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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 12

1936 - 1937


Pages 294 - 322

PAGE 294                
Feby 19 Safe Hr Old Age WAKELEY Isaac UC 83 Pinchards Isld Safe Hr
Feby 19 North Isld Paralysis BUTT Samuel UC 67 no entry North Isld
Mar 17 Braggs Isld no entry LANE Lloyd Geo UC 1 2/12 mos Braggs Isld Braggs Isld
Mar 18 Braggs Isld Tuberculosis LANE Clarence UC 27 Braggs Isld Braggs Isld
Mar 22 Braggs Isld Tuberculosis ORAM Silas UC 13 Braggs Isld Braggs Isld
Feby 17 Valleyfield Senility SPURRELL Joshua C of E 77 Pools Isld Badgers Quay
Jany 28 Pools Isld Malnutrition HOYLES Rita C of E 1 1/2 mos Pools Isld Pools Isld
Mar 2 Pools Isld Seliosis SPURRELL Caroline C of E 52 Pools Isld Pools Isld
Apl 1 Pinchards Isld Cardiac trouble BOLAND Henry C of E 31 Pinchards Isld Pinchards Isld
Apl 7 Pinchards Isld Tuberculosis HOUNSELL Herbert C of E 30 Pinchards Isld Pinchards Isld
Jan 31 Cape Cove Accidently crushed HANN Tobias UC 28 Cape Cove Cape Cove
Feby 4 Lumsden N Pneumonia PARSONS Simeon UC 68 Lumsden N Lumsden
Feby 5 Lumsden S Pneumonia GOODYEAR Eva UC 15 Lumsden S Lumsden
Feby 9 Cape Cove Heart Failure STOKES Cater? UC 48 Cape Cove Cape Cove
Feby 27 Northern Cove Pneumonia STAGG Annie UC 49 Pound Cove Cape Cove
Mar 4 Templeman Neurasthenia HOWELL Annie UC 40 Pound Cove Templeman
Mar 9 Hare Bay Heart Failure PERRY Benjamin UC 59 Newtown Newtown
Mar 3 English Hr Heart Failure BUGDEN Albert UC 66 English Hr English Hr
Mar 31 Summerville Blood Poison ABBOTT John UC 56 no entry Summerville
Jany 5 Fever Hosp Meningitis RICKETTS Maria C of E 15 Portlandd C of Eng
Mar 10 Gen'l Hosp Carcenoma Pancreas STURGE Herbert SA 35 Wesleyville S Army City
Jany 1 Middle Brook,Gambo no entry LANE Amelia SA 59 Shoe Cove Gambo
Jany 2 Wesleyville Influenza FIFIELD Eva Catherine SA 16 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jany 5 Hare Bay SB COLLINS Baby SA SB Hare Bay Hare Bay
Feby 7 Shamblers Cove Myocarditis VIVIAN Nabosh? SA 62 5/12 Newtown Shamblers Cove
May 22 In???? Myocarditis FELTHAM Alice UC 58 Glovertown Glovertown
June 20 Gen'l Hosp Rupture rt kidney (acc) WYATT Phyllis UC 11 Glovertown Glovertown
Jan 26 Bunyan's Cove Unknown KEATS Nellie UC 6 Bunyan's C Bunyan's Cove
Feb 2 Bunyan's Cove Old Age CHATMAN Maria Jane UC 69 Elliston Bunyan's Cove
Apr 18 Bunyan's Cove Pulm Tuberc KEATS James UC 49 Elliston Bunyan's Cove
May 3 Port Blandford Influenza GREENING Sarah J UC 83 Musgravetown Pt Blandford
May 25 Bunyan's Cove Pulm Tuberc TUCKER Eliza A UC 45 Elliston Bunyan's Cove
May 3 North Island no entry HEFFERAN Richard UC 19 North Island North Isld
May 3 North Island Paralysis BUTT Moses UC 78 North Island North Isld
Feb 15 Badger's Quay Croup HUMPHREYS Annie C of E 4/12 Newtown Newtown
May 14 Pound Cove Asthma HOUNSELL Adam C of E 58 Pound Cove Pound Cove
May 29 Pinchards Isld Childbirth NORRIS Amy C of E 44 Pinchard's I Pinchard's I
Apr 9 Pools Isld Malnutrition HOYLES Elvie C of E 5/12 Pools Isld Pools Isld
May 31 Badger's Quay Senility BOWN Lucinda C of E 81 Salvage Badgers Quay
June 13 Badger's Quay Carcin Esophagus WINTERS George C of E 66 Badger's Quay Badgers Quay
PAGE 295                
Apr 10 Greenspond Senility POND James UC 80 Greenspond Greenspond
June 20 Greenspond Tuberculosis WOODLAND Caroline UC 83 Greenspond Greenspond
June 1 Safe Hr Diarrhoea OSBORNE Wilfred Jas UC 5/12 Safe Hr Safe Hr
June 24 Port Nelson Senility PARSONS Lavinia UC 84 Greenspond Greenspond
June 28 Greenspond Tuberculosis JANES Job UC 42 Greenspond Greenspond
Jany 29 North Island Heart Failure PIKE Henry C of E 67 North I North I
Feb 17 Flat Island Pulmonary Tuberculosis SAMSON Reuben C of E 64 Flat I Flat I
Apr 23 Flat Island Influenza MOSS Henry C of E 78 Sailors I Flat I
June 17 Flat Island Influenza SAMSON William C of E 80 Flat I Flat I
June 21 Flat Island Influenza SAMSON Arthur C of E 52 Flat I Flat I
Jan 16 Burnside Inanition LANE Howard Ross C of E 2 wks Burnside Burnside
Mar 31 Salvage Paralysis BROWN Theophilus C of E 78 Salvage Salvage
Mar 31 Bishop's Hr Cancer BROWN Elizabeth C of E 61 no entry Bishop's Hr
May 8 Bishop's Hr Cancer DYKE Mary C of E 77 Bishop's He Bishop's Hr
June 18 Salvage Cystitis BROWN Charlotte C of E 77 Salvage Salvage
Feb 3 Sandy Cove Cancer Stomach KING Rebecca C of E 48 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
May 31 Happy Adventure Whooping Cough TURNER Martha C of E 3/12 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
May 31 Eastport Bronchitis SQUIRE Ida C of E 3/12 Eastport Salvage Bay
June 8 Eastport Bronchitis SQUIRE Adolphus C of E 5 Eastport Salvage Bay
June 12 Eastport Valvular Disease Heart LANE John C of E 86 Eastport Salvage Bay
Apr 14 Templeman Pneumonia JONES Thomas U Church 56 Templeman Templeman
June 28 Cape Cove Still Birth STOKES Baby U Church SB Cape Cove Cape Cove
Feb 18 Keels no entry YETMAN Mary C of E 43 Happy Adventure Keels
Apr 5 Keels no entry HOBBS Joseph C of E 53 Keels Keels
Feb 5 Hare Bay Strangulated hernia COLLINS Edith Blanche S Army 48 no entry Hare Bay
Mar 18 Hare Bay Whooping Cough COLLINS Linda Bernice S Army 1 1/2 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Mar 30 Hare Bay Tuberculosis COLLINS Chloe S Army 21 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Apr 6 Dark Cove, Gambo no entry BURSEY Jas Clifford S Army 4 1/2 mos Dark Cove Middle Brook
Apr 22 Dark Cove, Gambo Old Age GOULDING Cornelius S Army 81 Dark Cove Middle Brook
May 15 Terra Nova River Drowning ABBOTT Jesse S Army 54 Middle Brook Middle Brook
June 7 Wesleyville Paralysis HOWELL Sarah S Army 70 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 15 Hare Bay Convulsions COLLINS Jesse R W S Army 1 1/2 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Jan 8 St Brendan's Convulsions WHITE Walter F R Cath 8 dys St Brendan's St Brendan's
