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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Carbonear District
1934 - 1937

Book 12
PAGES 181 - 192 & 211-215

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 181                
Jan-12 Carbonear Prematurity MAHANEY Baby C of E 18 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-05 48 McKay St. Carcinoma of Stomach VATERS Joseph Pent. 69   Carbonear
Mar-11 7 Franklin Place Carcinoma of Osephagus JOYCE Wilson UC 59 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-08 Victoria Pul. T.B. VATERS Mary Edith Pent. 52 Flatrock Victoria
Feb-16 Victoria Haemoplyois? PECKHAM Josiah Pent. 16 Victoria Victoria
Jan-02 Carbonear Paralysis PENNEY William F. UC 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-17 Carbonear Senility KING Reuben UC 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-22 Carbonear Paralysis COLE Reuben UC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-09 Carbonear Senility PAYNE Susannah E. UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-02 Sydney Mines Nephritis SLADE Sophia Pent. 23 Victoria Victoria
Apr-17 Carbonear Convulsions CLARKE George Gordon UC 1 1/2 Crocker's Cove Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma RUMSON Mary Anne UC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 Carbonear Premature Birth BAKER Venus UC 8 dys Carbonear Carbonear
May-17 St. John's Ceb. Meningitis McNEIL Longley UC 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-22 Carbonear Paralysis PENNEY William UC 62 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-29 Carbonear Nephritis BURDEN Willis UC 72 Carbonear Carbonear
beb20 Carbonear Paralysis ASH John UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-27 Carbonear Carcinoma OATES George C of E 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-30 Carbonear Paralysis POWER John C. C of E 72 Carbonear Victoria
Jun-21 Victoria Convulsions PYE Walter C. Geo. C of E 22 dys Victoria Victoria
Jan-07 Victoria - CLARKE Abel UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Jan-21 Victoria Paralysis CLARKE Samuel UC 60 Victoria Victoria
Jan-28 Victoria Heart Disease HOLLOWAY Adelaide UC 69 Victoria Victoria
Feb-06 Victoria Nephritis ROSE Jane UC 67 Victoria Victoria
Feb-13 Victoria Abdominal Cancer COLE Eliza UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Feb-22 Salmon Cove Pul. T.B. ROSE Hilda UC 14 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Feb-11 Perry's Cove Prematurity KELLOWAY Rosemary UC 5 dys Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Feb-09 Victoria Paralysis COLE Robert UC 79 Victoria Victoria
Feb-22 Salmon Cove Senility ROSE John UC 78 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-24 Victoria Senility POWELL Rebecca UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Apr-27 Victoria Shock Haemorrhage BURKE Bella UC 28 Victoria Victoria
May-15 Salmon Cove - VATERS Susannah E. UC 59 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-28 Salmon Cove Pul. T.B. SLADE Eliza UC 64 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-07 Salmon Cove Convulsions ROSE Rosetta UC 7 dys Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-17 Victoria Marasmus PENNEY Chesley R. UC 4 mos Victoria Victoria
Mar-29 Glace Bay NS Papilloma of Bladder PARSONS John W. UC 60 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-07 Salmon Cove Septecaemia ROSE Charles UC 62 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-31 Mental Hosp. Cer. Siphilis BURDEN Douglas UC 37 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-15 Carbonear Heart Disease CHURCHILL Thomas G. UC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-11 Carbonear Ac. Nephritis DAY William UC 71 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 182                
Sep-03 Carbonear Myocarditis PENNEY Israel UC 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-09 Carbonear Senility DEAN Henry Frederick UC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-26 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis POWELL George UC 7 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-08 Carbonear Pul. T.B. MULLEY James SA 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-25 Freshwater Senility HOWELL John UC 89 Freshwater Freshwater
Feb-19 Freshwater Pul. T.B. BUTT Rachel UC 59 Adams Cove Freshwater
Mar-03 Freshwater Paralysis MOORES John UC 81 Freshwater Freshwater
Mar-11 St. John's Carcinoma JOYCE Wilson UC 56 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-17 Freshwater Bronchitis PARSONS Andrew UC 72 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-26 Blow Me Down   PENNEY Susannah UC 9 days Blow Me Down Freshwater
May-14 Freshwater Pul. T.B. NOEL John C. UC 65 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-25 Freshwater Nephritis DOYLE John UC 34 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-23 Freshwater Septecaemia DAVIS Elizabeth H. UC 47 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-10 Freshwater Bronchitis BUTT John H. UC 75 Freshwater Freshwater
Dec-11 Genl. Hosp. Appendicitis BUTT Andrew UC 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-15 Freshwater Pul. T.B. PIKE Madeline UC 22 Freshwater Carbonear
Dec-17 Freshwater Paralysis BUTT George UC 65 Freshwater Carbonear
Mar-29 Glace Bay NS - PARSONS John UC 60 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-07 Salmon Cove - ROSE Charle UC 62 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-23 Salmon Cove - PENNEY Richard UC 74 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-22 Victoria T.B. BURKE Mark UC 26 Victoria Victoria
Oct-14 Perry's Cove Genl. T.B. VATERS Mary Grace UC 23 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Aug-06 Salmon Cove Convulsions KELLOWAY Oswald UC 3 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-05 Victoria Marasmus CLARKE Wesley UC 15 mos Victoria Victoria
