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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay North District
1942 - 1943

Book 14
PAGES 207 - 208, 212

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 207,                  
Mar. 19 General Hosp. Carcinoma of Colon STONE Mrs. Theresa F No Entry 59 No Entry Catalina
16 Grace Hosp. Myocarditis, Septicaemia PITTMAN Mrs. Mary Ann F No Entry 68 No Entry Harcourt
May 08 Mental Hosp. Ac. Pancreatitis MARTIN Eleanor F No Entry 28 No Entry Hickman's Hr.
Jan. 08 Hickman's Hr. Anaemia BRYANT Joan P. F UC 7/12 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Feb. 10 Hickman's Hr. Tuberculosis EDDY Elisha M UC 37 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Mar. 01 Howley Lumber Camp Myocarditis MARTIN William M UC 40 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Jan. 02 Ivanhoe Meningitis HODDER Vernon M CE 1 Ivanhoe Ireland's Eye
12 Goose Cove Carcinoma of Stomach KANE Sarah Jane F CE 64 Lockston Trinity
31 Little Hr. No Entry VOKEY Maud F CE 37 British Hr. Little Hr.
Feb. 02 Ivanhoe Meningitis IVANY Cyril M CE 3 Ivanhoe Ireland's Eye
03 Trinity Chr. Bronchitis GRANT Laura Jane F CE 85 Hant's Hr. Trinity
28 Kerley's Hr Mastoiditis JANES Gordon M CE 9/12 Kerley's Hr. New Bonaventure
Mar. 11 Dunfield Marasmus CLARKE Chesley M. M CE 2/12 Dunfield Trinity
26 Old Bonaventure Pulm. Tuberculosis STONE Constance F CE 16 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
29 New Bonaventure Urinary Calculi MILLER Willis E. M CE 64 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Apr. 15 Old Bonaventure Ulcer of Stomach VERGE Susannah F CE 56 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
26 Trinity No Entry LOCKE Cicely F CE 2 Dys Trinity Trinity
27 Lockston No Entry PEDDLE Walter M UC 5 Dys Lockston Trinity
Jan. 06 Elliston Paralysis PORTER Robert M UC 61 Elliston Elliston
15 Elliston Meningitis CREWE Rex M UC 15 Elliston Elliston
24 Elliston Childbirth ABBOTT Euphemia F UC 19 Elliston Elliston
30 Elliston No Entry MARTIN Timothy M UC 1 Wk Elliston Elliston
26 White Rock Tuberculosis GOODYEAR Eleagal J. M UC 30 White Rock Harcourt
Mar. 05 Harcourt Tuberculosis PITTMAN Effie F UC 19 Harcourt Harcourt
16 Harcourt Myocarditis PITTMAN Mary A. F UC 70 Harcourt Brickyard
Feb. 10 George's Brook No Entry SANSOM Florence F CE 50 Bay Roberts George's Brook
Jan. 02 Trinity East Haemorrhage During Pregnancy FOWLOW Elizabeth F CE 38 Bonavista Port Rexton
02 Trinity East Stillborn FOWLOW No Entry F No Entry SB No Entry Port Rexton
10 Port Rexton Myocarditis BARBOUR Thomas M CE 63 Port Rexton Port Rexton
25 Port Rexton Valvular Disease of Heart BANNISTER Clara F CE 73 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Mar. 25 Port Rexton Cerebral Thrombosis BAILEY Benjamin M CE 72 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Apr. 09 Little Heart's Ease Tuberculosis DRODGE John M SA 43 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
May 02 English Hr. Rheumatic Fever BATSON Mary E. F UC 61 English Hr. English Hr.
Feb. 02 Little Heart's Ease Accidently Killed NORRIS William M Pentecostal 13 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
May. 24 Clifton Senility COOPER William M SA 81 Clifton Clifton
NOTE: William Cooper originally written as May 24. May crossed out and Mar printed above the crossed out entry.
Jan. 10 Little Catalina Congenital EDDY Leonard M UC 1/12 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb. 08 Little Catalina Senility CULLIMORE Sarah F UC 81 Little Catalina Little Catalina
