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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 13



Pages 57 - 69, 325 - 330, 407-408

PAGE 57                
Jan 1 Infirmary Pulm tuberculosis BRENNAN Patricia No entry 22 Placentia  
Jan 1 Grace Hospital Stillborn RIGGS No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Jan 1 General Hosp Congestive heart failure Aur. Fibrillation BENNETT Peter R Cath 70 Bay du Nord FB Mt Carmel
Jan 1 St Clares Hosp Cardio-renal disease BERRIGAN Patrick R Cath 74   Belvedere
Jan 2 Fever Hospital Syphilis Whooping Cough DOWNEY Philip R Cath 3/12   Belvedere
Jan 3 Golf Avenue Stillborn (prem) TIBBS No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Jan 3 Carters Hill (Influenza) Stillborn SULLIVAN No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Jan 4 Grace Hosp Cong. Debility O'LEARY No entry R Cath 18 dys   Mt Carmel
Jan 5 Grace Hosp Tuberculous peritonitis WHALEN Mrs Mary No entry 39 Conception Hr  
Jan 5 Brazil St Pneumonia MCALLISTER David R Cath 80   Mt Carmel
Jan 5 Brine St Influenza Myocarditis ABBOTT Mark R Cath 71   Mt Carmel
Jan 6 Grace Hosp Stillborn WARFORD No entry No entry SB   Bell Island
Jan 6 Poor Asylum Myocarditis Angina HOGAN Patrick R Cath 55   Mt Carmel
Jan 7 General Hosp Tuberculous meningitis COLLETT Gertrude R Cath 20   Mt Carmel
Jan 7 Freshwater Rd Myocarditis STANCOMBE Lydia R Cath 84   Belvedere
Jan 8 New Gower St Pulm tuberculosis DOWNTON Edward U Church 32 Lewisporte Gen'l Prot
Jan 9 Grace Hosp Stillborn SMITH No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Jan 10 St Clares Hosp Hypertrophy of Prostate SEWARD Israel No entry 65 New Perlican  
Jan 10 Carters Hill Ac. Bronchitis DUNPHY Charles R Cath 5/12   Belvedere
Jan 11 Infirmary Influenza Myocarditis KELLY Mary No entry 90   Mt Carmel
Jan 11 Sanatorium Pulm tuberculosis MORRISSEY Christina R Cath 24   Mt Carmel
Jan 11 Lime St Peritonitis BARRY Bridget Ann R Cath 39   Mt Carmel
Jan 12 Franklin Ave Prematurity COOK No entry U Church 4 dys   Gen'l Prot
Jan 12 Freshwater Rd Convulsions DINN Harold R Cath 3/12   Mt Carmel
Jan 13 General Hosp Tuberculous meningitis BAIRD Lawrence R Cath 33   Belvedere
Jan 14 Gower St Pulm tuberculosis YETMAN Freeman Ch Eng 24   Ch England
Jan 16 Moore St Stillborn (prem) ESCOTT No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Jan 15 Grace Hosp Carcinoma of stomach ANTHONY Capt. John Ch Eng 59   Ch England
Jan 16 Poor Asylum Tuberculosis of lungs HARDING Bridget R Cath 71   Mt Carmel
Jan 16 St Clares Hosp Burns (boiling water) MURPHY Elizabeth R Cath 6   Mt Carmel
Jan 17 Macklin Pl Prematurity WILLIAMS Mary Ch Eng 5 hrs   Ch England
Jan 17 At Harvey's Pier Accidental injury, Fr. Skull MATE George Ch Eng 46   Ch England
Jan 18 Convent Lane Pulm tuberculosis Influenza BUTLER Douglas Ch Eng 39   Hr Buffett
Jan 18 Infirmary Carcinoma of stomach GRANT William R Cath 54   Mt Carmel
Jan 18 Pleasant St Cerebral Haemorrhage CRANE Mrs Sarah U Church 73   Gen'l Prot
Jan 18 St Clares Hosp Subtentorial haemorrhage BRENNAN No entry R Cath 3 dys   Belvedere
Jan 18 St Clares Hosp Persistent vomiting Whooping Cough HAYES No entry Ch Eng 8/12   Ch England
Jan 19 LeMarchant Rd Carcinoma of Rectum MURPHY Stephen R Cath 69 Kings Cove BB Belvedere
Jan 19 Grace Hospital Malformation Congenital JARVIS No entry R Cath 2 hrs   Mt Carmel
Jan 19 Grace Hospital Influenza Br. Pneumonia BOWDEN Percival U Church 58   Gen'l Prot
PAGE 58                
Jan 20 Infirmary Carcinoma of stomach KING James R Cath 60   Mt Carmel
Jan 21 Power St Dystocia BABSTOCK Thelma V Ch Eng 8 hrs   Ch England
Jan 21 General Hospital Tuberculous meningitis ABBOTT Iona No entry 18 Pool's Islnd  
Jan 22 New Gower St Parkinsons Disease MULLINS Margaret R Cath 36   Belvedere
Jan 22 Livingstone St Carcinoma of Oesophagus MACLAUGHLIN Angela R Cath 44   Mt Carmel
Jan 23 Southside Ac. Broncho Pneumonia DORMADY Frederick J R Cath 5 wks   Mt Carmel
Jan 22 Sanatorium Pulm tuberculosis AYLWARD Helen R Cath 17   Mt Carmel
Jan 22 St Clares Hosp Cirrhosis of liver RYAN Elizabeth R Cath 79   Belvedere
Jan 24 Grace Hosp Stillborn LEWIS No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Jan 24 St Clares Hosp Plac. Praevia Pp. haemorrhage COLLINS Mrs Margaret R Cath 27   Belvedere
Jan 24 St Clares Hosp Stillborn dystocia COLLINS No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Jan 24 John St Cardio-renal disease PURCELL Mrs Louise R Cath 94   Mt Carmel
Jan 25 Walshs Sq Carcinoma of stomach CROTTY Mrs Ellen No entry 86   Mt Carmel
Jan 25 Bannerman St Coronary Thrombosis DOOLEY Francis R Cath 40   Belvedere
Jan 27 Top Battery Rd Whooping Cough LINDSTROM Mary R Cath 7/12   Mt Carmel
Jan 26 General Hosp Mastoiditis Brain abscess HUTCHINGS Maxwell No entry 19   Tilton
Jan 28 Grace Hosp Retention of urine Glycosuria ROWE Arthur U Church 49   Gen'l Prot
Jan 26 Colonial St Septicaemia KELLY William R Cath 43   Belvedere
Jan 28 Duggan St Br. Pneumonia EVANS Ida U Church 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Jan 27 Cowan Mission Home Apoplexy BUCKLEY Alice R Cath 68   Belvedere
Jan 28 Catherine St Lobar Pneumonia HEDDERSON Michael R Cath 6/12   Mt Carmel
Jan 28 Water St Pulm tuberculosis FOLEY Julia R Cath 24   Mt Carmel
Jan 29 Mill Bridge Pneumonia DILLON Thomas R Cath 2   Mt Carmel
Jan 30 Grace Hospital Influenza Pneumonia PIKE Mrs Mary Anne Ch Eng 80   Ch England
Jan 26 Aldershot St Ac. Bronchitis FIFIELD Douglas U Church 2/12   Gen'l Prot
Jan 29 General Hosp Carcinoma of stomach HOLDEN Maurice R Cath 62   Belvedere
Jan 30 Grace Hosp Scalds BUSSEY Florence U Church 4   Gen'l Prot
Jan 30 Mt Pleasant Ave Endocarditis HOLLIHAN Stephen J.O. Fraser 75   S Army
Jan 30 Southside Heart failure EBSARY Mrs Sarah U Church 84   Gen'l Prot
Jan 30 Fords Hill Stillborn NORRIS No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Jan 30 Balsam St Bronchial asthma Pneumonic phthisis ANGEL Robert R Cath 48   Mt Carmel
Jan 30 Pearce Ave Whooping Cough PENNY Alexander R Cath 1 3/12   Mt Carmel
Jan 30 Barters Hill Sudden heart failure BUDDEN Mrs Bertha U Church 54   Gen'l Prot
Jan 30 Cuddihy St Convulsions ROBINSON Michael R Cath 4/12   Mt Carmel
Jan 31 Southside Erysipelas Diabetes HORWOOD Mrs Agnes U Church 62   Gen'l Prot
Jan 31 U.S.A.T. Alexander* Ac. Coronary thrombosis GRIFF Herbert F No entry 43 of Stillwater Minn Stillwater, Minnesota
* "Private 1st Class 3rd Infantry" has been entered under 'Trade or Occupation'-Transcriber
PAGE 59                
Feb 2 Duggan St Whooping Cough ESCOTT Margaret Ch Eng 2 1/4   Ch England
Feb 2 St Clares Hosp Stillborn MALONEY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Feb 3 Garrison Hill Cardio-respiratory failure ODWYER Minnie R Cath 77   Belvedere
Feb 4 Military Rd Angina pectoris ATKINSON James W R Cath 57 Carlisle, Eng Belvedere
Feb 5 Grace Hosp Intracranial haemorrhage WINTER Frederick Ch Eng 3 dys   Ch England
Feb 6 SA Anchorage Pulmonary tuberculosis RODGERS Mary R Cath 22   Mt Carmel
Feb 6 Monroe St Br Pneumonia BOWERING David E U Church 7/12   Gen'l Prot
Feb 6 Water St W Cardio-vascular renal dis THISTLE Margaret U Church 81   Gen'l Prot
Feb 7 General Hosp Tuberculous empyema DILLON Mrs Bride R Cath 39   Belvedere
Feb 9 Patrick St Myocarditis CARROLL Daniel R Cath 79   Belvedere
Feb 10 Belvedere Lodge Premature TUCKER John R Cath 15 mins   Belvedere
Feb 10 General Hosp Congestive heart failure PIDGEON James R Cath 68   Belvedere
Feb 10 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of bowel CLOONEY Mrs R Cath 57   Mt Carmel
Feb 11 Freshwater Rd Acute bronchitis NORMAN Emma J U Church 75   Clarkes Beach
Feb 11 Patrick St Pneumonia LEWIS Helen E Ch Eng 3/12   Ch England
Feb 12 Pleasant St Hypertension Chr Nephritis THORNE Hannah No entry 66   Belvedere
Feb 12 St Clares Hosp Cerebral Haemorrhage BRANSCOMBE Miss Jessie Ch Eng 79   Ch England
