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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
Book 12

1934 - 1936


Pages 221 - 228,234 - 247 & 250 - 255

PAGE 221                
Jan-15 Sanatorium Brights Disease & TB SANSOM Robert C of Eng 33 Winterton T.B. Ch of Eng.
Feb-02 Grace Hosp Pulm. T.B. WOODLAND Leona UC 22 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Feb-02 Grace Hosp S.B. WOODLAND Baby UC SB Grace Hosp New Melbourne
Feb-14 Genl Hosp Cancer of Stomach LANGOR Allan C of Eng 53 no entry Clarenville
Mar-16 Mental Hosp Acute Mania JENKINS Mary H. C of Eng 48 no entry Trinity
Apr-05 Genl Hosp Carcinoma of Stomach STANLEY Arthur SA 61 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-18 New Hr. - HEGDON Emmie G. C of Eng 1 dy New Hr. New Hr.
Feb-23 New Hr. Senile Decay PRETTY Robert C of Eng 84 Dildo New Hr.
Mar-24 S. Spread Eagle - SMITH Deborah C of Eng 62 Dildo Spread Eagle
Mar-07 Gaff Topsails Brights Disease BUTT Keziah Ellis UC 36 Random Isld Bay Bulls Arm
Jan-06 Port Union Premature GOODYEAR Allan C. UC 4 dys Port Union Catalina
Jan-28 Port Union Premature CARTER Baby UC 17 dys Port Union Catalina
Mar-13 Catalina Cancer of Stomach HICKS Ada UC 96 yrs Elliston Catalina
Mar-26 Little Catalina Convulsions EDGECOMBE Isabel UC 6 mos Little Catalina Catalina
Mar-26 Catalina Cancer BURSEY George UC 52 yrs Newtown Catalina
Mar-28 Catalina Pneumonia CLOUTER Garland UC 78 Catalina Catalina
Feb-03 Hearts Content Lobar Pneumonia LEGGE Elizabeth F. C of Eng 3 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Feb-20 Hearts Content Myocarditis WILLIAMS Lydia C of Eng 65 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jan-25 New Perlican Lobar Pneumonia PINSENT Doreen H. C of Eng 16 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-01 Carbonear Heart Disease PITTMAN Luke C of Eng 79 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-10 New Perlican Lobar Pneumonia MATTHEWS Arthur C of Eng 48 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-29 New Perlican Senility SEAWARD Richard C of Eng 80 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb-09 Winterton Cholecystitis HISCOCK Eliza C of Eng 31 1/2 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Feb-13 Winterton Cardio Renal WALKER Sarah C of Eng 73 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Jan-11 Loreburn - PRICE Cora Pearl UC 7 mos Loreburn Loreburn
Mar-14 Caplin Cove Tuberculosis WHELAN Catherine UC 63 yrs Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Mar-23 Hillview Old Age PRICE Julia A. UC 78 Hillview Caplin Cove
Mar-23 Little Hearts Ease Premature Birth SOPER Baby UC few mins Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Mar-26 Little Hearts Ease Premature Birth SOPER Baby Marjorie UC few mins Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Mar-30 St. Jones Within - ROBBINS Rose Mary UC 2 dys St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Mar-30 St. Jones Within - ROBBINS Lillian Naomi UC 2dys St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Jan-26 Elliston Paralysis HOBBS Susannah UC 64 Elliston Elliston
Feb-13 Elliston Heart Failure BAKER Samson UC 72 Elliston Elliston
Feb-24 Elliston Paralysis HILL Thomas UC 75 Elliston Elliston
Mar-06 Elliston Appendicitis TUCKER Clarence UC 20 1/2 Elliston Elliston
Mar-14 Elliston Convulsions GOUGH Cecil G. UC 2 Elliston Elliston
Jan-21 Whiteway Senile Decay BURGESS Naomi UC 83 Whiteway Whiteway
Jan-21 Greens Hr. Senile Decay ROWE Anne UC 75 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jan-30 Greens Hr. Endocarditis COOPER Malcolm UC 51 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
PAGE 222                
Feb-27 Summerside Pneumonia HUMBY Clarence McK. UC 4 mos Summerside Summerside
Jan-03 Trinity East Dementia Paralytica FOWLOW Abraham C of Eng 76 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jan-05 Port Rexton Pernicious Anemia REA William (George) C of Eng 69 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jan-12 Champneys East Meningitis KING Alma Lillian C of Eng 1 10/12 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Jan-12 Port Rexton Senility KING Sarah C of Eng 82 English Hr. Port Rexton
Jan-29 Trinity East Heart Disease Syncope FIFIELD David C of Eng 63 11/12 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jan-30 Port Rexton Arteriosclerosis RANDELL Abraham C of Eng 79 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Feb-22 Trinity East Ceb. Haemorrhage JONES Jonas C of Eng 88 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Mar-10 Champneys West Nephritis HISCOCK George C of Eng 76 Champneys W. Champneys W.
Mar-18 Port Rexton TB Nephritis PIERCEY Roy Wilson C of Eng 35 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jan-09 Greens Hr. Pneumonia MARCH Stephen SA 49 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jan-28 Dildo Old Age VOKEY Mary Anne SA 83 Western Bay New Hr.
Feb-04 Winterton Consumption HISCOCK Mrs. Charles SA 24 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Feb-04 Dildo Bronchitis NEWHOOK Maggie SA 78 Carbonear New Hr.
Feb-13 Dildo Tuberculosis REID Rhoda SA 52 Spaniards Bay Spaniards Bay
Mar-20 New Hr. Old Age HIGDON Thomas SA 90 New Hr. New Hr.
Jan-08 Britannia Senile Decay JANES John UC 71 Britannia Britannia
Mar-17 Britannia Pneumonia JANES Henry UC 7 mos - Britannia
Feb-05 Lady Cove T.B. GREEN Mary Jane UC 36 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Mar-14 Lady Cove Pneumonia COOMBS Lily RC 2 1/2 yrs Lady Cove Lady Cove
Apr-28 Genl Hosp Ac. Appendicitis STANLEY Ambrose SA 20 Hearts Desire Hearts Desire
Jan-02 Shoal Hr. Broncho Pneumonia RYAN Lillian UC 52 Trinity Shoal Hr.
Jan-15 Shoal Hr. Dysentary RYAN Martin UC 3 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-18 Shoal Hr. Broncho Pneumonia RYAN Lloyd UC 2 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-25 Milton Con. Debility ADAMS William K. UC 3 wks Milton Georges Brook
Jan-27 Shoal Hr. Dysentary RYAN Sarah Anne UC 62 English Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-27 Milton Senility ADAMS Mary Anne UC 74 Champneys Georges Brook
Feb-01 Shoal Hr. Dysentary IVANY Julia Anne UC 56 Inglewood Shoal Hr.
Feb-15 Georges Brook T.B. Pulm. ELLIS Lilly Maud Adventist 13 Georges Brook Georges Brook
Feb-20 Georges Brook Senility PELLEY Frederick UC 87 Hants Hr. Georges Brook
Mar-07 Shoal Hr. Cong Debility RYAN William S. UC 6 wks Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Mar-25 Shoal Hr. Senility STANLEY Richard UC 93 Hants Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-28 British Hr. T.B. Pneumonia LEONARD Mrs. William (?) RC 71 Champneys British Hr.
Feb-20 British Hr. T.B. Pneumonia LEONARD Mrs. Anne RC 65 Bellevue T.B. British Hr.
Mar-28 Gooseberry Cove T.B. Pulm. T.B. SEAWARD Mrs. Patrick RC 38 British Hr. Gooseberry Cove
Feb-03 Pelley Gastric Neuistis? BAILEY Kathleen M. C of Eng 2 1/2 mos Pelley Pelley
Feb-14 New Round Cove Convulsions FROUDE Phyllis B. C of Eng 8 dys New Round Cove New Round Cove
May-30 Mental Hosp Phthisis Pulm. ROGERS James C of Eng 18 yrs Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May-30 Mental Hosp Phthisis Pulm. SMITH Alfred C of Eng 29 Dildo Dildo
Jan-08 Ireland's Eye Heart Disease COOPER Amelia C of Eng 38 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
PAGE 223                
Jan-10 Trouty Pneumonia BROWN John C of Eng 87 Trouty Trouty
Feb-11 Trinity Meningitis HISCOCK Ephraim C of Eng 3 mos Trinity Trinity
Mar-16 Trinity Ac. Mania JENKINS Mary H. C of Eng 50 British Hr. British Hr.
Mar-24 Ivanhoe Pulm. T.B. KING Shirley C of Eng 18 yrs 9/12 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Mar-28 Spaniards Bay Heart Disease WALDEN James C of Eng 81 Spaniards Cove Trouty
Jun-09 Sanitorium Pulm. T.B. CRITCH Mrs. Grace SA 40 Hants Hr. Hearts Content
Apr-17 Bay Bulls Arm Old Age LUTHER John UC 84 New Perlican Bay Bulls Arm
Apr-23 Thornlea - THORNE Edith Florence UC 2 mos Thornlea Thornlea
Mar-10 Thornlea - THORNE William UC 1 dy Thornlea Thornlea
May-21 Bay Bulls Arm Paralysis VATERS Henry T. UC 73 Salmon Cove C.B. Bay Bulls Arm
May-13 Summerville Paralysis WHITE Samson UC 80 Summerville Summerville
Jun-21 Summerville Bronchitis LANE Annie M. UC 1 yr Summerville Summerville
Apr-05 Elliston Accidental Gunshot COLES Anderson UC 24 yrs Elliston Elliston
Apr-10 Maberly Convulsions CHAULK Claude UC 2 wks Maberly Elliston
Apr-23 Newmans Cove Old Age ELLIOTT Eliza Ann UC 67 yrs Bonavista Newmans Cove
Jun-16 Elliston S.B. CREWE Baby UC SB Elliston Elliston
Jun-20 Elliston Premature OLDFORD Cyril UC 1 dy Elliston Elliston
Jun-01 Little Hearts Ease S.B. - - UC SB Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
May-09 Thoroughfare T.B. MILLS Philip UC 46 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Jun-15 Deer Hr. Senile Decay BAILEY James UC 78 Deer Lake Deer Hr.
Jun-20 Hickmans Hr. T.B. MARTIN Joshua C of Eng 55 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Apr-05 Hearts Content Hypertension CAMBY Emily C of Eng 67 Hearts Content Hearts Content
May-10 Hearts Content Arterio Sclerosis ROWE Wm of Noah C of Eng 77 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jun-16 Hearts Content Prematurity SINYARD Joan C of Eng 6 hrs Hearts Content Hearts Content
May-18 New Perlican Lobar Pneumonia CALLAHAN Ellen C of Eng 62 New Perlican New Perlican
Jun-06 New Perlican Arterio Sclerosis PITTMAN Mary C of Eng 86 New Perlican New Perlican
Jun-22 New Perlican Convulsions WHITE Eric John C of Eng 8 mos New Perlican New Perlican
May-18 New Perlican S.B. HISCOCK Baby C of Eng SB New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-15 Normans Cove - BURTON Evelyn G. C of Eng 51 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Apr-29 Chappell Arm Pneumonia WARREN Benjamin C of Eng 36 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
May-17 Old Shop - HYNES Mary Jane C of Eng 31 Old Shop Old Shop
Mar-30 Little Catalina Prematurity PIERCEY Lillian Isabel UC 1 dy Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-06 Little Catalina Pulm. T.B. PIERCEY Alonzo UC 28 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-25 Port Union Tetanus SMART Robert John UC 26 Catalina Catalina
Apr-26 Little Catalina Meningitis REID Caleb UC 2 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-07 Port Union Convulsions LODGE Ruth Isabel UC 2 mos Port Union Catalina
Feb-18 Catalina Pneumonia WHITE William UC 68 Catalina Catalina
Feb-26 Little Catalina Convulsions TIPPER Wallace UC 11 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-31 Catalina Brights Disease DIAMOND (Francis?) UC 48 Catalina Catalina
Jun-08 Port Union Prematurity LODGE Eileen UC 2 wks Port Union Little Catalina
PAGE 224                
Jun-27 Little Catalina Cancer JOHNSON Robert UC 68 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-05 St. John Cancer STANLEY Arthur SA 61 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Feb-03 Butter Cove Asthma Bronchitis SPURRELL John C of Eng 71 Butter Cove Hearts Ease
Jan-21 Gooseberry Cove T.B. Cong Debility SMITH George of George C of Eng 6 mos Gooseberry Cove Hearts Ease
Feb-20 Hodges Cove Pulm. T.B. SHEPARD Ethel C of Eng 28 Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Apr-09 Butter Cove S.B. SPURRELL Baby - SB Butter Cove Hearts Ease
Apr-07 Butter Cove Cong Debility SPURRELL Baby - minutes Butter Cove Hearts Ease
Jul-14 Genl Hosp Uraemia TOOPE Henry C. C of Eng 6 yrs Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Apr-13 Cavendish - CRITCH William SA 77 Cavendish Cove Cavendish
Apr-21 New Hr. Tuberculosis WILLIAMS Mrs. Lucy SA 23 New Hr. New Hr.
