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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 13

1938 - 1941
Pages 151 - 153, 158 - 173


PAGE 151                
(transcriber's note: some place names written across two columns as one entry - where both columns are NOT clearly indicated I have included only the column not in dispute)
Jan-24 Sanatorium Pulmonary Tuberculosis BUTT Mrs. Gladys C of E. 27 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-03 Western Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis TAYLOR James UC 63 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-09 Western Bay Senility PERRY Samson UC 86 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-10 Bradley's Cove Pneumonia WHALEN Ernest W. UC 8/12 Bradley's Cove Western Bay
Jan-18 Western Bay Measles SELLARS Sadie UC 44 Bradley's Cove Western Bay
Feb-12 Ochre Pit Cove Senility MILLEY Martha UC 90 Adam's Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Feb-15 Ochre Pit Cove Arteriosclerosis PARSONS Susannah UC 77 Western Bay Ochre Pit Cove
Mar-14 Ochre Pit Cove - PARSONS Harold UC 4/12   Ochre Pit Cove
Mar-22 Western Bay #NAME? SELLARS Donald UC 2/12 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-22 Western Bay Measles MILLEY W.L. Douglas UC 12 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-05 Carbonear Prematurity MURRAY Mary F. UC 1/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-14 Carbonear Bronchitis HOWELL Elizabeth UC 80 Fogo Carbonear
Mar-15 Carbonear Cerebral haemorrhage MOORES Elizabeth UC 88   Carbonear
Jan-23 Lower Island Cove Tuberculosis COOPER James UC 26 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-05 Lower Island Cove Tuberculosis of Bowels SNELGROVE Mary UC 17 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-14 Burnt Point Stillborn WICKS SB UC SB Burnt Point Burnt Point
Mar-13 Lower Island Cove Mental Disorder GARLAND Mary Jane UC 66 Catalina Lower Island Cove
Jan-14 Adam's Cove Heart Disease HUDSON Mrs. Harriet UC 82 Western Bay Blackhead
Feb-03 Small Point Gastric Carcinoma RIDDLE William UC 65 Small Point Broad Cove
Mar-04 Small Point Paralysis FLIGHT Jabez UC 82 Small Point Broad Cove
Mar-11 Adam's Cove Senility HUDSON Thomas UC 91 Adam's Cove Blackhead
Mar-25 Broad Cove Pneumonia KING James UC 79 Mulley's Cove Broad Cove
May-10 Grace Hosp. Sarcoma of Eye EDGECOMBE Alma UC 3 Western Bay Western Bay
Jun-14 Grace Hosp. Fracture of Cervical Vertebrae (Fall) OSMOND Arthur   57 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-07 Carbonear Heart Disease WALSH James RC 88   Carbonear
Jan-27 Carbonear Diabetes KENNEDY Denis RC 75   Carbonear
Feb-25 Carbonear Paralysis O'BRIEN John RC 70   Carbonear
Mar-10 Carbonear Heart Disease MURPHY Ellen RC 76   Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Cancer of Stomach LEE John RC 38   Carbonear
Mar-24 Carbonear Dysentary BINGHAM Catherine RC 76 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Jun-22 Fever Hospital Tuberculous Meningitis JOHNSON Garfield   23 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jan-13 Salmon Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis PENNEY Pearl UC 15 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jan-26 Victoria Marasmus PARSONS Doreen UC 3/12 Victoria Victoria
Feb-04 Victoria Infantile Convulsions SNOW Alfreda UC 6 wks Victoria Victoria
Feb-09 Salmon Cove Marasmus PECKHAM Marjorie UC 1 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-25 Salmon Cove Gastro Enteritis SLADE Samuel UC 1 1/3 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-30 Salmon Cove Br. Pneumonia SLADE Leonora S. UC 1 1/2 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-17 Western Bay Senile Decay SELLARS William UC 77 Western Bay Western Bay
May-22 Western Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis SELLARS Mary Jane UC 66 Western Bay Western Bay
Jun-27 Western Bay Arteriosclerosis SHORT John UC 79 Western Bay Western Bay
PAGE 152                
Apr-04 Carbonear Cardio Renal HOWELL Julia UC 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-08 Carbonear Endocarditis HEDGES Flora UC 54 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-23 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage ASH Miriam UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BURDEN George T. UC 90 Carbonear Carbonear
May-28 Carbonear Rheumatora Arthritis/Cerebral Haem. PIKE Mary Ann UC 81 Carbonear Carbonear
May-30 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis WHITE Hetty UC 43 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-07 General Hosp. Cerebral Tumour SNOW George UC 55 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Feb-09 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis RUSSELL Leslie P. C of E 23 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb-23 Carbonear Heart Disease THOMS Ellen C of E 78 Victoria Carbonear
Mar-03 Carbonear Paralysis MARSHALL Sarah C of E 85 Labrador Carbonear
Mar-20 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis MAHANEY Frederick C of E 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 General Hosp. Carcinoma of Lip HOGAN William RC 80 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Jun-06 Bradley's Cove Tuberculosis WHEADEN Everett Pent. 21 Bradley's Cove Western Bay
Apr-11 Victoria Tuberculous Meningitis MURRAY William Pent. 21 Victoria Victoria
May-28 Victoria Cancer of Stomach SUTTON Henry Pent. 54 Victoria Victoria
Apr-04 Carbonear Apoplexy HAYDEN Peter RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-16 Carbonear Paralysis CAHILL Patrick RC 82   Carbonear
Apr-23 Carbonear Heart Disease KEEFE Ellen RC 78   Carbonear
Apr-25 Carbonear Acute Bronchitis HOGAN Ellen RC 63   Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Heart Disease SWEENEY Bridget RC 53   Carbonear
May-18 Carbonear Old Age FITZPATRICK Patrick RC 86   Carbonear
Jun-04 Carbonear Pleurisy COLBERT James RC 80   Carbonear
May-29 Carbonear Cerebral haemorrhage EARLE Cephus SA 74   Carbonear
May-31 Blackhead Tuberculosis BUTT Ronald UC 24 Blackhead Blackhead
Jun-01 Broad Cove Senility KING Mark UC 86 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jun-17 Spout Cove Ptomaine Poisoning KELLOWAY Hilda UC 23 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Apr-24 Grates Cove Cancer BENSON Isaac UC 69 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Jun-17 Old Perlican Pulmonary Tuberculosis BURSEY Minnie UC 18 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jun-24 Old Perlican Senility BURSEY Eliza A. UC 77   Old Perlican
Feb-01 Old Perlican Prematurity LEGROW Baby UC 1 day   Old Perlican
Mar-02 Grates Cove General Tuberculosis BARLEY Edith UC 19 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-10 Western Bay Cardio Renal Sclerosis Cirrhosis of Liver MacLEAN William E. UC 65 Nova Scotia Sherbrooke N.S.
