. 52 Goulds Goulds
Nov. 25 1903 Belle Isle Bronchitis MOORES Frank M R.Cath. 3 Clarkes Beach Bell Isle
Dec. 06 1903 Belle Isle Old Age KEOUGH Joanna F R.Cath. 79 Bell Isle Bell Isle
Jan. 17 Flat Rock Pneumonia BURKE Wm. M R.Cath. 19 Flat Rock Torbay
Jan. 19 Torbay Old Age GOSSE Wm. M R.Cath. 72 Torbay Torbay
Jan. 23 Flat Rock Old Age BURKE Cath'n F R.Cath. 87 Flat Rock Torbay
Feb. 02 Torbay Paralysis RYAN Pat'k M R.Cath. 65 Torbay Torbay
Mar. 05 Torbay Rd. Gen.Debility DRUKEN Ellen F R.Cath. 8Dys. Torbay Rd. Torbay
Mar. 06 Torbay Consumption CULLEN Pat'k M R.Cath. 20 Torbay Torbay
Mar. 28 Flat Rock Consumption MAYNARD Thos. M R.Cath. 27 Flat Rock Torbay
PAGE 33                  
Mar. 02 Cookstown Rd. Bronchitis DUFFY Thos. W M R.Cath. 6Mo. St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 02 Water St.W Heart Dis. THISTLE Mary F R.Cath. 72? Carbonear Belvedere C.
Mar. 12 on board SS Grand Lake @ Seal Fishery Heart Failure DILLON Matthew M R.Cath. 46 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 12 Water St.W Consumption STEPHENSON Teresa F R.Cath. 23 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 13 Pleasant St. Bronchitis WHELAN Wm. M R.Cath. 5Mo. St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 13 Theatre Hill Old Age BERRIGAN William M R.Cath. 72 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 14 Dicks Square Gen.Debility HAYSE Annie F R.Cath. 64 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 15 Military Rd. Consumption CONNELLY Francis M R.Cath. 29 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 15 Water St.W Convulsions SHEA Pat'k I? M R.Cath. 15Mo. St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 17 Military Rd. Croup MARE Helen M F R.Cath. 17Mo. St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 20 New Gower St. Old Age TRELLIGAN Ann F R.Cath. 70 Ireland Belvedere C.
Mar. 23 New Gower St. Old Age DEVEREAUX Eliz'th F R.Cath. 75 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 31 Water St.W Old Age BUCKLEY Rachel F R.Cath. 87 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 06 Plank Rd. Consumption RYAN Pat'k M R.Cath. 45 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 07 Bannerman St. Old Age COLLINS Terence M R.Cath. 79 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 08 Portugal Cove Rd Prem. Birth MAHON Child of M'cl. M R.Cath.   St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 12 Military Rd. Convulsions BRADSHAW Henry A M R.Cath. 6M/2W St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 20 Long Pond Rd. Heart Failure HANLON Anne F R.Cath. 50 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 20 Water St. Convulsions TRELIGAN Margaret M F R.Cath. 17Mo. St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 21 Bulleys St. Convulsions NUGENT John M R.Cath. 3Dys. St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 24 Allendale Rd. Heart Failure COUGHLAN Cath'n F R.Cath. 77 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 25 Gen.Hospital Dropsy RYAN Cath'n F R.Cath. 53 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 26 Hamilton St. Heart Failure MURPHY Ellen F R.Cath. 66 St.John's Belvedere C.
Apl. 27 Bambrick St. Heart Failure POWER Clara F R.Cath. 47 St.John's Belvedere C.