Jan 22 St Brendan's Convulsions TURNER Francis J R Cath 3 dys St Brendan's St Brendan's
Jan 31 St Brendan's Pulm Tuberculosis FITZGERALD Joseph R Cath 23 St Brendan's St Brendan's
Feby 28 St Brendan's Prematurity WHITE Thomas R Cath 3 dys St Brendan's St Brandan's
May 19 St Brendan's Pulm Tuberculosis WHITE Rita R Cath 18 St Brendan's St Brendan's
June 8 Burnt Isld Apoplexy McDONALD Veronica R Cath 51 Burnt Isld Burnt Isld
June 21 Burnt Isld Senility & flu KELLY John R Cath 87 Burnt Isld Burnt Isld
PAGE 296                
Jan 11 Glovertown Meningitis BLACKWOOD Wenson U Church 7/12 Glovertown Glovertown
Jan 18 Glovertown Paralysis & Bronchitis GEANGE Mrs Victor U Church 75 Glovertown Glovertown
Jan 26 Glovertown no entry DEWEY Arthur U Church 6/12 Glovertown Saunders Cove
Feb 18 Glovertown no entry BUTT Marie U Church 7 dys Glovertown Glovertown
Mar 7 Glovertown Flu GEANGE Ross U Church 2 Glovertown Glovertown
Mar 10 Glovertown Paralysis HOWELL Isaiah U Church 74 Newtown Glovertown
Feb 28 Happy Adventure Tuberculosis BABSTOCK Thomas U Church 32 Happy Adventure Happy Adventure
Apr 25 Glovertown Flu SWEETAPPLE Raymond U Church 3 Glovertown Glovertown
Apr 25 Glovertown Old Age BUTT Sarah U Church 81 Glovertown Glovertown
June 8 Glovertown no entry ROSE Clarice U Church 1 day Glovertown Glovertown
Jan 17 Bonavista Pulm Haemorrhage GOSLING Elias C of E 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 23 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis MIFFLIN Deborah C of E 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 26 Amherst Cove Pulm Tuberculosis COLE Marcia C of E 40 Clarenville Amherst Cove
Mar 11 Bonavista Eclampsia RUSSELL Janie C of E 20 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 11 Bonavista Influenza PAUL Eliza C of E 74 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 5 Amherst Cove Pulm Tuberculosis BROWN Alfred George C of E 50 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
May 3 Bonavista Cerebral Thrombosis AYLES Rebecca C of E 66 Bonavista Bonavista
May 21 Bonavista Broncho Pneumonia TEMPLEMAN Emily C of E 80 Bonavista Bonavista
May 24 Bonavista Carcinoma Stomach ABBOTT Alexander C of E 69 Bonavista Bonavista
June 6 Newman's Cove Influenza AVIS Mary C of E 75 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Aug 1 Mental Hospital (King's Cove) Arteriosclerosis PENNEY Mrs Jebediah C of E 69 no entry King's Cove
Aug 5 Grace Hosp (Salvage) Carcinomatosis OLDFORD Maris C of E 63 no entry Salvage
Mar 5 Dark Cove Senility BROWN Frances C of E 73 Hr Grace Middle Brook
Aug 31 Grace Hospital (Angle Brook) Hypernephroma BAIRD Wm W C of E 64 no entry Angle Brook
Sep 7 Cape Island at Mental Hosp Ac Enteritis of unknown origin, septic pneumonia bilateral VINCENT George L U Church 49 Cape Island Cape Island
Sep 19 Balsame Place, Bonavista Myocarditis RYAN Nicholas J R Cath 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 28 Bragg's Island Tuberculosis PAUL Mary Jane U Church 23 Bragg's Island Braff's Island
Sep 8 Bragg's Island Pneumonia PAUL Maggie U Church 4/12 Bragg's Island Braff's Island
July 30 Lumsden N Malnutrition WRIGHT Alexander U Church 5/12 Lumsden N Lumsden
Aug 16 Lumsden N Tuberculosis PARSONS Dorothy U Church 32 Lumsden N Lumsden
Aug 21 Lumsden S Anaemia BUTCHER Millicent U Church 16 Deadman's Bay Lumsden
Sep 18 Cape Island Cardio-renal VINCENT Darius U Church 73 Cape Island Cape Island
Sep 22 Newtown Meningitis BARBOUR Tryphena D U Church 14 Newtown Newtown
July 16 Bunyan's Cove Drowning MARTIN Ralph U Church 5 5/12 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Aug 31 Port Blandford Prematurity LAYDEN Fred U Church 2 hrs Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar 6 Greenspond Fracture of Femur GRANTER Eliza C of E 82 Greenspond Greenspond
Apr 24 Greenspond Senility BARROW Edward C of E 75 Greenspond Greenspond
May 8 Greenspond Carcinoma Bowel OSBORNE Albert C of E 69 Greenspond Greenspond
Aug 15 Greenspond Arteriosclerosis CARTER Ethelred C of E 77 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan 6 Silver Fox Island Carcinoma Stomach MATTHEWS Joseph C of E 70 no entry Silver Fox Island
PAGE 297                
Mar 16 Wareham no entry CUTLER Hannah M C of E 7 1/2 Fair Island Wareham
July 10 Fair Island Nephritis PICKETT Ezra C of E 52 Fair Island Fair Island
June 2 Trinity, BB no entry WISEMAN Kenneth C of E 10/12 Trinity, BB Trinity, BB
June 21 Silver Fox Island Lobar Pneumonia HUNT Frances C of E 18 Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Is
Aug 7 Sydney Cove no entry POND Olive Grace C of E 6 wks Sydney Cove Fair Island
Sep 1 Fair Island Pulm Tuberculosis BROWN Honor C of E 29 Sydney Cove Fair Island
Sep 7 Fair Island Bowel Tuberculosis PICKETT Eliza C of E 68 Sydney Cove Fair Island
Aug 26 Lewisporte Pulm Tuberculosis HODDER Janet Bertha U Church 52 Lewisporte Lewisporte
Aug 28 Stanhope Chr Myocarditis DOWNTON Simeon U Church 68 Joe Batt's Arm Stanhope
July 13 Botwood Influenza ROBERTS Jessie A U Church 43 St John's Botwood
Apr 13 Northern Arm Senile Decay BRENTON John U Church 81 Loon Bay Botwood
June 2 Peter's Arm Cancer of Stomach DALLEY Wm U Church 71 Twillingate Botwood
July 31 Pilley's Island Paralysis SHEARING John U Church 82 1/2 no entry Pilley's Island
Aug 26 Pilley's Island no entry STICKLAND Walter U Church 73 no entry Pilley's Island
Sep 24 Pilley's Island no entry OXFORD Rita May U Church 1/12 Pilley's I Pilley's Island
Apr 8 Paradise Infantile Paralysis CURLEW Frederick G U Church 6 wks Paradise Paradise
May 5 Exploits Tuberculosis BUTT Thomas C U Church 46 Exploits Exploits
June 5 Paradise Senility BUTT Rosanna U Church 89 Twillingate Paradise
