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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 12



Pages 261 - 265

PAGE 261                
Feb-04 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis WARREN Lucy Ch. Eng. 16 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Jan-15 Old Shop Pneumonia DAY Dorothy Jean Ch. Eng. 4 Old Shop Old Shop
Feb-12 New Hr. Stillborn HIGDON (SB) - SB New Hr. New Hr.
Feb-19 New Hr. Senility HIGDON Charles Ch. Eng. 89 New Hr. New Hr.
Feb-06 Norman's Cove no entry THORNE Tryphena D. Ch. Eng. 8 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Feb-17 Chappel Arm Sinus. Meningitis WARREN Alfred L. Ch. Eng. 9 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Mar-13 Long Cove no entry WHITE Sadie G. Ch. Eng. 5 Long Cove Norman's Cove
Mar-22 Norman's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis NEWHOOK Selina Ch. Eng. 16 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Mar-23 Dildo no entry SMITH Sarah Ch. Eng. 36 1/2 New Hr. Dildo
Jan-16 Winterton Pneumonia KELLAND Frederick Ch. Eng. 73 Winterton Winterton
Jan-26 Winterton Pul. Tuberculosis GREEN Mamie J. Ch. Eng. 31 Bonavista Winterton
Feb-01 Winterton Hemiplegia GEORGE Reuben Ch. Eng. 76 no entry Winterton
Mar-11 Winterton Chr. Bronchitis KELLAND Augustus Ch. Eng. 77 no entry Winterton
Jan-01 New Perlican Nephritis PEDDLE Henry Ch. Eng. 80 no entry New Perlican
Jan-14 New Perlican Br. Pneumonia PIERCEY John Ch. Eng. 4/12 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-24 New Perlican Br. Pneumonia MILLS Graham Ed. Ch. Eng. 11/12 no entry New Perlican
Jan-28 New Perlican Br. Pneumonia BURRAGE Israel A. Ch. Eng. 11/12 no entry New Perlican
Jan-31 New Perlican Br. Pneumonia SEWARD Clifford Ch. Eng. 6 wks no entry New Perlican
Mar-09 New Perlican Apoplexy MILLS Azariah Ch. Eng. 69 no entry New Perlican
Jan-16 Heart's Content Complete Heart Block LEGGE Wm. M. Ch. Eng. 71 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Feb-04 Heart's Content Fatty Infiltration Heart/Pituitariom CUMBY Frances Ch. Eng. 47 Winterton Heart's Content
Feb-20 Heart's Content Chr. Fibroid Phthisis WARREN Hubert Ch. Eng. 59 no entry Heart's Content
Mar-05 Heart's Content Apoplexy RODGERS William Ch. Eng. 67 no entry Heart's Content
Jan-03 Heart's Content Stillborn PIERCEY (SB) - SB no entry Heart's Content
Mar-26 Heart's Content Stillborn GEORGE (SB) - SB no entry Heart's Content
Mar-15 Green's Hr. Heart Disease MARCH Esau U. Church 65 1/2 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Apr-15 Anchorage (Thornlea) Gastro Enteritis COISH Elsie - 6 wks St. John's Gen'l Prot.
Feb-07 Sunnyside Septic Throat SINYARD Emily Ch. Eng. 55 Bay Roberts Sunnyside
Apr-20 Dildo Senility DROVER Mrs. Mary Ch. Eng. 87 no entry Ch.Eng. St. John's
Jan-02 Heart's Delight Measles SOOLEY Greta U. Church 6 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jan-24 Winterton Cancer Bowels HARNUM William G. U. Church 64 Winterton Winterton
Mar-28 Chance Cove Tuberculosis GEORGE Hayward S. Army 21 Whiteway Chance Cove
Jan-13 Heart's Delight Unknown REID Levi S. Army 79 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jan-08 Hopeall Paralysis SMITH Matthew S. Army 86 Dildo Dildo
Mar-03 New Chelsea Pul. Tuberculosis SINGLE Una May U. Church 17 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Mar-15 Torquay Neuritis BARNES Charles G. U. Church 62 Old Perlican Sibley's Cove
Mar-20 Hants Hr. Senility SOPER Samuel U. Church 78 Caplin Cove Hants Hr.