Nov-04 Salmon Cove Meningitis ROSE Violet Mary UC 18 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-15 Salmon Cove Paralysis PENNEY Clement UC 83 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-04 Victoria Convulsions COLE Robert UC 3 wks Victoria Victoria
Nov-01 Salmon Cove Convulsions PECKHAM William G. UC 5 mos Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-28 Salmon Cove T.B. Meningitis BUTT Lindy UC 10 mos Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-02 Perry's Cove Pul. T.B. KING Susannah UC 60 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Dec-29 Salmon Cove Bronchitis PEACH Arthur UC 2 1/2 mos Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-03 Carbonear Paralysis PIKE Harriet Amelia UC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-13 Carbonear Senility COLE Mary Jane UC 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-31 Spout Cove Heart Disease TRICKETT Edgar C of E 30 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Sep-05 Carbonear Tetanus CHUBBS John Edward C of E 8 days Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-04 Carbonear Marasmus GREEN Clarence E. C of E 14 mos Victoria Carbonear
Dec-02 Carbonear Senility MARKS Caroline C of E 84 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-09 Carbonear Paralysis CHUBBS Julia C of E 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-22 Spout Cove Carcinoma of Liver TRICKETT Henry C of E 59 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Jul-05 Victoria Broncho Pneumonia MOORE Joyce Pent. 8 mos Sydney Victoria
PAGE 183                
Jan-28 Carbonear Old Age GLASTER Bridget RC 92 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-18 Carbonear Old Age REID Margaret RC 94 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-19 Carbonear Apoplexy McCARSTY Charle RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
May-27 Carbonear Whooping Cough KEEFE Alice RC 2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-17 Carbonear Cancer of Face TOBIN John RC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-19 Carbonear Cancer of Face WALSH Michael RC 74 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-29 Carbonear Heart Disease HAYDEN Ellen RC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-31 Victoria Senility ANTLE Louise UC 78 Victoria Victoria
Jul-14 Victoria Pul. T.B. BUTT Susannah UC 68 Victoria Victoria
Feb-22 St. John's Pul. T.B. BABB Frederick C of E 29 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-23 St. John's Senility Myocarditis CLARKE Emma C of E 88 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-17 Carbonear Pneumonia Whooping Cough SMITH Melba Joan Dorothy C of E 6 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Paralysis LAING Hanier C of E 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-30 Carbonear Senility BENNETT George C of E 87 Carbonear Carbonear
May-01 Victoria Whooping Cough, Bronchitis ANTLE Robert Clyde C of E 7 mos Victoria Carbonear
May-26 Carbonear Heart Disease, Bronchitis THOMAS Eliza C of E 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-18 Carbonear Cancer LONG Effie C of E 54 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-18 Carbonear Whooping Cough BARRETT Mary Elizabeth C of E 10 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-11 Spout Cove Spout Cove TRICKETT Baby C of E 1 day Spout Cove Spout Cove
PAGE 186                
Feb-23 79 Perrywell Rd. Senility CLARKE Mrs. Emma UC 88   Carbonear
Feb-22 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. BABB Frederick C of E 29   Carbonear
Mar-19 Mental Hosp. Influenza PARSONS Ada UC 63   Genl. Protestant
Jan-14 Carbonear Convulsions MUBBREY? Annie SA 5 dys Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-16 Carbonear Pneumonia NICHOLLE Louisa UC 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-22 Carbonear Senility HOMER Joseph J. UC 80 Freshwater Carbonear
Mar-10 Carbonear Paralysis PENNEY Harriet UC 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-11 Carbonear Paralysis HISCOCK Thomas UC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-13 Carbonear Hydrocephalus OATES George David UC 2 1/2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-23 Carbonear Convulsions SNOW Robert Sanford UC 3 days Carbonear Carbonear
May-12 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. KELLOWAY George UC 22 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-26 Freshwater Paralysis DAVIS George M. UC 79 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-20 Freshwater Pulm. T.B. CLARKE Isaac UC 66 Freshwater Freshwater
May-09 Otterbury Heart Disease WAREHAM Susannah UC 32 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jun-14 Freshwater Paralysis PARSONS Leonard UC 78 Freshwater Freshwater
Jan-22 Victoria Septicaemia CLARKE Eliza UC 9 Victoria Victoria
Jan-04 Victoria Paralysis BALDWIN Lionel UC 62 Victoria Victoria
Jan-16 Victoria Pneumonia PENNEY Moses UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Jan-21 Victoria Nephritis CLARKE Emily UC 65 Victoria Victoria
Feb-12 Victoria Gastric Cancer PRIDDLE Reuben UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Jan-28 Perry's Cove - KING William Henry UC 2 mos Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Feb-22 Perry's Cove Bronchitis Pleurisy KING Elsie Ann UC 25 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Mar-03 Salmon Cove Pulm. T.B. PENNEY Marian UC 16 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-07 Salmon Cove Dysentary SLADE Edmund UC 67 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-30 Salmon Cove Pulm. T.B. PARSONS Matthew UC 68 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-13 Salmon Cove Influenza CLARKE Mary Elizabeth UC 41 Salmon Cove Victoria
May-12 Salmon Cove Pulm. T.B. KELLOWAY George UC 22 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-03 Salmon Cove Bronchitis SLADE Philip UC 75 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-20 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage RISE Harold UC 19 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-03 Carbonear S. Influenza BAKER Carrie UC 3 Carbonear S. Carbonear S.
