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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Bonavista Bay North District

Book 14
PAGES 251 - 252

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 251                  
Jan. 19 General Hosp. Pituitary Dystrophy LANE Lizzie F No Entry 16 No Entry Hare Bay
31 Grace Hosp. Gangrenous Appendix HENDER Maxwell M No Entry 7 Middle Brook, Gambo Middle Brook, Gambo
Apr. 18 Sanatorium Pulm. Tuberculosis HEFFERN Mamie F No Entry 22 No Entry Salvage
Jan. 24 Stock Cove Old Age AYLWARD Jane F RC 82 Stock Cove King's Cove
May 27 St. John's Acute Cardiac Failure BURTON Benjamin M No Entry 43 Glovertown Glovertown
Jan. 20 Troytown No Entry RALPH Dorcas F C of E 61 Cartwright Troytown
25 Burnside Senility OLDFORD John M C of E 86 Salvage Burnside
Feb. 27 North Island Paralysis PIKE Jane F C of E 56 Greenspond North Island
Mar. 16 Hare Bay Cancer COLLINS Susie F SA 52 Dildo Hare Bay
Jan. 02 On Board S.S.Glencoe Cancer HOYLES Elias M UC 65 Valleyfield Valleyfield
05 Wesleyville Meningitis DYKE Geddes C. M UC 4/12 Wesleyville Wesleyville
12 Valleyfield Senility STURGE Samuel M SA 74 Wesleyville Wesleyville
13 Brookfield Senility VINCENT Caroline F UC 72 Brookfield Brookfield
23 Wesleyville Endocarditis DAVIS Ambrose M UC 73 Pinchard's I. Brookfield
28 Wesleyville Pulmonary Embolism BEST Alfreda F UC 7/12 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb. 08 Wesleyville Myxoedema TILLER Mrs. Nora F UC 55 Wesleyville Wesleyville
21 Pound Cove Toxaemia of Pregnancy KEAN Clara E. F UC 17 Pound Cove Pound Cove
Mar. 25 Wesleyville Atelectasis WINSOR Mildred F. F UC 18 Hrs Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb. 04 Hare Bay Tuberculosis BISHOP Mrs. Winnie F SA 21 Hare Bay Hare Bay
12 Glovertown Frustrated Bowels SWEETAPPLE Mrs. John F SA 76 Green's I. Alexander Bay
Jan. 02 St. John's Pneumonia RICKETTS Moulton M C of E 42 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
03 N.W. Arm Childbirth KNEE Sarah F C of E 18 Badger's Quay N. W. Arm
08 Badger's Quay Carditis KNEE Helen F C of E 76 Greenspond Badger's Quay
05 Port Nelson Cardio Renal Disease CARTER Eliza F UC 71 Greenspond Port Nelson
Feb. 27 Greenspond Senility WHITE Eunice F UC 89 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan. 26 Bragg's Island No Entry GLOVER Arthur S. M UC 2/12 Braggs Island Braggs Island
Mar. 17 Greens Island No Entry TAITE Clayton W. M UC 7 Dys Greens Island Greens Island
06 Safe Hr. No Entry DYKE George M UC 64 Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
28 Safe Hr. Spinal Trouble ATTWOOD Annie A. F UC 47 Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
27 Port Nelson Carcinoma of Stomach CRITCHLEY John M UC 61 Greenspond Port Nelson
June 22 General Hosp. Intestinal Cancer ROBERTS Eli M UC 44 Wesleyville Wesleyville
July 06 Grace Hosp. Malnutrition. Tuberculosis MOREY Ross M SA 1 3/12 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Apr. 15 Wesleyville Senility KING Martin M UC 79 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 03 Valleyfield Chr. Nephritis RICKETTS Theresa F UC 80 Valleyfield Valleyfield
21 Pound Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis KEAN Elva Madelyn F UC 19 Pound Cove Pound Cove
30 Wesleyville Parenchymatous Nephritis MULLETT Kenneth M UC 57 Wesleyville Wesleyville
31 St. Anthony Pulm. Tuberculosis ROBERTS Randolph M UC 28 Brookfield Brookfield
