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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 12



Pages 256 - 260

PAGE 256 (bottom right corner damaged)
Jan-02 Shoal Hr. (at Anchorage) Cerebral Haemorrhage PELLEY Mrs. Annie Ch. Eng. 76 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Feb-06 Trinity East Arteriosclerosis FOWLOW Mary Ann Ch. Eng. 78 English Hr. Port Rexton
Feb-06 Champneys Arm Pul. Tuberculosis RANDELL John Ch. Eng. 27 Champneys Champneys
Feb-08 Champneys West Pneumonia MILLER Isabella Ch. Eng. 83 Champneys Champneys
Feb-14 Trinity East Pul. Tuberculosis FOWLOW John Ch. Eng. 67 Trinity East Port Rexton
Feb-20 Trinity East Asthma & Bronchitis FOWLOW Robert R. Ch. Eng. 65 Trinity East Port Rexton
Feb-18 Champneys East Cardio-Renal Disease BARNES Henry G. Ch. Eng. 83 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Jan-30 Elliston Paralysis BAKER Mary Ann U. Church 80 Elliston Elliston
Feb-01 Elliston Heart Trouble HILL Sophie U. Church 75 Elliston Elliston
Feb-24 George's Brook Pul. Tuberculosis ELLIS Roland John S.D.A. 26 George's Brook George's Brook
Jan-11 Foster's Point Convulsions KING Audrey B. U. Church 3/12 Grand Falls Foster's Pt.
Jan-23 Aspen Brook Paralysis PHILLIPS Elizabeth U. Church 87 no entry Aspen Brook
Feb-03 Snook's Hr. Senility LODER Jane U. Church 82 no entry Snook's Hr.
Mar-03 Lady Cove Pneumonia ADEY Gertie U. Church 2 1/2 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Mar-16 Lady Cove Paralysis MARCH James U. Church 60 1/2 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Jan-20 St. Jones Without Pneumonia HISCOCK Annie Maud U. Church 1 St. Jones Without St. Jones Without
Feb-15 St. Jones Without Cancer Stomach HISCOCK James U. Church 58 Winterton St. Jones Without
Jan-28 Hillview no entry BAILEY James U. Church 68 Ireland's Eye Hillview
Jan-14 Pope's Hr. no entry JANES Moses U. Church 4 hrs Pope's Hr. Britannia
Jan-27 Pope's Hr. no entry JANES Shirley U. Church 2 wks Pope's Hr. Britannia
Jan-30 Deer Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis MARSH Sarah U. Church 47 Hant's Hr. Deer Hr.
Feb-09 Deer Hr. Stillborn MARSH (SB) - SB Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jan-01 Gooseberry Cove Bright's Disease FISHE? Mary Ch. Eng. 76 Norman's Cove Heart's Ease
Jan-28 Hodge's Cove Jaundice DROVER Willis Ch. Eng. 2 10/12 Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Feb-14 Hodge's Cove Paralysis DROVER Naomi Ch. Eng. 75 Spoon Cove Hodge's Cove
Mar-18 Hodge's Cove Paralysis DROVER James Ch. Eng. 77 1/2 Lower I. Cove Hodge's Cove
Mar-22 Port Rexton Senility POWER William R. Cath. 90 Port Rexton Trinity
Jan-17 Hickman's Hr. Meningitis BRINTON Charles S. Army 2 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Jan-29 Clarenville Pneumonia PLOUGHMAN Edna S. Army 1 Clarenville Clarenville
Feb-11 Britannia Bronchitis IVANY James S. Army 75 English Hr. Britannia
Dec-10 Old Shop no entry SMITH Ada Minnie S. Army 3/12 Old Shop Old Shop
Dec-16 Winterton Kidney Disease DOWNEY William S. Army 70 Winterton Winterton
Dec-30 Winterton Kidney Disease COATES Eliot S. Army 77 Winterton Winterton
May-18 General Hosp Perforated Gastric Ulcer FRAMPTON Ezekiel Ch. Eng. 42 White Rock White Rock
Jun-02 Grace Hosp. Old Bonaventure Cong. Debility HOUSE Baby Ch. Eng. 5 hrs no entry Ch. England
Jun-09 Grace Hosp. Pul. Tuberculosis Parturition HOUSE Mabel Ch. Eng. 30 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Feb-18 Dunfield Heart Disease WISEMAN Jacob U. Church 71 Dunfield Trinity
Feb-12 Freshwater no entry MILLER Calvin S. U. Church 3 min Freshwater ?