Mar-28 New Melbourne Tuberculosis BURSEY Ralph U. Church 27 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jan-16 New Melbourne Dropsy REID Joseph U. Church 80 no entry New Melbourne
May-04 Mental Hospital Lobar Pneumonia Manic Dep. Psychosis Dep. BENNETT Mrs. Susie Ch. Eng. 41 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
PAGE 262                
Jun-25 General Hosp. Tbc. Meningitis CALLEN Marjorie U. Church 9 no entry Norman's Cove
Jan-04 Markland Laryngeal Croup WHITE Harold Spencer Ch. Eng. 10/12 Markland Markland
May-26 Whitbourne Cardio Vascular Dis. NOSEWORTHY James Ch. Eng. 73 no entry Whitbourne
Apr-17 New Hr. Senility HIGDON Samuel (of Ben) Ch. Eng. 83 New Hr. New Hr.
Apr-22 New Hr. no entry WILLIAMS Viola Ch. Eng. 3 no entry New Hr.
Apr-30 Dildo Senility NEWHOOK Samuel Ch. Eng. 85 Dildo Dildo
Apr-01 Norman's Cove no entry NEWHOOK Edna B. Ch. Eng. 6 1/3 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Apr-30 Norman's Cove no entry SMITH Ida Pearl Ch. Eng. 3/12 Markland Hosp. Norman's Cove
Jun-23 New Hr. Spasmophilia SMITH Alan Charles Ch. Eng. 3 2/3 Spread Eagle New Hr.
Apr-23 Markland Senility STEVENSON Robert U. Church 83 Victoria Victoria
Apr-22 New Perlican Neoplasm Stomach WARREN Margaret Ch. Eng. 74 New Perlican New Perlican
May-24 New Perlican Pul. Tuberculosis PIERCEY Louisa Ch. Eng. 45 1/2 no entry New Perlican
Jun-26 Winterton Cerebral Haemorrhage PARROTT John Ch. Eng. 74 Winterton Winterton
Mar-26 Brooklyn, N.Y. Perf. Duoderal Ulcers LEGGE Eli Ch. Eng. 33 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Apr-08 Heart's Content Diabetes MOORE Walter Ch. Eng. 64 no entry Heart's Content
May-02 Heart's Content Arteriosclerosis LEGGE Archibald Ch. Eng. 64 no entry Heart's Content
May-07 Heart's Content Senility GEORGE Selina Ch. Eng. 72 no entry Heart's Content
May-15 Heart's Content Chr. Bronchitis FARNHAM Archibald Ch. Eng. 68 no entry Heart's Content
May-17 Hopeall Senility LEVER Thomas Ch. Eng. 83 no entry Heart's Content
Jun-08 Heart's Content Chr. Bronchitis LANGOR Elizabeth Ch. Eng. 85 no entry Heart's Content
May-11 Green's Hr. Con. Debility ROWE John U. Church 82 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
May-21 Hopeall Paralysis PIERCEY Isaac U. Church 66 Hopeall Hopeall
Jul-14 Grace Hosp. Pul. Tuberculosis COATES Nellie S. Army 4 Winterton Winterton
Apr-06 Lead Cove Pul. Tuberculosis LAMBERT Hannah U. Church 53 Old Perlican Sibley's Cove
Apr-15 Brownsdale Pul. Tuberculosis BUTTON Ronald U. Church 11 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Apr-21 Hants Hr. Cancer Stomach SNOOK Ezekial U. Church 72 New Perlican Hants Hr.