Mar. 01 Brennans Lane Gen.Debility BYRNE Mary F R.Cath. 3Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 03 Barters Hill Gen.Debility HANRAHAN Thos. M R.Cath. 3Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 04 Quidi Vidi Old Age VOISEY Richard M R.Cath. 73 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 04 Livingstone St. Convulsions KNIGHT Willis A M R.Cath. 6Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 04 College Sq. Rheumatism DAVIS Mary F R.Cath. 60 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 05 Codners Lane Brights Dis. SPRATT Mary F R.Cath. 60 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 11 Fleming St. Pleurisy MILLER Ellen F R.Cath. 65 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 14 Water St.W Gen.Decay SLOAN James M R.Cath. 78 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 15 Prescott St. Gen.Decay GOODLAND Ellen F R.Cath. 73 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 16 Rossiters Lane Gen.Debility BYRNE Willis M R.Cath. 1Y/6M St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 17 Pleasant St. Consumption ST.GEORGE James M R.Cath. 32 Hearts Content Mt.Carmel
Mar. 18 Victoria St. Gen'l Debility KELLY John M R.Cath. 59 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 19 Cuddihy St. Consumption CONNORS Wm. R M R.Cath. 3 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 20 Williams Lane Bronchitis BYRNE Chas. M R.Cath. 4Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 20 Hutchings St. Heart Failure COCHRAN Julia F R.Cath. 48 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Mar. 21 Pleasant St. Consumption FITZGERALD Lizzie F R.Cath. 16 St.John's Mt.Carmel
PAGE 34                  
Mar. 29 Buchannan St. Consumption TOBIN James M R.Cath. 23 Hr.Grace Mt.Carmel
Mar. 31 Long Pond Rd. Consumption PHELAN Bridget F R.Cath. 38 Fermeuse Mt.Carmel
Apl. 01 Pleasant St. Consumption HICKEY Joseph M R.Cath. 23 Placentia Mt.Carmel
Apl. 01 Mcfarlanes Lane Convulsions ROCHE Philip M R.Cath. 6Wks. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 02   Old Age FOWLER Thos. M R.Cath. 52 Renews Mt.Carmel
Apl. 02 Poor Asylum Consumption BROADERICK M'cl M R.Cath. 48 Manchester Eng Mt.Carmel
Apl. 05 Seamans Home Influenza MARRY John M R.Cath. 63 Corsica Mt.Carmel
Apl. 06 Goodview St. Whooping Cough ABBOTT Mary F R.Cath. 1Y/6M St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 08 Cabot St. Consumption SEAWARD Sarah F R.Cath. 16 Hearts Ease Mt.Carmel
Apl. 11 Thomas St. Old Age O'TOOLE Jno. M R.Cath. 62 Carbonear Mt.Carmel
Apl. 11 Signal Hill Convulsions WEBB Albert M R.Cath. 6Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 11 Power St. Consumption PEDDLE William M R.Cath. 5 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 11 New Gower St. Pneumonia GLADNEY Martin M R.Cath. 65 Portugal Cove Mt.Carmel
Apl. 12 Stephen St. Gen.Debility MADDEN Michael M R.Cath. 1Wk. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 13 Flower Hill Old Age CASEY Mary F R.Cath. 70 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 13 Poor Asylum Old Age DOOLEY Dan'l M R.Cath. 70 Carbonear Mt.Carmel
Apl. 14 Wickford St. Spinal Dis. CURRAN Leo M R.Cath. 8Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 14 Gen.Hospital Accident LOUBET? Emile M R.Cath. 60 Germany Mt.Carmel
Apl. 15 Livingstone St. Ricketts LANNON James M R.Cath. 8 Hr.Main Mt.Carmel
Apl. 18 Torbay Rd. Convulsions TUCKER Joseph M R.Cath. 6Dys. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 19 Duckworth St. Bronchitis KENNEDY Cyril? M R.Cath. 9Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 19 Damerills Lane Old Age HICKEY Cath'n F R.Cath. 70 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 19 Cochrane St. Consumption POWER Katie F R.Cath. 23 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 25 Job St. Brights Dis. EDWARDS Andrew M R.Cath. 58 Lawn Mt.Carmel
Apl. 25 Stephen St. Heart Failure FRASER Alex M R.Cath. 50 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 25 Mcdonald St. Gen.Debility BARRINGTON James M R.Cath. 5Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 27 Signal Hill Rd. Consumption AYLWARD Jno. M R.Cath. 27 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 28 Gen.Hospital Consumption FLYNN Joseph M R.Cath. 34 Placentia Mt.Carmel
Apl. 29 Damerills Lane Consumption O'NEIL Constantine M R.Cath. 56 Fermeuse Mt.Carmel
Apl. 29 Merrymeeting Rd. Consumption MORRISSEY John M R.Cath. 7 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Apl. 30 Bannerman St. Consumption OBRIEN Minnie F R.Cath. 27 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Jan. 04 Kilbride Yellow Atrophy MCCORMACK Timothy M R.Cath. 71 Kilbride Kilbride