Sep-10 General Hosp. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Tuberculous Empyena O'LEARY Carmel RC 17 Kingston Carbonear
Sep-23 General Hosp. Prostratic Obstruction KING James UC 72 Broad Cove Carbonear
Mar-31 Old Perlican Hosp. Pneumonia Acute Parenchymatous Nephritis DALE Lester UC 15 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Apr-11 Lower Island Cove Infancy JOHNSON Janet UC 2 days L.I.C. Job's Cove
May-01 Job's Cove Brain Tumour DAVIS William UC 62 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Jun-03 Lower Island Cove T.B. Bowels LOUIS Edward UC 68 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-13 Lower Island Cove Paralysis FAULKNER John UC 66 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-19 Caplin Cove Summer Sickness GARLAND Vera UC 2 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
PAGE 153                
Sep-22 Lower Island Cove Spinal Injury ROBBINS Eliza Ann UC 82 Brownsdale Lower Island Cove
Oct-07 General Hosp. Prostatic Hypertrophy, Chronic Myocarditis BUTT Edmund UC 78 Western Bay Western Bay
Jul-04 Small Point Inflammation of Bowels RIDDLE Sadie UC 8 Small Point Broad Cove
Jul-27 Broad Cove Myocarditis JANES Mrs. Sarah UC 78 Broad Cove Blackhead
Aug-07 Broad Cove Progressive Bulbar Paralysis BAGGS Isaac UC 75 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Aug-13 Small Point Senility MULLEY Edward UC 91 Milley's Cove Broad Cove
Aug-24 Mulley's Cove Convulsions KING Hubert UC 8/12 Milley's Cove Broad Cove
Sep-06 Mulley's Cove Senility NOFTLE Joseph UC 80 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Sep-09 Adam's Cove Paralysis HUDSON Mrs. Albert UC 76 Adam's Cove Blackhead
Aug-08 Western Bay Paralysis KENNELL Maggie UC 60 Western Bay Western Bay
Aug-19 Bradley's Cove Stillborn CROCKER SB UC SB   Western Bay
Aug-24 Western Bay Senility SELLARS Anastatia UC 74   Western Bay
Sep-05 Western Bay Cerebral Haemorrhage CROWLEY William UC 80   Western Bay
Jul-15 Victoria Pneumonia CURNEW William UC 6/12 Victoria Victoria
Aug-01 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage LITTLE Evelyn UC 69   Victoria
Jul-28 Victoria Convulsions FRAMPTON Sarah UC 1 day   Victoria
Aug-06 Old Perlican Cancer BRINSTON Charles UC 80 Sound I. Old Perlican
Aug-21 Grates Cove Pneumonia MARTIN Melinda UC 6/12 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Oct-28 General Hosp. Lt. inguinal Hernia CLARKE Mabel M. UC 67 Victoria Carbonear
Nov-06 General Hosp. Frontal Sinusitis/Meningitis/Pulmonary Embolism FRENCH Isaac UC 37 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-12 General Hosp. Fracture of Skull - - - -    
Nov-26 Flat Rock Gastric Carcinoma WINSOR John SA 71   Salvation Army, St. John's
Dec-07 S.A. Anchorage Enteritis MEADUS Sonia C of E 1/12   Ch. England
Jul-07 Carbonear Prematurity FORWARD Wallace L. UC 2 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-25 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma FRENCH Sarah Ann UC 72   Carbonear
Aug-06 Carbonear Myocarditis TAYLOR James UC 83   Carbonear
Aug-15 Carbonear Myocarditis MOORES William C. UC 77 Freshwater Carbonear
Sep-20 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis TAYLOR Theodore UC 3/12   Carbonear
Sep-26 Carbonear Senility ASH Joseph UC 87   Carbonear
Oct-01 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis PENNEY Rudell C. UC 4/12   Carbonear
Oct-10 Carbonear Myocarditis BUTT Mary Ann UC 79   Carbonear
Oct-13 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage REID James UC 87   Carbonear
Oct-21 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Richard L. UC 80   Carbonear
Oct-22 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis NICHOLL Richard UC 55   Carbonear
Nov-04 Carbonear Bronchiectasis BADCOCK Jennie UC 64   Carbonear
Nov-05 Carbonear Drowning ASH Ernest W. UC 13   Carbonear
Nov-28 Carbonear Heart Disease GOULD Emma P. UC 87   Carbonear
Dec-04 Carbonear Angina Pectoris PENNEY Sarah Ann UC 69   Carbonear
Dec-20 Carbonear Convulsions HORWOOD Effie M. UC 8 days   Carbonear
Dec-29 Carbonear Angina Pectoris PIKE Frederick UC 79   Carbonear
PAGE 154                
Oct-08 Western Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis KING Ida UC 24 Western Bay Western Bay
Dec-23 Bradley's Cove Senility KENNELL Mark H. UC 84 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-07 Old Perlican Tuberculosis HOPKINS Sarah M. Ch. Org. 36   Old Perlican
Oct-31 Carbonear Senility FITZPATRICK Margaret RC 87 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Oct-04 Salmon Cove Carcinoma of Liver CASE Edgar UC 76 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-20 Victoria Paralysis HOLLOWAY William UC 80 Victoria Victoria
Oct-23 Perry's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis KELLOWAY Robert J. UC 21 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Nov-24 Victoria Heart Disease PARSONS Julia UC 62 Victoria Victoria
Dec-05 Victoria Gastric Carcinoma BRIGHT Edward UC 79 Victoria Victoria
Dec-17 Perry's Cove Heart Disease BUTT Wm. T. UC 42 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Sep-30 Job's Cove Tuberculosis HALLIDAY Jessie UC 51 Lower Island Cove Job's Cove
Oct-24 Job's Cove Cancer of Neck JOHNSON Walter UC 19 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Dec-07 Northern Bay Paralysis JACOBS Anne UC 85 Carbonear Northern Bay
Oct-01 Mulley's Cove Growth in Throat HUDSON Mrs. Winifred UC 62 Adam's Cove Broad Cove
Oct-10 Broad Cove Heart Failure due to exposure KING William UC 55 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Oct-13 Small Point Heart Failure HOLLETT Mrs. Elizabeth UC 76 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Nov-08 Adam's Cove Diabetes REID Mrs. John UC 44 Caplin Cove Blackhead
Dec-12 Small Point Senility RIDDLE Mrs. Sarah UC 82 Small Point Broad Cove
Nov-18 Victoria Gastric Cancer COLE Nathaniel Pent. 81 Crocker's Cove Victoria
Oct-03 Old Perlican Convulsions COOPER Dorothy UC 7/12 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Dec-09 Old Perlican Old Age BURT Joseph UC 80 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Dec-15 Grates Cove Convulsions COOPER Allan L. UC 3 wks Grates Cove Grates Cove
Aug-18 Carbonear Carcinoma of Breast PRIDDLE Emily C of E 38 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-19 Carbonear Infantile Convulsions CHUBBS Lilian C of E 8/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-24 Carbonear Motor Car Accident GOSSE Bert C of E 26 Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay
Jan-31 Red Head Cove Cancer of Stomach RICE Thomas RC 58 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Feb-17 Gull Island Exposure RICE Patrick RC 30 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Feb-25 Bay de Verde Convulsions KEYES Lawrence RC 27 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-05 Red Head Cove Unknown HATCH John RC 79 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Dec-09 Bay de Verde Unknown DOYLE Mary Julia RC 27 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-25 Salmon Cove Septicaemia WAREHAM Violet UC 24 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-01 Carbonear Heart Failure QUINN Bernard RC 63 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Oct-09 Carbonear Heart Disease O'GRADY Joseph RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-21 Carbonear Old Age KEOUGH Peter RC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-27 Carbonear Convulsions SLADE Ambrose RC 9/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-29 Carbonear Old Age FITZPATRICK Margaret RC 84 Heart's Content Spaniard's Bay
Jan-03 Bay de Verde - JACOBS Bessie C of E 10 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Feb-07 Bay de Verde Paralysis SUTTON John C of E 68 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-08 Bay de Verde Senile Decay BARTER Charles C of E 70 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-23 Bay de Verde Pneumonia BLUNDON Annie C of E 10 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
PAGE 155                
Jun-03 Bay de Verde   BLUNDON Mark C of E 1 day   Bay de Verde
Jun-06 Grates Cove Cancer AVERY Simeon C of E 62   Grates Cove
Sep-09 Bay de Verde - LOCKYER William C of E 63   Bay de Verde
Sep-10 Bay de Verde - COISH Mrs. Jacob UC 72   Bay de Verde
Sep-11 Grates Cove Senile Decay HODDER Eliza C of E 93   Grates Cove
Dec-01 Bay de Verde - COISH Graham C of E 6/12   Bay de Verde
Mar-10 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage DAVIS George P. UC 83    
Jan-21 Gull Island Cancer of Stomach DELANEY Agnes RC 77 Gull Island Northern Bay
Jan-21 Smooth Cove Pneumonia ROSE Mary Jane RC 74 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Feb-16 Northern Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis HOGAN Jane RC 52 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Jan-18 Old Perlican Stillborn NO REGISTRATION   RC SB   Northern Bay
Apr-05 Gull Island Senility OLIVER Thomas RC 79 Gull Island Northern Bay
Apr-24 Gull Island Pulmonary Tuberculosis OLIVER Michael RC 14 Gull Island Northern Bay
May-31 Gull Island Malnutrition (sudden) OLIVER Henry RC 59 Gull Island Northern Bay
Oct-17 Redland Senility BRODERICK Anne RC 81 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Nov-11 Western Bay Senility FITZGERALD John RC 84 Western Bay Western Bay
Nov-20 Western Bay Senility FORD Thomas RC 85 Western Bay Western Bay
Dec-25 Long Beach Heart Failure O'FLAHERTY Patrick RC 72 Long Beach Northern Bay
Jul-08 Western Bay Senility RIGGS Thomas RC 88 Western Bay Western Bay
Jul-24 Job's Cove Pneumonia ROYAL John RC 74 Job's Cove Western Bay
PAGE 158                
(transcriber's note: some place names written across two columns as one entry - where both columns are NOT clearly indicated I have included only the column not in dispute)
Jan-02 Mental Hospital Pulmonary Tuberculosis GREEN Herbert UC 28 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-17 Grace Hospital Stillborn MOORES SB RC SB   Gen'l Prot. St. John's
Mar-23 Poor Asylum Arteriosclerosis HOLLEY John UC 94   Gen'l Prot. St. John's
Mar-29 General Hospital Endosteal Sarcoma of Left Thigh DOYLE Mary RC 17 Gull Island Bay de Verde
Mar-30 Mental Hospital Pick's Disease, Generalized Arteriosclerosis THOMS Eliza C of E 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-23 Burnt Point Paralysis TUCKER Rhoda UC 76 1/2 New Chelsea Burnt Point
Jan-26 Burnt Point Cerebral Haemorrhage MILLEY William UC 24 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Feb-02 Lower Island Cove Senility WILTSHIRE Wm. George UC 82 1/2 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-08 Burnt Point Senility BUCKLER Deborah UC 87 New Chelsea Burnt Point