Apr-07 Carbonear Heart Disease NICHOLLE Patience Louisa UC 64 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-11 Carbonear S. Pneumonia PENNEY Clarence UC 14 mos Carbonear S. Carbonear S.
Apr-27 Carbonear S. Senility FORWARD Nathaniel UC 87 Carbonear S. Carbonear S.
May-09 Carbonear Influenza BUTT Elizabeth UC 73 Carbonear S. Carbonear
May-04 Everett USA Angina Pectoris TUCKER Walter UC 82 Totres England Carbonear
Apr-23 Carbonear Whooping Cough BURDEN Susy SA 1 11/12 Carbonear Carbonear
May-01 Carbonear Whooping Cough & Bronchitis PELLEY Viola G. SA 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
May-30 Carbonear Whooping Cough GILBERT Grace Priscilla SA 4 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-09 Grace Hosp Prematurity TILLY Baby C of E SB St. John's Kelligrews
Jan-09 Carbonear Dysentary ROWE James RC 89 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 187                
Feb-01 Carbonear Heart Disease WALSH Johanna RC 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-11 Carbonear Pnem Tuberculosis COOKE Patrick RC 48 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-15 Carbonear Diabetes KEEFE Edward RC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-20 Carbonear Cancer Of Stomach SLADE Edward RC 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-28 Carbonear Heart Disease McTROSH? Mary RC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-10 Carbonear Whooping Cough POWER Eileen RC 2 Carbonear Carbonear
May-09 Carbonear Heart Disease McCARSTY Mary RC 67 Carbonear Carbonear
May-12 Carbonear Convulsions HARRINGTON Agnes RC 10 mos Carbonear Carbonear
May-13 Carbonear Convulsions McCARSTY Patrick RC 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-01 Carbonear Convulsions REYNOLDS John RC 3 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-18 Carbonear Old Age KNOX Honora RC 91 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-13 Hearts Desire Pneumonia LEROY? Michael RC 35 Hearts Desire Hearts Desire
Sep-03 Carbonear Pleurisy KEOUGH James RC 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-29 Carbonear Pleurisy CRAWFORD James RC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-01 Victoria Acute Nephritis DEAN Elizabeth Pent. 56 Perry's Cove Victoria
Sep-17 Victoria Gastro Enteritis SLADE Sadie M. UC 8 mos Victoria Victoria
Oct-11 Genl Hospital Cerebral Haemorrhage GREENE James C of E 45 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Carbonear Gastro Enteritis SAUNDERS Shirley UC 8 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. FOOTE John C. UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-24   Convulsions OATES George F. UC 3 days Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-06 St. John's Carcinoma of Oesophagus HOWELL Annie UC 89 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-15 Carbonear Rectal Cancer FRENCH Thomas UC 78 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Carbonear Paralysis BONINE William SA 77 Venison Isld Lab. Carbonear
Oct-18 Genl Hospital Bantis Disease PILGRIM Lillian UC 8 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-28 Victoria Senility CLARKE Annie M. Pent. 75 Victoria Victoria
Apr-16 Victoria Paralysis CLARKE Pauline Pent. 53 Victoria Victoria
Oct-07 Carbonear Haemetamesis HORWOOD Reuben A. UC 3 days Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-08 Carbonear Paralysis PENNEY Elizabeth UC 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-18 St. John's - PILGRIM Lillian UC 8 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-26 Twillingate Ma?mia? BRIDLE Augustus UC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-17 St. John's Influenza BURSEY Nellie UC 36 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-14 Victoria Heart Disease CLARKE Arabella UC 72 Victoria Victoria
Dec-09 Victoria Convulsions SLADE Raphael UC 2 Victoria Victoria
Jul-16 Carbonear Nephritis MAHANEY Hunter Wm. C of E 6 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-15 Carbonear Bronchitis PENNEY Elizabeth Ada C of E 2 mos Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-11 St. John's - GREENE James C of E 49 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-15 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma FORWARD Mary Laing C of E 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-28 Spout Cove Pneumonia TRICKETT Arthur C of E 10 Spout Cove Carbonear
Dec-18 Carbonear Fracture of Skull BUTT John SA 55 Carbonear  
Dec-13 Carbonear Pleuro Pneumonia MOORES Ada L. UC 72 Freshwater Freshwater
PAGE 188                
Oct-03 Carbonear Paralysis DRAKE John RC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-06 Carbonear Old Age O'RORKE Margaret RC 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-15 Carbonear Paralysis MARKEY Cecil RC 77 Northern Bay Carbonear