Feb 12 General Hosp Pulm tuberculosis NOSEWORTHY George S Army 47   Salvation Army
Feb 12 Hamilton Ave Carcinoma of stomach BAIRD Robert d U Church 62   Gen'l Prot
Feb 12 Grace Hosp Stillborn MATTHEWS No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Feb 13 General Hosp Stab wound back of neck Laceration of meninges MENGLE Henry (Colored) No entry 24 off SS Asiatic Gen'l Prot
Feb 14 Rennies Mill Rd Pertusis RIVERO Dolores del Carmen R Cath 2/12   Belvedere
Feb 14 Patrick St Cerebral Haemorrhage SHAW Henry C U Church 67   Gen'l Prot
Feb 16 St Clares Hosp Peritonitis MORGAN Betty Ch Eng 1 1/2   Ch England
Feb 16 Brazil St Chronic Nephritis O'CONNELL Kathleen R Cath 20   Mt Carmel
Feb 17 St Clares Hosp Pyloric Stenosis DWYER Robert L U Church 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Feb 17 St Clares Hosp Pneumonia YETMAN Michael R Cath 2/12   Mt Carmel
Feb 19 Duckworth St Acute bronchitis SQUIRES Albert F R Cath 3/12   Mt Carmel
Feb 19 SA Anchorage Stillborn (prem) HYNES No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Feb 11 Grace Hosp Stillborn (prem) MILLER No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Feb 19 Infirmary Pulm & general tuberculosis MURPHY Harvey Ch Eng 23   Ch England
Feb 19 Kings Bridge Rd Hemiplegia BULGER Martin R Cath 85   Mt Carmel
Feb 22 Duckworth St Acute bronchitis SQUIRES David F R Cath 3/12   Mt Carmel
Feb 18 General Hosp Congestive heart failure O'LEARY Mrs Eliza No entry 75   Marysvale
Feb 20 New Gower St Pulmonary tuberculosis DINN Millicent R Cath 39   Mt Carmel
Feb 21 St Clares Hosp Myocarditis MURPHY Mrs Sarah R Cath 66   Brigus
Feb 23 Grace Hosp Stillborn LYNCH No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Feb 23 Mundy Pond Rd Myocarditis MERCER Mrs Lydia Ch Eng 94   Topsail
Feb 24 Cabot St Senility O'NEILL Moses R Cath 94   Belvedere
Feb 24 Merrymeeting Rd Convulsions AUNCHINLECK Jean Ch Eng 6/12   Ch England
PAGE 60                
Feb 24 Grace Hosp Prematurity GREELY Hellen Ch Eng 2 wks   Ch England
Feb 24 Casey St Broncho Pneumonia NOFTLE Eldred U Church 4/12   Gen'l Prot
Feb 26 St Clares Hosp Uraemia HENNEBURY William R Cath 80   Mt Carmel
Feb 26 Poor Asylum Myocarditis GRANT Catherine R Cath 68   Mt Carmel
Feb 27 Coronation St Carcinoma of breast DRISCOLL Margaret A U Church 67   Gen'l Prot
Feb 27 Howley Ave Pulm tuberculosis HOWLETT Estella R Cath 24   Belvedere
Feb 27 Hamilton Ave Myocarditis KIRKLAND George U Church 75   Gen'l Prot
Mar 15 Grace Hosp Boggan St Stillborn WALSH No entry No entry SB   No entry
Mar 1 Atlantic Ave Pulm tuberculosis GRILLS Mrs Laura R Cath 54   Belvedere
Mar 1 Lime St Stillborn Hydrocephalus SHEPPARD No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Mar 1 General Hosp Diverticulitis TEMPLEMAN Heber No entry 64   Bonavista
Mar 2 St Clares Hosp Chronic Myocarditis Senile psychosis RENOUF Rt Rev Henry T No entry 68   Belvedere
Mar 3 Carters Hill Pulm tuberculosis FRENCH Mrs Jane U Church 70   Bay Roberts
Mar 3 Mental Hosp Chronic Myocarditis Senile psychosis HANNAFORD Elizabeth R Cath 69   Belvedere
Mar 3 Prince of Wales St Arterio-sclerosis EDDY Charles U Church 61   Gen'l Prot
Mar 4 Campbell Ave Cerebral Haemorrhage CHANCEY Mrs Elizabeth U Church 78   Gen'l Prot
Mar 7 Hayward Ave Arterio-sclerosis DUNN Catherine R Cath 71   Belvedere
Mar 7 Merrymeeting Rd Acute bronchitis SMITH Francis R Cath 5   Belvedere
Mar 8 Grace Hospital Goodridge St Spina Bifida WIGHT Ruth U Church 3 wks   Gen'l Prot
Mar 8 Central St Status thymus lymphaticus EARLE John Ch Eng 3/12   Ch England
Mar 8 Grace Hospital Pearce Ave Stillborn MULLALY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Mar 8 McFarlane St Pulm tuberculosis FLEMING Michael R Cath 57   Mt Carmel
Mar 8 At sea on board RMS Nerissa Lobar Pneumonia VANNAR? Percy Ch Eng 47   Ch England
Mar 9 Infirmary Ferry. General tuberculosis KINSELLA Richard R Cath 49   Mt Carmel
Mar 10 Poor Asylum Myocarditis KINEALLY Bridget R Cath 73   Belvedere
Mar 10 LeMarchant Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage POWER Michael J R Cath 72   Belvedere
Mar 11 New Gower St Pulm tuberculosis WHYNOTT Joseph R Cath 26   Mt Carmel
Mar 12 Belvedere Lodge Marasmus TUCKER Bernadette R Cath 1/12   Belvedere
Mar 12 General Hosp Blackmarsh Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage FITZGERALD Mrs Clara R Cath 58   Mt Carmel
Mar 13 Grace Hospital Hr Main Meningitis COATES George Ch Eng 11 Upper Gullies Spaniards Bay
Mar 14 Young St Broncho Pneumonia BROWNE Kathleen R Cath 3/12   Mt Carmel
Mar 15 Casey St Carcinoma of stomach WALSH Mary R Cath 78   Mt Carmel
Mar 15 Grace Hosp Victoria St Carcinoma liver HAWKINS Mrs Alice Ch Eng 59   Ch England
Mar 16 Grace Hosp Water St Congenital debility LEHR Cecil Ch Eng 6 wks   Ch England
Mar 17 Duggan St Prematurity WHITTEN Thomas No entry 5 wks   Mt Carmel
Mar 17 Grace Hosp Golf Ave Stillborn (prem) BRYANT No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Mar 17 Gower St Stillborn O'LEARY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Mar 18 Duckworth St Pneumonia O'LEARY Peter No entry 4/12   Mt Carmel
Mar 18 St Clare Ave Valvular disease of heart PIKE Edith Ann No entry 47   Gen'l Prot
PAGE 61                
Mar 18 Duckworth St Arterio-sclerosis Chr Nephritis WALSH Bridget R Cath 88   Mt Carmel
Mar 18 St Clares Hosp Flower Hill Hypertension MURPHY Mrs Agnes R Cath 55   Belvedere
Mar 19 McNeil St Bronchial Asthma BENMORE William Ch Eng 43   Ch England
Mar 20 St Clares Hosp Job St Septicaemia FOLEY Ann R Cath 44   Belvedere
Mar 21 Barnes Road Hypertension Cerebral Haem TOBIN Mary Jane R Cath 79   Mt Carmel
Mar 21 Parade St Congenital debility WEBBER George R Cath 5/12   Mt Carmel
Mar 21 Power St Cardiac Failure Asthma HALL Miss Frances Ch Eng 49   Ch England
Mar 22 Wharf Tors Cove Trading? Sheehan Shute Acute alcoholism MANNING Stephen R Cath 47   Mt Carmel
Mar 22 General Hosp Hypertrophy of Prostate ROWSELL Alec No entry 60   Millertown
Mar 22 Sanatorium Pennywell Rd Pulm tuberculosis CROSSMAN Thomas Ch Eng 41   Ch England
Mar 22 Mullock St Cerebral Haemorrhage PAUL Matthews Ch Eng 75   Ch England
Mar 23 St Clares Hosp Southside Acute Nephritis FORD William G Ch Eng 29   Ch England
Mar 23 Spencer St Hypertension PIERCEY Ananias No entry 68   Winterton
Mar 24 New Gower St Myocarditis CULLETON Bridget R Cath 82   Belvedere
Mar 24 St Clares Hosp Goodview St Diabetes Mellitus WALSH Doris R Cath 22   Mt Carmel
Mar 20 St Clares Hosp Prescott St Cerebral Haemorrhage SNOW Mrs Catherine R Cath 63   Belvedere
Mar 24 Waldegrave St Meningitis PIPPY Charles U Church 3   Gen'l Prot
Mar 24 Parade St Carcinoma of stomach PENNY Norah Ch Eng 73   Ch England
Mar 25 Springdale St Pulm tuberculosis MARTIN Mary R Cath 22   Mt Carmel
Mar 25 Quidi Vidi Rd Stillborn MORRIS of Edgar & Helen No entry SB   Ch England
Mar 25 Infirmary Circular Rd Pulm tuberculosis FLYNN James R Cath 60   Belvedere
Mar 25 Flavin St Carcinoma of stomach SULLIVAN James R Cath 50   Mt Carmel
Mar 25 General Hosp Transverse myelitis PIERCEY Mrs Susie No entry 34 Winterton  
Mar 26 Infirmary Belvedere Orph Pulm tuberculosis TRAHEY Theresa R Cath 10 Conception Hr Belvedere
Mar 26 General Hosp Pennywell Rd Meningitis KING Myrtle M Ch Eng 9   Ch England
Mar 26 Barters Hill Prematurity COSTA (Evans) U Church 4 dys   Gen'l Prot
Mar 26 Grace Hosp Clifford St Prematurity DWYER Harry Bertram U Church 6 wks   Gen'l Prot
Mar 26 McFarlane St Myocarditis Arterio-sclerosis O'KEEFE Mary Ellen R Cath 59   Belvedere
Mar 27 Infirmary Alexander St Brights Disease JANES Hannah U Church 49   Gen'l Prot
Mar 27 Fever Hosp Belvedere Orph Diphtheria RICE Agnes R Cath 4   Belvedere
Mar 27 General Hosp General Hosp Tubercular peritonitis REID Harry No entry 18 Greens Hr  