July 14 Exploits Convulsions BUTT no entry U Church 3dys Exploits Exploits
July 27 Middle Arm no entry SQUIRES Elizabeth Jane U Church 2 7/12 Middle Arm Middle Arm
Aug 9 Nipper's Hr Paralysis BATSTONE Mrs Hannah U Church 67 Nipper's Hr Nipper's Hr
Sep 15 Burlington no entry PERRY Maggie U Church 4/12 Burlington Burlington
July 25 Burlington Tuberculosis GILLINGHAM Dorothy Eileen A C of E 12 Burlington Burlington
July 28 Twillingate Pulm Tuberculosis SCEVIOUR James C of E 56 Exploits Exploits
Sep 4 Leading Tickles Pulm Tuberculosis ROWSELL Annie R Cath 45 Leading Tickles Leading Tickles
July 4 Fortune Hr Infantile Paralysis CARROLL Edwin A R Cath 4 Fortune Hr Fortune Hr
July 29 Fortune Hr Senility POWER Catherine N R Cath 89 Mobile, Ferryland Fortune Hr
Aug 24 Fortune Hr Convulsions BUDGELL Wm J Pentecostal 3/12 Fortune Hr Fortune Hr
July 7 Salt Pond Senility FOSS Rhoda Pentecostal 75 Comfort Cove Salt Pond
Feb 14 Bishop's Falls Prematurity GRAHAM Lucy Ellen Pentecostal 4 dys Bishop's Falls Bishop's Falls
May 8 Bishop's Falls Pneumonia WELLS Alice Pentecostal 20 no entry Bishop's Falls
Mar 13 Badger no entry HAYDEN Harvey Roy Pentecostal 4/12 Badger Badger
Apr 28 Cotrell's Island Meningitis ANSTEY Melita L Pentecostal 5/12 Cottrell's I Cottrell's Isl
Apr 30 Cotrell's Island Liver & Heart FROUD Mrs Kenella Pentecostal 64 Cottrell's I Cottrell's Isl
June 23 Cotrell's Island Paralysis RODEOUT Mrs Myra Pentecostal 72 Cottrell's I Cottrell's Isl
Feb 8 Sansom's Island Inflammation TWINE Christina Pentecostal 85 Moreton's Hr Sansom's I
June 16 Sansom's Island Drowned BAKER Wilbert Hardy   10 Sansom's I Sansom's I
PAGE 298                
July 14 Saunder's Cove Tuberculosis DAVIS Linda U Church 16 Saudner's Cove Saunder's Cove
Sep 7 Glovertown S Whooping Cough FELTHAM Joyce U Church 5 Glovertown Glovertown
Sep 7 Glovertown N Kidney Trouble ROACH Mortimer U Church 47 Glovertown Glovertown
Sep 18 Glovertown S Whooping Cough FELTHAM Sarah U Church 1 Glovertown Glovertown
Sep 24 Glover towen S Tuberculous Meningitis FELTHAM Mary Mabel U Church 21 Glovertown Glovertown
July 7 Valleyvield Malnutrition SPURRELL Chesley Jacob Ch Eng 1/12 Valleyfield Badger's Quay
July 13 Wesleyville Senility BRENTON John P Ch Eng 79 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Aug 26 Safe Hr Pulm Tuberculosis JANES Wilfred Ch Eng 34 Safe Hr Safe Hr
Sep 23 Badger's Quay Croup McNEIL Ruby R Cath 3/12 no entry Badger's Quay
July 14 Pool's Island Drowning NOBLE Stephen Ch Eng 60 Fair Island Pool's Island
Aug 9 Newtown no entry HALL Susanna Ch Eng 64 Pinchard's Island Newtown
Mar 10 Musgravetown Tuberculosis WISEMAN Garland U Church 39 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Apr 17 Bloomfield Tuberculosis PENNEY Durrel U Church 36 Bloomfield Musgravetown
July 4 Hare Bay Meningitis WILKINS Hattie Beulah S Army 10/12 Hare Bay Hare Bay
July 13 Middle Brook Summer Complaint WARD Anthony C S Army 2 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Aug 18 Bloomfield Heart Failure HONEYBURN Isabella S Army 86 1/2 Bard Harbour Musgravetown
Nov 21 General Hosp Malig papilloma Bladder MOSS Bernard Ch Eng 69 Southern Bay Southern Bay
Dec 4 Grace Hospital Measles GOULD David Ch Eng 2 Winter Brook Ch England
Dec 14 Mental Hospital Arteriosclerosis EDMUNDS Elizabeth Ann Ch Eng 67 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 18 Glovertown P Tuberculosis DIAMOND Stanley U Church 16 Glovertown Glovertown
Nov 4 Rosedale Cancer BUFFETT Robert U Church 77 Greenspond Glovertown
Nov 29 Gloveratown Measles & Whooping Cough FELTHAM Carolyn U Church 8 Glovertown Glovertown
Feb 18 Plate Cove Tuberculosis PHILPOT Bridget R Cath 77 Plate Cove Open Hall
Feb 27 Plate Cove W Cancer Stomach KEOUGH Patrick R Cath 74 Plate Cove Open Hall
Mar 1 Plate Cove W Tuberculosis PHILPOT Regina R Cath 25 Plate Cove Open Hall
June 24 Tickle Cove Convulsions KELLY Anna Eugene R Cath 3 wks Tickle Cove Open Hall
July 9 Tickle Cove Bright's Disease LEGGE Thomas R Cath 28 Tickle Cove Open Hall
Aug 13 Plate Cove Heart Disease KEOUGH James R Cath 72 Plate Cove Open Hall
Sep 24 Plate Cove Cancer of Liver WALSH Bridget R Cath 70 Open Hall Open Hall
Nov 2 Plate Cove Cancer of Stomach MOSS Lawrence R Cath 77 1/2 Open Hall Open Hall
Nov 16 Tickle Cove Still Born LANE (SB) R Cath SB Tickle Cove Open Hall
Dec 28 Plate Cove Still Born LANE (SB) R Cath SB Plate Cove Open Hall
Dec 28 Plate Cove Puer Eclampsia LANE Catherine R Cath 36 Plate Cove Open Hall
Jan 6 Wesleyville Puer Septicaemia WICKS Bessie U Church 31 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb 28 Wesleyville Apoplexy HANN John U Church 74 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar 5 Wesleyville Chr Myocarditis ROBERTS Eli U Church 80 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar 18 Wesleyville Pleurisy WINTERS Susannah U Church 65 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 28 Wesleyville Cardio-renal WINSOR Japhet U Church 72 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 1 Brookfield Embolism GRANTER Joseph U Church 59 Brookfield Brookfield
June 2 Valleyvield Paresis STRATTON Christopher U Church 82 Valleyfield Valleyfield
PAGE 299                
June 28 Valleyfield Tbc Peritonitis HUNT Edwin U Church 25 Valleyfield Valleyfield
June 29 St Mary's River, Labrador Ac Diverticulitis BEST Lester U Church 30 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Aug 6 Wesleyville Pul Tuberculosis CHURCHILL Janie U Church 19 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Aug 13 Valleyfield Pul Tuberculosis HUNT Mary U Church 68 Valleyfield Valleyfield
Aug 17 Wesleyville Intern Febrilis WINSOR Samuel U Church 11/12 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep 19 Wesleyville Cirrhosis of Liver BISHOP Kenneth U Church 9/12 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct 1 Valleyfield Renal OSMOND Obadiah U Church 63 Valleyfield Valleyfield