Dec-28 St. John's Cancer of Colon GOFF James A. RC 45 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-16 Victoria Tuberculosis BUTT Agnes UC 57 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-24 Flat Rock Erysipelas EVERLEY Max UC 22   Genl. Protestant
Apr-16 Victoria Paralysis CLARKE Pauline Pent. 53 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 189 BLANK              
PAGE 190                
Jan-07 Victoria Pneumonia HOMER Eugene Pent. 1 Victoria Victoria
Mar-16 Victoria Paralysis HISCOCK Edith Pent. 67 Victoria Victoria
Mar-21 Salmon Cove Fracture of Parietal Bones PEACH Baby UC 1 day Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jan-26 Salmon Cove Broncho Pneumonia ROSE Bessie May UC 16 mos Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Feb-19 Perry's Cove Pulm. T.B. KING Bessie UC 45 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Feb-25 Victoria Bronchitis CLARKE Hugh UC 2 Victoria Victoria
Feb-29 Victoria Bronchitis CLARKE Isaac UC 2 Victoria Victoria
Mar-01 Salmon Cove Convulsions ROSE Rhoda UC 12 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-15 Salmon Cove Convulsions SLADE Giles UC 7 days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jan-01 Carbonear Pneumonia BUTT Amma UC 64 Victoria Carbonear
Jan-05 Carbonear Prematurity DAWE Doreen UC 5 (wks?) Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-08 Carbonear Cancer VATERS Adelaide UC 70 Freshwater Carbonear
Feb-04 Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma FRENCH Bellison UC 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-04 Carbonear Senility HISCOCK Naomi UC 83 Victoria Carbonear
Feb-21 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. OATES Martin Thos. UC 18 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-28 Carbonear Paralysis CLARKE Emma UC 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-28 Carbonear Broncho Pneumonia McCARSTY Ernest N. UC 1 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-26 Carbonear Kidney Trouble CONNOLLY Patrick RC 42 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-09 Carbonear Senility HEDGES George SA 85 Labrador Carbonear
Feb-12 Carbonear Jaundice PELLEY Marjorie SA 5 days Carbonear Carbonear
May-19 Genl Hosp Obstruction of Oesophagus BALDWIN Lloyd UC 4 Victoria Victoria
Apr-17 Carbonear Convulsions BURDEN Robert Jas. SA 1/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-14 Topsail Rd. Carb. Fracture of Skull McCARTHY Eugene UC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-28 Carbonear Heart Failure HAYDEN Ann RC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
May-21 Carbonear Cancer of Stomach HAMPTON Emily RC 78 Hr. Grace Carbonear
May-29 Carbonear Abd. Tuberculosis CONNOLLY Mary RC 38 Hr. Grace Carbonear
Jan-27 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. HOGAN Michael RC 32 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-16 Carbonear Paralysis Agitans PEACH Ida J. UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-26 Carbonear Nephritis TAYLOR Susannah F. UC 64 Carbonear Carbonear
May-01 Carbonear Convulsions BAKER Ella May UC 6 days Carbonear Carbonear
May-08 Carbonear Bronchitis CAMERON Hugh UC 81 Scotland Carbonear
May-24 Carbonear Nephritis OATES Thomas UC 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-02 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. ASH Mary Margaret UC 17 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-29 Carbonear Paralysis POWELL Edith UC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
May-31 Perry's Cove Pneumonia BUTT Henry T. UC 68 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Jun-12 Bell Island Pneumonia KING Elijah UC 50 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Jun-16 Salmon Cove Gastro Enteritis WHITE Nina UC 4 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-30 Victoria Convulsions WHITE John B. UC 3/12 Victoria Victoria
Aug-11 Salmon Cove Paralysis SLADE Cecily UC 67 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
PAGE 191                
Aug-11 Victoria Heart Disease PARSONS John UC 74 Victoria Victoria
Aug-13 Salmon Cove Pulm. T.B. PENNEY Jethro UC 23 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-17 Salmon Cove Gastro Enteritis SLADE Ruby UC 10/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-17 Salmon Cove Prematurity KELLOWAY Rosalie UC 1 day Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-24 Perry's Cove Cerebral Haemorrhage REYNOLDS Mary Jane UC 72 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Feb-19 Salmon Cove Pneumonia PENNEY Bertha UC 52 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-05 Carbonear Carcinoma Stomach ENGLISH Jessie UC 49 St. John's Carbonear