Mar 28 St Clares Hosp Sebastian St Streptococcal fever MARSH Catherine U Church 8/12   Gen'l Prot
Mar 28 Campbell Ave Myocarditis SIMMONS Mrs Susan U Church 69   Gen'l Prot
Mar 28 Kings Bridge Rd Old age MCNEILY Mrs Alice Reid? U Church 93   Gen'l Prot
Mar 29 General Hosp Intestinal fistula MUGENT Edward No entry 58   Kelligrews
Mar 29 Monroe St Angina pectoris SCURRY Lawrence R Cath 59   Ch England
Mar 29 Prince St Gangrene feet & legs RAYNES John Charles S Army 88   Salvation Army
Mar 30 General Hosp Perforated gastric ulcer DOBBIN Edward R Cath 19   St Marys
Mar 30 St Clares Hosp Subacute nephritis CARD Edward U Church 4 1/2 Bishops Falls  
Mar 31 New Gower St Cirrhosis of liver JOSEPH Abram R Cath 60   Mt Carmel
PAGE 62                
Apr 1 Torbay Road Melaena? BARFITT Daphne Ch Eng 1 wk   Ch England
Apr 1 Brazil St Stillborn GREELEY No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Apr 1 New Gower St Myocarditis Endocarditis FAOUR Mrs Bertha R Cath 75   Mt Carmel
Apr 2 Gear St4 Myocarditis POTTLE Jethro U Church 77   Gen'l Prot
Apr 3 Pleasant St Myocarditis BREWER Thomas R Cath 56   Belvedere
Apr 3 Grace Hospital Cardio-renal disease LYNCH Mrs Katherine R Cath 38   Mt Carmel
Apr 3 Mental Hospital Psychosis & Graves Disease ANTLE Agnes S Army 35   Salvation Army
Apr 3 St Clares Hospital Stillborn MURPHY No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Apr 4 New Gower St Pulmonary tuberculosis MAHONEY Mrs Mary R Cath 45 Avondale Mt Carmel
Apr 4 General Hospital Pulmonary tuberculosis DIAMOND Alfred U Church 50   Gen'l Prot
Apr 5 St Clares Hospital Epilepsy Chr Myocard. & arterio-sclerosis BISHOP Clayton U Church 32   Gen'l Prot
Apr 5 St Clares Hosp Endocarditis MACKEY John R Cath 55 Carbonear  
Apr 5 New Gower St Cardio-renal disease HICKEY Mrs Elizabeth R Cath 47   Mt Carmel
Apr 5 General Hospital Myocarditis TUCKER James S Army 64   Salvation Army
Apr 5 Sudbury St Arterio-sclerosis Ess. Hypertension CANDOW Mrs Elizabeth U Church 76   Gen'l Prot
Apr 6 Mental Hosp Epilepsy Chr Myocard. & arterio-sclerosis HOLLETT Arthur U Church 58   Gen'l Prot
Apr 8 Grace Hospital Prematurity BISHOP Joseph A Ch Eng 2 hrs   Ch England
Apr 9 Southside Sen. Myocarditis Hypertension COOK George R Ch Eng 78   Ch England
Apr 7 Belvedere St Arterio-sclerosis WALL Harry R Cath 46   Belvedere
Apr 9 Duckworth St Myocarditis POWER Mary Josephine R Cath 88   Belvedere
Apr 10 Water St W Carcinoma of stomach KEAN James R Cath 66   Belvedere
Apr 11 Sheehan Shute Endocarditis Ashtma BISHOP Fred U Church 62   Gen'l Prot
Apr 11 General Hosp Hypertension Cerebral Haem RYALL Valentine R Cath 68   Belvedere
Apr 10 Grace Hosp Cancer of stomach BRIFFETT Louis No entry 70 Alexander Bay  
Apr 11 Parade St Lymphosarcoma CAHILL Mrs Mary R Cath 49   Belvedere
Apr 13 Golf Ave Tbc Glands BISHOP Wilfred Ch Eng 38   Ch England
Apr 13 General Hosp Cardiac failure TRAINOR Mrs Elizabeth R Cath 67   Belvedere
Apr 14 Pearce Ave Congenital debility HUNT Robert U Church 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Apr 12 Signal Hill Rd Stillborn WHELAN No entry R Cath SB   Mt Carmel
Apr 14 St Clares Hosp Valvular disease of heart RYAN Thomas R Cath 75   Belvedere
Apr 13 SA Anchorage Stillborn POWER No entry R Cath SB Holyrood Mt Carmel
Apr 13 General Hosp Multiple fractures of pelvis Motor acc. PEDDLE James R Cath 69   Mt Carmel
Apr 15 Barters Hill Broncho Pneumonia TAYLOR Orestes U Church 39   Gen'l Prot
Apr 15 Prescott St Hypertension Cerebral Haem CHOWN Newman U Church 66   Gen'l Prot
Apr 15 McFarlane St Carcinoma of liver EARLES Martha U Church 72   Gen'l Prot
Apr 13 On board SS Terra Nova Coronary occlusion BISHOP Jessie S Army 64   Salvation Army
Apr 17 St Clares Hosp Hypertension GLYNN Mrs Clara R Cath 53   Belvedere
Apr 18 Circular Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage HOWLEY William R R Cath No entry St Johns Belvedere
Apr 17 Infirmary Diabetes POWER Anne R Cath 87   Mt Carmel
Apr 18 St Clares Hosp Patent foramen ovale POWER No entry R Cath 3 dys   Belvedere
PAGE 63                
Apr 18 McKay St Myocarditis WILLIAMS William H R Cath 84   Mt Carmel
Apr 19 Blackmarsh Rd Carcinoma of stomach SMITH Smith Azariah U Church 55   Gen'l Prot
Apr 20 Guard House Commercial Cables Gunshot wound of chest FILLIER William D R Cath 21 St Johns Belvedere
Apr 20 Bannerman St Malignant fatty tumor of Peritoneum CROCKER Mrs Lillian Ch Eng 56   Ch England
Apr 21 Forest Road Myocarditis YOUNG John Ch Eng 76   Ch England
Apr 20 Carbonear Angina pectoris TURNER Cyril R Cath 50 St Johns Engineer Belvedere
Apr 21 General Hosp Chronic Nephritis POWER John R Cath 56   Mt Carmel
Apr 21 General Hosp Chr myocarditis & chr nephritis CONWAY John R Cath 48   Belvedere
Apr 22 Pleasant St Cardio-renal disease DWYER Mrs Edith Ch Eng 65   Ch England
Apr 23 St Clares Hosp Pernicious Anaemia WHELAN James R Cath 73   Mt Carmel
Apr 22 St Clares Hosp Prematurity ORGAN Janet M R Cath 2 dys   Mt Carmel
Apr 23 Freshwater Rd Cancer of bladder WALSH Luke R R Cath 58   Belvedere
Apr 24 Southside Hypertension Myocarditis MALEE Thomas R Cath 80   Mt Carmel
Apr 24 Cabot St Carcinoma of Rectum CARVILLE Mrs Alice R Cath 62   Mt Carmel
Apr 26 Grace Hospital Pneumonia STARK David Presbyterian 10/12   Gen'l Prot
Apr 27 College Square Apoplexy SHAPTER Margaret R Cath 79   Mt Carmel
Apr 27 Fever Hospital Cerebrl-spinal meningitis DAVIS Lloyd U Church 2   Gen'l Prot
Apr 27 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of bladder DOWNEY Joseph R Cath 61 Southern Bay BB  
Apr 30 General Hosp Carcinoma of stomach GRIFFIN John R Cath 40 Colliers Colliers
Apr 30 Grace Hosp Stillborn SPRACKLIN No entry No entry SB of Brigus Gen'l Prot
Apr 30 Top Battery Myocarditis Coronary Thrombosis NOSEWORTHY Mrs Alice R Cath 69   Mt Carmel
Apr 30 Campbell Ave Myocarditis REID George Ch Eng 63   Ch England
May 3 Brazil Sq Heart failure MURPHY James R Cath 72   Mt Carmel
May 3 Cabot St Myocarditis WOODFORD Mrs Ann R Cath 87   Belvedere
May 5 Grace Hospital Stillborn BENSON No entry No entry SB   Salvation Army
May 5 St Clares Hosp Bilateral acute suppurative mastoiditis PEYTON Joseph R Cath 9/12   Mt Carmel
May 4 General Hospital Senility Fracture neck of femur LIDSTONE Nathaniel U Church 87   Gen'l Prot
May 6 General Hosp Pulm tuberculosis PICCOTT Aaron No entry 63   Brookfield, BB
May 8 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of caecum ENGLISH Nicholas R Cath 63   Branch, Stm? B
May 8 St Clares Hosp Stillborn REYNOLDS No entry No entry SB   Carbonear
May 9 Pennywell Rd Carcinoma of stomach ABBOTT Alphonsus R Cath 57   Belvedere
May 9 General Hospital Intestinal obstruction MERCER Leslie Ch Eng 23   Ch England
May 9 Cummings St Ac. bronchitis QUIGLEY John R Cath 11//12   Belvedere
May 9 Pennywell Rd Stillborn MORRISSEY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
May 10 SA Anchorage Intracranial haemorrhage PENNEY Linda Ch Eng 1 wk   Ch England
May 10 General Hospital Chronic Nephritis DAY Samuel Ch Eng 56   Ch England
May 10 Patrick St Myocarditis ANTLE Thomas P S Army 77   Salvation Army
May 11 Circular Rd Stillborn CHARD No entry No entry SB   Ch England
PAGE 64                
May 12 Forest Road Carcinoma of Prostate CHALKER James R Ch Eng 69   Ch England
May 13 General Hosp Carcinoma of liver MCCUE Johanna R Cath 68   Marysvale
May 13 Springdale St Pulmonary tuberculosis WILLIAMS R Hayward Ch Eng 42   Ch England
May 13 Signal Hill Enteritis MURPHY No entry R Cath 1/12   Mt Carmel
May 13 St Clares Hosp Ac. Gastro-enteritis MCMANUS Peter R Cath 6/12   Mt Carmel
May 13 Kings Rd Apoplexy WHITE Mrs Wm H U Church 81   Gen'l Prot
May 15 Dicks Sq Ac. Pulm oedema Myocard. SHIRRAN? Mrs Clara U Church 64   Gen'l Prot
May 15 General Hosp Hypertrophy of Prostate ROLLS Michael R Cath 62   Belvedere
May 15 Henry St Coronary thrombosis Myocarditis RAHAL Mrs Ellen M R Cath 66   Mt Carmel
