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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Port de Grave District
1942 - 1943

Book 14
PAGES 132 - 136

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 132                
Jan-10 St. Clare's Hosp. Congenital Heart Disease BRIEN James RC 5/12 no entry Belvedere, St. John's
Feb-04 Mental Hospital Manic Dep Psychosis Moycar. Degen. CHRISTOPHER Elizabeth UC 60 no entry Port de Grave
Mar-29 General Hospital Pneumonia CAMP George no entry 56 no entry Brigus
Mar-25 Mental Hospital Cerebral haemorrhage MOORE Samuel no entry 71 no entry Clarke's Beach
Mar-19 Fever Hospital Scarlet Fever PIERCEY Archibald no entry 27 no entry Brigus
Apr-11 General Hospital Gangrenous Appendicitis SPRACKLIN Melvin UC 14 no entry Brigus
Apr-25 General Hospital Myocarditis CONNOLLY Mrs. Margaret no entry 79 no entry Brigus
May-14 Sanatorium Pulm. Tuberculosis LACEY Harold no entry 25 no entry Port de Grave
Feb-21 Bay Roberts General Debility BUTLER Elsie M. SA 1 4/12 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-17 Clarke's Beach Tuberculosis BOONE John UC 38 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Mar-09 Port de Grave Cancer of face USSHER John UC 63 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Apr-14 Bay Roberts Coronary Thrombosis STEVENS Benjamin UC 65 no entry no entry
Feb-17 Springfield Pneumonia WARFORD George CE 10/12 Springfield Salmon Cove
Mar-29 Springfield Tuberculosis BUSSEY Priscilla CE 65 no entry Salmon Cove
Jan-03 Goulds Senility COLLINS Margaret RC 82 Brigus Salmon Cove
Jan-05 Goulds Senility STEPHENSON Sarah RC 94 Goulds Salmon Cove
Feb-22 Goulds Tb. Lungs POWER Mary RC 29 Grand Bank Salmon Cove
Mar-07 Goulds Influenza NORMAN Ann RC 4/12 Placentia Salmon Cove
Mar-20 Brigus Haemorrhage of Brain CROWLEY Mary RC 76 South River Salmon Cove
Jan-09 Ship Cove Haemoplegia DAWE Samuel CE 72 Ship Cove Port de Grave
Jan-23 Bareneed Chr. Myocarditis LYONS Elizabeth S. CE 82 Bareneed Bareneed
Jan-30 Bareneed Carcinoma of Stomach NEWELL Albert E. CE 74 Bareneed Bareneed
Feb-23 Port de Grave Cardiac Failure PORTER William R. CE 72 Ship Cove Port de Grave
Mar-15 Bareneed Heart Block BATTEN Samuel CE 62 Bareneed Bareneed
Mar-24 North River Stillborn SNOW no entry no entry SB North River North River
Jan-17 Bay Roberts Bronchial Pneumonia SNOW Margaret Rose C of E 9/12 Bay Roberts Coley's Pt.
Mar-13 Coley's Point Stillborn BISHOP no entry no entry SB no entry Bay Roberts
Mar-28 Bay Roberts Haemoptysi RUSSELL Fannie C of E 75 no entry Bay Roberts
Mar-31 Bay Roberts Pernicious Anaemia Arteriosclerosis BISHOP acob C of E 66 no entry Coley's Pt.
Mar-23 Bay Roberts Bronchial Pneumonia SOMERTON Hazel M. C of E 2/12 no entry Coley's Pt.
Feb-05 Bay Roberts Stillborn SNOW no entry no entry SB no entry Coley's Pt.
Feb-11 Port de Grave Cerebral haemorrhage LACEY William C of E 74 no entry Coley's Pt.
Mar-02 Bay Roberts Carcinoma of Liver MERCER Robert C of E 74 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Mar-04 Bay Roberts Carcinoma of Stomach NORMAN James C of E 78 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Mar-28 Bay Roberts Endocarditis CAVE Mrs. Stephen C of E 72 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jun-18 Grace Hospital TB. Meningitis REID Burton UC 44 South River South River
Apr-25 Brigus Heart Condition KENNEDY Margaret RC 73 Brigus Brigus
May-29 Brigus Tb. Lungs MORRISSEY Bridget RC 28 Bacon Cove Brigus
Jun-18 Brigus Pneumonia MUGFORD James RC 44 Maryvale Brigus
Jun-30 Brigus Asthma EDMUNDS Andrew RC 59 no entry Brigus
PAGE 133                
Apr-23 Coley's Point Hypertension KELLY Mrs. Esau UC 58 Coley's Point Coley's Pt.
Jun-28 Coley's Point Cancer of Liver SNOW John UC 62 Coley's Point Coley's Pt.
Apr-12 Coley's Point Myocarditis MORGAN Walter C of E no entry Coley's Point Coley's Pt.
Jan-16 Coley's Point Senility BOWERING Patience UC 59 Coley's Point Coley's Pt.
Mar-19 Bay Roberts Myocarditis WHITE John UC 83 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Aug-02 Grace Hospital Myocarditis NEWELL Mrs. Sarah no entry 53 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Aug-17 General Hospital Lung Abscess KING Myrtis no entry 35 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jun-25 Bay Roberts Hemiplegia MOORE Sarah SA 73 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jun-05 Bay Roberts Pulm. Tuberculosis YETMAN John SA 49 no entry Bay Roberts
Sep-13 Infirmary Hemiplegia IVIMEY? John UC 80 no entry Cupids
Nov-01 Home for Aged Myocarditis MERCER Jacob CE 86 no entry Bay Roberts
Dec-17 General Hospital Tbc. Spine BAKER Charles UC 30 no entry Brigus
PAGE 136                
Feb-23 Fever Hospital Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis KENNEDY Mrs. Mary no entry 32 no entry Brigus

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2013)

Page Last Modified: Thursday September 05, 2013 (Don Tate)
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