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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay South District
1942 - 1943

Book 14
PAGES 186 - 187, 190

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
NOTE: The term (OFF) as shown on this page. It is a penned in entry on most of the items in that row's (individual) entries. It is not know from the page exactly what it is supposed to reference. It is included here because it is an entry on the original page. Anyone having additional knowledge on this, I would like to hear from you so we could add the informtion to the page. Thanks Transcriber.
PAGE 186,1942                  
Jan. 20 General Hosp. Tbc. Spine BRACE Myra F No Entry 13 No Entry Green's Hr.
Mar. 08 General Hosp. Fracture of Skull Railway? Speeder BARRETT John M No Entry 45 No Entry Whitbourne
17 Mental Hosp. Senile Dementia, Arteriosclerosis SMITH Jane F No Entry 76 No Entry New Hr.
May 04 OFF General Hosp. Carcinoma of Stomach MOORE George M No Entry 65 No Entry Blackhead
May 03 Fever Hosp. Tb. Meningitis GEORGE Douglas M No Entry 18 No Entry New Hr.
Mar. 31 Chance Cove Convulsions BRACE Eleazer V. M No Entry 2/12 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Feb. 12 Cavendish No Entry CRITCH Moses M UC 70 Cavendish Cavendish
Jan. 19 Markland Hosp. Pulm. Tuberculosis WILLIAMS William J. M SA 28 New Hr. New Hr.
31 Dildo No Entry SMITH Nathaniel M CE 76 Dildo Dildo
Feb. 16 Norman's Cove No Entry TEMPLE Rhoda F UC 65 1/2 Kingwell Norman's Cove
Jan. 30 Norman's Cove No Entry PIERCEY Winnie F UC 4 Dys Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Mar. 19 Thornlea No Entry CRANN Mrs. Sarah F UC 72 Thornlea Thornlea
Jan. 18 Winterton Tuberculosis HISCOCK Ronald M SA 73 Winterton Winterton
Feb. 01 Winterton Fractured Skull (Acc.) HARNUM James M SA 68 Winterton Winterton
June 15 Sanatorium Pulm. Tuberculosis PINSENT Thomas M RC 19 Bellevue Bellevue
14 Whitbourne Tuberculosis SIMMONS Muriel F UC 28 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Mar. 06 Chappell? Arm No Entry WARREN Alma P. F CE 2/12 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
May 30 Spread Eagle Pulm. Tuberculosis SMITH Rhoda A. F CE 56 No Entry Dildo
31 Dildo No Entry MOORE Emeline F CE 80 Old Shop Old Shop
June 03 Norman's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis NEWHOOK Caleb M CE 36 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Apr. 30 Hant's Hr. Paralysis JANES Caleb M SA 81 Fisherman[sic] Hant's Hr.
Feb. 17 Whitbourne Endocarditis GOSSE George M CE 67 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Mar. 30 Whitbourne Cardio-Renal GRINFIELD William M CE 68 England Whitbourne
Apr. 22 Markland Haemorrhage of Newborn CARDWELL Loretta F CE 1 Wk Markland Whitbourne
June 18 Whitbourne Bronchial Asthma PEDDLE Emma F CE 63 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Feb. 07 Little Hr. Haemorrhage DODGE Mary F CE 70 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Mar. 18 Sunnyside Stroke DROVER Patience F CE 69 Sunnyside Sunnyside
May 01 Sunnyside Tuberculosis DAY John M CE 26 Trinity Sunnyside
Aug. 23 Grace Hosp. Intestinal Obstruction GREEN Mrs. George F UC 59 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
31 Grace Hosp. Malnutrition CHISLETT Melvin M No Entry 8/12 No Entry Markland
Jan. 08 Winterton Cerebral Haemorrhage HISCOCK Albert M CE 78 Winterton Winterton
16 Winterton Tb. Lungs GEORGE Ethel M. F CE 27 Winterton Winterton
Feb. 03 Winterton Myocarditis TUCKER Edgar M CE 72 Winterton Winterton
08 Winterton Heart Failure PITCHER Joshua M CE 75 Winterton Winterton
14 Heart's Content Lobar Pneumonia PIERCEY Rosie F CE 2/12 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Mar. 09 Heart's Content Chr. Nephritis WARREN William M CE 50 3/4 Heart's Content Heart's Content
22 Heart's Content Arteriosclerosis SOOLEY William M CE 67 Heart's Content Heart's Content
June 21 Heart's Content Fractured Hip RODGERS Maria F CE 78 Heart's Content Heart's Content
23 Chance Cove Rupture SMITH William F. M SA 6/12 Chance Cove Chance Cove
24 Chance Cove Paralysis BRACE Rhoda F SA 61 Chance Cove Chance Cove
PAGE 187,                  
Sep. 23 221 New Gower St Pulm. Tuberculosis BELBIN Andrew M No Entry 21 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct. 19 46 Warbury St Angina Pectoris MILLS John M No Entry 73 No Entry Whitbourne
PAGE 188 BLANK                
PAGE 189 BLANK                
PAGE 190,                  
Feb. 16 Mental Hosp. Manic Depressive SMITH Jordan M CE 65 No Entry CE St. John's

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2013)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 06, 2013 (Don Tate)
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