May-12 New Hr. Meningitis POLLETT Doris L. SA 8 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Jun-09 Sanatorium Tuberculosis CRITCH Minnie Grace SA 40 Winterton T.B. Hants Hr.
Jan-02 Lead Cove Malnutrition LAMBERT Eli UC 9 mos Lead Cove Sitley's Cove
Jan-04 Brownsdale Prematurity MATTHEWS Ezekial UC 1 dy Brownsdale Brownsdale
Jan-08 Hants Hr. Senility GULLIFORD Samuel UC 77 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jan-10 Hants Hr. Paralysis PRICE Miriam UC 56 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jan-28 Lead Cove Infected Ears LAMBERT Morley J. UC 4 mos Lead Cove Sitley's Cove
Feb-01 New Melbourne Typhoid Fever MANSFIALD Annie M. UC 54 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Feb-02 Grace Hosp Pulm. T.B. WOODLAND Leona UC 22 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Feb-02 Grace Hosp S.B. WOODLAND Annie Grace UC SB St. Johns New Melbourne
Feb-17 Hants Hr. Senility TRAVERSE John UC 81 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Feb-08 New Melbourne S.B. BURSEY Gordon James UC SB New Melbourne New Melbourne
Mar-31 Hants Hr. Paralysis GULLIFORD John UC 72 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Apr-16 Hants Hr. Kidney Trouble GREEN Susie UC 67 1/2 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Apr-25 Lead Cove Pulm. T.B. LAMBERT Dina UC 32 Old Perlican Sitley's Cove
May-19 Sitley's Cove Spinal T.B. SQUIRES Hester UC 17 Sitley's Cove Sitley's Cove
Jun-07 Lead Cove Killed by Lightning BUTTON Alexander UC 24 Lead Cove Sitley's Cove
Sep-05 Hospital (Mental) Myocarditis WHITE James C of Eng 65 no entry New Hr.
Apr-01 English Hr. Carcinoma of Stomach PENNY Alexander C of Eng 67 English Hr. English Hr.
May-13 Port Rexton Senile Debility WELLS Amy Ann C of Eng 77 English Hr. English Hr.
Jun-02 English Hr. Encephalitis BATSON Charlotte C of Eng 76 English Hr. English Hr.
Oct-04 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. SHORT Elsie UC 11 Hants Hr. Carbonear
Jul-18 Deer Hr. Cancer MARSH Job UC 71 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Sep-02 Ireland's Eye Paralysis LODER James UC 74 Ireland's Eye Thoroghfare
Sep-18 Britannia Inflammation of Bladder CLARKE John T. UC 77 Dunfield T.B. Britannia
Sep-25 Deer Hr. Convulsions BAILEY Ethel Ruth UC 13 dys Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jul-17 Newmans Cove Pneumonia COOL Susannah UC 41 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Aug-10 Elliston Dropsey TREMBLETT Sarah Jane UC 28 Elliston Elliston
Aug-13 Newmans Cove Senile Decay KEATS Jane UC 81 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Sep-15 Newmans Cove Convulsions KEATS Mildred UC 6 mos Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
PAGE 225                
Jul-07 Lady Cove Tuberculosis SOPER John UC 21 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Jul-11 Lady Cove Tuberculosis MARCH Edna Lucy UC 26 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Aug-31 Apsey Brook - PHILLIP David UC 73 British Hr. Aspen
Aug-11 Southport Dropsey AVERY Samuel UC 66 Southport Southport
Jul-25 New Hr. Convulsions MILLER John UC 2 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Aug-14 Spread Eagle - SMITH Isaac C of Eng 70 Dildo Cove Spread Eagle
Sep-10 Broad Cove T.B. Cancer GEORGE Edmund M. C of Eng 56 Broad Cove Dildo
Oct-10 Grace Hosp Papilloma of Bladder KING Edgar T. UC 52 Deer Hr. Genl Protestant
Jul-27 Port Rexton Pulm. T.B. KING William C of Eng 66 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug-10 Port Rexton Septicaemia KING James C of Eng 46 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug-20 Port Rexton Inanition BAILEY Ernest C of Eng 1 mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug-30 Champneys East Cancer of Stomach GOSSE Robert C of Eng 76 Spaniards Bay CB Port Rexton
Sep-16 Port Rexton Syncope BAILEY Joseph C of Eng 79 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sep-10 Little Catalina Senility GOODYEAR George G. UC 85 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Oct-11 Genl Hosp Misenteris Thrombosis ROCKWOOD Elizabeth C of Eng 45 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jul-06 New Chelsea Senility BELBIN Francis UC 78 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-19 New Melbourne Heart Failure WOODLAND Samuel UC 60 Old Perlican New Melbourne
Jul-10 Whales Brook T.B. THOMAS Marjorie UC 13 Whale Brook Brownsdale
Jul-05 Brownsdale S.B. AUSTIN Marion UC SB Brownsdale Brownsdale
Jul-28 New Chelsea Pneumonia HARRIS Sarah UC 71 New Melbourne New Chelsea
Mar-12 New Chelsea Meningitis LEEWOOD Freeman SA 24 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-10 Catalina Pulm. T.B. RUSSELL Bessie SA 23 Winterton T.B. Catalina
Jul-06 Winterton Pulm. T.B. PIERCEY Hattie Maud C of Eng 17 Winterton T.B. C Winterton
Jul-24 Winterton Ch. Bronchitis PINKAM Robert (Pinkorn?) C of Eng 80 Winterton T.B. C Winterton
Sep-14 Winterton Gastro Enteritis GREEN Catherine C of Eng 76 Winterton T.B. C Winterton
Sep-28 Hearts Content Pulm. T.B. SOOLEY Ambrose C of Eng 74 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-12 New Perlican Pulm. T.B. CALLAHAN Stephen C of Eng 27 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-04 New Perlican Melancholia WHITE James C of Eng 64 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-06 New Perlican Cancer of Bowel WHITE Sarah C of Eng 73 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-26 New Perlican Bronchitis SEAWARD Israel James C of Eng 1 1/2 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug-15 Shoal Hr. Cong Debility WISEMAN Mildred Alfreda UC 5 wks Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Apr-14 New Chelsea Heart Disease HARRIS Mary Pentecostal 76 New Perlican New Chelsea
Sep-27 New Chelsea Haemorrhage TUMIN Lavinia Pentecostal 53 Bay Roberts New Chelsea
Nov-22 109 Carter's Hill Bronchitis PIERCEY Cecil UC 6 mos no entry Winterton
Nov-23 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. CRANFORD Andrew C of Eng 27 New Hr. New Hr.
Nov-27 Mental Hosp Dementia PEDDLE Humphrey RC 53 Old Shop T.B. Old Shop T.B.
Jan-16 On Board SS Belle Isle Heart Failure STONE John Glover C of Eng 58 Catalina Catalina
Apr-17 Catalina Senile Decay BUSHELL Frederick C of Eng 84 Catalina Catalina
Jun-05 Port Union Bronchitis SHEPPARD Gilbert C of Eng 1 yr Port Union Catalina
Aug-20 Catalina Cancer of Liver CLOUTER Margaret C of Eng 57 Catalina Catalina
PAGE 226                
Sep-03 Catalina Paralysis HOUSE Edward C of Eng 73 Catalina Catalina
Jul-13 Sunnyside T.B. Senility PARSONS Wm. Thomas UC 85 Salmon Cove C.B. Sunnyside T.B.
Sep-16 Sunnyside T.B. Pneumonia TEMPLE John UC 54 Normans Cove Sunnyside T.B.
Jul-15 Teepee Cove R.I. Injury to Hip DUFFITT Marsha Jane C of Eng 78 Lower Island Cove Port Blandford
Jul-07 British Hr. T.B. Dropsy LEONARD Mrs. Thomas RC 77 Bay de Verde British Hr.
Aug-05 Trinity East Lobar Pneumonia no entry no entry RC 71 Trinity E. Trinity
Jan-20 Hearts Delight - REID Edgar C of Eng 63 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb-28 Whiteway Tuberculosis POTTLE Maria C of Eng 44 Whiteway Cavendish
Jul-09 Hearts Delight Senility SOOLEY John C of Eng 86 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jul-20 Hearts Delight Tuberculosis SOOLEY Lillian C of Eng 43 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug-26 Islington Childbirth WELSH Kate C of Eng 41 St. John's Hearts Delight
Sep-08 Greens Hr. - ROWE Martin C of Eng 72 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Sep-14 Hearts Delight - CROCKER Stephen Hy C of Eng 69 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Nov-18 Islington Tuberculosis HARNUM Delores C of Eng 30 Islington Hearts Delight
Oct-06 Little Hearts Ease Influenza SPRINGER William Thomas UC 2 1/2 mos Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Oct-17 Hatchet Cove Kidney Trouble LAMBERT Joseph UC 71 yrs St. Jones Within Hatchet Cove
Sep-30 Caplin Cove Infantile WHALEN Josiah UC few days Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Oct-28 Little Hearts Ease Pulm. T.B. SOPER Samuel H. UC 28 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Dec-21 Deep Bight Old Age AVERY William Thomas UC 80 Southport Deep Bight
Oct-12 Leading Tickle no entry LOVEMAN Edna C of Eng 4 mos Leading Tickle Leading Tickle
Nov-17 Hosp. T.Gate Arteriosclerosis ROUSELL Henry C of Eng 66 yrs Leading Tickle Leading Tickle
Oct-03 Hickman's Hr. S.B. POND Baby UC SB Hickman's hr. Hickmans Hr.
Oct-05 Deer Hr. Heart Failure PENNEY Edmond UC 42 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Nov-11 Britannia - MARTIN Baby UC 1/2 hr Britannia Britannia
Oct-01 Chappell Arm Pulm. T.B. WHITE Virtue C of Eng 45 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Nov-10 Long Cove Senile Decay WHITE Elizabeth C of Eng 75 Old Shop T.B. Normans Cove
Nov-11 Normans Cove Pulm. T.B. NEWHOOK Charlotte C of Eng 34 Thornlea Normans Cove
Nov-27 Chappell Arm Spine Disease WHITE Samuel C of Eng 45 Long Cove Chappell Arm
Dec-08 New Hr. - SMITH John S. C of Eng 79 Bishop Cove C.B. New Hr.
Nov-19 Trinity S.B. PLOWMAN Baby C of Eng SB Trinity Trinity
Nov-30 Trinity S.B. ROAR? Baby C of Eng SB Trinity Trinity
Dec-13 Trouty Valvular Disease of Heart JOHNSON Benjamin C of Eng 42 yrs Trouty Trouty
Jul-25 St. John's Old Age HOUSE Arianna Mary C of Eng 90 Trinity Trinity
Aug-07 British Hr. T.B. Heart Disease GARDNER Eli C of Eng 71 British Hr. British Hr.
- Delby Cove Cong Debility WISEMAN Baby C of Eng SB Delby's Cove Delby's Cove
Sep-10 Delby Cove Cong Debility WISEMAN Harvey Roy C of Eng 18 hrs Delby's Cove Delby's Cove
Sep-08 Dunfield Ac Gastro Enteritis WISEMAN Phoebe A. C of Eng 82 Dunfield T.B. Trinity
Apr-06 Trinity Pulm. T.B. TOOPE Fanny May C of Eng 19 Trinity Trinity
May-18 Trinity Pulm. T.B. HAYTER Annie Maria C of Eng 46 Trinity Trinity
May-07 New Bonaventure Pulm. T.B. KING Willis C of Eng 51 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
PAGE 227                
May-02 Trinity T.B. Meningitis TOOP Austin C of Eng 17 mos Trinity Trinity
May-08 Lockston Prostate Enlargement RYAL? Noah C of Eng 69 Lockston Trinity
Jun-11 Ivanhoe Dropsy KING William Miller C of Eng 75 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
Dec-13 Fosters pt. - DAY Gerald Vincent UC 5 mos Fosters Pt. Fosters Pt.
Dec-31 Lady Cove Paralysis MARCH Los?rop? UC 80 Old Perlican Lady Cove
Dec-02 Blaketown Childbirth MERCER Blanche C of Eng 22 Bell Isld Blaketown
Nov-24 Blaketown - MERCER Hayward Osbourne C of Eng 27 dys Blaketown Blaketown
Nov-24 Blaketown - MERCER Wm. John Osbourne C of Eng 27 dys Blaketown Blaketown
Sep-27 Whitbourne - JONES Wm. Maxwell C of Eng 2 mos Blaketown Whitbourne
Jul-01 Gooseberry Cove T.B. Cong Debility SEAWARD Benjamin Lewis C of Eng 3 dys Gooseberry Cove Hearts Ease
Jul-24 Gooseberry Cove T.B. Pneumonia SEAWARD Julia C of Eng 32 English Hr. Hearts Ease
Sep-10 Black Brook Cong Debility VIVIAN Susannah C of Eng 30 mins Black Brook Hillview
Sep-10 Black Brook S.B. VIVIAN Baby C of Eng SB Black Brook Hillview
Jun-13 Hatchet Cove Senility BISHOP Annie C of Eng 91 Upper Isld Cove Hatchet Cove
Dec-10 New Hr. Senile Decay NEWHOOK John UC 82 Hr. Grace New Hr.