May 16 Monkstown Rd Myocarditis SCOTT Catherine R Cath 90   Belvedere
May 16 Colonial St Senility MOORE John Charles Ch Eng 80   Ch England
May 17 Signal Hill Pulm tuberculosis HYNES Charlotte L Ch Eng 19   Ch England
May 17 Water Street Pulm tuberculosis HEARN Isobel R Cath 18   Mt Carmel
May 17 General Hosp Chr. Myocarditis DWYER John R Cath 50   Bell Island
May 18 Grace Hosp Carcinoma of pancreas FILLIER John U Church 75   Clarkes Beach
May 18 Monroe St Chronic asthma BURKE Mrs Jane R Cath 80   Mt Carmel
May 18 Mundy Pond Rd Convulsions PICCO Dorothy M R Cath 10 mins   Mt Carmel
May 20 Grace Hosp Pneumonia GOSSE Mrs Florrie No entry 32   Bell Island
May 20 SA Anchorage Prematurity NEARY Donald T R Cath 2/12 Bell I Mt Carmel
May 20 Poor Asylum Myocarditis EVANS Alice No entry 88   Cape Broyle
May 21 General Hosp Sarcoma of leg DIAMOND William U Church 80   Gen'l Prot
May 21 Cook St Convulsions WILSON Olive R Cath 7/12   Mt Carmel
May 22 Casey St Lobar Pneumonia GARLAND Marion U Church 65   Gen'l Prot
May 22 Grace Hosp Senility SHEARS Mrs Mary E Ch Eng 86   Ch England
May 22 General Hosp Puerperal Sepsis GEAR Mrs Hannah No entry 32   Bell Island
May 22 St Clares Hosp Puerperal Sepsis SPARKES Ann No entry 30 Glovertown  
May 22 SA Anchorage Birth injury O'LEARY Mary Theresa R Cath 2 wks   Mt Carmel
May 23 Grace Hospital Evisceration of bowel COFFEY No entry R Cath 3 wks of Placentia Mt Carmel
May 24 Colinet Valvular disease of heart NOSEWORTHY William U Church 56   Gen'l Prot
May 24 Lesters Field Cerebrl-spinal meningitis BEST Sidney CK U Church 34 Magdalen Isles Quebec Gen'l Prot
May 25 St Clares Hosp Hypertension Coronary artery dis TUCKER John Ch Eng 52   Ch England
May 26 Springdale St Hemplegia MERCER Eliza E U Church 86   Gen'l Prot
May 26 Prospect St Pregnancy ANTHONY Violet Ch Eng 39   Ch England
May 27 Grace Hospital Endocarditis Myocarditis JERRETT Frederick G Ch Eng 75 Brigus  
May 29 Mt Pleasant Ave Urethral stricture ASHMAN William R Cath 65   Mt Carmel
May 29 Balsam St Old age PENDERGAST Mary R Cath 84 Avondale  
May 29 Circular Rd Hemplegia BRADBURY Charles W U Church 76   Gen'l Prot
May 30 Merrymeeting Rd Prematurity AUNCHINLECK No entry Ch Eng few seconds   Ch England
PAGE 65                
June 2 McNeil St Pulmonary tuberculosis NOSEWORTHY Mary Ch Eng 68   Ch England
June 2 Grace Hospital Ruptured gastric ulcer PENNY William   60   Salmon Cove Carbonear
June 3 Military Rd Senility MEADE Mrs Norah R Cath 97   Mt Carmel
June 3 Rankin St Stillborn KING Mary   SB   No entry
June 3 General Hosp Exposure, frost bite & early gangrene effect? HGARDORHUN? Brima?   30   Ch England
June 3 Fleming St Coronary thrombosis Myocarditis JOHNSON Mrs Sarah U Church 81   Gen'l Prot
June 3 Cabot St Senility arterio-sclerosis BELBIN Jacob   73   Gen'l Prot
June 3 Poor Asylum Paralysis Myocarditis HOOPER Thomas R Cath 74   Mt Carmel
June 4 Grace Hospital Stillborn MERCER No entry   SB   Ch England
June 4 Prescott St Hypertension Paralysis FIELD Edwin White U Church 74   Gen'l Prot
June 4 Queens Rd Tbc Meningitis CHATWOOD Phillippa U Church 13   Gen'l Prot
June 4 Lester's Field Barracks Acute alcoholism Suffocation due to aspiration of vomitus WHITING Sergt Major   31 Texas, USA Ch England
June 5 Tessier Place Carcinoma of breast CROCKER Mrs Sadie R Cath 38   Mt Carmel
June 5 Station Hospital USAT Edmund B Alexander Fracture rt. Frontal bone of skull Cerebrospinal meningitis PELTO Arthur   22 Via USAT Edmund Alexander enrou er B. te to USA?
June 6 Allen Sq Pulmonary tuberculosis CROKE James R Cath 82   Belvedere
June 6 New Gower St Prematurity WALTERS No entry R Cath 6 hrs   Mt Carmel
June 6 Pennywell Rd Carcinoma of breast BURGESS Mrs Ellen U Church 82   Gen'l Prot
June 6 Edinburgh St Subarachnoid haemorrhage due to traumatic violence FLEMING Thomas R Cath 31 St Johns Mt Carmel
June 6 St Johns Harbour Drowning ROSTAD Arnold   40   Gen'l Prot
June 7 Hayward Ave Rheumatic endocarditis EWING Sophie E Ch Eng 57   Ch England
June 7 Grace Hosp Dystocia MOORE Arthur Ch Eng 2 dys   Ch England
June 7 Cabot St Carcinoma of stomach TOBIN Bridget R Cath 69   Belvedere
June 7 Alexander St Pulm tuberculosis MURPHY Claire R Cath 36   Mt Carmel
June 8 Pleasant St Chronic Nephritis HICKEY Mrs Margaret R Cath 49   Belvedere
June 8 Pearce Ave Pulm tuberculosis CONNORS Agnes R Cath 7   Belvedere
June 10 Balsam St Myocarditis OKE Norah R Cath 78   Belvedere
June 9 St Clares Hosp Tuberculous kidney LEWIS George U Church 25 Lower Island Cove  
June 10 Southside Myocarditis LAWRENCE Elizabeth U Church 58   Gen'l Prot
June 11 General Hospital Cerebral Haemorrhage RALPH Mrs Maria   54 Flat Island BB  
June 11 Fever Hospital Tuberculous meningitis CLARKE Edward R Cath 1 1/2   Mt Carmel
June 12 Wickford St Coronary thrombosis CARROLL Mrs Katherine R Cath 55   Mt Carmel
June 13 Spencer St Tuberculous meningitis WHALEN Elizabeth R Cath 18   Mt Carmel
June 14 General Hosp Carcinoma of breast VERGE Mrs Clara   42 Old Bonaventure  
June 14 General Hosp Exposure Frostbite Gangrene both legs MURPHY William R Cath 46   Mt Carmel
June 14 Rennies Mill Rd Carcinoma of breast CARTER Gladys Ch Eng 53   Ch England
June 15 McFarlane St Myocarditis KOOLERY George R Cath 86   No entry
June 15 Aldershot St Hypertension Coronary artery disease MILLER James R Cath 75   Mt Carmel
June 16 Springdale St Carcinoma of stomach WATSON William U Church 75   Gen'l Prot
June 17 Dicks Sq Endocarditis KAVANAGH Patrick R Cath 67   Belvedere
June 17 Power St Marasmus FARRELL John Joseph R Cath 8 mos   Belvedere
PAGE 66                
June 17 Cook St Hypertension Cerebral Haemorrhage MCKINLEY James Presbyt 75   Gen'l Prot
June 18 General Hosp Hepatic abscess Pleurisy & effusion BARENCHE Joseph Ch Eng 46 Manchester Ch England
June 19 New Gower St Pulm tuberculosis SKIFFINGTON Evelyn No entry 19 Bonavista Bonavista
June 19 SA Anchorage Hypertension Cerebral Haemorrhage CHAPTER Mrs Elizabeth R Cath 76   Mt Carmel
June 19 SA Anchorage Chronic Nephritis PENNEY Mrs Susannah No entry 49   Mt Carmel
June 19 St Clares Hosp Tuberculous meningitis HUSSEY Douglas R Cath 1 2/12   Mt Carmel
June 20 St Clares Hosp Stillborn WHITTEN No entry R Cath SB   Mt Carmel
June 21 Franklin Ave? Carcinoma of stomach MYRICK Frank R Cath 65 Cape Race Belvedere
June 21 Longs Hill Hypertension Cardio-renal FORSEY Esther No entry 82 Grand Bank Grand Bank
June 21 St Clares Hosp Pleuro-pneumonia INGRAM Joseph Ch Eng 58   England
June 22 Gower St Arterio-sclerosis Myocarditis FIELD Hannah Ch Eng 72   England
June 22 No entry Stillborn RASMUSSEN No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
June 23 John St Cerebral Haemorrhage WILLS Mrs Jessie U Church 72   Gen'l Prot
June 23 Barters Hill Acute pleurisy PENNY George R Cath 11/12   Mt Carmel
June 23 Grace Hospital Atelectasis MAHONEY Mary R Cath 24 hrs   Mt Carmel
June 24 George St Sclerosis of Cord LUNDRIGAN Mrs Theresa R Cath 71   Mt Carmel
June 24 St Clares Hosp Malnutrition & Congenital debility CRANE Walter R Cath 10 wks   Mt Carmel
June 24 Shaws Lane Cardio-renal disease HAMLYN Arthur U Church 76   Gen'l Prot
June 25 Patrick St Stillborn MALONEY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
June 25 General Hosp Ruptured urethra VERGE Eli Ch Eng 73   Hr Grace
June 25 Presentation Convent Subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord BRODERS Sister Mary Gabriel R Cath 62   Belvedere
June 25 Grace Hosp Stillborn CONNOLLY No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
June 25 Southside Arterio-sclerosis HORAN Mrs Elizabeth R Cath 72   Belvedere
June 26 Aboard HMS Forth Ac. Alcoholism Fall with fracture of skull Subarachnoid haemorrhage Drowning WOODING Harold Stanley No entry 20 HMS Burnham? Gen'l Prot
June 28 Mayor Ave Chronic bronchitis COADY Thomas R Cath 90   Mt Carmel