?-11 Little Hearts Ease no entry WHELAN Graham U. Church 13 ? L??tle ?
?-9 Lady Cove Convulsions MARCH Ronald U. Church 4 hrs ? ?
PAGE 257 (bottom left corner damaged)
Apr-04 Elliston Perforated Gastric Ulcer TUCKER Archibald U. Church 51 Elliston Elliston
Apr-21 Elliston Pul. Tuberculosis COLE Herman U. Church 23 Elliston Elliston
Apr-22 Elliston Prematurity OLDFORD Lee U. Church 18 dys Elliston Elliston
Apr-23 Elliston Bronchitis MARTIN Gwendolyn U. Church 1 1/6 Elliston Elliston
May-06 Elliston Stillborn MARTIN (SB) - SB Elliston Elliston
May-17 Elliston Pul. Tuberculosis COLLINS Mabel U. Church 22 Elliston Elliston
May-20 Elliston Senility CREWE Robert U. Church 85 Elliston Elliston
Apr-27 English Hr. Chr. Nephritis WELLS Julia Ch. Eng. 68 English Hr. English Hr.
Apr-21 Port Rexton Pul. Tuberculosis BUTLER John (of Henry) Ch. Eng. 46 Port Rexton Port Rexton
May-12 Port Rexton Arteriosclerosis PLOUGHMAN Robert Ch. Eng. 81 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jun-25 Port Rexton Myocarditis BUTLER Joseph (of John) Ch. Eng. 78 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jul-03 General Hosp Carcinoma Prostate PENNEY Aquilla Ch. Eng. 55 Clifton Smith's Sound
Feb-04 Little Catalina Cancer TIPPETT Elizabeth U. Church 77 Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
Mar-02 Little Catalina Tuberculosis WHITE Sarah U. Church 76 Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
Mar-14 Little Catalina Tuberculosis DALTON Alma U. Church 26 Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
Apr-11 Little Catalina Tuberculosis HICKS Everett U. Church 34 Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
Apr-26 Little Catalina Cancer CHAULK Theophilus U. Church 71 Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
May-05 Port Union Malnutrition ABBOTT Charlotte U. Church 1 Amherst Cove Lt. Catalina
May-26 Catalina Senility NORMAN Caroline U. Church 72 1/2 Amherst Cove Lt. Catalina
Jun-06 Catalina Paralysis LODGE Bessie T. U. Church 59 Bonavista Lt. Catalina
Jun-10 Catalina Tuberculosis BLUNDON Ruth U. Church 11 1/2 no entry Lt. Catalina
Jun-29 Lt. Catalina Debility TIPPETT Naomi U. Church 3 dys Lt. Catalina Lt. Catalina
Apr-06 Ireland's Eye Pul. Tuberculosis HODDER Elsie Maud Ch. Eng. 20 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Apr-09 British Hr. Measles SCEVIOUR Donald Ch. Eng. 1 British Hr. British Hr.
May-19 Troytown Heart Disease COOPER Esrom Ch. Eng. 62 9/12 Troytown Ireland's Eye
Mar-22 North Bay, Ont. Acute Nephritis WHITE Raymond Ch. Eng. 37 no entry Trinity
May-07 Little Hr. Measles VOKEY Robert Ch. Eng. 7/12 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Jun-24 Port Union Meningitis WHITE Ruth - 10/12 Curling Trinity
Jan-06 Ivanhoe Stillborn IVANY (SB) Ch. Eng. SB Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
Jan-30 New Bonaventure Enlarged Prostate MILLER Noah Ch. Eng. 86 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Jan-28 Cat Cove Heart Disease VIVIAN Lucy Ch. Eng. 84 New Perlican New Bonaventure
Feb-14 Little Hr. Pleuro Pneumonia KING William Ch. Eng. 51 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Feb-19 Trinity Heart Disease HUNT Henry S. Ch. Eng. 78 Trinity Trinity
Feb-21 Ireland's Eye Con. Debility COOPER Roy Ch. Eng. 5 dys Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Mar-01 Ivanhoe Malnutrition MILLER Una Rebecca Ch. Eng. 6 wks Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
Mar-02 Trinity Cerebral Haemorrhage DEGRISH George Ch. Eng. 87 Trinity Trinity
? Spiller's Cove Cancer STREET Sarah Ch. Eng. 69 Spiller's Cove Spiller's Cove
? ? Convulsions SMITH Hedley Ch. Eng. 10/12 Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
? ? ???monia KING Lois Elizabeth Ch. Eng. 1/12 Port Union Catalina
? ? ? STICKLEY Eva Ch. Eng. 53 Channel Catalina
PAGE 258                
Jul-12 Clarenville Methyl Alcohol Poisoning LYONS Charles Wesley U. Church 38 Toronto, Ont. Can. Clarenville
Jul-13 Clarenville Methyl Alcohol Poisoning MCHUGH Patrick R. Cath. 38 Glenwood Mt. Carmel, St. John's
Jul-14 Clarenville Methyl Alcohol Poisoning WILLIAMS Michael R. Cath. 42 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Apr-15 Deer Hr. Cancer of Liver WHELAN Lucy U. Church 65 British Hr. Deer Hr.