Dec-23 New Hr. Meningitis GOSSE George Raymond UC 3 New Hr. New Hr.
Oct-06 Elliston Senile Decay HOBBS Mary Hannah UC 75 Elliston Elliston
Nov-01 Newmans Cove Convulsions HICKS Harvey W.J. UC 4 mos Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Nov-02 Elliston Cancer BAKER John UC 77 yrs Elliston Elliston
Dec-03 Newmans Cove Heart Failure KEATES Emily UC 66 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Dec-03 Elliston S.B. BAKER Charles UC SB Elliston Elliston
Oct-06 Port Union S.B. PARDY Florence UC 11 yrs Port Union Catalina
Oct-03 Hearts Content Carcinoma of Bowel WARREN Amelia C of Eng 68 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-11 St. John's Mesentic Thrombosis ROCKWOOD Elizabeth C of Eng 45 Dildo Hearts Content
Nov-03 Hearts Content Broncho Pneumonia PIERCEY William C of Eng 1 1/2 yrs Hearts Content Hearts Content
Nov-13 Winterton Lobar Pneumonia PARROTT Julia Ann C of Eng 67 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Nov-22 Winterton Senile Decay VERGE Emily Jane C of Eng 80 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Nov-28 Winterton Ch. Bronchitis GREEN William C of Eng 87 1/2 Winterton T.B. Winterton
Oct-29 New Perlican Ianinition SEAWARD Stella May C of Eng 1 1/2 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-27 New Perlican Lobar Pneumonia BURRAGE Samuel C of Eng 57 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct-24 Sunnyside T.B. Tuberculosis PARSONS Annie UC 44 Southport Sunnyside T.B.
Oct-28 Thornlea Senility THORNE Emma Ann UC 82 Winterton T.B. Thornlea
Oct-11 Port Rexton Senility DAY William C of Eng 83 no entry Port Rexton
Oct-13 Port Rexton Ch. Bronchitis COOK Sarah C of Eng 75 no entry Port Rexton
Nov-02 Port Rexton Carcinoma Uterus RANDELL Elsie May C of Eng 41 no entry Port Rexton
Nov-12 Port Rexton Valvular Disease of Heart PIERCEY Walter C of Eng 50 no entry Port Rexton
Nov-22 Trinity East Myocarditis JONES Anna Maria C of Eng 64 no entry Port Rexton
Nov-22 Champneys West Senility GOLDWORTHY Edward C of Eng 80 no entry Champneys West
Nov-19 Brooklyn NY Cancer NURSE Henry George C of Eng 33 no entry Champneys East
Dec-21 Clarenville Scarlet Fever CROUS? Wm. Louis O. UC 5 yrs St. John's Shoal Hr.
PAGE 228                
Dec-24 Harcourt Meningitis FLEET Alex John UC 13 yrs St. John's Harcourt
Oct-28 Greens Hr. Paralysis ROWE James SA 72 Hearts Content Greens Hr.
Nov-04 New Hr. Kidney Trouble GEORGE Mrs. Walter SA 46 Spaniards Bay New Hr.
Nov-07 Dildo Tuberculosis SMITH Mrs. Samuel SA 33 Dildo New Hr.
Dec-23 Hants Hr. Senility JANES Mrs. Caleb SA 71 3/4 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-12 New Chelsea Ricketts BELBIN Marion Irene Pentecostal 14 mos New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-09 Brownsdale T.B. BUTTON Mrs. Moses UC 50 Old Perlican Brownsdale
Sep-09 Hants Hr. Meningitis PERCY Lillian B. UC 10 3/4 yrs Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-10 St. John's Pulm. T.B. SHORT Elsie UC 11 yrs Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Dec-12 Hants Hr. S.B. SHORT Hilda UC 37 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Dec-17 Hants Hr. Internal Complications RENDAL John UC 61 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-27 Burgoyres Cove Inflammation of Stomach STEELE Elizabeth C of Eng 71 Burgoynes Cove Burgoynes Cove
Oct-08 Grandfalls Senility GOULDING Susannah C of Eng 86 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Nov-22 Middle Brook Pneumonia JERRETT Mary C of Eng 76 Gambo Middle Brook
Nov-11 Port Blandford Diarrhoea KNEE Susannah C of Eng 73 Greenspond Port Blandford
Jan-04 Catalina Cancer HUMPHRIES Edward RC 74 no entry Catalina
Jun-07 Catalina Childbirth HUNT Gertrude RC 24 no entry Catalina
Mar-21 Winterton Old Age ANDREWS Susannah UC 77 no entry Winterton
Aug-16 Winterton Old Age GREGORY Deborah UC 89 Trinity Winterton
Nov-12 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia BURRIDGE William UC 77 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-22 St. John's Bronchitis PIERCEY Cyril Tolson G. UC 6 mos Winterton T.B. Winterton
Mar-30 St. John's Genl. Hosp Cebral Tumour PITTMAN Marjorie C of Eng 19 yrs Trinity Trinity
Dec-31 Hickman's Hr. - BENSON Baby UC 1 1/2 dys Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Dec-31 Champneys Arm Pne. T.B. MILLER George C of Eng 30 Champneys Champneys W.
Oct-18 Port Union Dropsy RUSSELL Arthur C of Eng 18 Catalina Catalina
Mar-25 Dunfield Carcinoma Stomach WISEMAN Francis UC 71 Dunfield T.B. Dunfield
Dec-10 Princeton - WHITE Arthur UC 72 Princeton BB Princeton
Nov-27 Dunfield Acute Bronchitis MARSH Violet C of Eng 3 Dunfield T.B. Trinity
PAGE 234                
Feb-06 Poor Asylum Pulm T.B. GLADNEY Edward RC 52 Clarenville Mt. Carmel
Feb-19 Wallis House S. John's Diseased Tonsils (Operation) SOPER Mary C of E 6 Little Ht. Ease Little Ht. Ease
Feb-27 10 Chapel St. Influenza PELLY Sarah UC 67 Smith Sound? TB General Protestant Cmty
Mar-14 Grace Hosp Obstruction Oesophagus SUMMER Ernest SA 67 Clarenville Clarenville
Jan-19 Sanatorium Pulm T.B. REID Sarah UC 17 Bay Bull Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Mar-15 Sanatorium Pulm T.B. WEBBER Maxwell UC 30 Clarenville Clarenville
Mar-30 Genl Hosp Cerebral Tumour PITTMAN Marjorie C of E 19 Trinity Trinity
Apr-01 Mental Hosp Pneumonia STANLEY Mary Hannah UC 46 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jan-27 Hope All - HILLIER William Jame (sic) C of E 58 Hopeall New Harbor
Mar-01 Spread Eagle Cong Deb HILLIER Clarence C. C of E 5 wks Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Mar-13 New Hr. Senility THORNE Mary C of E 82 New Harbor New Harbor
Jan-10 N.W. Brook Pneumonia SOPER Louisa UC 56 Dildo N.W. Brook
Feb-05 Loreburn S.B. PRICE Baby UC SB Loreburn Loreburn
Feb-19 St. John's Tonsils Adenoids Opr. LAVINA Mary Soper UC 6 yrs Little Ht. Ease Little Ht. Ease
Mar-08 N.W. Brook Hernia - Samuel UC 2 yrs N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
Feb-05 Britannia Paralysis IVANY John UC 73 9/12 English Hr. Britannia
Mar-05 Hickman's Hr. Convulsions BENSON Nellie M. UC 4 mos Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Mar-15 Hickman's Hr. S.B. VARDY Baby UC SB Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Feb-14 Greens Hr. Pulm T.B. GREEN Selby UC 21 Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Mar-29 New Hr. Convulsions HILLIER Roy M Lennon UC 1 yr New Harbor New Harbor
Apr-08 Poor Asylum Toxaemia CREWE Robert UC 69 Elliston Genl Protestant
Apr-10 Mental Hosp Arterio Sclerosis SMITH John W. UC 34 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-7/33 Port Rexton - RANDELL Emma Shirley C of E 8 dys Port Rexton Port Rexton
Apr-23 Champneys - GOLDSWORTHY Eliza C of E 26 Champneys Champneys
May-02 Champneys - HOBBS Ann Maria C of E 68 no entry Champneys
Jan-25/35 Trinity E. Carcinoma Oesophagus EVELLY Elizabeth C of E 76 no entry Port Rexton
Feb-18 Port Rexton Septicaemia RANDELL Martha C of E - no entry Port Rexton
Mar-03 English Hr. Toxaemia from Cyst FORD Mary Ann C of E 82 no entry English Hr.
Mar-21 Port Rexton Cer. Haemorrhage MATE Mary Elizabeth C of E 79 no entry Port Rexton
Jan-01 Newmans Cove Senile Decay SKIFFINGTON Elizabeth UC 74 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jan-21 Elliston Convulsions HILL George Thomas UC 1 dy Elliston Elliston
Jan-22 Elliston Influenza COLE Fanny UC 26 yrs Elliston Elliston
Jan-26 Elliston Influenza COLE Emma UC 75 Elliston Elliston
Feb-21 Elliston Influenza CREWE Jabez UC 53 Elliston Elliston
Mar-09 Elliston Influenza CREWE Caroline UC 81 Elliston Elliston
Mar-16 Elliston Influenza HICKS Joseph UC 93 Elliston Elliston
Mar-19 Elliston Influenza OLDFORD Martha UC 74 Elliston Elliston
Mar-19 Newmans Cove Influenza HAYWARD Elizabeth UC 81 Bonavista Newmans Cove
Mar-21 Newmans Cove Influenza HICKS Mary A. UC 71 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar-23 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis SKIFFINGTON Jepsha? UC 25 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
PAGE 235                
Apr-16 Old Railway Track St. John's Senility SAMSON Mrs. Susannah C of E 70 Winterton TB Ch of Eng.
Jan-15 Little Catalina Ricketts REID Allan J. UC 2 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb-10 Catalina Peritonitis WHITE Jessie UC 66 Catalina Catalina
Feb-17 Port Union Nephritis Ac. KEATS Rosina UC 49 - Catalina
Feb-17 Port Union Meningitis NORMAN Greta UC 1 Port Union Catalina
Feb-17 Catalina Myocarditis BLANDON Jane UC 80 Catalina Catalina
Feb-28 Port Union Pneumonia LODGE Elizabeth UC 44 - Catalina
Mar-05 Little Catalina Endocarditis WAY Mary Hannah UC 72 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-11 Little Catalina Pulm T.B. DALTON Eli UC 70 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-16 Catalina Influenza HOUSE Emma UC 78 Catalina Catalina
Mar-30 Catalina Cerebral Haemorrhage REID Bessie UC 67 Catalina Catalina
Jan-06 Elliston Tuberculosis BAKER Pearl SA 18 St. John's Elliston
Feb-04 Hants Hr. Senile Decay ASH John SA 79 Hant's Hr. Hants Hr.
Mar-12 Clarenville Whooping Cough JARVIS Daisy SA 9 1/2 mos Clarenville Clarenville
Mar-14 St. John's Obstruction Oesophagus SUMMERS Ernest SA 67 - Clarenville
Mar-23 Hants Hr. Ascites MAIDMENT Mrs. Sarah SA 54 New Melbourne Hants Hr.
Jan-25 Hearts Content Myocarditis BAKER Willis C of E 78 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Feb-05 Hearts Content Myocarditis PEDDLE Anne C of E 85 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar-05 Hearts Content Hypertension BAKER Anne C of E 83 Winterton TB Hearts Content
Mar-05 Hearts Content Myocarditis ROWE John of Reuben C of E 67 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar-09 Hearts Content Ch. Bronchitis BABSTOCK Sarah C of E 81 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar-16 Hearts Content Carcinoma of Liver ROWE Mary C of E 61 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-30 Hearts Content Heart Failure BABB Lucy C of E 74 Lamaline New Perlican
Mar-02 New Perlican Influenza WARREN Sarah C of E 81 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-03 New Perlican Lobar Pneumonia WHITE George C of E 81 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-04 Hearts Content Cer. Haemorrhage BUGDEN Flora C of E 57 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-05 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia WARREN Emily C of E 59 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-27 Winterton Lobar Pneumonia HISCOCK Robert C of E 37 Winterton TB Winterton
Jan-17 Catalina Apoplexy CLOUTER Archibald C of E 79 Catalina Catalina
Feb-18 Port Union Heart Failure SAMPSON Anna C of E 81 Flat Is. B.B. Catalina
Mar-03 Port Union S.B. SWEETLAND Baby C of E SB Port Union Catalina
Jan-24 Islington Convulsions WALSH Katherine C of E 5 mos Islington Hearts Delight
Jan-23 Hearts Delight Pneumonia HARNUM John C of E 75 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb-12 Lead Cove T.B. LAMBERT Sarah UC 21 Lead Cove Sebley's Cove
Mar-22 Lead Cove T.B. Meningitis BUDDON Effie Maud UC 15 Newtown Sebley's Cove
May-07 Topsail Rd. Pulm T.B. MELINDY Pearl C of E 17 Newtown Newtown
Jan-14 Clarenville Senility DODGE Harriet C of E 83 Hillview Clarenville
Jan-28 Clarenville Convulsions BLANDON Minnie UC 7 mos Clarenville Clarenville
Feb-08 Clarenville Whooping Cough STRONG Allen L. UC 2 Clarenville Clarenville
Feb-20 Clarenville Whooping Cough STRONG Miriam UC 3 Clarenville Clarenville
PAGE 236                
Feb-26 Harcourt - BARRETT Wm. John UC 70 Old Perlican Harcourt
Mar-02 Shoal Hr. Cong Deb PITTMAN William UC 1 dy Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Mar-08 Shoal Hr. Pneumonia PITTMAN Helen UC 36 Barton Shoal Hr.