June 29 General Hosp Carcinoma of cervix ANTHONY Mrs Elizabeth R Cath 58   Mt Carmel
June 30 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of stomach MAYNARD David R Cath 53   Belvedere
June 30 Sanatorium Pulm tuberculosis GUEST Elizabeth Ch Eng 19   Ch England
June 30 St Clares Hosp Gastro enteritis REARDON June R Cath 1   Mt Carmel
July 3 Bond St Apoplexy KAVANAGH Mrs Mary R Cath 63   Mt Carmel
July 1 Gilbert St Cardio renal PIKE Thomas U Church 77   Gen'l Prot
July 2 Pleasant St Pulm tuberculosis FINNEY Mrs Margaret R Cath 22   Mt Carmel
July 2 Southside W Chr pulm tuberculosis HAYES Mrs Jane R Cath 58   Mt Carmel
July 5 Water St W Heart failure WILLIAMS Anne R Cath 48   Belvedere
July 5 Grace Hosp Carcinoma of stomach CAVE William H No entry 58 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  
4th? 4th? Campbell Ave Cardio renal TAYLOR Mrs Margaret E U Church 64   Gen'l Prot
July 6 Bannerman St Stillborn REID No entry No entry SB   Ch England
July 6 Eric St Prematurity DEWLING No entry U Church 2 hrs   Gen'l Prot
July 6 St Clares Hosp Pleurisy Myocarditis OLIPHANT Mrs Annie R Cath 65   Belvedere
July 6 Water St Stillborn BARNES No entry U Church SB   Ch England
PAGE 67                
July 7 St Clares Hosp Stillborn ENGLISH No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
July 8 Grace Hosp Intracranial haemorrhage POTTLE Franklin H U Church 6 wks   Gen'l Prot
July 9 Fever Hosp Meningitis HORWOOD John Ch Eng 16   Ch England
No entry St Johns Harbour Drowning KELLY James R Cath 49   Mt Carmel
July 11 Allan Square Fractured Hip SKEANS Mrs Rebecca Ch Eng 53   Ch England
July 12 Grace Hosp Osteomyelitis of skull WITHERS Angela R Cath 1 1/2   Mt Carmel
July 13 Sanatorium Pulmonary tuberculosis PURCELL Ruth R Cath 19   Belvedere
July 14 Wood St Cardiac failure HAMMOND Henry Ch Eng 78   Ch England
July 15 Raleigh St Apoplexy Cardio-renal OAKLEY Kenneth U Church 61   Gen'l Prot
July 15 General Hosp Carcinoma of bladder SMITH Cornelius No entry 75   New Perlican
July 16 Fever Hosp Tbc Meningitis HAYWARD Rupert R Cath 9   Mt Carmel
July 17 Golf Ave Coronary thrombosis GARDNER Richard Ch Eng 70   Ch England
July 17 Carnell St Hydrocephalus Pneumonia MCDONALD Rose Anne R Cath 1 1/2   Mt Carmel
July 17 South Battery Myocarditis TUCKER Samuel S Army 86   Salvation Army
July 18 St Clares Hosp Pneumonia AUCHINLECH David Ch Eng 2   Ch England
July 18 Campbell Ave Carcinoma of bowel BENSON Eleazer S Army 43   Salvation Army
July 19 Long Pond Accidental drowning BENNETT Clarence L No entry 22 1/2   Maryland, USA
July 20 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of larynx GAMBERG Mrs Mary R Cath 75   Belvedere
July 21 Codners Lane Hodgkins Disease STAMP William R R Cath 25   Mt Carmel
July 22 Howe Place Dystocia OSBORNE Hugh F R Cath 1 day   Mt Carmel
No entry Grace Hosp Stillborn (prem) (4 mos) LEONARD No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
July 15 On board HMS Candytuft Exposure (on raft for 11 days) GUDMUNDSSON Karl No entry 32 Iceland Ch England
July 23 Body found in St Johns Harbour Not definite STONE Eliol No entry 41   Trinity
July 23 Body found in St Johns Harbour Drowning acc. MEADUS Harold U Church 28   Gen'l Prot
July 24 Water St W Arterio-sclerosis GOODBY Mrs Mary R Cath 69   Belvedere
July 25 Convent Lane Ac gastro enteritis WARREN Mildred R Cath 9/12   Mt Carmel
July 26 Grace Hospital Stillborn EDDY No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
July 26 Prince St Bronchitis RAYNES Violet S Army 7/12   Salvation Army
July 29 General Hosp Pyaemia WALSHE Mrs Mary R Cath 63   Fermeuse
July 29 Grace Hosp Prematurity LAMBERT No entry U Church No entry   Gen'l Prot
July 29 Upper Battery Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage MURRIN Fred R Cath 62   Mt Carmel
July 29 St Clares Hosp Myocarditis BURKE William R Cath 60   Belvedere
July 30 McDougall St Pulm tuberculosis BASSETT Marion R Cath 17   Mt Carmel
July 29 St Clares Hosp Pyelo-nephrosis MARTIN Mrs Bride R Cath 54   Mt Carmel
July 30 General Hosp Carcinoma of caecum DYKE Mrs Effie No entry 46   Eastport BB
July 29 Carters Hill Coronary artery disease DAWE Mary Emma No entry 63   Seal Cove CB
July 31 Poor Asylum Cancer of stomach QUINLAN Jeremiah R Cath 56   Mt Carmel
PAGE 68                
Aug 1 Golf Ave Paralysis RICHARDS Abram Ch Eng 67   Ch England
Aug 1 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of colon SINNOTT Miss Nora R Cath 70   Placentia
Aug 2 Central St Valvular disease of heart DUNPHY Ellen R Cath 73   Belvedere
Aug 3 Lime St Mitral & aortic endocarditis WHELAN Francis R Cath 17   Belvedere
Aug 4 Howley Ave Ext Cerebrl-spinal meningitis BELL Robert R Cath 10   Belvedere
Aug 5 General Hosp Hypertrophy of Prostate TULK Aubrey No entry 64 New Hr  
Aug 5 Freshwater Rd Stillborn (prem) O'MARA No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Aug 6 Queens Rd Endocarditis DILLON Agnes R Cath 66   Mt Carmel
Aug 6 St Clares Hosp Senility FARRELL Mrs Winifred R Cath 84   Ferryland
Aug 6 Topsail Rd Myocarditis LLOYD Lena B Ch Eng 80   Ch England
Aug 6 Flower Hill Carcinoma of stomach MCDONALD Anastatia R Cath 70   Belvedere
Aug 7 Grace Hospital Myocarditis HANHAM Jacob Ch Eng 73   Ch England
Aug 7 St Clares Hosp Gastro enteritis FINCH Cyril R Cath 6/12   Belvedere
Aug 8 Middle Battery Gastric Cancer STANFORD Benjamin Ch Eng 65   Ch England
Aug 9 Infirmary Paraplegia HURLEY Mary R Cath 60 Cupids Mt Carmel
Aug 12 Grace Hosp Scurvy & rickets RYAN William R Cath 2   St Josephs
Aug 9 Grace Hosp Puerperal Sepsis PARSONS Mrs May Ch Eng 22   Bay Roberts
Aug 9 Sanatorium Pulmonary tuberculosis MORRIS William J U Church 44   Gen'l Prot
Aug 9 Grace Hosp Congenital debility PARSONS Elizabeth U Church 2 wks   Gen'l Prot
Aug 9 SA Anchorage Stillborn GILLINGHAM Nellie Ch Eng SB   Ch England
Aug 10 General Hosp Pyleonephrosis SMITH Philip No entry 36   Marystown
Aug 10 New Gower St Pulmonary tuberculosis CRAMM* * "CRANN" is written above "CRAMM"-Transcriber Dorcas No entry 26   Bell Island
Aug 11 Freshwater Rd Hypertension Cerebral Haemorrhage HEALEY Hannah R Cath 69   Belvedere
Aug 11 Waterford B Rd Coronary thrombosis WHITTY John R Cath 67   Belvedere
Aug 12 Upper Battery Miliary tuberculosis O'GRADY Margaret R Cath 16   Mt Carmel
Aug 13 New Gower St Myocarditis DEVEREAUX Mary R Cath 80   Belvedere
Aug 14 Pennywell Rd Pulmonary tuberculosis DONNELLY John R Cath 48   Mt Carmel
Aug 15 Carpasian Road Carcinoma of Rectum PARSONS Mary E U Church 75   Gen'l Prot
Aug 15 Lime St Paralysis BEWHEY Henry Ch Eng 76   Ch England
Aug 17 Codners Lane Cerebral Haemorrhage CALDWELL James Ch Eng 80   Ch England
Aug 18 Pleasant St Lues JACKMAN No entry R Cath 1/2 hr   Mt Carmel
Aug 18 Boncloddy St Congenital Syphilis CALLAHAN Kevin Ch Eng 2/12   Ch England
Aug 17 Lime St Cardio renal DILLON Mary R Cath 68   Belvedere
Aug 19 Grace Hosp Broncho Pneumonia BARRON Joseph R Cath 1 2/12   Bell Island
Aug 20 Southside W Stillborn WINSOR No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Aug 20 Grace Hospital Tuberculous meningitis CHAFE Donald No entry 5   Goulds
Aug 21 Gower St Myocarditis BISHOP George U Church 72   Gen'l Prot
Aug 21 Grace Hospital Stillborn HARRIS No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Aug 25 LeMarchant Rd Senility WOOD Eliza Mary Ch Eng 96   Ch England
Aug 24 Patrick St Splenic leukaemia SHORTALL Thomas R Cath 68   Belvedere
PAGE 69                
Aug 26 Grace Hospital Fracture of skull Motor acc ROSSITER Patrick R Cath 4   Mt Carmel
Aug 25 Convent of Mercy Cerebral Haemorrhage GLYNN Rev Mother Columbe R Cath 83   Belvedere
Aug 26 General Hosp Subacute bacterial endocarditis BUTLER Elizabeth No entry 22   Trepassey
Aug 27 General Hosp Potts Paraplegia General tbc BATTCOCK John No entry 44   Brigus South
