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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Harbour Grace District
1942 - 1943

Book 14
PAGES 147 - 151

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 147                
Jan-21 221 New Gower St. Pulmonary Tuberculosis SNOW Margaret no entry 24 no entry Hr. Grace
Mar-04 Mental Hospital Chr. Myocarditis BRAY Selby no entry 71 no entry Hr. Grace
Jan-31 Hr. Grace Myocarditis PARSONS Prescott UC 68 no entry Hr. Grace
Feb-06 Hr. Grace Cerebral Haemorrhage TRAPNELL Mrs. Jessie UC 86 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Mar-18 Hr. Grace Convulsions FORWARD Phoebe UC 6/12 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Mar-19 Hr. Grace Bronchitis FORWARD Kevin UC 6/12 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jan-17 Hr. Grace Burns MARTIN Walter C of E 54 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jan-23 Hr. Grace Bronchitis NOSEWORTHY Simeon C of E 71 Bryant's Cove Hr. Grace
Feb-16 Hr. Grace Marasmus SHUTE Jane C of E 7/12 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jun-14 Sanitorium Pulmonary Tuberculosis CALLAHAN Marie RC 18 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jul-11 Road de luxe Cerebral Haemorrhage STONE Roy no entry   Bryant's Cove Bryant's Cove
May-13 Shearstown S. Meningitis / Pyelitis DWYER Mary UC 1 Shearstown Shearstown
Apr-05 Shearstown Cardiac Failure RUSSELL John C of E 83 Shearstown Shearstown
Apr-15 Shearstown Endocarditis HOLMES Mrs. Edward C of E 73 Shearstown Shearstown
Aug-22 General Hosp. Fracture of Pelvis ROBERTS Ernest C of E 7 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Jan-22 Upper Island Cove Cancer of Bowels WHALEN Julia C of E 79 Spaniard's Bay Upper Island Cove
Feb-07 Upper Island Cove Meningitis NEWMAN Olga C of E 4 Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove
Feb-24 Upper Island Cove Congenital Debility BARRETT Raymond C of E 1 Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove
Mar-12 Upper Island Cove Lupus & Pulm. Tuberculosis LYNCH David C of E 38 Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove
Mar-15 Bishop's Cove Paralysis PEDDLE Peter C of E 68 Bishop's Cove Bishop's Cove
Mar-17 Upper Island Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis DROVER Gertrude C of E 9 Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove
Apr-01 Bishop's Cove Cancer of Bowels BARRETT Eleazer C of E 68 Bishop's Cove Bishop's Cove
May-19 Upper Island Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis CRANE Eliza C of E 21 Upper Island Cove Upper Island Cove
May-30 Bishop's Cove Cancer of Liver SMITH Druscilla C of E 61 Upper Island Cove Bishop's Cove
Jun-11 Upper Island Cove Cancer of Bowels HUSSEY Uriah C of E 79 Upper Island Cove Bishop's Cove
Apr-06 Hr. Grace Senility CAHILL Richard RC 84 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Apr-14 Hr. Grace no entry OLIVER Anthony RC 2 wks Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
May-15 Hr. Grace Prematurity HOLLOWAY Magdelena RC 1 day Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jun-02 Hr. Grace Senility GLAVINE James RC 88 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
May-27 Hr. Grace Stillborn FLEMING no entry RC SB Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jan-09 Spaniard's Bay Tuberculosis COOMBS Nicholas RC 19 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Jan-29 Spaniard's Bay Meningitis COOMBS Margaret RC 21 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Feb-18 Hr. Grace Meningitis REDDY Bernard RC 10/12 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Feb-22 Spaniard's Bay Tuberculosis COOMBS Leo RC 19 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Mar-04 Spaniard's Bay Tuberculosis COOMBS Kenneth RC 17 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Mar-23 Tilton Tuberculosis YOUNG Daniel RC 24 Tilton Spaniard's Bay
Mar-31 Hr. Grace Senility CODY John RC 75 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Jan-12 Tilton Tuberculosis of Kidneys YOUNG Nicholas RC 42 Tilton Spaniard's Bay
Sep-16 Sanatorium Pulmonary Tuberculosis BISHOP Mrs. Grace C of E 33 no entry Spaniard's Bay
Oct-17 Grace Hosp. Marasmus SHEPPARD Roderick no entry 5/12 no entry Hr. Grace
PAGE 148                
Nov-02 221 New Gower St. Paralysis SHEPPARD Louisa no entry 49 no entry Hr. Grace
Nov-22 Fever Hospital Tb. Meningitis YETMAN Joyce no entry 13 no entry Spaniard's Bay
Dec-02 General Hosp. Cerebral Haemorrhage NICHOLLE Archibald no entry 54 no entry Hr. Grace
NO PAGE 149, 150                
PAGE 151                
Jan-02 Hr. Grace Cerebral Haemorrhage PARSONS Mrs. Jeanie C. no entry 83 no entry Gen. Prot.
Jan-26 Hr. Grace Cardio Vascular Renal Degeneration RYAN John C of E 79 ? Cove ? Cove
transcriber's note: note on above "Head Const. Retired"
Jan-23 Grace Hosp. Congenital Debility CLARKE Mary Madeline RC 5 wks no entry Mt. Carmel
Feb-07 Infirmary Pulmonary Tuberculosis HIGGINS Katherine C of E 63 no entry Ch. England

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2013)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday September 03, 2013 (Don Tate)
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