Mar-12 Clarenville Pneumonia BALSOM Joseph UC 69 Shoal Hr. Clarenville
Mar-15 St. John's Tuberculosis WEBBER Arnold Maxwell UC 30 Clarenville Clarenville
Mar-15 Shoal Hr. Pneumonia SULEY Richard UC 14 Milton Shoal Hr.
Mar-23 Shoal Hr. Epilepsy ADEY Jennie RC 70 Long Isld NY Shoal Hr.
Mar-21 Georges Brook Senility STANLEY Emma UC 85 Hr. Grace Georges Brook
Jan-19 Sanatorium Pulm T.B. REID Sarah UC 17 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Mar-04 Sunnyside Senility PARSONS Sarah UC 84 Greens hr. Sunnyside
Feb-15 Norman's Cove Pneumonia PIERCEY Wm. Thomas UC 13 mos Normans Cove Norman's Cove
Mar-19 Sunnyside Senility BRINSTON Hannah UC 78 Sound Isld Sound Isld
May-02 Thornlea Tuberculosis BRAUTION Uriah UC 58 Thornlea Thornlea
May-13 Whitbourne Senility MUNROE Alexander UC 89 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jun-03 Grace Hosp Marasmus GRANDY Elizabeth C of E 6 mos Port Union Port Union
Jan-30 Little Hr. East Infancy PEDDLE Eric Nelson C of E 28 dys Little Hr. Little Hr. East
Feb-12 Little Hr. East - MAKELEY Mary Anne C of E 71 Haystack Little Hr. East
Feb-15 Whitbourne Cancer REID Isaac C of E 58 Whitbourne Whitbourne
May-07 Whitbourne - KENNEDY Verna C of E 7 mos Whitbourne Whitbourne
May-10 Whitbourne Heart Trouble SHARPE Levi C of E 63 Whitbourne Blaketown
Feb-17 Blaketown Goitre JONES Sarah C of E 46 Blaketown Blaketown
Feb-18 Little Hr. East - HONNE William C of E 38 no entry Little Hr. East
Feb-25 Arnold Cove Old Age CHICK Albert C of E 83 no entry Arnold Cove
Apr-04 Arnold Cove - WARREN William C of E 56 no entry Arnold Cove
Mar-26 Little Hr. East Epilepsy PEDDLE Henry C of E 32 Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
Jun-18 Mental Hosp Pneumonia COOPER Simeon UC 44 Gooseberry Cove S. Army St. John's
Apr-01 Trinity E. Heart Disease WATTS William John C of E 59 Trinity E. Port Rexton
May-20 Trinity E. Heart Disease LAITE Maria C of E 83 Trinity Port Rexton
Jun-16 Champneys East Heart Disease NURSE Mary C of E 61 Champneys Champneys E.
Jun-17 Trinity E. Senility JONES Robert C of E 84 Trinity E. Port Rexton
May-15 Deep Bight Influenza SHORT Samuel UC 91 Hants Hr. Deep Bight
May-20 Little Hearts Ease Pneumonia MARTIN Mary UC 65 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
May-13 St. Jones Without T.B. Throat GREEN Evelyn UC 5 yrs St. Jones Without St. Jones Without
May-24 Deep Bight Influenza SHORT Mary Jane UC 77 Shoal Hr. Deep Bight
May-25 Adeyton Pulm T.B. ADEY William Edward UC 57 Adeyton Adeyton
May-30 Hillview Heart Failure FROST Eli UC 82 Grates Cove Hillview
Jun-01 Little Hearts Ease Drowning MARTIN Ezekiel Eric UC 3 yrs Little Ht. Ease Little Hearts Ease
Jun-02 St. Jones Within Old Age TUCKER James John UC 77 Port de Grave St. Jones Within
Jun-16 Hillview Inflammation of Bowels CHURCHILL Willis Gordon UC 4 yrs Hillview Hillview
Jun-20 Southport Drowning IVANY William Garfield UC 12 Southport Southport
PAGE 237                
Mar-25 Dunfield TB Cancer of Liver WISEMAN Francis RC 71 Dunfield Trinity
May-18 Summerville - CREWE George RC 71 Summerside Summerville
Apr-29 New Harbour Whooping Cough HILLIER Roy UC 1 New Harbor New Harbor
May-24 Hope All Pulm T.B. PIERCEY Sarah Jane UC 55 Normans Cove Hopeall
Jun-16 Whiteway Whooping Cough GOULDIER Terence UC 5 mos Whiteway Whiteway
Apr-17 Lady Cove Inflammation of Bowels MARCH Amelia UC 23 Naughty Bay Lady Cove
May-04 Lady Cove Gangrene BUTLER William UC 86 Cupids Lady Cove
Jun-20 Lady Cove Tuberculosis HART Archibald UC 19 Lady Cove Lady Cove
May-12 Thoroughfare Tuberculosis & Influenza LODER James King UC 20 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
May-14 Hickman's Hr. Ulcerated Stomach CRITCH George Charles UC 64 3/4 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
May-21 Hickman's Hr. Old Age CRITCH Ann UC 93 3/4 New Perlican Hickman's Hr.
Apr-04 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis KEATS Harold UC 15 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-04 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis RYAN Noah UC 60 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-10 Newmans Cove Convulsions COOL Robert UC 1 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-24 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis ABBOTT Robert J. UC 38 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-25 Maberley Influenza CHAULK Robert UC 70 Maberley Elliston
Apr-28 Newmans Cove Old Age ABBOTT Andrew UC 88 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
May-01 Elliston Heart Disease COLES Elizabeth Ann UC 67 Elliston Elliston
May-06 Elliston Diabetes COLE Sarah UC 62 Elliston Elliston
May-11 Maberley Old Age CHAULK Sarah UC 81 Maberley Elliston
Jun-17 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis CHAULK Thomas UC 72 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jul-13 St. John's Genl Hosp Acute Pneumonical Peritonitis CLARKE Betty RC 7 1/2 Hearts Desire Hearts Desire
Apr-21 Islington Blood Pressure BRYANT Eli C of E 63 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
May-21 Greens Hr. Senile Decay CROCKER Elizabeth C of E 90 Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Jun-04 Islington Whooping Cough WELSH Frederick C of E 1 Islington Hearts Delight
? 17 Whiteway Drowning DROVER Winston C of E - Whiteway Body not Recovered
? 26 Islington Whooping Cough CHISLETT William C of E 9 mos Islington Hearts Delight
? 4 Whiteway Whooping Cough POTTLE Mabel C of E 2 1/2 mos Whiteway Cavendish
Apr-03 New Harbor Whooping Cough THORNE Ronald David C of E 1 New Harbor New Harbor
Apr-05 Dildo Still Born HARNUM Baby C of E - Dildo Dildo
Apr-13 New Harbor Cancer HIGDON Edmund C of E 66 New Harbor New Harbor
Apr-27 New Harbor Cancer GEORGE Edmund John C of E 57 New Harbor New Harbor
May-25 New Harbor Whooping Cough GEORGE James C of E 1 3/4 New Harbor New Harbor
May-26 Spread Eagle Pulm T.B. SMITH Isabel C of E 22 Long Cove Spread Eagle
May ?1 Spread Eagle - HELLIER Ralph C of E 1 hour Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
May-13 Hearts Content Pulmonary Atelectasis BALSOM William Arthur C of E 2 days Hearts Content Hearts Content
Apr-05 New Perlican Syncope SMITH Mary Jane C of E 74 New Perlican New Perlican
May-20 New Perlican Senility Arterio Sclerosis ETHERIDGE Ambrose C of E 75 Champneys New Perlican
? 8 ??terton Arterio Sclerosis Gangrene HISCOCK Jasper C of E 79 Winterton? Winterton?
?? ??terton Ch. Bronchitis Myocarditis PARROTT Ada C of E 81 Winterton? Winterton?
PAGE 238                
Feb-05 Butter Cove Constriction of Bowels SPURELL Moses C of E 69 Butter Cove Gooseberry Cove
Mar-02 Hodge's Cove Chr. Anaemia PEDDLE Leander C of E 51 Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Jun-01 Butter Cove Peritonitis of Bowels BALSOM Lionel C of E 17 Butter Cove Gooseberry Cove
Jun-02 Hodge's Cove Senility HISCOCK Angelina C of E 90 no entry Hodge's Cove
Jun-09 Hillview Pul. T.B. ANDERSON Lily C of E 15 Chance Cove Hillview
Apr-11 Long Beach Congenital Debility BARFRITT? Douglas Jameson C of E 6 mths St. John's Long Beach
Mar-25 New Harbor Tuberculosis CAMFERD? Violet SA 7 New Harbor New Harbor
Apr-05 Winterton Tuberculosis DOWNEY John SA 21 1/4 Winterton TB Winterton
Apr-12 New Harbor Tuberculosis HIGDON Stella SA 16 New Harbor New Harbor
May-06 New Harbor Whooping Cough CRANFORD Mary Louise SA 2 1/2 New Harbor New Harbor
Jun-05 Blaketown Paralysis REID James SA 75 New Harbor Blaketown
Jun-06 Elliston Kidney Disease BAKER Ronald SA 14 Elliston Elliston
Jun-08 Hants Hr. Senile Decay CRITCH Sarah SA 83 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jun-28 Britannia Tuberculosis GEORGE Louise Gladys SA 22 Britannia Britannia
Jul-25 St John's Genl Hosp Pott's Caries LAHEY Maurice RC 33 Hearts Desire Heart's Desire
Jul-29 Grace Hosp Epilepsy SMITH Virtue D. UC 5 Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Jan-01 Buchans Heart Failure MAIDMENT Hannah Elizabeth C of E 88 Trinity Trinity
Feb-11 Ireland's Eye Pul. T.B. HODDER Alexander C of E 19 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Mar-13 New Bonaventure Cerebral Haemorrhage SHORT Isaac John C of E 67 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Mar-30 St. John's Genl Hosp Cerebral Tumner? PITTMAN Marjorie C of E 19 Trinity Trinity
Mar-26 Old Bonaventure Cerebral Haemorrhage SPURELL Arthur C of E 76 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Apr-11 Trinity Pul. T.B. GOVER Violet C of E 18 Trinity Trinity
Apr-14 Lockston Tubercular Thigh PEDDLE Douglas Vincent C of E 16 mths Lockston Trinity
Apr-18 Old Bonaventure Whooping Cough TOOPE Louis Albert C of E 2 4/12 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Apr-21 Kerley's Hr. Whooping Cough MILLER Laura C of E 3 Kerley's Hr. New Bonaventure
Jun-14 Lockston Pul. T.B. TESTICAN William James C of E 19 Lockston Trinity
Aug-01 Mental Hosp Toxic Delirium JOHNSTONE Charlotte UC 60 Little Catalina Genl Protestant
Jan-16 Waterville - HOLLOWAY Lizzie Ann C of E 14 mos Waterville Gin Cove
May-18 Monroe - SHANE Linda F. C of E 1 yr Monroe Gin Cove
Jun-18 Burgoine's Cove Child-bed Fever MEADUS Louisa F. C of E 26 Burgoine's Cove Burgoine's Cove
Jun-26 Burgoine's Cove Cong Debility MEADUS Mary O. C of E 3 wks Burgoine's Cove Burgoine's Cove
Mar-02 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia GREEN Clara UC 17 Winterton TB Winterton
Mar-16 Winterton Old Age FOLLETT Edmund UC 83 Winterton TB Winterton
Apr-10 St. John's Arterio Sclerosis SMITH John (H.?) UC 34 New Hr. New Perlican
Jun-03 Hearts Content Pneumonia BONNER Martha UC 78 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar-02 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia GREEN Clara UC 17 Winterton TB Winterton
Mar-16 Winterton Old Age FOLLETT Edmund UC 83 Winterton TB Winterton
Apr-10 Mental Hosp Arterio Sclerosis SMITH John W. UC 34 New hr. Bay New Perlican
Jun-03 Hearts Content Pneumonia BONNER Martha UC 78 Hearts Content Hearts Content
May-10 New Melbourne T.B. DRISCOLL Mrs. Geo UC 54 New Melbourne New Melbourne
PAGE 239                
Jun-24 New Melbourne Child-birth Fever BURSEY Mrs. Lionel UC 18 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Oct-01 St. John's Pneumonia STANLEY Mary H. UC 45 Milton Shoal Hr.