May-08 Deer Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis BAILEY Eliza may U. Church 38 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jun-08 Britannia Senility CURRIE Charles U. Church 73 Britannia Britannia
May-19 Britannia Pneumonia IVANY Basil U. Church 39 Britannia Britannia
Jan-02 Shoal Hr. Paralysis PELLEY Mrs. Sidney U. Church 75 no entry Shoal Hr.
Jan-21 George's Brook Paralysis WARREN Mrs. Anna U. Church 91 no entry George's Brook
Feb-01 Clarenville Cong. Heart Failure STRONG William U. Church 81 no entry Clarenville
Mar-01 Shoal Hr. Intern. Haem. BLUNDON Mrs. Wm. U. Church 40 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Mar-05 George's Brook Paralysis PLOWMAN Mrs Elizabeth U. Church 83 no entry George's Brook
Mar-17 Milton Measles ADAMS Mary U. Church 1 1/2 Milton George's Brook
Mar-19 Clarenville Measles SEAWARD Leeton U. Church 1 day Clarenville Clarenville
Apr-02 Harcourt Tuberculosis GOODYEAR Mrs. Alma U. Church 22 Harcourt Harcourt
Apr-16 George's Brook Tuberculosis ELLIS Myrtle U. Church 14 George's Brook George's Brook
Apr-27 Clarenville Measles SEAWARD Aubrey U. Church 1/12 Clarenville Clarenville
Apr-18 Shoal Hr. Measles WISEMAN Hilda U. Church 7/12 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
May-02 Clarenville Measles NOSEWORTHY Alma U. Church 4/12 Clarenville Clarenville
Apr-01 Catalina Heart Failure GULLAGE Priscilla Ch. Eng. 75 Trouty Catalina
Jun-11 Catalina Senile Decay MANUEL Elizabeth Ch. Eng. 84 Catalina Catalina
Sep-26 Catalina Gastro-Enteritis BAILEY Cyril Ch. Eng. 6 Bonaventure Catalina
Sep-12 British Hr. Childbirth GARDNER Louisa Ch. Eng. 41 White Rock British Hr.
Sep-12 British Hr. Stillborn GARDNER (SB) - SB no entry British Hr.
Sep-16 Pope's Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis WISEMAN Violet Ch. Eng. 14 Pope's Hr. Pope's Hr.