Jul-25 Carbonear Carcinoma Stomach HOWELL Jane UC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-09 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. BUTT Sarah UC 52 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-17 Carbonear Convulsions PENNEY Albert UC 1 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-29 Carbonear Senility PENNEY Sarah Jane UC 94 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-31 Carbonear Convulsions FORWARD Marilyn UC 6 wks Carbonear Carbonear
May-30 Victoria Bronchitis / Fracture of Ribs ROSE James Pent. 78 Salmon Cove Victoria
Jun-08 Carbonear Cirrhosis Liver WINSOR Arthur C. of E. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-24 Carbonear Tuberculous Meningitis OATES Stanley C. of E. 11 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-05 Victoria Pulm. T.B. CLARK Silas Pent. 56 Victoria Victoria
Oct-25 Grace Hosp. Abscess of Forehead PIKE William UC 9 3/4 Freshwater Freshwater
Oct-08 Victoria Gastro Enteritis BUTT Freeman UC 5/12 Victoria Victoria
Oct-13 Salmon Cove Pulm. T.B. BUTT Ethel UC 27 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-17 Perry's Cove Ac. Nephritis ROSE Lilian UC 52 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Dec-07 Salmon Cove Senility SLADE John B. UC 79 Perrys Cove Perrys Cove
Dec-26 Victoria Pulm. T.B. PECKHAM Ephraim UC 60 Labrador Victoria
Oct-10 Victoria Paralysis BUTT Mary C. of E. 78 Freshwater Carbonear
Nov-12 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. BARNES Paul C. of E. 49 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-19 Carbonear Tuberculous Meningitis HISCOCK Edward UC 7/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-22 Carbonear Senility NICHOLL John C. UC 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-18 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. BUTT Ida May UC 17 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-21 Carbonear Paralysis PENNEY Samuel UC 73 Flatrock Carbonear
Dec-13 Carbonear Tuberculous Meningitis BUTT Valera May UC 3   Carbonear
Dec-27 Carbonear Bronchitis GILLESPIE Louisa UC 85 Adam's Cove Carbonear
Dec-12 Carbonear Measles EDWARDS Elizabeth SA 16/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-10 Freshwater Gen. Carcinoma VATCHER Annie UC 47 Freshwater Freshwater
Aug-06 Carbonear Pulm. T.B. REARDON Bridget RC 40 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-10 Carbonear Heart Disease MURPHY Joseph RC 65 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-29 Carbonear Old Age MORIARTY Alice RC 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-01 Carbonear Heart Disease WHELAN Joseph RC 61 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 192                
Feb-03 Freshwater Nephritis MOORES Mary UC 76 Carbonear Freshwater
Feb-12 Flatrock Br. Pneumonia SOMERS Hayward UC 2 Flatrock Freshwater
Feb-26 Freshwater Cancer of Stomach NOEL William C. UC 55 Freshwater Freshwater
Feb-28 Flatrock Pneumonia BUTT Ellen UC 58 Flatrock Freshwater
Mar-14 Blow-me-down Senility PENNEY Maria UC 80 Freshwater Freshwater
Apr-24 Freshwater Paralysis BUTT Henry T. UC 77 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-27 Flatrock Pulm. T.B. CRANE Lottie May UC 20 Flatrock Freshwater
Jul-25 Blow-me-down Senility BUTT Eliza UC 83 Blow-me-down Freshwater
Aug-17 Freshwater Paralysis DAVIS William UC 87 Freshwater Freshwater
Oct-07 Flatrock Paralysis POTTLE James N. UC 61 Flatrock Freshwater
Oct-16 Freshwater Paralysis MOORES Eliza UC 74 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov-21 Carbonear Marasmus PARSONS George R. UC 4/12    
PAGE 193-210 Bay de Verde Information              
PAGE 211                
Jan-02 Western Bay (RVH at Montreal) Carcinoma Bladder KING Erwin H. UC 32 Deer Hr. T.B. Gen'l Prot. St. J.
Jan-27 12 Gear St. St. John's Pneumonia POTTLE Ada - 18 Freshwater Freshwater
Jan-31 Grace Hospital Br. Pneumonia WHEELER John UC 10/12 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Feb-27 Grace Hospital Burns of Throat (Lye) SQUIBB Charles C of Eng. 1 1/2 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-24 Blackhead Heart Disease MOORES John C. UC 81 Blackhead Blackhead
Jan-27 Adam's Cove Stillborn BAGGS SB - SB Adam's Cove Blackhead
Feb-08 Blackhead Senile Decay BUTT Abigal UC 82   Blackhead
Feb-10 Small Point Marasmus MULLEY Annie UC 46 Small Pt. Broad Cove
Feb-22 Blackhead Acute Abdomen HOLLETT Archibald J. UC 59 Blackhead Blackhead
Jan-06 Ochre Pit Cove Cancer PARSONS Nicholas UC 90 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Jan-28 Western Bay Bronchitis WALSH Dorothy Hilda UC 3 Western Bay Western Bay
Jan-28 Ochre Pit Cove Heart Disease HALFYARD Joshua UC 75 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Feb-15 Western Bay Pul. Tuberculosis SELLARS Elsie May UC 15 Western Bay Western Bay
Feb-19 Western Bay Influenza CROWLEY James M. UC 70 Western Bay Western Bay
Mar-11 Western Bay Growth in Stomach PENNEY Susannah UC 58 Dawson's Cove, TB Dawson's Cove TB