May-07 Harcourt Influenza BARRETT Rebecca F. UC 67 - Harcourt
May-28 Harcourt Influenza STRONG Emily Sarah UC 69 Old Perlican Harcourt
Jun-08 Clarenville Dysentary STRONG Newman G. UC 3 4/12 Clarenville Clarenville
Aug-22 Genl Hosp Meningitis REID Lawrence UC 27 Port Blandford Fosters Pt.
Apr-02 Little Catalina Meningitis DALTON Rachel L. UC 1 1/3 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-19 Port Union Cancer WILTSHIRE Amelia UC 62 - Catalina
Jun-20 Port Union Injuries from Fall NORMAN William J. UC 69 Port Union Catalina
Sep-05 Grace Hosp Myocarditis GREEN Mrs Ethel C of E 50 Winterton TB Winterton
Sep-07 Genl Hosp Intestinal Obstruction WHITE James UC 36 Normans Cove Norman's Cove
Sep-30 Genl Hosp Carcinoma of Rectum SEAWARD Johanna UC 63 Perlican Old Perlican
Jun-30 Deep Bight Pulmonary T.B. SHORT Mary UC 35 - Deep Bight
Jul-07 Hatchet Cove - BLUNDEN Clarice Anne UC 13 mos Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Jul-29 St. John's Epilepsy SMITH Virtue D. UC 5 yrs Hodge's Cove Hodge's Cove
Aug-15 Caplin Cove - WHELAN Alfreda UC 67 - Caplin Cove
Jul-15 Port Rexton Carcinoma of Stomach BUTLER Arabella C of E 77 - Port Rexton
Aug-01 Champneys Arm Pneumonia PIERCEY Gladys E. C of E 4 mos - Port Rexton
Aug-20 Port Rexton S.B. RANDELL Baby C of E sb Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug-23 English Hr. Myocarditis PENNEY Albert C of E 69 English Hr. English Hr.
Jul-06 Elliston Tuberculosis STEAD Cyril UC 2 yrs Elliston Elliston
Jul-15 Bushy Cove Heart Failure HICKS George UC 75 Bushy Cove Newmans Cove
Sep-10 Genl Hosp Tuberculosis OLDFORD William UC 65 Elliston Elliston
Sep-10 Elliston Heart Failure BAKER Israel UC 75 Elliston Elliston
Sep-25 Elliston S.B. COLE Baby UC sb Elliston Elliston
Jun-05 Famish Cove Meningitis CRANN Ernest Wm. UC 7 yrs Famish Cove Famish Cove
Jul-20 Famish Cove - GILBERT Rosie G. UC 3 yrs Famish Cove Famish Cove
Sep-01 Norman's Cove Senility PIERCEY John G. UC 77 Normans Cove Norman's Cove
Jul-07 Whitbourne Senility BANTEN? Eliza C of E 75 Spaniards Bay Norman's Cove
Jul-21 Spread Eagle Pulm. T.B. HILLIER Mahala J. C of E 22 Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Aug-13 New Hr. Cancer THORNE Mary C of E 33 Goddenville New Harbor
Sep-01 Spread Eagle - HILLIER Selina C of E 40 Little Ridge Spread Eagle
Jul-13 Hope All Whooping Cough PIERCEY Norman UC 6 mos Hr. Grace Hopeall
Jul-16 New Hr. Whooping Cough GARLAND Walter UC 1 yr New Hr. New Harbor
Jul-20 Whiteway Whooping Cough WALKER George UC 7 yrs Whiteway Whiteway
Aug-02 Greens Hr. Old Age COISH William T. UC 84 Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Aug-04 Greens Hr. Convulsions SHUP? Thomas UC 3 dys Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Sep-15 Greens Hr. SB BRACE Baby UC sb Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Jan-22 Clarenville Dysentary SEAWARD Mary A. UC 73 Hillview Clarenville
Jan-25 Shoal Hr. Convulsions STANLEY Arthur J. UC 1 yr Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
PAGE 240                
Jul-15 Clarenville Congenital Debility SEAWARD Joseph R. UC 7 mos Clarenville Clarenville
Aug-08 Georges Brook T.B. Kidneys PELLEY Bernard K. UC 29 Georges Brook Georges Brook
Aug-14 Milton Dysentary ADAMS Cyril UC 3 yrs Milton Georges Brook
Aug-27 Tyhes Cove Congenital Debility DUFFITT Hettie M. UC 6 dys Tyhes Cove Monroe
Aug-31 Milton Dysentary ADAMS Richard UC 83 Old Perlican Georges Brook
Sep-05 New Hr. Heart Trouble STANLEY Charles UC 76 Hants Hr. Shoal Hr.
Sep-19 Shoal Hr. Tuberculosis STANLEY Bessie UC 29 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Oct-12 Mental Hosp Man. Dep. Psychosis BOGDEN Baxter UC 35 no entry English Hr.
Jul-02 New Chelsea Inflammation BAILEY Chesley SA 2 1/2 yrs New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-08 New Harbor Pneumonia CRAMFORD Beulah L. SA 3 New Harbor New Harbor
Aug-16 Old Pond Whooping Cough PITCHER Albert Geo. SA 7 Old Pond New Harbor
Aug-25 New Harbor Tuberculosis STEFFORD Heber E. SA 29 New Harbor New Harbor
Sep-08 Winterton Beri Beri PINHORN James C of E 55 Winterton TB Winterton
Jul-27 New Perlican Heart Failure LEGGE Amelia C of E 61 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-01 New Perlican Eclampsia PITTS Hannah C of E 39 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug-31 New Perlican S.B. PITTS Baby C of E sb New Perlican New Perlican
Jul-11 Hearts Content Pertussis ROWE Cyril C of E 11 1/2 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jul-18 Hearts Content Cardiac Asthma GEORGE John C of E 69 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jul-26 Twillingate Pulm T.B. YOUNG Cassie C of E 20 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-15 Hearts Content Whooping Cough CRAMM Ida C of E 4 yrs Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-21 Hearts Content Whooping Cough REGULAR Edmund L. C of E 6 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-20 Hearts Content Whooping Cough HIPPERN Eleanor B. C of E 3 yrs Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-25 Hearts Content Whooping Cough GEORGE Emma C of E 1 yr Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-04 Hearts Content Whooping Cough WILLIAMS Gordon C of E 11 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-20 Hearts Content Whooping Cough LEGGE Dorothy C of E 2 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-20 Hearts Content Whooping Cough GEORGE Audrey C of E 4 yrs Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-28 Hearts Content Whooping Cough ROCKWOOD Hilda C of E 13 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jul-02 New Chelsea Convulsions HARRIS Vernice Rose UC 10 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-02 New Melbourne Tuberculosis DRISCOLL Quinton UC 53 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jul-30 New Melbourne Old Age BARRETT Mrs. Elizabeth UC 80 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Aug-05 New Melbourne Old Age PYNN Francis UC 85 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Nov-17 Grace Hosp Hydrocolle, Heart Failure CREWE Clinton SA 22 Elliston Elliston
Nov-14 Genl Hosp Ac. Mastoidis HARRIS Diana SA 17 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Nov-25 Genl Hosp Lobar Pneumonia FRENCH Austin? C of E 47 Winterton TB Winterton
Jul-04 Cavendish Whooping Cough LEGGE Gordon G. UC 1 mo Cavendish Cavendish
Jul-10 Islington Whooping Cough CHISLETT Jean UC 1 mo Islington Hearts Delight
Aug-02 Hearts Delight Whooping Cough SOOLEY Edward J. UC 2 yrs Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jul-15 Greens Hr. Tuberculosis CROCKER Lily UC 16 Greens hr. Greens Hr.
Aug-23 Hearts Delight - BISHOP Bernice L. UC 2 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Sep-11 Cavendish Paralysis JACKSON Frederick UC 77 - Cavendish
PAGE 241                
Sep-22 Islington Tuberculosis CHISLETT William UC 46 Islington Hearts Delight
Dec-17 Genl Hosp Brights Disease PINSENT Audrey C of E 21 New Harbor New Harbor
Dec-27 Genl Hosp Carcinoma of Colon GOFF James RC 45 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Nov-30 Milton Heart Failure ADAMS George no entry 58 no entry Milton
Jul-24 Dunfield TB Pneumonia KING Nellie Christian Organization Mission 1 yr Dunfield Dunfield
Oct-05 Long Beach - AVERY Albert W. UC 4 mos Long Beach Long Beach
Oct-10 Caplin Cove Typhoid Fever WHALEN Kate UC 27 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Oct-18 Little Hearts Ease - BAKER Hy George UC 2 1/2 yrs no entry Little Hearts Ease
Oct-26 Hillview - CHURCHILL Annie B. UC 11 mos Hillview Hillview
Oct-23 Hillview S.B. NO ENTRY   UC sb no entry Hillview
Oct-23 Hillview S.B. NO ENTRY   UC sb no entry Hillview
Nov-18 Caplin Cove Pulm T.B. BAKER Emma J. UC 23 Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Nov-26 Southport - AVERY Fanny UC 2 1/2 mos Southport Southport
Dec-16 Little Hearts Ease Pulm T.B. SOPER Hilda B. UC 26 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Oct-21 Lockston Diabetic JONES Norman B. C of E 7 mos Lockston Port Rexton
Oct-22 Port Rexton Senility BUTTER Henry C of E 85 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct-31 Trinity E. Cer. Haemorrhage COOK John C of E 83 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Nov-10 Trinity E. T.B. Meningitis WHITE Rosanna M. C of E 16 mths Normans Cove Port Rexton
Dec-01 Trinity E. Ch. Fibroid Phthisis JONES Druscilla C of E 81 - Port Rexton
Dec-13 Champneys East Gen. Paralysis of ? HART Julia C of E 72 Champneys Champneys E.
Dec-20 Champneys Arm Cer. Haemorrhage RANDALL Alfred C of E 66 Champneys Champneys W.
Oct-02 Goose Cove Convulsions MARSH Amy E. C of E 7 dys Goose Cove Trinity
Oct-09 Trouty Cer. Haemorrhage JOHNSON Alexander J. C of E 79 Trouty Trinity
Oct-17 Lockston Pulm. T.B. BAILEY Wm. Robert C of E 15 Lockston Trinity
Nov-26 Ireland's Eye Rheumatic Arthritis HODDER Chas. H. C of E 64 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Dec-16 Dunfield TB Asthemia? MARSH Hilda M. C of E 3 wks Dunfield Trinity
Dec-17 Trinity Diabetic SOMERTON Frederick C of E 73 Portugal Cove Trinity
Apr-23 New Bonaventure Whooping Cough KING Geraldine Vera C of E 7 1/2 mos New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Jun-13 Old Bonaventure Ac. Bronchitis PITCHER Abraham C of E 65 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Jul-09 British Hr. Cong. Debility VATCHER Stanley N. C of E 1 2/3 yrs British Hr. British Hr.
Jul-16 Trouty Heart Disease CLIFFORD John C of E 79 Trouty Trouty
Jul-18 New Bonaventure Apoplexy MILLER George C of E 13 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Jul-23 Trouty Enlarged Prostate BROWN Abraham C of E 84 Trouty Trouty
Aug-06 British Hr. Cer. Haemorrhage ANDERSON Abraham C of E 81 9/12 British Hr. British Hr.