Apr-25 Hants Hr. Dropsy GULLIFORD Ezra U. Church 71 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
May-24 Hants Hr. Rheumatism ELLIS Simeon U. Church 65 no entry Hants Hr.
Jun-10 Hants Hr. Senility GULLIFORD Eleanor U. Church 75 Brownsdale Hants Hr.
Jun-15 Lead Cove Prematurity BUTTON Levi U. Church 2 dys Lead Cove Sibley's Cove
Apr-06 Sunnyside Pneumonia DROVER Margaret Ch. Eng. 2/12 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jan-26 Heart's Delight Paralysis WORTHMAN Joseph Ch. Eng. 74 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Apr-15 Heart's Delight Haemorrhage Brain LEGGE Lydia Ch. Eng. 72 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Mar-21 Islington Stillborn WELSH (SB) - SB Islington Heart's Delight
May-04 Green's Hr. Lobar Pneumonia BENNETT Susie Ch. Eng. 41 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
May-22 Heart's Delight Convulsions LEGGE Herbert Ch. Eng. 9/12 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jun-28 Heart's Delight Tuberculosis WORTHMAN Henry Ch. Eng. 74 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jun-28 Cavendish Stillborn CRITCH (SB) - SB Cavendish Cavendish
Mar-02 Dildo Ulcer Stomach CRANFORD Clara S. Army 43 Carbonear Dildo
Mar-27 Markland Tuberculosis THORNE Walter S. Army 19 New Hr. Dildo
PAGE 263                
Apr-07 Winterton Pul. Tuberculosis PITCHER Amy U. Church 36 Winterton Winterton
Sep-19 Grace Hosp. Prostatism LEGGE Elijah no entry 69 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Aug-24 Hants Hr. T.B. & Arthritis JANES Frank A. Pent. 40 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jul-02 New Hr. Cancer Lower Bowel HIGDON James Ch. Eng. 73 New Hr. New Hr.
Jul-07 New Hr. Inflam. Bowels SOOLEY Stanley J. Ch. Eng. 27 New Hr. New Hr.
Jul-06 Norman's Cove no entry WHITE Sarah Ch. Eng. 71 Spaniard's Bay Norman's Cove
Jul-26 Chappel Arm Prematurity WARREN Cyril T. Ch. Eng. 1 dy Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Aug-10 New Hr. Carcinoma Bowel HIGDON Mary A. Ch. Eng. 58 Dildo New Hr.
Aug-07 Markland Stillbirth WARREN (SB) - SB Markland Chappell Arm
Aug-14 New Hr. Stillbirth HIGDON (SB) - SB New Hr. New Hr.
Sep-14 Chappel Arm Convulsions REID Evelyn G. Ch. Eng. 1 1/4 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Aug-26 Whitbourne Cancer of Stomach FOLEY John R. Cath. 66 no entry Brigus
Jan-04 New Chelsea Kidney Trouble HARRIS Christopher Pent. 73 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-23 Markland Bacillary Dysentary PARSONS Silas B. U. Church 3 Victoria Victoria
Jun-07 Dildo Tuberculosis REID Gowera S. Army 19 Dildo Dildo
Jun-09 Dildo Influenza REID Albert S. Army 83 no entry Dildo
Jun-25 New Hr. Tuberculosis WILLIAMS Frederick S. Army 56 New Hr. Dildo
Aug-15 Heart's Delight Heart Failure CROCKER Gilbert S. Army 58 Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Jul-10 Hants Hr. Paralysis POOLE Esau U. Church 73 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Aug-12 Hants Hr. Senility SOOLEY Thomas G. U. Church 79 Bareneed Hants Hr.