July 16 Bonavista Senility MILES George Ch Eng 81 Bonavista Bonavista
July 31 Amherst Cove Senility BARTLETT Henry Ch Eng 86 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Nov 11 Bonavista Cerebral Haemorrhage MILES William Ch Eng 74 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 27 Bonavista Cancer of mouth ABBOTT Samuel Ch Eng 54 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 16 Bonavista Childbirth SHORT Elizabeth Ann Ch Eng 34 Musgravetown Musgravetown
July 15 Upper Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis FORD Augustus Ch Eng 55 Upper Amherst Cove Upper Amherst Cove
Aug 2 Upper Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis BROWN Harry Ch Eng 18 Upper Amherst Cove Upper Amherst Cove
Sep 7 Upper Amherst Cove Senility FORD Maria Ch Eng 85 Upper Amherst Cove Upper Amherst Cove
Nov 25 Upper Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis ABBOTT Honour Ch Eng 26 Upper Amherst Cove Upper Amherst Cove
Aug 3 Lower Amherst Cove Cancer Stomach BARTLETT Mary Elizabeth Ch Eng 47 Lower Amherst Cove Lower Amherst Cove
Aug 17 Newman's Cove Pul Tuberculosis STRICKLAND Elizabeth Ch Eng 35 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Oct 30 Newman's Cove Meningitis EDMONDS Thomas Ch Eng 64 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
July 16 Salvage Paralysis DYKE William Ch Eng 69 Salvage Salvage
Aug 2 Salvage Heart Failure MOSS Adeline Ch Eng 74 Salvage Salvage
Aug 15 Salvage Cerebral Thromb LANE Reuben Ch Eng 73 Salvage Salvage
Oct 9 Salvage Paralysis BROWN Elizabeth Ch Eng 68 Salvage Salvage
Nov 12 Salvage Congestion Lungs BURDEN George Ch Eng 66 Salvage Salvage
Nov 10 Cull's Hr Pneumonia BARTLETT Stephen Ch Eng 83 Quirpon Traytown
Nov 14 Cull's Hr Pneumonia PIKE Ida Jane Ch Eng 18 Cull's Hr Traytown
Nov 19 North Island Cardiac Failure DAVIS Moses Ch Eng 62 North Island North Island
Nov 15 Flat Island Stillborn BLAKE (SB) no entry SB Flat Island Flat Island
July 27 Sandy Cove Childbirth DYKE Sarah Jane Ch Eng 44 Sandy Cove Salvage Bay
Oct 16 Sandy Cove Senility MARTIN Keziah Ch Eng 79 Salvage Salvage
Dec 16 Happy Adventure no entry MOSS Carson Ch Eng 5 dys Happy Adventure Salvage
Oct 2 Charlottetown Cancer Stomach CHAULK Allan U Church 65 Elliston Charlottetown
Oct 20 Charlottetown Heart Failure SIMMONDS Simon U Church 30 Charlottetown Charlottetown
Oct 18 Amherst Cove at Port Union Meningitis MIFFLIN Hilary Ch Eng 30 Curling Curling
July 18 Keels no entry PENNEY Charles Ch Eng 84 Keels Keels
Aug 2 Keels no entry PENNEY Jebediah Ch Eng 69 Goose Bay Keels
Oct 1 Open Hall no entry GOULD Elizabeth Ch Eng 67 Southern Bay Open Hall
Nov 3 Open Hall no entry QUINTON John Ch Eng 73 Redcliffe Open Hall
Dec 16 Keels no entry WHEELER Charles Ch Eng 57 Keels Keels
July 9 St Brendan's Tuberculosis MACKEY Ambrose R Cath 21 St Brendan's St Brendan's
PAGE 300                
Sep 10 St Brendan's Meningitis CONNORS Theresa R Cath 7 St Brendan's St Brendan's
Sep 10 St Brendan's Dysentery BROWN William R Cath 86 St Brendan's St Brendan's
Sep 18 St Brendan's Dysentery SAMSON Patrick R Cath 2 St Brendan's St Brendan's
Oct 3 St Brendan's Dysentery CONNORS James R Cath 73 St Brendan's St Brendan's
Feb 12 Keels Influenza FITZGERALD Margaret R Cath 41 Knight's Cove King's Cove
Feb 14 Knight's Cove Influenza RICKETTS Catherine R Cath 54 Open Hall King's Cove
Mar 24 Knight's Cove Cardiac CAREY William R Cath 82 no entry no entry
Apr 17 King's Cove Ptomaine Poisineng, Enteritis MADDOX William R Cath 58 King's Cove King's Cove
Apr 28 King's Cove Endocarditis SULLIVAN William R Cath 23 King's Cove King's Cove
May 3 Broad Cove Cer Apoplexy MATTHEWS Margaret R Cath 58 Broad Cove King's Cove
Jun 5 Keels Influenza BYRNE Nicholas R Cath 23 Keels King's Cove
Aug 5 Keels Cer Apoplexy HOLLAHAN Sarah R Cath 69 Keels King's Cove
July 17 Keels Tbc Meningitis CAREW James R Cath 23 Keels King's Cove
Aug 5 King's Cove Enteritis MADDOX Michael R Cath 68 Keels King's Cove
Nov 3 Broad Cove Pul Tuberculosis McLOUGHLIN Thomas R Cath 68 Broad Cove King's Cove
Nov 13 Greenspond Pul Tuberculosis DYKE Rosetta R Cath 60 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov 28 Greenspond Cancer BURRY Elizabeth U Church 63 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov 18 Badger's Quay Malnutrition WINTERS Percy U Church 3/12 Badger's Quay Pool's Island
Nov 20 Pool's Island Influenza JANES Donald Ch Eng 5/12 Pool's Island Pool's Island
Oct 6 Newtown Paralysis DAVIS Susanna Ch Eng 63 Newtown Newtown
Nov 22 Pound Cove Senility BOLAND Mary Ann Ch Eng 81 Pinchard's I Pound Cove
Dec 13 Deer Lake no entry PARSONS James Ch Eng 85 Pinchard's I Newtown
Oct 16 Badger's Quay Paralysis BROWN Peter Ch Eng 80 Pool's Island Badger's Quay
Nov 30 Valleyfield Pleurisy & Effusion KEATS Mrs Robert Ch Eng 62 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Nov 16 Greenspond Arteriosclerosis YOUNG Ebenezer Ch Eng 73 Greenspond Greenspond
Oct 24 Trinity BB no entry ROGERS Frederick Ch Eng 1 no entry Trinity BB
Oct 23 Indian Bay Malnutrition PICKETT Eleazer Ch Eng 2/12 Indian Bay Indian Bay
Oct 22 Fair Island Marasmus PICKETT Eli Rogers Ch Eng 1 9/12 Fair Island Fair Island
Oct 24 Cape Cove Exposure to cold, astray in marsh STOKES Susanna Ch Eng 55 Greenspond Cape Cove
Aug 17 Pinchard's Island Malnutrition DAVIS Shirley U Church 5 Pinchard's Island Pinchard's Island
Oct 30 Cape Cove Convulsions STOKES Beatrice U Church 5 dys Cape Cove Cape Cove
Nov 17 Templelman Paralysis TEMPLEMAN Samuel U Church 70 Templeman Templeman
Aug 18 Gambo Senility KELLY James U Church 87 Burnt Islands BB Gambo
Sep 7 Gambo Whooping Cough McDONALD Joseph R Cath 5/12 Gambo Gambo