Mar-31 Ochre Pit Cove Pul. Tuberculosis CROWLEY Sarah M. UC 22 Ochre Pit Cove Ochre Pit Cove
Feb-26 Victoria Convulsions SLADE Violet May Pent. 10/12 Victoria Victoria
Jan-27 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis GREEN Margaret SA 19 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-04 Victoria Tuberculosis FRAMPTON Charles UC 21 Victoria Victoria
Mar-08 Victoria Myocarditis CLARKE Joseph UC 56 Victoria Victoria
Mar-22 Salmon Cove Myocarditis SLADE Theresa UC 80 Victoria Victoria
Apr-17 Otterbury Prematurity WAREHAM Herbert UC 1 day Otterbury Salmon Cove
Jan-02 Carbonear Angina Pectoris PIKE Herbert UC 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-02 Carbonear Pul. Tuberculosis ASH Mrs. Geo. W. UC 44 Port de Grave Carbonear
Jan-06 Carbonear Paralysis BUDDEN John C of Eng. 75 Perry's Cove Carbonear
Jan-09 Carbonear Heart Disease HERALD Henry C. C of Eng. 86 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-11 Carbonear Prematurity THOMAS Charles D. C of Eng. 11 days Carbonear Carbonear
Feb-02 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage THOMS Sarah C of Eng. 82 Salmon Cove Carbonear
Feb-13 Carbonear Myocarditis BABB John C of Eng. 82 Carbonear Carbonear
May-21 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis JANES Mrs. Pearl UC 37 Broad Cove Broad Cove
May-31 S.A. Anchorage Cardio Renal MAHANEY Elizabeth - 57 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan-09 Burnt Point Measles MILLEY Reuben UC 1 7/12 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Jan-14 Burnt Point Pneumonia TUCKER Robert Nelson UC 3 2/12 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Feb-04 Caplin Cove Bronchitis BUTT Mabel UC 9/12 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Mar-22 Bay de Verde Tuberculosis LOCKYER Simeon C of Eng. 29 1/2 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Apr-17 Grates Cove   LAMBERT Mabel C of Eng. 21 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Apr-17 Grates Cove Tuberculosis LAMBERT Hayward C of Eng. 18 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Jun-03 Bay de Verde   PRYOR Annie C of Eng. 1/12 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Apr-22 Carbonear Pneumonia PYE Ann C of Eng. 70 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Paralysis NOEL Mary UC 81 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 212                
Apr-08 Bradley's Cove Convulsions MOORES John George UC 12 days Bradleys Cove Blackhead
May-17 Old Perlican Meningitis ROSE Roy Irwin UC 8 days Old Perlican Ochre Pit Cove
May-13 Bradley's Cove Stillborn WHALEN SB - SB Bradleys Cove Western Bay
Apr-05 Burnt Point   TUCKER Albert UC 2 wks Burnt Point Burnt Point
Apr-16 Lower Island Cove Tuberculosis WILTSHIRE Joseph UC 16 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Apr-24 Lower Island Cove Senility ROBBINS Sarah UC 78 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jun-08 Job's Cove Tuberculosis REID Joseph UC 36 Job's Cove Job's Cove
Jun-08 Burnt Point Tuberculosis TUCKER Hedley UC 1 1/2 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Jun-29 Lower Island Cove Tuberculosis RIXON Louisa UC 51 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Jan-14 Salmon Cove Tuberculosis PENNEY Clarence UC 33 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-07 Salmon Cove Laryngitis PARSONS Joan UC 3 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-14 Salmon Cove Convulsions ROSE Thomas UC 6 wks Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
May-27 Salmon Cove Paralysis SLADE Joseph UC 82 Salmon Cove Carbonear
Jun-11 Salmon Cove Meningitis BUTT Betty UC 1 Salmon Cove Carbonear
May-13 Carbonear Meningitis BAKER Ernest SA 3/12 Markland Carbonear
Jul-31 General Hosp. Ac. Appendicitis LEGROW Ella UC 21 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jul-20 Northern Bay Senility DALE Albert UC 78 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Jul-30 Lower Island Cove Septicaemia PORTER Jane UC 85 Elliston Lower Island Cove
Aug-05 Lower Island Cove Heart Disease REID Edward UC 75 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Aug-20 Lower Island Cove Senility TURNER Sarah UC 99 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Aug-21 Lower Island Cove Senility SNELGROVE Emeline UC 80 Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Aug-24 Long Beach Stillborn RUBY SB UC SB Long Beach Long Beach
Aug-26 Burnt Point Tuberculosis TUCKER Emma M. UC 1 1/2 Burnt Point Burnt Point
Sep-05 Ochre Pit Cove Cancer of Stomach EDGECOMBE Janet UC 78 Carbonear Ochre Pit Cove
May-03 Victoria Myocarditis MULLEY Diana Pent. 83   Victoria
Jul-01 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage POWELL Emily SA 83 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-27 Carbonear Gastric Cancer DEAN Sarah Jane UC 81   Carbonear