Aug 27 Bond St Angina pectoris myocarditis HUTCHINGS Mrs Margaret Ch Eng 74   Hr Grace
Aug 28 Carters Hill Gastro enteritis Br Pneumonia WOOLRIDGE John F R Cath 5 wks   Mt Carmel
Aug 27 Barters Hill Broncho Pneumonia MARTIN Joan R Cath 9/12   Mt Carmel
Aug 28 Bambrick St Asphyxiation & burns (6th degree) FURLONG John R Cath 49   Mt Carmel
Aug 28 General Hospital Pulmonary tuberculosis HATCH Nellie No entry 24   Red Head Cove
Aug 30 Grace Hospital Carcinoma of pancreas SIMPSON James Presbyterian 58   Gen'l Prot
Aug 29 Flower Hill Tbc Meningitis DUGGAN Margaret R Cath 29   Belvedere
Aug 30 Grace Hosp Pneumonia HOWELL Rayfield U Church 1 1/2   Gen'l Prot
Aug 31 St Clares Hosp Prematurity STAMP No entry R Cath 1 hr   Mt Carmel
Aug 30 Blatch Ave Chr Phthisis O'KEEFE Mrs Margaret R Cath 66   Belvedere
Aug 30 General Hosp Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE George No entry 64   Brigus
Aug 31 General Hosp Carcinoma of Rectum HATCHER John No entry 69   Rose Blanche
PAGE 325                
Sept 1 St Clares Hosp Tb Peritonitis PEDDLE Joan No entry 2 Hr Grace  
Sept 2 St Clares Hosp Coronary thrombosis SHORTALL John J R Cath 62   Belvedere
Sept 2 St Clares Hosp Chr Appendicitis WILLIAMS Harvey C.E. 51   Ch England
Sept 2 Grace Hosp Carcinoma of stomach BRADLEY Samuel UC 70 Grand Bank
Sept 4 Coronation St Emphysema of lungs DRACK? George UC 67   Gen'l Prot
Sept 5 Suvla St Endocarditis KING Michael RC 63   Mt Carmel
Sept 7 Top Battery Gastro enteritis MARCH No entry C.E. 2 1/2 mos   Ch England
Sept 7 SA Anchorage Hypertension WALSH Mrs Mary RC 70   Belvedere
Sept 7 Hutchings St Stillborn (prem) WILLS No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Sept 7 St Clares Hosp Stillborn ABBOTT No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Sept 8 General Hosp Chr. Cholecystitis & Cholelithiasis THISTLE Mrs Ann No entry 48   Carbonear
Sept 9 Mental Hosp Senile psychosis Arterio-sclerosis MORRISSEY Mary RC 83   Belvedere
Sept 8 Princes St Asthma SIMMS Fred RC 29   Mt Carmel
Sept 9 Lime St Pleurisy MAHER John No entry 84   Grand Falls
Sept 9 Springdale St Carcinoma of Oesophagus PINE Captain James No entry 76   Belvedere
Sept 8 St Clares Hosp Prepyloris gastric ulcer (carcin?) MITCHELL Vincent No entry 46 Marystown  
Sept 9 St Clares Hosp Stricture of oesophagus LEWIS Annie No entry 3 Lower Island Cove  
Sept 10 Ocean Pond P.C. Rd Coronary disease MOYST Joseph C.E. 58   Ch England
Sept 11 St Clares Hosp Enteritis FUREY Leo RC 4/12   Avondale
Sept 11 Grace Hosp Hydrocephalus GARDNER Nellie RC 5 wks   Mt Carmel
Sept 11 Bond St Progressive muscular atrophy CONDON Mary RC 27   Mt Carmel
Sept 11 Top Battery Rd myocaditis Pneumonia TILLEY Mary RC 67   Mt Carmel
Sept 11 Leslie St Embolus STEPHENSON Mrs Elsie C.E. 44   Ch England
Sept 13 Lime St Cardio-vascular renal dis MYRON Mrs Mary RC 85   Belvedere
Sept 13 James St Stillborn (prem) FOWLER No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Sept 12 St Clares Hosp Acute bronchitis RENDELL Mrs Rebecca C.E. 71   Ch England
Sept 13 Field St Senility MORRIS Olivia UC 84   Gen'l Prot
Sept 11 Queen St Senility NOSEWORTHY Harriet UC 84   Gen'l Prot
Sept 12 St Clares Hosp Dystocia MURPHY No entry No entry 5 hrs   Bell Island
Sept 15 Parade St Carcinoma of stomach WILLIAMS Robert C.E. 72   Ch England
Sept 12 General Hosp Strangulated hernia DOODY Thomas No entry 54   Fox Cove, Burin
Sept 16 New Gower St Chronic Myocarditis BURRY Lucy UC 73   Gen'l Prot
Sept 15 St Clares Hosp Arterio-sclerosis BUSH Mrs Mary RC 57   Belvedere
Sept 16 Prescott St Ac. Pulm Tuberculosis MURPHY Joseph RC 20   Belvedere
Sept 17 Grace Hosp Convulsions STANLEY Allan UC 3 dys Clarenville Gen'l Prot
Sept 16 St Johns Hr Epilepsy Drowning MARTIN Frank UC 12   Gen'l Prot
Sept 18 William St Potts Disease ELLIS Doris C.E. 27   Ch England
Sept 17 Top Battery Rd Tuberculosis REARDON Patrick RC 32   Mt Carmel
Sept 17 Portugal Cove Rd Gastro enteritis DILLON Margaret RC 3/12   Mt Carmel
Sept 18 Lime St Myocarditis PRICE Mrs Dora No entry 68   Petty Hr
PAGE 326                
Sep 20 Plymouth Rd Broncho Pneumonia HICKEY Joan RC 1 1/2   Mt Carmel
Sep 20 Central St Malnutrition CROTTY Sandra M RC 10/12   Mt Carmel
Sep 20 Southside W Gastro enteritis KERRIVAN Douglas RC 2 1/2   Mt Carmel
Sep 19 Grace Hosp Congenital debility MORGAN No entry C.E. 1/2 hr of Pde? G Ch England
Sep 19 Flower Hill Senility Myocarditis DICKS Ellen C.E. 81   Ch England
Sep 19 Cookstown Rd Pulm tuberculosis CHANCEY Mrs M UC 69   Gen'l Prot
Sep 20 Mt Pleasant Ave Hyperpiesia PEDDLE Mrs Jane C.E. 66   Ch England
Sep 20 General Hosp Cardio-vascular renal dis FOLLETT Mrs Jessie UC 68   Gen'l Prot
Sep 21 Harvey rd Acute bronchitis RICE Helen RC 1/12   Belvedere
Sep 21 General Hosp Carcinoma of cervix FISHER Mrs Elizabeth RC 44   Mt Carmel
Sep 21 General Hosp Spinal tumour MAYO John No entry 48   Creston
Sep 21 Grace Hosp Multiple injuries (motor truck) BOONE Stanley UC 6   South River
Sep 21 Fever Hosp Measles LONG John RC 2 1/2 of Great Jervis FB Mt Carmel
Sep 22 Prince of Wales St Measles ROSE Gertrude UC 6/12   Gen'l Prot
Sep 23 St Clares Hosp Stillborn KELLY No entry No entry SB   Belvedere
Sep 22 Merrymeeting Rd Acute Myocarditis PAYNE Arthur W C.E. 45   Ch England
Sep 23 General Hosp Myocarditis Hypertension JEANS Stanley C.E. 67   Ch England
Sep 24 Fever Hosp Diphtheria SHAW Frederick UC 38   Gen'l Prot
Sep 26 Hutchings St Myocarditis PUDDESTER Mrs Margaret No entry 36   Bay Bulls
Sep 25 St Clares Hosp Carcinoma of pancreas FORAN Miss Margaret RC 64   Belvedere
Sep 25 Fever Hosp Cerebrl-spinal meningitis BARRETT Violet C.E. 1   Ch England
Sep 27 Parade St Meningitis BYRNE Mary E RC 3   Mt Carmel
Sep 25 St Clares Hosp Peritonitis pneumococcal WALSH George RC 2   Belvedere
Sep 27 Parade St Multiple sclerosis NEWMAN John F C.E. 72   Ch England
Sep 25 New Gower St Carcinoma of throat MAHONEY Norah No entry 69   Conception Hr
Sep 26 Rennies Mill Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage BELL Mrs Martha Ellen UC 76   Gen'l Prot
Sep 28 Grace Hosp Meningitis HISCOCK Edmund No entry 52   Brigus
Sep 27 SA Anchorage Prematurity HYNES No entry No entry 11 hrs   Mt Carmel
Sep 28 Lesters Field Broncho Pneumonia ASHWORTH L Ra? RC 26   Belvedere
Sep 27 Bannerman St Cardiac incompetence COLLINS Baxter UC 30   Gen'l Prot
Sep 28 Grace Hosp Prematurity ROBBINS No entry RC 12 hrs   Mt Carmel
Sep 29 Allandale Rd Typhoid Fever THOMAS James H Cong. 74   Gen'l Prot
Sep 29 Hayward Ave Carcinoma of pancreas RYALL Robert C.E. 84   Ch England
Sep 28 Livingstone St Pulm tuberculosis PURCELL Doris RC 15   Belvedere
Sep 29 Grace Hosp Congenital debility HALLERAN No entry No entry SB Trepassey Mt Carmel
Sep 29 Pennywell Rd Prematurity CHAPMAN No entry C.E. 1 hr   Ch England
PAGE 327                
Oct 3 Boncloddy St Coronary artery thrombosis PIERCEY Samuel C.E. 54   Ch England
Oct 1 Middle Battery Senility SPURRELL Thomas C.E. 79   Ch England
Oct 1 Warbury St Myocarditis CASSIDY Jessie UC 91   Gen'l Prot
Oct 2 Lesters Field Myelogenis leukaemia KENNEY B.W. No entry 20   Gen'l Prot
Oct 4 General Hosp Pulm tuberculosis SINGLETON Thomas No entry 24   St Joseph's Salmonier
Oct 3 Merrymeeting Rd Endocarditis COWLEY Anne J UC 72   Belvedere
Oct 3 Prince of Wales St Cerebral Haemorrhage HEALE Samuel UC 67   Mt Carmel
Oct 2 General Hosp Fractured ribs BARNABLE Leone RC 21   Mt Carmel
Oct 2 Mental Hosp Myocardial degeneration SKANES Wlliam RC 85   Mt Carmel
Oct 4 Gilbert St Senility COUSENS Jane S.a. 85   Salvation Army
Oct 5 Mill Bridge Prematurity QUINLAN Bridget RC 6 hrs   Mt Carmel
Oct 5 Fever Hospital Meningococcal meningitis WALSH Elizabeth RC 10   Mt Carmel
Oct 7 Aldershot St Stillborn WISEMAN No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Oct 5 Grace Hosp Stillborn PARSONS No entry No entry SB of Bay Roberts Ch England