Feb-16 Burnt Point Laryngeal Tuberculosis MILLEY Willis UC 71 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Feb-20 Northern Bay Stillborn STEELE SB RC SB Northern Bay Northern Bay
Mar-03 Burnt Point Pulmonary Tuberculosis TUCKER Annie UC 28 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Mar-05 Burnt Point Senility MILLEY Edward UC 91 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Mar-06 Caplin Cove Pneumonia GARLAND Stella UC 26 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Mar-09 Job's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis HALLIDAY Catherine UC 53 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Apr-09 Mental Hospital Toxic Psychosis WHEELER Blanche UC 28 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Mar-03 Salmon Cove Convulsions ROSE Harold UC 10 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-05 Perry's Cove Hypertension, Cerebral Haemorrhage BUDDEN James UC 72 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Mar-14 Salmon Cove Influenza SLADE Minnie UC 10 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-23 Salmon Cove Cancer of Face KELLOWAY William UC 71 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Feb-22 Western Bay Meningitis WHITE Elsie UC 6 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-18 Western Bay Carcinoma of Stomach SELLARS Johanna UC 75 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-24 Western Bay Stillborn GREENE SB - SB Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-23 Ochre Pit Cove Acute Cardiac Failure PARSONS Jessie UC 81 Western Bay Ochre Pit Cove
Feb-22 Old Perlican War Wounds & Shell Shock GREEN Ebenezer UC 52 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Mar-16 Old Perlican Stillborn -   RC SB Old Perlican Old Perlican
Mar-22 Old Perlican Stillborn -   RC SB Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jan-09 Broad Cove Senility THISTLE Mrs. Sarah UC 82 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jan-14 Adams Cove Senility BAGGS Richard UC 80 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Feb-25 Broad Cove Senility THISTLE Matthew UC 83 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Feb-26 Broad Cove Icterus Neonatorum LEGROW Graham UC 2 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Mar-04 Broad Cove Senility BUTT John UC 90 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Mar-16 Blackhead Senility NORAN Mrs. Rose UC 89 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Mar-27 Broad Cove Hodgkin's Disease HOLLETT Clarence UC 31 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Jan-01 Carbonear Prematurity BUTT Carol Doreen UC 13 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-04 Carbonear Prematurity HISCOCK Edward UC 3 days Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-05 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia PELLEY Francis J. UC 3/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-10 Carbonear Influenza POWELL Catherine UC 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-18 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage ROWE Jessie UC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-19 Carbonear Myocarditis GUY William F. UC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 159                
Feb-23 Carbonear Influenza NICHOLL David M. UC 2 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-27 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis SAUNDERS Rita UC 32 Bristol's Hope Carbonear
Mar-01 Carbonear Cardio Renal, Cerebral Haemorrhage HORWOOD Mary UC 64 Blackhead Carbonear
Mar-10 Carbonear Senility BADCOCK Richard UC 95 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-27 Carbonear Senility, Influenza CLARKE George A. UC 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-31 Carbonear Bronchitis BAKER Clifford UC 3 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-24 Carbonear Bronchitis, Influenza ASH John B. UC 1 wk Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-27 Carbonear Old Age MURPHY Thomas RC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-10 Carbonear Old Age KIELLEY John RC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-26 Carbonear Diabetes DRAKE Mary Ann RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-05 Carbonear Pneumonia BUTT Margaret RC 4 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-25 Carbonear Tuberculosis Abscess GOFF Kathleen RC 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-24 Carbonear Influenza CLARKE Mrs. Jessie RC 63 Otterbury Carbonear
Feb-20 Carbonear Bronchitis MUTRIE James C of E 7/12 Otterbury Carbonear
Feb-03 Bay de Verde Heart Failure BLUNDON Joseph C of E 70 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-05 Bay de Verde - NORRIS Rebecca RC 76 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Apr-28 General Hospital Carcinoma of Liver NOFTALL Frederick C of E 68 Broad Cove Bay de Verde
Jan-26 Carbonear Heart Disease THOMAS Charles C of E 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-27 Carbonear Influenza, Pneumonia MARSHALL Mary C. RC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-21 Carbonear Influenza, Arthritis Deformars MAHANEY Mary Ann RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-04 General Hospital Tetanus, Pneumonia KELLOWAY Berkley C of E 8 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-07 Freshwater Bronchitis, Myocarditis DAVIS Agnes Ann RC 80 Freshwater Freshwater
Mar-14 Salmon Cove Convulsions NO REGISTRATION Minnie Florence RC 10 dys Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-31 Perry's Cove Prematurity NO REGISTRATION Violet Elizabeth RC 9 dys Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Mar-24 Salmon Cove Cancer KELLOWAY William C of E 71 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-04 Salmon Cove Lobarpneumonia BUTT Hilda M. RC 4/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-20 Salmon Cove Bronchitis ROSE Thomas H. C of E 3/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-09 Victoria Paralysis PARSONS Samuel C of E 73 Victoria Victoria
Jun-21 Salmon Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis SLADE Arch C of E 25 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-21 Salmon Cove Tuberculosis PENNEY Israel C of E 27 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-29 Victoria Pneumonia SNOOK Mrs. Eliza RC 63 Victoria Victoria
Apr-15 Carbonear Prematurity DAVIS John C of E 4 days Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis ROSSITER Harold C of E 21 Carbonear Carbonear
May-10 Carbonear Prematurity PIKE Baley RC few hrs   Carbonear
May-13 Carbonear Cardio Renal FRAIZE Annie RC 70 St. John's Carbonear
May-17 Carbonear Hypertension HOWELL Annie RC 72 Carbonear Carbonear
May-19 Carbonear Paralysis Agitans PIKE Bessie RC 28 Battle Hr. Carbonear
Jun-15 Carbonear Intestinal Obstruction PENNEY Mary Ann RC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
May-04 Old Perlican Tuberculosis HOPKINS Reuben C of E 58 Old Perlican Old Perlican
May-11 Old Perlican Tuberculosis BUTTON Ann RC 64 Old Perlican Old Perlican
PAGE 160                
May-12 Old Perlican Cancer CRAMM Lily Pauline UC 3 Old Perlican Old Perlican
May-23 Old Perlican Old Age GOOLEY Simeon UC 79 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jun-06 Grates Cove Old Age KING Agnes Ann UC 86 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jan-25 Flat Rock Marasmus SOMERS Frederick UC 3/12 Flat Rock Freshwater
Mar-05 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage NOEL James UC 75 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-20 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage HILLYARD Caroline UC 73 Freshwater Freshwater
May-03 Flat Rock Myocarditis SOMERS Emily UC 66 Flat Rock Freshwater
Jul-15 Freshwater Gastric Cancer MOORES Willis UC 71 Freshwater Freshwater
Jul-21 Flat Rock Drowning SOMERS Gordon UC 8 Flat Rock Freshwater
Aug-12 Blow-Me-Down Infantile Convulsions PENNEY Gladys UC 3 days Blow-Me-Down Freshwater
Aug-16 Flat Rock Cerebral Haemorrhage BUTT Henry UC 72 Flat Rock Freshwater
Aug-21 Flat Rock Dysentary CLARKE Wm. George UC 3 1/2 Carbonear Freshwater
Aug-22 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage HARVEY Elizabeth UC 71 Freshwater Freshwater
Aug-24 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage BUTT James N. UC 77 Freshwater Freshwater
Oct-01 Victoria Infantile Convulsions BUTT Donald UC 6 wk Victoria Victoria
Oct-15 Freshwater Suicide by Hanging BUTT William M. UC 25 Freshwater Freshwater
Oct-22 Freshwater Angina Pectoris SNOW George UC 66 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov-11 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage NOEL Thomas A. UC 88 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-03 Lower Island Cove Senility GARLAND Matilda UC 84 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Apr-06 Lower Island Cove - KNAPMAN Andrew UC 5 dys Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
May-03 Lower Island Cove Stillborn MORRIS SB RC SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
May-24 Burnt Point Tuberculosis MILLEY Elsie UC 15 Burnt Point Burnt Point
May-28 Lower Island Cove Stillborn DRISCOLL SB RC SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-27 Lower Island Cove Cancer of Rectum MORRIS Annie UC 43 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-27 Job's Cove Rodent Ulcer JOHNSON Wm. G. UC 53 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Jun-29 Burnt Point TB Meningitis MILLEY Elsie Jean UC 6/12 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Aug-17 Grace Hospital Pneumonia, Empyaema TAYLOR Edward UC 2 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-03 Broad Cove Stillborn NOFTLE SB RC SB Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Apr-30 Blackhead Parlinson's Syndrome BAGGS Cecilia UC 76 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
May-10 Adams Cove Carcinoma of Stomach BAGGS Mrs. Richard UC 68 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
May-27 Broad Cove Benign Stomachic Tumor THISTLE John UC 76 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Jun-01 Adams Cove Senility STENTAFORD Mrs. Jane UC 82 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Aug-24 Mental Hospital Acute Otitis Media SPARKES Susie UC 42 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-14 General Hospital Toxic Thyroiditis ASH George UC 23 Victoria Carbonear
Sep-13 Grace Hospital Pregnancy, Acute Appendicitis CRUMMEY Gertrude UC 19 Blackhead Blackhead
Sep-13 Poor Asylum Arteriosclerosis FORWARD Arthur UC 69 Carbonear Gen'l Prot.