08 Port Union Meningitis MASON Harold M UC 16 Port Union Little Catalina
13 Port Union Cardiac Insufficiency BLACKMORE No Entry M UC 4/12 Port Union Little Catalina
Mar. 22 L. Catalina Senility TIPPETT Alexander M UC 85 L. Catalina L. Catalina
PAGE 208,                
Jan. 16 Little Heart's Ease No Entry KING Hannah F UC 73 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
Mar. 01 Hillview Inflammation of Bowels SNOW Linda G. F UC 4 Hillview Hillview
16 Little Heart's Ease Paralysis DRODGE Emily J. F UC 79 St. Jones Within Little Heart's Ease
25 Goobies Tuberculosis CRAMM Joseph George M UC 52 No Entry Goobies
Jan. 11 Adeyton Old Age ADEY Robert M UC 80 Hant's Hr. Adeyton
22 Lady Cove Pneumonia MARCH Stirling M UC 4/12 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Feb. 17 Apsey Brook Meningitis MORGAN Gerald R. M UC 8/12 St. John's Apsey Brook
Mar. 23 Lady Cove Old Age STANLEY Sarah F UC 85 Hant's Hr. Lady Cove
June 13 St. Clare's Hosp. Myocarditis PITCHER George M No Entry 65 Clarenville Clarenville
July 02 Hickman's Hr. No Entry GREEN Mildred F UC 18 St. Jones Without St. Jones Without
Feb. 27 Milton Senility ADAMS John M UC 84 Old Perlican George's Brook
Apr. 28 Monroe Senility PARSONS Amelia F UC 82 Trinity Harcourt
May 26 Milton Heart Trouble FROUDE Eliza F UC 83 No Entry Clarenville
20 Shoal Hr. Senility LOWE Betsy A. F UC 81 No Entry Shoal Hr.
June 27 Harcourt Tuberculosis PELLEY Alfred M UC 45 Somerset Harcourt
Apr. 06 Champneys Valvular Disease of Heart MOODY Irene F CE 73 Champneys Champneys
06 Port Rexton Pulm. Tuberculosis KING Thomas M CE 18 Port Rexton Port Rexton
10 Port Rexton Malignant Disease of Stomach RANDELL Mary F CE 78 Bonavista Port Rexton
May 12 Port Rexton Chr. Fibroid Phthisis RYAN Louisa F CE 74 Port Rexton Port Rexton
30 English Hr. Valvular Disease of Heart PENNY Alexandra F CE 71 English Hr. English Hr.
June 15 Champneys Senility WALTERS George M CE 81 Champneys Champneys
May 20 Inglewood Pneumonia COOPER John M UC 70 George's Brook George's Brook
June 23 Little Heart's Ease Tuberculosis JACOBS Hubert M SA 19 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
05 Elliston Cancer of Stomach WAY Thomas M UC 69 Elliston Elliston
10 Elliston Pulm. Tuberculosis ABBOTT Hugh M UC 69 Elliston Elliston
26 Elliston Prematurity HOLLOWAY June F UC 1 Day Elliston Elliston
Apr. 17 Hodge's Cove No Entry SMITH Albert M UC 85 No Entry Hodge's Cove
Note: Albert Smith originally written as April 17. The 17 was crossed out and 20 written to the right side.
May 11 Queen's Cove No Entry WHELAN Maria F UC 69 Queen's Cove Queen's Cove
June 03 Long Beach No Entry AVERY Annie F UC 3 Long Beach Long Beach
Apr. 15 Hillview Influenza FROST David Junior M UC 1 Hillview Hillview
21 Trinity E Malignant Disease of Stomach FOWLOW Mary Jane F CE 68 King's Cove King's Cove
Mar. 19 Catalina Status Lymphaticus SHEPPARD Doris M. F CE 4/12 Catalina Catalina
Apr. 26 Catalina Hemiplegia BURSEY Charlotte F CE 81 Bonavista Catalina
May 24 Catalina Myocarditis SHEPPARD Helen F CE 76 Catalina Catalina
26 Catalina Pulm. Tuberculosis SHEPPARD Edward M CE 44 Catalina Catalina
Sep. 13 Little Heart's Ease Pulm. Tuberculosis JACOBS Catherine F SA 16 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
PAGES 209, 210 & 211 BLANK                
PAGE 212,                  
Feb. 11 General Hosp. Cancer of Liver MERCER Rev. Richard M CE No Entry No Entry Catalina

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2013)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 06, 2013 (Don Tate)
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