Mar 16 Gambo Senility McDONALD Mary R Cath 98 Gambo Gambo
Apr 5 Bonavista Heart Disease MIFFLIN Maud R Cath 81 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 6 Catalina Heart Disease MASON John H R Cath 78 no entry Catalina
May 11 Spillar's Cove Heart Disease FLEMING John R Cath 80 Spillar's Cove Bonavista
May - Melrose Malnutrition HUMBY John R Cath 76 Melrose Catalina
June 24 St John's Pul Tuberculosis HANNON Gertrude R Cath 32 Bonavista Bonavista
          R Cath      
PAGE 301                
June 18 Summerville Sarcoma, neck NEWELL Elizabeth R Cath 75 no entry Summerville
July 27 Melrose Heart Disease DUGGAN John R Cath 74 no entry Catalina
Aug 21 Sweet Bay Heart Disease GUSHUE Patrick R Cath 70 no entry Sweet Bay
Jan 23 Catalina Heart Disease LANE John R Cath 26 Catalina Catalina
Jan 26 Southern Bay no entry DUCEY Veronica R Cath 29 no entry Summerville
Feb 8 Summerville Pul Tuberculosis BRENNAN Nellie R Cath 16 Summerville Summerville
Oct 26 Sweet Bay Pul Tuberculosis CONNORS Michael R Cath 20 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
Nov 8 Spillar's Cove Malnutrition PIRCE Veronica R Cath 4/12 Spillar's Cove Bonavista
Dec 25 Catalina no entry MASON Mary R Cath 79 no entry Summerville
Nov 25 Brooklyn Heart (suddenly) KING Robert U Church 72 no entry Brooklyn
Nov 28 Brooklyn Pul Tuberculosis SKEFFINGTON Barbara J U Church 28 no entry Brooklyn
Aug 2 Dark Cove Senility BROWN John Ch Eng 80 Thoroughfare Middle Brook
Nov 27 Port Blandford Pul Tuberculosis MOSS John H Ch Eng 28 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Jan 5 Bonavista Cerebral haem READER William U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 26 Bonavista Gen Tuberculosis FISHER Samuel U Church 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 18 Bonavista Marasmus LITTLE Minnie U Church 4/12 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 5 Bonavista Gastric Carcinoma LITTLE Tobias U Church 68 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 9 Bonavista Cerebral haem CAROLL George U Church 70 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 31 Bonavista Inf Convulsions HAMPTON Emily U Church 2 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 2 Bonavista Rodent ulcer, face MOULAND William U Church 88 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 2 Bonavista Br Pneumonia WAY Baxter U Church 4 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 11 Bonavista Br Pneumonia WAY George U Church 11 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 13 Bonavista Diabetes (coma) HOUSE Mary U Church 67 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 14 Bonavista Con Debility LITTLE Gladys U Church 1 wk Bonavista Bonavista
June 12 Bonavista Sarcoma Orbit SEXTON Reuben U Church 60 Bonavista Bonavista
June 15 Bonavista Senility SKEFFINGTON William U Church 83 Bonavista Bonavista
June 22 Bonavista Pneumonia BUTT Mrs Wm U Church 49 Bonavista Bonavista
June 18 Bonavista Stillborn HICKS (SB) no entry SB Bonavista Bonavista
June 18 Bonavista Stillborn HICKS (SB) no entry SB Bonavista Bonavista
July 9 Bonavista Senility WHITE Mrs Philip U Church 84 Bonavista Bonavista
July 13 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis BRADLEY Wilson U Church 11 Bonavista Bonavista
July 17 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis DOMINEY Allan U Church 30 Bonavista Bonavista
July 26 Bonavista Cancer of Stomach MOULAND Thomas U Church 59 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 1 Bonavista Convulsions SKEFFINGTON Oscar G U Church 6/12 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 20 Bonavista Hydrocepahlus, instrum? MARSH Baby U Church 3 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 19 Bonavista Convulsions HICKS Reginald U Church 7 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 21 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis ABBOTT Jane U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 26 Bonavista Chr Nephritis MOULAND Hugh U Church 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 1 Bonavista Carcinoma, Uterus LITTLE Alfreda U Church 54 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 5 Bonavista Cerebral haem SHIRRAN Alexander U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 302                
Sep 10 Bonavista Pneumonia PAUL Thomas U Church 49 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 19 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis FISHER John U Church 71 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 28 Bonavista Senility ABBOTT James U Church 83 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 12 Bonavista Convulsions PAUL Isabel J U Church 2 wks Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 4 Bonavista Appendicitis LITTLE Lester U Church 9 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 18 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis LITTLE Wilfred U Church 16 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 23 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis, gangrene of foot WHIFFEN Charlotte U Church 76 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 23 Bonavista Meningitis LITTLE Jean M U Church 2 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 2 Bonavista Cancer MILES Isabella Ch Eng 68 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 7 Bonavista Paralysis DURDLE Susan Ch Eng 62 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 26 Bragg's Island Measles GLOVER George U Church 1 1/6 Bragg's Island Bragg's Island
Nov 1 Bragg's Island no entry BURSEY Clarence U Church 4/12 Bragg's Island Bragg's Island
Dec 25 Bragg's Island Measles ORAM Phoebe U Church 1/12 Bragg's Island Bragg's Island
Sep 18 Charlottetown Tuberculosis TEMPLEMAN Samuel S Army 44 Charlottetown Charlottetown