Oct 6 Off Pleasant St Cardio renal TESSIER Germon? UC 61   Gen'l Prot
Oct 4th Catherine St Pulm tuberculosis DWYER Thomas RC 67   Mt Carmel
Oct 6 General Hosp Cerebral Haemorrhage MURPHY Thomas RC 61   Mt Carmel
Oct 8 William St Carcinoma of stomach MARTIN Mary RC 60   Mt Carmel
Oct 5 Grace Hosp Stillborn PARSONS No entry C.E. SB of Bell I. Ch England
Oct 6 General Hosp Cerebral Haemorrhage MURPHY No entry No entry No entry   No entry
Oct 8 Alexander St Cardiac failure CHANCEY Phoebe J No entry 67   Portugal Cove
Oct 8 St Clares Hosp Asphyxia DAWE Mary C.E. 1 hr   Ch England
Oct 7 General Hosp Cardio-vascular renal CANNING Alfred E C.E. 64   Ch England
Oct 9 Grace Hosp Stillborn ROBERTS No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Oct 7 General Hosp Mastoiditis (left) BAGGS John No entry 36   Cape la Hune
Oct 10 Lime St Lobar Pneumonia CHIPMAN Alfreda UC 1   Gen'l Prot
Oct 11 Blackmarsh Rd Mastoiditis myxoedema OSMOND Robert UC 65   Gen'l Prot
Oct 12 Grace Hosp Congenital debility MERCER Samuel No entry 2/12   Bell Island
Oct 13 St Clares Hosp Stillborn DUNPHY No entry No entry SB of Argentia Mt Carmel
Oct 13 Pennywell Rd Tuberculosis of lung. Diabetes BLUNDON Meta UC 15   Gen'l Prot
Oct 14 Water St W Severe haematemesis WINSOR Henry W RC 64   Mt Carmel
Oct 15 New Gower St Heart failure THOMPSON Arthur UC 64   Gen'l Prot
Oct 14 Water St W Myocarditis RYAN Joseph P RC 67   Belvedere
Oct 14 Leslie St Gastric carcinoma FENNESSEY Richard RC 62   Mt Carmel
Oct 17 Topsail Rd Marasmus BOLGER Edward RC 1/12   Mt Carmel
Oct 15 Bond St Pulm tuberculosis KING Violet UC 30   Gen'l Prot
Oct 15 Kings Rd Heart failure ELLARD Mary RC 63   Mt Carmel
Oct 16 Mental Hospital Manic dep psychosis lobar pneumonia BARNES Jane UC 53   Gen'l Prot
Oct 17 Grace Hosp Thrombo phlebitis BURDEN Mrs Elizabeth UC 53   Gen'l Prot
Oct 16 Grace Hosp Pneumonia BOURNE Charles UC 75   Gen'l Prot
PAGE 328                
Oct 16 Pennywell Rd Arterio-sclerosis BISHOP Sarah G C.E. 78   Ch England
Oct 19 General Hosp Pulm tuberculosis BURNSTEIN Charles Hebrew 35 of Grand Falls Hebrew Cemy
Oct 18 Plymouth Rd Arterio-sclerosis BRANSFIELD William RC 55   Mt Carmel
Oct 19 General Hosp Carcinoma of throid generalized metastases JEANS Rendell W C.E. 56 St Johns Ch England
Oct 22 Monroe St Stillborn BLUNDON No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Oct 21 General Hosp Hernia Embolism DROVER Thomas UC 66   Gen'l Prot
Oct 22 Kings Bridge Endocarditis MALONE Joan RC 17   Mt Carmel
Oct 22 Grace Hosp Tbc Meningitis HOLMAN Mary B RC 10/12   Mt Carmel
Oct 22 Water St W Br. Asthma pneumonia phthisis BAMBRICK Michael RC 76   Belvedere
Oct 22 Hamilton St Coronary artery disease FARDY Mabel RC 43   Belvedere
Oct 23 Monkstown Rd Cardio-renal disease acute rheumatism BENNETT Sir John R C.E. 75 St Johns Ch England
Oct 23 Circular Rd Myocarditis WILLIAMS Mrs Mary C.E. 63   Ch England
Oct 24 Poor Asylum Cancer of breast COLE Margaret RC 74   Belvedere
Oct 23 New Gower St Pulm tuberculosis KING Elsie No entry 23   Perry's Cove
Oct 23 Theatre Hill Coronary artery thrombosis BERRIGAN Elizabeth RC 64   Belvedere
Oct 23 General Hosp Cardio-vascular disease TAYLOR Cyril RC 17   Mt Carmel
Oct 25 Avalon St Carcinoma of cervix LUNDRIGAN Irene C.E. 35   Ch England
Oct 26 New Gower St Paralysis NELSON Charles C.E. 89   Mt Carmel
Oct 27 New Gower St Pulm tuberculosis OLIVER Elizabeth No entry 26   Burnt Point
Oct 26 Grace Hosp Stillborn NOSEWORTHY No entry SDA SB   Gen'l Prot
Oct 27 General Hosp Fracture of skull GUSHUE William No entry 22 Conception Hr  
Oct 28 St Clare Hosp Pulm tuberculosis BUTLER Gwendolyn C.E. 24   Ch England
Oct 27 Water St Endocarditis Myocarditis CAMPBELL Alex M UC 53   Gen'l Prot
Oct 27 Avalon Terrace Carcinoma of liver O'KEEFE Mrs Louise RC 61   Belvedere
Oct 28 LeMarchant Rd Strangulated hernia GREEN Samuel UC 82   Gen'l Prot
Oct 30 Casey St Carcinoma of uterus CLARKE Mrs Mary RC 35   Mt Carmel
Oct 29 William St Pulm tuberculosis WHITE Thomas RC 30   Mt Carmel
Oct 29 Brazil Sq Cerebral Haemorrhage MURPHY Mary RC 70   Mt Carmel
Oct 30 Hamilton St Arterio-sclerosis CLARK John UC 85   Gen'l Prot
Oct 30 Grace Hosp Stillborn MACDONALD No entry No entry SB   Mt Carmel
Oct 31 General Hosp Traumatic amputation of l. foot Railway acc. Pulm embolism HAYDEN James No entry 42 Petit Forte P.B.  
Oct 31 Pleasant St Multiple fractures of skull Motor acc LAVEYS Albert UC 45 of Mt. Pearl Park St Johns Gen'l Prot
Oct 29 St Clares Hosp Tbc Meningitis GREENE Eugene No entry 6 Point Verde  
PAGE 329                
Nov 2 Kings Rd Myocarditis FIELD Samuel UC 82   Gen'l Prot
Nov 2 Grace Hosp Senility Fracture of hip HAWKINS Hugh W UC 85   Gen'l Prot
Nov 2 General Hosp Chr. Cholecystitis BUTTON Mrs Rebecca C.E. 54   Ch England
Nov 4 Grace Hosp Accidental fall & fracture of 7th C Vertebra THORNE Henry UC 32   Gen'l Prot
Nov 4 St Clares Hosp Accidental injuries head & neck (Motor) POTTLES Audrey UC 3   Gen'l Prot
Nov 3 LeMarchant Rd Cerebral Haemorrhage SMALLWOOD Fanny UC 78   Gen'l Prot
Nov 4 Lesters Field Military Hosp Dissecting anurysm of aorta MCALONEY Benjamin No entry 39   Gen'l Prot
Nov 4 Belvedere Convent Carcinoma of stomach HANLEY Rev Mother M Phillippa RC 76   Belvedere
Nov 4 Summer St Carcinoma of cervix WALSH Elsie UC 455   Gen'l Prot
Nov 4 Hayward Ave Ac. Dilatation of heart SWEETAPPLE John No entry 23 Glovertown  
Nov 6 Lime St Gastro enteritis PORTER George No entry 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Nov 6 Mullock St Gastro enteritis KAVANAGH Thomas No entry 6/12   Mt Carmel
Nov 4 Warbury St Cirrhosis of liver KELLEHER? Minnie J Episcopalian 56   Maine, USA
Nov 6 Allandale Rd Senility Arterio-sclerosis PHILLIPS James T C.E. 82   Ch England
Nov 4 Hayward Ave Acute dllation of heart SWEETAPPLE John No entry 23 Glovertown  
Nov 7 General Hospital Tbc of spine SCOTT Reginald Cong. 29 Little Bay E Gen'l Prot
Nov 8 Avalon St Senility Arterio-sclerosis STONE James A C.E. 87   Ch England
Nov 10 Grace Hosp Burns of chest, arms & legs PICCO Robert RC 2   Belvedere
Nov 9 O'Deas Lane Senility TAYLOR Frazer UC 77   Gen'l Prot
Nov 10 LeMarchant Rd Pulm tuberculosis MURPHY Helen RC 24   Belvedere
Nov 11 Grace Hosp Convulsions THISTLE David UC 2 dys   Gen'l Prot
Nov 11 Allandale Rd Stillborn REID No entry No entry SB   Ch England
Nov 11 Freshwater Rd Strangulated hernia GODDEN Thomasd J C.E. 84   Ch England
Nov 9 Top Battery Rd Senility Cystitis STAMP Joseph RC 85   Mt Carmel
Nov 7 Verdun, P.Q. No entry CARNELL Maud E UC 61   Gen'l Prot
Nov 13 Grace Hosp Pneumonia IVEY Barbara C.E. 21 dys   Ch England
Nov 13 Casey St Myocarditis BUTLER Mrs Annie R UC 62   Gen'l Prot
Nov 13 Cabot St Paralysis NOFTALL John UC 70   Gen'l Prot
Nov 13 Barnes Rd Carcinoma of lung GROUCHY Mrs Elizabeth RC 52   Belvedere
Nov 15 Wood St Cerebral Haemorrhage CONNOLLY Lawrence RC 71   Belvedere
Nov 15 Holloway St Heart failure COLLINS Mary Ann RC 85   Belvedere
Nov 15 Grace Hosp Stillborn ANDREWS No entry C.E. SB   Ch England
PAGE 330                
Nov 19 Livingstone St Abscess of brain DODD Eileen T RC 12   Mt Carmel
Nov 18 No entry Cardio renal BIGGS Josiah UC 82   Gen'l Prot
Nov 20 Carters Hill Acute bronchitis WINSOR Japheth UC 2/12   Gen'l Prot
Nov 21 No entry Stillborn BARRON No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Nov 22 Water St W Senility KENNA Mary Ann RC 90   Mt Carmel
Nov 20 Hamilton St Coronary thrombosis PEYTON Mrs Eliza UC 82   Gen'l Prot
Nov 23 LeMarchant Rd Coronary thrombosis WHITE William UC 63   Gen'l Prot
Nov 23 Mental Hospital Arterio-sclerosis STEVENSON Richard C.E. 56   Ch England
Nov 23 Grace Hospital Acute cardiac failure NOSEWORTHY Mrs Alice RC 41   Topsail
Nov 25 Waldegrave St Heart disease Kidney trouble NORRIS Mrs Sarah C.E. 74   Ch England
Nov 25 General Hospital Tb Meningitis BOLAND John RC 49 Riverhead, St Marys  