Jul-02 Adams Cove Diabetes MOORES Mrs. Eugene UC 51 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Jul-10 Broad Cove Acute Cardiac Failure LEGROW Mrs. Dorcas UC 64 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Jul-16 Broad Cove Senility KING Silas UC 82 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jul-26 Blackhead Senility MOORES Mark UC 80 Blackhead Adam's Cove
PAGE 161                
Sep-03 Broad Cove Senility KING Mrs. Rachel UC 84 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Sep-06 General Hospital Cardiac Failure MULLEY Adolphus UC 54 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Sep-16 Adams Cove Uraemia DIAMOND Nellie UC 42 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Sep-16 Broad Cove Bacillary Dysentary KING Mrs. Henry UC 64 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Sep-25 Blackhead Senility CRUMMEY Mrs. Jane UC 90 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Jul-03 Carbonear Tubercular Meningitis SNOW Bessie UC 25 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-23 Carbonear Dysentary PENNEY Neville UC 1 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-28 Carbonear Typhoid Fever NOEL John L. UC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-14 Carbonear Prematurity CLARKE Gerald S. UC 3 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-26 Mental Hospital Ac. Tonsillitis & Pharyngitis CLARKE John UC 33 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Old Perlican Old Age BARRETT John Thomas UC 76 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jul-19 Grates Cove Convulsions BENSON Annie L. UC 2 days Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-17 Old Perlican Old Age SQUIRES Janet UC 75 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Sep-20 Old Perlican Pneumonia BURSEY Albert J. UC 63 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Sep-30 Old Perlican Old Age CRAMM Eliza UC 87 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Oct-09 Mental Hospital Chronic Hepatitis JACOBS Edmund C of E 56 Grates Cove Old Perlican
Jul-09 Lower Island Cove Stillborn MORRIS SB UC SB Lower Island Cove Grates Cove
Aug-02 Job's Cove T.B. Meningitis RIXON John UC 8 Job's Cove Lower Island Cove
Jul-27 Burnt Point - MILLEY Walter UC 2 days Burnt Point Job's Cove
Aug-11 Caplin Cove Senility GARLAND Archibald UC 80 Caplin Cove Burnt Point
Aug-31 Caplin Cove Tuberculosis GARLAND Gertrude UC 47 Lower Island Cove Caplin Cove
Sep-05 Lower Island Cove Stillborn GARLAND Baby (SB) - SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-08 Burnt Point Pulmonary Tuberculosis TUCKER Robert N. UC 10/12 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Sep-25 Northern Bay Senility PUDDISTER Samson UC 80 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Sep-02 Victoria Gastro Enteritis ANTLE Clarence E. Pent. 6/12 Victoria Victoria
Jun-20 Carbonear Polyneuritis PENNEY Marjorie SA 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Prematurity BURDEN Mark W. SA 4 days Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-30 Victoria Asthma COLE Andrew UC 18 Victoria Victoria
Sep-13 Perry's Cove Old Age BUTT Jane UC 76 Victoria Victoria
Mar-12 Carbonear Influenza, Senility BUTT Ann C of E 95 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Dec-13 General Hospital Pelvic Abscess PENNEY Mrs. Bessie UC 27 Victoria Carbonear
Dec-19 General Hospital Prostatic Hypertrophy REID David M. UC 74 Job's Cove Lower Island Cove
Oct-31 Lower Island Cove Arthritis JOHNSON Rebecca UC 72 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Nov-02 Burnt Point Tuberculosis WICKS Mabel V. UC 8/12 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Nov-11 Lower Island Cove Senility GILLINGHAM Charles UC 88 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Nov-30 Lower Island Cove Malnutrition SNELGROVE Wallace UC 4/12 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-27 Blackhead Arteriosclerosis MOORES Henry G. UC 69 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Sep-30 Broad Cove Senility MURRAY William UC 69 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Oct-05 Broad Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis BURDEN Richard UC 23 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Dec-18 Small Point Sciatica, Chr. Myocarditis VAUGHAN John UC 51 Small Point Broad Cove
PAGE 162                
Dec-20 Broad Cove Brain Tumor NOFTALL Chester UC 6 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Dec-31 Broad Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis BURDEN George UC 24 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Oct-30 Carbonear TB Meningitis BADCOCK Carolyn F. UC 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-31 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage WINSOR Louisa UC 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-11 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage POWELL Joseph UC 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-28 Carbonear Hypertension NICHOLL George UC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-24 Victoria Hypertension, Cardio Renal CLARKE Lavinia UC 59 Victoria Victoria
Nov-03 Salmon Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis BUTT Hilda M. UC 29 Flat Rock Salmon Cove
Dec-01 Victoria Cancer CLARKE Alfreda UC 38 Victoria Victoria
Dec-05 Salmon Cove Intestinal Obstruction PARSONS Edward UC 51 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-19 Victoria Pneumonia PARSONS Warwick UC 17 Victoria Victoria
Dec-23 Victoria Pneumonia DEERING Graham UC 10/12 Victoria Victoria
Jun-09 Carbonear Carcinoma of Uterus FORWARD Phoebe C of E 43 England Carbonear
Jun-27 Glace Bay, NS Fracture of Cervical Vertebrae HARRIS John C of E 51 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-30 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage SUMMERS Elisa Pent. 63 Victoria Victoria
Aug-17 - Cerebral Haemorrhage PARSONS Stewart - 76   Freshwater
Sep-07 Freshwater Convulsions BUTT Victoria E. UC 1/12   Freshwater
Oct-19 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage BUTT Alfred D. UC 74   Freshwater
Oct-19 Freshwater Convulsions SNOW Lillian F. UC 6/12   Freshwater
Nov-07 Freshwater Bronchitis BUTT Julia UC 77   Freshwater
Nov-22 Cambridge, Mass. Ac. Myelogenous Leukamia KIRBY Lillian UC 27   Freshwater
Nov-24 Freshwater General Tuberculosis MOORES Mahala UC 66   Freshwater
Dec-21 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage HOWELL Julia UC 82   Freshwater
Oct-08 Old Perlican Old Age BURT Ariel UC 74 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Oct-28 Old Perlican Cancer MARCH Fanny UC 68 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Nov-23 Old Perlican Old Age GREEN Naomi UC 83 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-05 Smooth Cove St. Vitus Dance, Spinal Trouble ROSE Jeremiah RC 69 Smooth Cove Western Bay
Feb-14 Gull Island - LAYMAN Angus M. RC 3/12 Gull Island Northern Bay
Mar-01 Gull Island Senility OLIVER Mary RC 86 Red Head Cove Northern Bay
Mar-07 Job's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis MURPHY Alice M. RC 19 Job's Cove Northern Bay
Mar-18 Long Beach Pulmonary Tuberculosis WOODFINE Kathleen RC 25 Gull Island Northern Bay
Oct-16 Gull Island Senility O'NEILL Antony C of E 95 Gull Island Northern Bay
Oct-29 Gull Island Pulmonary Tuberculosis LAYMAN John C of E 67 Gull Island Northern Bay
Jul-31 Western Bay Senility O'REILLY Margaret RC 88 Western Bay Western Bay
Aug-27 Job's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis ENGLISH Sarah RC 14 Job's Cove Northern Bay
Sep-01 Old Perlican Hosp. - WOODFINE Bridget RC 1/12 Long Beach Northern Bay
Apr-02 Gull Island Blood Poison DOYLE William J. C of E 62 Gull Island Northern Bay
May-26 Gull Island Pneumonia OLIVER Philomena J. RC 1/12 Gull Island Northern Bay
May-28 Job's Cove Pulmonary Tuberculosis ENGLISH Martha RC 26 Job's Cove Northern Bay
Jun-30 Northern Bay Pulmonary Tuberculosis WOODFINE William C of E 43 Long Beach Northern Bay
PAGE 163                
Jan-29 Bay de Verde Brain Trouble WOODROW John P. RC 61 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-05 Bay de Verde Sudden NOONAN Thomas RC 56 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Sep-17 Bay de Verde - FLYNN Michael RC 50 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Sep-29 Bay de Verde Pulmonary Tuberculosis NOONEN Mary RC 20 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Nov-17 Bay de Verde Cancer of Lip LYNCH Andrew RC 74 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Nov-20 Low Point Pulmonary Tuberculosis DELANEY Thomas J. RC 31 Low Point Low Point
Jun-28 Bay de Verde Tuberculosis COISH George C of E 29 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Aug-18 Bay de Verde - BLUNDON Isabella C of E 66 Bonavista Bay de Verde
Dec-01 Bay de Verde Senility NORRIS Susanna C of E 85 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jan-10 St. Jones Within -            
Jan-19   -            
Jan-20   -            
Nov-16 Carbonear Heart Disease DRAKE Mary RC 61 Northern Bay Carbonear
Nov-25 Carbonear Angina Pectoris CROFFORD Peter RC 61 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-26 Carbonear Paralysis MEANEY James RC 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-25 Carbonear Old Age KIELLEY Jane RC 99 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-15 Carbonear Cirrhosis of Liver BUTT William RC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 Carbonear Diabetes RICE Rachel RC 76 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Sep-18 Carbonear Old Age FRENCH Thomas RC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-18 Carbonear Convulsions SLADE John RC 1/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-29 Carbonear Dysentary MURPHY Michael RC 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-18 Carbonear Diabetes SLADE Mary RC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
May-04 Carbonear Influenza MOLLOWNEY Rev. Mother Genevieve RC 69 Holyrood Carbonear
May-20 Carbonear Hernia HOGAN Thomas RC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
(transcriber's note: some place names written across two columns as one entry - where both columns are NOT clearly indicated I have included only the column not in dispute)
PAGE 164                 
Jan-31 Mental Hospital Manic Depressive Psychosis HURLEY Michael RC 78 Kingston Kingston
Feb-01 Sanatorium Lobar Pneumonia, Pulm. Tuberculosis JEFFERS Thomas UC 24 Freshwater Carbonear
Mar-01 Grace Hospital TB Meningitis HILLYARD Flora UC 27 Freshwater Carbonear
Mar-23 Mental Hospital Arteriosclerosis KEYES John RC 62 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Mar-27 Mental Hospital Pulm. Tuberculosis MORRIS Eugene UC 56   Gen'l Prot.