Jan. 12 Kilbride Croup SINNOTT Thos. M R.Cath. 2 Kilbride Kilbride
Jan. 24 Kilbride Consumption TRACEY Eliz'th F R.Cath. 28 Kilbride Kilbride
Jan. 07 Pouch Cove Gen.Debility NOFTAL Thos. M Methodist 16Mo. Pouch Cove Pouch Cove
Mar. 20 Bauline Gen.Debility KING James M Methodist 1Wk. Bauline Pouch Cove
Feb. 28 Bell Isld. Brain Dis. LEDREW Ivy Mina M F Methodist 5Mo. Bell Isle Pouch Cove
Mar. 02 Springdale St. Bronchitis SNOW Marion E F Ch.of Eng. 3Wks. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Mar. 20 Water St.W Old Age FRY John M Ch.of Eng. 87 Portugal Cove C.O.E. Cemetery
Mar. 27 John Cancer of Stomach KIEL John M Ch.of Eng. 56 Catalina C.O.E. Cemetery
PAGE 35                  
Mar. 30 Poor Asylum Old Age BUTT Cath'n M Ch.of Eng. 69 Hr.Grace C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 08 Hamilton St. Consumption MANUEL Amelia J F Ch.of Eng. 26 Catalina C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 10 Hamilton St. Laryngitis MARTIN Florence M F Ch.of Eng. 2Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 15 Poor Asylum Consumption STRAWBERY John M Ch.of Eng. 38 Hr.Breton C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 27 Convent Sq. Epilepsy PORTER Peter M Ch.of Eng. 15 Middle Bight C.O.E. Cemetery
Jan. 04 St.John's Consumption PORTER Elizabeth F S.Army 29 St.John's St.John's
Jan. 19 St.John's Consumption WHITMARSH Lottie B F S.Army 2Mo. St.John's St.John's
Jan. 25 St.John's Prem. Birth MURRAY Child of Eliza M S.Army 2Dys. St.John's St.John's
Feb. 05 St.John's Consumption HOWELL Willis Jno. M S.Army 3Mo. St.John's St.John's
Feb. 05 St.John's Pneumonia SPRACKLIN Hazel F S.Army 2Y/6M St.John's St.John's
Feb. 23 St.John's Prem. Birth BAILEY Harold M S.Army 4Hrs. St.John's St.John's
Mar. 04 St.John's Hydrocephatus HOWELL Clarice F S.Army 2Y/6M? St.John's St.John's
Mar. 10 St.John's Bronchitis HUTCHINGS Levi A M S.Army 7Mo. St.John's St.John's
Mar. 27 St.John's Catarrh ROWE Kate W F S.Army 14Mo. St.John's St.John's
Jan. 15 Bell Isle Old Age POWER Eliza F R.Cath. 81 St.John's Bell Isle
Feb. 02 Bell Isle Convulsions DWYER William M R.Cath. 2Wks. Bell Isle Bell Isle
Feb. 26 Bell Isle Gastric Fever DWYER Richard M R.Cath. 46 Bell Isle Bell Isle
Jan. 16? St.John's Hernia SCOTT Olivia F Presbt'n 52 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
Feb. 14 St.John's Spinal Trouble FRASER Jas. O M Presbt'n 77 St.John NB G.P.Cemetery
Mar. 20 St.John's Gastric Trouble GRANT Annie F Presbt'n 52 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
Mar. 24 St.John's Bronchitis MURRAY Eliz'th F Presbt'n 86 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
May 10 St.John's Appendecitis BASTOW Berenice[sic] F Presbt'n 13 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
June 08 St.John's Congestion of Brain? MUIR Isabella F Presbt'n 64 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
June 21 St.John's Heart Failure TEMPLETON Robert M Presbt'n 64 Scotland G.P.Cemetery
May 07 70 Hamilton St. Indigestion CORNICK Blanche F Ch.of Eng. 1Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 11 Job St. Hemorrhage BUGDEN Jessie Cola? F Ch.of Eng. 33 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 21 Pope St. Gen.Debility EARLE Wm. Henry M Ch.of Eng. 2Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 26 Lemarchant Rd Appendecitis GOSLING Eliz'th Gilbert F Ch.of Eng. 8Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 28 Charlton St. Croup MOTTY Sidney H M Ch.of Eng. 14Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 01 St.John's Drowning OLSEN Arthur K M Ch.of Eng. 26 Bergen C.O.E. Cemetery
May 02 Military Rd. Gen.Debility SNOW Lewis Tessier M Ch.of Eng. 14Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 06 Quidi Vidi Rd. Brights Dis. SIMMS Augustus M Ch.of Eng. 61 Trepassey C.O.E. Cemetery
May 26 Longs Hill Consumption ROBINSON John M Ch.of Eng. 40 Manchester Eng C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 07 Torbay Bronchitis KENNEDY Ann F R.Cath. 15 Torbay Torbay
Apl. 19 Torbay Paralysis CANTWELL Ellen F R.Cath. 72 Torbay Torbay
Apl. 21 Pouch Cove Diphtheria SHEA Patrick M R.Cath. 3 Pouch Cove Pouch Cove
Apl. 28? Middle Cove Gen.Debility ROCHE Cath'n F R.Cath. 7Mo. Middle Cove Torbay
May 03 Middle Cove Gen.Debility DRUKEN Philip M R.Cath. 9Mo. Middle Cove Torbay
May 19 Middle Cove Old Age RYAN Ellen F R.Cath. 83 Torbay Torbay
May 11 Freshwater Rd. Old Age DUFF Marg't F R.Cath. 64 St.John's St.John's(Belved.)