Dec 14 Charlottetown Heart Failure ABBOTT Albert S Army 66 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 22 Summerville Paralysis ABBOTT Clara U Church 79 Lethbridge Summerville
Dec 12 Fair Island no entry CUTLER Job Ch Eng 7 dys Fair Island Fair Island
Dec 30 Wesleyville Tuberculosis STOCKLEY Cecilia U Church 32 Pound Cove Wesleyville
Nov 26 Brookfield Tuberculosis BLACKWOOD Naboth U Church 37 Brookfield Brookfield
PAGE 318                
Jan 8 Bonavista at Grace Hospital Sarcoma eye ABBOTT Marie U Church 3 5/12 Bonavista Gen'l Prot
Feb 28 Mental Hospital Arteriosclerosis TREMBLETT Thomas U Church 61 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 28 Birchy Cove Stillborn RYAN (SB) U Church SB Birchy Cove Newman's Cove
Jan 4 Bonavista Senility ETSELL George Ch Eng 86 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 17 Bonavista Diabetes RANDELL Robert Ch Eng 59 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 21 Bonavista Prematurity RUSSELL John Ch Eng no entry Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 27 Bonavista no entry DURDLE Matilda Ch Eng 64 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 13 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis KEATS Frederick Ch Eng 52 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 4 Bonavista Senility DUNN Adam Ch Eng 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 18 Bonavista Senility SHORT James Ch Eng 83 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 9 Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis BENGER Albert E Ch Eng 54 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Jan 18 Amherst Cove Pul Tuberculosis FORD Mary Jane Ch Eng 32 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Mar 13 Amherst Cove Senility FORD William Ch Eng 88 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Feb 5 Charlottetown Convulsions CHAULK Douglas U Church 2 1/2 Charlottetown Charlottetown
Feb 25 Port Blandford no entry OLDFORD Edison U Church 1 1/4 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Apr 28 Broad Cove Nephritis MATCHIM Coaker Ch Eng 24 Sandy Cove Salvage Bay
Jan 31 Menchion's Cove Rheumatoid Arthritis OLDFORD William Ch Eng 81 Salvage Bishops Hr
Jan 3 Happy Adventure Con Debility TURNER Sarah Jane Ch Eng 3 dys Happy Adv Salvage Bay
Feb 20 Happy Adventure Carditis TURNER Thomas Ch Eng 72 Keels Salvage Bay
Feb 20 Eastport Con Debility SQUIRE Eugene Ch Eng 2 dys Eastport Eastport
Feb 28 Eastport Tumor of Abdomen HUNTER Hedley Ch Eng 43 Eastport Eastport
May 14 General Hosp Generalized Tuberculosis MOULAND Arthur U Church 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 6 Newman's Cove Pul Tuberculosis ELLIOTT Robert S U Church 31 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Apr 7 Birchy Cove Malnutrition HICKS Cecily U Church 10/12 Birchy Cove Newman's Cove
May 1 Birchy Cove Tb Bowels RYAN Thomas U Church 59 Birchy Cove Newman's Cove
May 18 Charlottetown no entry MURPHY Arthur Ch Eng 65 Elliston Charlottetown
May 16 Bunyan's Cove Pneumonia KEATS George D U Church 1 1/3 Bread Cove Bunyan's Cove
July 6 Grace Hospital Carcinoma Penis POWER Thomas R Cath 66 Broad Cove, BB Mt Carmel Cemetery, St John's
May 4 Bonavista Heart - Asthma COFFIN Kenneth Ch Eng 60 King's Cove Bonavista
Apr 6 Bonavista Pneumonia PARDY Harold Ch Eng 25 Bonavista Bonavista
May 25 Bonavista Bronchitis RYAN Frederick Ch Eng 2 Bonavista Bonavista
May 26 Bonavista Senility DURDLE Elizabeth Ch Eng 83 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 30 Riverside Hosp, New York Lung Abscess, rt Empyema LAWRENCE Frederick Ch Eng 37 Bonavista Bonavista
June 8 Amherst Cove Fall from Truck LITTLE Warren G Ch Eng 8 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
June 29 Amherst Cove Bronchitis BROWN Reginald Ch Eng 10/12 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Apr 8 Amherst Cove Senility LITTLE Rebecca Ch Eng 82 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Jan 4 Musgravetown no entry SKEFFINGTON Yvonne U Church 2 wks Musgravetown Musgravetown
Jan 31 Bloomfield Stillborn FIFIELD (SB) no entry SB Bloomfield Musgravetown
Feb 5 New Country Waters Pneumonia DIAMOND Rachel U Church 1 1/2 Lethbridge Lethbridge
Feb 21 Bloomfield Senility LITTLE Samuel U Church 85 Musgravetown Musgravetown
PAGE 319                
Feb 23 Bloomfield Childbirth FIFIELD Lizzie U Church 23 1/2 Bloomfield Musgravetown
Feb 26 Musgravetown Childbirth PEDDLE Edith U Church 20 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feb 12 Brooklyn Senility KING Susanna U Church 77 no entry Brooklyn
Feb 28 Bloomfield Convulsions PEDDLE Carrie U Church 12 hrs Bloomfield Musgravetown
Mar 5 Bloomfield Pneumonia HOLLOWAY Hancie? U Church 5 wks Bloomfield Lethbridge
Mar 19 Musgravetown Kidney Stones GREENING Eli U Church 64 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Mar 20 Portland Paralysis IVANY Alfred U Church 83 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar 21 Musgravetown no entry SKEFFINGTON Adela U Church 3/12 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Apr 5 Lethbridge Meningitis PENNEY Garfield U Church 6 1/2 Lethbridge Lethbridge
June 17 Lethbridge Tuberculosis BLUNDEN Ethel U Church 28 Bloomfield Lethbridge
June 2 Lethbridge Pneumonia BLUNDEN Selina U Church 68 Goose Hd Lethbridge
Aug 18 Lethbridge Obstruction SMART Thomas U Church 77 Lethbridge Lethbridge
June 23 Musgravetown Senility OLDFORD Elizabeth U Church 83 Musgravetown Musgravetown
May 2 Happy Adventure no entry EDDY Alfred U Church 1 L Catalina Happy Adventure
July 20 General Hospital Carcinoma Stomach DEVINE Bertha R Cath 45 King's Cove King's Cove
July 13 General Hospital Carcinoma Bladder LEGGE Samuel R Cath 55 Tickle Cove Tickle Cove
Jany 22 Red Cliffe no entry QUINTON George Ch Eng 68 Red Cliffe Red Cliffe