Sep-02 Goose Cove Gastro-Enteritis WISEMAN Mary Maud Ch. Eng. 3 Goose Cove Trinity
Sep-16 Trinity Gastro-Enteritis PLOUGHMAN Gerald Ch. Eng. 4 Trinity Trinity
Sep-22 Trinity Gastro-Enteritis PLOUGHMAN Eunice Ch. Eng. 8 Trinity Trinity
Sep-29 Lockston Gastro-Enteritis JESTICAN Effie Ch. Eng. 10 Lockston Trinity
Jul-04 Champney's E. Meningitis WALTERS Ella Ch. Eng. 8 Champneys Champneys
Aug-12 Port Rexton Cancer Bowel GUPPY John Ch. Eng. 63 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sep-04 Champneys East Senility HART Robert C. Ch. Eng. 80 Champneys Champneys
Sep-21 Trinity East Dementia paralytica JANES Amy Ann Ch. Eng. 77 Trinity East Port Rexton
Sep-24 Lady Cove Heart Trouble MARCH Rachel U. Church 53 Cupids Lady Cove
Jul-07 Britannia Heart Failure IVANY Martha A. U. Church 68 Britannia Britannia
Sep-15 Hickman's Hr. Measles MARTIN Marguerite U. Church 4 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Aug-09 Little Hearts Ease Tuberculosis DRODGE George S. Army 28 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Aug-03 Long Beach Bowel AVERY Eleazer U. Church 75 Long Beach Long Beach
Aug-05 Northwest Brook Spinal BURSEY Owen U. Church 9/12 NW Brook NW Brook
Aug-09 Southport Bright's Disease AVERY John U. Church 72 Southport Southport
PAGE 259                
Sep-07 Hatchet Cove Anaemia HISCOCK Emma U. Church 3 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Sep-17 Little Hearts Ease Diarrhoea DRODGE Lillian U. Church 6 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Sep-20 Little Hearts Ease Diarrhoea WHALEN Myra Clarice U. Church 5 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Aug-16 Spiller's Cove no entry STREET Alfred J. Ch. Eng. 5/12 Spiller's Cove Bonavista
Sep-11 Spiller's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis STREET William Ch. Eng. 42 Spiller's Cove Bonavista
Oct-24 Britannia no entry DUFFETT Chesley S. Army 4 dys Britannia Britannia
Nov-04 Trinity Tuberculosis FELTHAM Ernest S. Army 25 Indian Bay Middle Brook
Nov-05 Little Hearts Ease Tuberculosis JACOBS Eliza Jane S. Army 16 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Dec-11 Catalina Kidney Trouble STEAD Lucinda S. Army 3 wks Catalina Catalina
Aug-11 Elliston Senility PORTER Charles U. Church 90 Elliston Elliston
Sep-06 Elliston no entry CHAULK Edith U. Church 3 Elliston Elliston
Sep-12 Elliston Senility HICKS Thomas U. Church 85 Elliston Elliston
Sep-22 Elliston Typhoid Fever MURPHY Kathleen U. Church 62 Elliston Elliston
Oct-16 Elliston no entry COLE Susie U. Church 2 dys Elliston Elliston
Oct-28 Elliston Cancer OLDFORD Effie U. Church 38 Elliston Elliston
Dec-04 Elliston Senility COLES George U. Church 84 Elliston Elliston
Dec-28 Elliston Kidneys BAKER Harold U. Church 18 Elliston Elliston
Dec-07 Catalina Bright's Disease GULLAGE Rachel Ch. Eng. 71 Catalina no entry
Dec-20 Catalina Tuberculosis SHEPPARD Annie Ch. Eng. 24 Catalina no entry
Oct-11 Hickman's Hr. Pneumonia PENNY James U. Church 2 3/3 (sic) Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Oct-29 Deer Hr. Paralysis BAILEY Jordan U. Church 67 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Oct-02 Caplin Cove Senility SHAW George U. Church 72 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Nov-21 St. Jones Within no entry HILLIARD Wm. J. U. Church 3 dys St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Nov-26 St. Jones Within Anaemia IVANY Nellie M. U. Church 1/12 St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Nov-26 St. Jones Without Measles GREEN Martha F. U. Church 18 St. Jones Without St. Jones Without
Dec-29 Hodge's Cove Pneumonia BAKER Mrs. Hannah U. Church 72 Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Jul-30 Shoal Hr. Childbirth Fever LEONARD Mrs. Edith U. Church 30 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Sep-25 George's Brook Meningitis PELLEY Clement U. Church 6 George's Brook George's Brook
Dec-13 Clarenville Stillborn STRONG Vivian - SB Clarenville Clarenville
Oct-04 Port Rexton Valvular Dis. Heart BARBOUR William Ch. Eng. 48 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct-16 English Hr. Arteriosclerosis PENNEY Alexander Ch. Eng. 75 English Hr. English Hr.