PAGE 36                  
May 13 Carters Hill Heart Failure MILLER Lawrence M R.Cath. 46 St.John's Belvidere
May 13 Poor Asylum Gen.Debility WALSH Elizabeth F R.Cath. 86? St.John's Belvidere
May 14 Prescott St. Consumption BYRNE Margaret F R.Cath. 27 St.John's Belvidere
May 15 Theatre Hill Heart Failure COSTELLO Sarah F R.Cath. 65 St.John's Belvidere
May 19 Rennies Mill Rd. Gen.Debility CONNOLLY Agnes F R.Cath. 10Mo. St.John's Belvidere
May 22 Lunatic Aslyum Insanity COLLINS Mary F F R.Cath. 63 St.John's Belvidere
May 29 Water St.W Convulsions MOCKLER Mary F R.Cath. 1Day St.John's Belvidere
May 29 Water St.W Convulsions MOAKLER? Margaret F R.Cath. 1Day St.John's Belvidere
May 31 Southside Pleurisy HOLWELL John M R.Cath. 31 St.John's Belvidere
May 04 Moore St. Decline STAFFORD James M R.Cath. 56 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 05 Water St.W Decline DEVEREAUX Mary F R.Cath. 9 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 07 Poor Asylum Decline MADDEN Pat'k M R.Cath. 55 Petty Hr. Mt.Carmel
May 08 Nunnery Hill Old Age DEGAN Pat'k M R.Cath. 75 Bay Bulls Mt.Carmel
May 10 Bannerman St. Brain Disease OLIVER Rose M F R.Cath. 7Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 11 Damerills Lane Prem. Birth WALSH Mary F R.Cath. 1Day St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 11 Water St.W Heart Failure REDDY Fanny F R.Cath. 20 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 12 Pope St. Prem. Birth WALSH Child of Thos. & Mary F R.Cath. Inft. St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 16 Moore St. Brain Dis. GREENE Bride F R.Cath. 3Y/6M? St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 19 Casey St. Gen.Debility TOBIN John M R.Cath. 2Hrs. St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 19 Belvedere St. Old Age GROUCHY Philip M R.Cath. 70 Pouch Cove Mt.Carmel
May 26 Flower Hill Consumption ANDERSON Marg't F R.Cath. 33 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 26 Gilbert St. Old Age TOBIN Mollie F R.Cath. 6Hrs. St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 27 Water St.W Consumption MARTIN Mary J F R.Cath. 8 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 27 Nunnery Hill Hip Disease LUBY Andrew M R.Cath. 7 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 30 Scott St. Heart Failure ADAMS Jessie F R.Cath. 13 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 30 Gen.Hospital Consumption ANTHONY Thos. M R.Cath. 29 St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 12 Duggan St. Prem. Birth CONSTANTINE Child of Peter & Mary M R.Cath. Inft. St.John's Mt.Carmel
May 18 St.John's Paralysis FROUD Louisa F Methodist 54 Old Perlican G.P.Cemetery
May 16 St.John's Convulsions CRITCH Harold M Methodist 9Mo. St.John's G.P.Cemetery
May 19 St.John's Consumption BUTCHER Jane F Methodist 19 Bonavista G.P.Cemetery
May 05 Young St. Phthitis FRENCH Cath'n A F Methodist 25 Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
May 17 Goodview St. Cancer SNELGROVE Cath'n F Methodist 45 Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
May 25 Stewart Ave. Convulsions ABBOTT Jessie I? F Methodist 2M/2W Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
May 28 Barters Hill Heart Dis. MORGAN John M Methodist 55 Somerset? Wales G.P.Cemetery
May 31 Kings Rd. Meningitis SCAPLIN Jean Hope F Methodist 1 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
June 03 Cabot St. Ulceration/Stomach ROWE Mary F Methodist 54 Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
June 04 Battery Rd. Convulsions EARLE Annie B F Methodist 9Mo. Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
June 09 Longs Hill Heart Dis. WEATHERDON Robt. M Methodist 74 Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
June 13 Cookstown Rd. Phthitis FRENCH Dorothy F Methodist 5Mo. 20 Young St. G.P.Cemetery
June 25 Wickford St. Burnt LIDSTONE Elsie F Methodist 2Y/6M St.John's G.P.Cemetery
PAGE 37                  
June 07 Longs Hill Convulsions MARSHALL Edw'd M M Ch.of Eng. 4Wks. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
June 14 Stephen St. Cancer of Stomach RODGERS James M Ch.of Eng. 66 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