Apr-09 Mental Hospital Arteriosclerosis HAMILTON Michael RC 67   Carbonear
Jan-07 Old Perlican Old Age MARCH Tryphena UC 74 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-05 Grates Cove Coronary Thrombosis BENSON Joseph Corbet UC 56 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Feb-08 Old Perlican Old Age PIKE Cecilia UC 75 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-16 Old Perlican Tuberculosis BUTTON Myrtis UC 25 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-27 Old Perlican Convulsions BECKETT Eva UC 3 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-17 Old Perlican Concussion BROOKINGS Harriet UC 68 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-26 Grates Cove Tuberculosis KING Eldon UC 17 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Mar-21 Old Perlican Old Age FROUD William UC 77 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Feb-10 Caplin Cove Heart Failure REYNOLDS William J. UC 73 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Feb-12 Lower Island Cove Paralysis SPARKES Caleb UC 74 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Mar-15 Northern Bay TB Meningitis WHALEN Theresa UC 9 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Jan-01 Carbonear S. Cerebral Haemorrhage BURGESS Sarah J. UC 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-22 Carbonear S. Cerebral Haemorrhage JANES Elizabeth UC 81 Adams Cove Carbonear
Mar-04 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Julia UC 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-07 Carbonear Sarcoma CLARKE Maxwell T. UC 18 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Myocarditis & Cholecystitas MADDOCK John R. UC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-30 Carbonear Convulsions PILGRIM Richard N. UC 1 hr Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-13 Mental Hospital Acute Lobar Pneumonia WINSOR Mary P. C of E 72 Carbonear Ch. Eng., St. John's
Jan-18 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage ROSSITER James C of E 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-09 Carbonear Nephritis EARLE William F. C of E 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-24 Carbonear Prematurity CHUBBS Clarence G. C of E 1 day Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-17 Carbonear TB Meningitis CLARKE Dorothy H. C of E 10/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Myocarditis TUCKER John C of E 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-31 Adams Cove Lobar Pneumonia DIAMOND Thelma UC 6 wks Adams Cove Adam's Cove
Mar-01 Broad Cove Prostatic Hypertrophy BAGGS William C. UC 80 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jan-09 Salmon Cove Accidental Injury SLADE Anna UC 17 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jan-30 Victoria Pneumonia SNOOK Pleman UC 5/12 Victoria Victoria
Feb-03 Victoria Old Age PRIDDLE Eliza UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Feb-19 Victoria Heart Failure ROSE Martin UC 54 Victoria Victoria
Mar-20 Victoria Asthma DEERING Amelia RC 76 Victoria Victoria
Mar-20 Victoria Angina Pectoris CLARKE William N. C of E 52 Victoria Victoria
Mar-20 Salmon Cove Convulsions PENNEY Ernest C of E 3 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-11 Grace Hospital Generalized Tuberculosis Peritonitis BUDDEN Elfreda RC 17 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jun-03 S.A. Anchorage Diabetes Mellitus MOORES Mary J. RC 63 Blackhead Blackhead
PAGE 165                
Jan-21 Blow-Me-Down Pulm. Tuberculosis BUTT Walter UC 24 Blow-Me-Down Freshwater
Jan-22 Flatrock Sarcoma EVELY Milly UC 29 Flatrock Freshwater
Mar-09 Flatrock Cardio Renal Disease EVELEIGH Johanna UC 78 Flatrock Freshwater
Apr-01 Victoria Hypertension PARSONS Robert UC 67 Victoria Victoria
Apr-26 Salmon Cove Carcinoma of Stomach ROSE Edward UC 54 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-28 Salmon Cove Epilepsy KELLOWAY John W. UC 38 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-06 Salmon Cove Pneumonia NOFTLE Elizabeth UC 70 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-11 Perry's Cove Peritonitis BUDDEN Elfreda UC 17 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jun-13 Victoria Myocarditis & Nephritis STEVENSON Amelia UC 80 Victoria Victoria
Jun-14 Salmon Cove Senility ROSE Dorcas UC 83 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-10 Burnt Point Cancer of Bowels PRYOR David UC 67 Western Bay Burnt Point
Apr-25 Lower Island Cove Peritonitis DRISCOLL Arthur C. UC 22 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
May-16 Lower Island Cove Stillborn MORRIS - RC SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Apr-07 Broad Cove Paralysis MORAN Mrs. Susan RC 82 Adams Cove Blackhead
Apr-08 Adams Cove Carcinoma of Stomach EVANS John C of E 77 Adams Cove Blackhead
Apr-23 Small Point Senility NOFTLE Mary RC 85 Small Point Broad Cove
May-06 Adams Cove Arteriosclerosis HUDSON Mrs. C. RC 65 Adams Cove Blackhead
May-14 Blackhead Senility MOORES Jabez C of E 76 Blackhead Blackhead
May-17 Broad Cove TB Meningitis THISTLE Walter C of E 2 Broad Cove Broad Cove
May-18 Adams Cove Disseminated Sclerosis POWERS Bernard C of E 64 Adams Cove Blackhead
May-29 Broad Cove Senility KING John C of E 74 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jun-13 Broad Cove Carcinoma KING Archibald C of E 77 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jun-01 Grates Cove Old Age MILES Lucy RC 68 Random Island Grates Cove
Jun-15 Old Perlican Tuberculosis BURSEY Alexander C of E 65 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jun-13 North Sea Drowned while in action SQUIRES Henry G. C of E 30 Old Perlican  
Apr-20 Old Perlican Meningitis PIKE Vida J. RC 18 Old Perlican New Chelsea
Jan-25 Carbonear Gangrene of Legs HOWELL Harry C of E 45    
Mar-23 Carbonear Myocarditis, Arteriosclerosis POTTLE Edward C of E 76 Flatrock Carbonear
Oct-02 General Hospital Enlarged Prostate PIKE Reuben C of E 63 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-17 Carbonear T.B. Meningitis ASH Neville E. C of E 6/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-20 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma HOWELL Edwin D. C of E 68 Carbonear Carbonear
May-02 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage HOMER Emily RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-10 Carbonear Carcinoma of Prostrate ASH Thomas C of E 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Carbonear Drowning KEARLEY Ruth RC 18 Bay Roberts Body not recovered
Jul-05 Carbonear Stillborn DAVIS of William & Hettie RC SB Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Carbonear Prematurity MOORES Louisa RC 12 hrs Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-07 Carbonear Stillborn ROSSITER of James & Violet   SB Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-29 Carbonear Myocarditis, Nephritis BAKER Benjamin C of E 57 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-01 Carbonear Stillborn JERRETT of Llewellyn & Irene RC SB Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-03 Carbonear Prematurity JERRETT of Llewellyn & Irene RC 2 dys Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 166                
Jul-20 Burnt Point Tuberculosis TUCKER Betsy UC 24 Lower Island Cove Burnt Point
Jul-05 Lower Island Cove Summer Cholera LESHANE Hedley UC 5/12 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Aug-01 Old Perlican Hosp. Stillborn REID   UC   Old Perlican Job's Cove
Aug-18 Lower Island Cove Double Pneumonia MORRIS Ernest L. UC 20 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-09 Lower Island Cove Senility MORRIS John T. UC 85 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Sep-14 Caplin Cove Pneumonia REYNOLDS Fanny UC 60 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Apr-05 Carbonear Bronchitis, Pneumonia BARRETT Joyce C of E 1/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-19 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis SQUIBB John C. C of E 22 Carbonear Carbonear
May-21 Carbonear Pneumonia, Myocarditis EARLE Emily C of E 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-20 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BRINE James C of E 83 England Carbonear
Aug-19 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage PYE William C of E 73 Victoria Carbonear
Aug-25 Carbonear Dysentary THOMS Jane C of E 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-08 Carbonear Nephritis, Bronchitis LONG Frederick C of E 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-17 Carbonear Convulsions COLBOURNE Harold C of E 2/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-29 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage THOMS Elizabeth C of E 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-15 Blackhead Senility MOORES Charles UC 94 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Oct-23 General Hospital Intestinal Obstruction BARNES Miles UC 63   Old Perlican
Oct-19 General Hospital Peptic Ulcer CHUBBS Frederick C of E 36   Ch. England
Apr-19 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Annabella Pent 85 Victoria Victoria
May-02 Victoria Heart Trouble CLARKE Bertha Pent 52 New Chelsea Victoria
May-25 Victoria Convulsions ROSSITER Flora M. Pent 2 wks Victoria Victoria
Sep-23 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis BAKER Mark SA 6 wks Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-13 Victoria Myocarditis STEVENSON Amelia UC 80 Victoria Victoria
Jun-14 Salmon Cove Senility ROSE Dorcas UC 83 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-26 Salmon Cove Prematurity SLADE   UC SB Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-02 Salmon Cove Myocarditis COCHRANE Anne W. UC 47 Scotland Salmon Cove
Aug-06 Perry's Cove Cardio Renal Disease SWAIN William T. UC 63 Salmon Cove Perry's Cove
Aug-31 Victoria Gastro Enteritis DEAN Elihu UC 2/12 Victoria Victoria