Oct-20 Champneys East Pul. Tuberculosis BUTLER John Ch. Eng. 24 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Nov-21 Port Rexton Lobar Pneumonia BAILEY Peter Ch. Eng. 67 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-03 Port Rexton Pul. Tuberculosis RANDELL Margaret Ch. Eng. 35 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-07 Trinity East Myocarditis JANES Charles Ch. Eng. 72 no entry no entry
Oct-12 Britannia Convulsions YARN John W. Ch. Eng. 2 wks Britannia Petley
Oct-28 Clifton Senility DUFFITT Mariah Ch. Eng. 72 Clifton Clifton
Oct-25 Dunfield Cerebral Haemorrhage WOOLRIDGE William Ch. Eng. 84 no entry Trinity
? Ivanhoe Epileptic Fit IVANY Thomas Ch. Eng. 76 Trinity Ivanhoe
PAGE 260                
Aug-01 Hodge's Cove Cancer PEDDLE Ethel Ch. Eng. 53 no entry Hodge's Cove
Sep-01 Queen's Cove no entry SPURRELL Joyce Ch. Eng. 3 Queen's Cove Queen's Cove
Sep-11 Hodge's Cove no entry DROVER Mary Ch. Eng. 6 Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Sep-05 Hodge's Cove no entry DROVER Samuel Ch. Eng. 1 Southport Hodge's Cove
Aug-17 Southport no entry LAMBERT John Ch. Eng. 1 3/4 no entry Gooseberry Cove
Aug-28 Black Brook no entry VIVIAN Pearl Ch. Eng. 1 day Hillview Hillview
Sep-22 Hillview no entry MARSH Violet M. Ch. Eng. 2 wks no entry Hillview
Aug-06 Rapid Pond Drowning FREEMAN Joshua G. Ch. Eng. 19 Hodge's Cove Sunnyside
Oct-31 Hodge's Cove no entry HIGGINS Josiah Ch. Eng. 49 Long Beach Hodge's Cove
Oct-27 Long Beach no entry VEY Ernest F. Ch. Eng. 1 day Hillview Long Beach
Dec-08 Hillview no entry BAKER William Ch. Eng. 58 Melrose Hillview
Feb-26 Melrose Measles MCDONALD Francis R. Cath. 13 no entry Catalina
Apr-30 Melrose Malnutrition MACKEY James (of Pat) R. Cath. 62 no entry Catalina
May-11 Catalina Heart Disease HUMPHRIES William R. Cath. 78 no entry Catalina
Sep-19 Melrose no entry COTTER Leo R. Cath. 6 no entry Catalina
Jul-27 Little Catalina Tuberculosis CARPENTER Elizabeth U. Church 27 no entry Catalina
Jul-16 Corner Brook Hosp. Caesarean Section Massive Pulm. Collapse DYKE Josephine U. Church 23 no entry Catalina
Jul-20 Little Catalina Pul. Tuberculosis PIERCEY Sarah Jane U. Church 18 no entry Catalina
Jul-13 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Donetti U. Church 3 no entry Catalina
Aug-16 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Gerald U. Church 4 no entry Catalina
Aug-19 Catalina Dysentary HICKS Elvin B. U. Church 9 no entry Catalina
Aug-23 Little Catalina Dysentary STAGG Kathleen U. Church 4 no entry Catalina
Aug-23 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Geraldine U. Church 4 no entry Catalina
Aug-27 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Clara Belle U. Church 2 no entry Catalina
Aug-26 Little Catalina Dysentary JOHNSON Pauline M. U. Church 3 no entry Catalina
Aug-26 Little Catalina Dysentary STEED Jessie M. U. Church 5 no entry Catalina
Aug-30 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Albert A. U. Church 5 no entry Catalina
Sep-05 Little Catalina Dysentary PIERCEY Tho. W. U. Church 17 no entry Catalina
Sep-12 Little Catalina Dysentary DALTON Wm. M. U. Church 1 no entry Catalina
Sep-10 Little Catalina Dysentary STAGG Gladys J. U. Church 1 no entry Catalina
Sep-05 Little Catalina Dysentary REID William U. Church 3 no entry Catalina
Sep-15 Port Union Old Age SMART Mrs. Ellen U. Church 89 no entry Catalina
Oct-23 Little Catalina Pneumonia JOHNSON Jordan U. Church 60 no entry Catalina
Aug-13 Port Union Cardiac Failure QUINTON Violet U. Church 9 no entry Catalina
Sep-10 Catalina Dysentary BURSEY Jean U. Church 10 no entry Catalina
Oct-26 Little Catalina Old Age CULLIMORE Alexander U. Church 81 no entry Catalina
Dec-16 Port Union Paralysis JONES James U. Church 69 no entry Catalina

Transcribed by Laurie Lockhart (2012)

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