June 20 Barnes Rd. Asthma BUTLER Solomon M Ch.of Eng. 78 Port de Grave C.O.E. Cemetery
June 19 Pouch Cove Inflam. of Bowels SHEARS Raymond G M Ch.of Eng. 4 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
June 22 Quidi Vidi Rd. Senility CARNELL Wm. M Ch.of Eng. 80 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 02 Hamilton Ave. Laryngitis DROVER Nathaniel M Ch.of Eng. 6Y/2M St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 07 Poor Asylum Gen.Debility NURSE George M Ch.of Eng. 66 Hr.Breton C.O.E. Cemetery
May 09 John St. Old Age NELDER Mary F Ch.of Eng. 90 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
May 10 Poor Asylum Old Age MENTUM? Mary F Ch.of Eng. 41 Hr.Breton C.O.E. Cemetery
May 23 Water St. Consumption MCCOUBREY Geo. Andrew M Ch.of Eng. 33 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
June 13 Poor Asylum Old Age STONE Martin M Ch.of Eng. 56 Fogo C.O.E. Cemetery
June 26 Southside Paralysis EBSARY John H M Ch.of Eng. 64 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
June 27 Gower St. Old Age LEMESSURIER George Hare M Ch.of Eng. 90 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 01 Portugal Cove Brain Trouble GREELEY Eliz'th F Ch.of Eng. 70 Portugal Cove Portugal Cove
Apl. 01 Broad Cove Pneumonia JONES Albert M Ch.of Eng. 5 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Apl. 02 Bell Island Bronchitis TUCKER Harold Victor M Ch.of Eng. 5M/2W Bell Isld. Broad Cove
Apl. 05 Broad Cove Croup TUCKER Herbert M Ch.of Eng. 8 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Apl. 18 Broad Cove Peritonites SQUIRES Pauline F Ch.of Eng. 19 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Apl. 21 Broad Cove Cardiac Failure KITCHEN Benj. Geo. M Ch.of Eng. 1Day Broad Cove Broad Cove
June 11 Portugal Cove Consumption SOMERTON Hannah F Ch.of Eng. 12 Portugal Cove Portugal Cove
Apl. 20 Broad Cove Stillborn KITCHEN Child of Wm. & Belinda M Ch.of Eng.   Broad Cove Broad Cove
June 28 Lunatic Aslyum Lunacy SOMERTON Sarah Jane F Ch.of Eng. 50 Portugal Cove Portugal Cove
June 01 Gower St. Inflamation VINICOMBE Josephine F R.Cath. 25 Hr.Main Mt.Carmel
June 02 Signal Hill Gen.Debility WALSH Jack M R.Cath. 7 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 03 Livingstone St. Brain Fever BURTON Minnie F R.Cath. 13 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 03 Lunatic Aslyum Gen.Decay ORIELLY Garrett M R.Cath.   Placentia Mt.Carmel
June 05 New Gower St. Convulsions ASHBURN Mollie F R.Cath. 1 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 05 Waterford B.Rd. Gen.Debility MURPHY Martin M R.Cath. 78 Wexford Mt.Carmel
June 06 Georges St. Convulsions PENDER Willis M R.Cath. 2Wks. St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 09 Southside Gen.Decay WALSH Anastatia F R.Cath. 70 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 09 Battery Rd. Convulsions HALLERAN John M R.Cath. 2Dys. St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 13 Temperence Rd. Premature B. MAHER Child of Edw'd & Mary F R.Cath.   St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 15 Flower Hill Premature B. FANNING James M R.Cath. 1Day St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 15 Poor Asylum Old Age CRANE Cath'n F R.Cath. 83 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 16 Gen.Hospital Decline MAHER Julia F R.Cath. 26 Norris Arm Mt.Carmel
June 17 Colonial St. Decline MANNING Bridget F R.Cath. 31 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 18 Merrymeeting Rd. Decline STAMP James M R.Cath. 15 St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 21 Job St. Brain Dis. ONEIL Katie F R.Cath. 3Y/6M St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 22 Georges St. Infantile PENDER Susan F R.Cath. 1Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
June 24 Bell St. Accident BASHA Martha F R.Cath. 15 Syria Mt.Carmel
PAGE 38                  
June 28 Livingstone St. Consumption GAULTON Ann F R.Cath. 38 Isle Valen Mt.Carmel
June 30 Hamilton St. Infantile DORMADY James M R.Cath. 2Dys.   Mt.Carmel
June 01 Stephen St. Old Age MCILVANE?Y Mary F R.Cath. 69 St.John's Belvidere
June 04 New Gower St. Heart Failure MCNAMARA Mary F R.Cath. 56 St.John's Belvidere