Apr-29 Old Perlican Hosp. Meningitis MANSFIELD Olive U. Church 14 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jul-04 Winterton Pul. Tuberculosis GREEN Sarah U. Church 39 New Melbourne Winterton
Sep-02 Heart's Content Senility TEMPLE Samuel U. Church 81 Norman's Cove New Perlican
Sep-10 Winterton Tumor Stomach PITCHER Charles U. Church 76 Winterton Winterton
Sep-11 Heart's Content Senility TEMPLE Jane U. Church 84 New Perlican New Perlican
Jul-31 Heart's Content Chr. Bronchitis BAKER Cecily Ch. Eng. 73 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Sep-18 Heart's Content Arteriosclerosis JANES Isaac Ch. Eng. 59 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Nov-22 Grace Hosp. Appendicitis HOPKINS Robert N. U. Church 41 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Jul-24 Cavendish Heart Failure JERRETT Marshall U. Church 27 Cavendish Cavendish
Aug-02 Green's Hr. Senility GREEN John U. Church 80 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Aug-06 Old Shop Tuberculosis STANFORD Julia D. U. Church 6 Old Shop Old Shop
Oct-17 Winterton Enteritis PIERCEY Cecil J. U. Church 1 Winterton Winterton
Aug-09 Blaketown Paralysis SHARPE Wm. Henry Ch. Eng. 85 Upper I. Cove Blaketown
Jul-08 Whitbourne Accidental Drowning CHAFE Randolph Ch. Eng. 8 St. John's Whitbourne
Sep-02 Chance Cove Inflammation Bowels CLARKE John Ch. Eng. 76 no entry Chance Cove
Oct-17 Blaketown Cirrhosis of Liver SMITH Sarah Ch. Eng. 80 Bishop's Cove Blaketown
Jul-19 Blaketown Infancy MERCER Gerald Ch. Eng. 2 dys no entry Blaketown
Oct-01 Norman's Cove no entry NEWHOOK Sarah Ch. Eng. 64 1/2 Chapel Arm Norman's Cove
Oct-27 Dildo no entry GEORGE Gladys R. Ch. Eng. 4 Dildo Dildo
Nov-03 New Hr. Convulsions WILLIAMS Geraldine Ch. Eng. 3/12 New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 264                
Nov-01 Long Cove no entry NEWHOOK Uriah G. Ch. Eng. 3/12 Long Cove Norman's Cove
Nov-24 Chappel Arm no entry THORNE Phoebe Olive Ch. Eng. 1/12 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Sep-29 New Melbourne Pul. Tuberculosis MANSFIELD Alvin U. Church 24 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Nov-15 Brownsdale Natural Causes BUTTON Clara U. Church 7 no entry Brownsdale
Dec-08 New Melbourne Pul. Tuberculosis SNELGROVE Simeon U. Church 63 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Dec-28 New Chelsea Pul. Tuberculosis BELBIN Bennett U. Church 17 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Nov-26 Brownsdale Stillborn AUSTIN (SB) - SB Brownsdale Brownsdale
Sep-18 Dildo no entry SMITH Alfred S. Army 2 Dildo Dildo
Oct-27 South Dildo Heart Trouble REID Lucy S. Army 43 Twgate Blaketown
Nov-09 Whitbourne Enteritis HUTCHINGS Cyril W. S. Army 14/12 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Dec-13 Hopeall Rheumatism PIERCEY Mrs. Rosie? S. Army 38 Norman's Cove New Hr.