Sep-12 Salmon Cove Carcinoma of Mouth CASE Ellen UC 76 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-15 Salmon Cove TB Meningitis REYNOLDS Elmer UC 9 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-24 Poor Asylum Epilepsy MARCH Ethel UC 46   General Prot, St. John's
Dec-06 Sanatorium Influenzal Broncho-Pneumonia HALLIDAY John UC 17 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Oct-06 Victoria Bronchitis CLARKE Robert D. UC 3/12 Victoria Victoria
Oct-17 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis BUTT Hannah B. UC 16 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Oct-21 Victoria Gastro Enteritis CLARKE Evelyn UC 1 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Oct-26 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis BUDDEN Flora UC 21 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Nov-10 Victoria Gastric Carcinoma PENNEY Samuel UC 79 Victoria Victoria
Nov-17 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage NEWMAN Henry UC 81 Victoria Victoria
Nov-24 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis BUDDEN Charles UC 19 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Dec-20 Victoria Influenza, Pneumonia COLE Cai UC 52 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 167                
Dec-21 Victoria Influenza, Whooping Cough BURKE Daniel UC 3 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Dec-23 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis BUDDEN Albert UC 11 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Dec-10 Carbonear S. Heart Disease HERALD Levi UC 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-11 Carbonear Convulsions CLARKE David P. Pent 2 dys Carbonear Victoria
Oct-07 Burnt Point Heart Failure MILLEY John C. UC 70 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Oct-20 Caplin Cove Convulsions REYNOLDS Lowell E. UC 6/12 Old Perlican Caplin Cove
Nov-11 Burnt Point Yellow Jaundice MILLEY Sarah J. UC 61 Western Bay Burnt Point
Dec-08 Gull Island Convulsions STOCKWOOD Herbert UC 2/12 Gull Island Burnt Point
Dec-21 Burnt Point Old Age MILLEY Maria UC 86 Grates Cove Burnt Point
Dec-15 Lower Island Cove Tuberculosis REID Heman UC 24 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-09 Carbonear Dysentary THOOMEY Samuel RC 70 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Mar-24 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis MCCARTHY Thomas RC 25 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-26 Carbonear Diabetes D'DWYER Terence RC 45 Perry's Cove Carbonear
Mar-31 Carbonear TB Abscess MURPHY Maurice RC 37 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-08 Carbonear Old Age DINN Bridget RC 67 Carbonear Carbonear
May-18 Carbonear Old Age HARRINGTON Frances RC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Carbonear Old Age DRAKE Catherine RC 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Labrador Pulm. Tuberculosis MURPHY John W. RC 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 Carbonear Convulsions CRAWFORD Adolf RC 8/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-22 Carbonear Old Age WHITE Mary RC 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-01 Carbonear Old Age WOODFORD Philip RC 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-10 Carbonear Pleurisy KIELLEY Hannah RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Heart Disease FITZPATRICK Margaret RC 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-30 Carbonear Apoplexy JONES John RC 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-02 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis HEARN James RC 55 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-12 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis BUTT Clare RC 15 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-16 Carbonear Puerperal Convulsions MOOTREY Margaret RC 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-07 Carbonear Old Age CULLEN Patrick RC 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-09 Carbonear Convulsions REYNOLDS George RC 3/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-20 Carbonear Diabetes BABSTOCK Mary RC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-26 Carbonear Hernia BABSTOCK Thomas RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-13 Small Point Ac. Cardiac Failure FLIGHT Mrs. Matthias UC 31 Small Point Broad Cove
Dec-22 Adams Cove Meningitis (Staphylococcus) STANFORD Doris UC 17 Adams Cove Adam's Cove
Dec-25 Blackhead Influenzal Pneumonia BUTT John W. UC 65 Broad Cove Adam's Cove
Jun-12 Red Head Cove Tuberculosis COLBERT Sarah J. RC 20 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Jun-12 Red Head Cove Paralysis COLBERT John RC 81 Northern Bay Bay de Verde
Aug-13 Red Head Cove Tuberculosis RICE Bridget RC 23 Red Head Cove Red Head Cove
Aug-23 Red Head Cove Meningitis RICE Johanna RC 4 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Sep-29 Red Head Cove Convulsions HATCH Lillian RC 3 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Sep-30 Red Head Cove Convulsions HOGAN Genevieve RC 2 wks Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
PAGE 168                
Jan-07 Bay de Verde Dropsy, Cardiac MURPHY Mary F. RC 73 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Feb-04 Red Head Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis WALSH Elizabeth RC 24 Red Head Cove Red Head Cove
Aug-14 Bay de Verde Cancer NOONAN Bridget RC 85   Bay de Verde
Sep-05 Bay de Verde Paralysis WALSH Mary RC 69   Bay de Verde
Oct-10 Red Head Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis RICE Teresa RC 16 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Dec-21 Bay de Verde Pulm. Tuberculosis BRODERICK Kathleen RC 36 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-25 Low Point Senility, Influenza AHERN Elizabeth RC 96 Low Point Low Point
Dec-27 Low Point Dropsy, Influenza AHERN James RC 56 Low Point Low Point
Dec-30 Bay de Verde Senility, Influenza NORTH Mary RC 88 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Oct-09 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis MURRAY Gladys C of E 7/12   Carbonear
Oct-28 Carbonear Hepatic Carcinoma MARKS Thomas W. C of E 60   Carbonear
Nov-12 Carbonear Myocarditis PRIDDLE Isabella C of E 72   Carbonear
Nov-25 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis SQUIBB Graham C of E 26   Carbonear
May-06 Grates Cove Prematurity SNELGROVE Gladys C of E 1 day Grates Cove Grates Cove
Jun-13 North Sea - SQUIRES Henry C of E 30 Old Perlican  
Jun-30 Grates Cove Prematurity SNELGROVE Dulcie C of E 1 day Grates Cove Grates Cove
Oct-19 Old Perlican Old Age MARCH Mundon C of E 88 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Nov-17 Old Perlican Old Age BECKETT Susie UC 82 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Dec-09 Grates Cove Pneumonia BENSON Lillian UC 10 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Dec-25 Old Perlican Heart Trouble FROUD William UC 50 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Apr-16 Freshwater Cirrhosis of Liver PIKE Albert UC 85 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-22 Flatrock TB Meningitis POTTLE Viola UC 13 Flatrock Freshwater
May-22 Flatrock Difficult Labor SOMERS Eveleigh UC 2 hrs Flatrock Freshwater
Jul-25 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage PIKE Jacob UC 76 Freshwater Freshwater
Sep-22 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage NOEL Mary A. UC 71 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov-21 Freshwater Nephritis PARSONS Mary UC 36 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov-24 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage SNOW George B. UC 63 Freshwater Freshwater
Dec-07 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage SNOW Elizabeth UC 69 Freshwater Freshwater
Dec-23 Freshwater Cardio Renal Disease DOYLE Israel UC 75 Freshwater Freshwater
Dec-24 Flatrock Pulm. Tuberculosis POTTLE Fanny UC 65 Flatrock Freshwater
Dec-25 Flatrock Prematurity PARSONS Mary M. UC 2/12 Carbonear Freshwater
Feb-19 Western Bay Senility MILLEY Maria UC 92 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-24 Western Bay Cerebral Haemorrhage SELLARS Emily UC 76 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-24 Western Bay Pneumonic Phthisis KING Arthur UC 30 Western Bay Western Bay
Apr-30 Western Bay Mitral Stenosis KENNEDY Ewan UC 82 Western Bay Western Bay
Jun-26 Western Bay Hypostatic Pneumonia LOVEYS William UC 75 Western Bay Western Bay
Jul-06 Western Bay Cardiac Failure CRUMMEY Joseph (of Ed) UC 77 Western Bay Western Bay
Jul-05 St. John's Coronary Occlusion PARSONS Joseph UC 73 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Sep-28 Ochre Pit Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis ROSE Hayward UC 29 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Oct-08 Western Bay Arteriosclerosis PENNY Noah UC 67 Western Bay Western Bay
PAGE 202 (from 1939 records- says "continued from page 168 - Carbonear 1940)
Nov-19 Western Bay Arteriosclerosis LOVEYS George UC 76 Western Bay Western Bay
Dec-30 Bradley's Cove Carcinoma of Stomach WHALEN Dryha? UC 67 Western Bay Western Bay
Oct-20 Victoria Summer Sickness PARSONS Rene UC 4 Victoria Victoria
Dec-19 Grates Cove Pneumonia BENSON Lillian I. UC 10 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-23 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis BAKER Mary SA 6 wks Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 169 (208 OF FILE)                
Feb-23 Western Bay Cancer of Pancreas CRUMMEY Joseph (of Fred) UC 64 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-17 Carbonear Pulm. Tuberculosis CHUBBS Lavinia C of E 26 Labrador Carbonear