June 11 Pleasant St. Old Age ARMSTRONG Ann F R.Cath. 75 St.John's Belvidere
June 17 Gower St. Old Age DUNPHY John M R.Cath. 83 Ireland Belvidere
June 18 Bannerman St. Dropsy POWER Johanna F R.Cath. 45 St.John's Belvidere
June 18 Water St.W Heart Failure KAVANAGH Joseph M R.Cath. 69 St.John's Belvidere
June 20 Theatre Hill Old Age REID Johanna F R.Cath. 71 St.John's Belvidere
June 22 Brazils Sq. Spinal Dis. ELLIS Alice F R.Cath. 4Mo. St.John's Belvidere
June 24 Hagertys Lane Old Age QUINN Selina F R.Cath. 70 St.John's Belvidere
June 25 New Gower St. Heart Failure GRACE Honora F R.Cath. 60 St.John's Belvidere
June 27 Lemarchant Rd Stillborn BRENNAN Child of Edward M R.Cath.     Belvidere
May 04 Petty Hr. Dropsy STACK Peter M R.Cath. 50 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
June 13 Maddox Cove   MADDEN Paul M R.Cath. 65 Maddox Cove Petty Hr.
May 20 St.John's Croup TRACEY Katie F R.Cath. 12Mo. St.John's Kilbride
May 25 Kilbride Croup PRIDEAUX Jas. M R.Cath. 4Mo. St.John's Kilbride
May 28 Poor Asylum Gen.Debility AYLWARD Mary F R.Cath. 59 Kilbride Kilbride
June 09 Kilbride Paralysis MCDONALD Alice F R.Cath. 57 Kilbride Kilbride
June 30 Kilbride Consumption AYLWARD Nicholas M R.Cath. 23 Kilbride Kilbride
Feb. 03 St.John's Old Age HADDON Mary F Cong'l 79   G.P.Cemetery
Mar. 27 St.John's Old Age KNIGHT Sarah F Cong'l 80   G.P.Cemetery
Apl. 22 St.John's Old Age MURRAY Lydia F Cong'l 83   G.P.Cemetery
June 28 St.John's Prem. Birth KIRKLAND Bruce Douglas M Cong'l 6Dys.   G.P.Cemetery
July 01 Hamilton Ave. Gen.Debility DORMADY James M R.Cath. 2Dys. St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 01 Kootstown[sic] Consumption DODD Josephine F R.Cath. 44 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 02 Poor Asylum Consumption BYRNE Pat'k M R.Cath. 52 Placentia Mt.Carmel
July 02 Hutchings St. Convulsions MARSHALL Mary E F R.Cath. 9Dys. St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 04 Lime St. Cancer COADY John M R.Cath. 62 Renews Mt.Carmel
July 04 Majors Path Gen.Decay MANNING Thos. M R.Cath. 72 Torbay Mt.Carmel
July 04 New Gower St. Consumption POWER Mary J F R.Cath. 18 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 05 Water St.W Paralysis MURPHY Marg't F R.Cath. 76 Wexford Mt.Carmel
July 06 Barnes Rd. Prem. Birth OLEARY Child of Jas. & Teresa M R.Cath.   St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 07 Military Rd. Dropsy HAYSE Mary F R.Cath. 66 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 08? Allan Square Prem. Birth LANNIGAN Child of Joe? & Bertha? M R.Cath.   St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 08 Mcfarlane St. Prem. Birth COLE Child of Tom? & Ann M R.Cath.   St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 11 Jane St.(Found on S.side Hill R?) Exposure PENDER William M R.Cath. 60 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 14 Field St. Gen.Debility HURDLE M. F. M R.Cath. 8Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 15 Flower Hill Gen.Debility RENDELL Pat'k M R.Cath. 15Dys. St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 16 Brine St. Consumption FAWCETT James M R.Cath. 21 St.John's Mt.Carmel
PAGE 39                  
July 18 New Gower St. Paralysis MORRISSEY Jas. M R.Cath. 58 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 18 Fergus Place Consumption POWER Willis M R.Cath. 29 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 19 Logy Bay Old Age DWYER Pat'k M R.Cath. 79 Logy Bay Mt.Carmel
July 22 Pleasant St. Inflamation BRIEN Jane F R.Cath. 48 Carbonear Mt.Carmel
July 22 Howe Place Cancer BARRINGTON Anne F R.Cath. 57 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 22 Battery Rd. Decline DINN Marg't F R.Cath. 50 Renews Mt.Carmel
July 26 Flower Hill Old Age COLE Cath'n F R.Cath. 75 St.John's Mt.Carmel
July 26 Bell St. Old Age LEE Cath'n F R.Cath. 67 Witless Bay Mt.Carmel
July 06 Kilbride Old Age RYAN Margaret F R.Cath. 78 St.John's Belvidere
July 06 Holloway St. Old Age MAHER Catherine F R.Cath. 81 Ireland Belvidere
July 13 Mullock St. Old Age STEPHENSON Margaret F R.Cath. 75 St.John's Belvidere
July 18 Mullock St. Old Age HAYES James M R.Cath. 80 Ireland Belvidere
Apl. 01 Bell Island Old Age BOWDREN Jane F R.Cath. 84 Lance Cove B Id. Bell Isld.