Aug-21 New Bonaventure Cong. Debility KING Charlotte J.G. C of E 2 1/2 mos New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Sep-19 Dunfield TB Influenza MARSH Mildred C of E 13 yrs Dunfield Trinity
Sep-25 Elliston Paralysis COLES Samson UC 74 Elliston Elliston
Oct-23 Bushy? Cove Tuberculosis RYAN Annie B. UC 18 1/2 Bushy Cove Newmans Cove
Nov-17 Grace Hosp Hernia CREWE Wesley C. SA 23 Elliston Elliston
Nov-29 Elliston Accidental Death RYAN Samuel UC 63 Bushy Cove Bushy Cove
PAGE 242                
Dec-02 Elliston Old Age COLE Kezia UC 84 Elliston Elliston
Dec-11 Newmans Cove Heart Failure HICKS David UC 61 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Dec-13 Newmans Cove Meningitis ELLIOT Chesley UC 1 4/12 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Oct-31 Dildo Cancer SMITH George C of E 66 Dildo Dildo
Dec-17 Genl Hosp Brights Disease PINSENT Audrey Catherine C of E 21 Dildo Dildo
Dec-21 Old Shop Tuberculosis DAY James C of E 37 Old Shop Old Shop
Oct-05 New Hr. Cong. Debility GOSSE Elizabeth UC 74 New Harbor New Harbor
Dec-23 Markland Convulsions SMITH John UC 2 New Harbor New Harbor
Dec-27 Cavendish Pulm T.B. JARRETT Nellie UC 17 Cavendish Cavendish
Oct-09 British Hr. Heart Failure LEONARD Peter RC 72 British Hr. Gooseberry Cove
Sep-11 Gooseberry Cove Cancer SEAWARD Patrick RC 84 Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
Dec-05 Winterton Lobar Pneumonia VERGE Frederick C of E 24 Winterton TB Winterton
Dec-11 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia GREEN Eureka Elane J. C of E 1 1/2 yrs Winterton TB Winterton
Dec-21 Winterton Lobar Pneumonia PARROTT Marcus C of E 44 yrs Winterton TB Winterton
Oct-25 Winterton SB PARROTT Baby C of E sb Winterton TB Winterton
Oct-25 Winterton SB PARROTT Baby C of E sb Winterton TB Winterton
Oct-24 Hearts Content Prematurity WARREN Gladys Joan C of E 1 dy Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-29 Hearts Content Heart Failure HOPKINS Alfred C of E 59 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-07 New Perlican Typhoid Fever HOBBS Douglas C of E 13 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-07 New Perlican Senility WHITE Emma C of E 86 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-13 New Perlican Heart Failure PIERCEY Henry C of E 21 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-19 New Perlican Inanition WHITE Elizabeth C of E Infant New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-24 Bellevue Heart Failure BROWN Clohilda RC 28 Bellevue Bellevue
Jun-09 Bellevue Tuberculosis LYNCH Daniel RC 74 Bellevue Bellevue
Sep-10 Bellevue Old Age McCARSTY Emma RC 88 Bellevue Bellevue
Oct-07 Bellevue Old Age McCARSTY Owen RC 80 Bellevue Bellevue
Dec-04 Bellevue - WHITTLE John RC 25 hrs Bellevue Bellevue
Jul-04 Clarenville Meningitis BALSOM Maud UC 3 Clarenville Clarenville
Nov-16 Waterville Heart Trouble LUTHER Marsha UC 74 Clarenville White Rock
Oct-06 Hickman's Hr. Dysentary MARSH Cecil E. SA 5 yrs Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Sep-30 St. John's Carcinoma of Rectum SEAWARD Johanna UC 65 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-04 Hearts Content Senility BONNER George UC 83 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Nov-22 New Perlican Peritonitis HEFFORD Moses UC 35 New Perlican New Perlican
Dec-10 Hearts Delight Senility NORTHMAN Rosanna UC 77 Hearts Content Hearts Delight
Aug-03 Winterton Tuberculosis HARNUM Victor UC 47 8/12 Winterton TB Winterton
Sep-14 Hearts Content Ceb. Haemmorhage ROWE Joseph UC 72 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-07 Port Union Paralysis EDGECOMBE Thomas UC 73 Catalina Catalina
Oct-20 Little Catalina Ricketts DALTON Roy UC 4 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov-12 Little Catalina Tuberculosis DALTON Annie (?) UC 26 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov-17 Little Catalina Tuberculosis KENNEDY Mabel UC 19 Little Catalina Little Catalina
PAGE 243                
Nov-28 Little Catalina Paralysis JOHNSON Alex UC 81 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov-30 Little Catalina Convulsions CHAULK Annie L. UC 3 wks Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec-06 Little Catalina Pneumonia HUNT Cresley UC 32 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec-27 Little Catalina Ricketts DALTON Luke UC 2 1/2 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec-28 Little Hr. East Old Age UPSHALL Edmund C of E 76 Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
Dec-26 Little Hr. East Old Age UPSHALL Lizzie C of E 66 Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
25-Dec-33 Little Hr. East Infancy Cong. Deb. PEDDLE Stanley C. C of E hrs Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
20-Apr-34 Little Hr. East Cong. Debility UPSHALL Harold H. C of E 1 4/12 Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
25-Jul-35 Whitbourne Cong. Debility GOSSE James C.L. C of E 3 dys Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jul-28 Whitbourne Cong. Debility GOSSE May B. C of E 3 dys Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jul-02 Hillview Influenza CHURCHILL Ethel C of E 42 Sunnyside Hillview
Jul-20 Hodge's Cove Cardiac Renal CURTIS Archibald C of E 76 Kings Cove Hodge's Cove
Jul-29 Southport Senility LAMBERT Rebecca C of E 75 Southport Gooseberry Cove
Jul-15 Island Cove S.B. SMITH Baby C of E sb Sea? Cove Sea? Cove
Jul - Gooseberry Cove Cong. Debility BURFITT Baby C of E 3 dys Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
Sep-01 Hickman's Hr. Dysentary ADEY Reuben D. UC 4 yrs Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Oct-03 Britannia Senility HUNT Dinah UC 97 Britannia Britannia
Sep-21 Deer Hr. Dysentary PENNEY Elizabeth S. UC 67 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Sep-28 Bronchitis Hickman's Hr. MARTIN Ivy Lillian UC 1 mo Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Nov-04 Hickman's Hr. Meningitis BUTTER Ira John UC 17 mos Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Dec-01 Britannia Abdominal Tumor BURDEN Mary UC 52 Pelley Britannia
Dec-07 Hickman's Hr. Erysipla BRYANT Clara UC 26 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
May-22 New Melbourne Natural Debility GOODWIN Rose UC 1 mo New Melbourne New Melbourne
May-22 New Melbourne Natural Debility GOODWIN Marshall UC 1 mo New Melbourne New Melbourne
Aug-25 New Melbourne Drowning MANSFIELD Frederick UC 60 New Melbourne Lost at Sea
Aug-25 Hants Hr. Drowning GREEN Ariel UC 43 Hants Hr. Lost at Sea
Aug-25 Hants Hr. Drowning SOPER Elias UC 35 Hants Hr. Lost at Sea
Aug-25 Hants Hr. Drowning SOPER Edgar UC 25 Hants Hr. Lost at Sea
Jan-17 Catalina Apoplexy CLOUTER Archibald C of E 79 Catalina Catalina
Feb-18 Port Union Heart Failure SAMPSON Anna C of E 81 Flat Isld. Catalina
Apr-12 Catalina Senile Decay RAYMOND John C of E 81 Catalina Catalina
Apr-22 Catalina Carcinoma JONES Jane C of E 66 Port Rexton Catalina
Jun-24 Catalina Convulsions SHEPPARD Yvonne C of E 2 mos Catalina Catalina
Jul-23 Catalina Senile Decay GALLAGE Annie C of E 80 Catalina Catalina
Jul-27 Catalina Senile Decay JEANS Jemima C of E 81 Catalina Catalina
Sep-13 Port Union Brain Tumor SHEPHERD Margaret C of E 28 Catalina Catalina
Oct-06 Catalina Paralysis HIGGINS Francis C of E 58 Catalina Catalina
Oct-26 Catalina Heart Disease SHEPPARD Ar???r C of E 63 Catalina Catalina
Dec-22 Hatchet Cove Tuberculosis LAMBERT Pearl C of E 27 Lady Cove Hatchet Cove
Dec-30 New Melbourne Pneumonia BARRETT Olive Jean Pent. 2 1/2 yrs New Melbourne Newmans Cove
PAGE 244                
Nov-06 Spaniard's Cove Chr. Bronchitis JANES Thomas C of E 76 Trouty Trouty
Dec-04 Trouty Nephritis DEWLING Joseph William C of E 5/12 Trouty Trouty
Sep-20 Markland no entry IVEY James Victor C of E 3 7/12 no entry Markland
Sep-17 Blaketown Senility DROVER John W. C of E 87 no entry Blaketown
PAGE 245                
Oct-10 Hillview Malnutrition MARSH Theophilus CE 4/12 Hillview Hillview
Nov-27 Southport Convulsions AVERY Hazel UC 7 dys Southport Southport
Nov-19 Upper Deer Hr. Drowning DRODGE Eldon UC 27 Little Heart's Ease Little Heart's Ease
Nov-30 St. Jones Without Convulsions KING Simeon Boyd UC 2/12 St. Jones Without St. Jones Without
Oct-21 Loreburn Senility PRICE Mary Ann UC 69 8/12 Loreburn Loreburn
Oct-28 Queen's Cove Tuberculosis BUTT Eliza Ann UC 69 Queen's Cove Queen's Cove
Sep-26 N.W. Brook Dysentary BARRETT Emeline UC 4 N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
Dec-08 Hillview Pneumonia STOYLES James UC 77 Hillview Hillview
Oct-24 Little Catalina Meningitis STEED Mary Jane UC 30 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov-10 Little Catalina no entry JOHNSON Sarah Grace UC 2 dys Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov-15 Port Union Measles COOZE Emma Pearl UC 13/12 Pt. Union Little Catalina
Nov-17 Port Union Meningitis NORMAN Mildred D. UC 4/12 Pt. Union Little Catalina
Nov-24 Little Catalina Tuberculosis REID George F. UC 3/12 Pt. Union Little Catalina
Nov-24 Little Catalina Accidental Poisoning Overdose of Medicine JOHNSON Shirley UC 11/12 Pt. Union Little Catalina
Dec-09 Little Catalina Tuberculosis REID Blanche UC 24 Pt. Union Little Catalina
Oct-06 New Chelsea Stillborn BELBIN (SB) UC SB New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct-19 Old Perlican Meningitis CLARKE Heber J. UC 15 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Oct-24 Hant's Hr. Stillborn (prem) POOLE (SB) UC SB Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Oct-25 New Melbourne Tuberculosis BURSEY Effie Clarissa UC 8/12 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Dec-11 Hant's Hr. Senility SHORT Israel UC 83 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Dec-29 Sibley's Cove Unknown HODDINOTT Selby Jas. UC 2 wks Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
Oct-01 Elliston Cancer Stomach HOBBS Mary Jane UC 73 Elliston Elliston
Oct-17 Elliston Sudden (heart trouble) STEAD Walter James UC 4 1/2 Elliston Elliston
Oct-28 Elliston Paralysis HILL Tirzah E. UC 53 Elliston Elliston
Nov-22 Newman's Cove Paralysis SKIFFINGTON John UC 79 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Nov-27 Elliston Ruptual (surg. Opn) MARTIN Charles UC 63 Elliston Elliston
Dec-17 Newman's Cove Senility RYAN Edward UC 85 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Nov-28 New Hr. Convulsions BEMISTER June E. UC 2/12 New Hr. Carbonear
Sep-18 Deer Hr. Natural Causes BAILEY Eloise UC 2 hrs Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Oct-18 Britannia Meningitis JANES Maxwell CE 2/12 Britannia Britannia
Jun-25 Islington Drowned CHISLETT Frederick - 13 Islington Hearts Delight
Jul-16 Green's Hr. Stillborn CROCKER (SB) CE SB Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Jul-22 Heart's Delight Cancer LEGGE Jessie CE 72 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Sep-01 Cavendish Convulsions CRITCH Hector W. CE 1/12 Cavendish Cavendish
Oct-28 Islington Senility HARNUM Susanna CE 81 Islington Hearts Delight
Nov-14 Heart's Delight Insanity BISHOP Wesley CE 33 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Dec-01 Green's Hr. Prematurity CROCKER Alfred CE 1 dy Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Sep-29 Green's Hr. Tuberculosis HARNUM Joa (sic) CE 20 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Dec-22 Heart's Delight Senility HARNUM Edmund CE 80 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Dec-17 Islington Stillborn BRYANT (SB) CE SB Islington Hearts Delight
PAGE 246                
Aug-20 Hant's Hr. Cancer CRITCH Mrs. Moses Sarmy 50 Billston, Eng. Hant's Hr.
Sep-03 Dildo Cancer REID Moses Sarmy 59 Dildo Dildo
Oct-04 Hant's Hr. Spinal Paralysis BURSEY Eliza Sarmy 64 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Oct-09 New Hr. Tuberculosis PITCHER Annie Sarmy 30 New Hr. Dildo
Oct-22 Dildo Tuberculosis REID Lily Sarmy 22 Dildo Dildo
Feb-26 Chapple Arm Pneumonia PRETTY Mary Ellen Rcath 18 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Mar-22 Bellevue Tuberculosis PINSENT Andrew Rcath 18 Bellevue Bellevue
Apr-06 Bellevue Convulsions McCARTHY Owen Rcath 9 dys Bellevue Bellevue
Aug-09 Harcourt Paralysis PELLEY Cornelius UC 75 Hant's Hr. Harcourt
Sep-23 Clarenville Typhoid Fever STRONG Gertrude UC 32 Clarenville Clarenville
Aug-22 George's Brook Measles PLOUGHMAN Allan UC 3/12 George's Brook George's Brook
Nov-21 Clarenville Convulsions LETHBRIDGE Arthur UC 1/12 Clarenville Clarenville
Dec-04 Milton Convulsions ADAMS Emeline UC 16 dys Milton Milton
Dec-23 Monroe Pul. Tuberculosis BARNES Mrs. Harry UC 35 Monroe Monroe
Aug-28 Markland Cong. Deb. MURPHY Leo Alfred Rcath 2/12 Markland Markland
Jan-23 Catalina Intest. Influenza STAGG Mary CE 8 Catalina Catalina
Mar-19 Catalina Cer. Haemorrhage WHITE Hannah CE 85 Catalina Catalina
Apr-11 Port Union Senility COOK Susan CE 92 Twgate Catalina
Apr-15 Catalina Paralysis SHEPPARD James CE 81 no entry Catalina
May-18 Catalina Convulsions BROWN Gordon CE 5 wks no entry Catalina
May-25 Catalina Convulsions BROWN Florence CE 6 wks no entry Catalina
Jun-03 Catalina Convulsions RUSSELL Mary Jemima CE 1 wk no entry Catalina
Jul-02 Catalina Prematurity HISCOCK Annie Maria CE 5 wks no entry Catalina
Jul-10 Catalina Prematurity HISCOCK Martha Maud CE 6 wks no entry Catalina
Jul-10 Catalina Senility EADY Maria CE 94 no entry Catalina
Nov-02 Catalina Phthisis ROWE Gordon CE 23 no entry Catalina
Sep-14 Petley General Debility LAITE Uriah CE 64 Lance Cove Petley
Sep-06 Gin Cove Paralysis FRAMPTON Wm. T. CE 74 Catalina White Rock
Dec-16 Caplin Cove Tuberculosis WHELAN Elizabeth UC 42 Hodge's Cove Caplin's Cove
Sep-29 N.W. Brook Dysentary BROWN Ernest W. UC 2/12 N.W. Brook N.W. Brook
Dec-10 Old Shop Cong. Deb. SMITH Ada Sarmy 3/12 Old Shop Old Shop
Dec-16 Winterton Kidney Disease DOWNEY William Sarmy 70 Winterton Winterton
Dec-30 Winterton Kidney Disease COATES Eliot Sarmy 77 Winterton Winterton
Aug-10 English Hr. Heart Disease BATSON Peter UC 68 English Hr. English Hr.