Feb-12 Spout Cove Mitral Insufficiency KELLOWAY Jane C of E 57 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Mar-13 Carbonear Diabetes MARSHALL Annie C of E 23 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-20 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia, Heart Disease CROCKER Mary C of E 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-11 Perry's Cove Prematurity KING Thomas UC 2 wks Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jan-11 Salmon Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis REYNOLDS Mary UC 14 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jan-17 Perry's Cove Prematurity KING George UC 3 wks Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jan-22 Victoria Heart Disease ROSE William T. UC 75 Victoria Victoria
Feb-17 Salmon Cove Stillborn KELLOWAY Emily UC SB Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Feb-16 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Charles UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Feb-19 Perry's Cove Gastro Enteritis KING Samuel UC 2/12 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Mar-12 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis KING Charles F. UC 20 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Mar-30 Perry's Cove Gastro Enteritis BUDDEN Willis R. UC 1/12 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jan-18 Burnt Point Old Age STEELE Eliza UC 80 Western Bay Northern Bay
Feb-27 Lower Island Cove Exposure MORRIS Thomas UC 21 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Mar-21 Lower Island Cove Childbirth BURSEY Elfrida M. UC 18 Burnt Pt. Lower Island Cove
Mar-20 Lower Island Cove Stillborn BURSEY child of Clarence & Myrtle UC SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jan-01 Old Perlican Old Age COX Benjamin UC 78 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Mar-05 Grates Cove Old Age BENSON Druscilla UC 88 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Mar-20 Old Perlican Pneumonia SQUIRES Henry L. UC 9/12 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jan-18 Victoria Tuberculosis MAHANEY Valentine Pent 65 Carbonear Victoria
Jan-04 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage PENNEY John M. UC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-24 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BUTT Esau UC 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BLAKE William UC 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-20 Carbonear Angina Pectoris BURDEN John F. UC 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-02 Carbonear Heart Disease, Ch. Nephritis CLARKE William UC 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-13 Carbonear Senility CLARKE Elizabeth UC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-15 Carbonear Heart Disease PIKE Graham UC 37 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-31 Carbonear Intestinal Carcinoma DUFF Louisa C. UC 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-01 Broad Cove Senility KING Thomas UC 94 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jan-14 Adam's Cove Senility HUDSON Charles UC 86 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Mar-14 Adam's Cove Pneumonia HOLLETT Caroline UC 5/12 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Mar-28 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia ASH Ruby SA 11/12 Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 St. Clare's Hosp. Stillborn REYNOLDS - - SB Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-01 Carbonear Heart Failure MURPHY Julia RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-03 Carbonear Old Age TOBIN Maria RC 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Turk's Cove Bright's Disease MOORE Terence RC 68 Turk's Cove Turk's Cove
Mar-22 Carbonear Cancer of Intestines CRAWFORD Patrick RC 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-09 St. Clare's Hosp. Tuberculous Kidney LEWIS George UC 25 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
PAGE 170                
Jun-02 Grace Hosp. Ruptured Gastric Ulcer PENNEY William UC 60 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-14 Victoria Gastro Enteritis CLARKE Stanley UC 9/12 Victoria Victoria
Apr-21 Salmon Cove Marasmus ROSE Charles UC 3/12 Salmon Cove Perry's Cove
Apr-22 Salmon Cove Whooping Cough SLADE Ethel B. UC 4/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-16 Salmon Cove Prematurity ROSE Gerald UC 1/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-21 Victoria Pneumonia VATERS Mary UC 78 Victoria Victoria
May-30 Victoria Prematurity PENNEY Albert UC 1/12 Victoria Victoria
May-31 Perry's Cove Nephritis BUTT John UC 85 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jun-09 Victoria Pulm. Tuberculosis CLARKE Elsie UC 26 Victoria Victoria
Apr-08 Adam's Cove Senility MOORES Mrs. Elizabeth UC 84 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
May-22 Western Bay Stillborn NOFTLE - UC SB   Adam's Cove
Jun-13 Blackhead Arteriosclerosis NOFTLE Samuel UC 76 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Jan-19 Bay de Verde Senility BROWN Eleanor - 81 Burin Bay de Verde
Jul-19 Bay de Verde Cancer EMBERLEY Robert C of E 44 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Aug-22 Bay de Verde Cancer COISH George C of E 71 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Sep-16 Bay de Verde Cancer JACOBS Eleazer C of E 78 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Sep-28 Bay de Verde Cancer EMBERLEY William C of E 58 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Sep-30 Bay de Verde Cancer BLUNDON Thomas C of E 84 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Oct-28 Bay de Verde Cancer HARRIS Robert C of E 47 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-25 Bay de Verde Influenza COISH Cecil W. C of E 3 days Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Apr-20 Burnt Point Old Age TUCKER Elfrida M. UC 82 Blackhead Burnt Point
May-13 Burnt Point Convulsions MILLEY Arthur C. UC 2/12 Northern Bay Northern Bay
May-23 Northern Bay Stillborn REYNOLDS   UC SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
May-27 Lower Island Cove Pneumonia BOUNDS Sarah UC 67 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-09 Lower Island Cove Old Age BURSEY Bertha M. UC 69 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-21 Caplin Cove Tuberculosis GARLAND Mary E. UC 16 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
May-14 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage PENNEY Eliol UC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-05 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma SOPER Nellie UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-28 General Hosp. Pulm. Tuberculosis HATCH Nellie - 24 Red Head Cove Red Head Cove
Aug-27 Mental Hospital Psychosis & Arteriosclerosis NOFTALL John UC 72   Broad Cove
Sep-08 General Hosp. Chr. Cholecystitus & Cholelithiosis THISTLE Mrs. Ann - 48   Carbonear
Sep-09 St. Clare's Hosp. Stricture of Oesophagus LEWIS Annie - 3 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jul-05 Adam's Cove Paratyphoid MOORES George UC 68 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Jul-22 Broad Cove Arteriosclerosis JANES Arthur UC 67 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jul-27 Blackhead Senility MULLEY Allen UC 77 Blackhead Adam's Cove
Aug-10 Adam's Cove Br. Pneumonia HUDSON Eleanor UC 1 1/2 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Jun-30 Job's Cove Tuberculosis HALLIDAY Wilson M. UC 24 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Jul-27 Old Perlican Hosp. Motor Car Accident STEELE Mary E. UC 16 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Sep-03 Burnt Point Old Age MILLEY Annie UC 79 Lower Island Cove Burnt Point
Aug-24 Crocker's Cove Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Emily Jane UC 70 Victoria Carbonear
PAGE 171                
Sep-07 Carbonear Convulsions MCGURK Jane - few hrs Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-25 Carbonear Myocarditis RUMSON George - few hrs Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-23 Sanatorium Pulm. Tuberculosis CLARKE Bertha - 28   Victoria
Oct-23 221 New Gower St Pulm. Tuberculosis KING Elsie - 23   Perry's Cove
Aug-14 Carbonear Nephritis ASH Emma SA 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-28 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma PILGRIM Thomas B. SA 82 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-27 221 New Gower St Pulm. Tuberculosis OLIVIER Elizabeth - 26 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Apr-21 Victoria Pneumonia COLE Howard B. Pent 2 Victoria Victoria
Jun-26 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage WHITE Martha Pent 70   Victoria
Aug-08 Victoria Jaundice -   Pent 70 Victoria Victoria
Aug-20 Victoria Pneumonia PAUL Edward Pent 2 wks Victoria Victoria
Sep-17 Victoria Br. Pneumonia SOMERS Julia A. Pent 36 Victoria Victoria
Nov-30 General Hosp. Hypertension MCCARTHY George - 51 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-07 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage POWELL Caroline UC 87 Flatrock Victoria
Jul-13 Victoria Gastric Carcinoma STEVENSON Susan UC 84 Labrador Victoria
Jul-21 Salmon Cove Burns (swallowing lye) PENNEY Lucy Joan UC 2 1/2 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-24 Perry's Cove Gastric Carcinoma KING Henry UC 63 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jul-31 Salmon Cove Stillborn KING   - SB Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-28 Perry's Cove Marasmus KING Marie UC 2/12 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Aug-27 Victoria Measles PECKHAM Effie UC 1 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Aug-29 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Edward UC 63 Victoria Victoria
Sep-10 Perry's Cove Prematurity KING Irene UC 3/12 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Sep-22 Perry's Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis BUDDEN James UC 16 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Dec-30 Grace Hosp. Prematurity DIAMOND Frank UC 2 hrs Adam's Cove Gen'l Prot.