May 19 Bell Island Old Age PEARL Thomas M R.Cath. 92 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
June 27 Bell Island Accident BASHA Martha F R.Cath. 14 Syria Bell Isld.
June 20 Bell Island Childbirth DOOLEY Anastatia F R.Cath. 38 Bell Id. Bell Isld.
May 19 Pouch Cove Pleurisy VATERS Fannie F Methodist 36 Pouch Cove Pouch Cove
May 02 Poor Asylum   WHITEWAY Ellen F Methodist 61 Musgrave Hr. G.P.Cemetery
May 03 Southside Heart Disease PIKE Sarah F Methodist 70 Grates Cove G.P.Cemetery
May 07 Alexander St. Tub. Meningitis SWANSON Chas. M Methodist 3Y/6M St.John's G.P.Cemetery
May 25 Lunatic Aslyum   PELLEY James M Methodist 54 Hants Hr. G.P.Cemetery
June 08 Georges St. Gen.Debility BUGDEN Henry Jas. M Methodist 17Dys? George St. G.P.Cemetery
June 26 Gen.Hospital Heart Dis. PIKE Mary F Methodist 56 Hr.Grace G.P.Cemetery
June 28 Lunatic Aslyum Old Age FLYNN William M Methodist 78 Bird Id.Cove G.P.Cemetery
July 01 George St. Asthenia PIPPY Julia F Methodist 65 Bell Isld. G.P.Cemetery
July 25 Poor Asylum   ROGERS Levi M Methodist 61 Lower Id.Cove G.P.Cemetery
July 25 Golf Ave. Convulsions ROSE Thos. Gladstone M Methodist 11Mo. St.John's G.P.Cemetery
July 07 Pleasant St. Convulsions REYNOLDS Francis M Methodist 10Mo. Montreal PQ G.P.Cemetery
July 26 Lemarchant Rd Heart Dis. STEER George M Methodist 51 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
Apl. 10 St.John's Convulsions ROWE Wm. Hubert M S.Army 9Dys. St.John's St.John's
Apl. 18 St.John's Pneumonia WHITEMARSH Florence F S.Army 3 St.John's St.John's
Apl. 21 St.John's Convulsions HARVEY Mary F S.Army 3Wks. St.John's St.John's
Apl. 23 St.John's Gen.Debility QUINTON John M S.Army 64 St.John's St.John's
July 04 Torbay Rd. Convulsions VOICEY Wm. Chas. M Ch.of Eng. 1Day Torbay Rd. C.O.E. Cemetery
July 25 Gower St. Cardiac Dropsy WHITTEN Chas. M Ch.of Eng. 70 Petty Hr. C.O.E. Cemetery
Apl. 28 Freshwater Consumption PARSONS Edw'd Albert M Ch.of Eng. 11 Freshwater Lance Cove
June 07 Lance Cove Brights Dis. REES James M Ch.of Eng. 5 Lance Cove Lance Cove
July 02 Lance Cove Consumption REES Susanna F Ch.of Eng. 72 Lance Cove Lance Cove
Aug. 02 at Beach? on board of SS Luto?ia Fracture of Scull HOLMES George M Ch.of Eng. 40 Glasglow? Scotland Beach
Aug. 17 Beach Accident BUGDEN Wm. M Ch.of Eng. 11 Trinity Beach
PAGE 40                  
July 07 Adelaide St. Cong. of Lungs SKEANS William M Methodist 72 Nfld. G.P.Cemetery
July 09 Tessier Place Marasmus BRYANT Azariah H M Methodist 1Mo. Tessier Place G.P.Cemetery
July 11 Lime St. Spinal Dis. LEGROW Gladys F Methodist 2 St.John's G.P.Cemetery
July 13 Murray St. Heart Dis. LESHANE Chas. M Methodist 40 Newfld. G.P.Cemetery
July 14 Moore St. Angina Pectoris COOK Eliza F Methodist 69 Newfld. G.P.Cemetery
June 29 St.John's Old Age MARTIN Eliz'th M F Presbt'n 77 Scotland Riverhead C.