Jul-28 Carbonear Marasmus SOPER Chesley UC 6 wks   Carbonear
Aug-02 Carbonear Paralysis WHITE Mary Jane UC 85   Carbonear
Sep-10 Venison Islands Heart Failure EARLE John William UC 66   Carbonear
Apr-23 Salmon Cove Tuberculosis PENNEY George W. UC 40 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jun-17 Salmon Cove Br. Pneumonia SLADE Agnes UC 2/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Jul-09 Perry's Cove Gastro Enteritis CLARKE Ermie UC 3 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Jul-18 Victoria Cancer Uterus SUTTON Emma UC 53 Victoria Victoria
Jul-31 Victoria Br. Pneumonia COLE Stanley Lloyd UC 1 1/2 Victoria Victoria
Aug-10 Salmon Cove Paralysis PENNEY Jacob UC 81 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-10 Victoria Gastro Enteritis CROCKER George E. UC 1 Victoria Victoria
Sep-15 Victoria Gastro Enteritis BALDWIN Walter UC 13/12 Victoria Victoria
Sep-16 Victoria Gastro Enteritis CROCKER Mabel UC 3 Victoria Victoria
Sep-19 Perry's Cove Marasmus KING Malcolm G. UC 2 wks Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
PAGE 213                
Mar-18 Carbonear Diabetes HARRIGAN Patrick RC 67 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-24 Carbonear Cancer of Intestines DOODY Lina RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar-27 Carbonear Pleurisy WARD Margaret RC 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr-29 Carbonear Heart Disease BUTT Ellen RC 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-15 Carbonear Convulsions CROFFORD John RC 2/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Jun-21 Carbonear Convulsions GEAR Mary RC 1/12 Carbonear Carbonear
Jul-06 Carbonear Heart Disease WILLIAMS Louis RC 73 France Carbonear
Sep-03 Carbonear Spinal Meningitis LAKE Mary RC 63   Carbonear
Apr-29 Old Perlican Meningitis MANSFIELD Olive - 14 New Melb New Melb
Apr-07 Bradley's Cove Congenital MOORES John G. UC 12 days Bradleys Cove Blackhead
Apr-17 Broad Cove T.B. Kidneys THISTLE Frank UC 23 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Apr-20 Adam's Cove Senility MOORES Jane UC 84 Adam's Cove Blackhead
May-21 Broad Cove Pul. Tuberculosis JANES Pearl UC 37 Broad Cove Blackhead
Jun-16 Small Point Senility THISTLE Mrs. Wm. UC 82   Broad Cove
Jun-19 Broad Cove Senility LEGROW Eli UC 87 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jul-04 Blackhead Senility MOORES Celia UC 89 Blackhead Blackhead
Jul-31 Broad Cove Ac. Appendicitis     -      
Sep-06 Broad Cove Dysentary BUTT William UC 72 Broad Cove Blackhead
Sep-12 Broad Cove Dysentary JANES Grace UC 9/12 Broad Cove Blackhead
Oct-01 Salmon Cove Cerebral Haemorrhage REYNOLDS Ellen Jane UC 73 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-08 Salmon Cove Gastro Enteritis WHITE Hartley UC 4/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-19 Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage WHITE Ann UC 83 Victoria Victoria
Oct-19 Salmon Cove Pul. Tuberculosis PENNEY Elsie May UC 18 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-20 Victoria Gastro Enteritis PARSONS Joyce UC 3 Victoria Victoria
Oct-28 Victoria Gastro Enteritis PARSONS Clarence UC 2 Victoria Victoria
Nov-04 Perry's Cove Pul. Tuberculosis KING Ursula UC 24 Salmon Cove Perry's Cove
Nov-14 Perry's Cove Gastro Enteritis SWAIN Gerald UC 9 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Nov-19 Salmon Cove Infantile Convulsions ROSE Gerald W. UC 2/12 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-24 Victoria Ludwig's Angina CLARKE Isaac UC 48 Victoria Victoria
Dec-13 Western Bay Heart Disease PENNEY Robert UC 80 Western Bay Western Bay
Oct-11 Western Bay Dropsy / Senility KENNEDY Mary M. UC 82 Western Bay Western Bay
Oct-17 Ochre Pit Cove Senility MARTIN Susannah UC 95 St. John's Ochre Pit Cove
Oct-12 Lower Island Cove Heart Disease LOUIS Tryphena UC 68 Elliston Lower Island Cove
Oct-16 Lower Island Cove Stillborn WILTSHIRE SB - SB Lower Island Cove Lower Island Cove
Oct-22 Lower Island Cove Senility KNAPMAN Maria UC 77 Lead Cove Lower Island Cove
Oct-29 Old Perlican Infancy CURTIS Baby UC 2 days Old Perlican Lower Island Cove
Dec-20 Northern Bay Tuberculosis PUDDISTER Annie UC 17 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Oct-04 Adam's Cove Gastric Fever LOVEYS Wm. F. UC 3/12 Blackhead Blackhead
Oct-15 Broad Cove Paralysis FRANCIS Mrs. George UC 76   Broad Cove
Oct-15 Broad Cove Senility MOORES Thomas UC 83   Blackhead
PAGE 214                
Nov-13 Broad Cove Heart Disease ("myocar") LEGROW Michael UC 78 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Dec-03 Small Point Gastric Fever FLIGHT Gertrude UC 4 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Dec-18 Broad Cove Pneumonia KING Mrs. Wm. UC 56 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Dec-25 Small Point Senility VAUGHAN Mrs. Margaret UC 75 Broad Cove Broad Cove