Nov 25 Longs Hill Br. Pneumonia OLIVER James RC 75   Mt Carmel
Nov 26 Kings Rd Broncho Pneumonia WAKEHAM Carmel RC 4/12   Mt Carmel
Nov 26 Grace Hospital Prematurity KEATING Janet Louise UC 1 day   Gen'l Prot
Nov 25 Freshwater Rd Carcinoma of ovary SINNOTT Mrs Bridget RC 87   Mt Carmel
Nov 24 General Hospital Hypertrophy of Prostate FLEMING Patrick No entry 71 Marystown Burin
Nov 26 General Hospital Cancer of breast OKE Margaret RC 41   Belvedere
Nov 27 Cookstown Rd Endocarditis MIDDLETON Bert C.E. 51   Ch England
Nov 26 Livingstone St Coronary thrombosis STREET Susannah UC 64   Gen'l Prot
Nov 26 Young St Cirrhosis of liver BUTLER Charles UC 60   Gen'l Prot
Nov 27 Barters Hill Bronchitis BREEN Anna C RC 7/12   Mt Carmel
Nov 28 Goodview St Auricular fibrillation VIGUERS Mary Jane C.E. 54   Ch England
Nov 29 St Bonaventures College Myocarditis SMITHURCK? Rev Brother RC 83   Belvedere
Nov 29 Victoria St Myocarditis COLLIER Frederick C.E. 64   Ch England
Nov 29 St. Clares Avd Cancer of stomach BENSON Benjamin No entry 59   Grates Cove
Nov 28 Merrymeeting Rd Hypertension Cer. Haem ADEY Rose Ann UC 74   Gen'l Prot
Nov 29 Plymouth Rd Broncho Pneumonia STANSBURY Gordon C.E. 2 1/2   Ch England
Nov 29 Patrick St Arterio-sclerosis myocarditis CROWDY Mrs Flora C.E. 85   Ch England
Nov 28 Mental Hospital Mental defective Carcinoma of uterus ABBOTT Alice UC 47 Bonavista Gen'l Prot
Nov 29 Mental Hospital Senile dementia Broncho pneumonia CLARKE Sarah UC 79   Gen'l Prot
Nov 29 Southside Sudden heart failure JANES James UC 63   Gen'l Prot
Nov 29 Lime St Chronic asthma Heart failure TAYLOR Mrs Alfreda UC 56   Gen'l Prot
Nov 30 Home for Aged & Infirm Myocarditis arterio-sclerosis MALONEY Benjamin RC 70 Bay Bulls Mt Carmel
Nov 30 General Hospital Hypertension MCCARTHY George No entry 51 Carbonear  
PAGE 407                
Dec 1 Grace Hosp Prematurity TILLER No entry UC 1 hr   Gen'l Prot
Dec 1 Gower St Apoplexy WINSOR Mrs Amanda UC 85   Carbonear
Dec 1 Lime St Acute bronchitis TIZZARD Walter UC 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 1 Grace Hosp Prematurity TILLER No entry UC 1 hr   Gen'l Prot
Dec 2 British Sq Cerebral Haemorrhage LUSCOBE Emily UC 73   Gen'l Prot
Dec 2 Gilbert St Hemiplegia HEALEY Katherine RC 60   Mt Carmel
Dec 2 Sanatorium Pulm tuberculosis STAMP Mrs Phyllis RC 29   Belvedere
Dec 2 Pennywell Rd Coronary thrombosis SMITH Sadie UC 67   Gen'l Prot
Dec 2 Cabot St Br. Pneumonia SJOBERG Shirley UC 7/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 2 General Hosp Carcinoma of jejunum FLYNN Michael RC 36 Argentia Mt Carmel
Dec 3 Fever Hospital Tb Meningitis SULLIVAN Patrick RC 41 Hr. Main  
Dec 3 Patrick St Bronchiectasis myocarditis MURRAY William RC 58   Belvedere
Dec 3 Young St Intracranial haemorrhage VIGUERS No entry No entry 1 hr   Goulds
Dec 4 Brazil Sq Cerebral Haemorrhage BISHOP George C.E. 79   Ch England
Dec 4 Grace Hosp Prematurity CRANE Sandra C.E. 4/12   Ch England
Dec 4 Monroe St Br. Pneumonia VINCENT Ruth UC 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 6 General Hosp Gangrenous appendicitis ROBERTS Walter L C.E. 15   Ch England
Dec 6 St Clares Hosp Br. Pneumonia PARSONS No entry C.E. 13 dys   Ch England
Dec 6 Outer Battery Rd Endocarditis RICHE Isaac S.A. 68   Salvation Army
Dec 6 Clifford St Convulsions O'BRIEN Eileen RC 5/12   Mt Carmel
Dec 6 Fever Hospital Meningococcal meningitis SHORT Stanley RC 30   Mt Carmel
Dec 6 Cochrane St Convulsions BUCKINGHAM Barbara RC 4/12   Belvedere
Dec 8 McKay St Br. Pneumonia SHARP Patricia RC 5 wks   Mt Carmel
Dec 9 Malta St Senility Myocardial degeneration COOPER Elizabeth C.E. 73   Ch England
Dec 9 Prospect St Br. Pneumonia ANTHONY No entry C.E. 7/12   Ch England
Dec 8 Mental Hospital Alcoholic neurosis PAYNE Laura C.E. 49   Ch England
Dec 10 Cabot St Senility HORWOOD Albert UC 89   Gen'l Prot
Dec 7 At sea in disaster to HM Ship No entry BARTLETT Frederick No entry 18 9/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 7 At sea in disaster to HM Ship No entry MILLS Murray Keith No entry 18 11/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 7 At sea in disaster to HM Ship No entry WITNEY Alfred Edward No entry 20 4/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 10 Fever Hospital Diphtheria LYNCH Mary No entry 10   Paradise CB
Dec 10 Grace Hospital Carcinoma of pancreas PIPPY William G UC 51   Gen'l Prot
Dec 10 Battery Broncho Pneumonia NEWELL Francis No entry 4/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 11 St Clares Hosp Surgical shock Tbc Spine HAWCO Leo No entry 4   Buchans
Dec 12 Buchannan St Broncho Pneumonia ENGLISH Richard No entry 9/12   Mt Carmel
Dec 12 St Clares Hosp Pulm tuberculosis MUIR Mrs Marian No entry 34   Belvedere
Dec 12 New Gower St Pulmonary tuberculosis HOPKINS Robert No entry 64   Gen'l Prot
Dec 13 Moore St Br. Pneumonia HUSSEY Harold G No entry 2 wks   Mt Carmel
Dec 14 Fever Hospital Diphtheria COADY Edward No entry 10   Mt Carmel
Dec 15 New Gower St Myocarditis VEY Mrs Annie No entry 87   Gen'l Prot
PAGE 408                
Dec 16 Brine St Hypertension Cor art dis HOLLAND Michael RC 70   Mt Carmel
Dec 17 Barnes Rd Asphyxia DINGLE Edward UC 3/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 18 Goodview St Convulsions EVOY Ronald RC 1/12   Mt Carmel
Dec 19 St Clares Hosp Impetigo Septicaemia COMBDFON Clarence UC 6/12   Gen'l Prot
Dec 18 SA Anchorage Prematurity Gen Strep in??? HALL Vincent M RC 3/12   Mt Carmel
Dec 19 Nfld Ry Yards Accidental injuries train SHEEHAN Gerald No entry 19 Trinity Bay  
Dec 19 South Side Arterio-sclerosis PITTMAN Mary C.E. 72   Ch England
Dec 20 Grace Hosp Congenital hydrocephalus HOLLETT Linda UC 9 dys   Belvedere
Dec 20 Military Rd Asphyxia MYRICK James RC 2 wks   Mt Carmel
Dec 21 Belvedere St Heart disease OKEEFE Mary RC 77   Mt Carmel
Dec 22 Barron St Tbc enteritis RODGERS Mary RC 32   Mt Carmel
Dec 22 Barters Hill Prematurity PILGRIM Josephine RC 1/12   Mt Carmel
Dec 23 Cochrane St Senility O'KEEFE Mary RC 92   Belvedere
Dec 22 Military Rd Stillborn GOUNKER? No entry No entry SB   Gen'l Prot
Dec 26 Hunts Lane Paralysis Heart disease DEER Catherine RC 73   Mt Carmel
Dec 24 Cookstown Rd Cardio renal EARLES Catherine RC No entry   Belvedere
Dec 25 Casey St Pulmonary tuberculosis PEYTON Mrs Rose RC 32   Mt Carmel
Dec 25 Grace Hosp Congenital debility LANGMEAD John RC 1 day   Mt Carmel
Dec 26 Grace Hosp Ulcer of stomach SHANNON Charles R Presb 42 off Joggers? Mines? Nova Scotia Gen'l Prot
Dec 27 Garrison Hill Malignant ovarian tumour THOMPSON Agnes UC 55   Gen'l Prot
Dec 27 Alexander St Bronchiectasis CHANCEY Willis S UC 88   Gen'l Prot
Dec 24 General Hosp Fracure of femur POWER Margaret RC 84   Belvedere
Dec 26 General Hosp Miliary tuberculosis PHILPOTT William No entry 19 Jamestown BB  
Dec 28 General Hosp Adenomatous hypertrophy of prostate RICKETTS Moulton No entry 42 Valleyfield  
Dec 28 St Clares Hosp Gastro enteritis SWEENEY Joan RC 2/12 of Bell I. Mt Carmel
Dec 29 General Hosp Gastric carcinoma RYAN Michael RC 73   Mt Carmel
Dec 30 Grace Hosp Prematurity DIAMOND Frank UC 2 hrs   Gen'l Prot
Dec 31 Outer Battery Pneumonia WALSH Elizabeth RC 1   Belvedere
Dec 30 Mundy Pond Rd Tuberculosis rt hip MARSHALL Patrick RC 33   Mt Carmel
Dec 30 Freshwater Rd Broncho Pneumonia HENNEBURY Mary RC 71   Mt Carmel
Dec 31 Southside Old age EBSARY Newman UC 87   Gen'l Prot
Dec 27 SS Caribou North Sydney Heart attack CALLANAN Gordon RC 37 St Johns Belvedere
Dec 15 New Haven, Conne Asphyxia-Kypho scoliosis MILLEY Henry James UC 32 St Johns Gen'l Prot
Dec 21 Belvedere St Heart disease O'KEEFE Mrs Mary RC 77   Mt Carmel

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (2012)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 20, 2013 ADT
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