Feb 22 Red Cliffe no entry BOWERS James Ch Eng 72 Red Cliffe Red Cliffe
Apr 27 Red Cliffe no entry HOBBS Maria Jane Ch Eng 77 Tickle Cove Red Cliffe
Apr 21 Red Cliffe no entry OLDFORD Wilfred Clayton Ch Eng 4/12 Red Cliffe Red Cliffe
May 10 Open Hall no entry MUGGRIDGE Annie Ch Eng 15 Open Hall Open Hall
May 17 Open Hall no entry WARREN Mary Ch Eng 14 no entry Open Hall
Feb 2 Port Blandford no entry CARPENTER Simeon Ch Eng 8/12 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Aug 28 Port Blandford Heart Failure HOLLOWAY Frances S Army 78 Open Hall Port Blandford
Aug 18 Bonavista Tuberculosis MOULAND Annie P S Army 17 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 2 Bonavista Tuberculosis NEAL Albert John S Army 23 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 9 Bonavista Gastro-enteritis WAY Frances S Army 8/12 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 25 Grace Hosp Cholelithiasis LeVISCONTE Charles G R Cath 70 no entry Belvedere Cem, St John's
July 10 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis ROLLS Gerald Ch Eng 18 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 6 Bonavista Senility SHARP George Ch Eng 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 28 Bonavista Senility FAULKNER William Ch Eng 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 6 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis RUSSELL George Ch Eng 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 18 Bonavista Senility LANDER Elizabeth Ch Eng 87 1/2 Bonavista Bonavista
July 16 Labrador Ac Pneumonia OLDFORD George B Ch Eng 58 Salvage Salvage
Aug 5 Salvage Tuberculosis RALPH Minnie Ch Eng 29 Salvage Salvage
Sep 29 Salvage Paralysis LANE Charles Ch Eng 76 Salvage Salvage
Nov 15 Fever Hospital TB Meningitis PRINCE Frederick Ch Eng 20 Princeton, BB Princeton, BB
Oct 19 Port Blandford Cancer HOSKINS Caroline U Church 48 Musgravetown Port Blandford
July 18 Newman's Cove Typhoid Fever KEATS Albert U Church 23 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Aug 9 Newman's Cove no entry ELLIOTT Wesley U Church 4/12 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
PAGE 320                
Oct 20 Newman's Cove Glands CREW Helen U Church 37 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Feb 17 Open Hall Malnutrition WALSH John R Cath 9/12 Open Hall Open Hall
Feb 23 Open Hall Tuberculosis WALSH Thomas R Cath 19 Open Hall Open Hall
Mar 14 Plate Cove Tuberculosis PHILPOT Bridget R Cath 16 Plate Cove Open Hall
May 1 Open Hall Stomach Ulcer BARKER Edward R Cath 53 no entry Open Hall
May 30 Tickle Cove Senility LEGGE John R Cath 70 Tickle Cove Open Hall
June 6 Tickle Cove Stillborn MULLOWNEY SB no entry SB Tickle Cove Open Hall
June 6 Tickle Cove Stillborn MULLOWNEY SB no entry SB Tickle Cove Open Hall
June 8 Plate Cove Stillborn KEOUGH SB no entry SB Plate Cove Open Hall
June 12 Plate Cove Childbirth KEOUGH Catherine R Cath 37 Plate Cove Open Hall
July 28 Plate Cove Stillborn PHILPOT SB no entry SB Plate Cove Open Hall
Aug 6 Tickle Cove Cancer WHITE John R Cath 56 Tickle Cove Open Hall
Aug 20 Tickle Cove Tuberculosis LEGGE Mary A R Cath 19 Tickle Cove Open Hall
Aug 29 Open Hall Cancer JOY Edward R Cath 63 no entry Open Hall
Oct 17 Open Hall Tuberculosis WALSH Andrew R Cath 14 no entry Open Hall
Oct 27 Plate Cove Tuberculosis TRACY Mary R Cath 72 Red Cliffe Open Hall
Nov 7 Open Hall Senility MOSS Margaret R Cath 85 Broad Cove Open Hall
Nov 18 Open Hall Bright's Disease MOSS Samuel R Cath 69 no entry Open Hall
Nov 16 Tickle Cove Kidney Disease LEGGE Mary R Cath 52 Southern Bay Open Hall
Jan 15 Broad Cove Influenza AYLWARD Thomas R Cath 65 Broad Cove King's Cove
Feb 7 Keels Meningitis FITZGERALD Medeline R Cath 18 1/2 Keels King's Cove
Mar 17 Kings Cove Paralysis MURPHY William R Cath 84 King's Cove King's Cove
June 7 Keels Senility FITZGERALD Anne R Cath 95 Keels King's Cove
July 21 Knight's Cove Sudden MAHONEY Mary R Cath 78 Stock Cove King's Cove
Sep 28 Knight's Cove Paralysis RICKETTS Johanna R Cath 80 Knight's Cove King's Cove
Oct 3 Kings Cove Intest Influenza SULLIVAN Thomas R Cath 89 King's Cove King's Cove
Oct 14 Broad Cove Dropsy McLOUGHLIN Ann R Cath 69 Broad Cove King's Cove
Oct 1 Bonavista Convulsions BAKER Mansfield Ch Eng 1 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 9 Bonavista Senility WILCOX Elizabeth Ch Eng 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 10 Bonavista Tuberculosis RENDELL Lizzie S Army 19 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 17 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis DYKE Abigail S Army 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 17 Bonavista Ileo-colitis TREMBLETT Samuel S Army 2 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 29 Salvage Hemiplegia LANE Charles Ch Eng 76 Salvage Salvage
Oct 28 Salvage Senility OLDFORD Susannah Ch Eng 93 Salvage Salvage
Nov 11 Salvage Heart Attack BURDEN William Ch Eng 78 Salvage Salvage
Dec 7 Salvage Cerebral Haemorrhage BROWN Elizabeth Ch Eng 76 Salvage Salvage
Nov 3 Brooklyn Convulsions PALMER Howard U Church 6/12 Brooklyn Brooklyn
Nov 4 Lethbridge Tuberculosis BLUNDON Horace U Church 18 Lethbridge Lethbridge
Nov 17 Bloomfield Measles HOLLOWAY Barbara J U Church 1 1/2 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Nov 21 Portland Cancer IVANY John U Church 85 Portland Portland
PAGE 321                
Dec 23 Portland Measles HOLLOWAY Hannah U Church 75 Portland Portland
Aug 9 Keels no entry PENNEY Mary Jane Ch Eng 83 Keels Keels
Aug 22 Keels no entry HOBBS Susanna Ch Eng 70 Keels Keels
Aug 29 Red Cliffe no entry QUINTON Rebecca Ch Eng 1 Red Cliffe Red Cliffe
Sep 16 Open Hall no entry FITZGERALD Eliol Ch Eng 17 Open Hall Open Hall