Nov-29 English Hr. Arteriosclerosis IVANY George UC 81 English Hr. English Hr.
Dec-03 Blaketown Prematurity SMITH Ella CE 1 hr Blaketown Blaketown
Dec-03 Blaketown Prematurity SMITH Eliza CE 20 min Blaketown Blaketown
Dec-04 Blaketown Senility PEDDLE George CE 78 Blaketown Blaketown
Nov-24 Rantem Tuberculosis BENSON Clarence CE 26 no entry Chance Cove
Nov-30 Whitbourne Tuberculosis NOSEWORTHY Mabel CE 20 no entry Whitbourne
PAGE 247                
Dec-03 Southport Convulsions AVERY Hazel UC 7 dys Southport Southport
Dec-10 Sunnyside no entry PEDDLE Esau no entry 53 Chance Cove Sunnyside
Nov-28 Thornlea no entry BRANTON Emma Jane no entry 2/12 Thornlea Thornlea
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PAGE 250                
Jan-28 Blaketown Old Age MERCER Olivia CE 84 Isld Cove Blaketown
Feb-04 Whitbourne Gall Stone BARRETT Lydia CE 35 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jan-12 Little Hearts Ease Accident DICKS Christopher CE 64 Little Hr. Little Heart's Ease
Feb-04 Little Ridge Cong. Deb. COOPER Arthur CE few mins Little Ridge Little Ridge
Feb-04 Chappell Arm Cong. Deb. REID Clinton CE 3 mos Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Mar-13 Dildo Pul. Tuberculosis GOSSE Stanley Thomas CE 28 Dildo Dildo
Jan-11 Hodges Cove Influenza SMITH Mary Jane CE 54 Salvage Hodges Cove
Jan-16 Little Hearts Ease Old Age MARTIN Mrs. ? UC 87 Old Perlican Little Hts. Ease
Jan-23 Little Hearts Ease Tuberculosis SOPER Laurence UC 8 yrs Little Hts. Ease Little Hts. Ease
Jan-23 Little Hearts Ease Dropsy DRODGE Jessie UC 63 Queens Cove Little Hts. Ease
Feb-04 St. Jones Within Childbirth MILLER Sarah Fanny UC 20 St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Feb-28 Hillview Drowned STOYLE Pretoria UC 35 St. Jones Within Hillview
Mar-10 Hatchet Cove - ROBBINS Carrie UC 20 7/12 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Mar-12 Hatchet Cove Convulsions ROBBINS Marion UC 1 3/12 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Jan-16 Newman's Cove Tuberculosis KRAKE Mary C. UC 34 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Feb-03 Elliston T.B. Meningitis BAKER Thomas UC 27 Elliston Elliston
Feb-20 Elliston S.B. BAKER Baby UC SB Elliston Elliston
Feb-22 Elliston Paralysis HOBBS Thomas UC 56 Elliston Elliston
Mar-13 Elliston Septiciemia CREWE Theresa Joan UC 20 dys Elliston Elliston
Jan-20 St. John's (af?) Meningitis BRACE Mary UC 23 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Feb-18 Markland Pneumonia BURKE John UC 27 Victoria Markland
Feb-26 New Hr. Cong. Deb. MARSH? Mary UC 81 New Hr. Green's Hr.
Feb-25 Markland S.B. I- - UC SB Markland Markland
Feb-29 Markland Pneumonia FRANIE? Erick? UC 3 mos Markland Markland
Feb-18 Whiteway Senile Decay GEORGE Annie CE 80 Whiteway Whiteway
Mar-12 Heart's Delight Cancer of Liver CROCKER Isaac CE 52 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Mar-03 Centre? Cove Senility WILLIAMS Leah UC 73 Hts. Content Sunnyside
Mar-08 Sunnyside Senility REID Phoebe UC 55 Salmon Cove CB Sunnyside
Jan-28 Lady Cove Kidney Disease HART William UC 67 Hant's Hr. Lady Cove TB
Jan-06 Long Beach Convulsions FRY Effie Irene UC 7 mos Long Beach Long Beach
Mar-22 Dunfield Heart Failure WISEMAN Caroline UC 76 no entry Trinity
Jan-03 Port Rexton Senility TAVERNOR Mary A. CE 80 Trinity Port Rexton
Jan-23 Trinity E. Whooping Cough FOWLOW James C. CE 2 1/2 mos Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jan-30 English Hr. Cerebral Tumor BARNES Alexander CE 63 English Hr. English Hr.
Feb-07 Port Rexton Strangulation (Hanging) RYAN William CE 68 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jan-23 Port Rexton TB & Pleurisy BARBOUR Edmund J. CE 16 Port Rexton Ch. Of Eng.
Apr-22 Grace Hosp TB Meningitis STANLEY Mrs. Sylvia CE 19 Clarenville Clarenville
Jan-17 Dildo Convulsions GEORGE Elder.? Lillian Sarmy 1 mo Dildo New Hr.
Jan-27 New Hr. Paralysis SHATTON Philip Sarmy 62 1/2 Greenspond New Hr.
Jan-29 New Hr. Tuberculosis CROMFORD Raymond Sarmy 15 yrs New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 251                
Feb-12 Whitbourne Influenza SOOLEY Mrs. Janet Sarmy 38 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Feb-19 Little Hr. - JACOBS Mrs. Thoma Sarmy 24 7/12 Caplin Cove Little Hts Ease
Jan-24 Tyhes? Cove Tuberculosis LUTHER Marsha UC 18 Tyhes? Cove White Rock
Jan-18 Shoal Hr. Haemmorhage of brain IVANY Garland UC 62 English Hr. Shoal Hr.
Feb-07 Winterton Pul. Tuberculosis GREEN Harold R. UC 26 Winterton Winterton
Feb-09 Winterton Paralysis GREEN Typhena UC 82 Winterton Winterton
Feb-26 Winterton Erysipelas GREEN John UC 60 Winterton Winterton
Jan-07 Hearts Content Senility ROWE Sarah M. CE 74 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jan-10 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia SEAWARD Allen (C.?) CE 5 wks New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-13 New Perlican Marasmus PEDDLE Dora J. CE 2 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-19 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia CALLAHAN Stephen G. CE 3 wks New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-22 New Perlican Marasmus PEDDLE Wendell CE 1 yr New Perlican New Perlican
Feb-03 Mental Hosp Man Dep Psychosis SEAWARD Nettie M. CE 38 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb-14 New Perlican Erysipelas BURRAGE Mary CE 53 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-12 New Perlican Ch. Bronchitis WARREN Joseph CE 78 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-15 Winterton Nephritis GREEN Anna CE 76 New Perlican Winterton
Jun-14 Gen Hospital Malig. Growth of Nose HALL Thomas CE 37 - Ch. E. St. John`s
Apr-14 Hillview - HOUSE Charles UC 48 Hillview Hillview
Apr-18 Caplin Cove Paralysis SHAW Mary A. UC 67 St. John`s Caplin's Cove
Apr-24 Hillview Old Age FROST Rachel UC 83 - Hillview
May-31 N.W. Brook Old Age GOSSE Sarah J. UC 70 1/2 - Hillview
Jun-26 Gen Hospital Pelvic Peritonitis ST. GEORGE Margaret Rcath 17 Heart`s Desire Heart`s Desire
Apr-08 At Sea Drowning McGRATH Israel CE 39 Delby`s Cove Body not recovered
Apr-09 Spaniard's Cove Senile Decay JANES Ellen CE 84 Black Duck Cove Trouty
Apr-16 Trinity Congenital Debility ROWE Gladys CE 1 min Trinity Trinity
Apr-30 Trinity Cancer of Bowels ROWE Martin CE 64 Trinity Trinity
May-02 Lockston Paralysis - Cer. Haem. RYAL Mary CE 73 Lockston Lockston
May-15 New Bonaventure Paralysis - Cer. Haem. STONE William CE 81 1/2 Old Bonaventure New Bonaventure
May-17 New Bonaventure Paralysis - Cer. Haem. VIVIAN Elizabeth CE 74 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
May-30 Trinity Cerebral Haem. MORRIS Annie CE 81 Trouty Trinity
Jun-14 Trinity Stillborn TIBBS (SB) CE SB - Trinity
Jan-23 Trinity Carcinoma Face MAYBEE Thomas CE 71 Trinity Trinity
Feb-20 Old Bonaventure Senile Decay PARROT John CE 87 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Feb-24 Trinity Heart Disease PITTMAN Kelson Warr. CE 74 Trinity Trinity
Mar-24 Kearley`s Hr. Cerebral Haem. KING Henry CE 79 1/2 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
May-05 Trinity E. Intest. Grippe & G. Measles FOWLOW Mary Ellen CE 27 Trinity E. Port Rexton
May-12 Champneys W. Pul. Tuberculosis GOLDSWORTHY Phoebe CE 28 Port Rexton Champneys W.
May-16 Champneys W. Carcinoma Liver HISCOCK Peter CE 70 Champneys W. Champneys W.
May-28 Champneys W. Prostatic Hypertrophy HISCOCK Ambrose CE 69 Champneys W. Champneys W.
Jun-13 Broad Cove, Dildo Pul. Tuberculosis GOSSE Amy   13 1/2 Dildo Dildo
Apr-14 Elliston Cancer Face HOBBS Arthur UC 78 Elliston Elliston
May-01 Elliston Pul. Tuberculosis CREWE Norman UC 32 Elliston Elliston
May-05 Elliston Cancer Stomach CREWE Richard UC 74 Elliston Elliston
May-25 Elliston Paralysis BAKER Isabella UC 78 Elliston Elliston
Apr-23 Somerset Pneumonia MAIDMENT Heber UC 62 Hant's Hr. Harcourt
Apr-22 St. John`s Meningitis STANLEY Sylvia UC 18 Port Rexton Clarenville
Apr-23 Monroe Pneumonia GOODYEAR George UC 23 Monroe Monroe
Apr-24 Milton Meningitis SULEY Ethel Hilda UC 9 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
May-12 Clarenville Tuberc. Kidney SEWARD Eli Richard UC 21 Clarenville Clarenville
May-16 Shoal Hr. Stillborn BLUNDON (SB) UC SB Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Apr-26 Sunnyside - LUTHER John UC 54 Bay Bulls Arm Sunnyside
Apr-05 Famish Cove - REID Nina B. UC 4 dys Famish Cove Famish Cove
Jun-15 Thornlea - BRANTON Henry James UC 3/12 Thornlea Thornlea
Apr-02 Sunnyside Whooping Cough & White Mouth SHEPPARD Allen Joseph CE 6 wks Sunnyside Sunnyside
Apr-23 Hodge`s Cove Senile Decay PEDDLE Mary Anne CE 83 1/2 Grates Cove Hodges Cove
May-31 Gooseberry Cove Convulsions SMITH Melvin CE 4/12 Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
Jun-14 Island Cove Influenza SMITH Lorenzo CE 73 Bishop`s Hr. CB Island Cove TB
Feb-12 Browndale Pneumonia HEAD James UC 71 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Feb-16 Lead Cove Tuberculosis BUTTON Mrs. Caroline UC 56 Lead Cove Sebley`s Cove
Mar-16 Browndale Pneumonia HOPKINS Jesse UC 41 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Mar-22 Browndale Old Age ROWE William UC 86 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Apr-13 no entry no entry NO ENTRY no entry UC   - -
Apr-14 New Melbourne Old Age GOODWIN Eli UC 82 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Apr-19 Browndale Meningitis AUSTIN Doris UC 15 Brownsdale Brownsdale
May-10 Tonquay Tuberculosis RODGERS John UC 26 Tonquay Sebley`s Cove
May-11 New Melbourne Old Age HARRIS Mrs. Elizabeth UC 83 New Melbourne New Melbourne
May-13 Lead Cove Tuberculosis LAMBERT John UC 63 Lead Cove Sebley`s Cove
May 2(É) Hants Hr Old Age SOPER Mrs. Susan UC 80 New Perlican Hant's Hr.