July 31? St.John's Hernfol?gia(?) STOTT Agnes Douglas F Presbt'n 51 St.John's Riverhead C.
Aug. 25 St.John's Cancer of Liver FRASER Hector M L M Presbt'n 82? Pictou NS Riverhead C.
Sep. 25? St.John's Jaundice LILLIE Marg't J F Presbt'n 2 New York Riverhead C.
Aug. 03 Carew St. Chol.Infantum PYNN Wm. Ang. H M Ch.of Eng. 11M/2W St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 09 Hagertys Lane Chol.Infantum CHISLETT Celia F Ch.of Eng. 3M/2W St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 09 Lime St. Chol.Infantum HEWITT Ada F Ch.of Eng. 2 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 13 Job St. Convulsions BUGDEN Wm. Ed. M Ch.of Eng. 3Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 16 Cabot St. Convulsions THOMAS Edw'd Geo. M Ch.of Eng. 16Hr. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 20 **Goodview St. Gen.Debility MITCHELL Mary M F Ch.of Eng. 3Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
** Arrows pointing down from Goodview. At Casey St. (Aug. 14) another arrow pointing to blank space
Aug. 21 Bannerman St. Chol.Infantum REID Mabel F Ch.of Eng. 7Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 31 Hayward Ave. Chol.Infantum SAVAGE Madeline F Ch.of Eng. 6Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 11 Merrymeeting Rd. Heart Failure COLLIS Geo. M Ch.of Eng. 58 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 23 Fleming St. Pneumonia MCNEIL Sam'l I? M Ch.of Eng. 72 Brigus C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 25 Belvidere St. Chol.Infantum YOUNG Maxwell K M Ch.of Eng. 2Mo. St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 25 Gen.Hospital Old Age STONE Chas. M Ch.of Eng. 85 Trinity C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 27 Fleming St. Fracture? of Scull SNOW Henry M Ch.of Eng. 38 St.John's C.O.E. Cemetery
Aug. 05 Pope St. Brain Dis. MURRAY Alice F R.Cath. 1Y/6M St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 08 George St. Accident LEE Thos. M R.Cath. 14 Little Bay Mt.Carmel
Aug. 08 Gower St. Heart Failure BRENNAN Joseph M R.Cath. 1 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 09 Lime St. Gen.Debility BARNES Kitty F R.Cath. 1Day St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 10 Barnes Place Paralysis HODDER Eli M R.Cath. 66 Trinity Mt.Carmel
Aug. 11 Butler Place Chol.Infantum CAHILL Thos. M R.Cath. 9Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 12 Circular Rd. Dysentry BUTLER Stephen M R.Cath. 46 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 12 Lunatic Aslyum Heart Failure DONNELLY Lizzie F R.Cath. 14 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 12 Casey St. Phthitis LEMAINE Mary F R.Cath. 26 Bay St.Geo. Mt.Carmel
Aug. 13 ** Chol.Infantum DORMADY Pat'k M R.Cath. 3Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 13 Patricks St. Convulsions MURPHY Pat'k M R.Cath. 2Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 16? Duckworth St. Chol.Infantum BENNETT James A M R.Cath. 2Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 16 Sebastian St. Chol.Infantum SCURREY James M R.Cath. 4Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 16 Flower Hill Chol.Infantum STAPLETON Francis M R.Cath. 7Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 17 Mundys Pond Rd. Diphtheria CONNORS Mamie F R.Cath. 7 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 19 Flavin St. Old Age KINSELLA Wm. M R.Cath. 66 St.John's Mt.Carmel
Aug. 19 Longs Hill Cancer HUNT Jno. M R.Cath. 54 Hr.Grace? Mt.Carmel
Aug. 19 Pleasant St. Convulsions FITZPATRICK Fred'k M R.Cath. 6Mo. St.John's Mt.Carmel

Transcribed by Betty Cumby (2010)

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