June 15 Pound Cove L.Pneumonia, Pn.Meningitis BISHOP Elizabeth F UC 7/12 Wesleyville Wesleyville
16 Valleyfield Senility RICKETTS James M UC 90 Valleyfield Valleyfield
May 10 Greenspond Carcinoma of Stomach COWARD William M SA 70 Greenspond Greenspond
PAGE 252                
Jan. 05 Cape Freels Tuberculosis GOODYEAR No Entry F UC 54 Cape Freels Cape Freels
13 Pinchard's I. Heart Failure GILL Nellie F UC 35 Pinchard's Island Pinchard's Island
15 Newtown Tuberculosis PENNY James M UC 75 Newtown Newtown
Mar. 06 Templeman Tuberculosis RIDEOUT Roland M UC 15 Templeman Templeman
Apr. 01 Cape Island Heart Failure WHITE Charlotte F UC 87 Cape Island Cape Island
07 Cape Island Influenza WELLS Sarah F UC 77 No Entry Templeman
May 04 Greenspond No Entry BLACKWOOD Susie F UC 2/12 Greenspond Greenspond
June 07 Greenspond Apoplexy WHEELER Thomas M UC 64 Greenspond Greenspond
June 13 Greenspond Pulm. Tuberculosis COWARD Flossie M. F UC 20 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan. 02 Glovertown Tuberculosis STROUD Mrs. Baxter F UC 59 Glovertown Glovertown
27 Glovertown Meningitis ("Tuberculosis" crossed off.) CREWE Mrs. William F UC 42 Twillingate Glovertown
30 Glovertown Asthma ("Meningitis" crossed off.) ARNOLD Mrs. James F UC 69 Glovertown Glovertown
Mar. 14 Glovertown Old Age ("Asthma" crossed off.) RALPH Henry M UC 83 Traytown Traytown
Apr. 20 Traytown Drowning ("Old Age" crossed off.) SWEETAPPLE Adeline F UC 57 Glovertown Glovertown
May 24 Rosedale Old Age ("Drowning" crossed off.) BURTON Elizabeth F UC 74 St. John's Glovertown
25 Saunder's Cove Pneumonia HENRY No Entry M UC 8/12 Saunder's Cove Saunder's Cove
June 28 Glovertown Dropsy HOLLOWAY Jane F UC 69 Newport Glovertown
Apr. 04 Wesleyville No Entry ABBOTT Johanna F C of E 67 No Entry Wesleyville
12 Badger's Quay Pyloric Stenosis BROWN Margaret F C of E 5 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
15 Badger's Quay Carcinoma Cervix Uteri WINTER Sarah E. F C of E 57 Pool's I. Badger's Quay
May 17 Valleyfield Chr. Endocarditis WINTER Charles M C of E 63 Pool's I. Badger's Quay
23 Hermit Cove Senility CROSS John M C of E 88 Pool's I. Badger's Quay
June 10 Badger's Quay Paralysis KELLOWAY Clara F C of E 82 Pool's I. Badger's Quay
14 Badger's Quay Mitral Regurgitation JANES Johanna F C of E 68 Fair I. Badger's Quay
25 Valleyfield Pertussis PRESTON Olive M. F C of E 6/12 Valleyfield Valleyfield
Apr. 10 Middle Brook Cancer BURSEY Mrs. John F SA 68 Middle Brook, Gambo Middle Brook, Gambo
July 04 Wesleyville Arterial Hypertension STOCKLEY George M SA 57 No Entry Wesleyville
14 Hare Bay Heart Failure COLLINS Mary F SA 64 No Entry Hare Bay
Apr. 05 Burnside Prematurity OLDFORD Annie J. F SA 2 Dys Burnside Burnside
12 Burnside Senility RALPH Charles M C of E 86 Sailors I. Burnside
Sep. 12 Grace Hosp. Pulm. Tuberculosis KEATS Lucy F C of E 19 Alexander Bay Glovertown (Gen. Prot. St.John's Crossed off.)
Sep. 12 Grace Hosp. Stillborn KEATS No Entry M UC SB No Entry Glovertown
Nov. 19 Grace Hosp. Cardiac PARSONS George V. M No Entry 63 No Entry Alexander Bay
22 Mental Hosp. No Entry NO ENTRY No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
Dec. 06 General Hosp. Perforated Gastric Ulcer KEAN Robert M No Entry 40 No Entry Troytown

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2013)

Page Last Modified: Saturday August 31, 2013 (Don Tate)
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