Jun-08 Whales Brook Tuberculosis HOPKINS Alvina Rose UC 15 Whale Brook Brownsdale
Jun-17 Lead Cove Old Age LAMBERT Mrs. Mary UC 76 Old Perlican Sibley`s Cove
Jun-19 Lead Cove Meningitis BUTTON Annie Mae UC 5 Lead Cove Sibley`s Cove
May-20 Long Cove White Mouth LANGOR Eric Sarmy 1 1/12 Bishop Falls Long Cove
Jun-16 Britannia Blood Poison DUFFETT John Thomas Sarmy 49 Britannia B?
May-17 Heart`s Content Chr. Bronchitis & Nephritis CRAMM Cecily CE 7? Hearts ?? ?
May-19 Heart`s Content Cancer Uterus PALMER Eliza Jane CE ? ? ?
Jun-23 Heart`s Content Cancer Stomach WILLIAMS Adam CE ? ? ?
PAGE 253 (page badly damaged on left side)
?? Heart's Content Stillborn RENDELL (SB) CE SB Heart's Content Heart's Content
Apr-18 Winterton Arteriosclerosis SANSOM Lizzie CE 75 Winterton Heart's Content
Apr-20 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia PINHORN Edward CE 1 1/2 Winterton Heart's Content
Apr-07 New Perlican Heart Failure SEWARD Leah CE 72 New Perlican Heart's Content
Jul-27 Genl Hosp (Sibley's Cove) Broncho Pneumonia EDDY Archibald UC 21 Sibley's Cove Sibley's Cove
Jul-25 Grace Hosp (Islington) Abdominal Abscess WALSH Mrs. Lydia CE 64 Islington C.E. St. John's
Apr-10 Green's Hr. Chr. Nephritis MARCH James UC 72 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Jun-20 Cavendish Senility JACKSON Elizabeth UC 80 Blow Me Down Cavendish
Mar-28 Markland Senility PARSONS (SB) - SB Markland Markland
May-16 Port Union Drowned BRAGG Donald UC 7 1/2 Port Union Catalina
May-29 Little Catalina Tuberculosis HUNT Elizabeth UC 30 Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-29 Little Catalina Accident - chest crushed by log) TIPPETT James UC 67 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Jun-04 Port Union Pneumonia KEATS Newman UC 12 Port Union Catalina
Jun-29 Little Catalina Tuberculosis JOHNSON George R. UC 65 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-2? Winterton Senility EVANS Priscilla UC 67 Heart's Content Winterton
Apr-22 Winterton Pul. Tuberculosis GREEN Thomas UC 68 Winterton Winterton
Mar-27 Heart's Desire Old Age WHELAN John Rcath 89 Hr. Grace Heart's Desire
Jun-10 Clifton Pul. Tuberculosis LEDREW Leander CE 32 British Hr. Burgoynes Cove
Jun-07 Trinity E. Strangulated Hernia LAWLOR Martin Rcath 82 Trinity E. Trinity W.
Sep-17 Mental Hosp Multiple Lung Abcesses w probable Miliary (?) BELLMAN Edmund CE 46 Snooks Hr. C.E. St. John's
May-02 Heart's Delight Stillborn SOOLEY (SB) - SB Heart's Delight Heart's Delight
Mar-12 Islington Stillborn CHISLETT (SB) - SB Islington Islington
Sep-02 Grace Hosp Congenital Debility GEORGE Dorothy - 1 1/2 Heart's Content C.E. St. John's
Feb-29 Hickman's Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis (ophthalmia) SHORT Druscilla UC 62 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr
Mar-03 Hickman's Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis THISTLE James UC 35 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr
Apr-12 Hickman's Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis MARSH Ezra UC 36 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
? 26 Sunnyside Myocarditis LUTHER John UC 54 Bay Bulls Arm Sunnyside
??(5) Famish Cove - REID Mina UC 4 dys Famish Cove Famish Cove
?? Thornlea - BRANTON Henry J. UC 2 /12 Thornlea Thornlea
? ? Cove Station - TEMPLE Priscilla UC 82 Shoal Hr. Sunnyside
? ?'s Cove Cancer of Stomach BRANTON John UC 63 Thornlea Thornlea
? ???iston - BRANTON C.W. UC 53 Wesleyville Sunnyside
? ???iston - KEATS Jonathan UC 27 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
? ? Pul. Tuberculosis CREWE Minnie UC 14 1/2 Elliston Elliston
? ? Acute Appendicitis OLDFORD Llewellyn UC 2/12 Elliston Elliston
? ? Malnutrition STANLEY Samson UC 17 Elliston Elliston
? ? Pul. Tuberculosis CREWE Melina UC 38 Elliston Elliston
? ? ? ???lk Josephine UC 8/12 Maberly Elliston
? ? ? ??? S??brey UC 76 Elliston Elliston
? ? ? ??? ??? UC 1 3/4 Loreburn Loreburn
PAGE 254 (page damaged bottom right corner)
Jul-27 English Hr. Convulsions HILLYARD Martin Stirling UC 10/12 St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Aug-31 Southport Enteritis AVERY Rebecca B. UC 10/12 Southport Southport
Jul-10 Dildo Tuberculous Kidney REID Azariah CE 22 Dildo Dildo
Aug-08 Broad Cove, Dildo Senility GENGE Elizabeth CE 84 Dildo Dildo
Sep-04 Hant's Hr. Paralysis SHORT Emily UC 68 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Jul-11 Heart's Delight Chronic Bronchitis HARNUM Isabella UC 38 Victoria Village Heart's Delight
Sep-05 Winterton Cardiac - Senility GREGORY Moses UC 88 Winterton Winterton
Sep-23 Winterton Heart Failure PARROTT Wm. H. UC 83 Winterton Winterton
Jul-25 Elliotts Cove Pneumonia MARCH William Winston UC 8/12 Lady Cove Lady Cove TB
Jul-04 Island Cove Influenza SMITH Alma Alfreda UC 5 wks Island Cove Island Cove TB
Jul-26 Hillview - MARSH Aggie Louise UC 2 1/4 Hillview Hillview
Aug-14 Little Hr. Cong. Deb. SMITH Ernest UC 2 1/2 hrs Little Hr. Little Hr.
Sep-02 Hodge's Cove Heart Disease PEDDLE Eugenia UC 41 New Melbourne Hodges Cove
Sep-18 Long Beach Convulsions VEY Ernest Keith UC 1/12 Long Beach Long Beach
Jul-13 Trinity E. Lobar Pneumonia CONNOLLY Mary Anne Rcath 86 Trinity E. Trinity
Jul-07 Cavendish Old Age JACKSON Hannah UC 83 Blow Me Down Cavendish
Jul-08 Green's Hr. Old Age DAY Mahalla UC 82 Burin Green's Hr.
Sep-13 Green's Hr. Stillborn SIMMONS (SB) - SB Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Jun-10 Markland Convulsions BALDWIN Stanley UC 1/12 Markland Markland
Jul-01 Markland Convulsions EVANS Bertha G. UC 1 day Markland Markland
Sep-11 Green's Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis MARCH Maud UC 52 Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Oct-22 Genl Hosp (Markland) Lobar Pneumonia DEARING William UC 4 no entry Markland
Mar-27 New Chelsea Consumption HARRIS Willis Hedley Pent. 29 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-24 Winterton Prematurity PARROTT Ludwig CE 1 day Winterton Winterton
Jun-09 Hant's Hr. Tuberculosis FRANCIS Beulah Clara Sarmy 21 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Jun-30 Hant's Hr. Malignancy LODER Allan R. Sarmy 62 Hant's Hr. Hant's Hr.
Aug-17 Hickman's Hr. Whooping Cough MARSH Edward P. Sarmy 9/12 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr
May-21 Traytown Pneumonia COOPER Emmanuel CE 63 Traytown Black Duck Cove
Jun-03 Ivanhoe Cong. Deb. IVANY Wm. Geo. CE 2 wks Ivanhoe Black Duck Cove
Aug-05 Little Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis VOKEY Minnie E. CE 27 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Jul-30 Ivanhoe Sunstroke WATTON Sarah E. CE 6 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
Aug-01 British Hr. Pneumonia GARDNER Thomas CE 71 British Hr. British Hr.
Jul-11 Trinity Myocarditis NEWS Alexander Whitford CE 54 St. John`s Trinity
Aug-17 Goose Cove Marasmus KANE Sarah G. CE 16/12 Goose Cove Trinity
Aug-17 Trouty Cer. Haemorrhage BARNES Mary Hannah CE 67 Trouty Trouty
Aug-18 British Hr. Cer. Haemorrhage LEONARD Thamsey CE 65 British Hr. British Hr.
Aug-22 British Hr. Internal Haemorrhage SCEVIOUR Harold P. CE 1 11/12 British Hr. British Hr.
Sep-29 Little Hr. Malnutrition KING Otis I.H. CE 10/12 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Oct ?? Kerley's Hr. Stillborn MILLER (SB) CE SB Kerley's Hr. Kerley's Hr.
Jul-04 Champneys E. Influenza LONG William CE 84 ?? E. ?
PAGE 255                
Jul-09 Trinity E. Chronic Phthisis COOK Catherine CE 79 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jul-31 Champneys W. Chr. Pulm. Tuberculosis PENNY Rhoda CE 62 no entry Champneys W.
Aug-17 Whitbourne - MORGAN William CE 3 dys Whitbourne Whitbourne
Aug-13 Whitbourne Stillborn MORGAN (SB) - SB Whitbourne Whitbourne
Aug-25 Whitbourne Heart Disease LYNCH Archibald CE 49 Island Cove Whitbourne
Aug-11 Markland - SPENCER Frederick CE 4 hrs Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jul-04 Little Catalina Stillborn JOHNSON (SB) - SB Little Catalina Little Catalina
Jul-31 Little Catalina Senility DALTON Thomas S. UC 83 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Aug-02 Port Union Cancer RUSSELL James UC 71 Port Union Little Catalina
Aug-04 Little Catalina Convulsions JOHNSON Geneva UC 2 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sep-21 Little Catalina Tuberculosis CHAULK Job Alex. UC 40 Little Catalina Trinity
Nov-18 St. John`s Pneumonia SOMERTON Mrs. Caroline CE 77 Burgeo Dunfield
Sep-05 Dunfield Heart Failure KING Joshua Chr. Org. 70 White Rock Foster's Point
Nov-15 Foster's Point Tuberculosis HARNUM Chesley UC 28 Foster's Point Heart's Delight
Oct-22 Heart's Delight Prematurity CROCKER Joan UC 1/4 hr Heart's Delight Heart's Content
Oct-25 Heart's Content Carcinoma Cervix HARNUM Lucy UC 57 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Dec-26 Green's Hr. Convulsions GREEN no entry UC 6 dys Green's Hr. Green's Hr.
Oct-26 Trinity E. Cerebral Coma FOWLOW Gordon CE 3 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Nov-12 Champneys E. Cer. Haemorrhage WALTERS Johanna CE 73 no entry Champney's E.
Dec-04 Port Rexton Hypostatic Pneumonia PLOUGHMAN Mary Jane CE 75 English Hr. Port Rexton
Dec-12 Champneys E. Pul. Tuberculosis NURSE Beatrice CE 54 Champneys W. Champneys E.
Dec-13 Champneys E. Unknown MILLER William Norman CE 5 wks Champneys E. Champneys E.
May-22 Catalina Senility HOUSE William S.D.A. 80 Catalina Catalina
Oct-20 British Hr. Heart Disease LEDREW Robert CE 63 British Hr. British Hr.
Oct-25 Goose Cove Enlargement Prostate BARTLETT William CE 81 Goose Cove Trinity
Oct-27 Trouty TB Kidneys KING George CE 38 New Bonaventure Trouty
Nov-12 Lockston Pul. Tuberculosis JESTICAN Minnie CE 43 Southern Bay Trinity
Nov-30 At Sea Drowning SHORT Joseph CE 42 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Dec-30 Trinity Diabetes Mellitus HISCOCK Emma C. CE 77 Trinity Trinity
Oct-16 Chappel Arm Convulsions WARREN Robert CE 16/12 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Nov-01 Markland Hosp. no entry SMITH James CE 79 Dildo Spread Eagle
Nov-21 New Hr. Meningitis HIGDON Rita Florence CE 10 New Hr. New Hr.
Dec-21 Chappell Arm Senility WARREN Elizabeth CE 83 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Dec-31 New Hr. Acc. Drowning SMITH Henry Lloyd CE 7 2/12 Dildo New Hr.
Nov-23 Markland Heart Disease MERCER Mary E.J. CE 2/12 Markland Upper Is. Cove
Dec-19 Heart's Content Chr. Nephritis GEORGE James CE 78 Heart's Content Heart's Content
? ? Chr. Bronchitis GEORGE Leah CE 68 Heart's Content Heart's Content
? ? Broncho Pneumonia PINHORN Martha CE 4/12 Winterton Winterton
? ???ican Broncho Pneumonia BRYANT Dorothy E. CE 10 3/4 New Perlican New Perlican
? ? Cong. Deb. WARREN Julia CE 5 min New Perlican New Perlican

Transcribed by Betty Cumby (2012)

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