Jan-01 Freshwater Influenza NEWMAN Sarah UC 85 England Freshwater
Jan-14 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage PARSONS Charles UC 84 Freshwater Freshwater
Feb-25 Freshwater Nephritis BRODERICK Samuel UC 77 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-22 Freshwater Bronchitis MOORES Cecily UC 74   Freshwater
May-30 Freshwater Myocarditis PIKE Minnie UC 50 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-15 Flatrock Pulm. Tuberculosis SNOW Mary Ann UC 68   Freshwater
Aug-16 Freshwater Bronchitis SNOW Georgina UC 62   Freshwater
Aug-19 Flatrock Broncho Pneumonia SOMERS Edward UC 71   Freshwater
Sep-03 Freshwater Broncho Pneumonia JEFFERS Sarah UC 75   Freshwater
Oct-22 Flatrock Endocarditis SNOW Rhoda UC 22 Flatrock Freshwater
Nov-07 Otterbury Myocarditis PENNEY George UC 47 Otterbury Freshwater
Nov-20 Otterbury Pulm. Tuberculosis PARSONS Samuel I. UC 24 Otterbury Freshwater
Oct-15 Broad Cove Senility LEGROW Mrs. Theresa UC 87 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Nov-16 Adam's Cove Coronary Thrombosis HUDSON John B. UC 76 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Dec-18 Adam's Cove Endocarditis RYAN Philip UC 78 Adam's Cove Adam's Cove
Dec-31 Pouch Cove Senility MOORES Mrs. Janet UC 89 Blackhead Adam's Cove
PAGE 172                
Jan-09 Bay de Verde Broncho Pneumonia WALSH Leo RC 2 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jan-19 Bay de Verde Influenza COTTER Julia RC 74 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jan-09 Old Perlican Influenza BARRETT John J. RC 1 3/12 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jan-26 Red Head Cove Haemorrhage at Childbirth RICE Bridget RC 43 Red Head Cove Red Head Cove
Feb-27 Bay de Verde Pneumonia WOODROW Richard RC 61 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Apr-15 Bay de Verde Intestinal Tuberculosis ABBOTT Catherine RC 38 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jun-06 Baccalieu Island Injury from fall, Drowning WALSH Richard RC 22 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jun-27 Red Head Cove Convulsions HOGAN Genevieve RC 1 day   Bay de Verde
Jul-04 Low Point Convulsions HANNON William RC 2/12   Low Point
Jul-15 Red Head Cove Paralysis HYDE Michael RC 78   Bay de Verde
Jul-21 Bay de Verde Paralysis WOODROW John R. RC 70   Bay de Verde
Aug-03 Grates Cove Senility JOHNSON Catherine RC 90   Grates Cove
Sep-05 Grates Cove Convulsions DUGGAN Pauline RC 2/12 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-05 Bay de Verde Angina Pectoris SULLIVAN John RC 79   Bay de Verde
Sep-08 Red Head Cove Senility COLBERT Catherine RC 78 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Oct-18 Bay de Verde Pneumonia COTTER Thomas RC 66   Bay de Verde
Dec-17 Bay de Verde Pulm. Tuberculosis COTTER James RC 19   Bay de Verde
Dec-17 Red Head Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis KEHOE Ellen RC 22 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Apr-21 Carbonear Nephritis, Endocarditis SMITH Giles C of E 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-31 Carbonear Intestinal Carcinoma BUTT Aletha C of E 46 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage POWER Elizabeth C of E 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-02 Victoria Convulsions PYE Margaret C of E 5 wks Victoria Carbonear
Nov-15 Carbonear Shock & Haemorrhage WHITE Blanche C of E 26 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-29 Carbonear Myocarditis WHITE Eliza C of E 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-02 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia SQUIBB Llewellyn J. C of E 9/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-13 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis SQUIBB Harold C of E 4 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-05 Northern Bay Convulsions DALE Virtue UC 7 days Northern Bay Northern Bay
Oct-10 Burnt Point Old Age TUCKER Ambrose UC 76 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Oct-19 Burnt Point Tuberculosis OLIVER Leah UC 55 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Oct-21 Burnt Point TB Glands OLIVER Jacob UC 27 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Oct-23 Lower Island Cove Heart Disease BURSEY Herbert UC 65 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Oct-27 Burnt Point Tuberculosis OLIVER Eliza UC 25 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Nov-06 Burnt Point TB Spinal Meningitis TUCKER Cyril D. UC 3/12 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Nov-20 Burnt Point Renal Tuberculosis OLIVER William L. UC 21 Burnt Pt. Burnt Point
Nov-30 Caplin Cove Tuberculosis GARLAND Archibald UC 22 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Dec-25 Lower Island Cove Old Age DRISCOLL Noah UC 87 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Dec-31 Lower Island Cove Old Age VAIL John T. UC 78 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Oct-01 Carbonear Chr. Nephritis DAVIS Catherine UC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-09 Crocker's Cove Convulsions MOORES George J. UC 4/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-23 Western Bay Cancer of Pancreas CRUMMEY Joseph (of Fred) UC 64 Western Bay Western Bay
PAGE 173                
May-21 Western Bay Senility WILCOX Samuel UC 83 Western Bay Western Bay
Jun-29 Ochre Pit Cove Coronary Thrombosis DWYER Martha UC 70 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Aug-05 Western Bay Br. Pneumonia SELLARS Hazel UC 6/12 Western Bay Western Bay
Aug-27 Ochre Pit Cove Cardio Renal Syndrome GILLINGHAM Naomi UC 79 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Oct-08 Western Bay Prostatic Hypertrophy WILCOX William UC 78 Western Bay Western Bay
Oct-14 Western Bay Cerebral Haemorrhage KENNELL Samuel UC 74 Western Bay Western Bay
Oct-29 Bradley's Cove Senility KENNELL Mary UC 78 Western Bay Western Bay
Nov-07 Ochre Pit Cove Senility PARSONS John UC 89 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Dec-04 Carbonear Dysentary FITZPATRICK Richard RC 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-20 Carbonear Heart Disease TURNER Cyril RC 50 St. John's St. John's
May-01 Carbonear Convulsions MURPHY Mary RC 5/12 Carbonear Carbonear
May-17 Carbonear Old Age SWEENEY Mary Ann RC 102 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-18 Carbonear Heart Disease QUINN Mary Jane RC 71 Perry's Cove Carbonear
Jan-12 Bay de Verde Tuberculosis SUTTON Ella C of E 19 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Feb-16 Caplin Cove Heart Disease CULL John C. C of E 58 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Apr-21 Grates Cove   LAMBERT William C of E 2/12 Grates Cove Grates Cove
May-31 Bay de Verde   BARTER William C of E - Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jul-09 Bay de Verde Paralysis SUTTON Silas C of E 61 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Jul-27 Bay de Verde Senility PRYOR William C of E 68 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Nov-26 Grates Cove Senility MEADUS William J. C of E 72 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Nov-28 Bay de Verde   SUTTON Oscar C of E 3 days Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-19 Spout Cove Arteriosclerosis TRICKETT Thomas C of E 73 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Oct-04 Spout Cove Gastric Carcinoma WAREHAM Robert UC 76 - Perry's Cove
Oct-23 Perry's Cove Tb. Meningitis KING Ralph UC 24 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Oct-29 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage BALDWIN Sarah UC 69 Victoria Victoria
Aug-15 Salmon Cove Stillborn BUTT - - SB Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-19 Salmon Cove Congenital Heart Disease PARSONS Elizabeth UC 5 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-22 Perry's Cove Gastritis SWAIN Elvie UC 1 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Nov-29 Victoria Prematurity PRIDDLE - UC - Victoria Victoria

Transcribed by Laurie Lockhart (2012)

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