Sep 20 Tickle Cove no entry BURDEN Mary Ch Eng 95 Red Cliffe Tickle Cove
Oct 17 Red Cliffe no entry FITZGERALD Alice Ch Eng 81 Red Cliffe Red Cliffe
Nov 7 Keels no entry PENNEY Frederick Ch Eng 62 Keels Keels
Dec 11 Keels no entry PENNEY Robert Ch Eng 83 Keels Keels
Nov 19 Port Blandford Pul Tuberculosis GREENING Robert Ch Eng 62 Musgravetown Port Blandford
Nov 21 Port Blandford Pul Tuberculosis MOSS Annie Ch Eng 62 no entry Port Blandford
Jan 10 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis ABBOTT Elizabeth U Church 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 19 Bonavista Con Debility COLLINS Minnie U Church 13 dys Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 21 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis FISHER Joseph U Church 83 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan 29 Bonavista Gen Tuberculosis LITTLE Margaret U Church 23 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 1 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis ABBOTT John U Church 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 10 Bonavista Heart Disease PHILPOTT Robert U Church 71 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 15 Bonavista Myocarditis LITTLE Emily U Church 83 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 22 Bonavista Pneumonia WAY Ann U Church 20 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 4 Bonavista Paralysis Agitans MOULAND John U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 12 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis POWELL Mary Ann U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 17 Bonavista Gastric Carcinoma TEMPLEMAN Jemima U Church 74 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 30 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis HARRIS James U Church 86 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 31 Bonavista Stillborn POWELL (SB) no entry SB Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 14 Bonavista Pneumonia BUTLER Tobias U Church 55 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 15 Bonavista Prematurity FAULKNER (SB) no entry SB Bonavista Bonavista
July 10 Bonavista Typhoid Fever CUFF Mary U Church 27 Bonavista Bonavista
July 18 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis FISHER Sarah U Church 50 Bonavista Bonavista
July 20 Bonavista Tuberculosis KEEL Fred U Church 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 4 Bonavista Con Debility PHILLIPS Walter U Church 7dys Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 7 Bonavista Insanity HAYWARD Maria U Church 58 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug 9 Bonavista Chr Heart & Kidney SWYERS Jane U Church 84 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 10 Bonavista Chr Endocarditis HICKS Gertrude U Church 58 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep 12 Bonavista Heart Disease ABBOTT Jane U Church 74 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 3 Bonavista Pul Tuberculosis HARRIS Donald U Church 42 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 4 Bonavista Ac Gastro-enteritis SEXTON Silas U Church 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 15 Bonavista Senility SEXTON Elizabeth U Church 90 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct 28 Bonavista Cerebral Haem THOMPSON Susanna U Church 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 6 Bonavista Br Pneumonia ABBOTT Edith U Church 2/12 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov 28 Bonavista Epithelioma, lip & cheek PHILLIPS James U Church 62 Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 322                
Dec 4 Bonavista Gen Tuberculosis HAWKINS Flossie U Church 31 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 16 Bonavista Chr Nephritis FAULKNER John U Church 73 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr 20 Bonavista Stillborn SEARLE (SB) no entry SB Bonavista Bonavista
May 1 Bonavista Gastric Carcinoma ABBOTT Charles U Church 77 Bonavista Bonavista
May 2 Bonavista Cerebral Haem SHERRAN Ann U Church 75 Bonavista Bonavista
June 20 Bonavista Gen Tuberculosis MOULAND Arthur U Church 23 Bonavista Bonavista
June 29 Bonavista Drowning, Suicide, Insane GROVES Henrietta U Church 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec 17 Newman's Cove Tuberculosis HICKS Flossie U Church 30 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Dec 26 Bonavista no entry MOULAND Jabez S Army 80 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb 15 Summerville Old Age MULLOWNEY Catherine R Cath 87 Summerville Summerville
Feb 17 Summerville no entry HOLLOHAN Bridget R Cath 54 Summerville Summerville
Feb 25 Summerville Pulm Tuberculosis WHALEN Mary C R Cath 24 Sweet Bay Summerville
Nov 17 Summerville no entry WHALEN John R Cath 69 Summerville Summerville
Nov 22 Summerville Pulm Tuberculosis BRENNAN Mary R Cath 21 Summerville Summerville
Dec 12 Summerville no entry Brennan Mary C R Cath 3/12 Summerville Summerville
Nov 19 Southern Bay Pneumonia MOSS Enos R Cath 68 Summerville Summerville
NO PAGE #                
Oct 3 Joe Batt's Arm Tuberculosis BRETT George F Ch Eng 38 Joe Batt's Arm Joe Batt's Arm
Nov 2 Twillingate Tuberculosis ELLIOTT Laura Ch Eng 20 Joe Batt's Arm Joe Batt's Arm
Aug 10 Joe Batt's Arm Senility HEAD Thomas Ch Eng 74 Joe Batt's Arm Joe Batt's Arm
Aug 24 Barr'd Islands no entry COMBDEN Henry W Ch Eng 6/12 Barr'd Islands Joe Batt's Arm
Sep 14 Joe Batt's Arm Convulsions HANCOCK Gertrude Ch Eng 4/12 no entry Joe Batt's Arm
Sep 22 Shoal Bay Paralysis OSMOND Nora Ch Eng 69 Barr'd Islands Joe Batt's Arm
Dec 21 Gander Bay Result of fall before childbirth HARRIS Sarah J U Church 39 Gander Bay Gander Bay

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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