Jul-04 Carbonear Nephritis BUCKLE John C of Eng. 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug-07 Carbonear Paralysis PYE Samuel C of Eng. 63 Carbonear Carbonear
Sep-24 Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage PIKE Sarah J. C of Eng. 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-03 Carbonear Pernicious Anemia PIKE Ernest H. C of Eng. 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-08 Victoria Bronchitis ANTLE Ann C of Eng. 79 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-21 Carbonear Br. Pneumonia OATES Ronald C of Eng. 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec-09 Bradley's Cove Consumption WEEDON Allan Pent. 16 Bradleys Cove Western Bay
Jul-20 Victoria Paralysis HISCOCK Reuben Pent. 70 Victoria Victoria
Jul-26 Victoria Gastric Cancer VATERS Japheth Pent. 77 Victoria Victoria
Sep-04 Freshwater Bronchitis MOORES John J. UC 82 Freshwater Freshwater
Aug-20 Victoria Gastro Enteritis MAHANEY Gerald UC 6/12 Victoria Victoria
Sep-01 Salmon Cove Pul. Tuberculosis VATERS Ethel UC 29 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-06 Victoria Gastro Enteritis PENNEY Lena UC 6/12 Victoria Victoria
Oct-11 Freshwater Convulsions SNOW Wilmot UC 1/12 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov-09 Freshwater Tbc. Meningitis JEFFERS Nathan UC 20 Freshwater Freshwater
Dec-15 Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage DOYLE Jane UC 73 Freshwater Freshwater
Jun-28 Red Head Cove Paralysis KEHOE Julia RC 49 Northern Bay Bay de Verde
May-15 Red Head Cove Unknown RICE Johanna RC 65 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Oct-20 Bay de Verde Suddenly WALSH Leo RC 32 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-02 Bay de Verde Unknown WALSH Bridget RC 56 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-02 Bay de Verde Suddenly WALSH Andrew RC 48 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-04 Bay de Verde Pul. Tuberculosis NOONAN Mary Catherine RC 16 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Dec-26 Bay de Verde Senility McCARTHY Daniel RC 79 Red Head Cove Bay de Verde
Oct-05 Bay de Verde Convulsions EMBERLEY Rosanna C of Eng. 1 1/2 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Oct-22 Bay de Verde Paralysis BLUNDON William C of Eng. 64 Bay de Verde Bay de Verde
Oct-01 Carbonear Heart Disease CULLEN Mary RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-17 Carbonear Old Age JONES George RC 81 Carbonear Carbonear
Nov-19 Carbonear Old Age DRAKE Francis RC 87 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-17 Carbonear Carcinoma Spleen TAYLOR Sally H. UC 66 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct-09 Grates Cove General Tuberculosis MARTIN Gideon UC 9/12 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Nov-12 Grates Cove Pul. Tuberculosis STANFORD Henry T. UC 13 1/2 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Dec-16 Grates Cove Tuberculosis KING Rebecca UC 18 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Dec-14 Old Perlican Senility BURSEY Emily UC 70 Old Perlican Old Perlican
May-10 Grates Cove Tuberculosis Bowels JAMES John C. UC 17 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Jun-15 Old Perlican Heart Trouble TIZZARD John UC 15 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jun-17 Old Perlican Prematurity ADAMS Roy UC 2 days Old Perlican Old Perlican
PAGE 215                
Jul-12 Old Perlican Cancer of Stomach MARCH James UC 70 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Jul-26 Old Perlican Kidney Disease BROOKINGS Levi J. UC 45 Old Perlican Old Perlican
Aug-09 Grates Cove Cancer of Breast COOPER Susannah UC 35 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-05 Grates Cove Paralysis MARTIN Amelia J. UC 70 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Sep-28 Grates Cove Cancer of Stomach BENSON William UC 83 Grates Cove Grates Cove
Dec-08 Job's Cove Old Age COLBERT Elizabeth RC 75 Job's Cove Northern Bay
May-25 Burnt Point Old Age ENGLISH Richard RC 89 Ochre Pit Cove Northern Bay
Jun-03 Gull Island Tuberculosis LAYMAN James RC 57 Gull Island Northern Bay
Jan-13 Gull Island Cancer OLIVER Mary RC 61 Gull Island Northern Bay
Jan-18 Gull Island Anaemia LAYMAN Elizabeth RC 47 Bay de Verde Northern Bay
Jan-25 Long Beach Stillborn   SB - SB Long Beach Northern Bay
Jan-26 Northern Bay Whooping Cough MULLALY Winifred RC 3 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Feb-07 Northern Bay Whooping Cough HOGAN Adrian RC 3 Northern Bay Northern Bay
Feb-10 Gull Island   DELANEY Mark RC 83 Gull Island Northern Bay

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2012)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 01, 2013 (Don Tate)
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