Dec-14 Winterton Pneumonia PIERCEY Doris E. S. Army 8 Winterton Winterton
Dec-27 Winterton Pneumonia PIERCEY Ella G. S. Army 5 no entry Winterton
Apr-18 Bellevue Paralysis PIKE James R. Cath. 78 Bellevue Bellevue
May-10 Bellevue Pul. Tuberculosis FAHEY William R. Cath. 21 no entry Bellevue
Sep-29 Bellevue Heart Condition COURTNEY Hannah R. Cath. 41 no entry Bellevue
Oct-28 Whitbourne Heart Condition FLYNN Edward R. Cath. 84 no entry Bellevue
Dec-07 Bellevue Heart Condition PINSENT William R. Cath. 73 no entry Gambo
Dec-30 Whitbourne Senility KEHOE Mary R. Cath. 86 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Oct-11 Heart's Content Bronchitis BAKER James Ch. Eng. 73 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Dec-26 Heart's Content Hemiplegia MURPHY Archibald Ch. Eng. 60 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Oct-03 New Perlican Senility PITTMA Willis Ch. Eng. 88 1/2 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct-06 New Perlican Carcinoma Bowel MATTHEWS Sarah Ch. Eng. 73 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct-07 New Perlican Phthisis WARREN Martin J. Ch. Eng. 49 New Perlican New Perlican
On or about Nov 20, 1937 North of Fogo Lost at Sea SEWARD Edward Ch. Eng. 60 New Perlican Body not Recovered
On or about Nov 20, 1937 North of Fogo Lost at Sea SEWARD Walter Ch. Eng. 31 New Perlican Body not Recovered
On or about Nov 20, 1937 North of Fogo Lost at Sea SEWARD Marcus Ch. Eng. 45 New Perlican Body not Recovered
On or about Nov 20, 1937 North of Fogo Lost at Sea ROSS Percy Ch. Eng. 50 St. John's Body not Recovered
Sep-02 Islington Tuberculosis CHISLETT Walter Ch. Eng. 44 Islington Heart's Delight
Sep-27 Heart's Delight Prematurity HARNUM Annie Ch. Eng. few mins no entry Heart's Delight
Sep-27 Heart's Delight Prematurity HARNUM Alice Ch. Eng. few mins no entry Heart's Delight
Oct-05 Islington Senility BRYANT Theresa Ch. Eng. 87 Islington Heart's Delight
Oct-20 Islington Accidental Suffocation - Overlaying CHISLETT Samuel Ch. Eng. 15 dys Islington Heart's Delight
Nov-03 Heart's Delight Pneumonia HARNUM Mary Ch. Eng. 66 no entry Heart's Delight
Nov-17 Islington no entry CHISLETT Chester W. Ch. Eng. 1/12 Islington Heart's Delight
Nov-07 Heart's Delight Stillborn SOOLEY (SB) - SB no entry Heart's Delight
Dec-16 Islington no entry WALSH Israel Ch. Eng. 8/12 Islington Heart's Delight
Dec-04 Islington Tuberculosis BRYANT Ellen Ch. Eng. 61 Islington Heart's Delight
Sep-25 Heart's Content Pneumonia LEGGE Charles (of Thos) Ch. Eng. 60 Heart's Content Heart's Content
PAGE 265                
Dec-22 Chance Cove Tuberculosis SMITH Providence Ch. Eng. 37 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Feb-19 Sunnyside no entry SMITH Harold U. Church 16 Thornlea Thornlea
Apr-17 Sunnyside Tuberculosis TEMPLE Phoebe U. Church 23 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jun-11 Whitbourne Meningitis NEWHOOK Wm. J. U. Church 16 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jul-27 Norman's Cove ?? PIERCEY Herbert U. Church 22 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Aug-05 Norman's Cove Tuberculosis PIERCEY Elizabeth U. Church 16 no entry Norman's Cove
Jul-31 Long Cove no entry TEMPLE Arthur U. Church 3 wks Long Cove Norman's Cove
Aug-03 Long Cove no entry TEMPLE Edward U. Church 1/12 Long Cove Norman's Cove
Sep-27 Thornlea no entry BRANTON Susanna U. Church 10 Thornlea Thornlea
Nov-22 Norman's Cove no entry PIERCEY Robert W. U. Church 3/12 Norman's Cove Norman's Cove
Nov-25 Sunnyside Tuberculosis PARSONS Edith U. Church 17 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Apr-05 Markland Infancy VOKEY Arthur Ch. Eng. 5 dys Markland Markland

Transcribed by Laurie Lockhart (2012)

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